Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 74)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 74

Title: Season Finale: The search for Hon'tyl

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Suki asks Kim, "Kimmie... how are we going to get there? It's many days
by foot... maybe a month or more..."

"Well you could have said that sooner." states Kim.

"I'm sorry, Kimmie..." Suki looks sad.

"Let's head back to the ship then."

"Ok..." she states, still looking a little sad.

The group then go back to the ship and Kim auto pilits the ship to the
northern caves.

Suki looks out one of the cockpit windows and points down to a small
cave on the eastern side of the mountain. "I think it's that one... I
can sense something evil over there..."

"Ok, I'll set the ship down."

"Ok... let's go kick her ass!" Nanyo pipes up from one of the rooms
intercom systems.

Moments later, kim sets the ship down about 5 minutes of walking
distance from the cave.

Suki trembles slightly as she starts to get to her feet.

"Well, this is it, you ready Suki?" asks Kim.

Suki gulps, "I.. I guess... I just have a bad feeling about this... I
hope we're trained enough..."

"Don't worry, i'm not going to let anything happen to you."

Suki smiles faintly as she reaches her feet and climbs out of her

The group then eave the ship and head for the cave.

When the group reaches the cave, they see several strange markings
surrounding what appears to be a door of some sort.

"Looks like some kind of seal." states Kim. "Suki, you know anything
about it?"

Suki nods, "I know a little... It's written that the ancient Ap Dat
tried to seal up the failed summon with this markers..."

"It must not've worked then, if the villege got destroyed."

"Hon'tyl is very strong... If she wanted to, she could wipe out all Ap
Dat with a single thought..."

"Oh, maybe it is working, just fading in power."

"Yeah maybe... it IS very old..."

"So Hon'tyl's right behind that door then, huh?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... I don't think so... I would be able to
sense her if she was..."

"Well regardless, once we open this door there's no going back."

"Yeah... are you ready, Kimmie?"

"Yep, what about you guys?" asks Kim to the others.

"Ready!" replies Becky.

"Heh, do you have to ask?" states Sara smiling.

"...I'm ready." states Alice, still looking a bit sad.

"Alice, is something wrong?" asks Kim.

Alice looks to Becky, then Sashi for a moment then replies, "No,
nothings wrong."

Nanyo rolls up her sleeve, "Then let's get to cracking... I wanna kick
some ass!"

Sashi nods slowly once.

"Ok then, let's go." states Kim.

Suki trembles again and motions for Kim to go first.

"Don't we have to remove the seal before we can enter?" asks Kim.

"That's what I'm trying to do..." states the smaller girl and indeed,
she does look like she is straining slightly.

"So I need to do anything to help?"

"Just try to walk through the door... I think I've got it..."

"through it? Are you sure?"

"No." she manages a half smile toward Kim.

Kim immediatly sweatdrops but repies, "well, ok." She then walks to the
door with one hand out.

As she approaches the door, her hand slides right through it,
reappearing from the other side of the door as though reaching out for
her own neck.

"Whoa, that's weird." states Kim withdrawing her hand.

"Dang it... How could I miss that spell?!" Suki groans to herself. She
speaks a few strange words, then says, "Try it again, Kimmie.."

"Ok." Kim then repeats her action.

Her hand disappears and doesn't reappear.

"Looks like you got it."

"Ok... go on through, Kimmie..."

Kim then does so.

She disappears through the doorway.

"I guess we should fallow." states Becky as she fallows Kim through the

Becky, too, disappears and Sashi follows her quickly. Nanyo beckons
Alice ahead of her.

Alice and Sara then go through the door.

Nanyo asks, "Ya ok, Nisu?"

Suki, straining harder, gasps, "Just go, Nan'chi..."

Nanyo jumps through and Suki follows her.

The girls are teleported through time and space, eventually landing in
a heap in what appears to a deep dungeon lit only by torches
on the walls.

"Wow, that first step's a doozy." states Becky and the group lays on
one another.

Suki whines, "Get off me, Sara... You weigh too much!"

Nanyo complains, "Hey.. get your leg out of my armpit, Starki!"

As the mound of bodies dissipate, it leaves Kim on the ground, (this
would be the perfect time to imagine Kim's seeing stars.) having
stepped through first, everyone piled on her.

Suki whines, rubbing her shoulders, "Owie... Kimmie... are you ok?"

"... Such cute loli's..." moans Kim.

Suki gasps, "Kimmie! What are you dreaming?!" She blushes heavily.

Kim then comes to with a start. "Huh!? What happened?"

Suki replies, "We made it through the seal... are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Well... we should be moving on... Hon'tyl has no doubt sensed our
presence by now..."

"Ok." Kim gets up and starts walking.

