Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 66)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 66

Title: Chapter 59: Ecchi Kim

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Well, guys, what ya wanna do, or where ya wanna go?" announces Kim.

Suki states, "I'd better inform Nanyo that I'm back... oh and Kim...
could you come with me? I wanna ask you something about your

"My parents?" questions Kim sweatdropping.

"Yeah... come on..." She takes Kim by the arm and leads her away back
toward her father's hut.

"Where are you taking us?"

"Back to my dad's home... That's where I sense Nan'chi's presence..."


Suki giggles, "Did you forget I could do that, Kimmie?"

"Hehe, kinda."

"I can sense your presence, too, Kimmie... You're like a bright yellow

"Heh, really? Does the yellow light mean anything?"

"Yeah... It means you're really powerful... and yet, tender and


"Which you are, Kimmie... at least to me..." She leans in close and
takes Kim's arm in her own, wrapping it around her small body.

"So what are you gonna take to Nanyo about?"

"Oh... I'm just gonna show her that I'm ok and all... Look, we're
almost there..."

"Oh, I wonder what she's doing there though."

"She's really worried about me... she's prolly searching for any clues
as to why I disappeared...."

"Oh, heh, makes sense."

Just then...

Nanyo runs out from the front door, calling, "NISU! NISU!"

"Guess she sensed you to."

Suki giggles, "Yeah..." but can't say a thing before Nanyo
gathers her up in her arms and holds her tightly.

"I brought her back in one piece." smiles Kim.

Nanyo cries, "Oh, Nisu! I missed you so much! Thank you, Starki, for
bringing her back here!"

"It was my pleasure."

Nanyo nods and squeezes Suki hard, causing the younger girl to gasp and
her face to turn slightly blue.

"Um, Nanyo, I don't think she can breath."

Nanyo gasps, "OH! I... oh gee, Nisu.. I.. I'm sorry..." Suki gasps,
"Th-that's okay..."

"Well, we got Nanyo, let's go back." states Kim. She seems to be in a
rush, maybe hoping Suki forgets something...

Suki shakes her head, "Not-uh... I got something I wanna ask you,

"Um... What?" asks Kim a little nervous.

"Back, near my mother's grave, you said something about your parents...
I want you to tell me more about them..."

"All I said was I should visit them, I haven't seen them in quite a

"Yeah... so let's go..." She giggles.

"Now!?" asks Kim surprised.

"Why not? After all, doncha wanna introduce them to your new bride?"
She giggles lightheartedly again.

"Yeah... about that....let's not."

"Why not? Doncha wanna introduce me to them?" asks the smaller girl,
looking slightly hurt.

"Of course I do but, if I do, can we, um... pretend we're arn't

"What?! Why?!"

"I think it would quite a shock to learn that one of there children
that hasn't come to visit in a year, is suddenly married."

"Why? I'm still not understanding..."

"I'm sorry, I lied, I'm just embarrassed."

"Huh? Why are you embarrassed, Kimmie?"

"I don't know, it's just... last time I saw them, I wasn't married..."

"So? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Um... they know I like girls... and it freaks me out that there fine
with it."

"Why does it freak you out? My mother knew I liked girls even from the
get go, though she never told my dad..."

"It just does, I don't know why."

"So... because it 'freaks' you out... you won't do it?" She looks sad.

"I'll do it."

"Yay!" the small girl grins.

"So when do you want to go?"

A smile, "Whenever you feel like taking us..."

"I'm going to bring Becky too."

"Ok..." a giggle and suddenly, the younger girl pushes up against Kim's
arm again, smiling a silly smile.

"So you wanna go know, Becky and Alice should be done by the time we
get to Pioneer 2."

"What about Tisha? Should we bring her too? She still wants to tie you
up..." Nanyo snickers.

"yeah, we'll bring her too."

"Ok... Let's go, then!" She punches the air, looking eager as Nanyo
snickers again, "Tie her up? Now that's something I'd like to see..."

The three then return to the ship.

Suki asks, "You want me to sit up front with you, Kimmie?"

