Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 6)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 5: The Ap-Dat Village- The DP

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Watersports, blood]

As the girl and Suki speak, Nanyo pulls back to talk to Kim. She
whispers, "C'mon... Let's let the two lovebirds talk, shall we?" There
is a certain amount of pain in her ruby-tinted eyes, but she hides it

"Ok, where are we going?" replies Kim.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Where else?" She stiffens up and throws
out her left arm, overdramatically and calls, "The Bedroom!"

"You act just like Becky ya know that?" states Kim.

"Heh, I do?" questions Nanyo as the two girls enter the bunker and
quickly traverse the distance to the back bedroom.

"Yeah, and one of her is enough..." replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh come on.. don't tell me she actually likes to 'mess'
around, does she?" She grins at Kim and pats the bed, indicating she
wants the Huntress to sit down.

"Yeah, that goodness she's in love with Sashi now. She doesn't 'mess
around' with me that much anymore." states Kim as she lays on the bed.

Nanyo laughs again, "Oh, come now... surely you can't tell me you
didn't LIKE any of that, did you?" She reaches up to Kim's vest and
begins to open it.

"Of course I liked it, Its just, it was all day, everyday. It gets a
bit tiring after awhile." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "And that bothered you, Kim? What, you don't like sex?
Geez, and here I'm trying to teach you about your DP... Now I feel all
bad for doing this.." She teases, pulling Kim's vest completely off and
exposing her bra.

"I like it. I'm just not horny all the time like Becky is." replies

"Ah... I see... By the way, Kim... do you want to do it with underwear
or san underwear?" She reaches down to Kim's shorts and gently slides
them down her hips.

I'd prefer no underwear if that's ok with you." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Not too confident, are you? Fine... if you prefer..." She
reaches up to Kim's bra and unclasps it, then she pulls it aside and
tugs Kim's panties down past her feet exposing her pubic mound and her

Kim blushes as her labia is revealed to Nanyo. For perhaps, the second

Nanyo grins, "Nice... look... you've even got a little peach fuzz
here... " She gives Kim's mound a gentle caress.

Kim moans lowly as Nanyo does this and her nipples begin to stiffen.

Nanyo giggles, "Sensitive, aren't you? Don't worry... I won't do that
just yet.. First, I want to teach you how to find your DP... First, you
have to locate an area that, when touched, gives you the feeling you
hafta pee without actually losing control... Is your bladder at least
50% full, Kim?"

"Yeah, It should be." replies Kim.

"Ok... now then... we have to find a place where, when I touch you, you
feel like needing to pee..." Nanyo adds, "Now, some girls' DP are
located near the bladder itself... Let's try here..." She begins to rub
Kim's abdomen.

"No, that's not it. That just tickles a bit." replies Kim.

Nanyo mmmph's, "I see... ok... then, another big area for the DP is up
here..." She slides her hands up to Kim's ribs and back around to where
Kim's kidneys are and starts rubbing again.

Kim quickly flinches away. "That tickles!"

Nanyo laughs, "Ok... well... here's another interesting area that I'm
sure you know about..." She runs her left hand up to Kim's right breast
and under her arm, right where her own DP is. She starts rubbing.

"Come on! Quit with the tickling! Your just like Suki!" states Kim

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah, that's true.. Suki loves to tickle people... I
remember this one time... she tickled me until I peed myself...sigh...
that was one of my greatest orgasms..."

"Orgasms? You said she made you pee yourself." states Kim.

Nanyo nodded, "Yeah.. but she didn't stop tickling me until I came...
and I mean, hard... I don't think I've ever ejaculated that much
fluid... I mean, not only were my panties soaked, but so was the bed,
the wall near me, AND Suki's towel which she wrapped around me when she
saw me ejaculating..."

"Her tickling made you come?" asks Kim puzzled.

"Heee, hee.. oh yeah.. You see... Suki didn't just tickle me under the
arms or on my feet... she tickled me ALL over... including on my labia
and vagina... she didn't let up until I came... that's one of her

"Which wouldn't be landings." states Kim giggling to herself.

Nanyo laughs, "Oh, yeah... poor girl... she never got the ability to
land straight... she was always a weak little girl... It wasn't her
fault... she'd had a terrible illness when she was really young and
never really had the mana necessary to lift herself up and fly with
great control..."

"Oh? I never knew that." replies Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... that's why she's always crashing into something
or other... she's getting stronger though... Anyway... enough about
her... Let's focus on you..." Nanyo looks away briefly, wiping a tear
away and hoping that Kim doesn't notice as she turns back and lowers
her hands to Kim's breasts proper and starts, "Ok.. another area that
is often the DP is right... here..." She starts rubbing the area
between Kim's breasts.

