Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 56)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 56

Title: Chapter 50: Interrupted Fun

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



Kim moans lovingly as Suki teases her lower lips.

"Do you like this, Kimmie?" whispers the smaller girl as she lightly
brushes her fingertips across Kim's nether region, deliberately taking
her time as she kisses Kim's navel passionately.

"Yeah, I like it alot."

"And how is your bladder doing? Can you still hold it for me, Kimmie?"

"I'm trying."

"Is it spasming?" asks the smaller girl as one finger starts to try to
part Kim's labia, slipping up between the lips.

"A little bit."

"But you can still hold it, right, Kimmie?" asks Suki, worriedly.

"Yeah, I can hold it."

"Ok... I'm gonna part you a little... let me know if it's too much, ok,
Kimmie?" She brushes her index fingertip against Kim's clitoris.

"Ok, sure thing."

"Kimmie... you ever let it out in spurts before you lose control or
does it just all come out at once?" asks Suki as she lowers her index
finger down slightly, looking for Kim's pee hole.

"it slowly starts to dribble out when I'm about to lose it."

"But no spurts?" she asks, looking slightly disappointed as her
fingernail taps Kim's urethral opening.

"Sometimes, but not often."

"Oh... that stinks...." mutters the shy girl as she drops her middle
and ring fingers down to opposite sides of Kim's tender lips.

"But the same end result happens."

"Maybe... but it's a lot more fun when it spurts than when it just
dribbles out... Nan'chi... now she could really spurt...."

"Well good for Nanyo then."

"Are you jealous, Kimmie?" grins Suki as she trails a line of kisses up
to the bottom of Kim's breasts as her fingertips now gently ease her
nether lips apart slightly.

Kim tenses slightly and replies, "No, I'm not jealous."

"Are you sure, Kimmie?" asks Suki, smiling shyly as one of her
fingertips grazes the tip of Kim's vaginal opening.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Well... I am... I only wish I could spurt like she does..." pouts Suki
like a shy jealous child. She leans over Kim's right breast and licks
at the nipple as her middle finger enters Kim's

"Kim only response is tensing again.

"How far can I make it go in, Kimmie, before you feel like peeing?"
asks Suki as she licks up under the breast again.

"I don't think too much further."

"Like right here, maybe?" tries the smaller girl as her short finger
reaches up to the knuckle while she leans over Kim's other
breast and licks down from the nipple to the base.

Kim suddenly gasps as she tenses up. "Ah! y-yeah."

"So this..." she gives the upper wall a gentle poke, ".. is your
bladder, Kimmie?"

Kim simply groans as urine begins to dribble out of her urethra.

Suki gasps, "Ah! I... I didn't mean to press so hard... Are you ok,
Kimmie? Can you hold the rest?" She pulls her finger out of the older
girl's womanhood.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine now." groans out Kim relaxing.

"Did you make a wet spot on your panties, Kimmie?" blushes the short
black haired girl.

"Looks like I did.." replies Kim lowering her right hand to her crotch.

"Can I see the wet spot, Kimmie?" asks the other girl, placing her hand
on top of Kim's as she trails another series of soft kisses along Kim's
left breast.

"Sure." replies Kim as she removes her right hand.

Suki brushes her free hand down along Kim's crotch and giggles softly
at the slight squish of Kim's shorts. "How much more do you have in
you, Kimmie and can I make you cum before you pee?"

"I'd like to pee first, and there's plenty more left."

Suki giggles, "Oh, okay... You don't want something to drink, do you?"
She places her left hand down along Kim's crotch and gently rubs her
shorts and panties across her pubic mound.

"Nah, It's getting late, I'm sure you wouldn't mind but I don't want to
wet the bed in my sleep."

"Ooh... what you just said.... really made me feel all tingly
inside.... Maybe we can do that some other time..." moans Suki, tensing
up, and grabbing her own left breast with her right hand as she uses
her left hand to rub Kim's labia through her shorts and panties.

"Are you getting hot and horny right in front of me?" smiles Kim.

The younger girl blushes and nods briefly, "Seeing you desperate and
thinking about you wetting yourself... It sounds so wonderful..." She
brings her thighs together and moans softly.

"That in itself is a turn on for me." replies Kim. but heard in the
lower floor is Nanyo, Sara, and another voice, which states, "I can't
wait anymore!"

Suki gasps, "What the.... who's that?!"

"I don't know, but I hope they stay down there." replies Kim.

"I should lock my door, shouldn't I?" blushes Suki as she gets to her
feet, her still wet panties squishing between her thighs.

The three voice then seem to get closer. "Let go of me you a*sholes!"
Kim then groans. "Not another Tisha..."

