Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 67)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 67

Title: Chapter 60: Meet The Parents

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Yeah..." replies Kim as she also gulps. They reach the door and Kim
walks in like a nervous little girl. "Hi Mom, dad..."

the others see Becky ending her hug on her mother and heading past them
down the hall. The woman is dressed in blue jeans and a matching shirt,
with shoulder length brown hair. while the man wears jeans also but
with a white shirt, with equal length hair. the two adults are slightly
surprised by the large group but sees Kimberly and smiles, until they
see Sara, at which point they look puzzled.

"What's going on?" asks the woman. "there's two Kim's." continues the

"Um, Mom, Dad..." begins Kim as she steps forward. "from the last time
I visited, I found out I had a twin, her name is Sara."

the two adults then smile, "That's great news!" replies the man. "Yeah,
just another person to share our love with!" adds the woman as both
parents walk to the two and hug the twins, both of whom, blushes.

"Hi mom and dad." states Sara. Kim the continues, "I hope you have more
love to share, cause I got a daughter too." Kim's mother quickly
releases Kim. "A daughter?"

Alice then steps forward and waves. "Hi." the older woman then states,
"She looks quite old to be your child."

"I'll explain it all later, can we sit?" states Kim. "Oh! Of course!
Make yourselves at home." states the woman stepping back and gesturing
to the couches in the living room.

Suki looks nervous as she steps over the threshold into Kim's parents'
home and blushes shyly.

Once everyone is sitting, the woman states, "So Kim, introduce your

"Ok, well, the girl sitting next to me is Suki, Next to her is Sashi,
then Nanyo."

Suki stands and bows respectfully, "H-Hello... I'm Suki Nihon..."Sashi
nods once and Nanyo gives a thumbs up gesture.

Kim then states, "My daughter's name is Alice."

"Alice?" questions the woman.

"Your sister's name was Alice." adds the man. "Yeah, I know, it's just
a coincidence." replies Kim.

Suki asks, "Isn't she the one who died, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, it was a few years ago." answers Kim.

"She was a wonderful girl." states Kim's mom. "Kim and her got along so
well, sometimes, it looked as though they were

"Mom..." groans Kim blushing.

Suki gasps, "With Alice too?! Boy, Kimmie... I... I didn't know BOTH
your sisters were like that toward you!"

"Suki no, it wasn't not like that! We were just really close." states
Kim sweatdropping.

There was then a beeping sound coming from Kim's dad and her reached
into his right pocket. "I'm really sorry you all, but I got to go."
states the man as he stands and heads for the door.

"That's ok dear." replies the woman.

Suki bows again, "Um, it was nice to meet you, um... Mr. Starr..."

"Same here." replies the man before leaving.

Nanyo pipes up, "So what's next, ya?"

"So, Kim, Becky's told me about your new girlfriend..." states the
woman. "Um, yeah, it's Suki next to me." replies Kim blushing. "Oh
really? She looks wonderful!" states Kim's mom happily.

Suki blushes and lowers her gaze to her feet. "Um, Kimmie... what was
Alice like?"

"Suki I told you, nothing happened between us!" states Kim embarrassed.

"Somehow, I find that hard to believe, Kimmie..." giggles Suki.

"If your wondering what Alice is like, why don't you meet her
yourself." suggests Kim's mom. "Huh, what are you talking about? She's
dead." questions Kim.

"Yeah... what are you talking about, Mrs. Starr?" replies Suki.

"Kim dear, you were so hurt by the fact that you killed Alice that you
forgot, if the body isn't destroyed, a person can be revived." states
the woman.

"So, Alice is alive!?" asks Kim excitedly.

"See for yourself..." the woman then turns around a little in her seat
and calls out, "Hey Allie, you have a visitor!"

Suki brings her hand up to her face and gasps, "It can't be true, can
it, Kimmie?!"

