Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 57)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 57

Title: SIDE FIC 7: Kim's Ordeal


May 12th, 4020 AD


A man walks into a room, dressed in simple blue clothing, to a desk
which sits another man, obviously a person with a higher level job than

"Sir, here is the latest information concerning Unit RL05a." states the
man as he places and folder on the desk.

The man at the desk takes the folder and opens it, after quickly
reviewing it, replies with, "I thought this situation wouldn't come up
with one."

"It would seem that our previous tests were wrong, Unit RLO5a has shown
signs or remarkable development."

"Which would mean..."

"Yes, The tests show that externally, she grows normally; however,
internally, her body is developing at an accelerated pace."

"And her vitals are all positive?"

"Yes, with the exception of her mental state."

"How so?"

"Well sir, Unit RLO5a is showing signs of depression."

"Depression you say? Well that's not our problem, let her be depressed.
From what I read in this folder though, this may be of some use to us.
Continue monitoring her, and inform me if anything develops."

"Yes sir."


May 30th


"Hmmm, interesting... this is just after 18 days?" asks the man behind
the desk as he looks over the contents of the folder.


"Remarkable, She's gone from hardly showing to what I'd say is, 12
weeks of development."

"Or three month's of pregnancy in only 18 days."


"However, the subjects mental state has dropped even lower, this could
possibly effect the baby. I will suspend any further lab dates until
Unit RLO5a's mental levels have risen to safe levels. Is this alright
with you sir?"

"Yes of course."

"Good, I shall take my leave now..."


June 1st

-Subject Quarter's-

There's two beds' in this room; each one had a small girl laying on it.
The girl on the right bed had short red hair, long pointed ears like an
elf and just a long white, worn T-shirt; she was also sleeping on her
side as well, away from the other bed. Which a girl of equal size with
short black hair lay on the bed away from the other, but this girl was
crying lowly.

Apparently, her sobbing wasn't low enough as she woke the other girl
how rolled to her other side to look at the other girl.

"Kimberly, why are you crying?" asks the redhead.

Kim didn't reply and the other girl removed herself from the bed to
walk to Kim and place her right hand to her right shoulder.


"They won't tell me..." cried Kimberly.

"They won't tell you what?" asked the girl.

"My stomach, it gets bigger everyday."

"Can I see?"

Kim slowly rolled to her back and the other girl could see a definite
bulge of her stomach through her long shirt. Kim then lifted her shirt
up to her neck to clearly expose her nude 6 year-old body and the large
bulge of her stomach.

"-gasp- your stomach's so big!" gasps the other girl.

"I know, I think... something's in me!" cries Kim.

"What!? How can that be? How do you know?"

"I can feel it, I can feel something moving in my stomach."

Kim then rolls back to her side and begins crying harder.

"They did something to me and I'm scared!"

"Don't cry Kimberly, I'm sure everything's going to be ok." states the
other girl trying to comfort Kim.

"R-Really?" asks Kim, her crying dying down and looking over her
shoulder to see the other girl.

"Really, you haven't came back with any bruises or scares the last
couple lab days."

"-sniff- You're right, they haven't treated me too ruffly since my
stomach has started growing."

"See, maybe this is really a good thing after-all." states the other
girl smiling.

"Yeah, maybe your right, thanks Suu, you always make me feel better."
replies Kim.

"You do too Kimberly." states Suu.

"Can you sleep next to me tonight?"

"OK." replies Suu as she climbs onto the cover-less bed and holds Kim
from behind.

"Thank you Suu."


June 4th


"Sir, from this mornings test, Unit RLO5a's mental state has made a
dramatic improvement."

"Good, any news of the subject's pregnancy?" asks the man behind the

"She looks to be nearing 18 weeks sir."

"Almost halfway in this short amount of time?"

"Yes, apparently, the rise in the subjects mental state has sped up the

"That's great news, if it doesn't drop we may be able to have her birth
the child before the month is up."


"Oh, I want you to schedule a the subject for tomorrow morning."

"But sir-"

"You have your order, I expect you to follow it, understood?"



June 5th

-Lab Area-

Kim, who's stomach was bulging clear as day on her nude body, was lead
into a room very familiar to her, and once she caught sight of it
through her still sleeping eyes, she gasped in surprise but did not
protest against the young man leading her here. While what mainly went
on in this room with her was by no means what it was made for, it
contained the devices required for her tests.

"Go lay on the bed." ordered the man as he referred to what appeared to
be an examination bed.

Kim did so without question and laid on her back. the man walked to her
left and wasted now time in spreading her legs and inserted his right
index and middle finger into her vagina. Kim gasped at the penetration
as the mans finger's effortlessly eased all the way into her. A moan
was soon forced out of Kim as the man began to thrust his fingers in
and out her Kim's well-worked vagina, taking only seconds to become wet
and aroused.

