Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 7)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 6: The Ap-Dat Village- The Date

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Team

Warning: Loli]

As Nanyo and Kim 'experiment' in the back bedroom, Sashi and Becky,
along with Jakashi, eat the food that Suki prepared. (Suki, still being
outside with her friend).

"Hey, this food is pretty good!" states Becky after swallowing some of
the food.

Jakashi nods, "Yeah... If there's one thing in particular I can be
proud of, is that Suki turned out to be a good cook... " He turns to
Sashi and asks, "How do you like it, Sash?" Sashi's mouth full of food
that she's rapidly gulping down, replies, her voice muffled, "It'ch
berry good, famther..."

"Heh, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full Sashi." states Becky.

Jakashi smiles as Sashi blushes, saying, "I'm glad you've got such a
manner-able Mistress, Sash... perhaps she can give you what I could

"What would that be?" asks Becky to Jakashi.

Jakashi sighs, "Love, Ms. Starr... Love... I was never able to give her
the love she really deserved..."

"Oh, I should have figured that out. Its obvious." states Becky.

Jakashi sighs, "I know... poor Sash... It wasn't even her fault... It
was all mine... and you don't know how much I regret it now... I... I
gotta go..." He gets up from the table and takes his dish away, leaving
the room.

"So, Sashi, Whaddaya wanna do now?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders and replies, her voice soft and almost
emotionless as she returns to the quiet, reserved person she was before
the drugs wore off, "I do not know, Mistress... I am but a humble
slave... I go where I am told to go and do what I am told to do...
Perhaps the better question would be, what do YOU want to do,

"What do I want to do? Hmmm..... OH! I got it! We haven't been on a
date yet! Yeah, let's go on a date!" states Becky happily.

Sashi looks up from her food, surprised. She repeats, "A date,
Mistress?!" The words coming off her lips sound foreign to her as
though she's never spoken them before.

"Yeah, a date. Don't you know what one is?" asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "I know OF them... I just never went on one..."

"Great! Your first date! Oh, And I have the perfect place in mind too!"
states Becky smiling.

Sashi wonders aloud, "I wonder where, Mistress?"

"Sashi, have you ever seen this planet from space?" asks Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "I was unaware that such technology existed...
what source of power could possibly propel anything beyond the reach of
this planet?!" She seems shocked.

Becky does that giddy standing march. "Ooh! It's beautiful! You just
GOTTA see it!"

Sashi starts to smile faintly, asking, "Does that mean that Mistress
wants to take me somewhere?" She starts to blush slightly and begins to
nervously fiddle with her cheerleader skirt again.

"Yes! Yes I do!" states Becky basically jumping up and down.

Sashi's eyebrows widen in surprise at Becky's enthusiasm and asks, "If
that is so, how would you get there? We are far from any place where it
is conceivable to get there..."

"No problem! Now, (Becky starts to go through her pockets.) if I can
just find it..."

Sashi asks, "What might you be looking for, Mistress?" She seems

"My teleporter, I know I put is in one of my pockets before I came
here." Becky then finds the device in her right back pocket. "Oh, there
it is. I was so excited that I didn't even realize it was there." she
takes the small PDA-like out and shows it to Sashi.

Sashi now grows excited, "Wow! Is that device like a monitor? Does it
show images?" She goes on a long string of questions, asking all about
the PDA-like device, without stopping to breathe it seems.

"Whoa, slow down. Yeah, it's a monitor, it shows images, all that good
stuff. But it also serves as transportation to Pioneer 2." states

Sashi smiles, "Wow? And how does it do that? Does it use transdimension
teleportation?" She continues asking about possible methods of
transportation, never stopping to breathe.

Becky blushes and sweatdrops. "Well, I never really asked anyone how it
works. "

Sashi finally stops to take a breath and tries to take the PDA-thing
from Becky's hand to see for herself. Then she suddenly stops and
blushes, "Sorry... I ... I was just.. curious..."

