Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 68)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 68

Title: Chapter 61: Becky's Unfaithfulness...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


About an hour later, the group, with the absence of Kim's mom, and
Alice(Alice is back at Kim's ship). The rest of the group sits in the
living room relaxing.

Suki asks, "Your parents seem really nice, Kimmie..."

"Yeah, they are." replies Kim smiling.

"What did you say they do for a living, Kimmie?" asks the small girl.

"Dad works in the labs and my mother is a Hunter like me, Becky, Allie,
and Smith."

"Wow... so it's a family tradition then, to be a Hunter?" asks Suki.

"Not really, it's just a popular job."

"Wow... so what does your dad do in the labs?"

At this point, Becky returns. she doesn't look very happy, but fearful.

Sashi gets off the wall where she was leaning and asks, "Becky... how
did your shopping go?"

"S-Sashi... I, it went fine." replies Becky before quickly rushing from
the area to the room her and Sashi was in earlier.

Sashi raises her eyebrows at Kim and Allie, stating, "That was

"It sure was." states Kim. "Maybe something happened while she was

"Should I check on her? What are the chances of someone hurting her
while she was out?" Sashi rubs her knuckles.

"She's your girlfriend, what do you think?" asks Kim.

"I am going to see what is wrong..." The tall girl states coldly.

"Why are you getting mad? Your just going to talk to her right?" asks

"I sense something... I am trying not to pry into her mind... but it is
sorely tempting..." She makes for Becky's room.

As Sashi nears the room, she can hear Becky's crying.

"That does not sound encouraging..." thinks the thin girl as she opens
Becky's door.

Sashi sees Becky sitting on the nearby bed crying with her hands
covering her face.

"Becky... I sense that something is troubling you...." she
begins softly, unsure of how to approach the subject.

"S-Sashi... I just did something horrible, and I'm SO sorry that I did
it." cried Becky.

"Did what?" asks the taller girl, cluelessly.

from this question, Becky cries harder.

"Becky... what is troubling you? What makes you cry so?"

"It's because... I'm a slut!" exclaims Becky crying.

"A what?" gasps Sashi, her eyes widening in shock.

"Sashi, a little while ago, I... I, cheated on you."
admits Becky.

The other girl stiffens. "What?"

"I had sex with 5 other men." admits Becky crying.

"5... o-ther.... men....?" the younger girl draws out.

"Yes, and I'm SO sorry, I don't expect you to forgive me, but..."

"Forgive you?" replies the other girl, softly.

"Yeah, I've been unfaithful to you..."

"Unfaithful.... I see...." she gulps.

"So, if you don't want to continue this relationship... I understand."
replies Becky crying.

"Hmmm...." The other girl gets to her feet and leaves the room
promptly, deliberately and walks up to Kim.

"Huh? what's up Sashi?" question Kim.

"Where might one obtain transport down to the planet?"


"I require transport."

"Well, ok. You got your communicator with you?"

"I do."

"You can use that to teleport to the planet."

"I see.... Thank you for your assistance." She leaves the room.

"I wonder what her and Becky talked about?"

Suki looks worried, "Oh dear... Even I could sense that..." Nanyo nods,
"Yeah... That's not good..."

"What's going on you two?" asks Kim.

Suki sighs, "You might be better off not knowing, Kimmie..."

"Not knowing? Becky's my sister, tell me what's going on!"

Suki states, "I think this is between them...." She gets to her feet
and starts walking away from Kim as Nanyo turns to Allie and starts
talking about sex.

"What the hell!? You can just invade their privacy but I can't get any

Suki remains quiet as Nanyo laughs at a joke she just told.

Kim quickly gets up and walks to Suki, "What's going on?"

Suki shakes her head and remains quiet.

"Tell me!"

"I can't... It would be wrong..." the small girl clams up.

"What's wrong is you not telling me what's wrong with my little

"That's not it...."

"Well what is it then! tell me!"

Suki turns away from Kim, and sighs heavily, her shoulders rising and
falling sharply.

"Just tell me!"

Suki remains quiet.

Kim suddenly grabs Suki and spins her around to face her.

"Gack! No! Don't look at me!" The small girl lowers her head, using her
bangs to mask her eyes.

"Tell me!" exclaims Kim shaking Suki.