Suki grabs Kim's arm. "Wait... This way..." She points to the right.

"Oh, thanks, wouldn't want to get lost in here."

Suki nods, "Yeah... You'd be stuck here for ages... But luckily, you
have me... and I can sense where she is..."

"that good."

"I know.. Turn left here..." She makes the turn.

"How long will it be before we reach Hon'tyl.

Suki shakes her head, "I don't know... "

"Well as long as we reach her."

Suki runs her tongue along her bottom teeth nervously.

Awhile of walking later, the group can faintly hear the sound of water
hitting the ground. "huh? there's water here?" questions Kim.

Suki whispers, "Be careful, Kimmie... It may be an illusion..."

"Wait a sec... the sound is coming from behind us..." states Kim as she
starts to walk back a little, meanwhile, Alice is VERY red in the face
for some 'strange' reason and tries not to make any eye contact.

Suki gasps, "What happened?"

"I don't know, but it's definitely coming from around here somewhere."
Kim is now right behind Alice, whose blush is clearly visible.

Nanyo states, "Hey... Alice is blushing... I think I know what

"W-What are you talking about!? What has my blush has to do with the
sound?" states Alice getting very defensive.

"Well why else would you be blushing for then, Alice?" she grins.

"Um... uh, m-maybe I'm thinking of B-san."

"Oh yeah... that's right.. you like her, doncha?"


"Hey, Starki... Can ya smell it, yet? Heh.. heh.. heh.."

Kim then starts sniffing the air and quickly starts to smile. "Alice no
you didn't! ^_^"

"Ok, I admit it! I didn't think you guys would hear it." states Alice
in embarrassment.

"But you didn't realize we could smell it, Alice?" grins Nanyo.

"Well, I was behind the group, so, no."

"Heh... guess you'll think better of it, next time, eh, Alice?"

"Well it's not like I could ask for a bathroom break, you all would
have made me wet myself."

"Heh... Ya got that right... hehe..." grins Nanyo as Suki groans softly
and hits her forehead with her hand.

"So can we just continue now?"

"Ok..." states Nanyo.

"Can you move then?" asks Alice blushing still.

Nanyo sniffs once or twice more then moves on.

Once Nanyo moves, so does Alice, revealing the large puddle under her
she was hiding. But Alice forgot about Kim behind her...

Nanyo snickers as Suki states, "You people are always so horny..."

Kim then hurries back to the front of the group, shocking Alice as she
walks past her and causes a fresh blush to claim her. "Hey Nanyo, Alice
was hiding the big urine puddle when she told you to get moving. ^_^"

Nanyo laughs, "Tricky little b*tch, isn't she?!"

"She must get it from her mother." smiles Kim.

"Hehe..." grins Nanyo.

"So..." begins Kim, "you know anything interesting on Hon'tyl Nanyo?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "I never listened in school... ask Suki... she's
the A student... hehe..."

"OK..." Kim then walks to Suki. "Hey Suki, do you know if Hon'tyl has
any weakness or anything we can take advantage of?"

Suki shakes her head like Nanyo did, "I don't know... I only know that
she's really powerful..."

"Hmm, it'd be nice if we could figure out if she has a weakness, it
could make the fight much easier."

"I wonder if.... she's weak against other summons..." Suki thinks as
they make a right hand turn in the maze.

"That would be odd, since Hon'tyl's a summon too."

"Yes... but like all summons, she must represent an element of
nature... if we could figure out which element, we'd have the upper

"Your right, why didn't i think of that... But she most likely won't
give us time to find out while fighting her..."

Just then, the wall behind them slams shut, trapping them in a small
enclosure. Spikes appear on the western and eastern walls.

Sara then groans out, "Oh come on! This is like the lamest trap ever!"

"Maybe... but how do we get out?" asks Suki, trembling in fear.

Alice then steps forward stating, "Let me handle this." After a moment,
Alice dashes from veiw at a speed rivaling Sashi's as a number kink's
can me heard. Reappearing moments later next to Sara before the spikes
on the wall fall from it. "There."

"Whoah..." gasps Suki, looking stunned as Nanyo pats Alice on the back,
"Nice going little girl.."

"But there's one little problem..." states Sara grinning a bit.

"?" asks Suki.

"the fu*king walls are still moving! She didn't do sh*t." replies Sara.
"Geez Sara..." states Kim. "At least she tried, she made a mistake."

Suki cries out and ducks behind Kim as the walls continue to move in.

"Mistakes can get you killed." replies Sara. "She's just a kid, be a
little easy on her." While The two twins converse, Becky calmly walks
to one of the walls and starts to freeze a section of it with her ice
tech (magic).

