Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 59)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 59

Title: Chapter 52: Alice's first wetting...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Yeah! Party!" exclaims Becky as she stands. "Party?" asks Alice

"Yeah... ya wanna?" grins Nanyo, putting a small mug from one of her
pouches, which was hidden under the back of her tuxedo.

"I can't have alcohol though, I'm not old enough." replies Alice
blushing slightly.

Nanyo grins, "Ok, then... want some Altaiarean beverage?" She winks at

"Um, it's not alcohol is it?"

"Nah... just some all natural ingredients... potassium benzoate.. that
kinda stuff..."

"Oh, Ok then, I'll have that." replies Alice. Becky simply grins.

Nanyo puts a finger up to her lips and thinks to Becky, "Sssh, don't
tell her..."

Becky looks to Nanyo and does the zipping of the mouth gesture.

"Ok... here you go..." Nanyo pops the top off the mug and hands it to

"I thought that was alcohol." states Alice.

"Nah.. I don't carry alcohol in this village... Too many drunkerds at
the bar would fight me for it and I'd hate to kill another Ap Dat..."

Alice giggles cutely, which only a 13-year old girl like her can pull
off, and takes the mug and begins to drink...

"Good, ain't it?" smirks Nanyo, winking at Becky.

"Mmm-hmm..." replies Alice as she continues to drink from the (large?)

"It should taste like your favorite drink... does it, Alice?"

Alice soon downs the entire 12 oz bottle, Ah'ing. "Mmm, that's some
good stuff, got anymore?"

"Take it from me, kid... you couldn't handle more..." laughs Nanyo.

"Why? It's not alcohol."

"No... but it would give you a similiar buzz..."

"Fine, what now?"

"Now... we have fun..." grins Nanyo, motioning to Becky and
thinking, "You wanna join in, Becks?"

"I'll sit this one out." replies Becky smiling. and walking to where
Sashi stands. Alice starts to try and call Becky back,
but stops herself, blushing.

"So... you like her... doncha?" whispers Nanyo, walking around behind
Alice and putting her hands on Alice's shoulders.

Alice doesn't reply, but blushes deeper.

"It's ok... you can tell me... up here, if you'd like..." smiles Nanyo,
putting a finger on Alice's forehead and tracing around her temples.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... I'm a telepath... I could read your mind as easily as a book
if I wanted to..."

"That would be invasion of privacy..."

A grin, "Not if you were to tell me that you like her... That wouldn't
really be mind-reading now would it?" She leans over Alice's shoulder
and kisses her cheek.

Alice timidly flinches away from the kiss slightly. She's still nervous
about 'yuri' and such things, with addition to her feelings for Becky.

"It's okay... It's okay.. it's just a kiss... doncha like kisses?"

"But, your a girl..."

"So? Why does gender have anything to do with a simple kiss? Donchu
ever kiss your mother?"


"You don't kiss anyone, do you? How sad... " She spins Alice around and
latches her lips onto the younger girl's, giving a wild passionate

Alice is of course shocked by this and tries to pull away.

Nanyo lets go and grins, "Didja like that kiss, Alice?"

Alice looks up to Nanyo almost like a lost puppy and states, "I... I
don't understand, t-these feelings I'm having..."

"It's okay, Alice... it's completely normal... Your mother and her
sister both like girls... it's perfectly normal to like girls..."

"Not it's not, I'm a freak. I'm supposed to like guys my age, not
girls... not Becky."

"Alice... look at me... you think I'm normal, doncha?"

"Well, yeah..."

Nanyo stands up proudly, "Well, I like girls... no, scratch that... I
REALLY LOVE Girls...."

"But..." states Alice, although Nanyo can't see it becouse of Alice's
cloak, the blue haired girl begins to hold herself.

"You see her?" she points to Suki who is just now leaving the visible
area, "DO you think she's normal?"


"Well, she likes girls too... that's why she "married" your

"But still..."

"But but nothing... there is nothing wrong with liking girls... even
Becks over there... she likes girls too..."

"I'll Never be able to tell her how I feel about her though, I'm too
shy to put myself on the line like that." states Alice blushing.

"Heh... then lemme help you.. " She calls out, "OY, Becks! Alice's got
something to tell ya!"

"NO! What are you doing!?" exclaims Alice blushing deeply and trying to
push Nanyo out as Becky starts to walk to the two.

"Becks, Alice L-I-"

Through total embarrassment, Alice does the only thing she can think
of, Punching Nanyo right in the face.

"Owuch... Hey, what was that for?!"

Alice quickly pulls Nanyo from the area. Leaving a puzzled Becky. "I
can't believe you were just going to tell her like that!" exclaims

"Why not? If you can't say it, how else is she gonna know?"

"That's my problem."

"But even so, ya didn't have to hit me that hard... "

"What else was I supposed to do? You were about to tell the whole place
that I'm in love with-" Alice quickly gasps and covers her mouth with
both hands, blushing.

"With who, now?" grins Nanyo.

"I can't believe I just said that..." states Alice. She places her
hands back under her cloak but Nanyo can see her hands go for a
familiar location before their completely hidden.

