Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 61)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 61

Title: Chapter 54: Nanyo and Nikki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Meanwhile, as the door closes behind Becky, Nanyo comes down to the
lower level of the ship.

Nanyo rubs her cheek where Alice hit her. "Damn... she really walloped
me... That freaking stings..."

Nanyo can then make out a low moaning sound from the door in front of

"Huh?! What the..." she gasps, moving towards the door and pressing her
ear up against it.

Nanyo's unable to tell who the moans belong to but she can definitely
tell is a moan of pleasure.

"Hey... that sounds like f*cking... Yo... anyone in there?!" She knocks
at the door, but very faintly.

The person then gasps. "What!? Who's there?" it's Nikki's voice.

"Well, well, well.. if it ain't Nix... How the hell are ya doin'?"
exclaims Nanyo, trying to open the door.

The door suddenly slides up, Nikki has her back to Nanyo as she sits on
the bed, her hands are clearly in front of her trying to hid something
as she blushes profusely as she looks towards Nanyo.

"What are you doing?" grins Nanyo, moving slowly across the room.

"N-Nothing..." replies Nikki, flipping part of the bed cover over her
lower half.

"Are ya f*cking yaself, little neko?" smirks Nanyo, moving toward
Nikki's lower half.

"Not exactly..."

"Are you sure? Then why the secrecy? Why are you hiding yourself?"


"Come on.. you can tell me... I won't hold it against ya..."

"Well, while i have basic knowledge of combat, I know a few, non-
combative techs..." replies Nikki blushing.

"Non-combative techs? What's that?" asks Nanyo. sitting down next to
Nikki on the bed.

"Uh, this..." replies Nikki as she removes the cover to reveal her
clit, the whole erect 6 inches of it, and it has the girth of a normal

"WHOAH SH*T! That's some gargantuan cock you got there!" gasps Nanyo in

"It's not a cock, it's my clit."

"No way! There's no way... not so big... How do you do that?!" states
Nanyo with this look on her face: O_O

"It's a cosmetic change, the tech simply enlarges the clit to the size
of a cock." explains Nikki.

"Dayum girl.. That thing's bigger than some of the dicks I've seen in
my day..."

"Well, I was yanno..." states Nikki making a jacking off gesture with
her right hand.

"Ah... I see.... ya want some help?" grins Nanyo, getting over her


"Do... you... want... some... help?" states Nanyo slowly as though
she's speaking to someone who doesn't understand English.

"But what are you suggesting that your going to do?"

"What would you like me to do?" smiles Nanyo, placing her finger on
Nikki's clit.

Nikki tenses quickly from the touch. "Ah, try to be careful, it's still
my clit, just bigger."

"I'll be gentle... promise..." grins Nanyo wrapping her fingers around
the long thing, and holding it softly.

"Ok..." replies Nikki trembling slightly from Nanyo holding her clit.

"Would you like a blow job, Nix?" asks Nanyo, still smiling as she
starts to stroke up and down Nikki's clit.

"T-that would be great."

"Coolio..." smiles Nanyo, lowering her lips to the large clit and
licking it with expert motions.

"Ah!" gasps Nikki, throwing her head back as she feels Nanyo lick her
super sensitive dick-like clit.

"Like that, do you?" laughs Nanyo as she pulls back, lightly resting
one of her fingers alongside the clit, leaning it to each side.

"Y-Yeah, I can't wait for you to blow me." moans out Nikki as her tail
moves in front of her and rubs the middle of Nikki's bare chest.

"Hehe... I forgot about your tail... I'd better keep an eye on it..."
she giggles as she trails her tongue along the bottom side of Nikki's
enlarged clit.

"Ah, w-what do you m-mean by that?"

"Well, I wouldn't want you to smack me upset the head in the heat of
the moment, now would you?"

"I wouldn't do that, may be a rub along the neck though." smiles Nikki.

"Like this?" asks Nanyo, reaching out to Nikki's neck and giving it a
gentle rub.

"Yeah, but not quite as smooth as your hand."


"My tail, it has fur."

"So you like this?" asks Nanyo, again trailing her tongue up and down
Nikki's shaft.

Nikki tenses as she replies, "Y-Yeah, a l-lot."

"How long do you think you can stand it if I keep this up, Nix?"

"Not long..."

"Heh... and this?" she takes the whole length into her mouth.

Nikki gasps pleasurably as she places both of her hands on Nanyo head,
"T-That feels great!"

Nanyo says nothing more but her tongue slides up and down the length,
going faster and slightly harder.

Because of the intense pleasure, Nikki is robbed out her voice, she
can't even moan, but her mouth hangs open. Nikki quickly falls to her
back of the bed.

"More?" asks Nanyo, pulling back to grin,

"Yes! Please, I'm about to come." replies Nikki quickly.

"Hehe... you little hentai... heheh.." laughs Nanyo, bending back over
Nikki's clit, licking harder, using her tongue to push on the swollen

After a few seconds, Nikki begins to shake vigorously, still silent
from the pleasure.

"Mmmmmm... " moans Nanyo not stopping her tongue, but pushing harder
and faster.

Nikki's body then locks up as she comes silently. But since she doesn't
make a sound, Nanyo hears a definite 'plop' sound from Nikki's vagina.

"Liked that?" asks Nanyo, pulling back.

Nikki makes no verbal reply but her tail twitches.

"Hehe..." she glances down to Nikki's vagina and looks up inside.

Nanyo quickly finds that Nikki's vagina is covered in her thick, creamy
white cum.

"Ooh! Juice!" exclaims Nanyo, bending close and sticking out her tongue
to lick at the creamy cum.

Suddenly, Nanyo notices that Nikki's clit begins to shrink.

"Must not be able to concentrate... You ok, Nix?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine, I can't really use magic too well so it fades after
one orgasm." replies Nikki as her clit shrinks al the way to it's small

"So... you just tired, then, Nix?"


"Maybe you should take a nap, ne?"

"I'm not THAT tired."

"Oh really? Want another round?"

"With or Without my clit being the size of a dick?" smiles Nikki.

"Hehe... you prolly couldn't handle another orgasm with it that big..."

"You wanna bet on that?"

"Nah... but if you wanna, I can go again..."

"Hey, maybe I can fu*k you with my clit."

"Ya think so?" states Nanyo, her eyes widening with excitement.

"Yeah, why not? Theirs no risk of getting pregnant ether."

"Not like I could really get pregnant... but ok... let's do it!"

To Be Continued in...
The newlyweds have some fun ^_^

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