Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 71)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 71

Title: Chapter 63: The Spy...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Meanwhile, back at Kim's "hole in the wall", Nanyo sighs, thinking
about taking a nap while she waits for Nisu to return.

Through the walls, Nanyo can hear Kim and Suki's voices, obviously

"Ooh... Nisu's back.. I wonder what she's saying..." She leans up
against the wall, listening intently.

Nanyo finds that the topic of conversation is about
Becky, about the recent event.

Nanyo sighs, "Bah! That's boring... I think I'll go out for a while..."
She calls out to Kim and adds, "I'm going out for awhile... see ya
soon, Starki, Nisu..."

"Ok, seeya." replies Kim's voice.

Nanyo leaves the room and looks around the station, wondering what she
can do now that she's a member of the Federation.

Later, as Nanyo arrives near the shopping district, She spots Nikki.
However, Nikki has a change of clothes, dressed in black leather pants,
white tank-top and a black leather coat, which is open, revealing her
tail around her waist. She almost looks like a different person.

Nanyo lifts a hand and calls out, "Hey-ey, Niks!"

Nanyo sees Nikki look directly at her, but instead of repling and
walking to her, Nikki simply walks away from Nanyo at quite I quick
pace towards a seemingly vacant alleyway.

"Hey! Whacha running for?! Git back here!" She gives chase to Nikki.

As the two run to the ally, two quite muscular men step out from the
right corner at the end of the alleyway, causing Nikki to quickly stop
her running.

Nanyo gasps, "Whoah sh*t... what the hell are you running from?!"

"Well lookie here..." states One of the men. "Two girl's came to play."
adds the man as he grabs Nikki's left arm.

"Hey! Let me go!" demands Nikki trying to free her arm. Meanwhile the
other man advances on Nanyo.

"Don't push your luck, " growls Nanyo, moving into a defensive stance.

"Hehe, arn't you ganna scream for help little kitty?" asks the man who
holds Nikki as he begins to pull Nikki around the corner. Nikki only
looks to Nanyo before she's pulled out of view. The man who walks to
Nanyo just snickers at Nanyo statement.

"Back off... nice and slow.. and I won't have to hurt ya.."

"Aw come on, don't you wanna play?" smiles the man.

"Play what? I know your game... You wanna have some sexual fun, I

Suddenly, there's a scream of pain from around the corner. the scream
is obviously from a man, who staggers out holding his bloody mid-
section. The other guy turns around and gasps, "What the fu*k happened
to you!?"

"Best guess? I'd say the cat girl got 'em... and now I'm gonna get
you... if you don't back away, that is..."

However, moments after Nanyo's statement, a wavy shadow seemingly walks
from around the corner behind the man, who quickly gasps before his
head sliced right off and his body falls to the floor.

"Ah! What the hell!?" states the other man terrified.

"F*ck.. That didn't look like Nikki.." gasps Nanyo.

There's then some movement from the wavy but transparent figure, it
looks as though the figure snaps something forward with it's right
hand, suddenly the second man's head is lopped off.

"Damn..." exclaims Nanyo, backing off.

The figure then calmly walks back around the corner, but the
transparency of the figure begins to fade, only revealing an outline of
what appears to be Nikki's clothing before disappearing from view
behind the corner.

"Damn... that's nasty... um.. I don't think I should linger...." She
starts moving away from the alleyway.

There's no other movement or strange happenings for a few moments.

"Damn... what am I thinking? I hope Niks is alright..." States Nanyo as
she quickly returns to Kim's hole in the wall.

Kim greets Nanyo upon her return, "Hey, you weren't gone long. Where'd
you go?"

"Starki... Um.. I just saw something horrible..."

"Like what?" questions Kim.

"Like blood and gore and guts... you know what I"m talking about..."

"Um, ok... but what happened? You look fine."

Nanyo sighs, "This'll be quicker..." She puts her hand on Kim's
forehead and transfers her memory of the event in question to Kim.

"Wow, That's strange. Heh, Seems like something Sara'd do. But what
about Nikki?"

"I don't know.. she disappeared around the corner and.. that's all I
remember... sorry, Starki-chan..."

"You just left her there!? What if that person who killed those two men
went after Nikki too?" asks Kim.

"Better to save my own life and warn you than to attempt rescue and get
myself killed in the process.. eh, Starki?"

"What!? Your such a coward! Nikki may be in danger!" exclaims Kim as
she rushes to the door.

"That's what everyone thinks.." she sighs sadly.

But as Kim starts to walk out, when the door slides up, there stands...
"Nikki?" questions Kim. "Your alright."

"Of course I'm alright." answers Nikki.

"What the... I saw that man's head come off his shoulders? What the
hell happened?!"

"Huh? What are you talking about Nanyo?" asks Nikki as she walks past
Kim into the room.

Nanyo gasps, "You didn't see them?! The blood and all?!"

"I think you need to rest Nanyo." states Kim walking off, leaving Nanyo
alone with Nikki.

