Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 70)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 70

Title: Chapter 62: Kim's Lolita Complex

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Kim goes to the back room calling, "Tisha, I'm back, and I gotta piss.
Where are you?" but when Kim goes into the room, she just sees Nikki
sprawled out on the bed sleeping.

Nanyo questions, "Where is she?"

"She's probably in the lower level." states Kim heading to said

Once there, they hear Tisha's voice muttering, "Aw, shiitake... I'm so
flippin' bored..."

"Hey Tisha, where are you?" calls Kim.

"Huh? Kim.... that you?" comes Tisha's voice around a corner.

"There you are, hey, remimber when I said you could tie me up the next
time I got to piss?"

"Yeah.. I 'member... " the small girl states, perking up.

"Well I just woke up, you know what that means right?"

"Ooh! Ooh! I know I know! Morning urge time?" she grins.

"Yeah, and it's almost to the point where I can't hide it."

"Yay! So are you gonna let me tie ya up?" smiles the smaller girl.

"That's what I came here for." replies Kim smiling.

"Yay!" she cheers, punching the air above her head with her right fist.

"Ether tie me up quick or use your control of time to do it, I have a
weak bladder remember?"

"Ok... but I can do this too, you know..." She closes her eyes and
suddenly, Kim's bladder shrinks without her peeing.

"Ah!" exclaims Kim dropping to her knees and holding her stomach. " I
thought you wanted to tie me up?"

"I will... but I want you to hold it for a little bit,
Kim..." grins the small girl.

"I don't know if I can..."

"You can... I reversed time so that your bladder is less than full...

"Then why does it feel like I gotta piss so badly?"

"It shouldn't.... like I said, I reversed time... your bladder should
be only half full at best.."

"Well tie me up then."

"Ok!" smirks the small girl. She reaches into her robes and pulls out a
long length of rope. "Ya ready?"


"Ok... here we go..." She takes Kim's arms and pulls them behind her.


Tisha giggles as she wraps the rope carefully around Kim's wrists,
binding them together.

"You really enjoy this huh?"

"Oh yeah... I've always been into bondage..." giggles the small girl,
pushing Kim down onto her back.

"I can see."

Tisha now takes one of her hands and places it at Kim's abodmen,
feeling gently the soft skin.

"You want me to talk?"

"Sure... tell me how it feels..."

"How what feels?"

"To be all tied up and have no place to go..." she giggles again as she
wraps another length of rope just under Kim's breasts.

"No place to go?" asks Kim as she begins to blush.

"Yeah... I mean... you can't escape whatever I do to you, now can you?"

"Um, no, I can't."

She giggles again as she tightens the rope across Kim's chest but under
her breasts so as to full tie her up.

"How much of me are you going to tie up?

"Typical bondage... You know... like those pictures you see on the
internet... but I'm gonna leave your legs free."

"If my legs are free, then I could try and escape."

"But why would you want to? I mean, if your bladder's throbbing, would
you take that chance?" she grins.

"It's just, the sense of hopelessness wouldn't fully be there if my
legs weren't tied." replies Kim as she starts o squirm lightly.

"Well... if you really want it... then..." she smirks and reaches down
to Kim's legs, using her last bit of rope to tie them

Kim meanwhile begins to squirm much more noticeably.

"Now then... where are those boobs of yours?" grins Tisha as she starts
trying to unhook Kim's bra.

"Having a little trouble there?"

"Yeah.. .I'm not used to doing this..." the little girl states, finally
unhooking Kim's bra.

"Hmm, have you ever had a boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend?! What the flip are you talking 'bout?!" She looks away from

"I just wanted to know, have you?"


"Hehe, do you like boys?"


"you know, little boys your age. Do you like boys?"

"What?! N-No... I'm not a dirty girl like that..." She looks away from

"Dirty? there's nothing wrong with a girl liking a boy, it's perfectly

"But my mammie said that girls who like boys are sick pathetic sluts!"

"What!? Maybe you misunderstood her."

"But how can she be wrong? She knew everything!"

Kim then sighs at this. "Tisha, believe it or not, parents do NOT know
everything. They can even be wrong at times."

"Are you flippng ding dong serious?!"

"Yes Tisha."

"But... but... I never felt that way..."

"Well do you like girl's?"

"Um.... " she blushes.

"Come on, if you don't like boys, you have to like
girl's. i don't think there's a middle ground."

"But... it's wrong.... on so many levels..."

