Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 64)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 64

Title: Chapter 57: Suki gets kidnapped!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



Kim brings Suki into another room and lays her on the bed and gently
tries to shake her awake.

Suki moans, "Mmmm.... uhmmmm...." as she starts to come around. Her
eyes lazily start to open, but it's clear her vision is still blurred.

"Hey Suki, you ok?"

Suki moans weakly, "Uhmmmm... K-Kimmie? Is that you? I... I can't see
too well...." She blinks slowly, a small bump forming on her
head from when she fainted.

"You faint too easily." jokes Kim.

Suki groans, "Is that what happened? Ough...." She starts trying to sit

"Yeah, when that Android woke up."

Suki groans one more time, "Oh yeah... that... that.. thing... owie.. I
think I hit my head..."

Kim frowns slightly but doesn't say anything.

"An-Anyway... Wh.. what was I doing...?" She shakes her head slightly
to clear the cobwebs.

"Nothing really."

"OH!" she gasps, "I remember! I was going to go see my mother....
Kimmie... Do you want to come?"


"Ok... We need to go to the Yuno Caves then... Follow me..." She gets
off the bed and starts walking toward the door.


Outside the door, the smaller girl quickly becomes confused "Um,
Kimmie... how do we... um... get off this ship?" she blushes at her

"Up the stairs then out of the upper room."

"Ok.... " She follows Kim's instructions to the letter and very
quickly, the two are standing in the sunshine of the village.
"Where to?"

"Um...." she looks around, then points to the west side of town and
into the mountains, "That way... I think..."

"Ok, lead the way."

"Ok..." She walks out to the outer reaches of the village and up a
small mountain trail. "This is the same trail," she muses to herself,
though Kim can hear her.

Kim chooses not question Suki and quietly follows.

The two walk the trail is semi-silence until they reach a section that
is completely covered with rocks. Suki sighs, "Looks like we'll have to
fly here..."

"Ok." Kim then forms her blue spectral wings.

Suki then jumps into the air, hovering slightly over the topmost rocks.
She begins to pant slightly, mumbling, "Dang it... I'm still not strong
enough to fly easy..."

Kim then joins her in the air, flapping her wings, I could carry you if
you want

"Um, Ok... hehe... I.. I'm not used to this... but ok... We need to go
due west... Can you see that outcropping over there?" She points.

Kim takes hold of Suki and replies, "Yeah, I see it."

"Hehe... I feel like a princess with her knight in shining armor..."
Suki giggles as the two fly close to the outcropping.

"Why do I have to be the knight?" playfully jokes Kim.

"Because, um, I'm the princess?" tries Suki, giggling as the two land
quickly and without incident.

"But didn't you say when we're married, I'd share that title with you?"

"Um, yeah... but.... don't you want to be the knight who saves the
beautiful young Princess?" pouts Suki as she starts to walk slightly to
the west, pointing out a small crack in the rocks.

"Well, as long as I can be a female knight." smiles Kim.

Suki giggles as she squeezes between the rocks, her small size making
it easier for her to do so.

"Um, Suki? I don't think I'm fitting through there."

"Hold on.... There's a switch here... but only I can reach it...
UNGH.... there..." The rock slides open, revealing a torch lit cavern

"Thanks." Kim then walks in.

"Now... we go down to the second tunnel on the right... and...
there..." She points a few meters to her left where a small tombstone
is set into the ground with 4 ruby lined markers trace the length of
the grave.

"Tell me something, Why did we have to go all the way here to get to
one grave?"

"There are other graves here... that's why the cave is lit by

"Oh, ok."

"We can't just bury them outside... too many worms around... here, we
have special barriers set up to protect the graves..." She walks up to
the tombstone.

"Well that makes sense then." states Kim as she follows Suki.

Suki stops 6 feet from the tombstone and drops to her knees, bringing
up her hands in a prayer symbol. "Mom... It's me... Suki... I'm

Kim simply stands to the side of Suki, keeping quiet.

