Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 69)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 69

Title: SIDE FIC 8: Creamy Fulfillment


Becky currently sat in a bed in a stranger's room nude. She was here by
choice, not force. You see, Becky was out in the middle of shopping
when she noticed that she was begin followed. She quickly confronted
her follower and asked the man, who looked no older than 25, why was he
following her. Becky learned that he, and a few of his friends liked
picking a random girl from a crowd, and try to convince them in
participating in sexual acts with other guys, gang-bangs basically.
Long story short, Becky agreed and the young man led her where she
currently sits, nude.


Becky smiled upon seeing a group of nude, also good looking, young men
enter the room. She raised an eyebrow at counting there number, six of

"Geez guys, that's twice the number of dicks I have holes for." states

"Yeah, we know." replied one of the men.

Another guy stated, "Wow, are you guys sure she's legal? She looks
pretty young, I'm not going to jail over a piece'a a*s, I don't care
how good it is."

Becky calmed the man's worries by replying, "Hey, don't worry, I know I
look really young, but I'm 18, I'm totally legal."

"Hey, do you mind if we tape this?" asks the first guy.

"Of course not, I'd be happy if we got this on tape, as long as I get a
copy. Now, someone start fu*king me." replied Becky smiling.

While on of the guys went to get one-handed video recorder, another guy
walked to Becky and gently pushed her onto her back as he propped his
left knee on the edge of the bed. The guy lifted Becky's left leg up
while he aimed his erect cock at Becky's waiting hole.

Becky had recently shaved her pubic hair, so the appearance of her bald
crotch made Becky look even younger. The man then asked, "Are you sure
your legal, your not lying just to have sex are you?"

Becky then sighed in frustration.

"Yes I'm legal, will you guys quit asking me that. Yes, I know I look
like I'm only around 15, but I'm 18 fu*king years old, now fu*k me

The guy then smiled as he inserts himself into Becky, causing her to

"Looks like this girl has quite a mouth on her."

"Why don't one of you guys come shut it for me then?" asks Becky

Meanwhile, the guy with the camcorder comes back and begins recording
at various spots. While a third guy walks to the left side of the bed
and prop's his right knee on the bed, with his erect manhood pointing
right hat Becky's head. But rather than Becky moving in, the guy uses
his right hand to grab the back of Becky's head and force her mouth
over his cock.

At this time, the guy below Becky starts to slowly pump in and out of

"Ohh, She's really tight."

The action below her waist cause Becky to moan as sucks off the other
guys cock, but the guy Becky is sucking is more or less doing the work
as he simply holds Becky's head in place as he thrusts his cock in and
out of her mouth.

Becky had closed her eyes since she starting the blowjob and was a
little surprised when she felt hands on her small breasts. She quickly
opened her eyes to see two other men massaging her breasts. While she
had her eyes open, she also noticed that there was one guy missing out
on the action, she signaled him over with her left hand. Once the guy
was close enough, she grabbed his cock and started a jacking motion.

Once Becky had everyone with the exception of the guy taping accounted
for, she closed her eyes again. Since Becky really was doing only one
thing, jacking off a guy with her left hand, using her tongue on the
dick fu*king her mouth didn't seem too hard.

"Ohhh..." moaned the guy thrusting his cock into Becky's vagina. "She's
got one of the best pussy I've fu*ked in a long time. Guys, I think
she's a lesbian." states the guys smiling.

A smile appeared on Becky's face as she lifted her right hand in a
thumbs-up gesture.

"Heh, she got a good mouth too. I might not last much longer." states
the guy Becky's sucking off.

This scene continued for just over five minutes with Becky's muffled
moaning and a few moans from the guys also.

"Ohhh, sh*t, I'm about to come..." states The guy Becky's sucking off.
"Hey girl, is it alright if I come in your mouth?"

"Mm-hm." replies Becky before moaning.

"Great, but don't swallow, we need a good shot of it with the camera."
replies the guy.

Becky again made a thumbs up gesture with her right hand.

Shortly after, Becky heard the man gasp and felt his hot cum spurt into
her mouth in thick shots. It was a total of three cum streams coating
her inner mouth as she danced her tongue over the guys orgasmic
urethral opening.

As the man pulled his fading erection out of Becky's mouth, she opened
her mouth to show the man, the guy below her paused for a moment as the
other guy stated to the camera man.

"Come here and take a look at this, it's fu*king amazing."

The man holding the camera walked to Becky's left side and pointed the
camera right into Becky's mouth.

"Awe, that's fu*king beautiful..." states the cameraman.

The camera recorded the glorious sight of man-cum that coated Becky's
18-year old tongue, inner cheeks, the roof of her mouth and area's of
her teeth. Also, numerous strings of cum lined Becky's mouth.

"Incredible, now swallow it..." stated the cameraman.