Soon, out comes a short-haired, red-haired girl about Kim's height,
followed by a smiling Becky. "Heya Kim!" greets Alice (now refurred to
as Allie).

Kim immediatly stands and rushes to Allie and hugs her. "Allie I missed
you so much!"

"Me too Kim, I couldn't wait to meet you again, but mom and dad wanted
me to wait till your birthday to surprise you."

Suki keeps her hand over her mouth in surprise as Nanyo walks over to
Allie and greets her, "So yer Allie, eh? I'm Nanyo..
Pleased ta meetcha!"

Kim releases Allie to allow her to hug Nanyo. "Nanyo huh? Nice to meet
ya." states Allie giving Nanyo a full on hug.

Nanyo grins, "Ya... What size are you anyway?"

She pats Allie's chest.

"That's for me to know." smiles Allie. "By the way Nanyo, do you always
carry these around with you?" asks Allie lifting her right hand to show
Nanyo a VERY familer handful of condoms.

"Hey... howja get those? What... are ya a pickpocket or something?"
laughs Nanyo, not showing any signs of embarrassment.

Becky then states, "Yeah, you got to watch yourself around Allie, you
could end up losing a lot of stuff."

"Same ol' Allie..." smiles Kim.

Suki hangs back, still in disbelief as Sashi steps forward, asking,
"May I try something, Miss Allie?"

"What is it?"

She flashes from view and a few seconds later, reappears, holding
Nanyo's condoms.

"Is that it?" asks Allie, seemingly unimpressed.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I suppose... that was only 1/8th my true

"Um, ok, should I care for some reason?"

"Probably not..." states Sashi.

Kim's mom then stands, stating, "Well, I guess I should go fix
something for you guys to eat." before heading off to the Kitchen.

Suki comes out of her shockedness and asks, "Can I help you, Mrs.

"No thanks, your company. I can't have you helping me cook."

"Um... ok... b-but I'm really good..."

"If you really want to I won't stop you though."

Suki nods, "Yeah... I wanna help... please let me!"

"Ok, come join me then."

Suki follows Mrs. Starr into the kitchen area.

"So Kim..." begins Allie. "Still have those problems with your

"Um, not really..." replies Kim blushing.

Nanyo laughs, "What do you mean, not really? You still have problems
holding it in, Starki..."

"Hehe, so your still into that watersport thing huh? Hey Kim, 'member
when we used to shower together?" replies Allie, causing Kim to blush

"Ooh.. I wantz to hear this... do tell, do tell!" grins Nanyo as Sashi
sighs and leans up against the far wall in boredom.

"Nothing when on between us!" exclaims Kim embarrassed. "Geez, Kim, you
make it sound like we were 'togeather' or somethen." replies Allie.

"Aw... what... that's it? Man, that's boring..." states Nanyo, kicking
at the ground in disappointment.

"Oh you want the really juicy stuff?" asks Allie smiling. "Allie don't!
She won't understand it right." quickly states Kim.

Meanwhile, Sara just continues to sit where she is watching, while
Alice gets up and joins Suki in the kitchen.

Nanyo grins, "Come on... dish the dirt, Allie..."

Suki asks, "Is there anything I can get for you, Alice?"

"I just came to help." replies Alice.

"It's nothing really, sometimes, we used to have sex." admits Allie.

"Ooh... the juicy bits... Details, plz!" grins Nanyo.

"There were too many times we did it, beside, it was nothing really,
although, our first time was a nice one." shrugs Allie before smiling,
while Kim is red.

"Oh, was that the time I walked in on you two in the shower?" asks

"Ooh, yes... SAUCE! Tell us more!" laughs Nanyo.

"Well, we dicided to take a shower together, like you
always did. But during this shower, I got really horny for some reason.
I know it wasn't from seeing Kim naked, cause I saw her naked all the
time." states Allie.

"Yeah, yeah... come on... more details.." grins Nanyo.