"Mom... I've brought my friend here... heh, actually, I should say
she's my Fa'lin partner... we performed the ceremony... I'm now
officially a member of an Oln'tyl..."

Kim smiles but nothing else.

Suki goes on to say several more things of no real importance to anyone
but her, then she stands up and grabs Kim's arm, pulling her close to
the grave, "Now you say something to her... please, Kimmie?"

Kim sweatdrops, "Umm, say what?"

Suki smiles, "Anything... just talk to her like you do to me..."

"Um, ok..." after a breath, Kim speaks. "Hi, My Name is Kimberly Ann
Starr, but people usually just call me Kim. I am also very happy to be
married to such a wonderful person."

Suddenly, a woman's voice speaks into Kim's mind, "Hello, Kimberly Ann

Kim quickly gasps an 'Ah!' and falls to her rear in shock.

Suki gasps, "Kimmie?! Are you ok?!"

"I heard a voice!"

Suki asks, "What did it sound like?"

"A woman's voice."

"What did she say, Kimmie?" a small smile crosses Suki's lips.

"She said hello."

"Then, don't you think you should say hello back?" Suki grins outright

"Is... Is that you mother talking to me!?"

Suki nods.


Suki grins, "She was a full telepath... After she died, her essence was
put into an Luhn urn so that she could continue to share her knowledge
to those who ask it of her."

"That's... kinda freaky..." replies Kim sweatdropping.

The woman's voice states, "It is the Mem'lo way, Kimberly... We are
telepaths... we can sense when someone needs our experiences..."

"Um, ok, nice to meet ya." states Kim.

The voice continues, "Greetings, Kimberly... I am Susashi... slave of
Jakashi and mother of Sashi and Suki..."

"you have wonderful children Susashi."

Susashi chuckles, "Thank you, Kimberly... I am glad that you married my
little Princess...."

"You know, this reminds me, I have talked to my parents in so long."
smiles Kim.

"They must miss you, Kimberly..."

"I'm sure they do, next time we're at Pioneer 2 I'll go visit them."

"Pioneer II? Oh.. the spaceship.... Yes... "

"What? You know?"

"Kimberly... I am a telepath... I can read your mind just like Nanyo
and Sashi can..."


"Speaking of Sashi... I must ask you a favor... Please... take care of

"Heh, that isn't my job, it belongs to someone else
smilies Kim.

"I know... but I want you to tell your sister... Poor Sashi... It was
all my fault...."

"you don't need to worry about that."

"Oh.... and also.... there is someone else you need to worry about...."

"Who?" questions Kim.

"Her name is...." Suddenly, Susashi's voice falls silent.

"Huh? Hey, what happed?"

There is no response.

"Um, Suki, your mom isn't talking anymore."

There is no response.

"Uh, Suki, Where are you?"

There is no sign of her.

"Dang-it man, I can't believe she just left like that."

All is quiet.

"She probably went back to the ship..." Kim then heads out of the area.

Back in the village, Nanyo and Asiah are talking together near the

"Hey guys, you seen Suki?" asks Kim as she lowers to the ground from
her flight.

Nanyo shrugs, "Not here... Why, is she missing?" She laughs.

"I think she is."

Nanyo gasps, "WTF?! What do you mean, she's missing?! WHERE IS SHE?!"
She shakes Kim by the shoulders.

"How the hell should I know?!"

WOULD?!" screams Nanyo, looking livid.

"Sounds like we have a kidnapping on our hands huh?" comes Sara's voice
as she sits on the top of the ship.

Nanyo mutters, "F*ck... I can't sense her! Damnit... I CAN'T SENSE

"Guess your SOL huh?" smiles Sara. "Can it sis." replies Kim.

Nanyo flips off Sara.

Sara playfully gasps and clutches her chest and fall to the ground
quiet realalisticly before quickly standing. "What that supposed to
do?" states Sara mockingly.