The wall starts to crack and splinter as the other wall continues to
move in. Nanyo moves to that wall and starts trying to hold it back
with her considerable strength.

After freezing a section, Becky punches the iced part, shattering a
large hole into it and gesturing the others to go through it.

Nanyo covers the others by holding back the other wall as Suki ducks
through the hole.

Once the others are safely through, Nanyo follows them through.

Suki looks around, gasping, "Where's Kimmie?! Did she get through?! And
where's Sara?!"

"Just wait." states Becky. A moment before the walls close, both Kim
and Sara teleport outside near the group both exclaiming, "Hey!" Kim
continues, "Why didn't you tell us you guys left!?"

Suki hugs Kim, crying, "That was close, Kimmie! I was so afraid that
you'd be stuck there..."

Nanyo groans, "Didn't you see us leaving? Damn, Starki..."

"I wasn't paying attention, I was talking to Sara."

Nanyo states, "Ya gotta be more alert than that, Starki... otherwise
you may wind up dead..."

"Well, I'm not worried about dyeing in my normal form." states Kim

"Is that so? You really that strong, " asks Nanyo.

"Well, not really, Ya see, If I die the way you see me now, My body
reverts to my other, winged form. It's like, each one has it's own
life, so, If someone wanted me dead, they'd have to kill me twice for
it to work. I didn't realize this until the event when Sara killed me
in my normal state."

"Oh... well... that sucks for us normal people..." states Nanyo sadly.

Alice then asks, "You think I'm the same?"

"Maybe, we're not going to test it out without my brother here."

"You mean Smith?"

"Yeah." replies Kim.

"Oh I see...."

"Well, Let continue on shall we?"

Suki puts her hand to her chin in thought, "Ok... but uh.. I don't know
where to go from here..."


"Hey..." begins Becky. "Shouldn't I have some sort of special sense
since I met Hon'tyl face to face?"

"You might have a special connection with her... but since she forced
the connection, she must know how to block your sense... I think it'd
be best if I summoned Fenrir to help us..."

"Fenrir?" Questions Sara, "Isn't that the dog thing I took out the
first time we met?"

Suki bristles, "Fenrir's a wolf, not a dog..." She looks angry.

"Well, gomen-nasai then." replies Sara smiling.

Suki sighs, "Same as always..."

Sara just laughs to herself for the moment.

Suki then closes her eyes and starts chanting.

A few greenish bubbles surrounds the small girl as she delves deep into
her magic and before even a minute has passed, a large wolf appears at
her side, licking at her hands.

Alice suddenly screams out, "AH!" And quickly rushes behind Becky,
although she was closer to Kim. Becky looks quite surprised at Alice's
action and turns around a little to look at her. "Huh?"

Suki smiles, "It's okay... Fenrir isn't going to hurt you... are you,
Fenrir..?" She pats the wolf and scratches behind its ears.

"No! Send it back!" Exclaims the small girl.

The wolf leans back on its haunches and lets out a slight howl,
apparently sniffing the air for the right passage.

Sara then smiles as she looks at the little girl hiding in fear, walks
next to her and squats down beside her. After surpressing a giggle,
Sara then licks Alice's right cheek, expecting to really freak the girl

Alice scream an "AH!" loudly and Sara's answered with Alice's right
fist as it immediately struck Sara in the face, sending her right into
the nearest wall with a loud bang.

Nanyo gasps, "GEEZ! That's GOTTA hurt!"

Kim then states, "You deserved that." Sara simply looked as though
little birdies circled her head as she was suspended in the wall.

Nanyo laughs, "True enough..." as Suki merely looks confused and Sashi
sighs as though she doesn't care.

Becky meanwhile, lowered herself to the floor with Alice and quickly
kissed the little girl, surprising her greatly before quickly returning
the kiss and blushing profusely.

Shortly after this, Sara recovered and pulled herself from the wall,
dusting herself off. "Man, that kid's gotta punch." Sara then noticed
Kim looking at her and replied, "What?"

Nanyo glances at Kim as Suki clears her throat, "Um... should we move
on, Kimmie?"

"Nothing..." replies Kim looking away from her twin. "Yeah, let's go."

Becky then ends the kiss with Alice saying, "You wanna walk near the
back of the group with Me and Sashi?" Alice looks all lovy-dovy and
just lays herself against Becky smiling. "Hehe, I'll take that as a

Sashi grunts once, looking a bit miffed, but otherwise says nothing as
Suki leans down to pat Fenrir again, saying, "I think it's this way,
Kimmie..." She points to her left down a passageway.