"Well.. I ... duh... that... is... uh... aw, hell..." She sits down
rather roughly in a tall chair.

Once Kim's out of view and earshot, Nikki smiles and states, "Did you
like the show?"

"WHAT?! Then you did see it?!"

"See it?" replies Nikki before snickering evilly. "I DID it!"

"WHAT?! Why?!"

"Would you rather them rape you?"

"Ya didn't have to kill 'em.. a broken arm goes a long way, yanno..."

"Only until it heals, then they'll try the same thing."

"Well, damn...." Nanyo can't think of anything to say to that.

"And guess what?" smiles Nikki.

"What?" Nanyo nervously asks.

"I'm not your friend..."


"I'm the enemy." states Nikki flatly.

"What?! What enemy?"

"Yeah, like Sara, I serve Lord Faultz, I'm-" Here, Kim returns to the
room and Nikki suddenly brightens up. "Oh, Ki Ki, I'm going to go see
what'cha got to eat." states Nikki heading to the kitchen. "Um, ok."
replies Kim.

"This is NOT GOOD...." states Nanyo.

"Huh? What are you talking about Nanyo?" asks Kim.

"I'll tell you later... I need time to prove it first..."

"OK... your sure acting weird today."

"I wonder why..." she frowns.


"Don't worry about it..."

"Well, ok."

"So... what's Nisu been cooking for breakfast? I'm starved..."

"Oh, I don't know, she said she wanted it to be a surprise."

"Really? That sounds encouraging..." She smiles up at Kim.

"Oh, maybe Nikki can spy me some info." states Kim

"Huh? Spy?!" gasps Nanyo, looking concerned.

"What? Nikki went to the kitchen, that's where Suki is."

"I... I don't have a good feeling about her, Starki... I don't think we
should leave Nisu alone with her..." Nanyo stands up and
makes for the kitchen.

"What with you and Nikki all of a sudden?" states Kim following Nanyo.

Nanyo says nothing to Kim, but opens the door to the kitchen, looking
for Nikki.

Who finds Nikki trying to peer over Suki shoulder. "Aw come on, let me
see what your cooking!" whines the neko.

Suki shakes her head, "No... I won't!" She turns from side to side to
hide her cooking.

"Ki Ki!" states Nikki, "Your wife is being mean to me!"

"Hehe, she won't let me see what she's cooking ether." replies Kim.

Suki whines, "Get her off me, Kimmie! She's pestering me!"

"Well tell us what your cooking already."

Suki cries out, "NO! I won't!" Nanyo pulls on Kim's arm, "Let her have
this one, please, Starki..."

"...OK, fine, we'll wait." states Kim. "Awww." complains Nikki.

"C'mon, let's go..."

Kim and Nikki then head out of the kitchen.

Nanyo wraps her arms around Suki's waist and kisses her. "See you soon,

"You too Nanyo." calls Kim.

"I'm coming, Starki... " She gives Suki another kiss on the cheek, then
leaves the room, heading back to Kim. "So... How is the little brat
after Sash's blood?"

"Huh?" answers Kim.

"How's Tisha?"

"Oh, her, I haven't seen her since we came here. she may be in the

"No.. .I mean... how was her first time, Starki?"

"Oh, It was great." smiles Kim.

"Did she squirt?" grins Nanyo.

"Um, I don't think so."

"Might be interesting to find out sometime if she's gonna be yours...

"I'll have plenty of time to find out." states Kim smiling like the
pedo she is.

"Hehe... you pedo..."

"Hm, Pedophile is such an ugly word..."

"Heh... what wuld you prefer to be called, you pervert?"

"Hmm, Oh, what about, Loli Lover?" ^_^


"To tell the truth though, Tisha was my first loli that I acted on my
urges, besides Becky."

"What about Nisu? She was a loli when you first met, wasn't she?"

"Oh, yeah, she was." replies Kim blushing.

"And look what happened there?"

"I guess my loli loving ways started with Suki. hehe."

"It's impossible NOT to fall in love with her..."

"Heh, that's for sure." smiles Kim.

"What d'you think of her, Niks?"

"She can cook, so I like her." answers Nikki, who sits on the couch.

"Is that all you like about her?"

"She's cute too, but loli isn't my thing."

"What about that time she forced ya to pee?" grins Nanyo.

"Hmm, it was nice, I'll admit it."

"Like having a full bladder, Niks?" smirks Nanyo. "It seems that Nisu's
desire has affected us all then..."

"Kinda, yeah."

"Ever wet yourself on purpose, Niks?"

"Before or after the event?"


"After, I did it a few times."

"Hehe... I did it many times... How about you, Starki? When did you
start wetting yourself?"

"On purpose or accident?" answers Kim.

"On purpose."

"It was when I was 6 or 7, I don't really remember..." replies Kim
looking slightly sad.

"Why do you look so sad?"

"It was during the time I was still being raped

"Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bring up bad memories..."

"not all of it is bad, I had Suu there with me."

"That's good... We all need someone there with us in our times of

To Be Continued

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