Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 60)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 60

Title: Chapter 53: Becky and Sashi's first fight...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



"I wonder what's up with that new girl. She was looking at me funny."
states Becky to Sashi as body of them are back to the lower rooms in
Kim's ship.

"It is possible she likes you, Becky..." states Sashi.

"Likes me? She just met me, she can't possibly like me, at least not
yet anyway."

Sashi rolls her eyes at Becky and says, "I did, you know.... "

"You did?"

"Why do you think I put up with all the slavery crap all the time? It
was because I liked you..."

"Oh, I do remember you saying something like that." replies Becky

"Becky... even slaves have their moments... when they feel all is dark
and they decide to kill themselves..."

"What are you saying?"

"Perhaps it would be better to show you..." She rolls up her left
sleeve and thrusts her arm out in front of Becky. "Do you not see the

"You tried to Kill yourself!?"

"More than a couple of times... "

"Why did you never tell me?!"

"It never seemed important... and regardless, it happened years ago."

"Oh, well, you really think that new girl likes me? She looks awful

"That she is.... she must be younger than even Tisha..."

Wow, hehe, I never thought I'd have an admirer..." states Becky

"You have two, Becky..."

"Heh, but I shouldn't jump to conclusions about her, If she like me,
I'll wait until she wants to admit it to me."

"Then that might take years... or months... depending on her shyness

"If she really wants me, she'll come around." replies Becky smiling.

"Then we must wait.... what would you like to do in the meantime,
Becky? My sweet little sister..." here she breaks off, thinking of

"What about your sister?"

"She is so tiny... so loving... the love I feel from her is pouring out
in veins... It feels like a deluge of happiness for her..."

"I feel the same for Kimmie, finally getting married..."

"Do you know what they are doing right now? I suspect Kim is going to
need a change of dress soon..."

"Hehe, I would assume so."

Sashi sighs, "She loves it.... she has always loved doing that to

"Hey, since your not a slave anymore, you wanna do something?" asks
Becky grinning.

"You want to fool around?" asks Sashi, smiling as well.

"Yeah, I want you to take the initiative this time."

"Hehe.. you have asked for something your butt cannot take..." She
leans over to Becky and kisses her on the lips.

"Ohhh, What does that mean?" smiles Becky once the kiss ends.

"It means something like this..." She grabs Becky around the waist and
spins her around so that Becky is now kneeling over Sashi's lap.

"You can't be serious." replies Becky nervously.

"Indeed I am, Becky... you have been a very bad girl... Now you must be
punished..." She brings her hand back and with supersonic speed, slams
against. Becky's butt.

"Ah! Hey now, starting a little hard aren't ya?" asks Becky.

"I am sorry... would you like it like this?" She gives another swat
this time with a pain level of 8.

"OW! Hey, that wasn't less painful." states Becky surprised.

Sashi only smiles as she hits Becky's behind harder (9) before she
asks, "Do you not like pain, Becky?"

"Owie! Yeah I like pain, but I was kinda expecting you to start

"Where would the fun be in that case, Beck?" grins Sashi sliding her
left hand up to Becky's crotch under her skirt and cups her labia in
her fingertips.

"Ohh, what are you gonna do now?"

"See how wet you are from time to time..." Sashi then slides over
Becky's panties and jams a finger into Becky's vaginal hole.

"Ah! hey, take it easy there, that's a tender place."

"Shut up, bad girl..." grins Sashi as she pulls her finger
out to swat Becky's buttocks again.

"Ah!, so I'm a bad girl now huh?"

"Indeed you are... that is why you deserve a spanking..." She hits
Becky again, leaving her finger prints on Becky's rear.

"Ah, crap, that's starting to sting now." complains Becky.

"You do not like it, Becky? And here I was using my full power..."

"Your ruining the mood Sashi, I like pain remember? I'll complain, but
that's my way of encouraging you, understand?"

"Ah... my fault... I am sorry...." She hits Becky hard again.

Becky quickly tenses as she groans a bit and shakes slightly.

Sashi grins as she swats for another 5 times, each time leaving her
right hand pressing up against Becky's labia.

"Ah!" exclaims Becky as tears begin to trail her cheeks.