Nanyo curses, "F*ck off, Sara.... We gotta find Sashi, Starki... She's
closer to Suki... and stronger telepathically... she might be able to
sense her..."

"Ok, let's find her." states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Where's Becks? The two might be together..."

"Yeah, their together..." states Sara. "I was spying on them a little
while ago."

Nanyo demands, "Where, damnit?!"

"In the lower level of the ship, but hey, I was also spying on that
Alice girl and boy, to be so young, she's a little freak when she's
alone." Replies Sara.

Nanyo waves to Kim, "Let's go, Starki..."

"Ok." replies Kim.

Nanyo goes down to the lower level of the ship.

"Sashi's room is the one next to Sara's " states Kim as she follows
Nanyo down to the lower level of he ship.

"Gotcha... You go first... I'm.. eheh... lost..." stops Nanyo.

"Ok." Kim walks to the door a knocks on it.

There is no response.

"Yeah?" comes Becky's voice. "Hey Becky, is Sashi in there?" askes Kim.
"Sashi? yeah, why?"

Nanyo states, "Because Nisu is missing.. and we think she's been

"Sashi's kinda tied up at the moment." replies Becky. "Tied up?"
questions Kim.

Nanyo gasps, "WTF?!"

"Come back in about 10 minutes, ok?" asks Becky.

Nanyo gasps, "WHAT?!"

"Gimme ten minutes..."

"But.. Nisu's missing!"

"Ok, 5 then."

"Damnit.. we don't have 5 minutes!"

"Just chill ok, go someone to fu*k for a few minutes."

There is a muffled moan coming from the room.

"Anna." states Kim firmly. "Ok, ok, geez, don't have to go there. Just
gimme a sec..." Replies Becky.

Nanyo sighs, "Damnit... Where could she be?!" She runs a hand through
her bright red hair.

A moment later, the door slides up to reveal Becky completely in a Dom
outfit, Sashi behind her on the bed, hog-tied and gagged.

Nanyo gasps, "Whoah.... Dominatrix again?"

"Thought I'd try something, so, Suki's gone?" replies Becky.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... and I can't sense her... We thought Sashi might be
able too..."

"Ok." Becky walks to Sashi and removes the gag from her mouth, but
still tied.

Sashi gasps and coughs slightly, "Do you not have anything softer? That
thing is really hard..."

Becky quickly hits the side of Sashi's face with the riding crop in her
right hand. "Who's the Dom here?" states Becky.

Sashi flinches slightly, "Sorry, Mistress..."

"We need your help Sashi." states Kim.

Sashi states, "I appear to be tied up at the moment, Miss Kim... I must
wait until my 'Mistress' decides to untie me..."

"You guys just need Sashi to see if she can sense Suki right." asks

Nanyo nods, "Yeah..."

"So can't she just do that an you guys can leave?" stats Becky.

Nanyo turns to Kim, "I think that's possible... what do you think,

"Fine with me."

Nanyo asks, "So tell her to do so, will ya?!"

"k, Sashi, try and find Suki for us with your mind."

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." She closes her eyes, but
immediately opens them. "I get nothing... she must be unconscious..."

"oh-no." groans Kim.

Sashi speaks up, "But... I sense someone else here... someone who
doesn't belong here..."

"on the ship!?" asks Kim surprised.

Sashi nods, "Yes... I think... I think she is upstairs..."

"Well let's go then." states Kim as she leaves the room.

Nanyo nods, "Thanks, Sash..." and follows Kim.

They reach the upper level.

A small shadow is seen briefly before it vanishes, leaving a small
piece of paper down on the floor.

"What's this? states Kim as she spots the paper and picks it up.

Nanyo looks over Kim's shoulder, "Looks like a ransom note..."

"this is just great." groans Kim.

"Wait... did you read it, Starki?"

"No, not yet."

"There might be a clue as to who and where in there..."

"Ok, let's see..." Kim reads the letter.

