Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 63)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 63

Title: Chapter 56: Cute little android, Kya

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Suki turns to the door where Kim entered and knocks softly, "Kimmie...
are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine, why?" replies Kim from in the room.

"You're not mad at Sashi for trying to help are you?"

"No, not mad..."

"Are you sure, Kimmie?" asks the younger lolish girl.

"Yeah, I'm sure..." then Nikki's voice is heard with Kim's. "Hey Ki Ki!
That little sister of yours isn't really you 'little' sister is it?"
demands Nikki. "H-Huh?"

Suki gasps, "Is that you, Nikki-chan? What are you doing there?!"


"That little girl Sara is really your twin, Sara." claims Nikki. "How
do you know that?" asks Kim. "Let's just say, we go back..." replies
Nikki's voice.

Suki calls out, "Kimmie... what's going on... can I come in?" she tries

The door then slides up for Suki to walk in.

Suki shyly looks around the area and sees...

Kim and Nikki standing infront of each other.

Suki waves and bows toward Nikki, saying, "Hello, Nikki-san... "

Nikki smiles toward Suki but says nothing, then, for no apparent
reason, Sara appears lying on the bed in her normal form, Suki's first
time seeing her normal now.

Suki trembles suddenly, "Kimmie... wh-who is that?! She looks like

"It seems Sara's now back to normal now." replies Kim. Sara then
replies, "I just went to pick up a certain object from my place in
Pioneer 2."

Suki ducks behind Kim, looking suddenly fearful, "Sh-she's not gonna
try to kill you again, i-is she, Kimmie?!"

Sara looks to Kim and frowns slightly before turning to her loli form,
once in this form, she begins to tear up as she sat up on the bed.
"Kill her!? I'd never do such a thing!"

Suki comes back from behind Kim, "S-So you're not gonna threaten us?"

"Of course not!" exclaims Sara.

"O-Ok... so there's no reason to be afraid?"

Sara face suddenly straightens and she returns to her normal form
before repling with, "Of course bit*h." as she lays back onto the bed.

Suki trembles again at the rough language Sara used.

"Cute..." replies Kim smiling. "Shut up." groans Sara as she turns her
back to Kim.

Suki looks up at Nikki and asks, "So... what are you two talking

Suki presses on, "And what did you mean by cute, Kimmie?"

"Heh, you didn't notice Suki? When Sara wants to express a certian
emotion, she changes form." replies Kim.

"A certain emotion?" asks the smaller girl.

"The tears and stuff." clarifies Kim.

"Is she sad? Is that why she changed back into a little girl?"

"Not really sad..." replies Kim. "Can you two please drop the
conversation about me?" replies Sara.

Suki gasps, "Oh.. I.. I'm sorry, Sara..."

At this time, Nikki sits on the bed beside Sara and
begins to whisper into her ear.

Suki asks, "What's going on, Kimmie?" She looks worried.

"i don't know." suddenly, Sara returns to her loli form and quickly
removes herself from the bed yelling, "No!" before disappearing. Nikki
then smiles as she stands.

"Ni-san... Wh-what did you do to her?!" exclaims Suki in shock.

"Oh nothing, just... a conflict of interests, of sorts..."

"A.. A what?!" asks the girl, looking confused.

"It's nothing that concerns you."

"Um, ok..." she states, struggling to understand things she does not

Nikki then returns to the lower level of the ship, leaving Suki and Kim

"Well.. that was... um... weird...." states Suki.

"It sure was... don't ever do drugs Suki." replies Kim.

"Um... o-ok..." replies the smaller girl as someone calls out, "Nisu?
ya up there?"

"Looks like Nanyo's here."

Suki calls up, "I'll be down in a minute, Nan'chi..." She turns to Kim
and asks, "Say, Kimmie... would you come with me? There's someplace..
I.. I gotta go..."


Suki takes Kim's right arm in her own and wraps it around her body,
leaning close to Kim's body, "Ah, thank you, Kimmie... I.. I didn't
want to have to go alone..."


"It's so sad... the way she died... I... I miss her so much..." she
mumbles, sniffling a little.

"Huh?" Kim looks quite puzzled.

"My mom... I mean... she died in an accident when I was only 7... I...
I wanted to go see her grave before we left..."


"I.. I wanted her to see my love... the one I would marry... I.. I hope
she approves... wherever she is..."


The two reach the lower levels where Sashi and Nanyo are and Suki says,
"Sash.. I'm going to visit Mom.. Do you want to come?"