Sashi smiles, "This should be painful... Becky should like this..." She
jams her index finger hard up in Becky's vagina.

Becky quickly tenses and groans softly.

Sashi then pushes Becky's rear down towards the floor and hits her back
really hard.

Becky quickly burps as she Ah's at the same time and blushes.

"What was that, Becky?!" grins Sashi as she pushes Becky off of her lap
and gives her a quick shot to the ribs with her left hand.

"Ah, s-sorry, didn't know I needed to burp."

"Did I tell you to talk, Becky?! I do not think I did..." She flashes,
then reappears behind Becky.

"What's going on? What are you doing?"

"I told you not to speak!" She grabs Becky's arms and pulls them behind
her, holding them through her mental handcuffs.

"OK, ok!"

"Shut up!" She lifts Becky's arm, twisting it slightly as she slaps
Becky's back with her other hand.

"Ow!" groans Becky.

"I told you to shut up!" exclaims Sashi as she does the same thing,
only twisting Becky's arm tighter.

Becky finally remains silent but quietly groans as she closes her eyes.

"Now then... Kneel!"

Becky does so.

"Now then... tell me... Who is your Mistress?" states Sashi as she
reaches around Becky's body and cups her breasts.

"Sashi." states Becky lowly.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO SPEAK, SLAVE!" She slaps Becky with a hard slap to
the right cheek.

"AH! But you said..."

"I told you not to speak! If you do not want to suffer pain, do not
speak!" She grabs Becky's left nipple and twists it gently.

"Becky tenses for a moment and nods.

"Good... now tell me... what is your full name?" She pushes in on
Becky's breast.

Becky simply looks up at Sashi.

"Tell me... tell me now, slave!" She cups Becky's breasts and rolls
them up and down and around.

"Becky Anna Starr"

"I told you to SHUT UP!" She twists Becky's arm again, forcing the
other girl forward onto the ground.

"Which is it!" demands Becky.

"Shut up! I told you NOT TO SPEAK, slave!" she forces Becky's chest
into the ground and starts moving her around, rubbing her breasts

"Owwww." groans Becky from Sashi's rough action.

"Shut up!" Now she forces Becky's head into the ground, trying to force
dirt into her mouth.

"But it hurts." complains Becky.

"It is not supposed to feel pleasant, slave..." She reaches her left
hand up between Becky's legs to feel her labia.

Becky tenses in moderate pleasure as Sashi feels her labia.

"So I see you like it... you like not being in control... very good..."
She forces Becky's head against the cold steel of the ship and uses her
left hand to squeeze Becky's left breast hard again.


"How many times have I told you to shut up?!" She pulls Becky's head up
slightly and pinches her nose shut as she squeezes her stomach with
great force.

This causes Becky to quickly inhale through her mouth.

"There... that shut you up... Now then..." She rolls Becky over on to
her back side and spreads her legs.

Becky says nothing, just looks at Sashi.

Sashi smiles and winks at Becky as she runs her hands down along
Becky's stomach to her sweet feminine area and starts probing with her
index finger.

Becky tenses and moans with pleasure.

"And you are all wet... your panties must be drenched by now..." grins
Sashi as she pulls off what looks like some sort of belt from her

Becky simply nods.

"But I have yet to get started..." states Sashi as she rolls up the
belt, holding it like a whip.

"Becky's eyes quickly widen at this.

"You have been a very bad girl, Becky... Did you really think you would
get off without a whuppin'?"

Becky nods nervously, sweatdropping.

"How simple you are...." grins Sashi as she aims for Becky's stomach.
Then, at the last second, she pulls back, revealing a dagger in her
hand where her belt used to be.

Becky now gives a puzzled look.

Suddenly, something hard strikes Becky's chest with unrelenting force
as Sashi grins.

"AH!" quickly screams Becky as Sashi's belt hits her.

"Surprised, are you? Yes, I would be too... It seems my telekinesis is
better than ever..." states Sashi as she places the tip of the dagger
against Becky's abdomen.

"W-What are you gonna do?"

"I am going to cut out your bladder and start squeezing the pee out of
you..." grins Sashi.

Becky suddenly turns pale at the statement. "T-Tell me your kidding,
please." She truly looks scared now.