There are letters which appear to be cut out of magazines which spell:
I wAnT SaShI NiHon... If yOu EvEr WaNt SuKi bAcK, CoMe tO tHe ToWn of
NoLt wItH SaShI aNd KiMmIe aLoNe... dO nOt bRiNg aNyWoNe eLsE oR SuKi
WiLl dIe..."

"Typical ransom note." states Kim.

Nanyo curses luridly again, "What do they mean, 'Come with Sashi and
Kimmie alone'?!"

"Me nd Sashi have to go to town alone."

Nanyo swears again, "Damnit... They must know we have a lot of

"Let's go get Sashi."

"Ok..." sighs Nanyo defeatedly.

Kim gets Sashi from the lower level and returns outside after she
dresses. "Led the way to Nolt."

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not know... wait... I do know where
that is... Follow me, Kim..." She takes off running as fast
as she can to the east.

"Dang-it, I forgot she was fast..." Kim quickly transforms and swiftly
catches up to Sashi, appearing to be flying just inches from the

"I am glad you are able to keep up with me... " states Sashi, not even
panting. "I had to go slow for you..."

"Don't worry, I can go much faster, I just needed to change to catch up
with you."

Sashi sighs, "Is that so? Then lemme kick it up a notch..." She starts
running so fast there is a trail of dust clouds following her.

"Piece a cake..." replies Kim easily speeds up and upon reaching Sashi,
positions herself to her back, with her hands under her head. "That all
you got?"

"Not really... but I thought we should save some power for the battle
we will have..." states Sashi.

"How do you know it will even be a battle?"

Sashi sighs, "I sense... HER...."

"Her? Her as in Hontyl?"

Sashi shakes her head, "No.. Nothing that severe... but... we will
still have trouble on our hands..."

"I sure it's nothing we can't handle."

"True... but you may have to hurt someone... someone you had fun

"Who could that be?"

"You should remember her... after all, you made her pee herself

"I hve no clue who your talking about."

"Your memory seems rather short, Kim... You do not remember who has a
grudge against me?"

"Tisha!?" exclaims Kim shocked.

Sashi asks, "Do you remember, now, Kim?"

"Yeah, I remimber."

Sashi states, "I sensed her back on the ship... she is still gunning
for me... because of my crime..."

"Well, we'll just have to knock some sense into her. Besides, other
than controlling time, she's got nothing."

Sashi nods, "Yes... but she can control time well... including making
us freeze.... this will not be as easy as you think..."

"i'm not going to let some little kid beat me, i have more tricks than
you think."

"And she has a hostage... would you endanger Suki's life, Kim?"

"Of course not."

"We must be careful..." states Sashi, slowing down as the two reach the

"Sure." states Kim before having a grin look cross her face.

Sashi points to a small building to the right, "She is there..."

"Let's go."

Sashi nods, "Yes..." and falls into step behind Kim.

Kim detransforms as she touches the ground and walks.

Suddenly, there is a sharp yell followed by a dull thud and Sashi
tenses, muttering, "Suki..."

"Let's get this over with."

"Indeed..." Sashi prepares herself for battle but before the two can
reach the building, an apple finds its way into Kim's mouth.

"Huh?" replies Kim as she talks the apple from her mouth.

Sashi nods, "I know.... Tisha's magic is powerful..." Just then, Kim's
leg gives out on her, dropping her to the ground. When Kim looks, it
seems her leg tripped over something.

"What the hell?"

Sashi tries to say something, but then she ends up, tied up much like

"Annoying little girl..." groans Kim.

At that moment, Tisha finally appears, now sporting purple hair and her
time wizard robes, holding a knife at Kim's throat. "B*tch..! you made
me pee pee myself!"

"Heh, and you liked it too, didn't you?" smiles Kim.

A blush creeps up Tisha's cheek, "That's beside the point! You
shouldn't've done it! Now I'm gonna kill you!"

"You liked it." teases Kim. "You liked peeing yourself."

"Stop! Stop it!" squeals the smaller girl, her hand trembling with
anger and embarrassment.