"Wet already huh, well let's get right to the good part..." states the
man as he pulls his fingers out.

Then he removed his pants and boxers.

"Hey, get off the bed, I don't feel like fu*king you there."

Kim silently obeyed and stood infront of the man.

"Heh, you look so cute with your stomach so big."

"Can you tell me what's happening to me? Please?" asks Kim.

"Do what I say and I might. Now, get on your hands and knees."

Again, Kim obeys and lowers herself to her hands and knees. Then man
kneels behind her and places her left hand on Kim's left but-cheek and
once again inserts his two fingers of his right hand into Kim's vagina,
drawing a quick gasp from her. With the addition turning his fingers
with his thrusts, Kim comes very quickly, squirting a stream of her cum
from her urethra to the floor. Kim also moaned out loud from her

"You know what babies are right RLO5a?" asks the man as he continues
his action.

"Y-Yes." shakes out Kim.

"Yet you lack the knowledge of how there made right?"

The man then increases the speed of his turning thrusts, causing Kim to
gasp loudly in forced pleasure.

"AH! Y-Yes!"

Wet noises then began emanating from Kim's vagina.

"You dirty little girl, you just came and you're about to come again."

Just moments later, Kim froze up and moaned loudly as she climaxed a
second time, her cum shooting from her body in a powerful stream. The
actions to her vagina were continued until her orgasm passed, at which
time the fingers were removed.

"I'd say your wet enough now..."

The man sat up and guided his cock right into Kim's wet vagina, sliding
his way all the way in. Kim couldn't deny it felt good but began to cry
from what was happening.

"Mmmm, nice and soft, I could fu*k you all day little girl."

Kim then felt him pull out and a third climax found her.

"Da*n girl, I haven't even started, you can't come on me that quick."

The man placed his right hand to Kim's shoulder and proceeded to
unmercifully fu*k the little girl, who came literally, every minute to
the second. One would think coming like this would cause a girl to
scream loud and hard, but this wasn't the case with Kim, she cried as
though she was being tortured as fluid was continuously spewing from
her pussy. Soon after this climaxing torture began, Kim lost strength
in her arms and dropped to the floor and simply let this man have his
way with her body as she cried and cried from her rapid orgasms.


Later that day...

Kim arrived back in her room with Suu looking at her and didn't make it
too steps in before collapsing. Su immediately rushed to Kim and helped
her up and helped her to her bed.

"Suu...... I'm going.... to have.... a baby...." stated Kim very lowly.

"Your what?"

"Suu.... the spot... between my legs... sit me up, p-please."

Suu helps Kim to her knees beside her bed.

"Push here, for me..." request Kim placing her right hand just above
her pubic region.

Suu does so without question, causing Kim to suddenly cringe before a
VERY large amount of male cum suddenly, and quite quickly, left Kim's
body and pooling below her. Suu sees this and quickly embraces Kim in a

"Kimberly I'm so sorry!"


June 16th


"Sir, since our last meeting, Unit RLO5a's pregnancy has seemed to have
developed from near 18 weeks, to what appears to be 30. At this rate,
she should give birth sometime next week or even sooner."

"Great, increase her surveillance and watch her carefully, report back
when she has given birth."

"Yes sir."


June 21st

-Subject Quarter's-

"Ah... a-ah..." gasps Kim as she sits on her back with her legs spread
and Suu's face between her legs.

Suu soon lifts her head up above Kim's now large bulging stomach to
look at her, Suu's mouth area was visibly wet with fluid.

"I wish I could still look at your face while I did this, but now your
stomach's so big." states Suu smiling.

"I'm sorry Suu."

"Don't be, it's not your fault."

Kim then suddenly gasped.

"What's wrong?"

"I can feel it moving, almost like it's kicking me from inside."

"Really, does it hurt?" asks Suu.

"No, not really."

"Can I feel it?" asks Suu raising her right hand above Kim's large

"Ok..." replies Kim as she takes Suu's hand in her's and places her
hand slightly to the left of her belly button.

Suu was quickly surprised when she felt the movement inside her friend.


Suu caresses Kim's belly for a moment before gliding her right hand
down to Kim's labia and rubs the her tender lower lips much to Kim's
delight, causing her to emit a soft moan. Suu continued to carefully
stimulate Kim's lower lips until she came, which didn't take long.

As Kim underwent her 3rd gentle climax of the night, Suu moved herself
to the lye on the bed facing Kim.

"I can't believe I haven't noticed before, but your chest looks a
little bigger too."

As Kim began to come down from her orgasm, and finished wetting the
bed, she replied, "I-I think, there called breasts."

"So these are what breasts looks like up close huh?" asks Suu as she
places her right hand to right breast and gives it a light squeeze.
"It's firm..."

