Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 58)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 58

Title: Chapter 51: Kim and Suki finally get married.

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Up in Suki's room, Alice sleeps in-between Suki and Kim on the bed
while Kim sleeps too.

Suki yawns and rolls onto her side. She moans softly, "Mmm...
Kimmie.... I love Kimmie..."

Alice sleeps soundlessly under the bed cover with the three girl's,
(She also has her dark blue cloak on). Kim begins to fidget, a sign of
her waking up.

Suki yawns softly and places her arms around the figure next to her,
(Alice), and mumbles, "Kimmie..."

Alice only mumbles 'Mommie' in her sleep.

Suki's eyes lazily open and for the first time, she sees Alice and
immediately, she stiffens up, asking, "Wh-Who are you?!" TBC

"You're not Kimmie!"

Alice has no reaction, but Suki wakes Kim with her statement. "Huh?
What' going on?" asks Kim sleepily.

"Kimmie! There's a strange girl in my bed! W-Who is she?!" gasps Suki.

"Oh, Alice? She's my daughter..." replies Kim before returning to
laying on the bed.

"D-Daughter?! J-Just how old are you?! I thought you were only 19!"

"I am 19."

"Then how could you have a daughter like her?!"

"Did I ever tell you I was raped when I was younger?"

"Um... I... I don't remember... b-but even so, you couldn't have a
daughter... You'd have been only 6!"

"I know, like I know I told you before, I'm not human. No human 6 year
old girl could have a child..." Kim says this with a hint
of sadness.

"Is this about your ears again, Kimmie?" asks Suki, looking sad and
shocked at the same time.

"No, why would you think that?"

"You said you weren't human... and your ears aren't... " begins Suki.

"Looks like I just have to flat out tell you, I was able to have a
child very early in my life."

"How is that possible, Kimmie?"

"I don't feel like talking about this now."

"O-Ok.... But why is your daughter lying in my bed? And where has she
been all this time?"

"She's been on Pioneer 3 for 13 years, 3 of which she tried to get
enough money to get to Pioneer 2 to meet me, Wouldn't you want to sleep
with your mother if you've never met her before?"

"I... I..." Suki blushes and turns away, mumbling, "I.. I guess so..."

"Be nice to her ok Suki?"

Suki nods, "I will... because she is your blood... But..." she pouts,
"How are we ever gonna have our fun with her around?"

"Well, since I'm her mom, I could tell her to leave us alone."

Suki smiles, "That might work..." Then she notices the position of the
sun and gasps, "AH! Kimmie! We're late!"

At this outburst, Alice finally wakes up, with a start, and a gasp of
her own.

Suki rushes around, gasping, "The Fa'lin ceremony! It's today, Kimmie!
We gotta get dressed!" She leaves the room, carrying
something white.

"What's up with your girlfriend mom?" asks Alice. "Um, apparently we're
late for own wedding." replies Kim. "Oh." Alice then removes herself
from the bed and stretches out.

"BTW, is that all you have for clothes?" asks Kim. "At the moment,
yeah." replies Alice. "Well, that cloak is a solid blue, I guess it
will be fine." replies Kim getting out of the bed as well.

About 20 minutes later....

Suki appears in the doorway of her room, dressed in a long white gown
with a pair of violet rings in her hand. She calls out, "Kimmie? Are
you ready?"

Kim's nervous voice then comes from Suki's bathroom. "I'm... I 'm not
coming out."

"Why not?" asks Suki, sounding slightly hurt.

Alice answers Suki from inside the bathroom as well. "Mom's wearing a
dress!" then her giggling follows

"So? What's the big deal, Kimmie? I wear 'em all the time!" states
Suki, standing outside the bathroom door.

"I look weird, it doesn't look right on me. This is embarrassing."
complains Kim.

"Well... you could wear a tuxedo if you want..." giggles Suki.

Kim then groans. "I'm hopeless, I just wanted to look good for our
wedding..." "Hey, come on mom, you do look good. Your just nervous,
that's all." states Alice inside the room.

"Yeah, come on out, Kimmie... I wanna see!" cheers Suki.

"OK, you promise not to laugh?" asks Kim.

"Kimmie... I would never laugh at you! I love you too much!" encourages

The bathroom door slowly opens and a red-in-the-face Kim walks out,
dressed in a pure white, slim dress, showing any and all curves on
Kim's body.

"Ooh!" gasps Suki, her eyes wide as dinner plates, showing off her
lust. "Y-You look... uh... b-beautiful... K-Kimmie..."

"Really?" asks Kim smiling.

"Mmhmm... You should wear that all the time..." giggles Suki, her way
of showing nerves broadcasting her love to her soulmate.

"Well, have you seen the others?"

Suki shakes her head, "I haven't seen Sashi... but I can sense both she
and Nanyo are near..."

Just then, Nanyo appears at the front door, dressed in a tall tuxedo.
She grins, "Hey,.. I'm not like the last one ready am I?"

"We're waiting for the others." states Kim.

"Coolio... ey, Nisu... ya look as cyute as ever and.... WHOAH MOMMA!
You're frickin' melting, Starki..." gasps Nanyo.

Kim just blushes. Meanwhile, Alice is all starry-eyed. "This is so
wonderful! My mom is getting married!"

Suki blushes, "Are you ready, Nan'chi?" Nanyo grins, "I been waiting
for this day for 10 years, Nisu..."

"What about the others?" asks Kim.

"Are we late, Nisu?" asks a familiar voice from behind Nanyo.