"Then what? your just going to go through life without experiencing
loving someone?"

"But... but.. but..." she whines.

"Do you even know what an orgasm is?" asks Kim.

"An... orgasm? What's that?"

"Ok...' sighs Kim. "Untie me, we need to talk."

"O-Ok..." She makes to do so.

Once Kim is untied, she sits on her legs holding herself with her right
hand. "Sex, climax, masturbation, does any of those three words sound
familiar to you?"

"Sex does... I think..."

"What comes to your mind when you think of the word?"


"Ok, what's fu*king?"

"Um... er.... hmm.... um.... er..." she fumbles before finally
shrugging her shoulders.

"So, you've just heard the word then?"

"Um... yeah...." she blushes. "No one ever tells a 14 year old

"Ok..." Kim stops for a moment and groans. "Ok, tell me, have you ever
touched yourself between the legs?"

"No... why would I touch that dirty place!"

"Dirty? Let me guess, your mom told you that place was dirty."

"Yeah... isn't it?"

Kim sighs yet again. "Yanno, I'm beginning to think Sashi had good
reason to kill your mom..."

"NANI?!" gasps the small girl.

"Tisha, listen to me, the place between your legs is NOT a dirty place,
it's a wonderful area on your body." states Kim placing her left hand
on Tisha's right shoulder.

"But... I was told..."

"Forget everything your mom told you, she was lying to you."

"But why would she do that?"

"I have no idea, but Tisha, regardless of how embarrassing the answer,
what is the number one greatest feeling you felt to your body?"

"Um... I unno..."

"You don't know?

"I never thought about it before..."

"Haven't you ever, like, got a massage or something?"

"What's a massage?" asks the small girl eagerly.

"Oh just great..." groans Kim placing her left hand to her head. "Lay
down on your stomach."

"Ok... " She does so, adding, "Now what?"

"Just relax..." replies Kim before removing her right hand from her
crotch and leaning over Tisha and begins to rub her shoulders. "You
like that?"

"Mmm..." replies the small girl, closing her eyes briefly.

"Feels good don't it?"


"An orgasm feels much, much better than this."

"R-Really? I want one then..." the small girl moans.

"Ok..." replies Kim stopping her small massage. "Your
going to give yourself one."

"I.. I am? How?" asks Tisha with a hint of curiosity.

"Take your clothes off."

"Okay..." She reaches around her waist and begins unfastening her

"Try and hurry, I still gotta piss yanno."

"Sorry... I.. I'm just not used to undressing in front of someone..."
she blushes, removing her outer robe to reveal her short undershirt and
a pair of pink panties.

"Well the quicker you undress the quicker you can get and orgasm."

"Ok... ok.. I'm almost done..." She slips her undershirt up, revealing
an almost flat chest.

"Come, on, hurry it up!" states Kim impatiently.

"Ok ok..." replies Tisha, pulling her panties down to reveal a near
hairless set of lower lips.

"Ok, now these two lip-like things here..." states Kim pointing at
Tisha crotch. "Is called the labia."

"That's what they're called?" asks Tisha eagerly.

"Yeah, sit down and spread your legs."

"Ok." Tisha sits down on the floor next to Kim and spreads her legs

"Ok, now I'm going to spread your labia, so I'm going to touch you,

"Ok." replies the other girl, looking nervous, but excitable.

Kim use both index fingers to gently spread Tisha's lower lips.

Almost immediately, Tisha squirms and quivers, gasping, "Ooh! I felt
that.... what was that?!"

"Oh yeah, everything I do down here is going to constantly give you
that feeling, in varying degrees of course."

"O... Oh, really? Ya think?!"

"I don't think, I know, now look, now that I've spread your labia, your
vagina is exposed."

"Where? And... what is a vagina?"

"Down here, where my fingers are, you probably need to lean forward a
bit to see it properly."

She leans forward and looks 'down there'. "I still don't see it...
Where is it?"

"hmm, you wouldn't happen to have a mirror on you would you?"

Tisha shakes her head, "No.. why would I need one?"

"Ok, stay here for a sec with I go get one, k?"


Kim removes her hands from Tisha and leaves into on of the rooms.

Tisha brings her thighs together, afraid that someone else will come
while she's naked.

Kim returns a moment later with a small hand mirror and
kneals back down infront of Tisha. "Ok, You can spread your labia this

"O-Ok..." replies the younger girl, reaching down with her fingers to
emulate what Kim did a few minutes ago.