"Why would I kid about something like that?" smirks Sashi as her belt
hits Becky's upper stomach, leaving a small welt there.

"Ah! Don't, please!" begs Becky as she tries to get away from Sashi.

"So I have finally scared you, have I? Good..." She reaches down to
Becky's abdomen and gently pats it.

"Don't cut me open."

Sashi licks her dagger, "And why not? You have done it before..."

"No I haven't!"

"Liar... I can see the scars..." She puts some pressure on
Becky's abdomen as she lifts up Becky's skirt.

"Sara did that to me in my mind. Don't do this, I'm begging you,
please." Becky is now crying, Sashi has obviously brought up a painful
memory for Becky.

"Relax, girl... I have no intention of actually cutting you... look..."
She stabs the dagger into Becky... only to reveal that the blade is

Becky quickly looks mad and swiftly stands and rushes out of the room.

"What the... Hey wait!" calls Sashi, running after her.

"Leave me alone Sashi!" exclaims Becky through the door, which is
surprisingly locked.

"Damn... whadda I do?!" calls the younger girl.

"You went too far Sashi.

"Ok ok.. I am sorry! I am sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

"Couldn't you tell I was no longer going along with the act?"

"Not without reading your mind... I thought I was not supposed to read
your mind!"

"You can't look at someone and tell that their afriad?!"

"No... because I never had much practice at it... I am SO SORRY, Becky!

"Just... Leave me alone." Becky's footsteps can b heard faded, leaving

Sashi kicks the side of the ship, "Damn it all... I really f*cked

Sara then appears in the room with Sashi from a black cloud of smoke.
"Too bad, ya really blew it didn't ya?"

"No shit Sherlock... just leave me alone..." states Sashi

"I'd say you and Becky are really a couple now, yanno?"

"What business is it of yours that you make such a pronouncement?" asks

"Well, don't all couples fight? Isn't this your first fight?"

"...." states Sashi leaning up against the wall.

"So congratulates, your officially a couple." smiles Sara.

"Whatever... just go away..." states Sashi.

"Aw, is the little slave sad?" teases Sara.


"Heh, the silent treatment huh?"


Sara then sits on the bed in the room. "Well, I'll tell you how I did
it then..."

"Do not even start... I do not wish to hear it..."

"Oh, but you have no choice, your locked in here, so I'm going to tell
you all about how I tortured your little girlfriend... and I'm going to
enjoy every word of it, just like I was there, again."
smiles Sara.

"....." Sashi moves close to Sara and sighs, "If you even so much as
begin, I will slit your throat..."

Sara then stands, looking down at Sashi. "Would you now?" smiles Sara.

Sashi flashes and disappears. A moment later, she reappears behind
Sara, holding the dagger to her throat.

Sara then giggles lightly to herself as she suddenly grasps the hand
Sashi uses to hold the knife and turns to face Sashi. "Let me help
you..." replies Sara as she presses the knife to her (Sara) neck.


"Tell me, have you ever looked into the eyes of the person your about
to kill?" asks Sara as she begins to push the knife across her neck,
drawing her blood.

"It is not something I brag about but yes... I have..."

"Then you know, the eyes of a person can speak their true thoughts.
What do you see in MY eyes?"

"You are not afraid of death? It is hard without my powers..."

"Correct, Death threats only work on those who fear death." as Sara
trails the knife father across her neck, Sashi can feel a cut along her

"You will not find me afraid of death, either... Sara..."

"Is that so? You have someone Who loves you though, how do you think
Becky would feel knowing you were dead?"

"That is not any concern of mine... I have had other lovers... what
they feel is irrelevant..."

"So you would not feel anything for leaving little Becky to suffer over
your loss?"

"No... because I will not be leaving her..." She suddenly flips Sara
onto her back and holds the dagger back at HER throat.

"you know Slave Girl, we have a lot in common."

"We do?"

"Yes, for example, you would die for Becky, would you not?"

"That is my duty... yes... "

"And I would easily give my life to save Sister." Sara then changes to
her loli form, just because she wants too, her clothes
having shrunken to fit her.

"Then why do we fight?"

"That's a good question..." states Sara as she walks from Sashi and
jumps onto the bed and lies on her back.