Kim and Sara follows Suki's direction as Becky lifts Alice to her feet,
finding that the girl, upon Becky turning around, favored hugging her
from behind and laying he head on her back. Becky simply blushed at

Sashi keeps her mouth shut, but it's clear that she isn't happy about
this arrangement, stomping slightly past Becky, walking in front of
her, grunting softly as Nanyo wipes her forehead, "Yeouch.."

Becky quickly gasps in surprise upon seeing Sashi, "U-Um, Sashi..."
asks Becky walking, with Alice hugging her, to Sashi.

Sashi turns away from Becky, looking in any direction rather than
directly at her.

"Come on Sashi, look at me." tries Becky.

"Why should I?" she states.

"I wanna apologize."

"For what? I need no apology. I am nothing more than a former slave."

"Don't say that Sashi, I love you."

"Among many others, I suppose..." she states coldly.

Sashi's comment promptly shuts Becky up, Stopping dead in her tracks.

Nanyo sucks in a deep breath, "Ouch... that's gotta hurt worse than
Alice's punch..."

"She's right." admits Becky lowly, and sadly.

Sashi's lips curve in a smirk, "I thought so, Becky..."

Upon hearing Sashi's thoughts, Becky states, "I'm sorry..." as the
distance between her and to group widens.

"Are you really, Becky? Or are you just saying that because I am
here...?" Sashi states out loud, moving back to her.

"I... don't know..." admits Becky shamefully.

I cannot allow myself to love someone who does not know if she is sorry
or not..."

"I am sorry that I ch-" Here, Becky notices Alice still hugging her and
says, "Alice can you leave us alone for a little?"

Becky then feels Alice's arms releasing her, but gets a response she
doesn't expect as Alice quickly walks in front of her looking mad. "NO!
I'm tired of having your attention one minute, then you ignore me the
next! Who do you want? Me? Or your girlfriend?" demands Alice. "What!?"
asks Becky shocked.

Sashi nods, "This is a decision you must make, Becky..."

"This isn't fair!" whines Becky. "You can't gang up on me like this!"

"That sounds as though you have not made up your mind..."

"But, but..." replies Becky starting to tear up.

"What is your decision? Who do you choose?"

"Yeah!" adds Alice. "You is it going to be!?"

Becky looks very confused and in the few moments of her silence, Alice
continues pressuring Becky, until the older girl finally breaks down to
her knees and cries like a little child, "I don't know what to do!"

Kim then quickly returns to where the three are. "What happened!? Why
is Becky crying like that?"

Sashi turns away and grunts once, not saying anything.

"Kimmie!" exclaims Becky rushing to the older girl and hugging her
tightly. "What the!? What happened back here!?"

Again Sashi says nothing as Nanyo and Suki return as well.

Alice then stomps off in a huff while Becky states, "I love you
Kimmie!" Kim looks confused and replies, "Of course, I know you do."

"I see... You have made your choice, then..." states Sashi, stalking
off as well.

Kim, hearing Sashi's comment, and remembering Alice stomping off,
begins to piece this together in her head, upon realizing what must
have happen Kim states lowly, looking down to her crying sister, "Oh

Nanyo gasps, "Oh, hell... She didn't, did she?! Man, that's rough..."

"Looks like it." replies Kim grimly.

"MAN... that's not going over too well... poor girls... All of them are
hurting..." Suki pops in, "I can feel Sashi's hurt really strongly now.
What's happened?"

"I don't think we should talk about it now." states Kim.

"Um... ok..." states Suki, still confused. She points to the right hand
side of the left tunnel and adds, "Fenrir smells something this way...
I think that's where we should go..."

"Ok, Becky we have to continue on." states Kim. "O-Ok..." replies
Becky. Becky then releases Kim, allowing them to continue on, Kim
keeping Becky close to her.

As the group moves on, they enter a tall chamber filled with absolutely
nothing. There isn't even a doorway to escape from. Suki tenses
sharply, rubbing her forehead, moaning, "Ough... something's in

Kim brings out one of her dual blades from behind her in her right hand
while Sara's hands glow with a black energy and asks, "Is it hostile?"

Sashi suddenly grips her head in her hands as a loud buzzing fills
Becky's mind as well. Even Nanyo shows signs of pain as she stumbles to
her knees.

Becky gasps out an "Ah!" as she also places her hands over her head.
Kim then asks, "What's going on?"

Suki cries out, "The pain...! The pain! Something's here that shouldn't
be here!" Pain starts to flow into Becky's body as a very familiar
voice cackles in her mind.

Becky then groans out, "Ah, t-that voice..." Kim then frowns as she
brings her left blade out and states, "Looks like this is it."

"Hell yeah!" exclaims Sara. "Let's get this party started!"

A voice, different from before, starts to whisper in Becky's mind,
giving her almost hypnotic orders, "Kill... kill... kill..."