"Well, I turned around kissed her, you should've seen how red she got.
Kim was so nervous and embarrassed, anyway, I start rubbing her, she's
rubbing me, blah, blah, Becky walks in, totally freaks out and that's
the end."

"Freaks out? What could make this little one 'freak out'?" She puts her
hand on Becky's head and pats it like she would a dog.

"Heh, well she did."

"Must've been something really shocking..." laughs Nanyo, tosling
Becky's hair and messing it up.

"I just wasn't expecting to see something like that early in the
morning." replies Becky.

"Hehe... sex happens, Becks... anytime and everytime... Ya gotta be

"Well I was still obsessing over Kimmie at the time." replies Becky.

Sashi looks over at Becky and asks, "Becky... your tan... it is fading

"Huh?" Becky lifts her arms and looks at them, paying attention to
there now whiter appearance. "Well would ya look at that... looks like
I have'nt been getting enough sun to keep my tan."

Nanyo laughs, "That's obvious... hehe..." as Sashi asks, "Do you want
to get more sun, Becky?"

"Nah, too much sun can be bad for you, besides, I only got it to look
more like Kimmie."

Sashi nods, "Ah... I see...."

"Hehe, Kim's dark skin is so sexy ain't it?" states Allie smiling and
eyeing Kim, who blushes.

"Ya got that right..." smirks Nanyo, leaning up against Kim and feeling
her warm skin on her arm.

"Umm, ok, I think I've had enough embarrassment for one day." states
Kim as she leaves down the hall.

"Heheh... she's so kawaii, ain't she, Allie?" Nanyo giggles.

"When she was younger, yeah." smiles Allie

"And even now... she's so damn fine... I just wanna eat her all up!"

"You know, Kim was so sensitive when she was young..." states Allie.

"Heh, really? Do tell... do tell..."

"When she first came here, not only was she extremely timid, every so
often when she was wearing pants, she'd just collapse to the floor and
groan out loud for some reason. We thought something was wrong with

"And she's not as sensitive as before, huh? That sucks... 'course, I
was sensitive too at first... but not anymore..."

"you know what I'm talking about?"

"Her pussy?"

"Everytime she collapsed, we'd find that it looked like she wet
herself, but the floor was never soaked. Eventually, since we were so
close, Kim told me that the sensation of the pants rubbing her labia
through her pants caused her to climax."

"Heh... wow... she was really sensitive, eh?"

"Yeah, then after she admitted that, she burst into tears crying."

"She thought she was a freak, didn't she?" murmurs Nanyo.

"No, it turns out she was raped a number of times when she was really
young. Her being raped actually made her pubic area super sensitive,
she'd come at the drop of a hat at times. Hehe, she had a hair trigger
for orgasms!"

"Oh really? That must've been rough..."

"Yeah, so I made this little thin rectangle thing that she'd put in the
crotch of her panties to lessen the sensation of the jeans. And because
of that, her vagina and pubic region was basically able to heal."

"So that now, she's not that sensitive anymore, right?"


"yeah... right?"


"Yeah..." Nanyo nods.

Allie then sees Sara. "What the? Kim?" "Nope, I'm her twin sister,
Sara." replies Sara standing.

"Oh boy... here we go again..." groans Nanyo.

"Twin? Kim has a twin?" asks Allie. "She sure does." replies Sara

"And an evil one at that..." chuckles Nanyo.

"Nah, not so much." states Sara smiling. "Watch this though..." adds
Sara before turning loli.

"Oh how cyute! you look just like Kim when she was younger!" exclaims
Allie smiling.

Nanyo giggles, as Sashi sighs softly.

Becky then asks Sashi, "you bored?"

"I would think that was a given..." states the former slave girl.

"Wanna go somewhere till dinner is ready?"


"to one of the rooms?"

"Ok..." She pushes away from the wall, standing up straight.

Becky takes Sashi by her hand and leads her to on of the rooms. "We can
resume what we started before we had that fight."