"Nope, nothing." replies Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Hmmm... tough one, aren't you? No problem.. we'll try
this..." She slides down to Kim's pubic mound and starts rubbing the
peach fuzz.

"It feels good, but nope, that's not it." states Kim.

"Ok ok... how about here?" Nanyo begins to touch Kim's delicate labia.

Kim gasps in pleasure for a moment. "N-No, that's not it ether."

Nanyo puts her hand to her chin and thinks, "Hmm.. if not here... then
maybe..." She lowers her hands to Kim's thighs and begins rubbing up
toward her crotch.

"AH!" gasps Kim as she quickly closes her legs together, trapping
Nanyo's hand.

Nanyo gasps, "Aha! One of these areas is it.." She touches Kim's right
thigh first. She asks, "Is this it?"


Nanyo grins and asks, gently touching Kim's left thigh, "Is this it?"

Kim tenses up. "Y-Yea! That has to be it."

Nanyo smirks, "Ok.. now Kim... be prepared.. once I start rubbing
here... you will feel increasing waves of desperation... you will feel
like you have to pee so bad that you're gonna burst.. and you will lose
control awfully fast... are you ready?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm ready." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok... here we go..." She begins stroking Kim's thigh a
little harder.

Kim immediately starts to tremble as she tenses up and groaning.

Nanyo giggles, "Haha haha... You're already weakening... just about 10
seconds more..." She rubs tenderly and slips her free hand's index
finger down to Kim's anus, thinking about what she might do next.

Kim blushes VERY deeply as she feels Nanyo's finger near her anus, but
just squirms slightly.

Nanyo smirks, "You like that, Kim?" she intones in a husky voice as she
continues to stroke Kim's left inner thigh. She adds, "Should only be
about 3 seconds more..."

Kim coo's loudly before groaning and starting to squirm more.

Nanyo tries to open her mind into Kim's mind, trying to sense Kim's
feelings as she continues to rub Kim's thigh and starts using her free
hand to lightly probe Kim's anus.

Kim begins to tremble again from both the urge to pee and Nanyo's
finger probing her anus.

Nanyo concentrates, summoning up her strong mental powers to try to
read Kim's mind. (Thought Projection), "You need to pee... you really
hafta to pee.... even though your bladder isn't full and you can't feel
it throbbing, you know you'll gonna burst if you don't move or clutch

"But, I wanna try, and hold it..." replies Kim.

Nanyo shook her head, "You can't... the DP is very powerful..." She
rubs harder, pouring an incredibly HUGE wave of pee desperation into
Kim's body.

"Ah!" gasps Kim as she quickly places her right hand firmly over her
labia to reinforce her hold.

Nanyo laughs and uses her mana to lift up Kim's hand, floating it above
her body as she rubs Kim's thigh as hard as possible.

"Ah! I... can't hold it in! It's coming out!" states Kim loudly as she
thrusts her hips forward as a long stream of urine leaves
her urethra.

Nanyo leans back and laughs, "See? Not even you can hold it very long,
Kim!" She laughs again.

Kim sighs as she finishes. "Yeah, it would seem so..."

Nanyo giggles and starts to get up, saying, "Well... that's how you do
it... Easy, eh?" She winks at Kim.

"Yeah, really easy."

Nanyo winks, "I can't wait until you try that on someone else... ha
ha..." She gets up and starts to make for the door.

Kim quickly teleports in front of Nanyo. "Hey, hey, hey! Where do you
think your going?"

Nanyo giggles, "Sure took you long enough to catch on... You're almost
as dim as Nisu..." She sticks her tongue out at Kim.

"I'm not dim." replies Kim.

Nanyo sniggers, "Of course you're not... Of course, you're not.."

Kim glares at Nanyo before smiling. then takes her by her right arm and
pushes her onto the bed.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow, still grinning, "Ooh, little rough, ain't ya?"

"Got a problem with it? I can be gentle if ya want..." states Kim
smiling as she crawls onto the bed on all fours, above Nanyo.

Nanyo giggles, her body shaking with her laughter, "Like it really
matters, Kim!" She reaches her arm up and pulls Kim close and into a

"Well then, you shouldn't mind if I did this then." states Kim as she
grips Nanyo's sweater around the collar and rips the clothing from the
girls chest.

Nanyo laughs again, "Hahee.... you do seem to like it rough..." Her
bra, a red one with front clasps, is exposed, barely restraining her C
cup breasts.

Kim just smiles as she reaches under Nanyo's bra to cup her left breast
and squeezes particularly hard.

Nanyo just laughs, "Ooh... and here I thought your sister was the rough

"She is, and she like it rough too. By the way, are you into pain?"
states Kim.

Nanyo winks, "What do you think?"