Becky closed her mouth a smiled before swallowing once, But immediately
afterwards, Becky began gagging and coughing up some of the cum onto
the bed. Nearly every guys began laughing.

"Heh, too much for that little throat huh?" smiles the cameraman.

"Aww, I can't believe I just choked on some cum..." complains Becky
whipping the cum from her lip and into her mouth with her left hand.
"How embarrassing, and you guys caught that on tape?"

"The whole thing." states one of the guys smiling.

"Oh well... Hey, I got an idea from you coming in my mouth." stated
Becky. "I want, 1,2,3,4... 5 servings of creampie!"

"Creampie?" questions the cameraman. "Are you sure that's ok?"

"Yea, yea, don't worry, my uterus is fu*ked up so I can't get

"Really? What happened?" asked the man with his cock still in Becky's

"It's a long story, it doesn't matter, just fill me up." replies Becky.

"Ok then." states the guy. "You other guys get ready, cause I'm close
to comin' in her pussy." adds the guy as her restarts his thrusting.

The other men began to masturbate while Becky quickly began moaning
from the thrusts as the guy changed positions slightly by performing a
*variant of the missionary position; The guy leaned over Becky with her legs up near
the guys shoulders. Now in this quite comfortable position, the man
began a rapid pumping action into Becky.

"AH! W-wait..." pants out Becky. "Don't... come in me, yet."

"What's wrong?" asks the guy continuing his rapid thrusting.

"I'm... going, to COME!" groans out Becky before her body locked up and
she came, Squirting her cum onto the guy fu*king her.

All the guys were very excited at this sight.

"Holy sh*t! Dude, she's a squirter!" exclaimed the man holding the

Becky was hardly paying attention to the other guys as she came,
moaning loud and long before as her climax was at her peak. As it
quickly dropped, Becky began trembling strongly. She may be have been
18, but the small convulsions of her body from her orgasm made her
appear to look like a small child.

"Hot and cute at the same time." states the guy continuing the pump in
and out of Becky's trembling body as the thrusts drew out the length of
her orgasms afterglow, almost reaching a kind of leveling off of the

A few moments later, the guy gasps and tenses up as he comes, spurting
his come deep inside Becky, who moans from the feeling, as her
trembling begins to die out. The guy did a few more slow pumps into
Becky before pulling out.

"Ohh, that's one down..." states the guy as he gets to his feet. "Man,
I hope you really can't get pregnant, 'cause I fu*king exploded in you
girl." adds the man.

"Hehe, I know..." smiles Becky. "I can feel that theirs a lot in me.
Well, who's next?"

"That would be me." replies a second man smiling getting on the bed and
getting into a position similar to the first guy.

This guy inserts his cock and begins a few thrusts. Thanks to him
masturbating beforehand, He climaxes moments after beginning, which was
the plan anyway. After his finishes filling Becky's sweat hole with his
thick man-cum, he pulls out.

"Hehe, ok, next..." smiles Becky lifting her legs with her hands and
keeping her legs spread.

Almost immediately, the third guy began, only taking a few moments to
come, filling Becky's hole with even more of the white sticky stuff.
Becky then began to moan from the third filling.

"Ah... It's so much..." moans Becky.

As the third guy withdrew from Becky's snatch, a small trail of cum
began to slowly stream out of her.

"Ah, hurry, the next guy." urged Becky.

Now the fourth guy quickly plugged Becky's horny hole, he was careful
not to go too deep to prevent semen oozing out. Although He soon came
just a quickly.

As the second to last guy pulled out, the man holding the camera
stated, "I bet you make you boyfriend one happy guy... oops, I mean

A moment after these words, Becky gasped in horror.


"Sashi?" questioned the cameraman.

A few seconds later, the fifth guy quickly entered into Becky.

"No! Stop! I can't do this! Exclaimed Becky trying to push the man off
of her.

"Too late!" quickly replied the man before he came inside Becky's
filled hole.

"NOOO!" cried Becky as she began crying.

"Hey what's wrong?" asked the cameraman.

"I... I do have a girlfriend..." cried Becky. "I'm cheating on her...
with six guys! Five of who I just let come in me! I'M SUCH A SLUT!"

"Ether that, or you don't really love her if you agreed to this so
easily." replies the last guy as he pulls out of Becky.

The cum contained in her vagina comes out in thick globs freely. But
this is quickly stopped as Becky turns to her left side and rolls into
the fetal position crying, inadvertently applying enough pressure to
her labia to prevent any more semen freedom.

"Hey, show a little compassion..." states the man with the camera.
"That girl may have just ended an obviously great relationship with her

"Heh, your such a pussy dude, what do you care? She's just one girl out
of millions that you picked out. Let her deal with her own fu*k-ups,
it's not our fault she's a slut."

Becky meanwhile just cried harder from hearing a man that just came in
her, talk so lowly about her.



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