As Becky and Sashi leave into one of the rooms, Allie asks, "So, Nanyo,
anymore stuff you want to know about my sister?"

Nanyo rubs her hands together, her eyes glinting as though she's just
received an early Christmas present. "Tell me about her younger days...
Got any embarrassing stories to tell?"

Alice places a finger to her lips in thought. "Hmmm... Oh, there was
this one time when she was sleeping, that I put a skirt of her. She
just had on her panties. I flipped up the front of the skirt, got a
camera and got a great frontal panty shot picture of her. I put her in
a ton of embarrassing positions while she was sleeping and I got
pictures of everyone." states Allie smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Boy, she must've been pissed when she found out, eh,

"Found out? Oh no, no, noooo, to this day, she has no idea that I did
that." smiles Allie.

"O rly? Maybe I should tell her, ne?"

"I doubt she'd believe you."

"Why's that? I don't lie to her...."

"Kim likes proof."

"That so, eh?"

"Yep, unless I show her the pics, you'll have a hard time convincing

"And where do you keep the pics?"

"In my room."

"That one over there?" She points to one of the rooms.

Allie smiles at Nanyo and replies, "Yep, that first one, there under
the mat of my bed.

"Ok... I'll keep that in mind... hehe..."

"You want me to show her the pics?"

"Thought you said you wouldn't show them to her?"

"I just said that I haven't shown them to her, I have no problem
showing them to her."

"O rly? Then would you mind showing them to me? I could use some more
pr0n... hehe..."

"Sure, wait a sec..." states Allie leaving into her room.

"Cool..." She leans back on the couch and puts her hands up behind her
head, relaxing.

Allie returns a moment later with a small envelope, and sees Nanyo
sitting next to Loli-Sara on the couch, who states, "I want to see them

"OK..." Allie kneals down in from of them and begins to open the

Nanyo sits up, "Ooh, me see, me see!"

Allie then removes a thin stack of color photos and shows the two a pic
of a sleeping Kim on her back on a bed with the blue skirt on her
flipped up to show a glorious panty shot.

"Ooh.. Hawt... moar... moar!"

Allie moves that one aside to show an image of Kim with her right hand
ggrasping her crotch and her left hand over the left mound of her

"Ooh.. even hawter.... more more!"

The next pic shows Kim propted up on her knees with her panty'd rear up
in the air, the crotch of her panties clearly showing an oval of

"Oh yeah.... this is f*ckin' amazing..." Nanyo drops one hand to her
crotch and gives her own womanhood a gentle stroke, through her jeans.

the next pic simply shows younger Kim's face, blushing lightly and her
mouth open a little.

"Nice...." grins Nanyo, rubbing at her crotch again.

"Hey, you wanna see a really good one?" asks Allie grinning.

"Oh hell yes... gimmie the best one..."

"K..." Allie sifts through a few pics before, 'aha'ing', and showing
Nanyo and Sara a pic of Kim with her legs spread, nude and white cream
appears to be coming from her vagina, with some of it on her thighs,
chest and around her mouth.

"Hows this one?" grins Allie.

"This is the f*cking win... oh damn, she's so f*cking cute... Ahhh...
ahhhh..." She rubs at her crotch harder, her pants dampening under her
careful touch.

"that white stuff isn't what you think it is though, it's lotion."
states Allie.

"It don't... matter... ahhhhhh...." she clenches up slightly then
relaxes. Her pants are now drenched with fluid. "Can i keep this pic,

"I dunno, I like this pic too..."

"Aw, too bad... It would come in handy now and then..."

"It is great though, ain't it?" smiles Allie looking at the photo.

"That goes without saying..." Nanyo grins.

"... Oh what the hell, here..." states Allie handing the pic to Nanyo.

"Heh... great.. thanks..." replies Nanyo, tucking the picture inside
her bra.

At this time, Kim comes back, giving a surprise to the three by her
hair. It is not cut very short, shorter than even Becky's, clearly
showing her ears, which no stand out even more than before.