"Hehe, that's ok. It's understandable. Here, look at it. Just don't
press anything." states Becky as she hands the device to Sashi.

Sashi nods and takes the PDA-thing and starts examining it. There is a
little 'bloop' and Sashi grins goofily, "Wow..." she says in total awe.

Becky simply smiles at Sashi's excitedness at the object. To Becky,
it's just as exciting as a calculator is.

Sashi, then, starts pushing buttons in an excited manner.

"Hey! I said not to push anything!" states Becky quickly. A bunch of
windows of various sizes starts popping up from the device.

Sashi frowns. "Uh-oh... what did I do?" she asks worriedly.

"Well, nothing serous. But you should have just told me you wanted to
see what the buttons do." replies Becky.

Sashi suddenly hands the PDA-thing back to Becky and looks down, "I...
I am sorry, Mistress... I... I should not have... I... I am sorry..."

"Hey, don't look that way. Your going on your first date, remember?"
states Becky smiling as she places her right hand on Sashi's left

Sashi starts smiles shyly and replies, "I... I am sorry, Mistress...
I... I am not used to this..."

Becky presses a button on the device and all but one window closes.
"Well, you ready?"

Sashi nods, "O-Okay..." She starts twisting her left hand in her short
cheerleader skirt again, a little blood still remaining on her outfit.

"Put your hand somewhere on me." states Becky.

Sashi replies, "Okay..." and reaches out her left hand to Becky's
shoulder, taking light hold of her.

"Ok, you may feel a slight dizziness since this is your first time
being transported. but it should go away after a few moments, ok?"
states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "If you say so, Mistress... I am prepared..."

"Ok! Off we go!" states Becky energetically before pressing a certain
combination of buttons. after a moment particles form around the two
before they suddenly disappear in a small ball of light and that
quickly disappears. they reappear in a big teleporting room. With
seemingly no door.

Sashi looks totally stunned, blinking rapidly and shuddering slightly,
unused to the teleportation.

"Sit down for a second and let it pass." states Becky as she places her
hands on Sashi's shoulders and pushes her down.

Sashi sits down, shuddering slightly, and breathing slightly harder
than normal.

Becky starts to rub Sashi's shoulders, trying to calm her.

Sashi looks up a moment later, her shaking stopping quickly. She asks,
"Whoa... th-that was.. interesting... Does that always happen?"

"No, It stops happening after ya do it a few times." states Becky.

Sashi sighs, "W-Well... that was... certainly unique..."

"Ready to see the awsomeness of Pioneer 2?" asks Becky smiling.

Sashi nods, "Yes... of course..." She starts following Becky, her eyes
roving all around the room.

"See that wall in front of us?" asks Becky pointing.

Sashi nods, "Yeah..."

"Walk to it." states Becky.

Sashi gives Becky an upraised eyebrow, but walks up to the wall.

the wall raises to reveal a huge city-like environment. With people
walking about conversing and shopping at nearby stores.

Sashi's mouth drops open as she gawks at everything she's looking at.
Her head rotates around and around as she twirls around, trying to look
at everything at the same time.

Becky walks next to Sashi, smiling. "Amazing ain't it?" asks Becky.

Sashi gawks, "U-Uh, yeah... yeah, definitely..."

"This is the shopping district of Pioneer 2. It has everything and
anything you could possibly want!" states Becky.

Sashi nods, "I.. I believe it..."

"So, You want to go shopping for a little bit?" asks Becky.

Sashi suddenly frowns, "But.. I have no money... "

"Don't worry, I'll take care of that!" replies Becky.

Sashi gets this look on her face: :- and replies, "Okay... if you say

"You want some new clothes?" asks Becky.

Sashi glances down her waistband and reaches inside her panties,
pulling out a very old piece of parchment. She begins to read it to

"Huh? What's that?" asks Becky.

Sashi states, "My slave contract... as enforced by the Dark Mistress...
It was signed the day I was born... See?" She shows Becky the line at
the bottom that says, "Signed by Jakashi and Susashi, August 14, 1988."

