Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 72)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 72

Title: Chapter 64: Day of Rest

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Heh, that's for sure." replies Kim. "If it wasn't for Suu, I wouldn't
be here."

"I'm glad you had her, Starki... but now ya got me and Nisu... we won't
leave ya either..." She smiles at Kim.

Nikki then speaks up, "Hey, don't you guys need to go after that
Hon'tyl thing? You guys are just chill'in doing nothing. This isn't an
RPG yanno, it's real life."

Nanyo grins, "Can't fight evil on an empty stomach, now can we? Where's
Nisu and that food she was cookin' anyway? HEY, NISU... WE'RE STARVED

"Speaking of Hon'tyl..." states Kim. "How do you go about fighting her?
Does she have a physical body or somthing?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I dunno... I've never seen her,

Suddenly, Becky comes out of the nearby bathroom very happy for some
reason. "Hey Kimmie! I got great news!"

Nanyo starts, gasping, "GEEZ! Why didn't ya say something if you were
there?! Geez..." She looked slightly stunned.

"What is it?" asks Kim. "While you went out for a little while, I left
and bought one of those pregnancy test things. It turns
out that I'm in the clear! I'm not pregnant!" exclaims Becky.

"Well, good for you Becky." states Kim smiling. "I hope you learned
your lesson."

"Da*n straight I did." replies Becky. "From now on, the only people
that can fu*k me are family and friends."

Kim just sweatdrops in reply. "BTW..." begins Becky. "Any of you seen

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nope... ain't back yet..."

"I see...." states Becky sadly.

"Don't worry, Becks... I'm sure she'll be back soon... "

"I'm not so sure. I did something terrible, I can understand why she'd
want to leave me. I was the first person she ever loved, and I even
helped her free herself from slavery, then I go and fu*k it all up."
states Becky looking to be verging on crying again.

"Becky.... If she really loves you, she'll learn to forgive... It is
only human after all..." states Nanyo stoically.

Just then, Suki enters the room, carrying several plates. She lays them
down in front of each member and grins, "There... My special Omelets
for all!"

"Don't worry Becky." states Kim. "Everything is going to work out."
states Kim before starting on the food Suki cooked.

"I really hope so." replies Becky.

Nanyo nods, "It will.. Trust me... even if I have to knock some
understanding into her!"Suki looks up and gasps, "You wouldn't!"

"You don't have to do that Nanyo." states Becky. If Sashi wants to
leave me... I'll let her go..." adds Becky before eatting her food.

Nanyo shrugs, "Whatever floats yer boat, I guess..."

Suki asks, "So, um... Kimmie.... how do you like the omelet?"

"It's good Suki." states Kim. "Your cooking is always

Suki smiles, her eyes making the arch that is so typical of anime
characters. "I'm glad... I worked really hard on it..."

"And it was worth it."

"Yay!" she cheers. "How about you, Nikki? Do you like it too?"

"Mmm, this is Great! Can I marry you too!?" replies Nikki
before quickly beginning to eat again.

Suki giggles lightheartedly, "You'd have to go back to Lo'lop and
perform the ceremony...."

"Well, nevermind then, I'll just keep on eating. ^_^"

Suki giggles, "Yeah... besides, Kimmie might get jealous if you were to
marry me..."

"Ya got that right." replies Kim.

Suki giggles again as Nanyo puts her hand on her face, "Ohboy..."

Then, surprisingly, Alice (the little one), walks into the area, who
looks mildly surprised at the group eating. "Hey, why didn't anyone
tell me there'd be breakfast?" whines the little girl.

Suki gets to her feet, traispes to the kitchen and returns, holding a
plate with an omelet on it. "I didn't forget you..."

"Thanks." states Alice happily taking the plate and sitting on the
floor with her back to the wall and begins eating the food.

(BTW, Alice wears something similar to a female school uniform, with a
white blouse and blue skirt, think Sakura from the Street Fighter

"So how do you like it, Alice?" asks Suki.

"It's good." states Alice simply.

"You like it?" she presses further.


"Yay!" she cheers again, looking really happy.

"So, anything interesting happen since I've been at my mom's ship?"
asks Alice.

Suki looks toward Kim as Nanyo does the same, "Yeah... anything
interesting happen, Kimmie?"

"Why are you two looking at me?" asks Kim.

"'Cause, yer like, the one in control here..." states Nanyo, grinning.

"Nothing happened." states Becky suddenly. "Well, ok then." replies

Nanyo sniggers as Suki tries to look nonplussed.

"Well, how are you B-san?" asks Alice blushing lightly and smiling.
Becky can't help it a blush raises on her cheeks as well and replies
smiling. "I'm fine."

Nanyo grins, "Aww.. ain't that shweet! The two lovebirds..."

"H-huh?" replies Becky looking up at Nanyo blushing deeper. "W-wait a

Nanyo laughs as Suki buries her head in her hands.

"Where's your girlfriend, Sashi B-san?" asks Alice. "Uh, s-she went out
for awhile..." replies Becky.

Nanyo clams up at this statement and Suki asks, "Are you almost done,

"Just about." states Kim as she places the last bits of her food in her

"So what are we going to do today, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl as
she collects Kim's plate.

Well, Nikki brought up the Hon'tyl thing, When are we going to face

Suki stiffens suddenly and looks very scared.

"Suki, we have to face her at some point, we can't just
forget about it, especially after what she did to Becky."

"But... she's a failed summon! Her powers are vast!"

"That's why we need to stop her."

"But we could die! Easily!" She protests.

"I'll protect you Suki, No ones going to die."

"But... but..." She turns to Nanyo and Nikki.

"Don't look at me." states Nikki waving her hands in front of her. "I'm
no fighter."

Nanyo states, "It must be done, Nisu..."

"You guys going to fight something?" asks Alice. "I'm going too!"

Suki sighs, "Ok... But.. It won't be easy... We'll need to go to the
far north to get there... but first... we must go back and pick up

"Do you know where Sashi is Suki?" asks Becky.