"Hey, Suki, I'll be back in a sec." states Kim as she heads towards the
door to Sara's current room.

Suki replies, "Um... ok..." as Sashi nods but Nanyo shakes her head,
"Nah... you three can go... I'll stay here and wait..."

Kim opens the door and heads in.

Suki then talks to Sashi for a bit at which point Sashi nods and leaves
the ship.

Kim returns a moment later. "Um, guys?"

Suki turns around, "Yeah, Kimmie?"

"I think you might want to see this."

Suki replies, "O... Ok..." as Nanyo asks, "What's the prob, Bob?"

"There's a body in here."

Suki gasps, "A.. A body?!" Nanyo demands, "Who?"

"It's a little girl."

"Wh-Who is it?" asks Suki.

I don't know, I never seen her before."

"Where did she come from?" asks Nanyo.

"I think that's what Sara ment when she brought something back with
her. Now come see." states Kim as she heads back into the room.

Suki follows with Nanyo at her heels.

They look to the left to see a small girl appearing just 8 years old,
nude and propted up against the wall limply, literally sitting on her
bright red hair.

"Wh-what the... sh-she's naked!" gasps Suki, covering her eyes. Nanyo
states, "She's not moving... what, is she dead or something?"

"I don't know, as soon as I saw her i called you guys in."

"This is weird..." states Nanyo, reaching out and touching the girl on
her nose.

Nanyo can feel that the girl's skin is warm to the touch.

"Whoah.. F*CK... she's warm... she must still be alive..."

From the touch, the girl slowly opens her eyes and merely looks at the
three blankly.

Nanyo gasps, "WHOAH SHIT... I think I woke her up..." She backs off as
Suki hides behind Kim.

Kim leans in close to the girl and waves a hand in front of her face.
"Hmm, she's not responding."

Suki gasps, "She's scaring me... wh-what is she?"

"I think she's an android." states Kim.

"An... An.. Android?" stutters Suki. "What's that?"

"A mechanical humanoid." states Kim.

"A... A WHAT?!" gasps Suki, her knees buckling under her, causing her
to fall.

Just then, the little girl monotonously states "Scheduled Start-up
successful." the girl's eyes the light up with their bright red color
and clearly looks at the others now, puzzled.

Suki's eyes roll back in her head and she pitches forward, falling into
a dead faint as Nanyo gasps, "Whoah, shit... nice android.. nice
android..." She puts her hands up in a defensive posture.

"What's going on? Where's my master?" asks the small girl."

Nanyo grips Kim's shoulder hard, asking, "This typical of all

"Sometimes, not all androids have masters." replies Kim.

"Oh, really?" asks Nanyo. "Damn.. Nisu's out again... she really can't
handle all these surprises...."

"Do any of you know where my master is? Her name is Sara." asks the
girl again.

Nanyo answers, "I haven't seen her... have you, Starki?"

"Yeah, she's here somewhere." states Kim. Sara then appears in the
room, which the small girl stands in joy.

"Master, what will we be doing today? Will it be another golden
shower?" asks the girl. "U-Uh..." replies Sara blushing.

"A golden shower... you mean you f*ck this little android whozzit?"

"Um... Kya, anyone you meet on this ship has the same power over you as
I do, ok?" states Sara. "OK!" Sara then quickly disappears.

Nanyo grins, "Well.. that was fun... hehe..."

"Is there anything any of you would like to do to me?" asks Kya.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulder, "What do you do with Sara-chan? You wanna
tell me?"

I'll take Suki out." states Kim leaving Nanyo. Kya then replies, "I do
any and everything Sara wants me to."

"Like?" grins Nanyo.

"Name it."

"How many golden showers have you done with Sara-chan?" she smirks.

The approximate number of golden showers Sara has given me is 246
times." replies Kya.

"Whoah... cool... and what else does she do with you? Come on... you
can tell me..."

"She's defecated on me, tied me up, beat me, forced me to pee... " Kya
goes on and on with just about everything possible that could be done
to her.

"Wow... so she treats ya like a veritable slave, eh?"

"A slave?"

"By doing all that stuff to you, yeah..."

"Well I was programmed to follow any order my master gave me." smiles

"See? That makes you a slave..."

"Ok, what's the big deal then?"

"Well, most people don't like to be slaves... for one..."

"Oh, well I'm programmed for one thing, to obey the orders of my
master. now she said anyone I meet on this ship has her power over me."