"It feels so good when you do it, I bet you'd like to do it again
wouldn't you?" teases Kim in a sexual tone.

Her hand trembles moreso, "No.. I.. I can't... I want to avenge my

"I bet you've already peed yourself since that first time, haven't you?

Tisha's lower body squirms slightly as she shakes her head, "N-No.. I..
I h-haven't..." She lowers her other hand slightly.

"I also bet that you'd like to see me wet myself huh? My bladder is
nice and full, whaddya say?"

Tisha trembles, and whines, "But... what about my parents?! She killed
them! And ne-never showed remorse for it!"

"Forget about that for a moment, don't you want to see an 18 year old
girl wet herself like a little girl?" Kim then shifts her postion to
sitting on her knees and placing her hand to her crotch.

"But... what about my revenge?" pouts the smaller girl cutely.

"Don't worry about that, come on, I'm about to burst." replies Kim
beginning to squirm.

"But... oh... can I tie you sometime?" blushes the smaller girl. "I'm
really good at that..."

"Whatever you like, can I stand up so you can see it better?"

"U-Um... O-Ok..." replies Tisha, still blushing as she lowers the

Kim slowly stands and unzips her shorts to expose her white panties.
"Wanna feel my abdomen?" smiles Kim.

The other girl blushes a darker red and nods, "O-Ok..." She reaches out
her hand.

Just before Tisha's hand touches Kim's Abdomen, Kim quickly snatches
her hand with her right and suddenly twists it and lifts up on it as
she moves it behind the girls back, which now faces Kim.

Kim quickly materializes a knife at the girl's neck. "Where's Suki!?"
demands Kim.

"Ack!" gasps the smaller girl. "I... I ain't telling ya...!"

Kim lifts the girl's arm behind her back slightly, but bringing a hard
shot of pain through her arm. "Where is she?"

"Ah! Ow! N-Noo! I.. I ain't telling ya! I want my revenge!"

"I have no problem breaking your arm yanno."

"NO! I.. I won't tell you! Sashi must die! SHE MUST PAY!" She squirms
in Kim's hold.

"Ok..." Kim does a quick jerk of ther girl's arm, swiftly
deslocating her shoulder. she may not have broken it, but it still
hurts like a bit*h.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!" whines the girl,
dropping to her knees.

"tell me where Suki is." states Kim as she grasps the girl's other arm.

"Nononononononononononoonononno!" whines the girl. "D-Don't break my
other arm!"

"Well tell me where Suki is then."

"I-In there... she's in there!" whines the small girl.

"Ok..." Kim pulls the girl up by her good arm, If she's not there, I
really will break the other arm." Kim then begins to walk with Tisha to
the building.

"Owowowowowowowowowowow...." whines the younger girl as the two make
there way into a dark room at the back where Suki is tied to a chair.

"Well, looks like your other arm is safe." replies Kim.

"Owowowowowow.... lemme go... lemme go!" tears come to the young girl's

"Your not going to go anywhere are you? Cause I'm sure you don't want
to walk around with a dislocated shoulder."

"No.. NO... I won't go anywhere..." whines the small girl.

"Good, now be a good girl and stay, I'll even fix your arm." states Kim
as she releases the girl's other arm and heads to Suki.

The young girl pouts and slides down to the floor, crying softly.

Kim then unties Suki. "Hey, you ok?"

Suki is unconscious, though it looks like she's only asleep.

Kim lightly taps the right side of Suki face. "Come on Suki, wake up, I
gotta go."

Suki yawns softly and opens her eyes, "Hhunh? K-Kimmie... what the...
did I faint again?"

"Yeah, Tisha kidnapped you, I forced her to tell me where you were by
dislocated her arm."

Suki gasps, "Oh no... are you okay, Kimmie?!"

"Of course, but Tisha's not feeling too well."

Suki giggles, "So you let her have it, did you?"

"Yeah-oohh..." replies Kim before quickly placing her
left hand to the crotch of her unzipped shorts.