Suki stands by the door, looking fearful, "I hope they're friendly..."

There is a loud yell from the unknown voice, then suddenly, Suki's door
flies open and in falls Alice, missing her cloak, which covered the
'very' form-fitting spandex-like blue suit she wears. She looks quite

Suki screams, "Ahhhhh!" as she falls back, landing on her bed, with her
dress flapping in the breeze, revealing her drenched panties.

The girl gets to her feet and looks at Kim and Suki with her dual
colored eyes and quickly blushes as she sees Kim only wearing her

"Are you Kimberly Ann Starr?" asks Alice. "What's it to ya?" replies

Suki moans weakly, the door flying open having hit her in the temple,
and almost completely knocking her unconscious.

Alice makes a quick motion with her right hand and Kim shoots her right
hand in front of her and grasps a small dagger before it can go into
her throat. "What the hell is your problem little girl!?"

Nanyo then shows up, panting heavily, "I thought you had agreed not to
go in until after the sex was over...?!"

"Fu*k you as*. replies Alice to Nanyo. "Little girl." states Kim firmly
as she stands from the Bed and walks to Alice. "What the hell is your
problem coming in here and trying to kill me!?"

"Yeah! And who the f*ck are you calling @$$hole, dumb@$$!" retorted

Alice then attempts to punch Kim but Kim quickly grabs her hand then
her other as she tries a second time. "Girl, what's your problem!?"
"First beat me!" exclaims Alice.

"Damn... girl only wants to fight..." states Nanyo.

"Fight?! Here? There's no room!" exclaims Kim. Alice quickly appears
angry and transforms right there. Shocking Kim greatly.

"Oh, by the way, Starki... she can transform..." states Nanyo, looking

"How is that possible!?" Kim then releases the girl and steps back a
little. "That's what I look like when I transform." "Fight me." states

"Be careful, Starki... she's powerful..." states Nanyo, only now
noticing Suki. "G*ddamn it! NIsu's hurt!"

Suddenly a small circular symbol appears in from of Alices right hand
towards Kim, Who suddenly looks like she's seeing death for the first

"No, What are you doing!"

"Fight me and I won't make a new window." replies Alice.

Nanyo holds Suki's unconscious body, fire blazing in her eyes, "Get
her, Starki... make her pay! That b*tch hurt Nisu!"

"OK, ok. Calm down little girl. Let me get dressed..." states Kim.
"Fine..." replies Alice as the symbol fades.

"Why you got get dressed?! Just kick her @$$!" complains Nanyo.

"She wants a fight, and I fight fair." replies Kim as she puts on her

"Geez.... you're gonna kick her @$$ more by fighting fair?!" exclaims

However, once Kim turns her back to Alice, the smaller girl lunges
towards Kim.

Kim quickly spins around with a left hook directly to Alice's right
jaw, dropping her to the floor in shame as Kim stands over her. "We
fight Fairly, got it!?"

"Whoah.... nice move...." gasps Nanyo.

"Wait..." states Alice. "I'm transformed and that still hurt, a lot..."

"Yeah! Take that, you b*tch!" Nanyo punches the air.

"Ok, who are you?" asks Kim. "...I'm... your daughter." replies Alice
looking up to Kim verging on crying. "My WHAT!?" exclaims Kim.

"Your daughter! Like she wrote on the message thingie!"

"What message?"

Nanyo explains, "She sent a message to you that Sara and I got."

"Oh, so that where my communicator was. But how can that little girl be
my, daughter!? She doesn't even have the ears." states Kim pointing to
her own ears.

"But she can transform like you...." states Nanyo.

Alice then returns to her normal form and replies with, "Mom, I know
you have a lot of questions, and I brought this with me..." states
Alive as she materializes her own communicator and ear-piece. "Just
press play." Kim does so and puts the ear-piece in her ear.

"Whoah... nice technology... Lemme guess, you're from the future,

asks Nanyo.

"From space a*shole." replies Alice. Meanwhile Kim's eyes widen at what
she's hearing from the device.

"What... they got that generic engineering crap up there too?!"

Kim suddenly, out of the blue, breaks into crying.

"Whoah... Starki... what's wrong?!" gasps Nanyo.

Kim removes the ear-piece and quickly hugs Alice. "I'm so sorry Alice,
I really am." cries Kim. "It's ok mom, it's wasn't your fault." replies
Alice returning the hug.

"Isn't someone gonna fill me in on this or do I have to read your mind,
Starki?!" complains Nanyo.

"N-Nanyo..." begins Kim. "You remember when I told you I was raped when
I was younger right?" asks Kim as she hugs her daughter in a tight hug.