Suu then squeezes a bit harder, causing Kim to gasp and Suu to also as
she saw white fluid secreting from her nipple.

"Hey, something comes out!" states Suu.

"What is it?" asks Kim.

"I don't know." replies Suu.

After a moment, Suu licks the fluid from Kim's nipple, causing her to
gasp in surprise from the pleasure. Suu quickly got a surprised look on
her face.

"It's milk!"

"What?! How!?" exclaims Kim shocked.

"I don't know, but it's definitely milk, and I like milk!" replies Suu
before quickly placing her mouth to Kim's breast and starting to suck
on her nipple.

"Ah! T-That feels...weird... but I like it..."


June 25th

-Subject Quarter's-

Suu was once again face-first in-between Kim's legs.

"Ah... right there, AH!"

As Suu continued to lick Kim's labia, a few moments passed and Kim
gasped once before a large amount of fluid was expelled from her
vagina, drenching Suu's mouth. Who lifted her head puzzled.

"Kimberly, did you just come?"

"No, not yet."

"That's strange..."

Kim then gasped loudly and quickly brought her legs together as she
held her stomach with her hands.

"AH! Something's happening to me! It hurts!" exclaims Kim leaning to
her left side.

"What does it feel it?" asks Suu worried.

Kim then appeared to calm down after a few moments.

"I don't know, it went away all of a sudden."

However, the unpleasant sensation came back harder.

"AH! It feels like something's trying to come out!"

"Coming out? This may be that giving birth thing you told me they told
you about." replies Suu.

"R-Really?" asks Kim before the contractions slowly subside.

"Yeah, did they tell you anything about it?"

"Well, I remember them saying I would need to push, and needing to get
into a comfortable position."

"Ok, why don't you get into a comfortable position then?" suggests Suu.


Kim sits up and positions herself to her knees with her head lying on
the bed and her legs spread.

"AH! That feeling is back! It feels like my body is telling me to

"Try to then." states Suu looking at Kim's labia.


Kim took a deep breath and proceeded to push.

"I... can feel... it moviiiiiing!" groans Kim.

Suu could see Kim's labia parting and her vagina opening rapidly.

"I think it's coming out Kimberly! Keep pushing!" encourages Suu.

"It hurts! It's too big!" cries Kim stopping her pushing.

"Don't give up Kimberly, I'm going to help you through this as best I
can, just don't give up." states Suu as she reaches her left hand to
Kim's and holds her hand tightly.

"Ok, ok..." pants Kim.

Kim takes a breath again and resumes pushing. Through her screaming,
Suu could certainly see an object appearing inside her vagina.

"I can't do it! I'm sorry, it hurts to much!" exclaims Kim crying hard.

"Kimberly, it's almost out, just a little more..." urges Suu.

"No, I can't! It's stretching me out too much, it hurts."

Suu then noticed the object slowly residing back inside of her.

"Kimberly come on, don't give up. If it's trying to come out, it means
it no longer needs to be there anymore. Please, try one more time."

"I can't..." cries Kim.

"Please, just once more."

"... OK... one more time."

"Good, give it everything you got this time, I'll even groan through it
with you if that helps."

"Ok, here I go..."

Kim and Suu took a very deep breath and both proceeded to groan but Kim
was of course, the only one pushing. She pushed with everything she
had, pain coming in droves as she felt her child passing through her
birth canal. Suu saw the head making it exit from Kim's vagina, who's
groaning changed to screaming.

"IT'S RIPPING ME APART!" exclaims Kim.

"Just a little more, the head is almost out..." states Suu.

Kim clenched her teeth and pushed even harder. A few torturous moments
later and the head was finally free and the rest of the baby was easily
pushed out, joined by large amount of varies fluid, including blood.
Kim screamed in relief as she had finally pushed her baby out, a rather
messy baby girl lying on the ruined bed.

"Good job Kimberly!" congratulates Suu.

Kim didn't reply because of her exhaustion and simply sat there, her
body shaking from the trauma of giving birth, although she could feel
the cord that still connected her to her baby girl.


June 26th


"Sir, last night, Unit RLO5a gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The two
are resting in two separate rooms, other than some vaginal tares, RLO5a
is recovering normally."

"That's good to hear, anything else?" asks the man behind the desk.

"There are small differences between the child and the mother."

"How so?"

"Well, as you know, the mother is a different race than of her human
partner. The child's eyes are two separate colors, red and blue;
RLO5a's are brown. The child has blue colored hair, the mother of
course has black hair, but the most noticeable difference the child has
from the mother is her ears, they are the normal shape humans have."

"Hmm, interesting...."

"If this meeting is over, I shall take my leave..." the young man turns
to go but the other man stops him.

"Before you go, I would like Unit RLO5a's memory wiped of the last few
weeks, I don't want her ever knowing she was pregnant or has a child."

"I understand."


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