Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 62)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 62

Title: Chapter 55: The newlyweds have some fun ^_^

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Meanwhile, back at Suki's house...

Suki giggles, "We're home, Kimmie... My house..."

"Yeah, you still want your crystal?" asks Kim smiling.

"In a minute... there's no harm in letting it stay there, is there?"
giggles Suki shyly.

"As long as you don't make it go cold again."

"I'll try... it's not exactly easy to control, Kimmie... at least...
not for me..." She starts to head up the stairs.

"Well what makes it cold again? I forgot." asks Kim following Suki

"My feelings, Kimmie... if I start to feel cold or hurt, it'll turn
cold as well... it's really hard to control.."

"Oh, hey, wait a sec Suki."

"Mm?" asks Suki.

Kim walks to Suki and swiftly picks her up into her arms.
"We got married afterall..."

"Aah! Wh-what are you doing, Kimmie?!" She immediately pushes down on
her skirt to keep herself covered up.

"I'm going to carry to your room of course." states Kim smiling.

"C-Carry...? W-Why?" asks Suki, blushing.

"It's done in movies all the time, I thought I'd try it too."

"O-Oh... it feels very romantic..." states Suki, blushing as she leans
close to Kim's left breast.

"I thought it would be." states Kim as she begins to carry Suki to her

"Hehe..." giggles the small girl, wrapping her arms around Kim's neck,
leaning close and kissing her on the cheek.

"Here we are..." announces Kim as she walk into the room, only to konk
Suki head on the door frame. "Oh! I sorry!"

"Daheeee...." mumbles Suki, looking dazed and disoriented.

Kim walks into the room correctly and sits Suki on the bed. "Are you

"Owiee..." winces Suki, reaching up and rubbing her sore noggin.

"Do you mind if i take my dress off? It's special to me and I don't
want to get it dirty."

"Ok... but can you put on your shorts and panties? I'd like to see you
in those..." She blushes.

"Uh, I didn't bring those with me, the shorts I mean, sorry."

"I've got a pair you can borrow... I usually wear those at night...
Here..." she opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of jean shorts.

"Thanks." Kim then turns around. "Think you can unzip me?" asks Kim
referring to the zipper that runs down the middle of her dresses back
all the way down to her lower back, near her butt.

"Um... sure..." replies Suki, doing what Kim asked of her.

"Thanks." replies Kim as she slides the dress off and it falls to the
floor, revealing just a pair of white lingerie panties.

Suki blushes, "Wow... th-those are skimpy... Definitely not your usual

"Uh, y-yeah, well this day is special for me too." states Kim blushing

"Special because of the bonding?" asks Suki, blushing as she hands Kim
the jean shorts.

"Yeah, and I never been married before." replies Kim stepping out of
her dress to put the shorts on.

"Neither have I... but I'd feel so embarrassed to wear those..." she
blushes again.

"Well, what do you want to do first?"

"I want to finish what I started..." smiles Suki. "Do you require
something to drink?"

"No, I've been holding it for you."

"Can I feel it real quick, Kimmie? I won't make you lose it just


Suki reaches down to Kim's abdomen and lightly runs her fingers across

"Hehe, that tickles a bit."

"Is it full, Kimmie? It doesn't seem like it's bulging yet..."

"Does it need to bulge for it to be full?"

"Is it full?" asks Suki, patting her bed, indicating she wants Kim to
lie down there.

"Yeah, at least it fills full." states Kim proceeding to lie on the

"Kimmie.. where, besides your ears, are you most sensitive?"

"Um... You mean sensitive like my ears or just more sensitive than

"Somewhere in-between your ears and your stomach..." clarifies Suki.

"Well, my right collar-bone always seemed kinda sensitive to touch more
than normal."

"You mean here...?" asks Suki, sitting next to Kim's head and running a
finger along Kim's collar bone.

"Ohh, yeah."

"Hehe..." giggles Suki cutely as she leans over and kisses
Kim on the lips.

"Um, when I said I was holing it for you, I don't mean I can hold it
for much longer..."

"Aw... too bad... I wanted to have some fun with you... I like taking
my time..." whines Suki.

"Well, I'm going to start squirming soon if that's any substitute."

"Ooh... I love your squirms... I wanna see..." she giggles again,
dropping her hands down to Kim's breasts and holding them.

"Well give me a little boost." smiles Kim.

"A boost?" she looks confused.

"a poke to the stomach maybe?"

"Oh... you mean, like this, Kimmie?" She reaches down with her middle
finger and pokes Kim's upper abdominal area.

Kim quickly tenses as a hard urge to pee hits her, but calmly sighs as
the urge momentarily begins to fade.

Suki giggles, "You like that, Kimmie?"