"You can if you want." states Kim as she sits up front, pressing a few
various buttons to start up the ship.

Suki moves to the passenger's side of the ship and looks around,
thinking to buckle up as Nanyo moves to the back of the cockpit.

as the ship lifts into the air, Kim asks, with a smile, "Would any of
you like to have a listen on what Becky and Alice are doing?"

Suki blushes as Nanyo grins, "Ooh... cool... Ya gotta intercom system?"

"Yeah, I can listen in on what's happening in any room on this ship
from here."

Suki blushes, "You shouldn't... " But Nanyo grins, "Yeah, let's hear!"

"It's just for a little." states Kim to Suki.

"But it's a private time for them..." protests the small girl.

Kim simply smiles while she begins flipping switches near the ceiling
of the cockpit.

Suki sighs and looks down at her feet as Nanyo drools, "Oh yeah.. here
we go..."

Only four flipped switches in, as soon as Kim flips the fifth one,
Alice's voice is heard... "AH! Becky, keep licking my pussy!" comes
Alice's pleasure raked voice. Kim immediately smiles at what she hears.

Suki blushes hard and closes her eyes, reaching out with her hand,
"No... this.. this is wrong!" Nanyo smirks, "This is f*ckin' HAWT!"

"I'm so close!" exclaims Alice's voice. "Aw come on Suki." states Kim.

Suki moans, "Kimmie... you know this is wrong... she's your daughter!
"Nanyo drools, "MORE MORE!"

"Let's just hear her climax." suggest Kim while her daughter's
pleasured panting is heard.

Suki blushes again as Nanyo breathes hard, "Oh yes... OH YES... Give it
to me, baby..."

Kim quickly turns around and gives a questioned glare to Nanyo.

She can see that Nanyo's left hand is on her breast, moving it up and
down as she squirms slightly on her chair.

"Getting a little into it ain't ya Nanyo?" asks Kim before Alice's
voice is heard. "Ohhh Fu*k! I'm going to come!"

Nanyo grins, "Always, Starki... It's the best part about being a
peeping Sue... hehe..."

"Riiiiiight..." replies Kim turning back around.

"I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!" exclaims Alice over the speaker.

"Ooh... f*ck yeah... that's the stuff... " moans Nanyo.

After a few moments, Becky's "Huh?" was heard, then... "She's your own
daughter." Kim immediatly blushes deeply and her eyes widen in shock as
she quickly flips down the intercom switch.

Nanyo laughs, "Busted..." as Suki blushes harder.

"Um... hehe, let's just pretend that didn't happen." replies Kim

Nanyo laughs as Suki shakes her head, "I told you not to eavesdrop..."

Kim simply blushes as 20 minutes pass, the ship nearing pioneer 2.

Suki points out the cockpit window, "That's the vessel, isn't it,

"Yeah." A few moments later, the back door opens and in walks Becky,
dressed in black pants and a white shirt. "I know what you did
Kimmie..." states Becky as she arrives at the cockpit.

"I-I don't know what your talking about." replies Kim.

Suki gulps, "Uh-oh..." as Nanyo edges her way out of the cockpit.

"She's your own blood Kimmie, you really are perverted." states Becky
smiling. Kim simply blushes in embarrassment.

Suki says nothing as Nanyo giggles as she leaves the cockpit.

"If I was going to know we had an audience, I would have made her
scream louder. But listening to your own daughter being fu*ked by your
own sister... that's perversion to the highest level." states Becky

Suki sighs and continues looking down, not knowing what to say or do at
this point in time.

"I'm sorry ok?" replies Kim.

"Oh no, don't be sorry, that little act turned me on immensely, you've
made me horny for you Kimmie, I want you so bad..." states Becky
gripping her crotch with her right hand and moaning as the crotch of
her jeans almost immediately becomes saturated in her wetness.

Suki gulps, "Sh-Should I leave, Kimmie?" She looks distinctly ruffled.

"I'd like it if you stayed." replies Kim blushing.