"Uwrrrrrgghhh... st-st-st-stop sh-sh-shaking meeeeee!" gasps the small

"Well fu*king tell me what's up." commands Kim as she stops shaking

"I can't! It would be invading their privacy!" whines Suki.

"You already did!"

"I can't help it... You know about the Ap Dat's mental powers!"

"But you can control it."

"But... she's my sister! MY SISTER! She doesn't deserve to have her
dirty laundry hung out like that!"

"And Becky's MY sister."

"And you don't wanna know what she's been up too!" She gasps and covers
her mouth.

"What do you mean 'up too'?"

"I mean, she cheated on my sister! Oops!" She covers her mouth again,
looking horribly embarrassed.

"What?" asks Kim shocked.

Suki looks up at Kim, tears spilling from her eyes, "She... cheated...
on... Sashi..."

"And Sashi, just left... did they break-up?"

Suki looks uncomfortable, "I.. .I can't say.... but... the emotion
pouring from Sash is.... really strong... it's like a heavy weight on

at this point, Becky comes from the room near Kim and Suki, As Kim
looks at Becky, Becky states, "You know, don't you?" sadly.

Suki looks away from Kim and away from Becky, suddenly more interested
in a white spot on the wall.

Kim doesn't say anything but suddenly hugs Becky, who after a moment,
bursts into crying again.

Suki stares at the wall while this is happening.

Sara suddenly states, "It was just a matter of time, Becky's such a
slut." Kim glares at her twin, "Shut up! Becky's obviously very sorry
or what she did."

Nanyo sighs, "I know what being a slut is...." she states softly,
looking serious.

"I had forgotten all about Sashi..." cries Becky.

Nanyo sighs, "Yep... that can happen...."

"Hey guys..." begins Kim. "Let's go back to my place, I don't wanna
continue this at my parents place."

Suki nods, "Ok... " as Nanyo gets to her feet.

The group, with the exception of Allie, go to Kim's place on Poineer 2.

Suki sighs, "I do hope Sashi will be all right..."

"It's kinda late, I'm going to go hit the hay." states Sara leaving to
her room across the hall.

Suki agrees, "It is late... Should we turn in now, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, Becky, you wanna sleep with Me and Suki?" asks Kim. "Thanks
Kimmie." replies Becky through watery eyes.

Nanyo asks, "There a bed I kin kip on, Starki?"

"I think there's room on mine for one more."

"Alrighty then.... Let's get to sleepin'...." She grins.

The next day...

Becky is first to wake up in her sister's bed. She sits up, displacing
much of the cover from Kim, Suki, and Nanyo's body. Becky slept in her
white panties, but instead of getting out of the bed, lays back down.

Almost immediately, the small girl in the middle rouses, "Erm....
mmmm... Kimmie..."

She sits up in the bed and glances at Becky, whining softly as she sees
Becky's panties.

"B-Becky... what's that red coloring?"

"Huh?" groans Becky from her sleep.

"Becky... your panties... they're red..."

Becky sits up and looks at her crotch, after a moment, gasps in horror.
"M-M-My period!"

Suki gasps, "Oh dear..." and immediately scrambles to get out of the

"But How!? I haven't had a period in years because I what Sara did to

"Well, let's not worry about that... we gotta get you cleaned up!"
gasps Suki, shaking Kim.

Kim simply bats at Suki with her left hand in her sleep. "A few more
minutes..." mumbles Kim.

"This is bad, I can't believe this..." groans Becky.

"Kimmie... wake up... please... wake up, Kimmie!"

"Mmm, fine, fine, I'm up..." groans Kim slowly sitting up.

"Kimmie... Becky's got blood on her panties... and I need to
clean the bed up.. can you get Nan'chi awake?"

"Blood? You mean she's menstruating?"

"It looks that way..."

Becky then states lowly, "I think, I might be pregnant..."

"What!?" exclaims Kim.

Suki's reaction is the same as Kim's.

"When I went shopping there was the free sampling of a new elixer that
could cure anything, I tried some. I think it fixed my uterus, then
that's when I cheated on Sashi...." admits Becky.

Suki gasps and puts her hand over her mouth.

"But I'm only 18! I can't get pregnant! I'm too young!" cries Becky.


"I let five guys come in me." states Becky. "Oh no..." replies Kim

"This is bad..." states the small girl.

