Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 73)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 73

Title: Chapter 65: It Begins

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


The day after...

Kim, Becky and Alice stand in the living room area of Kim's place. Kim
in her white uniform, Becky in jeans and a shirt and Alice wears her
blue cloak. "Well, looks like we're ready." states Becky.

Suki, back in her traditional Japanese school girl uniform and Nanyo,
wearing her green sweater and jeans combo enter the room together as
Tisha, back in her blue robes appears, looking sleepy.

"Tisha's coming too?" asks Kim.

Suki replies, "Do you want her to stay here, Kimmie? I.. I thought she
might be of use to us..."

"It's her choice."

Tisha asks, yawning, "Where are we going anyway?"

"We're going fight Hon'tyl." replies Kim.

"Hon'tyl? Who's that?"

"Suki?" states Kim.

Suki explains all about Hon'tyl to the young girl, her eyes widening
with shock. "Jeez... so she's like a powerful deity?"

Alice then states, Well the quicker we leave, the quicker
we can beat her."

Suki nods, "Yes..."

Nanyo pipes up, "Before we leave, I just gotta say... Nisu, ya look a
lot like Tasha Yar with that blonde hair of yours... hehe..."

"What about Sashi?" asks Becky. "I still need to see her."

Suki sighs, "I told you.. I can't sense her up here... I could only
sense her if we were down on the planet."

"Well what are we waiting for?" asks Becky.

Suki sighs, "Ok... Let's go back to Lo'lop... We might find clues

As the group starts to leave, Nikki comes running up behind them,
dressed in her strange leather outfit. "Wait up guys, I'm coming too."

Nanyo gasps, "Niks, yer not a fighter... This is gonna be a tough

"Yeah." adds Kim. "You can't fight."

"Heh, you let me worry about that." replies Nikki smiling.

"Well, ok..." replies Kim as the group begins to leave out the room.

But while the group turns there back. Nikki states to herself,
"Besides, I have to make sure you come back alive..." deviously.

Suki calls, "Hurry up, Ni-chan! We're leaving!"

But just minutes after they leave, Sara's door across from them opens
and walks out, dressed in a black version of what Kim wears. "So we're
off huh?"

Nanyo, the last one out, calls back, "See, we just left and already we
got stragglers... hehe..."

"Well, I'll meet you guys at the ship." states Sara before

Nanyo calls back, to the empty air, "See ya.."

The group then finally makes their way to and in Kim's ship.

Nanyo grins, "Ahhh... I'm looking forward to kicking butt and takin'
names..."Suki sighs, "Always the same..."

Kim then makes her way to the cockpit while Alice and Becky go to the
back room.

Suki asks, timidly, "Can I sit up front with you, Kimmie?"


"Ok.." she smiles as Nanyo and Tisha find their places in the bowels of
the ship.

"Well let's go back to the planet." states Kim as she starts up the

"Ok... We probably should land some distance away from the village,
otherwise people might panic..."

"Sure thing."

Some time later, Kim and the other's make it to the planet, just
outside the village.

As they land, they can see a plume of smoke rising over the village.
Suki gasps, "Something's not right..."

"Uh-Oh, looks like we got action." states Kim standing and heading to
the back door, knocking on it. "Hey, something's going on, get out

Suki gets to her feet, then immediately clutches at her heart, moaning,

"Suki!?" gasps Kim rushing to her. "What's wrong?"

Suki mumbles weakly, "I-It's terrible... such pain... such loss...
no... stop... don't!"

"Suki what wrong?" asks Kim. At this point, Alice Becky and Sara come
from the back room.

Nanyo also rushes in, but Tisha is conspicuous by her absence. Nanyo
mutters grimly, "I guess she feels it too.."

"Feels what?" asks Kim. "What's is it?"

Nanyo states softly, "Death... and suffering... in the village... To
someone as sensitive as she is, it's like a terrible weight on her

"Then we have to get to the village ASAP!" suddenly states Alice.

"Yes... we must..." states Nanyo, trying to help Suki to her feet.