Suki shakes her head, "I can't sense her... I think it's because we're
so far apart...."

"So we're going back to the planet then?" ask Becky.

Suki nods, "We'd have to... That's the only way I could sense her..."

"After we find Sashi..." states Kim. "How long will it be before we
confront Hon'tyl?"

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "Could be hours... even days... the maze in
the northern lands is vast..."

"Well..." interrupts Becky. "We need to get our group together, who's
coming with us?" asks Becky.

Suki raises her hand, "I am... she personally hurt me..."Nanyo stands
up, slamming her right fist into her left hand, "I'm in..."

Alice then stands, "If it needs kill'in, count me in."

Sara's voice is then heard as she appears next to Alice. "Well, well,
well... I couldn't help but over hear you guys conversation, heh, count
me the fu*k in on this."

Suki then turns to Kim. "Are you coming too, Kimmie?"

"Of course I'm coming." replies Kim. "Me too." adds Becky.

Suki asks, "So... where shall we land the ship?" She places her left
hand in her right and wraps her left hand around her right.

"Where ever you think is best." replies Kim.

"Ok... then... I think we should go back to Lo'lop... there, mebbe I
can sense Sashi... and get her to join us..."

"K, When should we leave?" asks Becky.

Suki turns to Kim and repeats Becky's question to her.

"I don't think we should get worked up too soon, let's pursue this
tomorrow, that way, everyone can be well rested for what I sure, won't
be an easy mission." states Kim.

"Ok... I'm not really anxious to face her myself..." sighs Suki sadly.

"Good..." states Becky. "We at least have time to prepare ourselves."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... I wanna kick her sorry arse so bad... but if we
rush this, we could lose..."

"A well thought out plan is much more effective than brute force at
times." adds Alice.

"Um... yeah..." states Suki, looking confused at Alice's words.

"Well, I'll be come back tomorrow." states Sara disappearing.

Hey, Suki?" states Kim.

"Yes, Kimmie?" replies the smaller girl.

"I just remembered, were you issued a MAG when you joined the

Suki replies, asking, "What's a MAG?" Nanyo pipes up, "Yeah... what
is... um... that thing...?"

"They didn't issue you two a MAG when you joined?" asks Alice.

"Don't worry about it Suki, Nanyo, we'll just go to the principal and
have them issue the two of you one." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "Ok...."

"Before we go, I'll explain what a MAG is." states Kim.

"It's a small mechanical device that floats off to one side of her
shoulder. For Forces, which would be you Suki, it'd be your left
shoulder. Right for the hunters and Rangers, which would be me, Nanyo,
Becky, etc. A MAG isn't just any machine though, you can actually feed
and raise it. As it evolves and grows, it makes you stronger in various
ways reflecting how you raise it. Eventually, you can develop a
relationship with it, even understand and communicate with it."

Suki replies, "Oh... so it's like a machine summon?"

"Machine Summon?" questions Kim.

"A summoned creature... like Fenrir?" she tries again.

"It's no summon, it's a device that's ether with you or not."

"But I mean... it helps in battle, right?"

"Yes, oh I forgot to mention. The MAG's can also assist you directly in
combat to, for example, when faced with a powerful creature, the MAG
will take it upon itself to do one of two things, raise your power and
defense or make you temporarily invulnerable. It can even revive you if
you gall in battle, but that's rare. OH! And btw, you remember when
Becky called Farla a while back?"

"Wow.. It can do all that?" asks Suki as Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... I

"As you raise your MAG, It can learn two of three different attacks.
These attacks are Photon Blasts. As you attack an enemy or take damage,
The MAG will sense the energy from these attacks and gather bits of it.
And when it gathers enough, it will give a clear signal that it's PB is
ready and all it needs is your signal to unleash it. To put it simply,
the MAG's allow ANYONE the ability to summon."

"Hehe, Farla's my fav." states Becky smiling.

"Wow..." is all Suki can think to say.

"So, you two ready to go get yours?" asks Kim smiling herself.

Suki nods slowly as Nanyo pumps her fist, "Oh, hella yeah!"

"Great, let's go." states Kim. "I'll wait here for you guys." adds
Becky. "Me too, I'll wait with B-san." replies Alice.

Suki follows Kim as Nanyo grins, "B-san... hehe..."

The three soon arrive at the Principal's office, meeting Kim's boss
once again. "Hello ladies." greet the man. "What do I owe this visit?"

Suki looks timid as she stares up at Kim.

"Sir," begins Kim. "When these two joined, you forgot to issue them a

"Oh! Did I?" states the man in surprise as he stands and walks to the
three. "I'm very sorry, please forgive my mistake young ladies."

Suki replies, blushing, "Um... i-it's okay, sir..."

"I shall issue the two of you a MAG ASAP, wait here a moment." replies
the man Walking back behind his desk.

Suki bows, "Thank you, very much, sir..."

He then returns, holding two ovel-like devices

Then holds them to Suki and Nanyo, soon the two devices float up to the
respective correct shoulder to the two girls. "There you go."

Suki giggles, "Hehe... it's so cute..." She reaches out to touch hers.

"Thank-you sir, I have already explained the MAGS to them." states Kim.
"Very well, is there anything else?" asks the man. "No sir."

Nanyo gives hers a O_o look. "This it?"

"I said before Nanyo, It evolves as you raise it." states Kim.

"Yeah, yeah... I heard ya... I just thought it'd be different than

"Oh!" gasps the man. "I just remembered, the two of you are just in
time for me to tell you about your first mission."

Suki gasps, "First mission?!"

"Yes, You shall go to the forest and battle a dragon."

"Um.... ^_^; " she gets nervous.

"Don't worry, the two of you don't need to attempt it now, you can
wait. But sense the two of you may want to go together, you can have
two others accompany you two. There's a limit of four for a group."

"Um... ok... th-thank you, sir..." she bows again.

The three then take there leave and return to Kim's place.