"What does it enforce?" asks Becky.

Sashi sighs, "Everything... Everything that I do, and nearly everything
I do..."

"You don't need that anymore, I'm your new mistress." states Becky

Sashi shakes her head, "I am afraid I cannot, Mistress... This,
unfortunately, dictates what I can and can't do with regard to every
thing... and even you cannot fight it.. It's enforced by Hon'tyl and
breaking it means certain death for me..."

Becky looks sad for a moment before shaking the feeling from her body.
"Why'd you take the out? We're here to have fun." states Becky.

Sashi explains, "I had to make sure that I could change clothes without
breaking one of the rules and according to this, I can... so long as I
do not change my panties..." She smiles at Becky.

"Good, Lets go! To the clothing store!" states Becky enthusiastically
as she takes Sashi by the hand and starts to quickly walk.

Sashi gasps, "Wh-whoa...!" as she is practically dragged in Becky's

As the two pass a few stores, they reach the clothing store. "Here it
is. Let's go in!" states Becky leading Sashi into the room.

Sashi looks around the clothing store, impressed with all the styles
and types of clothing.

"Good ahead, choose whatever you like." states Becky smiling.

Sashi looks at a bathing suit in the corner and starts marveling over
the fabric. After that, she starts to look at other more interesting
dresses and such.

"Hey, why don't you choose a dress? I'd love to see what you look like
in one." states Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Um, okay... " She glances around the store
and picks out a lovely green dress that would end at mid-thigh if she
were wearing it and would bring out her light green eyes. "Is this
good, Mistress?" she asks, "Would I look good in this outfit?"

"Yeah, that's good. The dressing rooms are straight ahead, come on."
states Becky as she starts to walk in the direction to the rooms.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders and starts pulling up her cheerleader top,
intending to try it on here and now, not understanding about dressing
rooms and such.

Becky turns around and gasps then blushes. "Sashi no, we have to go
into a room and change. "

Sashi questions, confused, "Why?"

"For privacy, You don't want strangers looking at you while you change
do you?" asks Becky.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I have never had that much opportunity to
worry about stuff like that... all my masters and mistresses never
cared whether I was half-naked or not..."

"Well I do, come on, let's get to a dressing room." states Becky as she
takes one of Sashi's hands.

Sashi allows herself to be dragged in the direction Becky wishes,
though the energetic girl pulls her hard enough to pull her off
balance. She begs, "Mistress... C-Could you please slow down? I.. I
cannot keep up!"

Becky quickly slows. "Oh, I'm sorry, Sashi."

Sashi pants, "I-It is okay... j-just slow down, M-Mistress..."

"Ok, we're almost at the dressing rooms. Just a little bit longer."
states Becky. The two near the rooms. The door looks like nothing more
than a flat wall.

Sashi looks confused but then remembers, "Is this like the earlier

"Yeah, just go in and change. I'll be waiting out here." states Becky

Sashi nods, "Okay, Mistress..." She walks up to the wall and into the
room. A few minutes pass, then Sashi reappears, wearing the green
dress, inside out, her cheerleader outfit in her hands. She blushes and
replies, "Is this how it is supposed to be?"

Becky giggles. "No, you have it on inside out. Go back in and fix it."

Sashi frowns, "Aw, man... I cannot see what I am doing in there...
there is no mirror..." She steps back inside, then reappears five
minutes later, with the dress on right-side out.

"Wow, It looks great. "Here..." Becky takes out her teleporter and
places it on the floor in front of Sashi and presses a button. making a
tall reflective window to appear.

Sashi gasps, "What is that, Mistress?" She seems confused.

"It's a mirror so you can see what you look like in the dress."
explains Becky.

"Oh..." replies Sashi dully. She whirls around, looking at every angle
and starting to smile shyly. "Wow... it does look good..."

"So you wanna get it?" asks Becky.

Sashi blushes, "U-uhm... that is ok... H-How much will it cost you?"
She looks concerned at the potential price.