Becky, Alice, Sara, and now Nikki, leave the ship and head for the
village while Kim also helps Suki.

Suki moans, "No... stop... the pain..." as the group reaches to village
to see a most horrific sight.

Carts of food from vendors litter the main street, as bloody bodies of
various townspeople rest in badly contorted positions all over the
village square.

"Wow." gasps Sara. "Looks like something I'd do." But Sara then sees
everyone staring at her and she sweatdrops and replies, "If I was still
evil and all yanno."

As the group looks around, they see that several huts are on fire and
there is the sound of loud screaming from people who's spirits are
leaving their bodies.

"What can we do?" asks Kim.

Suki closes her eyes, leaning heavily against Kim's body. She whispers,
"Asiah... where are you..."

Suddenly, she opens her eyes and cries, "Come with me, Kimmie..." She
rushes off toward her house.

"Ok." and the others quickly follow.

As they approach the two story house that once belonged to Jakashi and
Suki, they see a poor pink-haired girl lying down, covered in blood,
her eyes watering with pain, making her glasses shiny.

Suki cries, "Asiah!" and runs up to her.

Kim, Becky, and Alice also run to Asiah to check her condition. "Are
you ok?" asks Alice.

Asiah moans, "Uhhh.... Wh-Who's there?! I... I can't see anything..."

"Hold on a sec..." states Alice as she removes Asiah's (broken?)
glasses, and uses a small section of her cloak to wipe Asiah's face

"Who.... you....?" comes Asiah's ragged breathing.

Suki cries, "Asiah... she's a friend..."

Kim then asks, "Do you know of anymore survivors?"

Asiah whispers weakly, "I... I don't... know... I... Tima... Joni...
they're dead... b-both of them..."

"What?" questions Becky looking shocked. "I-I knew those two..."

Asiah opens her eyes weakly, asking, "B-Becky... is that you?"

"Yeah, it's me... I know this probably isn't the best time, but do you
know where Sashi is, and is she alright?"

"Sashi? N-No... I h-haven't seen her..."

"Oh... ok..." replies Becky looking disappointed. Kim just looks at
Becky for a moment, but looks back to Asiah and states, "We should get
her somewhere safe, Asiah, you think you can stand?"

Asiah whines, "I can barely see... what makes you think I
can stand?!"

Alice then states, "Just because you can't see doesn't mean you can't

Asiah retorts, "Check out my leg... then tell me that I can walk!"

As the other girls look toward Asiah's legs, they see that her right
one is mangled and bent at an awkward angle behind her, several cuts
and a long gash running along the length.

"Da*n." gasps Kim. "It's a good thing we found you, normally, there'd
be nothing you could do." Kim then looks to the others. "One of us need
to take her to P2."

"Don't look at me." states Becky. "You and Sara are the only ones who
can teleport."

"But I can't go that far." replies Kim. Sara then finally walks to the
group looking bored. "Can you guys hurry it up."

"Hey Sara, can you do me a favor?" asks Kim. "What?"

"This girl here needs to go to P2, and I can't teleport that far, can
you?" asks Kim. "I sure can." smiles Sara.

"W-Wait... wh-where are you taking me?!" gasps Asiah confused.

"Don't worry." states Kim. "You're going to be fine. Sara's going to
take you somewhere where they can fix you up."

"O-Oh... r-really?" replies Asiah.

"Yeah." Sara then walks to Asiah, kneels down and places her right hand
on Asiah's left shoulder and states. "I'll be back shortly." before her
and Asiah quickly disappear in a black cloud of smoke.

Suki asks, "They went to the ship, right, Kimmie?" She looks weak-kneed
and very fragile right now.

"Yeah, Asiah's going to be fine now."

"Good... I was afraid for her...." states Suki, her knees wobbling
under her as she tries to cope with what has happened to her hometown.

"We should look for more survivors. Suki can you sense anymore people
alive?" asks Kim.

"Um... I think so..." She closes her eyes and turns from side to side.
"There!" she states, opening her eyes and pointing to the west.