Suki sighs, "Being a member is tough... I... I get so scared..."

"Scared? Of what?" asks Becky.

"Of taking action... of going out and fighting out there..."

"Well it pays good yanno." states Becky.

"Money isn't always everything, Becky..."

"But without it, ya can't do much."

"Hum... you have a point, Becky..." sighs Suki sadly.

"They got there first mission too." states Kim. "Oh really? It's been
so long, I forget what the first mission is." replies Becky.

Suki replies, "They want me and Nan'chi to fight a dragon..."

"Which one?"

Suki shrugs, "I dunno... but it's in a forest..."

"Oh, that would be the fire one then." states Becky.

"Fire? Then... it's weak against Ice?"

"Sure is, you want me to come with you?" asks Becky.

Suki asks, "Um... can Kimmie come with me?"

"Nah, I'll pass, it would be overkill if I went along."

"But.. but... Kimmie... I... I miss you!" she whines.

"Don't worry Suki, It shouldn't be too long with Becky with you. The
fire dragon is easy to beat anyway." states Kim.

"Awwwww..." she whines again.

"The lightning one is kinda tricky though." states Alice. "Lighting?"
questions both Kim and Becky. "Yeah, on pioneer 3, they have different
things we fight." states Alice.

Suki whines, "Aw, wow..."

"Like what? Asks Becky. "Well there's the Lightning dragon and a
Griffin." answers Alice.

"That's it?" asks Kim sounding disappointed. "No, we got those new
creatures you guys have, you know, the Ice dragon, Da Ra Li and Vol Opt

"Man I HATE Da Ra Li!" groans Becky. "De Rol Le was hard enough for

"Wow..." states Suki, sitting down on a chair.

"Best of luck to you guys when you get De Rol Le." states Becky.

"Aw, man... that sounds rough..." states Suki.

"Don't worry Suki." states Kim. "When you get a De Rol Le mission, I'll
come along."

Suki smiles faintly, "Oh... Ok..."

Nanyo grins, "I don't think I'll have such a tough time... heh... I'm
really strong..."

"Heh, you say that now Nanyo..." begins Becky smiling. "But don't get
too full of yourself. The creatures down on the planet got nothing on
the ones on Ragol. Being cocky can get you seriously messed up around

Nanyo smirks, "Ooh, good... 'cause like, I could use a challenge..."
Suki looks up at Kim and asks, "Oh, by the way, Kimmie... How's Tisha

"Um, fine, she's around here somewhere." replies Kim.

Suki asked, "Did you... um... do that thing she asked of you?"

At this, Kim's blushes slightly, also grinning a little. "Uh... Yeah."

"And? How did she like it, Kimmie?" asks Suki, also beginning to blush

"She liked it a lot."

"Hehe..." giggles Suki as she brushes a single lock of her black hair
behind her ear cutely.

A few moments later, Becky looks to Alice near Kim's T.V. set and walks
over to her...

Nanyo notices Becky's actions and cocks her head, wondering what's on
the younger girl's mind.

Becky taps on Alice's right shoulder to get her attention and speaks to
her in a low enough tone that it would be hard for a third person to
hear. A few seconds later, Alice's eyes widen slightly in interest at
what Becky says to her. Alice then nods and replies, "Sure, I'll go."

"Great, come on." states Becky as both girls begin to walk to the door
to leave.

Nanyo notices their leaving and starts trying to follow them as Suki
looks to Kim, subtly bringing her thighs together as she asks,
"Kimmie... did you... um.... make her... um... squirt?"

"I don't think she squirted, I can't remember if she did or not."
replies Kim.

"Ever since you made me do it, Kimmie.. I've been wondering if other
girls can do it..." She blushes, embarrassed at the flow of the

"Well, yeah, all girls can squirt. Just some require more effort than

"Oh really? Hehe..." she giggles nervously, glancing down at her feet.

Meanwhile, when Becky and Alice reach the door, they notice Nanyo
behind them. "What is it Nanyo?" asks Becky.

Nanyo stiffens up, trying to look nonchalant, "Oh nothing... Just
thought I'd leave for the ship... hehe..."

"Oh, ok." Becky and Alice then step aside to allow Nanyo to pass.

Nanyo carefully steps past Becky and Alice, whistling to herself.

"Oh!" gasps Becky. "Brb Alice I got to go get something." states Becky
leaving to the hall and to her room.

Becky can see Suki hovering slightly above the ground, close to Kim,
wanting to kiss her on the lips.

A few moments later, Becky returns. "Ok, I'm ready. Let's go fight that
dragon." states Becky to Alice.

Suki whines as she can't reach Kim. "Kimmie..."

Kim simply smiles at Suki's lack of reach.

Suki whines, "Are you playing around with me, Kimmie?!" She folds her
arms across her cute chest and pouts like a little girl.

Meanwhile, at the front door, a smallish girl with purple hair runs
into Becky, groaning, "Ouch... what the Flip Wilson?!"

"Maybe..." smiles Kim.

"Ah... Tisha? What are you running for?" asks Becky.

"Huh?! Git out of my way, you freak'in jack rabbit!" She pushes past
Becky, doing a little dance that is all too familiar to girls.

"Geez, what's your problem!?"

"Ain't it obvious?! I gotta whizz!"

"Well why are you here, the bathroom isn't over here." states Becky.

"I'm looking for that hopped up goofball, Kim! Now where is she?!"
demands the small girl.

"She's buzy."

"Busy?! With what?!" cries the small girl. "Kim! Where the frick are
you, damnit?!"

"Hey, Tisha..." states Becky. "What do'ya say about joining me and
Alice, we're going to fight a dragon."

"Do I look like I wanna go fight some dragon?! I gotta piss really
bad!" She starts dancing again.

"Well, do you have any problems with peeing outside somewhere?" asks

"Um... I dunno... where are we talking about?!" asks the young girl.

"A forest type area." answers becky.

"Ooh, goodie... then I could go behind a tree?" she asks.