Becky lifts the device from the floor and smiles. "Don't worry about
that. If you want it, I'll buy it for you."

Sashi looks thoughtful, thinking aloud, "I am not allowed to want
things... but if my Mistress says I should... Ok... I... I do want

"That's the spirit! Ok, let's go to the check-out counter." states
Becky as she goes in the direction to the counter.

Sashi follows Becky, beginning to smile to herself and a faint humming
starts to come from her lips.

The two reach the counter. A female cashier behind the counter. "Hello,
are you ready to check out?" asks the girl. "Yes, I want to buy the
dress my friend is wearing here." replies Becky. The girl picks up a
small device and places it in front of Sashi. a moment later, a beep is
heard. "That will be 1200 credits." states the girl.

Sashi looks the small device excitedly and starts to jabber to Becky,
asking all about how such a device can work and what it runs on.

Becky hands the girl a card before speaking to Sashi. "Most things here
run on energy cartridges. Depending on what kind it is, they can last
anywhere from 5 to 30 years." replies Becky.

Sashi gasps, totally in awe, "Oooh..."

"Here you go Miss Starr, and have a nice day." states the girl handing
the card back to Becky a moment later. "Thank-you, well, Sashi, the
dress is paid for and is now yours." states Becky.

Sashi smiles shyly, bowing, "Th-thank you, Mistress..."

"You ready to see the most beautiful sight you'll probably ever see!?"
asks Becky.

Sashi nods, "Of course, Mistress..."

"Ok, follow me, we're going back to the teleporter." states Becky
walking off."

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress.." She follows Becky, her head swinging from
side to side as she tries to watch everything going on at the same

The two reach the Teleportation room and stand in the middle. then a
computerized voice is heard. "Specify Destination." states the voice.

Sashi glances at Becky quizzically as though asking what to do or say.

"Observation Hall No. 2." states Becky. "Confirmed, standby for
teleportation to, Observation Hall No. 2" states the voice as light
particles begin to surround the two.

Sashi gasps, "Oh, not again!" as she disappears again.

The two reappear in a room exactly like the previous one.

Sashi shivers slightly, but quickly recovers, glancing around and
asking, "Where are we now?"

"We're at one of the Observation Halls, there's a short hallway before
we reach an elevator that will take us to Observation Deck." states

Sashi nods, "O-Okay... so should we head down the hallway, Mistress?"

"Yeah, let's go." states Becky as she grabs Sashi's hand and leads her
out of the room. As the wall raises, the walls of the hallway are in
the shape of a tube and is made of a glass-like material, revealing the
vastness of space from inside the length of the hallway.

Sashi gasps in surprise and awe and runs, like a little child, up to
one of the sides of the hallway, staring out at the vastness of space.
Only one thing escapes her lips as she mutters, "Whoa...." She presses
her nose against the glass, trying to see more and more of the vastness
of space.

Becky smiles as she sees Sashi's reaction. "Come on, you'll be able to
see the planet once we take the elevator to the top."

Sashi allows herself to be pulled along, but keeps her head turned to
look out the glass at outer space.

"They reach the elevator and walk in. It sends them to the top floor,
the Observation Deck. Which is a huge dome-like room, the same glass-
like material makes up the dome, allowing unrestricted
view of space. there are a few other people here as well. It's pretty
obvious that there couples.

Sashi gasps once again in amazement and stares out into the depths of
space, whispering softly, "Wow... It is so huge... and so very

"Isn't it though?" states Becky smiling. She then looks up and points a
finger up. "Look Sashi, there it is." states Becky pointing at the
planet above them."

Sashi looks up and sees the planet. "Wow, " she breathes, "... It is so
round... but with a slight bulge around the middle..." As she says
that, something distracts her slightly and she brings her thighs
together, only wanting to stay here and watch the planet.

Becky walks behind Sashi and raps her arms around her stomach in a
light hug and rests her chin on her right shoulder. "...And beautiful,
just Like you Sashi." states Becky lovingly.