"Um, not really... but I'll believe you.... so this girl... is really
your daughter, then?" asks Nanyo, scratching her red hair.

"Yes, she is." replies Kim smiling.

"Ok... so what's she doing here now?"

"She's here to met me, isn't it obvious?"

"But why did she hafta fight Sara and you? I don't get it... and she
hurt Nisu, look!" She holds up Suki's unconscious form.

"I don't know, but Suki was standing near the door when it opened." At
this point, Kim gets an odd look on her face as she hugs Alice.

"WTF? Why was she standing by the door? and What's that look for?!"

"She was going to close it... and Alice, what in the world are you
wearing? it feels weird, and it doesn't leave much to the
imagination..." states Kim as a faint blush begins to creep up on her

"Huh?" Replies Alice before looking down at herself and gasping and
blushing a very deep red and covering herself with her arms and hands.
"EEK! Where did my cloak go!?" exclaims Alice.

Nanyo points back into the hallway, "Ya left it back there...."

Alice attempts to quickly leave for the hallway but Kim grabs her left
hand. "Wait a minute..." states Kim as she examines her daughter's

"It's so thin it's like your not wearing anything." Kim then pinches
the material and pulls it out quite fair. "Wow, and it stretches too."
"MOM! This is embarrassing!" whines Alice.

"Heh... this girl looks just as delectable as you do, Starki..." grins

"Hey, I know what this is..." states Kim smiling. "This is that new,
experimental symbiotic clothing I've heard about. But it's so thin it
can't really be considered clothes. So you can all this way from
Pioneer 3?" asks Kim.

"Y-Yeah..." replies Alice continuing to blush at her exposure.

"So that stuff is like elastic or what?" asks Nanyo.

"Yeah, it's thin, but extremely strong." replies Kim.

"Ok... so she's practically nude... who cares.... What are we gonna do
about Nisu?"

To Alice's relief, Kim lets her go and she quickly goes for her cloak
while Kim replies, "Let her sleep, It's late anyway."

Nanyo grins, "But what about your mad wild sexxors...? Nisu's gonna be
sorry she missed being able to f*ck you..."

"We'll have plenty of time after we get married." Alice comes back
hearing this. "Married? Your getting married already mom?!" asks the
blue-haired girl.

Nanyo nods, "Ok... I suppose... We'll hafta put her in her bed... Oh,
and we'll need to remove her panties... They're drenched..."

"Who are you marrying mom?" asks Alice. "Uh... that girl sleeping."
replies Kim blushing. "A girl!? But your a girl! Two girl's can't get
married!" states Alice in shock.

Nanyo sighs, "You wanna tell her? I think I'll let you two have some
private Mom and Daughter time..."

Next day, morning

Back at Kim's ship....

"Wake up, Becky... It is morning and time for breakfast..."

"No Ricky... I want more, of your cock..." mumbles Becky in her sleep.

Suddenly, something shakes Becky really hard and the familiar voice
calls, "It is time to wake up.... if you do not get up, you may miss
your sister's wedding..."

Becky quickly sits up. "H-Huh!?"

"Open your eyes, Becky... we must hurry.... or we will miss the Fa'lin

"Oh, oh yeah. Just give me a sec..." states Becky as she
removes herself from the bed.

"You do not have much time.... You must hurry..."

"Geez, ok, ok, I'll be there." states Becky smiling before turning to
face Sashi and gasping loudly.

She sees Sashi, with her black hair slicked and greased back on top
with a short pony tail in the back. She is attired in a costume similar
to Kurama's that he wore in the Dark Tournament.

"Wow, Sashi..." states Becky speechless.

Sashi smiles, "You like my new look, Becky?"

"It certainly is different."

"It is great... now that I am no longer a slave... to experiment with
my looks and clothing..."

"Well good for you." smiles Becky.

"Ok... enough about my choices... What are you going to wear?"

"Should it be anything special?"

"Something celebratory... It is a celebration after all..."

"i don't have anything like that."

"You do not even have a dress?"

"Nope, Sorry, I never had a need for one."

"No skirt, either?"

I got a few skirts, but no dresses."

"That will have to do... do you have something that matches those

"Of course." just wait a sec.." states Becky as she goes to a dresser
in the room.

"We must hurry, Becky... or we will be late..." warns Sashi.

"Ok, ok, you said that already, geez..." replies Becky going through
the dresser.

Meanwhile - In Suki's house:

Nanyo yawns and comes to awareness. She glances at her clock and
swears, "SH*T! I'm f*cking late!"

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki finally get married.

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