"Yep." replies Becky.

"Ok.. I'll go..."

"Great, What about you Nanyo?" asks Becky.

Nanyo falls out of the shadows. "Damnit..." she groans. "How the hell
did you know I was here?!"

"Um, becouse you were there when we went to the door maybe?"

"Crap... next time, I'll have to hide better..."

"Well, you wanna go?"

"Sure... I'm game..."

"Ok, what level are you two?" asks Becky.

Nanyo grins, "20..." as Tisha vibrates her thighs, saying, "About

"Da*n!" states Alice.

"Geez, I didn't know your level was so low." states Becky. "I guess
we'll just fight the weaker dragon then."

"If ya say so..." states Nanyo, thinking aloud, "I could use some

"Have you ever asked Kimmie her level?" asks Becky.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It never seemed necessary..."

"Do you wan to know?"

"Heh... sure... why not..."

"I have to warn you, it's pretty high, so don't be too

"Just say it already..."

"Ok... 176..."

"Yowzas..." gasps Nanyo as Tisha whines, "Aw, can't we hurry this

"And I'm 155." states Becky.

"Well can walk and talk too." states Alice. "Let's go."

"Yes..." whimpers Tisha, still quivering.

"Ok, let's go then." states Becky before the four walk out.

Nanyo grins, "Alrighty.. " and follows Becky and Alice, with Tisha
bringing up the rear.

"Since everyone's telling there level." states Alice. "I'm 165."

"Darn, your higher than me." states Becky.

"I think we're on a different plane than you guys are... I would think
that level 99 is the highest we could get..."

"Wow, really?" asks Becky. "Maybe you should get Kimmie to pay for a
Level Enhancement for you guys." states Becky.

"She's gotta be like super rich or something, right? Mebbe she'll give
me one for my birthday or whatnot..."

"It's not as expensive as it sounds." states Becky. "Over the years,
the enhancement started to to become less used thanks to those how had
it reproduced and the effect was passed down to there children. So it's
pretty cheap."

"Oh..." replies Nanyo stupidly.

The group then heads to the teleporter at the end of the hallway and
are teleported to a larger circular room. Becky then walks to a small
console and types in a few things and returns to the center with the
group. Then the computer female voice states, "Destination: Ragol
Forest 2, Caution level: Hostile, Level of difficulty: 3, Standby for

Nanyo groans, "Aw, man... not again... I HATE teleportation!"

The group quickly teleport out to a forest, although, they stand on an
elevated metal area quite high above the ground. and they also appear
in front of a large dome.

Nanyo groans, "Ough... I can't stand that teleportation..." She leans
up against a tree, looking green.

*sits down on the ground*

"You'll get used to it." states Becky.

"Ough..." is the only reply.

"Tisha, how are you?" asks Becky.

Tisha dances on the ground, rising her leg up to cross her thighs, "I'm
okay.. I just need to take a leak!"

"Well, unfortunately, there's no where around to hide behind. But we're
the only four here."

"Ooh..." moans the small girl.

Alice the walks up to Becky and whispers into her ear. Becky's eyes
widen and smiles. "Ooohh, that's great."

"What? What is it?!" asks the young girl.

"You see that transporter a little ways in front of us?" asks Becky.


"That's were we're going." states Becky as she and Alice walk towards

"Oh..." replies the purple haired loli as she follows the two older
girls, Nanyo bringing up the rear.

Once the group enter the teleporter, Becky states, laughing. "Prepare
to get the piss scared outta ya!" before teleporting into the huge dome
they saw outside. The group then sees and large red dragon landing in
the middle of the area, and roaring at them.

Tisha screams really loudly, and freezes in place, a small wet stain
beginning to form on her panties.

Nanyo's eyes widen and she mutters, "D*mn... this isn't going to be

Becky giggles while she and Alice separate from the group. Alice's
blue, skin-tight armor quickly covers her and she materializes her
massive sword. Becky also brings out her own weapon, a small energy

Nanyo sighs, "Guess it's time to go to work..." She levitates off the
ground, trying to get an aerial view of the dragon.

"Yeah better get movin' Tisha." calls Becky running as she fires off a
few shots to the dragon's head, stunning it for a few moments. Alice
Meanwhile proceeds to make her way behind the dragon.

Tisha screams again and ducks behind Becky, looking positively
terrified as Nanyo flies above the dragon, searching for some kind of
weak spot.

After a few moments of being stunned, the dragon quickly roars loudly
in anger, Causing everyone to stop what there doing and and cover there

Nanyo winces, "Yasha Smit... That's really loud.."

Tisha cries loudly, "Make it stop! Make it stop!"

Upon finishing it's roar, the dragon rears it's head up at Becky and
shoots a ball of fire from it's mouth. Becky looks up just in time to
jump out of the way... exposing Tisha...

Tisha screams, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and starts pissing herself
fully as Nanyo sweeps down from the sky and snatches Tisha out of the
jaws of danger.

Becky giggles once again was she sees Tisha wetting herself in Nanyo's
hold. Alice meanwhile, continues to play dodge with the dragon's tail,
getting farther and farther under the dragon's tail.

Nanyo gasps, "F*ck, girl... can't you even hold yourself anymore?!"

Tisha whines, "I peepee'd myself...." Tears come to her eyes.

Alice then calls out to Becky, "B-san, get the legs!"

"Ok!" replies Becky. The dragon then directs it's attention to Becky
again, growling at her. "Just need a clear shot..." A few moments later
Becky sees an opening and takes it.

Unfortunately, the dragon lowers it's head, takes the shot to the face,
causing it to shake it off, in turn, whipping it's tail. Alice dodges
one whip, ducking it as it goes behind her, But it quickly whips back,
hitting her in the back, sending her a few yards away, sliding on the

Nanyo drops Tisha off behind a tree in the forest, then returns to
search for Alice, calling out her name.

*Nanyo drops Tisha down in a clearing as she turns back in midflight,
searching for Alice. She calls out, "Alice... ya okay?"

