Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 65)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 65

Title: Chapter 58: Alice's Heartbreak...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"What do you plan to do to me?" asks Kim.

Tisha giggles, "I said it before... I'm gonna tie you up.... and make
you beg..." She giggles again.

"Uh, ok. Suki, you wanna go take care of Sashi?"

Suki nods, "O-Ok..." She walks outside.

"Tie me up, I'm waiting." states Kim smiling at Tisha.

Tisha shakes her head, "No.. not now... I wanna wait until ya gotta go
again... then it'll be funner..."

"Oh, I thought you meant now, it's going to be awhile till I have to go

Tisha replies, "I I'll come with you until then..." She

"Ok..." a moment later. "Sh*t..." states Kim lowly at
remembering something.

Tisha asks, "What's the haps, babs?"

"It's recently come up that I have a daughter..."

Tisha's eyes grow wide as dinner plates, "You have a daughter?!"

Kim sweatdrops, "Yeah, and she acts alot like you, I just thought that
you two might not get along well."

Tisha gasps, "What the slipping dung are ya talkin' bout, Kimmie?"

"Don't call me that, I told you once before."

"Oh, but that girl that I kidnapped calls you that!" whines the younger

"Only two people can call me that, Suki and Becky."

"But why? It sounds sooooo good..." pouts Tisha.

"First of all, it has a secret meaning for Becky, and Suki, well she's
been calling me that since I've known her."

"Awwww...." whines Tisha.

"Well let's go back then."

"Ya, alright already... Poopie... stupid Suki...." pouts Tisha cutely,
folding her arms over her chest.

Kim and Tisha then leave the building.

Outside they see Suki and Sashi, now untied, standing near each other
hugging. Sashi sees Tisha and goes into defensive mode.

"Easy Sashi, everything's fine."

Sashi asks, "Are you sure?" Tisha pipes up, "Ya, I dunt wanna kill ya

"She's going back with us."

Tisha pipes up, "Yea! I'mma comin' wit' ya!" She punches the air
triumphantly as Sashi groans and puts a hand on her forehead.

"Don't worry Sashi, if anything, Alice will keep her busy." states Kim

"If you say so, Kim..." states Sashi while softly muttering, "I have a
BAD feeling about this..."

"Don't worry so much, Suki, can you fly?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... for a short distance.... My mana's still a little
low, though..."

"We're not far from the ship, let's go." states Kim as she forms her

Tisha nods, "Yeah.. I couldn't stop time for long... That's why I
brought her here..." She closes her eyes and disappears.

"you want me to carry you back Sashi or can you go by foot?

Sashi grunts and starts dashing away. Suki giggles, "I think she's a
bit upset at being defeated so easily..."

"Heh, yeah, I'd be too." replies Kim raising to the air and leaving.

Suki jumps into the air, following Kim, still giggling at Sashi's

the group soon reaches Kim's ship.

When Sashi, Kim and Suki arrive, they see Tisha sitting on the ground,
about to doze off. She snaps awake, though as they arrive
and asks, "What took you so long?"

"Some of us like to take our time."

Tisha giggles, "Heh, I can see that... "

Sara then appears leaning on Kim's left shoulder. "Well, lookie who's
come back."

Tisha asks, "Whazzit to ya, hag?!"

"Oh don't you remember me?" asks Sara.

"I 'member ya... I just dunt like ya..." retorts Tisha.

"Yeah, I get that alot, but-" Sara's cut off as the side door to the
ship opens and out comes Kya, in her nude glory and runs up to Sara.
"Master, when are you coming back?"

Sara immediately blushes. "N-Not now, go back inside!"

Tisha laughs, "HA! yer own slave wants yer attention! HA!"

"No, I wanna play!" pouts Kya. "Listen here you little hunk'a metal, I
said go back inside the ship, Now before I turn you off." replies Sara.

"Fine you big meanie!" states Kya before promptly kicking Sara in the
shins and returning to the ship. "Ah! you little..." groans Sara
lifting her left leg to hold her ankle.

Tisha laughs as Suki covers her mouth with her hand, giggling. Sashi
just shrugs her shoulders.

"You two thinks that's funny? That androids supposed to obey me and she
constantly talks back to me." states Sara.

Tisha retorts, "Well maybe ya've been treating her like a slave...
mebbe you should just treat her like a person instead of an object..."

"She IS an object, she's not human."

"She ain't! No way she's not human!"

"Fine, I'll prove it, Kya-" Kya immediately comes back out. "Yes

"That little girl behind you doesn't think you're an android, lift the
hair from your neck for a minute." states Sara. "Ok."

Tisha gasps, "Huh? What the dragon dung?!"

Kya leans forward, almost bowing and moves her hair from the back of
her neck. Sara then places her right hand to the back of Kya's neck.
"Here we go..."

Sara's hand rests over her neck for a moment before removing her hand
and a small rectangle area of her neck, about 3 inches in length, slid
up, exposing part of the little androids mechanical workings.