"We're here!" exclaims Becky dressed in a green shirt and skirt. The
minute Becky comes into view, and Alice notices her, the blue haired
girl blushes and stares at Becky.

Suki gasps, seeing her sister standing there. She asks, "Sashi?! Wow...
you look different..."Sashi folds her arms, "This is what I have always
wanted to wear..."

"OMG! Kimmie! Are you really wearing a dress!?" exclaims Becky as she
walks past a blushing Alice, who was walking to her, and looks closely
at Kim's dress. "Y-yeah, I'm wearing a dress..." replies Kim blushing.

"This is hard to believe, Becky?" asks Sashi, looking bored.

"Yeah it is, I never thought I'd see Kimmie in a dress."

"And why is that?" asks Sashi as Suki states to Kim and Nanyo, "We
gotta get to the center of town for the ceremony... are you two ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." answers Kim walking towards the door. Meanwhile
Alice continues to stare at Becky, who apparently, doesn't notice her.

"Is there a problem, miss?" demands Sashi talking to Alice as Suki and
Nanyo start to leave.

"Um, n-no..." replies Alice. Becky notices Alice at this point and
walks to her. "Hi, I'm Becky, Kimmie's sister, and you?" greets Becky
extending her right hand.

"I-I'm, uh... Alice..." replies Alice blushing as she proceeds to shake
Becky's hand.

"And I am Sashi... Suki's sister...." states Sashi holding her hand up
much like Squall Leonhart does.

"Ok, see you at the wedding." states Becky before walking off, leaving
Alice with a love-struck look on her face.

Sashi nods once at Alice, then follows Becky.

"I can't believe I've fall'in for another girl..." states Alice to
herself as she's the last to leave the room.

A few minutes later, Suki, who has run the past couple of minutes,
pants, "There, Kimmie..." she points to the central market.

"Huh? What about it?" questions Kim.

"Don't you see the people gathered th-there?" pants Suki. "They're
waiting for us..." She runs up the central walkway toward a raised

"Oh." replies Kim following Suki.

"You need to stand on the right, Kimmie... and Nanyo should stand on
the left."

"Ok." Kim does as Suki instructs.

Suki then stands in between the two girl, and slides a violet ring on
Kim's finger as Asiah stands up in front of them. She smiles and gives
the traditional wedding speech... in Ap Dat.

"What do I do now?" asks Kim.

Nanyo whispers, "Just nod and look like you understand..."

Kim sweatdrops and nods.

After a few minutes, Asiah approaches Kim and says, "Do you, Kimberly
Ann Starr take Princess Suki AND Nanyo Chiamaki to be your lifelong

A quick look of surprise crosses Kim's face as she looks to Nanyo.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "What? Doncha wanna be an Oln'tyl, Starki?"

Kim smiles and sweatdrops before returning her attention in front of
her. "Yes I do."

Asiah smiles, and turns to Suki, asking in Ap Dat the same question.
Suki nods and says, "I do... most definitely..."

Kim begins to blush as she smiles, thinking (and hoping) that the
kissing part is next.

Asiah then asks Nanyo the same thing to which Nanyo gives a thumbs-up
and states, "Hell yeah..."

Becky and Alice, who are in the audience, looks all 'lovey-dovvy' at
the scene.

Asiah then smiles and asks, "Who has the Princess's Spirit Crystal?"

"I-I do..." states Kim nervous for some reason."

"And who has the rings?" prompts Asiah.

"Is it this ring?" asks Kim asks Kim as she lifts the hand Suki placed
a violet ring on.

"Ah... then by the power vested in me by the Honorable Ap Dat Elders, I
now pronounce you a formal Oln'tyl! You may now kiss, urm, each

"So what was the purpose of the crystal?" asks Kim.

"It shows that your Oln'tyl is official and all..." smiles Asiah.

"Oh." states Kim relieved. "I thought I'd have to show it or
something..." adds Kim before kissing Suki.

Suki pulls back, looking hurt, "You don't have it on you, Kimmie?!"

"U-Uh, 'on' me? No..." States Kim blushing deeply.

"Kimmie! That crystal is like my life! If you just leave it lying
around someone could crush it and kill me!" cries Suki, the crystal
growing warm with her anger.

Kim's right hand quickly lowers to her crotch as she 'Ohhhh's' for some
reason. "Suki, I do have it..."

"You do?! Where is it, Kimmie?!" asks Suki, beginning to calm down and
the crystal reacts by growing a little cooler.

"Ahhh..." shudders Kim appearing to hold herself. "Easy with the
emotions Suki."

"Kimmie.... don't TELL ME!" Suki immediately begins to blush hard, the
crystal warming up again.

"haah..." pants Kim once as she places her left hand on Suki's right
shoulder, apparently to keep her standing.

"Get it outta there! It doesn't belong there!" giggles Suki.

"Right now?" asks Kim smiling, along with blushing.

"Um... um... um..." stammers Suki struggling to come up with an answer,
while blushing heavily.

Kim then speaks in Suki's right ear, "You can take it out when we're

"Um.... o-okay...." blushes Suki as Nanyo laughs loudly and Asiah
giggles to herself, covering her mouth to surpress it.

"Well, what else is there to do? Or is this it?" asks Kim.

"That's it.. unless you wanna party-hardy?" grins Asiah as Nanyo
states, "Let the two love birds have some time to theirselves... We can
party, Asiah... me and you and Sash and Becky and Alice..."

To Be Continued in...
Alice's first wetting...

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