"Whoah... what the... didja cut yer hair, Starki?" gasps Nanyo, looking

"Yeah..." replies Kim running her fingers through her short hair. "I
was kinda tired of all the hair."

"Aw, that's a shame... you were hawt with that long hair..."

"What are ya talkin about?" asks Allie. "She's even hotter!" Kim once
again blushes.

"Nah... she's ok.. I was jest teasin'..." laughs Nanyo.

Kim then notices the photo's in Allie's hand. "Hey, what's that?"

she walks over but then the three from the kitchen come out. drawing
Kim's attention away while Allie puts the the photo's back in the
envelope. "Foods ready." announces Kim's mom.

Suki follows Kim's mom, blushing, "I helped..."

The older woman then states, "Hey Kim, your daughter her can cook
really well."

"Oh, really?" "Yeah, you know, everyone can cook but you." laughs the
older woman. "Mom..." groans Kim.

Suki giggles softly and stuffs her fist in her mouth to muffle the
sound as Nanyo laughs straight out.

"Well, let's eat." states the woman.

Suki nods, "Ok.." as Nanyo grins, "Yepper depper..."

"Where's Becky and that other young girl?" asks the woman.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I dunno... I didn't see them leave..."

Sara then answers, "I saw then leave down the hall, I think their,
'buzy'." "Oh, and who might you be little girl?" asks the woman.

"Huh? Oh! I'm Sara, I just have the ability to change into a little

"Oh, well you look just like Kim did when she was younger."

"Well, I am a twin!"

The group then travels to the table near the kitchen and begins eating.

Suki asks, "Kim... how do you like the food so far?"

"It's great."

Suki giggles, "I'm glad.. I always love cooking for you and Nan'chi..."

"And I love eating your food Suki." replies Kim smiling.

Suki blushes, "Um.. Kimmie.. did you change your hairstyle? It seems

"Oh, yeah, you like it?"

"Yeah... it's like mine now, Kimmie..."

Kim simply smiles while Alice states, "Hey, um... grandma?"

"Call me mom, sweetie, calling me grandma make me sound old." replies
Kim's mom.

"Ok, mom... A few days ago my Mommie was wearing a pretty white dress
you should've seen her!" at this, Kim's eyes widen and se looks at
Suki. "Oh really? Kim wore a dress? what was the occasion?"

Suki blushes and looks down at the table.

"You won't believe it, she got-" here Kim quickly cuts her daughter
off. "I got a huge urge to see what a dress would look like on me."

Suki gasps in surprise, and looks at Kim, wisely choosing not to
correct her, but still wondering why Kim said that.

"And married!" exclaims Alice happily. Kim immediately blushes. "What!?
Married!? To who!?" asks the woman.

Suki blushes again, continuing to look down at the table.

immediately after the woman's question, Allie begins violently choking,
hitting herself in the chest to help. "Kim what!?"

"Suki, the girl next to me, she's mommies wife." smiles Alice.
"Really!? Kim, is this true?" asks the woman. "... Yes mom, it is, Suki
is my wife, I married her a few days ago." admits Kim.

Suki continues to blush and look down toward her feet.

"Well congratulations! I assume you two have consummated the marriage?"
asks the woman smiling. "Mom..." groans Kim blushing.

Suki blushes, "Um...."

"I bet they did, more than once." states Allie smiling.

Suki blushes harder as Nanyo laughs, "You can say that again.."

"And again, and again, and again..." smiles Allie.

Nanyo laughs again as Suki mumbles, "Stop... it's embarrassing..."

"Well ya better get used to being embarrassed Suki. Being embarrassed
is something that happens regularly here, and your new too, so your
going to be red a while." replies Allie.

Suki gasps, "Um... o...ok...."

"So, how was the first time as a couple?" asks the woman smiling.

Suki blushes, "Um.... K-Kimmie.... you wanna answer this one?"