"If you think having Suki stay here is going to prevent me from getting
my way, your mistaken Kimmie." states Becky before quickly straddling
Kim's right leg and proceeds to 'hump' Kim's upper leg, moaning
pleasurably, much to Kim's embarrassed shock.

Suki gasps in shock and immediately turns away, blushing a darker red

Becky then Lays on Kim as she continues rubbing her drenched crotch
against Kim's legs. "Mmm, I'm so horny I'm about to come already."
moans Becky.

Suki blushes as hard as she can, unable to watch what Becky is doing.

A few moments later, Becky climaxes, sending a faint vibration to Kim's
leg as she feels, her sister's cum squirting from her body to the now
dripping wet crotch of her pants. As her climax dies, Becky rests
against Kim, wrapping her arms around her neck and slowly rubbing her
wet crotch against Kim's leg, moaning lowly.

Suki asks, still blushing, "Um... are you through, Becky?"

"For the time being..." moans Becky.

"Um, ok... Kimmie, can we go now?" asks the younger girl, still
blushing at what she has just witnessed.

"There's still a little ways before we can reach Pioneer 2." replies
Kim blushing.

"O-Oh... so... what ... do .. you want to do, Kimmie?"

"Well, I can't really do anything with Becky on me."

"Do you want me to move her, Kimmie?"

"I doubt she'd let you."

"So what are we going to do then? Just sit here and wait?" asks the
smaller girl.

"Hey Becky, we're going to met our parents." states Kim. "Really!?"
asks Becky as she quickly sits up. "Yeah, now go put on
something clean." states Kim.

"Ok." replies Becky quickly releasing Kim and gets off her leg and
leaves the cockpit.

"Good, Suki, you wouldn't happen to have a towel on you would you?"
asks Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "No... I don't..."

"OK, sit there while i go to the bathroom to clean my leg of Becky's
cum..." replies Kim getting up and heading to the bathroom.


"Hmph.... I wonder what Kimmie's parents are like... I hope they're
friendly..." thinks the small girl to herself.

A few moments later, Kim returns ad sighs as she sits. "I can't get rid
of the smell..."

"You don't have any perfume or anything, Kimmie?"

"No, I don't wear perfume."

"Oh... well, it might've covered up the smell..." blushes the young

a few minutes later, they arrive at the hanger.

Suki asks, "How far do we have to go from here, Kimmie?"

"Not very far, but who all is comming with us?"

"Um... Nan'chi should... do you want to bring Tisha or Sashi with us?"

"Sashi should come, and Alice... Oh and Sara, that leaves
Nikki looking after Tisha." states Kim.

"Ok.. I'll call her..." She closes her eyes and mutters something to

What the hell, call Nanyo too." states Kim.

"O... Ok..." replies Suki. "I did suggest that she should come..."

A few moments later, Becky comes back out dressed in a skirt now,
followed by a blushing Alice.

They are quickly followed by Sashi and Nanyo, grinning ear to ear as
Sashi sighs and puts her hand on her forehead much like
Squall Leonhart does.

"Hey, where's-" begins Kim but she's cut off as Sara, in her loli form,
suddenly appears in the middle of the area. "I'm here!" exclaims Sara

Suki asks, "Are we all here, then?"

"Yep!" replies Becky, Alice, Sara and Kim.

Suki gives this look to the four girls: O_o; and adds, "Um.. ok... Can
we go now?"

"Let's go." states kim. the group head out and to the transporter,
where there teleported to a white corridor lined white doors on both
sides, Sara has by now returned to her normal form.

Suki, Sashi, and Nanyo follow her, the former looking nervous, the
middle haughty and the latter excited.

Becky suddenly runs ahead happily, stopping at a door to her left three
doors down. "Hey Mom, dad, open up!" states Becky.

Suki gulps as Sashi sighs and Nanyo starts grinning.

the door slides up and Becky smiles wide as she rushes into the room,
which the others have yet to reach. from the room two older voices can
be heard, male and female, "Becky! It's so great to see you again!"

Suki gulps again, "Um... is that them, Kimmie?" She looks really

To Be Continued In...
Meet The Parents

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