"I'm talk'in being cut. that kind of pain." states Kim.

Nanyo smiles and responds, huskily, "You wanna cut me and find out?"

Kim smirks. "Honey, you ain't said nothing but a word..." states Kim as
she forms a small, familiar dagger in her left hand.

"Nice transmogrification there... but, if the 'victim' may make a
suggestion..." She rolls onto her left side and reveals her right side
to Kim and slaps her hand on her upper stomach, "You might try here..."
She winks at Kim.

"Sure why not." states Kim as she carefully puts the blade on Nanyo's
upper stomach and slowly begins to cut a line.

Nanyo looks down and sees the blood, her breathing quickening as she
smiles, "Hey, that's nice..." She reaches down with one of her fingers,
scoops up a little blood, and starts sucking on her own blood, "Mmm...

"Just like Becky, remind me never to leave the two of you alone."
states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, "Maybe I should have showed HER the DP, instead..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asks Kim as she quickly moves the blade
up a bit a cuts slightly deeper.

Nanyo shivers slightly from pleasure and smiles, "Nothing... Honest!"
Though it's clear she's lying.

"Don't lie to me. remember, I have a blade in my hand." states Kim

"And why should I tell you the truth? After all, you're cutting me
up...." She giggles again and starts rubbing the blood across her

"Because, If I happen to slip, you could be in some serious trouble."
states Kim as she cuts a higher area on Nanyo's stomach.

Nanyo laughs again, "Oh please... I've been cut worse... It's not like
I can't just heal up with my stuff..."

Kim's facial expression changes in that she's clearly thinking 'Crap'.
then smiles as she gets an idea. She raises the blade up to Nanyo's
right breast.

Nanyo grins, "Gonna cut me there?"

"If you don't tell me, yeah." states Kim.

"Hee, hee... so you like to be a Dom, eh? Fine... I'll tell ya... I was
thinking... If Becky likes pain, I'd like to 'play' with her a
little... maybe throw a little scare into her..." She winks at Kim.

Kim smiles. "What'd you have in mind?"

Nanyo winks and starts projecting images into Kim's mind, showing Kim
scenes of light rape and a shot of Becky cumming hard into her panties
when Nanyo cuts her stomach.

"Heh, Becky would love that." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know... I can read her mind as easy as day... and
you're not that much more difficult... Sashi is HARD though... and Nisu
is FUN to read...."

"Well, let's get back to the task at hand shall we?" states Kim as she
un-clasps Nanyo's bra and places the blade on her right breast.

Nanyo continues to smile as her breast swells slightly with the cold
metal blade pressing on it. "Nice... but I wonder... would Becky like

"Like what?" asks Kim.

Nanyo replies, "Putting something cold and hard against her breasts..."

"Yeah, she likes just about everything. but If I get too rough we do
have a safety word we agreed on that she'll say, and I'll stop." states

Nanyo raises her eyebrows and replies, "Softy... You're a wuss..." She
sticks her tongue out again and teases Kim.

"A wuss? How so?" asks Kim.

Nanyo teases, "If you don't know when to stop without speaking, then
you need mental training..." She laughs.

Kim smirks and uses the sharp point of the blade to stab into Nanyo's
breast about 2 centimeters.

Nanyo laughs, shaking slightly from pleasure as she smears her own
blood across her breast, licking her fingers and reaching up to Kim to
smear some of her blood on Kim's naked breasts.

Kim smiles and removes the blade from Nanyo's breast and cuts a circle
around Nanyo's nipple area.

Nanyo begins to breathe deeply, squirming her hips a little, moaning,
"Oh yeah..." She smears her blood all over Kim's breasts, then brings
her bloody finger up to Kim's lips, trying to get her to suck on them.

Kim frowns as she moves her head away from Nanyo's fingers.

Nanyo laughs. "You don't like it, do you...." It is not a question,
merely a statement. She glances around the room and whispers, "Wanna
see something, Kim?"

"Sure, what?"

Nanyo grins, then suddenly she takes Kim's free hand and presses it
against the crotch of her jeans just as a wet spot begins to form on
them. Nanyo smirks, letting her bladder control go, wetting her jeans
so much that she ends up laying in a HUGE puddle, "So... did you like
my 'surprise' Kim?" She winks.

"Aww, You didn't try and hold yourself. That's no fun." complains Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "I was holding myself... you just never knew it..."

"You hid it well." giggles Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "I know... Nisu was always surprised when I would let
go... she never knew that my bladder was full and it always used to
give her such a great thrill to see me wet..."

"Well, I do like the fact that you're wet. but it would have been nice
if I was able to make you desperate." states Kim.

"Ha ha... Ok... next time, I'll do that... " Nanyo winks.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- The Date

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