Suki asks, "What's wrong, Kimmie? Are you ok?"

"I really have to pee."

"O-Oh.. you do? Then we need to get back to the ship..." Suki starts to
get up.

"Wait, I basically told Tisha that I'd pee myself and she wants to

Suki gasps, "You wouldn't! N-Not in front of her!" She looks shocked.

"Yeah, but I need to fix her arm first." states Kim as she heads over
to Tisha.

Tisha kicks out at her, whining, "Stay away! Y-you're gonna hurt me

"No I'm not, I'm gonna fix your arm." replies Kim.

"You're what?! How the flip wilson can you fix a broken arm?!"

Kim giggles for a moment, "I didn't really break your arm, I just
dislocated it from your shoulder."

"Dislocated it?! b-But it hurts so much!" she pouts.

"Yeah, I pretty sure it does. you want me to fix it or not?"

"What if you lie to me again?! I might end up worse!"

"I have Suki now, I have no reason to hurt you now."

Tisha thinks aloud, "Well... it hurts! It hurts too bad... It can't
possibly get any worse... Ok.. fine..... do it..."

"Ok..." Kim kneels down and places her left hand on the girls
dislocated shoulder lightly and her right hand to her other shoulder.
"Now this will hurt a lot for just a moment."

"O..ok..." whines the small girl.

Kim swiftly pushes up and in on the girls shoulder, popping it back in

Tisha screams, "AHHHHHHH!" and flinches heavily.

"There, good as new."

Tears fill Tisha's eyes again, whimpering.

Kim then quickly gasps and clutches her crotch with both
hands and she drops to her knees.

Suki calls, "Kimmie... you're gonna lose it soon..." Tisha's eyebrows
lift in surprise.

"Ah! I can't believe this." groans Kim as she lays on her left side
then rolls over with her rear in the air as she holds herself.

Suki calls, "Kimmie... can I help you in any way?"

"You won't, be doing much... it's, almost..." groans Kim.

Suki gasps, "You're gonna lose it, aren't you?"

"Y-y-yea!" groans Kim loudly as her hold breaks and
floods her panties and white shorts with her yellow urine as it soon
begins to trail down her legs and through her fingers.

Suki mmms as Tisha gasps, putting her hand over her mouth, "Whoah..."

Kim removes her hands from between her legs and it seems her urine
begins to flow out even faster as a puddle quickly grows under her.

Suki trails her tongue around her lips as Tisha stares, the blush
creeping up her cheeks.

a few moments later, Kim finishes with a sigh.

Suki asks, "All finished, Kimmie?"

"yeah, that felt great." replies Kim as she sits up.

Tisha gasps, "I... I can't believe you just did that..."

"Well I didn't really have much choice, I needed to go, I'm just glad
I'm not in public..."

"But... in your shorts and all... Not even bothering to take them
off... I... I just can't believe someone would be that bold..." gasps

"Well I didn't have time."

Tisha gasps, "Wow... it was that bad?"



"Yanno, I used to have public wetting accidents, those were horrible."

Tisha asks, "Is your bladder control that bad?"

It was when I was younger, but it's gotten stronger."

Tisha sighs, "Wow... so that's why you like it... You got
used to it..."

"Heh, yeah, that's one way of putting it."

Suki asks, "So what are we going to do now?"

"Sashi still outside i think."

At these words, Tisha's eyes turn firey red. "That b*tch MUST PAY FOR

"Aw crap..." mutters Kim.

Suki asks, "Can't you do something about her, Kimmie?"

"What can I do? She's incredibly determined."

"Is there anything we can do?"

"Heh, you tell me."

Tisha then gets a sparkle in her eye, "I got it! In place of Sashi's
death, I want you, Kimmie!" She grins evilly.


"I wanna...." here she blushes heavily and whispers in Kim's ear, "I
wanna tie you up...!"

"Oh, ok then."

"YAY! Whoo-hoo!"

To Be Continued In...
Alice's Heartbreak...

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