"Ah! N-No..." groans Becky, "Get, out of my head!"

Suddenly, Nanyo pulls out a huge sword and advances on Kim. Her eyes
are glazed over and a spittle of drool makes it's way down her chin.
She mumbles, "Kill... kill.... kill..."

The voice grows louder in Becky's mind, ordering, "You love to kill...
you love to kill.. you love to kill..."

Kim sees Nanyo replies, "Sh*t, she's using our friends to attack us!"
as she backs away.

"Tch, cheap bit*h..." mumbles Sara.

Becky meanwhile continues to fight urge, but it's obvious she's

At that moment, Sashi slips up behind Sara and grabs her around the
throat, holding a dagger at her jugular veins.

Nanyo, meanwhile, continues to advance on Kim, her eyes glowing red
momentarily as she lifts her sword above her head.

The voice in Becky's mind grows more and more seductive, saying, "You
exist only to kill... you exist only to kill... you exist only to

Sara gasps once but quickly teleports free and behind Sashi, imitating
the same grapple on Sashi, "Sister, what do we do? Attack?"

"No, we can't hurt them." replies Kim as she puts up a guard with her

Becky's eyes suddenly glaze over as she's now made a puppet of, then
stands, materializing an energy gun in her right hand and aiming it at
Alice. "Becky, stop!" exclaims the girl.

As Sara holds Sashi from behind, a sudden sharp pressure on her abdomen
is felt, yet, Sashi is not touching her.

Nanyo lifts her sword higher and slices down at Kim's neck.

The voice rewards Becky's obedience by making her feel pleasure at her

"Ah! Sister, we need to do something fast, I'm not going to let myself
be killed." states Sara.

Kim quickly blocks Nanyo's attack as she replies, "Just, hold on, I'll
figure something out."

Becky meanwhile doesn't waste any time and shoots Alice, causing her to
gasp out as she falls to the ground. Becky meanwhile emits a faint

"Fu*k!" gasps Sara. "Sister! Do something before I do!"

Again, though Sashi squirms in Sara's arms, (and not getting anywhere),
a harder pressure is felt on Sara's abdomen almost as though something
is pressing in on that area.

Nanyo spins neatly, swinging her sword in a wide arc at Kim's head as
her free hand reaches into a pouch on her belt, throwing some sort of
poisonous powder at the other girl.

After witnessing Alice's shooting, the voice purrs, "Good, Becky...
Good! You deserve a reward!" Another shot of pleasure enters the young
girl's body.

Kim then quickly blocks Nanyo's second strike and repeals Nanyo away a
few yards but inhales the powder, causing her to start to choke.

Becky meanwhile shudders in pleasure then aims her gun and Kim's left
hand and shoots her sword from her hand.

"Da*nit..." groans Sara. "I'm not about to fu*king piss myself like a

Nanyo swings her sword wildly at Kim's right hand, aiming for the blade
there as Sashi squirms harder in Sara's grip while the bladder torment
rises to a higher pitch.

The voice in Becky's mind rewards the girl with a slash of pleasure
that should make the girl grow really aroused.

Kim attempts another block, but it's too weak and her sword is knocked
from her hand as she continues to cough.

The recent shot of pleasure causing Becky to momentarily lower her
offense/defense and moan more defined as the crotch of her jeans start
to dampen from her arousal.

"Meanwhile, Sara groans out, "I don't believe this, Why couldn't be
just pain? I could've dealt with pain, but no, this bit*h is a

Nanyo smirks, muttering, "Got you!" She leaps into the air and slices
her sword downward, aiming for Kim's forehead.

Suddenly, a young girl's scream of "BARRIER!" streaks through the air
and at that moment, a hard invisible barrier blocks
Nanyo's sword and flings it and her back against the far wall.

Meanwhile, the pressure on Sara's abdomen increasing, making the girl
feel as though she will wet herself if she doesn't do something.

The voice in Becky's mind laughs, "Do you want more pleasure, my lovely
young one?"

Kim then gasps, "Suki!" as her coughing fades.

"S-Suki." groans Sara. "Can you do something about slave girl here? I
need to piss bad!"

Becky's attention now shifts to the pleasure as she replies, "Yes, I
want more." as she stands and her gun falls from her hand.

Suki whines weakly, her left hand covering up her left ear,
"K-Kimmie.. I.. I can't... No... it's too much...! H-Help me, Kimmie!"

Nanyo quickly gets to her feet and suddenly makes for Suki, raising up
her sword over the prone girl.

Sashi continues to squirm in Sara's hands as the urge to urinate

The voice then responds, "Kill Sashi... Kill Sashi.. and I will give
you maximum pleasure..." Another shot of pleasure surges throughout
Becky's body.