Kim places the mirror at Tisha crotch and angles it up giving Tisha a
clear imege of what her labia was protecting/hiding. "See?"

Tisha gasps, "NANI?! I-Is that me?!"

"Hehe, yep, it sure is. See how a healthy pink it is?"

"Is it supposed to be THAT pink?" she asks, quivering slightly.

"Yep, the pinker it is, the healthier it is."

"Wow... I never knew... So what's a vagina anyway?"

"Basically it's simply a short muscular tube inside you that leads to
the cervix."

"Oh... and what's a cervix?" questions the younger girl.

"The place where babies come from."

"What?! All that's inside me?! Get it out!" She begins to squirm.

"Tisha it's alright, you don't need to worry about tht now."

Tisha stops moving, "I don't?"

"No, you only have half of what's required to make a baby."

"Only half? Well... where's the other half?"

"Hehe, don't worry about that now, lets focus on you first orgasm right

Tisha nods, gulping, "O-Ok... so what's next?"

"I want you to insert one or two fingers inside your vagina."

"Where?" Tisha asks, not sure she heard Kim right.

"Inside, put your finger inside your vagina."

"O... Ok... " Tisha states dubiously as she reaches one hand down to
her labia and pushes one finger hesitantly inside, groaning softly in

"See, now doesn't that alone feel better than a massage?"

"Ooh yeah... it does..." replies the other girl.

"Now all you do is start thrusting your finger or fingers inside
yourself repeatedly. and that's masturbating, you'll soon get that

Suddenly, Tisha stops and pulls her fingers out of her vagina.

"What's wrong?"

Tisha whines, "I.. I don't know... all I know is that... I.. I want...
YOU!" she squeals as she lunges forward toward Kim.

"Ah! Wait!" exclaims Kim. "I still gotta piss! Really bad!"

"But... I want you.... to ... be... my... first!" she whines.

"W-What!?" asks Kim shocked.

"You were the one who taught me about how good it feels to peepee
myself.. and now... you've taught me how to get an orgasm
(whatever that is)... so.. I... I want you to be my first!"

"B-But!" replies Kim. Meanwhile, Her mind scolds her, 'you idiot! A
loli is throwing herself at you. You've only dreamed of something like
this happening!'

"Aw, come on, Kim! Be my first! Please!"

"B-B-But..." stutters Kim as her face gets beat red, which is the
equivalent of a nose-bleed. 'But her as*! Fu*k that little body!'
exclaims Kim's thoughts.

"Come on! Be my first!" whines Tisha, tears starting to form in her

'Aw look at that! You've got her crying, you made a loli cry!'

"I can't take it!" exclaims Kim rolling Tisha to her back. "Ok, I'll be
your first."

"Yay!" cheers Tisha, her tears quickly fading as she gets excited at
what is about to transpire.

"But I need to pee so badly." whines Kim.

"Can I help? Like you did to me that other time?" Tisha asks excitedly.

Kim quickly begins groaning, squeezing Tisha's shoulders, before
suddenly relaxing, her deep yellow fluid trailing down her thighs and
falling from her crotch.

"Aw, that's no fun..." pouts Tisha just like the little girl she is.

"Well I've been holding it since I woke up, give me some credit."

"Yeah... but so have I... and I'm not nearly as desperate as you

"Do you have a weak as* bladder like me?"

"Well... no..." admits Tisha.

"then don't compare your bladder to mine."


Kim then begins thinking, 'How far should I go? If I go all the way and
take her virginity, there's a good chance, she'd be all mine, hehe, my
very own loli...'

Tisha just looks up at Kim, innocence shining through her eyes.

'But what about Suki? What would she think? I'm doing the same thing
Becky did...' thinks Kim.

"What?" asks Tisha, still looking up at Kim, confused by Kim's lack of

Kim's mind then begins to talk to her again, 'What would Suki think!?
Suki's the one that likes those group things. If anything, SHE'S
cheating on YOU.' "Yeah, your right." states Kim aloud.

"Huh? I'm right? About what, Kim?" asks Tisha, thoroughly confused by

"Huh? Oh, uh, never mind, just thinking." states Kim sweatdropping.

"About what?"

"It was nothing, hehehe."

"Oh... ok..."

"Now... begins Kim smiling. "We we're doing something about your first

Tisha nods, "Yes... we were...."

"Ok, let's start then..." replies Kim lowering her lips to Tisha's

"H-Hey! What are you doing?" gasps Tisha in shock.