"So I see.... Well, I'm not the kind ta jest take advantage of a
slave... I like high spirited girls, myself..."

"I can be high-spirited! I a can!" exclaims Kya excitedly.

"Prove it... take me... I dare ya..." she snickers.

"Ok!" Kya walks to Nanyo and begins to pull down her pants.

"Hehe... this'll be fun..." smirks Nanyo as her panties are revealed to

"Do you want an orgasm Master?"

"Yeah... that'd be nice..."

"Ok!" Kya slides down Nanyo's panties and quickly begins to lick at
Nanyo's labia.

"Ooh... yesss...." moans Nanyo, her tender folds trembling under Kya's

Kya continues licking Nanyo with her small tongue.

"Oooh.... f*ck yeah... this is good... You're so talented..." her labia
starts to moisten and glisten with moisture.

"Thank you Master." thanks Kya as she stops her menstrations to reply.

"Hey... you earned it... Don't be shy..."

Kya then resumes licking at Nanyo's lower lips.

"Ough... f*ck... this is great... oh yeah..." groans the older girl.

Kya then starts licking at Nanyo's clit.

"Ah! Oh yeah... that's the spot... oh, f*ck yeah..." She puts her hands
on Kya's head to stablize herself as her legs start to go weak. A
little fluid now begins to leak from her vagina over her southern lips.

Kya continues without stopping.

"Oh hell yeah... OH keep going... Mmm.. I'm gonna cum soon... Oh
yeah..." she begins thrusting her hips against Kya's tongue.

Soon, Kya switches to teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

"Ough! OH HELL YEAH...." She begins to seizure slightly, her orgasm
only moments away.

Kya makes no verbal response and continues her action.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah...." mumbles Nanyo, as her lower body begins to quiver,
as her urethra opens up and she floods Kya's chin with her thick cum.

"Heh, you cum is thick master." states Kya smiling as she scoops up as
much as she can from her chin and puts it into her mouth.

"Hunnnh... yeah.... it is, isn't it... Oh yeah...." she smiles and pats
Kya's head.

"Master, I've detected that you have urine in your bladder, do you wish
to relieve yourself on me?"

Nanyo smiles, "You wanna play around with it, Kya? Go ahead... take
your time..."

"Play around with it?"

"Yeah... here... put your hand here..." She takes Kya's hand and puts
it on her abdomen.

"What now?"

"Try pushing gently, sweetie..." She winks at Kya.

"Ok." Kya then pushes into Nanyo's bladder.

"Ooh.. yeah.. .that's the shtuff..." She quivers and brings her thighs
together, trembling slightly.

"Will you not give me a golden shower Master?"

"Make me..." She teases the android girl.

"Ok." Kya then pushes very hard into Nanyo's bladder, attempting to
accomplish her order.

"Oooh.. not so hard, Kya... " she grimaces, trying futily to hold on,
but starting to pee regardless.

"But you said 'make me', did I misunderstand?" asks Kya
relieving the pressure.

After two spurts come out, she frowns, "Kya... when I said make me... I
meant it..."

"Oh, what about my shower?"

"Make me go and you'll get it... of that I promise you..."

"OK." Kya quickly resumes her hard pushing.

"OOugh, f*ck... I can't hold it...!* she moans, tensing up before a
spray of fluid leaves her urethra, flooding over the android girl's

Kya giggles once and opens her mouth to allow any urine into her mouth.

Nanyo relaxes as her urethra begins spewing out her golden fluid all
over Kya's face.

"It's so warm, I love it!" states Kya as her hair is now getting wet.

"Hehe... you got long hair, doncha?" grins Nanyo, her stream now arcing
up a little.

"Yes, Sara likes my hair long."

"So I see...." states Nanyo, her stream starting to slow down after 45

"Your done?"

"Looks like it... what do you think?" She grunts and another spurt
leaves her urethra.

"Getting pee'd on is my favorite!"

"Hehe... so I see... you were practically begging for it..."

"Can i pee on you?"

"Sure... go for it..."

"You'll need to lay down then."

"N'alrighty then..." She sits down, under Kya.

"Ok, here it comes..." states Kya, after a moment, a
bright yellow fluid falls from between Kya's young labia onto Nanyo.

"Oh... nice.... you don't drink much water, do you?"

"Nope." Kya pees just for only 13 seconds before stopping.

"You should... You need more fluid in ya..."

"Is there anything else you want me to do?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nah... I'm good..."


To Be Continued in...
Suki gets kidnapped!

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