Kim Rushes to Suki but is too slow, but just before Nanyo reaches Suki,
a VERY large and VERY familiar sword pierces the floor between the two.

Sara's now verging releasing Sashi in order to prevent her own

Becky, being so focus's on pleasure and wanting more of it, immediately
forms a REAL, bullet gun in her right hand (Magnum) and aims it at
Sashi's head a fires...

Nanyo leaps into the air again, swinging her sword down at Suki's neck.

The pressure on Sara's abdomen reaches a new plateau and the (poor)
girl must make an immediate decision as Sashi drops to her knees at the
bullet in her brain.

Almost immediately, Becky begins to feel massive amounts of pleasure
throughout her whole body, making her bladder and her vagina tingle.

Alice then appears in mid-jump to meet Nanyo and punches her out of the
Air while grabbing the handle of her sword and pulling it from the
floor as she lands, protecting Suki.

Unfortunately, Sashi being shot from her hold shocks Sara into pissing
herself, thus her black shorts. "NO!"

Again, Becky drops her gun as she gasps with her mouth hung open and
her body twitching slightly as her jeans are quickly saturated even
more, appearing to piss herself, but it's all her arousal.

Nanyo groans in discomfort, but gets back to her feet. She approaches
Alice and flashes out some powder into her face.

The voice now whispers to Becky, "You like that, don't you? Do you want
even more?"

Alice simply smirks as a blue substance covers her mouth and nose,
"Hehe, it covers more than just my body."

Becky moan's out pleasurably. "Yes, please, give me more."

Nanyo raises her sword again over Alice's small body.

The voice then responds, "Then take out Sara... and while you're at it,
embarrass her by talking about her pissed clothes..."

Alice then swings her sword, it's extraordinary reach keeping Nanyo at

Becky then dashes towards Sara stating, "I like the new look Sara."
Sara, upon hearing Becky and seeing her running to her,

Becky gets within feet of Sara before being slammed to the ground in
front of her. Sara then chuckles, "Slow down, you ain't that bad girl."

As Nanyo fights with Alice, dodging in and out of Alice's huge sword,
Suki crawls over to Kim, whining, "Make it stop, Kimmie! Make it stop!"

At that moment, something starts to hit Kim; a pleasurable, and yet
dirty feeling centered around her abdomen, much like Becky had felt.

Kim then gasps out from pleasure and cups her hands over her crotch.
"Ah! S-She's playing dirty..."

Becky quickly gets up and attempts a punch to Sara, who playfully swats
it away and this time punches Becky back to the floor. "Heh, I said
slow down. Even if Hon'tyl has you, your outta your league fighting

As Nanyo swings out another hand full of poison powder, she uses her
other hand to thrust forward with her sword.

Suki reaches up for Kim's hand, whining, "Help me, Kimmie!" However,
the pleasure continues to rise in Kim's body, centering on her
weak bladder and her feminine folds.

The voice in Becky's mind asks, "Do you need more motivation, my lovely
young one?" A strong shot of pleasure shoots throughout her body once

Alice suddenly throws up her large sword and once Nanyo gets
dangerously close for any normal person, she, in the blink of an eye,
darts right past Nanyo with a "Ha!, leaving Nanyo with an intense pain
in her gut.

"Pleasure isn't, something easily fought off." states Kim to Suki.

Becky smiles with pleasure for a moment then again dashes to Sara, who
teleport behind the girl, toying with her, "Behind you."

Nanyo backs off, coughing heavily, then charges again, swinging her
sword behind her.

Suddenly, Kim's abdomen bulges out as though something is entering it.
A high pitched voice starts to enter her mind, laughing loudly at her
pleasure-induced body.

Alice skillfully begins dodging Nanyo's with her superior agility.

Kim then gasps, "Ah! I think something when in me!"

Sara notices Becky drenched backside of her jeans and comments, "Wow,
she must have you really horny."

Kim's bladder then begins to bulge further and further outward, putting
pressure on her hold as the voice enters her mind, saying, "It's almost
full, isn't it, Kimmie?"

On the other side of the room, the same thing starts to happen to Sara
that happened to Becky. Pleasure begins to fill her body, causing her
to twitch slightly.

"At least I can relieve one problem..." states Kim before sighing,
proof of her wetting herself on purpose.

Sara then gasps and places her right hand to her crotch, Becky quickly
spins around to punch her but Sara grabs her fist in her left hand.

"If Hon'tyl thinks pleasuring me is going to make a big difference,
she's mistaken."

The pleasure in Kim's body rises in intensity as Suki crawls toward
someone else, in this case, Becky.