Becky quickly lays back down on the bed and begins to cry.

"What are we going to do, Kimmie?"

"Well, the first thing we're going to do is get her and the bed
cleaned." replies Kim removing herself from the bed, Kim in just her
underwear as well.

"Ok... and we gotta wake up Nan'chi..."

"Ok." states Kim walking over to Nanyo and shaking her. "Hey Nanyo,
wake up."

"What the hell.... 'smatter?" replies the older girl.

"Becky's started her period."

"What the f*ck?! I thought she couldn't have one!"

"Well, she accidentally fixed that by drinking an elixer."

"Oh.... hell...."

"and she might be pregnant."

"F*ck.... that's bad..."

"Get out of bed so we can clean the sheets."

"Aight..." She sits up and yawns, rolling up to her feet.

Although Becky continues to cry, she also removes herself from the bed.

Nanyo gets to her feet, yawning and stretching again as Suki frets in
the corner.

"Suki, you go take Becky to the bathroom and get her cleaned up. I'll
take care of the sheets." states Kim.

"O-Ok..." replies Suki, looking nervous and scared as she reaches out
to Becky's hand.

Becky grabs Suki's hand and allows her to lead her out to the bathroom.

Suki gulps, "O-Ok.. now we need to get these panties off... can you do
that, Becky?"

"Yeah...' replies Becky ashamed as she removes her stained panties,
revealing the dried blood on her labia.

"O-ooh... that looks nasty... Well... here..." She looks around for a
rag or a towel or something.

"Thanks..." replies Becky taking a rag from Suki and wetting it with
water before she starts to carefully rub the dried blood from her

"That should do... um, Becky, do you have any..." Here she blushes and
whispers, ".. napkins...?"

"Well, this is a bathroom, you can use some of the toilet paper."

"Um, no... th-that's not what I meant... I mean... you know...
napkins...." She blushes harder.

"Um, you mean a pad or tampon?" asks Becky.

Suki nods, still blushing.

"Well, I had no use for them, but I'm sure Kimmie has some in here

"We need to find them... do you know where she keeps them?"

"Um... yeah, she has a whole drawer for it." states Becky walking to
the drawers under the bathroom sink.

"Ok... you ... um... take care of that... I'll deal with your

"Hey, why are you so nervous-looking? We're both girl's, using a pad or
tampon is normal."

"Um... I.. I'm not used to discussing such personal things... S-
Sorry..." She looks a little sad.

"Oh, I see." replies Becky opening the first drawer and removing a

"W-Well.. you have everything under control in here, right, Becky? So,
I'll go and wash these panties..."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine here." replies Becky removing the tampon from
it's wrapper.

"Ok..." She leaves the room, holding Becky's stained panties. She asks
Kim, "Um, Kimmie, where is the nearest laundry room?"

Kim comes from near the kitchen and replies, "It's down pass the
kitchen, behind the first doors on your left, there's a washer and dyer

"Ok.. thanks, Kimmie..." She moves to the laundry room.

Meanwhile Becky comes from the bathroom. "Hey Kimmie, what's with all
the tampons? Don't you have any pads?"

"Why?" questions Kim.

Nanyo, still looking disheveled, yawns again.

"i just prefer a pad over a tampon." replies Becky. "Well, why don't
you finds some clean clothes to put on then worry about your
preferences." states Kim.

Nanyo snorts, snickering at Kim's comment.

"Fine..." groans Becky. "I need panties to use a pad
anyway." adds Becky before heading to the laundry room.

Nanyo grins, "That was funny, Starki..."

"What was?" asks Kim.

"What you just said to Becks..."

"How was it funny, I didn't mean it to be."

Nanyo wraps her arms around Kim and grins, "It just was... that's all I
can say about it..."


"Uh-oh? What uh-oh?"

"I promised that little girl she could tie me up the next time I have
to go piss. Now I got a morning urge and she's back at the ship."

"I see... so can you make it back to the ship?"

"If I hurry I might be able to make it before losing it." replies Kim
heading back to her room.

"Well, let's go then..." grins Nanyo.

Kim grabs her communicator from her dresser and uses that to teleport
directly to her ship, still in her underwear.

Nanyo stretches out her face and groans, "Azai... I'll never get used
to that..."

To Be Continued In...
Kim's Lolita Complex

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