Alice gets to her feet stating, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Sorry about that Alice." calls Becky. Unfortunately, Becky attention
is completely directed to Alice, and she is soon caught off-guard by a
ball of fire, sending her a number of yards away after her initial

Nanyo yells, "D*MN!" and rises into the air again. She fiddles with one
of her pouches and throws something blueish at the dragon.

A blue mist covers the dragon and it visibly flinches in pain, but
recovers quickly at looks up and Nanyo and starts to take flight.

"Oh SH*T! Looks like I pissed it off!!" she mumbles, flying higher.

The Dragon then starts flying at Nanyo, fire coming from it's mouth.
(breathing it, not shooting it.) Meanwhile, on the ground, Alice runs
to Becky's smoking body.

Nanyo twists and twirls in midair, trying to shake the dragon off her
tail, though she takes a minor hit from the heat of the flames to her

As Alice makes her way to Becky, she's relieved to see Becky slowly
sitting up, her entire top being burned off and parts of her pants. She
also looks alot darker now.

"B-san, are you alright?" asks Alice kneeling beside her.

"Yeah, I'm fine." replies Becky. "Heh, it may be weaker than the ones
we fight, but fire is fire... and it burns, hehe. ^_^;"

Tisha comes running up to Becky and Alice, her robes dripping with her
golden fluid. She whines, "I... I'm scared! Frikken old geezers!"

"Geez, haven't you seen a dragon before?" asks Alice.

"Yeah, look at Nanyo." states Becky, she's not scared, the dragon can't
even catch her."

Tisha whines and clutches Becky harder around the leg, "I'm not
Nanyo... I.. I've never seen a dragon before! Please! I wanna go home!"

Becky replies, "Well we can't without killing it. Are you really that

Tisha looks up at Becky with tears in her eyes. She states, shivering,
"Do I look like I'm enjoying myself?! Stupid old hags! Lemme outta
here!" She lets go of Becky and starts running as fast as she can.
Where? She cannot say.

Alice then states to Becky, "Maybe we should just finish this, I don't
think we should traumatize her."

"Yeah, your right. She's really is scared too." Becky then stands and
calls to Nanyo. "Hey! Nanyo! Bring it back down here."

Nanyo calls out, "Ya okay, Becks? Here I come!" She dives sharply, just
barely missing a jet of fire from the dragon.

"You wanna do the honor?" asks Becky smiling at Alice.

"It'd be a pleasure." replies Alice. The younger girl then picks up her
sword and charges toward the dragon as Nanyo and it flies near the

Nanyo puts on a burst of speed and flies right past Alice, never
looking back.

The dragon then fires a stream of fire, but Alice runs directly into
the fire, However, she quickly reappears jumping out up over the stream
of fire. Alice then trusts her sword down and right through the dragons
spine, through it's heart and impaled into the ground, dead soon after
Alice drops back down to her feet.

Nanyo skids to a stop, 500 feet behind Alice and whirls around, her jaw
dropping as she mutters, "D*mn..."

Alice then pats her hands and turns around smiling. "Well, that's

Nanyo grins, "Remind me never to get on your bad side, Alice..."

"That was nothing." replies Alice walking back to the group.

"Feel better Tisha?" asks Becky.

Tisha is nowhere in sight.

"Tisha?" questions Becky looking around. "Where did she go?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I dunno.. I was a bit preoccupied with the

"I wonder where she could have went." states Becky.

"We're surrounded by a dome, right, Becks? Mebbe she's at one of the
walls or something..."

"Yeah, that'd make sense. We'd have a hard time seeing her it she was
near a wall."

"And wouldn't the dragon have had the same hard time, spotting her if
she was there?"

"Probably, and we were the ones moving too though."

"Yeah... so where should we start looking, Becks?"

"I guess we should jus walk along the walls and see if we can spot her.

"Ok... I'll look from above..." She takes flight again.

I'll take the right way." states Alice. Becky and ALice then start
walking along the walls.

After about 10 minutes of looking, Nanyo spots Tisha, banging her fists
against the wall and screaming, "Lemme out!"

Alice also spots Tisha and quickly walks to her. "Hey, it's ok, the
dragon's dead."

This does nothing to calm the poor girl, who beats her fists harder
against the wall.

"Hey, Tisha, don't you hear me? Everything's fine."

Tisha whirls around, screaming in fear, and suddenly, Alice freezes in
place, time having stopped for her. Nanyo lands next to Tisha and puts
her arm on the younger girl's shoulder. "It's okay..." she says
soothingly and Tisha's time magic unfreezes Alice.

Alice suddenly gasps in shock and falls to her rear. "AH! Where the
hell did you come from!?"

Tisha whines, "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry! I.. I um... stopped time for
you... I.. I was just so scared!"

"Oh, well... ok." replies Alice getting back to her feet.

Tisha whimpers, "Can we leave now?!"

"That's what I was trying to tell you. See the blue portal behind us?
that's the way out."

"YAY!" cries the small girl, dashing around Alice and racing for the
portal. Nanyo grins, "Scared, wasn't she?"

"She sure was." replies Alice while Becky makes her way to them.

Nanyo nods, "Oh definitely... I guess she's not used to fighting

"I guess not." states Alice while she removes her top (she wears her
school-like uniform) "Here B-san." adds Alice handing her top to Becky.

"Thanks, heh, I can't leave with my chest completely exposed." replies
Becky taking the clothing. "But that thin 'armor' of yours doesn't
cover much."

"Well I don't have much to cover, now do I?" replies Alice smiling, but
blushing also.

"Hehe..." sniggers Nanyo, flexing her own chest impressively.

"Ya got a point there." states Becky. "Your flat as a board."

"Yeah... bet ya wish you had some of these..." grins Nanyo, thrusting
out her C-cup chest again.

"I sure do, your so lucky." replies Alice.

"How old didja say you were, again, Alice?" asks Nanyo.