"I see... so you don't like pleasure, eh, little girl? Then how about
this!" A voice echoes throughout Sara's mind as Sara's left nipple is
twisted painfully.

Sara winces a little but grins, "The Pains of Hell has no equal. Do
your worse Hon'tyl."

Suki begs, "Becky! Help me!"

Nanyo roars in anger and tosses her sword aside, reaching into her
pouch to pull out something else.

"Hmm.. how about this..." Again, Sara's abdomen begins to swell.

Becky then bit*h-slaps Suki aside.

Alice smiles and points to her still covered mouth and nose, "It's not
going to work."

"Ngh, why don't you show yourself and fight?" states Sara.

Suki whines, "Ow... it hurts! It hurts!" She gets to her feet and
starts stamping in pain.

Again, something enters Kim's bladder as a shot of pleasure flashes
through her.

Nanyo smirks, "This isn't powder.. this is something ELSE!" She flings
something hard and metallic at Alice. It attaches to her waist and
unfolds, scuttling down to her abdomen.

"You want to see me? Fine... as soon as the others fall, I'll deal with
you myself..."

Kim again moans in pleasure but states, "Ah, I have to fight this...
I'm the strongest here and I'm forced to my knees from pleasure..."

"AH! What is that!" exclaims Alice.

"I can't wait, let me help..." Sara then give Becky one last punch,
knocking her out cold.

"Good... now take out Kim..." the voice states.

The spider-like thing attaches itself to Alice's abdomen and
immediately injects fluid through a small need directly into her
bladder. Nanyo grins, "That's my little surprise."

Sara then looks to Kim and smiles. "Sure thing..." Sara then walks up
to Kim. "Sister." "Huh?" answers Kim looking up at Sara. Who quickly
winks and knocks her unconscious.

Alice quickly snatches the device from her and it splits in halve in
the air. "No more of that thing."

Nanyo laughs, "It's too late, Alice... It's already done it's job..."
She launches herself at Alice and swings her arm out, catching Alice in
the neck.

The voice then states, "Now... take out Alice and Nanyo.. and I will
show myself to you... kekeke..."

"Alrighty..." answers Sara, "Hey! you two!" Once Sara has there
attention, she fires two energy beams at them, sending the both of them
yards away, unconscious. "Well, all done. Where are ya?"

"Ah... very well done... You have earned my presence..." There is a
flash of lightning, then a throne appears in the corner, upon which a
tall woman sits. She has long blond hair and deep red eyes and an evil
smirk on her lips.

"Well, It's an honor to finally meet you, I've heard such wonderful
stuff about you." states Sara grinning.

"Indeed... you have done well... to take out all your friends... How
would you like to be my right hand girl?"

"I'm gonna have to decline that offer, sorry."

"I see... then you, as well, must face the darkest pits of oblivion."
She stands up, stretching her arms and legs out.

Sara simply snickers as she raises her right hand in the air, purple
lightening appearing above her hand as a long stick-like figure
appears, which reveals itself to be a double bladed sword.

"Heh, you should be honored, your the first to see my weapon."

"So I see... And you should be honored to see my true form..." She
flashes from sight.

"Don't hold a thing back..." states Sara smiling.

"You as well..." comes the voice from behind Sara.

"Heh, don't worry, I won't."

"Let the battle be joined, then!"

"Gladly!" smiles Sara spinning around to attack Hon'tyl.

But there is no one there...

"Aw, you disappoint me." taunts Sara.

"That will not work... You cannot taunt me..." Suddenly, a large block
of ice falls from the ceiling toward Sara.

Just before the block hits Sara, breaks into numerous small blocks,
"Come on, I'm expecting more from you."

"Ah.. I see..." Five hundred more blocks of the same size as the
original suddenly fly at Sara at the same time that her abdomen begins
to throb with desperation.

"Ngh." groans Sara. "Better..." Sara then grunts once and the all the
blocks explode. "But not good enough."

"You are strong..." Again, Sara's abdomen throbs as a little pleasure
starts to enter her body as Hon'tyl appears above the girl, swinging
some sort of block weapon down at her.

Sara places her left hand over her crotch but blocks Hon'tyl's weapon
with her own.

Hon'tyl grins, "Gotta problem, little girl?" She tosses out her arm and
sparks fly into Sara's eyes as yet another spasm throbs in her bladder.

"Nothing I can't handle..." states Sara quickly teleporting a little
ways away to buy her enough time to ipe her eyes clean.

Hon'tyl then disappears again, several more blocks of ice swirling
around the girl as a shot of pleasure surges throughout Sara's vagina.

The blocks appear to quickly crush Sara, but one side of the blocks is
blasted away and Sara walks out. "Hmm, why do you keep using ice?"