"Ah...! Wh-what the!" gasps Tisha, jumping back and falling on her

"See? She's an android, NOT human."

"Habba Habba habba habba..." stutters Tisha, clearly at a loss for

Kya places her hair back over her neck and stands. "Master, play with
me now." Sara then smiles. "Ok, ok, I will, now go back in the ship."
states Sara. "OK!" Kya then returns to the ship.

Tisha still blithers on, "Habba habba habba habbba..."

"Well, I'll go tend to Kya.." states Sara disappearing, leaving Kim.

Suki sighs, "Ok... see you later, Sara..." as Tisha continues
blithering like an idiot.

Just then, another girl comes from Kim's ship, Alice dressed in a
school-girl outfit, similar to Su from Love Hina. "Alice?" questions
Kim. "Yeah?" asks Alice.

Suki smiles, "Hello, Alice..."

"Oh your SO cute!" exclaims Kim quickly hugging her daughter. "Hey,
mom, your embarrassing me!"

Suki giggles.

"My daughter's SO cyute!" exclaims Kim continuing to hug Alice.

Suki giggles again, asking, "Wow.. wonder if I'd act like that if I had
a daughter..."

Kim releases Alice's moments later and turns her around to face Tisha.
"Tisha, this is my daughter, Alice."

"She's not real... she's not real... she's not real..." repeats Tisha
still looking stunned.

"Tisha? What's up with you?" asks Kim.

Tisha gasps, "That girl... she's not real... she's... really.. NOT...

"Um, ok, so what?" asks Kim.

Tisha shakes her head, "No.... forget..." Then she stands up, looking
more like her real self.

"You got issues." laughs Alice.

"What the flip wilson are you talkin' bout, girl?" retorts Tisha.

"You, don't you know when someone's talking to ya?"

"Course I do, you dingbat... Like now, I know yer talkin' to me..."

"Dingbat? Your the dingbat a*shole." replies Alice. "Here we go..."
groans Kim.

"Nice potty mouth, ya piece of dragon dung beetle hair!" retorts Tisha.

"Oh your ask'in for it bit*h!" replies Alice. "Whoa, there will be NO
fighting your two, you hear me?" states Kim holding her daughter back.

Suki adds, "Yeah!" and holds back Tisha.

"You're lucky my mom's holding me back from kick'in your a*s you
bit*h!" exclaims Alice.

"Ooh, like I'm sooooo scared...." taunts Tisha.

Alice transforms on the spot and puts her right hand infront of her and
for the second time forms the symbol in front of her hand. "Alice what
are you doing!? Stop it right now!"

Suki gulps, "Y-Yeah. s-stop, Alice!"

Kim hits Alice's hand away from Tisha just in time as a beam shoots
from Alice's hand and meets the symbol and instantly changes to a
powerful beam that penetrates the ground like a laser.

Alice quickly ends it and detransforms. Kim swiftly turns Alice around
and slaps her hard. "What the hell is your problem?!"

Suki pipes up, "Yeah! that could've hit us!"

"I'm sorry." apologizes Alice.

Tisha sticks her tongue out,

"Nyahh! Ya missed me!"

Kim suddenly looks grim though. "Alice, your just slightly weaker than
me right?" asks Kim. "Yeah, about ten percent weaker." replies Alice.

"Ok, everybody, move away from the hole." announces Kim as she moves
herself and Alice away a good 10 yards away.

Tisha gasps, "Why?" as Suki grabs her around the middle and pulls her

once everyone's away from the hole, molten lava quickly jets from it,
but with the angle at which Alice caused the hole, the super hot fluid
exits away from the group and the ship.

Tisha gasps, "Whoa.... shiitake mushrooms and peanut brittle!" She
looks terribly shocked.

"I'm sorry guys, I kinda have a hard time controlling my anger." admits

"No sh*t, Sherlock..." gasps Tisha.

Alice makes an obvious sigh and replies, "I'm just going to let that

"Yeah... violent tomboy..." sighs Tisha.

Becky then appears in the doorway of the ship. "What's going on out
here?" She then spots the lava flow. "Whoa, looks like someone got

"It was her!" states Tisha, pointing at Alice while muttering, "Violent
psycho..." to herself.

"Oh it's you again. Well, isn't someone going to stop that lava?"

Tisha looks at Suki who looks at Sashi who in turn looks at Kim.

Kim sweatdrops, "Don't look at me, my ice tech isn't a high enough
level to stop that." Becky then sighs, "Your all hopeless, looks like I
finally have a skill that I can use." smiles Becky.

Suki asks, innocently, "And what's that, Becky?"

"This.." states Becky placing her right hand towards the
flow and moments later a blue mist comes from Becky's palm and soon,
the lava gets solid and freezes.

Tisha gasps, "Whoah, NICE...." as Suki gasps in surprise and Sashi
merely raises an eyebrow.