"I never told you my age."

"Oh... then what is it? 'Cause if yer young enough, you got plenty of
time to mature like me..."

"I'm only thirteen."

"Yeah... just as I thought.. you got a lot of time... you may even end
up bigger than me.. hehe..." she smiles at the younger girl.

"You really think so?"

"Ya.. I do..." she grins again.

"Well..." states Becky, now wearing Alice's top, although it's a bit
snug on her. "Whaddya say about getting back?"

"Alrighty..." states Nanyo, looking back toward the portal.

Meanwhile... back at the ranch... er... back at Kim's place.

The moment Becky and the other's leave, Kim lowers herself down a bit
to quickly kiss Suki fully on the lips, her right hand on Suki's left

Suki Mmm's in response and backs off slightly to whispers, "Kimmie... I
love you so much..."

"I love you too Suki." replies Kim smiling and looking into Suki's

Suki's violet eyes water slightly with tears of joy, but there is
something else hidden within their depths, something Kim must struggle
to understand for the small girl is hiding it well.

Kim notices Suki hiding something and asks, "Suki, is something wrong?"

Suki immediately blushes and shakes her head, "No... Not really... It's
just... something I'm feeling right now..."

"What is it?"

Suki replies, "If I tell you, you're gonna use it to your advantage...
I just know it... and since you don't have to... you know... I won't be
able to return the favor..."

Kim looks at Suki in thought for a moment before smiling and asking,
"Does it have something to do with going to the bathroom?"

"Um..." the smaller girl blushes, looking away from Kim.

"It is, ain't it?"

Very slowly, the younger girl nods once, her blush creeping up to her
lovely violet-tinted eyes.

"Well, for now, I'll leave that part be. I wanna try something else

"You do, Kimmie? Wh-What is that going to be?" the young girl asks,
shifting her foot on the ground.

"A special kind of hug." state Kim as she starts to glow white and her
eyes whiten.

"A hug?" questions the other girl in disbelief.

"Yep." smiles Kim as she forms her blue spectral wings and then hugs
Suki with her arms then places her wings around Suki. "How does this

"It's warm... and inviting..." replies the smaller girl, trying to turn
around to see the wings.

Kim feels Suki's movement and releases her arms from around Suki.

Suki gasps softly, reaching out to Kim's left wing, trying to feel it.

Kim allows Suki to feel her wing. despite there transparentness, The
wings are infact, physically there, and Suki can feel the warmth of the
wings and there feathers.

"Wow... it's just like a bird..." mumbles Suki as she runs
her fingers up and down the wing.

"Hehe, a big bird." giggles Kim.

Suki giggles, "Yeah... a tall one too..."

Kim then places her right hand on Suki's head, running her fingers
through her hair. "Have you ever though t of what you would look like
with a diferent hair color?"

"Um... no... not really... what color do you think would look good on
me?" asks Suki.

"Hmm, I think you'd look good as a blonde."



"I... I... Um.. I'm shocked.... that you ... would think that,
Kimmie..." replies the younger girl, her eyes wide.

"What? Is that a bad thing?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... I ... I just never thought you'd say


"I dunno... I just never thought about that... But... if you like it...
I guess I could give it a try..."

"You would? What about now?"

"Um... I do kinda hafta pee, Kimmie... mebbe afterward?"

"Don't worry, It's really simply and quick to change hair-color here."
Kim then returns to normal, making her wing disappear. "Wait here for a
sec..." adds Kim leaving down the hall.


A minute later. Kim returns with what appears to be a thin foot tall
and wide square glass and places it directly in front of Suki's face.
"Stay still for a moment."


A moment later, Kim removes the glass from Suki's face and turns it
around to Show Suki a very clear photo of her face.

"Ahhh! Wh-what is that?!"

"It's a picture of your face."

"A... pic... what?! What's that?!" the small girl seems confused.

Kim then sweatdrops. "You don't know what a picture is?"

Suki shakes her head, "No... we don't have those in my town..."

"Geez, well, it's nothing harmful."

"What is it?" she reaches out to poke the picture.

"It's just an image of your face."

"Oh... so that's what I look like?"

"Um, yeah... don't you even have mirrors?"

Suki asks, "What's a mirror?"

"Oh come on, Are you telling me that you've NEVER seen your

"OH! Is that what it is? I've looked in water many times..."

"So that house of yours, there's not a single mirror in there?"

Suki replies, "If there is, I don't know about it... But then again, my
father lived there... and he knows more about it than I do..."

"Well, to get back to what I was doing..." states Kim as she touches
the screen of Suki's pic, then a few windows pop up.

After a few seconds, on The pic of Suki, her hair color changes to
blonde. "Oh look at that, you'd make a great blonde!"

Suki gasps, "Wow! How did you do that?!"

"Easy, this is a hair color change device. It takes your picture then
you can edit the color of your hair. Then when you find the color or
mix you want..." Kim then places the glass infront of Suki's face
again. just a second later, there is a beep and Kim removes the glass.
"And Wha-la! Your now a blonde!"

Suki lifts her right hand up to her hair and pulls down a long blond
strand. "I... I can't believe it... My black hair is all gone!"

"Yep, I bet Nanyo and the others will be surprised."

"That's an understatement... I bet Nan'chi would be shocked to

"I've been thinking about changing my hair color too."

"Oh really? What color would you make yours, Kimmie?" asks Suki

"A shiny platinum one." states Kim smiling.

"Platinum? what color is that?"

"It's kinda hard to describe... it's like a really bright white."

"White? Wouldn't that make you look older, Kimmie?"

"Wait, Platinum is like a bright silver color."

"Oh..." replies Suki, at a loss for words. She, then, crosses her
thighs lightly as her attention returns to her bladder.

"Is it getting hard to hold?"

Suki replies, "It's not going away... but I think I can hold it for a
while longer..."

"Maybe I can make you come before you wet yourself."

Suki grins, "Are you gonna try to make me squirt too,
Kimmie? That was fun last time..."