"We ARE pretty far north, little girl... Ice is readily available..."

"Well what else can you use?"

"You want to see? Then try this!" Two huge blasts of energy suddenly
surround Sara and hit her head on.

As the smoke dissipates, Sara is seen dusting herself off and stating,
"Wow, that one hurt a little, try a bit harder and we may have decent

"Hmph... you don't even realize what has happened, do you?" A knife
materializes out of nowhere just above Sara's arm and slices downward,
cutting her.

Sara quickly gasp at the pain and drops her weapon. "Ah, you sneaky
bit*h." smiles Sara.

"Misdirection is a devastating weapon..."

A bright light behind Hon'tyl suddenly shines and Sara states, "I can
say the same thing."

"What the hell?!"

"Now your really in trouble, my sister's much more powerful than I am."

"What?!" She looks behind her.

Hon'tyl then sees Kim standing, in her bright white glory, her wings
spread wide, her hair now bleach white, along with her eyes. "Geez,
Sara you could've warned me first." states Kim.

"Hell!" gasps Hon'tyl, immediately vanishing in thin air.

"Sara, move everyone to safety." states Kim. "Gotcha." replies Sara
quickly teleporting to the others sleeping.

"Ok you sleepyheads, time to go." replies Sara before a sphere encases
the group and Sara disappears.

Suki cries, "KIMMIE!" as she disappears.

"Hehe, now that we're alone, I can use my ultimate attack, Elemental
Swords of Pain." Kim then snaps her finger's, causing a rip in space
and time that engulfs the entire area, paralyzing and forcing Hon'tyl
into view.

"AHHHHHHH! D*mn you!"

"There you are..." Kim's wings then vanish and Kim begins to chant...
"Swords of Ice, Fire, Wind, Earth, Air, Lightning, Water, Light and
Void, Lend me your power!"

One by one, swords surround Hon'tyl. Kim then vanishes and appears next
to the sword of ice, grabs it and slices Hon'tyl, upon reaching the
next sword, grabs it and fuses the two together and repeats her action
to Hon'tyl. Kim repeats this until every sword is fused, resulting in a
large multicolored sword of the elements.

"Sword of Space and Time erase this summon known as Hon'tyl!" Kim then
dashes towards the weakened Hon'tyl and literally erases her from

There is a loud scream, then, total silence.

Now, just outside the Cave...

Suki shakes her head, "Ough... where's Kimmie?

Becky then starts to come to, rubbing her jaw. "Owww, my jaw..." Alice
also starts to come to also.

Nanyo also comes too, "Owch... who hit me?!"

"Sorry about all that you guys, I had to knock you all out." states

Nanyo growls, "Why?!"

"Needed to get Hon'tyl to show herself, Before anyone else was

"Oh." gasps Nanyo, rubbing her chin.

Meanwhile, Suki screams, "Where's Kimmie?! Where is she?!"

"She's fighting Hon'tyl, although, it's probably over for
Hon'tyl about now."

Suddenly, Nanyo clutches her stomach, "Ough... something... hit me..."
Her eyes roll back in her head and she passes out.

Becky then notices Sashi and Screams, "NOOOOOO!!!!!" and rushes to
Sashi body. "I can't believe I killed her! I'm so weak..."

Suki sniffles and brings her fingertips up to her eyes, "No... no....
no..." She seems genuinely shocked that Sashi is dead.

Nanyo sits up, cradling her wound, stating, "F*ck it... Sash is dead!"

Becky immediately begins crying hard over Sashi's body. "I didn't want
this to happen! I'm sorry Sashi, I really am!"

Nanyo mutters a few choice curse words as Suki cries unrestrainedly.

Kim then appears next to the group, in her normal form. "And that all
she wrote!"

Nanyo gasps, "She's dead?!"

"Huh?" asks Kim. before looking to Becky crying over Sashi. "Fu*k..."

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... she's gone... bullet to the brain and whatnot..."

"Maybe we can see if they can do anything for her at Pioneer 2." states

"Ok... um, Starki... can you take care of Nisu for me? I gotta go...
somewhere... and... um... do something, yeah that's right..."

"Ok." Kim then sighs. "But it's finally over for you guys, Hon'tyl's
gone for good."

"Yeah... that's good news... the Ap Dat are free now..." Nanyo smiles.

Meanwhile, back at the ship...

Nikki stands in a room as a voice speaks to her. "The
Entity known as Hon'tyl is no more."

"We can now continue with our plan, right Lord Faultz?" asks Nikki.

"Yes, soon, I will be the most powerful being in the universe."

"And Kimberly will die a slow, painful death, my Lord." states Nikki as
she kneels down.


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