"Ohh, yeah, do it again."

"Like this, Kimmie?" she gives the older girl a slight pinch.

"No, not a pinch, poke me again." replies Kim.

"Oh... Ok..." She prods her index finger along Kim's abdominal wall.

Kim once again tenses quickly, as a low groan could be heard from her.

"Is that how you want me to do it, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl.

"Yeah, just like that." moans Kim.

Suki crawls on the bed up to Kim's lips and locks her own against Kim
as she playfully pokes at Kim's swollenness


Suki can feel Kim's tensing body under her as Kim kisses her back

Suki lowers her lips down along Kim's chin as one hand slides up under
Kim's arms, tickling gently while her right hand now
presses its palm against the storage organ.

"H-Hey, don't tickle and press, I won't be about to hold it if you do
that." quickly states Kim.

Suki giggles lightheartedly and pulls back, asking, "But isn't that the
whole point, Kimmie?"

"But don't you want to draw it out? I thought you wanted to play with
my body." replies Kim.

"But you said you couldn't hold it for long... Didn't you tell me that,


"Then... since you can't hold it long anyway, what would be the purpose
of trying to stretch it out?"

"Oh, ok, I understand."

"Now.. next time, I will try to make it longer... but.... for this
time..." She presses her palm a little harder on Kim's bulge.

Kim again tenses quickly as she vainly tries to hold her
urine back.

"Hehe... now for a squirm...." She removes her hand and runs her
fingertips across Kim's stomach as she uses her other hand to tickle
Kim up under her arm.

Kim suddenly begins giggling a little as she wriggles back and forth.

Suki giggles, "Hehe... I LOVE that squirm..." She leans over Kim's head
and licks the other girl's lips as she continues to tickle her.

"Hehe- It's coming out! -Haha!" giggles Kim as her control is ripped
from her and she wets the jean shorts Suki lent her.

Suki grins, "Wow... You really couldn't hold it, could you, Kimmie...
Now lemme see..." She runs her left hand up between Kim's thighs and
clutches at her crotch as Kim wets.

Although Suki doesn't tickle her, Kim continues to giggle as she pees

Suki feels the wetness of the jeans grow against her hand and giggles,
"Come on now... we gotta get you empty..."

Kim simply moans for the rest of the 30 seconds that she urinates.

Feeling Kim's stream start to taper off, Suki asks, "Done?"

"Yeah, that's the last of it."

Suki grins, "Good... "Then she peels off her dress until she is down to
a bra and panties.

"Your turn huh?"

Suki giggles, "If you have strength for it...?"

"of course I have the strength for it." smiles Kim

Suki giggles and blushes, asking, "Are you going to draw it out or make
it come sooner?"

"Well I like it when you wet herself, so if you don't mind..." Kim
quickly reaches for Suki and places her to the bed, basically switching
positions as Kim now looms over the smaller girl.

Suki giggles as she looks up at the older girl, "Can I still kiss and
hug you, Kimmie?"

Kim smiles, "If you can." as she moves her right hand under Suki's
panties and inserts her fingers into Suki, quickly locating the small
girls G-spot.

Suki gasps, "Ahh!" as she starts to arch her back slightly, reaching
out with her arms to hold Kim close to her body.

"I'm going to tease you till you pee yourself."

"A-And how are you going to do that in-inside of me?" asks the smaller

"Well, you have to pee don't you?"

"Y-Yeah... but as long as you're in me... I.. I don't think I feel the
urges so bad..."

"Hmmm, your right, then I'll tease you 'this' way..." Kim pulls her
fingers out and slowly stimulates her clit.

The small girl gasps in pleasure and quivers shyly, not used to someone
touching her there. "I-Is that.. my clitoris... y-you're touching?!"


"O-ooh... it feels good..." trembles the younger girl.

"And eventually, if I do this long enough, you should have an
unbearable urge to pee, and feel incredible pleasure. So in short, I'll
make you pee from pleasure."

"H-how is that possible?! I... I don't even feel the urge as long as
you do that?" questions Suki.

"It's possible, believe me..." states Kim as she continues to lightly
tease Suki's clit.

Suki trembles again and brings her thighs together, showing off her
sensitive nature.

Kim then begins Licking at Suki's neck.

Suki blushes and trembles again, starting to giggle slightly.

Suki's bra is quickly moved up as Kim pushes it above Suki's breasts
and licks at her right nipple as Kim continues to tease her clit.

Suki gasps, "AHhh.. hahhh... " and begins to pant as she arches her
back slightly, pushing her breasts closer and closer to
Kim's mouth.

"Is your urge growing Suki?"

Suki gulps, "Um.. n-no... I.. I don't feel it... but that doesn't mean
it's not going to happen..."