"I'm going to lick you down here..." states Kim before she promptly
starts doing so.

"Ah... AHHHHH!" gasps Tisha, tensing up at the first pressure of Kim's
tongue on her girlhood.

While Kim licks, she thinks, 'Yeah, I'll take her innocence and she'll
be all mine...'

Tisha squirms and moans from the intimate touch, her youthful vagina
already beginning to moisten with arousal.

'Mmm, such young tasting pussy...' thinks Kim as she start licking into
Tisha's vagina.

"Ahhh.. AHHHHHH!" moans Tisha louder as she continues to squirm and
shake down below. Her vagina now begins to pulsate slightly with each

Kim then stops for a moment and looks at Tisha before she inserts her
right index and middle finger into Tisha and begins to pump them in and
out. "Tisha, I want you to do me a favor."

"Hunnnnh?" Tisha pants, looking so pleasure-filled it would be
impossible to describe.

"I want you to pretend you really hate me and call me a pedophile while
pump my fingers into you." states Kim increasing the speed of her

"But... but.. I don't feel that way about you..." protests Tisha, still

"Like I said, just pretend, pretending with be enough for me."

"O-Ok.." mumbles Tisha as a second later she squirms and calls out,

Kim shivers noticeable and smiles, "Again, call me that again." pleads
Kim as she continues her action to Tisha.

"PERV! GET OFF ME! STOP! RAPE! PEDO!" screams Tisha at the top of her
lungs as her hips begin to thrust back and forth of their own accord.

"Wonderful..." sighs Kim leaning over Tisha.

Tisha continues screaming obscenities at Kim as her vagina becomes as
wet as can be for a girl like her.

"I can tell, your about to climax soon, my little loli..." states Kim

Tisha blushes and continues to scream, "NO! I'm not! I can't! NOOOOOO!

"Yes you are, don't fight it, just let it happen."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screams Tisha as she begins to arch her back,
pushing her stomach farther and farther forward.

"Yes!" states Kim before quickly beginning to suck on Tisha's right

Tisha, then lets out a loud moan, as her body begins to quiver in
slightly spasms that stretch from her vagina out to the farthest
reaches of her arms and legs.

Kim then thrusts her fingers into Tisha quickly, taking her virginity.

"AAAAGGGH!" cries out Tisha as her hymen is broken during the depths of
her orgasm, causing the young girl's eyes to well up with tears at the
dual pain/pleasure sensations.

"Your mine now Tisha..." whispers Kim into the girl's right ear. "All

Tisha whines softly as her orgasm fades and she reaches down to her
labia to soothe their throbbing.

"How did that feel Tisha?"

"It was good... a-at first... then.. something hurt... then.. it felt
good again..." she whimpers softly.

"Well, that pain won't come back ever again." smiles Kim.

"Are you sure, Kim?"

"100% sure."

"O-Ok..." smiles the small girl.

"Well, shall we go see what's going on above?"

"Ok.. and I gotta whiz too..." She gets up and goes for her panties.

"Ok, I'll met you up there." states Kim as she goes to leave to the
upper level of the ship.

Tisha nods, "Ok.."

Kim goes to the upper level and sees.

Nanyo is now sleeping in the same bed as Nikki, completely oblivious to

"Hey you two, get up." states Kim shaking the bed with her right foot.

Nanyo groans, "Damn... can't I get ANY sleep around here, today?

Nikki however, simply falls to the floor, and continues to sleep.

Nanyo groans as she get to her feet, "Hard sleeper that one..."

"Only one thing makes her sleep that hard..." groans Kim as she walks
over to the sleeping neko.

"And what's that?"

"Hey, you wanna see something funny?"

"Sure... what is it?"

"Stand at the edge of the bed where Nikki's laying."

"Aight..." She moves to do so.

Kim then picks up Nikki and gives her to Nanyo, stating, "Hold her up
facing the wall in front of us."

"K." Nanyo does so.

"Prepare to laugh your a*s off..." states Kim before lifting Nikki's
left ear, then yelling "WAKE UP!" right into her ear.

Nikki wakes screaming and running out of Nanyo's hold but run right
into the wall, and falls back into Nanyo's hands.

Nanyo bursts out laughing, still holding Nikki.

"Ki Ki..." groans Nikki. "Do you have to do that every time?"

"It's funny... laugh out loud hilarious!"

"I told you before Nikki, no drugs." states Kim.