"Hehe... just about time...." thinks Nanyo as she grabs Alice's left
hand and whirls her around into another kiss, saying, "You need some
more motivation."

"I-I know..."

"Just don't hit me in the face again, will ya?"

"Promise you'll let me tell her on my own."

"Ok ok... geez, what a little miss Prissy pants...."

"Where's the nearest restroom?"

Nanyo grins, "We don't have restrooms in Lo'lop... what.. ya gotta


"Sorry... I can't help ya there..."

"Crap, I'm gonna have to hold it..."

"Now if you hadn't hit me, I might've been able to help you... but...
c'est la vie..." she smirks to herself.

"Huh?" Alice gives this look, O_o

"I would've been glad to help you in your predicament if you hadn't hit
me... but oh well..."

"You know a way I can go use the bathroom without having to hold it

"Sure... but I don't think I wanna tell someone who hits me now..."

"Aw come on!" whines Alice.

"Nope nope nope... not tellin' unless you do exactly what I say...
otherwise..." She folds her arms and looks up at the sky.

"Ok, Ok, I'll do what you say, just please help me." replies the
smaller girl holding herself.

"Ok... first thing: don't hit me.... got it?"


"Second... Follow me..."

"Ok...." states Alice.

Nanyo smirks and takes Alice to the hot spring where she, Asiah, and
Kim had fun a while back.

"What are we doing here, There's a lot of water..."

"Yeah, so? That doesn't bother you, does it?" grins Nanyo, leading the
way into a small wooden hut.

"Well, I gotta pee-pee." replies Alice blushing.

"Yeah, so?"

"You stupid bit*h, water makes an urge to pee worse."

"Oh, really? Does it now?" giggles Nanyo as she pushes Alice down on a
tanning bed inside the hut.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I'm gonna help you.. just like I said..." smirks Nanyo as she reaches
up to Alice's breasts, rubbing gently.

"Ah! what are you doing!? Don't touch me there!" exclaims Alice as she
tries to pull Nanyo's hands away.

Nanyo laughs and pulls Alice's hands down by her sides where metallic
clamps reach out and hold her down. She states, happily, "This place's
got everything a girl like me could want.."

"What are you doing!? This is rape!" states Alice as she struggles to
free her hands.

"It's not rape if I don't fuck ya... then it's only FD fun..." She
reaches down to Alice's abdomen and gently presses on it.

"Stop that!"

"Mmhmm... subject doesn't like pressing on abdomen...'" thinks Nanyo as
she lifts up Alice's cloak to reveal...

Her extremely thin blue 'clothing' which covers every inch of her body
except for her hands and feet, which she still has shoe's on.

"Wow... yer like, really hot and some sh*t... I can't wait to see
this..." She gives Alice's abdomen another gentle poke.

"Ah! don't do that!" replies Alice as she squirms.

"Why not?" teases Nanyo as she slides one hand down Alice's 'clothing'
to her crotch.

"No, where are you going?! That my private spot, don't touch me there."
states Alice as she quickly closes her legs, but her
labia is still visible.

"It's okay... It's okay... I'm just gonna play a little while... It
won't hurt..." She places her hand on the top of Alice's pubic mound
and gently massages that area.

"Stop." states Alice blushing very deeply and shaking for numerous

"Yer liking this aren't you? don't be so shy..." She dips a finger down
to Alice's labia and rubs tenderly.

"N-No, this it dirty..." replies Alice, Nanyo can see Alice's tender
labia quivering a little.

"This is most certainly NOT dirty... How do you think your mother would
feel if she heard you say that....?" She runs her palm over Alice's

Alice then begins to groan lowly as she tenses, "Please, I got to go to
the bathroom."

"I know you do... you remember that drink?" grins Nanyo as she presses
her palm lightly on Alice's abdomen, thinking, "I could get really
rough with her if I wanted..."

"What about it?"

"It's a diuretic... a strong one too..." chuckles Nanyo evilly as she
uses her left hand now to tickle Alice's soft folds.

"What's a diuretic?" asks Alice trembling.

"Something that makes you have to pee..." laughs Nanyo.

"What!? You gave me that with the purpose of making my pee!?"

"Oh yes... and I'm gonna tell ya... it feels so nice and wet when you

"I'm not a little kid, I can't wet myself! You bit*h, let me go!"

Nanyo smiles, "Need I remind you about your mother and Suki again?"

"What do they have to do with this you bit*h."

"They do it all the time... I can't even remember the number of times
Suki has wet herself... and yer mother's just as bad..."

"I don't believe you, Mommie wouldn't pee-pee herself on purpose."

"Trust me... she loves it... and remember, I can read her mind anytime
I want..."

"Let me go you bit*h!" exclaims Alice trying hard to free her hands.

"You won't have any success there..." states Nanyo as she rubs Alice's
labia again, while using her free hand to push a little harder on her

"Stop it!" states Alice before groaning. "Don't, do that."

"Why not? You siad you had to go pee-pee... didn;t you?" smirks Nanyo.

"I don't want to pee-pee myself!"