"Maybe your like me, you always squirt when you come."

"Really?! I guess I won't know until we try, right?"

"Right." states Kim as she walks to Suki and runs her left hand through
Suki's blonde hair and places her right hand to her crotch.

"Ah..." moans Suki softly as she quivers from Kim's touch of her
private area.

As Kim gently rubs Suki's crotch, She moves her nose to Suki's hair,
smelling it, then giggling a little.

"Mmmm... that feels good, Kimmie..." replies the smaller girl, blushing

"Suki, do you like the smell of a lemon?"

Suki replies, "Um... they're sour... but... Um... I guess?"

"That's good, cause you hair has the faint smell of lemons, hehe."

"It does? I can't smell it..." whines the girl.

"Maybe you need to put a few strains of it to your nose."

"Oh... Okay..."

Kim then begins to rub Suki's crotch a bit faster.

"Mmmph..." moans Suki, beginning to tremble slightly from the pleasure.

"Would you like to be standing when you come or be laying down?"

"Um... L-laying down, Kimmie... A-And I should take my panties off...
otherwise, I'm gonna get them wet..."

"Hehe, what's wrong with that?" asks Kim while she places her left hand
over Suki's right breast.

Suki gasps, "Y-You wouldn't, Kimmie?! N-not here... I don't have
anything to change into up here..!"

"I'll just buy you some new ones."

"O-Oh...' replies the smaller girl, beginning to breathe harder as her
breast molds around Kim's grip.

"So how about it? Not only am I going to make you squirt into your
panties, I'm going to make you pee on them too." smiles Kim.

*gulp* "K-Kimmie... this isn't fair... You don't have to pee... I can't
return the favor like before!" she whines.

"I don't mind, I like giving anyway, Heh, I like the sounds." Kim then
begins to favor a vertical rubbing of Suki's crotch through her

"Mmf!" whines Suki unintelligibly as she squirms slightly in Kim's

A fewq moments later, Kim lowers her left hand to to waistband of
Suki's panties at her back, just above the small girl's rear.

Suki questions, "Kimmie... what are you planning now?"

"Heh, something you might like..." states Kim while she slides her left
hand into Suki's panties, and moves her middle finger between the
cheeks of Suki's rear.

"Ahhh! Wh-what are you doing back there?! That's a one way street!"

"Oh, does that mean I'll find something back here then?"

"Ahhh... no... you won't find anything there... nothing that shouldn't
be there..." she quivers again.

"Well that's good to know. Suki-chan wipes herself really good huh?"
states Kim smiling.

"Ahhh! Kimmie! That's a dirty thought!"

"Hehe, what's so dirty about it?"

"That... whole... 'process' is dirty!"

"But it's a natural occurrence."

"It may be... but we don't have to talk about it, do we?" she whines.

"Aw, why not? I'd love to hear what your bowel movements are like."

"Ewww, Kimmie!"

"Come on, tell me, are they smooth and easy, or firm and hard to push
out?" asks Kim as she now touches her middle finger to Suki's anus as
her right hand continues to stimulate Suki's crotch

"Ahhh! I... I don't know...! I never bother to examine them!" A cute
blush creeps up her cheeks again.

"Hehe, I bet leave a big load don't you? The smallest people always
seem to have the biggest loads."

"Ugh... I don't know! I really don't!" whines Suki.

"Heh, ok, but one more question." states Kim as she gently starts to
prob Suki's tightest hole with her left middle finger.

"Ah! Wh-what is it, Kimmie?"

"Does it smell really bad?"

Suki's eyes widen in shock and she gasps, "Wh-Why would you want to
know?! And how do you know all of this stuff anyway?!"

At Suki's question, Kim get's an embarrassed blush on her cheeks,
smiling. "U-Uh..."

"Kimmie... don't TELL ME! You did this to Becky too?!"

"Well, I did once but..."

"But? But what, Kimmie?!"

"Do you know what a computer is?"


"Well, it's something like my communicator... actually, it is my
communicator. The point is, I have a very wide array of porn on it."

Suki gasps in shock, "P-Porn?! I've heard of that stuff! That is
disgusting! Even Nan'chi's pictures were... oops!" She covers her mouth

"What? Nanyo has porn?" asks Kim surprised

Suki sighs, "It's not that she has porn... but she was in porn...
before becoming a hooker..."

"Oh, well seeing as how I like little girls, I'm sure you can guess
what kind of porn I favor. ^_^;"

"I don't know what it's called, but yeah... I can just imagine... so
what about this porn?"

"I have other kinds rather than... yanno."

"Ok... so you were saying something about this porn?" asks Suki.

"Yeah, I have plenty of it with girl's doing, you know..." states Kim
tapping Suki's anus.

"O-Oh... really?" blushes the smaller girl.


"Do you... um.. have any that... um... deal with ... um... our
'fetish'.. Kimmie?" she tenses briefly from Kim's actions.

"Yep, I got plenty of watersport video's and pictures."

"W-Would you mind.. um..." her blush grows more prominent, "Um... sh-
showing me some sometime?"

"Sure, but let's make you come first." state Kim as she speeds up the
action to Suki's crotch.

"Ahhh... Hahhh!" the small girl tenses in Kim's arms again.

Kim's fingers also manages to hit Suki's clit a few times as well.

The tiny girl stiffens again as Kim's fingers hit her most sensitive of

Kim then inserts her left middle finger into Suki's rear entrance to
see her reaction.

"Ahhh! D-don't! that's a special place!" She tenses up and tries to
squirm free.

"Special indeed, I think you like that." state Kim as she pushes her
finger deeper.

"Ahhhh!" cries Suki, her special feminine fluids starting to leak from
her girlhood.

"Oh, Suki-chan does like it!" giggles Kim. "So, you really are a dirty
little girl."

"No! I'm not! I'm not dirty!" she whines.

"Oh really?" Kim then withdraws her finger but pushes it into Suki's
tightest hole again.