"I'd rather not..." states Kim. "Ok, I can't force you to tell." states
the woman.

Suki blushes and whispers to Kim, "Thank you..."

"Aww, I wanted to hear the juicy story." pouts Allie. "Me too, but we
can't force her to tell." adds the woman.

Nanyo grins, "I know what happened... " Suki gasps, "No, Nan'chi!"

Kim just remains silent. "Oh, do tell!" states both Allie and the

"Easy, Nisu...I won't tell... at least, not here... but in private,
yeash?" Suki gasps, "No, don't!"

"I don't want to hear it ether, she my mom." states Alice.

Nanyo laughs, "Maybe some other time, then?"

"Aw, ok." states Allie.

"I promise ya..." smirks Nanyo, holding off Suki.

A few moments later, Becky comes out of the room smiling, but frowns
once she sees the food. "Hey! why didn't you guys tell me the food was
ready?" whines Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Ya done f*cking Sash, Becks? That didn't take long..."
Sashi leaves the room, brushing off her arms and legs as though
determined to wipe sweat away.

"Well, try and save me some, I'm going out shopping for a little bit."

states Becky

"No promises, Becks..." smirks Nanyo, taking a big bite out of her
'supply' of food. Suki protests, "Aw, leave her some, Nan'chi..."

Becky sighs, "Fine, it's not like I can't cook my own food anyway."
before leaving.

Sashi then comes to the table and sits down next to Suki, who
graciously offers some of her own food up to her taller younger sister.

"Aw, how cute." smiles Allie.

Suki smiles even more cutely and states, "I... I didn't remember her
for the longest time... but I think I'm getting used to the idea of
having a sister..."

"Hehe, that gives me an idea..." replies Allie picking up some food in
a spoon and moving it towards Kim's mouth. who looks at her sister in a
very, 'what the hell!?' manner. "Open wide!"

Nanyo laughs, "How cyute! Widdle Kimmie is getting fed by her older
sister!" Suki puts a hand over her mouth as Sashi raises an eyebrow,
much like Spock.

"Allie cut it out!" states Kim. "Hehe, you better eat it like this
before I do it the other way." replies Allie. At this, Kim blushes.

As Nanyo laughs, Suki questions, "Other way?"

Before Allie can respond, Kim quickly places her mouth around the spoon
and taking the food from it, blushing deeply.

"Is it good, Starki-chan?" giggles Nanyo.

"Yes..." admit's Kim. "You guys still want to see the 'other' way?"
asks Allie smiling. "Allie!" whines Kim.

"Ooh, yes... let's see! Let's see!"

"Ok." Allie spoons some food into her mouth with the same spoon she
used for Kim and stands. But Kim stands also, obviously trying to get

"Oh... it's a kiss?" asks Suki, blushing heavily as Nanyo cheers Allie

Allie can only smile while Kim unfortunately traps herself in the near
corner of the room.

"Heeheeheeheehee...." guffaws Nanyo.

Allie quickly takes Kim by the head and kisses her, transferring the
food from her mouth to Kim's.

"Ooh... that's nice...." grins Nanyo as Suki blushes and Sashi uses her
fork to scoop some more out of Suki's plate.

Allie ends the kiss and asks, "How what that serving?" Kim simply

Nanyo leans back in her chair, "We gotta try that some time, Starki..."

Sara then laughs, "Sister's way too easy to embarrass."

Nanyo points out, "So's Nisu, yanno..." Suki blushes at that statement.

Sashi suddenly states, "Wow... this food is good...." She gobbles up
more and more of her sister's plate.

Kim simply goes back to her seat and begins eating, Allie smiles and
does the same.

Suki asks, "Is there more, Mrs. Starr? My sister really seems

"I'm sorry." answers Kim's mom. "I just made up a small dinner."

"Oh... th-that's ok..." Suki pushes her plate toward her sister,
adding, "I wasn't really hungry anyway..."

To Be Continued In...
Becky's Unfaithfulness...

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