Nanyo then lowers her lips to Alice's upper thigh and starts licking as
she tries to spread them.

Nanyo's able to spread Alice's thigh's relatively easily, but Alice
groans at her loss of added hold.

Nanyo leans over Alice's body, putting her own between the other girl's
legs and presses her lips to Alice's abdomen, sucking gently on the
substance that serves as Alice's clothes.

All of a sudden, the material on Alice's abdomen wavers slightly and
contracts in a circle, completely exposing Alice's abdomen. "Ah! No,
I'm losing my concentration!"

"Hehe... that does happen when yer about to pee yerself..." She sucks
now on Alice's swollenness, pushing in on it with her tongue.

"I'm not going to wet myself." states Alice trembling.

"Keep thinking that..." giggles Nanyo as she removes her mouth and
replaces it with her index finger, pushing in harder as she lowers her
lips to the substance that serves as Alice's clothing over her labia.

"S-Stop..." groans Alice as more area's of her skin is revealed on her
arms and legs.

"Come on... you're so close... I can feel you trembling..." She licks
the substance tenderly, wanting to know what it tastes like.

Nanyo then sees a small stream of fluid leave the lips of Alice's
tender labia under her clothing. But it doesn't trail down or anything,
it creates a very small 'bubble' that protrudes out a bit.

"Whoah... cool... what's this?" she presses her hand to the bubble.

"F-Fu*k, I'm losing it..." groans Alice.

"Yesss.... come on.. have the rest come out... I want to see it sooooo
badly..." She presses her thumb to Alice's abdomen harder.

"Ah!" groans Alice as the bubble quickly grows larger before stopping,
it is now very much noticeable.

Nanyo squeezes her hand around the bubble, "So what's this, Alice-chan?
Something I should know about?"

"M-My pee-pee..." whines Alice blushing.

"Why's it bubbling up here?"
"There's very little air within this material..."

"So... shouldn't you like, move it aside or something?" She presses
again on Alice's abdomen.

"I'd be naked then..." replies Alice blushing as only her small breasts
and pelvic area is covered.

"Hey, it ain't like I've never seen one before... go ahead and take it

"But I ca-Ah!" gasps Alice as her hold finally breaks and the bubble
expands to the size of a small basketball, filled with her urine.

"Whoah.. cool... I've never seen that before... but it can't be
comfortable like that...."

Alice/blushes harder as she looks at her urine-filled sac. "If I let it
go, my pee is going to get every where..."

"That's ok... It won't hurt anything in here... Just let it go..."
states Nanyo, rubbing Alice's urine sac.

"I-I can't, it's embarrassing..."

"You don't have to be embarrassed.... yer mother and Suki do this all
the time... even I do it... Just let it go..." She moves
around to Alice's back and starts rubbing her shoulders.

"Stop it, your breaking my concentration..." states Alice as her
breasts are slowly revealed.

"Come on... it's nothing I haven't seen before..." She continues to
massage Alice's shoulders, trying to relax the younger girl.

"N-No..." groans Alice as the covered area around her waist and crotch
slowly starts to shrink, closing in on the sac...

"Come on... come on...." whispers Nanyo in Alice's ear, as she starts
rubbing her temples again.

The sac begins to quiver a bit as Alive groans, but it's useless as
only 5 seconds later, the sac seemingly melts away, causing her urine
to fall to the floor with a loud splash.

"There... isn't that better? Now you don't have that wetness shoved up
against your crotch..."

I can't believe you, you made me wet myself AND gotten me naked."
complains Alice blushing.

""Snothing I haven't seen before... remember.. I did this with yer mom
and Nisu for years..."

"But there nearly adults."

"So? You think Nisu was an adult when I did it with her? Geez, she was
only 14 when I left her village..."

"I mean now."

"Age means nothing, Alice... I'd still f*ck you now if you wanted it...
and yer mom... she's always had a thing for younger girls..."

"Let me the fu*k up!" exclaims Alice once again trying to free herself.

"Ok... I got my fun from ya... you can go..." She reached down to the
clamps on either side and releases Alice's hands.

"Bit*h!" exclaims Alice quickly turning around and punching Nanyo

"Owuch... guess I earned that... hehe..."

"How do I get outta here?!"

"Um... there's a door right behind you... and you might wanna cover

Alice lifts her cloak to see her nude body and a moment later, the blue
substance oozes back onto her body from seemingly nowhere.

"Sweet material... what is it?"

"Like I'd tell you bit*h." replies Alice getting up and heading for the

"Ouch... cold as ice...."

Alice heads for the door then stops and turns around, looking like she
really don't want to say something but does anyway, "I wasn't paying
attention when we came here..."

"Obviously... otherwise you'd've noticed the door there..." says Nanyo,
still rubbing her sore cheek and nose.

"Well can you take me back then?"

"Gads, girl, it's just outside... we're only out of the center of town
by 1000 feet... you should be able to see the village there..."

"Great, thanks Bit*h." insults Alice as she walks out.

"Foul mouth on that one..." Nanyo sighs, following Alice.

To Be Continued In...
Becky and Sashi's first fight...

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