"Ya, drugs are sick... they f*ck you up, bad..."

"Hehe, well I'm still fine." states Nikki.

"For now... but it won't last forever..." states Nanyo.

"Nobody does, ya only live once." replies Nikki smiling.

"Would you rather live once badly or twice as long?"

"Look who's talking, your a prostitute, that's just as bad as any
drug." replies Nikki lifting herself from Nanyo's hold.

"At least I didn't keel over from being pleasured so much!"

"Heh, obviously you forget about STD's."

"Heh... and you forgot that I'm immune to STDs because of a
hyper active immune system!"

"Well lucky you then."

"But you can't rely on that to save your neck, Niks."


"Just because I'm immune to STDs, doesn't mean you should
take drugs..."

"Hmph, well you worry about your body, I'll worry about mine."

"Sounds fair... Starki... you wanna handle this?" She lets go of Nikki.

"I have been handling it." sighs Kim.

"OK then..."

"Hehe, but guess what, I just had me a virgin!" states
Kim smiling.

"You what?" asks Nanyo.

Tisha didn't know anything about sex and I, well, you know..."

"Whoa... you went all the way with her? You slut..." grins Nanyo.

"Yeah... Oh! See?" states Kim holding up her two fingers she used on
Tisha, showing a small bit of blood.

"Damn... she was a virgin too, eh? Heh, welcome to the club, Starki..."

"Huh? what's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I f*cked many a virgins..."

"I'd rather not hear about it."


"So, what ya wanna do today?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders as Tisha enters the upper area, whining
softly, as she dances slightly. "Um, Kim... where's the nearest

"There was one down there." answers Kim.

"I couldn't find it... could you show me?"

"We can use the one that's just outside this room."


Kim leads Tisha out and to the bathroom. "Here it is."

"Ok.. thanks, Kim..." winks the girl as she moves to do her business."

"See you in a bit."


Kim smiles and goes back to the other room.

Nanyo yawns, "So what do you want to do, Starki?"

"I don't know."

"I wonder if Nisu's okay with Becks..."

"What do you mean by that?

She shrugs, "I don't mean anything...."

"What are you two talking about?" asks Nikki.

"Nada..." says Nanyo.


"Yeah... NADA...."

"Ok fine, kep your little secrets, I'm going out for a bit." states
Nikki leaving the room.

"Hmmm...." states Nanyo.

"Lets go check on Becky and Suki." states Kim.


"you can go, I'm going to wait for Tisha."

"Aight... Cya.." She leaves just as Tisha returns, looking a lot more
relaxed. "Ahhh... that felt sooooooo good..."

"Tisha, I'm going back to my place."

"Ok... is Suki there?" asks the small girl.

"Yeah, and Becky.

"Oh... Becky is there too?" she frowns.

"Yeah, you want to go with me?"

"Um... ok... I guess..."

Kim places her right hand to Tisha's right shoulder and teleports to
her place.

Tisha shakes her head, "Ow... that made me dizzy..."

Becky then walks from the kitchen dressed in blue Jeans and a white
shirt. "Oh Kimmie your back, I managed to find one of my old pads still
in the wrapping."

Becky then wiggles her hips cutely, blushing. "I forgot how good it

Tisha asks, "What's a pad?"

"It's for when you have a period." states Becky. "Pads feel like you're
wearing a diaper, I don't see how you like wearing them over a tampon."
replies Kim.

"What's a period?" asks Tisha.

"A period is when you bleed from your vagina, something about unused
eggs or something." states Becky.

"Ewwww, gross! That's... ewww...!"

"Gross or not, every girl has a period, I think it's around age 14 or
15 you get your first one, maybe younger... I forgot." states Becky.

"Hey... I'm 14! That's not funny!"

"Funny? I'm not being funny, I'm serious."

"No! I won't hear it! LA la la la !" she covers her ears.

"What's with her?" states Becky looking at Kim. "Too gross to hear I
guess ." answers Kim.

"La la la la la la!" Tisha squeezes her eyes shut.

"Tisha it's ok, we're not talking about that anymore." states Kim to
the girl.

"I can't hear you! LA LA LA LA!"

Becky simply walks off, away from the two.


Kim then heads to the kitchen.

Tisha opens one of her eyes, glancing around, then she pulls her hands
away from her ears.

Tisha sees that no one is remaining in the immediate area.

"Heh, good.. they stopped talking about blood..."

To Be Continued

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