"Looks like I'll just have to try harder then..." replies Kim as she
now begins to rub Suki's clit with long strokes of her fingers.

Suki moans loudly, "AHHhhh.... K-Kimmie.. .I.. I... that feels... s-
soo.... GOOD!"

"I know, eventually, your urge to pee will make itself known, then
you'll be torn between coming or peeing...." states Kim smiling.

Suki blushes, "But Kimmie... how will I know which one to do?"

"Heh, that's your problem, but I'm going to try and make you pee before
you come."

"A-And how will you do that?" quivers Suki, beginning to squirm on the

"Simply by continuing to slowly tease your clit, after so long, your
urge to pee and climax will quickly grow.

Suki asks, "Is that h-how you will do it?"


"But I.. .I don't understand..." tries the smaller girl, beginning to
tense up.

"Don't worry, you don't have to understand, just know that you will
have a strong urge to pee and come."

"O-Ok... I-If you say so, K-Kimmie..."

"I'm going to love it when you do piss yourself..."

Suki giggles softly then pushes her hips forward, arching her back

Kim continues to slowly tease Suki's body, increasing both, her urge to
pee and climax for the next 15 minutes...

Suki finally starts to feel the urge to pee and starts quivering,
gasping, "Kimmie.. I.. I feel it...!"

"Heh, it's about time." smiles Kim.

Suki whines, "Kimmie... aren't you even gonna fool around
with my bladder?" She starts to tense up.

"That's what makes this method so great, you pee from your own lack of
control." replies Kim grinning.

Suki whines, "But Kimmie!" then she presses her thighs together hard.

"Ah, ah, ahhh, keep those legs spread..." replies Kim as she uses her
left leg to wedge in-between Suki's legs and push them apart.

"Kimmie!" whimpers the small girl as almost immediately a few spurts
start to come out.

"Yeah, that's it..." states Kim smiling.

"Kimmie! This is not fun!" whines Suki as she starts peeing a full on

"Aww, why not?" teases Kim, in speech now.

"Where's the fun in this...?! I like the forced issue..." whines the
short haired girl, still peeing.

"you can't have it your way all the time."

"Aw, KIMMIE!" whimpers the small girl, finishing her urination.

"Geez, don't be such a cry-baby."

"Cry- hic,,, ba-hic,... by?!" cries the girl, tears starting to flow
down her cheeks.

"Whoa, don't cry, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Suki turns over onto her side, sniffling as a few more tears run down
her cheeks.

"Geez, i didn't realize you were so da*n sensitive about something like
this." replies Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "N-No... I-It's not that.. it's just...." she
wipes her tears away.

"And I thought I was doing something you would like..." groans Kim.

"N-NO! Kimmie.. it's not like that..... It's just that... I'm sensitive
... down there... every time I pee like that...I just start tearing
up... I can't explain it..."

"Really, that's pretty weird."

Suki sniffles, "I think it has something to do with my sensitivity...
my empathic sense..." The spirit crystal in Kim warms up after being
slightly cooler.

"Ya know, I think it's about time I take that crystal out of me."

Suki giggles and the crystal vibrates slightly from the

"Ah! Now it vibrates?" replies Kim as she get to her feet.'

Suki giggles again, covering her mouth with her hand as she gasps out,
"It's reacting to my giggling... hehe..."

"Well it's coming out." states Kim as she reaches with her right hand
into her vagina and pull out Suki's sprit crystal, covered in Kim
arousal fluid and oozing drops to the floor as Kim holds it by it's
necklace part.

Suki giggles harder, "Eww... it's all wet and slimy looking..."

"heh, sorry."

"You'd better clean it up... hehe..."

A couple of hours later....

Kim and Suki return to the ship where everyone else has already
arrived, Kim and Suki are the only ones on the upper level though.

Suki asks, "Kimmie... why didja you keep it there? I mean, really..."

"Well, I wanted to keep it with me and it kinda didn't go with the
dress, so..." replies Kim blushing.

Suki shakes her head, still giggling, "Ok... but you'd better not lose
it now..."

"I won't."

Just then, Sashi comes upstairs, looking greasy and sweaty.

Kim quickly sighs. "What did you do to my ship now?"

"I noticed that one of your engines was misaligned, Kim...
and I have fixed it... you should have more power now..."

"Whatever..." states Kim as she walks into the back room.

"Hmm? Did I do something wrong, Kim?" asks Sashi.

"Just do want ever you want to my ship, it's not like it's yours or
something..." states Kim before the door slides down.

Sashi glances at Suki, raising an eyebrow to which Suki giggles and
replies, "I don't think you should do that again, Sash..."

To Be Continued in...
Cute little android, Kya

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