Alice simply smiles while a light blush appears on her face.

After the lave is completely frozen, Suki sighs, "Well, at least that's
one less problem we have..."

Alice walks in front of Becky. "That was great... B-B-san." states
Alice blushing. "Heh, It wasn't that great... wait, B-san?"

Suki giggles as Tisha looks on in confusion.

Alice gasps, "Oh! I'm sorry! I won't call you that if you don't want me
to!" Alice looks really embarrassed and looks down.

But Becky smiles and reaches down to her and lifts her head by her
chin. "I don't mind, you can call me that if you want."

"Really?! Thank-you so much, B-san!" smiles Alice before walking into
the ship.

Suki giggles as Tisha gives this look: O_o

Kim also gets a similar look on her face as Tisha but it
quickly changes to a smile. "Heh, cute..."

Tisha states bluntly, "Cute? More like psycho if ya ask me..."

"My daughter has a crush on Becky!" states Kim smiling, which promts a
blush on Becky's face before leaving into the ship.

Tisha nods, "Now I KNOW she's psycho...."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"She's your daughter and she's in love with your sister? C'mon, it
doesn't take a genius to figure out that that's incest..."

"I like my sister too, and she likes me, so it's full

"Ewww... you people are gross...."

"Well are we going in or not?"

Tisha shrugs her shoulders as Suki and Sashi nod, almost twin like.

"Well let's go then.." states Kim walking into her ship.

The three girls follow her into the ship.

Becky's voice then comes from the back room. "Sashi, when you get a
chance, come back here."

"Hmmm? Oh.... Ok..." She walks to the back room where Becky is waiting
for her.

Once Sashi comes into the room, She sees Alice standing next to Becky.
"Hey Sashi, I don't think Alice has been properly introduce to you."

Sashi states, "Is that so? Well then, My name is Sashi Nihon..." She
does a flourish bow.

Alice bows normally. "I'm Alice Nan, although, I'd like to be Alice

Becky then smiles, "Sashi is my girlfriend Alice." these words quickly
shocks Alice into an almost hurt look. "S-She's, your what?"

Sashi states, "A girlfriend... a lover... and a soulmate... It is easy
enough to understand..."

"I know what a girlfriend is!" exclaims Alice verging on crying. "How
could I have been so stupid?" states Alice dropping to her knees and
starting to cry.

"Hey wait a minute Alice, why are you crying?" asks Becky.

Sashi raises an eyebrow.

"I...I... love you... B-san." finally admits Alice. Becky smiles at
this and places her right hand on Alice's head. "I know Alice, I
realized it awhile it ago."

"Huh? You knew?" asks Alice.

Sashi mutters, "One would have to be blind not to know..."

Becky then sweatdrops, "Or a little dense..."

"but it's no use now..." states Alice. "your already spoken for, and
I'm left alone..."

"Hmm.. I wonder..." states Sashi looking bored.

"your not alone Alice, I'm sure you'll find a nice boy your age
someday." states Becky. "But I don't want a boy!" replies Alice
blushing through her crying and looking at Becky. "I want... you."

Sashi sighs and leans up against the wall, watching the exchange.

Becky then sighs. "I'm sorry Alice, I just, don't feel the same about
you." Alice then cries harder, placing her head to the floor with her
arms around her head.

Sashi thinks to herself: This is sad... the pain...

"I'm so sorry Alice..." states Becky as a tear trails her right cheek.

Sashi sighs again, thinking, "If only Becky knew the intensity of the
pain she has caused..."

Becky gets an idea and asks, "Alice, how much do you know about sex?"
Alice slowly lifts herself up looking a bit puzzled at the question.

"Do you know what sex is?" asks Becky. "Yeah, why?" sniffs Alice.

Sashi thinks, "This might be interesting..."

"I'd like to give you an experience you'll hold in your heart
forever... Sashi, can you leave us for the moment?" state Becky.

"As you wish..." Sashi gets off the wall and leaves the room.

When Sashi returns to the area Kim and the others are, Kim asks, "What
happened in there? I heard crying?"

Sashi states, simply, "Alice found out about Becky and I..."

"Oh, yeah, she didn't know, how'd she take it?"

"Not well..."

"Oh, well why are you back here with us?"

"Becky said something about giving Alice something to remember or

"Oh, well she proboly wants to be alone then." states Kim. Becky voice
then is heard, "Me and Alice is going to the lower level you guys..."

"Ok Becky."

Sashi sighs, "I know what that means..."

"Oh? What does it mean?"

Sashi blinks, "She is going to f*ck her..."

"Oh! Hehe, ok." smiles Kim.

Sashi sighs, "I cannot believe you did not know that, Kim.."

"Well I thought they just wanted to talk or something, I'm not thinking
sex 24/7 yanno."

"Indeed? Oh well... it is not like it is really important..."

To Be Continued...

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