"Noo! Stop!" she whines, tensing up again.

"Don't deny it Suki-chan, you like it, you like it when there's
something back there." continues Kim as she now inserts her whole
middle finger into Suki's dark hole.

"Ahhh! N-No.. I c-can't... It's dirty... real dirty!" she replies.

"How can it be dirty? You said so yourself you clean yourself ."

"But... but..." she flails for the words to defend herself.

"So it's not dirty, unless... you have a certain mark on the inner
backside of your panties." states Kim smiling while she continues to
rub Suki's labia.

Suki tenses up again, her panties growing wet between her legs.

"What's wrong Suki-chan? don't you have a reply?"

"...." states the girl with great emotion.

"Hmm, dose that mean you have those 'special' marks on your panties?"
asks Kim smiling.

"... I don't KNOW!" she whines again.

"Oh really? Should we have a looksie?"

Suki blushes again.

"Hehe.." replies Kim before quickly pulling Suki's panties down to her

"AAAAAAAAaHHHHH!" cries out Suki, blushing harder than before as her
naked labia are revealed to Kim once again.

"Oh, what's this?" asks Kim forcing Suki's legs from over her panties
and showing Suki the inner crotch of her own panties.

"Looks like you don't clean yourself as good as you thought, look at
that." states Kim showing Suki a rather small (but none-the-less there)

Suki blushes harder, "I'm so-sorry, Kimmie..."

"There's nothing to apoligies for, you should see Becky's, sometimes
it's like she forgets to wipe herself sometimes."

"O-oh really?" she giggles slightly.

"Really, Hey, when she and the others come back, mention it to her. I
bet you her face will redden so quick it'l shock you."

"Mine too, Kimmie... I'm not that brave..."

"Aw, well maybe I'll just pull her panties down for you to see then."

"Oh... A-Are you sure she won't mind?"

"Oh I'm sure she'll mind." laughs Kim.

"Um... ok..."

"Well then, I'm sure your close, so I'll just finish." states Kim
placing her right hand to Suki's nude labia and inserting two fingers

"Ahhhhh!" pants Suki heavily, twitching her lower half in pleasure.

"Kim then start to thrust her finger's in and out while continuously
rubbing her thumb on her clit.

"Mmm... Mmmm... Mmm..." moans Suki, beginning now to thrust her hips
back and forth slightly.

Kim then starts licking at Suki's right nipple.

Suki moans, "Ooh... ooh..." as her nipple tightens and her breasts
swell while her precious fluid continues to leak from her vagina.

While a small wet sound started to come from Suki's crotch, Kim
increased her speed of her fingers.

Suki pants heavily again, thrusting her hips forward again, her legs
growing weak under her.

Kim then starts to lightly bite onto Suki's nipple.

"Ow..." whines the small girl.

After a few seconds, Kim begins to nibble on the nipple while her
fingers are still very buzy.

"Hmmm.... mmmm.... mmmm..." whimpers the small girl, shaking slightly.

Kim meanwhile, places her left hand to her own crotch through her
shorts and starts to rub herself.

Suki whimpers and continues to squirm in Kim's hold.

Unfortunately, While Kim continues, the two can suddenly hear the faint
sounds of Becky and co. outside nearing.

"Oh! Becky and the others are coming back!"

"You wanna stop?"

Suki whimpers, "I... I... I dunno..."

"Hmm, we proboly should, it'd be too much of a commotion if they caught
us. I kinda want to just concentrate on you."

"Ok..." replies the smaller girl.

Kim allow Suki to replace you Panties just in time for Becky, Nanyo,
Alice and Tisha to walk in.

Tisha whines, "I need to go back to the ship... I'm all wet now..."

"What happened?" asked Kim.

"Dragon." is all that Becky says as she starts to walk into the room,
followed by Alice.

"... Oh... OH!" states Kim taking a second to understand.

Nanyo sniggers, "Poor girl really had to go..."

However, Becky doesn't make it 3 feet pass Kim before the older girl
grins and quickly pulls Becky's pants and underwear to the floor,
revealing the pad in the middle of Becky's panties. "AH!" exclaims
Becky in shock.

Suki blushes as Nanyo's eyes widen, "Whoah..."

"Geez Becky." smiles Kim. "Still need help wiping yourself huh?" states
Kim looking at Becky's inner panties.

"What!?" questions Becky in embarrassed shock as she bends over and
tries to pull her panties up in vain, giving Nanyo a VARY clear shot of
her young looking and smooth labia.

"Ooh la la... impromptu peep show!" Nanyo sniggers.

"Kimmie let go!" exclaims Becky. but Kim laughs and states, "Nanyo,
come look at the mark Becky has in her panties." (TBC)

"NO!" exclaims Becky.

Nanyo leans over toward Becky and grins, "Wow... not a very clean
person, are ya, Becks?"

"Kimmie I can't believe you!" cries out Becky thoroughly embarrassed.

Suki nods, "Yeah... that was mean, Kimmie..." Nanyo states, "Aw, come
off it, Nisu... It's all in fun!"

At this point, Becky simply gives up and steps out of her lower
clothing and runs off to the hallway.

Suki states, "Geez, Kimmie... I think you really humiliated her..."

"Oops, I just meant to embarrass her, not humiliate." states Kim. Alice
meanwhile follows Becky.

"I think you did both, Kimmie..." replies Suki.

"Well, I'm sure she'll be fine later on."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... this won't last long."

"Besides, B.B's embarrassed me plenty of times."

"Hehe... do tell, do tell!" exclaims Nanyo.

"A good example is the first time I introduced Becky to Suki."

"Oh yeah? I'd love to hear it all!" grins Nanyo.

"Well Becky was all over me and she insulted Suki."

"Insulted Nisu? What'd she do?"

"She called her scrony."

"Oh yeah?" She glances at Suki before adding, "Yeah.. she is kinda..."


"Nan'chi!" whines Suki.

To Be Continued

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