Sashi blushes and looks down, sadly. "But I am not beautiful,
Mistress... I have a big problem... I could not control my anger... and
so many people died because of me... yet, even then you say I am
beautiful, Mistress? Why?"

"Because I love you Sashi, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going to
change that." replies Becky as she tightens her hug a bit.

Sashi moans softly from the hug, but again presses her thighs together
as she replies, "Mistress... you are most forgiving... I... I do not
know how to thank you... I... I only wish I was a better slave..."

"Just say that you love me." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "I love you, Mistress... more than any other master or
Mistress I have ever had... only you have ever considered my feelings
and my wants and needs... Thank you so much..." She begins to quiver
slightly and at first, it's unclear whether it's her emotions or
something else that's causing her to shudder.

"Thank-you Sashi, I really wanted to here you say that." states Becky
before she hugs slightly harder and begins to nuzzle Sashi's neck.

Sashi smiles faintly and bends her head back, trying to expose more of
her neck to Becky. "It is good to know that there is someone who loves
me too, Mistress..." She tries to lean up against some sort of wall and
squeeze her thighs tighter together without drawing attention to her

Becky raises her left hand to Sashi's left breast and cups it in her
hand over the material of the green dress.

Sashi smiles as she breathes in a little deeper and her breast swells
ever so slightly with arousal. She questions, "Did you have something
special in mind, Mistress?"

"Not really, because there are people here. I can't get to intimate
with you with them around." replies Becky.

Sashi nods, "I... I see, Mistress... " She looks a little sad at first,
then her face brightens and she looks up at Becky, her light green eyes
sparkling with great intelligence and happiness. "Then, Mistress...
might I be permitted to show you an alternate method... a way to do
more with me in a place where there are
no other people?"

Becky looks at Sashi in wonderment. "Sure, go ahead."

Sashi nods, "Ok... Now, Mistress... close your eyes and hold in a deep
breath.... this is always rather hard to take at first.... though I
have only used it once... and that time, I was under water...." She
closes her eyes and begins to glow a faint greenish color.

Becky looks at Sashi for a moment before closing her eyes and taking in
a deep breath.

Sashi mumbles some strange words that don't seem to make sense and
almost immediately, her eyes flare open, only now they're a light red
color. She grunts softly and a weird warble-sounding wave of energy
surrounds Becky and her, enclosing them inside and sealing out all
sound, most of the light, and 80% of the air as well.

Becky forces herself not to open her eyes to look until Sashi says so,
but she wonders what could be going on.

Sashi speaks louder and more clearly, though it is clearly a foreign
tongue as none of the words can be understood by the young loli. The
two girls begin to rise up off the ground and surge up toward the top
of the spaceship at a high velocity.

Becky stumbles at first from the sudden action. Although she keeps her
eyes closed, she's running out of air from holding her breath.

The enclosed bubbled' girls shoot up and through the spaceship and out
into space itself. Once they are out in the clear blackness of space,
the air level within the bubble levels out to a normal oxygen content,
fit for breathing. Sashi breathes a sigh of relief and holds Becky in
her arms, whispering, "You can breathe now, Mistress..."

Becky gasps loudly and quickly takes a big breath of air, then opens
her eyes. "Oh man, I totally suck at holding my breath!" states Becky.
She has yet to realize where she is though.

Sashi looks apologetic, "I am sorry, Mistress... but I am afraid that
that technique requires such a high amount of mana to form it, that I
was unable to control the amount of oxygen in the air. You are unhurt,

"Yeah, I'll be fine..... Whoa, we're out in space? How did you-"
Becky's body begins to visibly shake.

Sashi holds Becky close, whispering, "It is all right, Mistress... the
barrier will hold... we will be safe... As long as my mana holds out,
we cannot be harmed..."

"N-No, I-It's not t-that.... It's j-just, I'm t-terrified of h-
heights." staggers out Becky as her body shakes uncontrollably.

Sashi chuckles slightly, "It is okay, Mistress... here... don't look
down at the planet... look... over there..." She takes Becky's head and
turns it to look out at the stars and the comets and all the other
stuff out in space.