"Whatever..." states Sashi, leaning back against the wall across from

"First, I had her suspended in the air..." begins Sara.

"....." says Sashi, no longer willing to fight.

"...Because of that mouth of her's, her left arm was the first to


Sara's right hand then goes under her shorts and she slightly moans
out. "I just watched her bleed for a few moment, seeing her get paler
and paler..."


"After replacing her arm, I impaled her with a sword, slowly, watching
and hearing her scream in agony." continues Sara as
she closes her eyes and begins to thrust her fingers in and out of her.

".... so you get off on that, do you?"

"Yes, does that sicken you?" asks Sara grinning.

"No... I have seen worse..."

"Aw, that's such a pity, anyway... once one sword was in, I quickly
shoved a second into her... Oh the scream, it was wonderful..."


"I then removed the swords, and cut off pieces of her right breast, and
I ate it, then I forced her to do the same."

"...mmmm... no wonder Becky did not like being cut..."

"No, that wasn't it, after that, I cut her open, like an animal..."


"Then I..."Sara suddenly stops herself and looks surprised for some
reason as she stares at the ceiling.

"Hmmm? Why did you stop, Sara?"

Sara suddenly removes her hand from her shorts and rolls to her right
side crying.

"Hmmmm? What is wrong, Sara?!"

"S-Shortly after that, I removed Becky's uterus..." states a crying
loli Sara

"So THAT is why... why did you do that?"

"I hated my sister so much at the time, I was willing to do anything to
hurt her."

"I see... So that is why... I must admit... It was masterful stroke of

"No, you can't see me like this!" exclaims Sara as she returns to her
normal form as disappears.


There's then a nock at the door. "Sashi?" comes Becky's low voice

"Becky? Are you okay?" calls Sashi.

"I sorry for yelling at you Sashi."

"It is ok... it was my fault... I did not know what Sara did to you...
I am sorry..."

The door then slides up to show Becky. I guess i pretty much killed the
mood huh?"

"Probably.... but do not fret... we can do it again sometime..." smiles

The two then hear a familiar little girl's voice faintly above them in
the ships upper level. "Whoa, this thing is big." states the voice.

"Is that Alice?" asks Sashi.

"Sounds like it." replies Becky. "Is anyone here?" comes Alice's voice
as she comes down into the lower level.

"I am here... and so is Becky..." calls Sashi.

Alice then runs to the open door of the two's room. "Oh, My mother's
ship is pretty big." states Alice. "Huh?" replies Becky with a puzzled
look on her face.

"Indeed it is... It has many floors, Alice... Do you like it?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Time out! What mother are you talking about?" Alice
replies, "My mommie, Kimberly." Becky immediately anime falls.

"You did not know, Becky? Oh... I am sorry... I know already from


"WHAT!? You Mother Is my sister, Kimmie?!" exclaims Becky in shock.
"Yes, that is correct." replies Alice. "B-B-But HOW!? Your too old to
be her daughter!" exclaims Becky.

"This is a really big shock for her..." Sashi explains to Becky.

"Um, Becky..." states Alice blushing and looking away and twiddling her
fingers in front of her nervously. "What now?" asks Becky, not taking
notice of Alice mood.

"This will not end well..." thinks Sashi to herself.

"I... I... I.. ICAN'TDOTHIS!" states Alice before quickly running away.
"Huh? What was that about?" states Becky to herself looking puzzled.

"I think it would be better if she told you herself..." states Sashi.

"But wait, if she's really Kimmie's daughter, and she likes me,
wouldn't that kinda be incest?"

"And you do not realize that your love for Kim is not incest?"

Becky smiles nervously and sweatdrops, but doesn't say anything.

"Hehe..." chuckles Sashi.

"But she's Kimmie's daughter, I just wouldn't feel right starting
something with her."

"Why not? She obviously has feelings for you..."

"I dunno, It just feels weird..."

"Hmmm... it is up to you, of course..."

"But I don't want to hurt her feelings though, she's so

"It is, ultimately, your decision.... What are you going to do, Becky?"

Becky sighs. "I don't know, I really don't know."

"I do not know either, Becky..."

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo and Nikki

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