Before anybody else gets a chance to act, Alice suddenly states, "Got
it!" as she quickly dashes west and soon out of view thanks to the
smoke. "Whoa..." gasps Becky at Alice's quick action.

Suki asks, "How did she do that?!" as Nanyo chuckles, "Fast, ain't

"Alice didn't tell you guys?" asks Becky.

Suki shakes her head, "No..."

"Alice is a Kunoichi." replies Becky. "She's a what!?" exclaims Kim

Suki's facial expression shows that she has no clue what Becky just
said as Nanyo repeats Kim's remark, "What's that?"

"There's now way Alice is one of those! Have you seen the sword she
has!?" states Kim.

Suki asks, timidly, "Um... could someone explain what that is?"

"Alice is a ninja." states Becky.

"A what?!" gasps Suki in surprise.

"You don't know what a ninja is?" asks Becky.

Suki shakes her head as Nanyo nods, "I do... I've seen many movies
about 'em..."

"If she is one..." begins Kim. "She's the youngest one I've seen."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... she is a bit young..."

"Well, we'll discuss this later." states Kim. "We need to find Sashi.
Suki, since where back on the planet can you locate her now?"

Suki nods, "I should be able to... Lemme see..." She closes her eyes

Suddenly a voice breaks through the air, "Do not bother... I am
here..." Suki gasps, "Sash?!"

Becky also gasps, "Sashi!? where are you?" happily.

"Turn around, Becky... and you will see..."

Becky immediately does so and sees Sashi and quickly hugs her, crying.
"I'm sorry Sashi! Gomenne! Gomenne! Gomenne!" repeats Becky crying.

Sashi wraps her arms around the smaller girl and hugs her back, "It is
ok, Becky... I am fine... Though I cannot say the same for the rest of
the town..."

"G-Gomen-nasai..." repeats Becky once more as she continues to hug

Suki leans close to Kim and asks, "What does that mean, Kimmie?" Nanyo
simply looks confused, "New language... what the hell?!"

"Gomen Nasai means 'I'm sorry'." states Kim.

Suki replies, "Oh... I see...." as Nanyo fumbles, "Er.. yeah... that's
what I thought too... *nervous laugh*"

"Becky and I are Japanese, English isn't our native language."

"Oh... like Ap Dat-ese is my native language?" asks Suki.


"Oh, I see..."

Becky then finally lets go of Sashi and turns around smiling, talking
happily in native tongue, unaware that only two others can understand

Suki asks Kim, "What's she saying, Kimmie?"

"She's basically saying she happy she found Sashi." replies Kim.

Becky hears Kim's response and immediately blushes a deep red and slaps
her right hand over her mouth in shock.

Suki giggles as Nanyo laughs and Sashi sighs.

"Anyway." states Kim. "Sashi, what happened here?"

"Hon'tyl..." is all she says at first.


"It seems she possessed another young girl and tried to make slaves out
of the people again..."

At this time, Sara reappears next to Kim. "I'm baaaack!" she then sees
Sashi and adds, "Oh, slave girl is back."

"..." states Sashi, folding her arms across her chest.

"Hmm, but the little kid is gone..." states Sara. "I'm back." comes
Alice voice from the west as she walks to the group.

Suki asks, "Did you find whoever it was I sensed, Alice?"

"Yeah, but I was too late, the person died shortly after I reached

Suki's eyes fill with tears and she covers her face with her hands,

"Now that we got Sashi back." states Kim. "Let's go find Hon'tyl."

Nanyo punches her fist, "Yeah! For our village!"

Sashi states, "It will not be easy... the journey will be hard..."

Becky then states, now in English, "Where should we look first?"

Suki speaks up, "According to legend... she lives in the far northern

"Well that's our next stop then, let's go." states Kim.

"Ok." states Suki and Nanyo at the same time.

As the group departs, Sara and Alice bringing up the rear, Alice sees
Becky hugging Sashi as they walk and a saddened look appears on her

To Be Continued in...
The search for Hon'tyl

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