"T-This is f-fine, as long as I-I don't look a-at the planet, I'm
fine." states Becky. but the shaking doesn't stop.

Sashi notices Becky's shaking and states, "Perhaps this would work..."
She closes her eyes again and calls upon her power to enter Becky's
mind, replacing the fear with images of happiness and peacefulness from
her own childhood, before the untimely death of her mother and the
change of her father.

Becky's shaking starts to die down. "Y-You were happy as a kid?"

Sashi sighs, looking away out at the vastness of space, a tear rolling
down her cheeks. She doesn't say anything for a long while, and it
appears as though she's caught up in memories of her past.

"I-I'm sorry, because of me, your crying." states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, but still doesn't say anything. She merely looks
out the bubble, putting her hands on the smooth surface of the bubble.
Her mind is still connected to Becky's though, and a few images remain
inside, clearly showing Becky the day of the accident when Susashi died
and Suki was wounded to within an inch of her life.

"I'm sorry..." is the only word Becky can think to say.

Sashi sniffles, "You have nothing to be sorry for, Mistress... It was
all an accident... you were not there... You would not have known...
Even I had forgotten... those drugs my father injected me with... they
suppressed my memory... and my poor sister, Suki... first the Ap-Dat
virus... then the accident... and now, Hon'tyl's possession... How much
suffering must be inflicted on her?" She brings her thighs together
again, a slight spasm attacking her bladder, though she says nothing
about it.

"Still, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you had to indure all that." states

Sashi shakes her head, "My suffering was nothing compared to Suki's...
I was prepared for my fate... but Suki... she did not even have a
chance... I really wish I could make it up to her... do something nice
for her..."

"What happened to her?"

"She contracted the Ap-Dat virus when she was only a year old... a full
year before I was born... and she almost died because of it... then the
accident.... she, Nan'chi, and I were up playing in the mountains...
when an avalanche hit us... Suki pushed Nan'chi out of the path of the
rocks, I jumped in and pushed her to safety, but I pushed too hard and
she wound up hitting her head hard on the ground... then... " She
sniffs and continues, ".. Mom came and threw herself on top on me,
shielding me from the rocks, though it cost her, her life... after
that... Father... he did not take her death too well and seeing Suki
hurt because of me, he... he turned really cold toward me... and it was
all my fault... If only I could have gotten Suki out of there
quicker..." she sniffs again, a few more tears rolling down her cheeks
as she keeps her thighs pressed together.

"But you were trying to protect Suki, you didn't mean for her to get

"I... I failed her, Mistress.... and my father... he only saw the blood
on her head.... and he... he went ballistic..." Sashi keeps her face
away from Becky's. though tears now drip onto her dress.

Becky wraps her arms around Sashi gently. "You didn't mean it, your dad
was the one that was in the wrong."

Sashi just sits there for a moment, then she sniffs and turns back to
Becky, asking, "But anyway... that's my past for you, Mistress... I...
I hope the happy memories I gave you worked... Did they? Do you still
feel terrified of heights?"

"I seem fine now, as long as I don't look at the planet I'm fine. But
the shaking will probably come back once we get back on solid ground."
states Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "I do not think so, Mistress... You should be
able to block out your fear with those memories.... Just concentrate on
them and you will feel no fear, only peace..." She casually crosses her
legs as she sits down in the bubble, looking at Becky and thinking
love-type thoughts about the young loli.

"I hope so.... Stupid Kimmie..." states Becky as she says the latter
part of her statement to herself.

Sashi then asks, "Now, then, Mistress... do you wish to continue what
we were doing before?" She smiles shyly, her eyes, still reddish,
twinkling as she changes her position to on of sitting on her heel, it
pressing against her labia through her dress and panties.

"Yeah, Let's get back to business..." replies Becky as she places her
mouth on Sashi's neck and begins to lick and suck the area lightly.

Sashi smiles shyly, though she makes no move, preferring to be
submissive to Becky's desires, though it is clear ONLY to Becky that
she likes it. She maintains her emotional wall, inside dearly wanting
Becky to be the one to break it, Becky being the first girl she has
ever had feelings for.

Becky removes her mouth for a moment and looks at Sashi's chest, She
then places her right hand over her left breast over the material of
the dress.

Sashi looks down, almost imperiously, yet to the acute observer, she
has an excitedness about her that is well concealed. She begins to rock
ever so slightly, trying to push her tennis-shoed heel harder against
her labia.

Becky places her left hand on Sashi's other breast and starts a
massaging action.

Sashi breathes a little bit harder as her breast grows full and firm,
poking up through the material of her bra and her dress and she lets a
slightly bigger smile cross her lips as she begins to squirm slightly,
keeping her hands behind her to allow her mistress to do what she

Becky continues her action with her hands as her mouth returns to her

Sashi lets out a soft sweet sigh, the first sign of emotion starting to
slip past her wall as her arms twitch slightly, her desire to touch her
mistress and hold her increasing rapidly. At the same time, her bladder
continues to swell and she shifts position slightly, trying to find a
way to keep her bladder to the back of her mind.

Becky removes her mouth a second time to kiss Sashi fully on the lips.

Sashi opens her lips and allows Becky inside, the first stirrings of
her passion for this young loli beginning to slip through into Becky,
her strong mental telepathy showing Becky images of love and passion.

Becky parts there lips about 2 centimeter's. "You really want this,
don't you?"

Sashi moans, "Huhhh..." Then blushes slightly and whispers, "I... I do
not... I do not know... Mistress..." Yet her mind is still sending
those same images to Becky's mind, though Sashi is trying so hard to
repress them.

"Liar." states Becky playfully. before kissing her.

Sashi blushes and submits to the kiss again, her mind sending even
stronger mental images of love directly to Becky's thoughts. Her arms
vibrate harder and she rocks a little harder on her heel as her bladder
spasms a little.

As Becky kisses Sashi, she trails her right hand down Sashi's stomach
and caresses the area there.

Sashi feels Becky's hand on her stomach and a peaceful look crosses her
facial features as she breathes in and out a little harder, her
emotional wall on the verge of collapse.

Becky trails her hand lower a moment later to Sashi's pubic mound,
covered by her panties and the dress.

Sashi trembles slightly, wondering what her mistress has in store for
her, her own tongue now moving forward to lick Becky's lips.

Becky then begins to caress the area lovingly.

Sashi quivers harder, her hands now coming up to hold Becky's
shoulders. She breaks the kiss and whispers, "Mistress... P-Perhaps I
should tell you..." Then suddenly, she falls silent.

"What? What is it?" questions Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, unable to say anything, her passion and lust now
taking over complete control of her body. She reaches out to Becky's
head and pulls her into a passionate, though slightly rough kiss, as
she continues to squirm from a full bladder.

Becky parts their lips quickly. "Come on, what is it? I wanna know."

Sashi shakes her head, "It is ok, Mistress... It is nothing
important... You probably already know about it anyway... and if you do
not, my power will probably inform you soon enough..." She blushes
shyly and drops her left hand down to her stomach above Becky's hand,
holding herself slightly as her other hand moves down to Becky's upper
chest and starts to stroke her collarbone.

Becky giggles slightly from the touch. "Ok, fine."

Sashi blushes again, and lowers her hand down between Becky's breasts,
wondering if she has permission to touch her mistress in the fashion
she truly desires, but at the same time, her left hand moves further
down her body to where Becky's hand is, then past it to her labia which
she now holds.

"Hehe, go ahead." states Becky upon seeing Sashi's hand.

Sashi nods, "Y-Yes, Mistress..." She puts a finger in her mouth,
wetting it before she starts seeking a way to remove Becky's clothing.
Her other hand now begins to rub her own labia, a small moan escaping
her lips as she squirms a little harder.

To Be Continued in...
The Ap-Dat Village- The Breakup

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