Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 55)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 55

Title: Chapter 49: Kimberly's... Daughter? O_o

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



Nanyo laughs and holds Sara upside down outside of the ship, asking,
"Ya like that, kiddo?!"

Sara giggles in reply. "Yeah, but all the blood is rushing to my head."

"Then how about this?" She flips Sara up into the air, and yawns as
Sara starts to fall.

"Hey! Catch me!" exclaims Sara.

"Nah... yer doing fine, kiddo.... just flap yer arms a bit..." laughs
Nanyo as Sara starts to plummet through the sky.

Sara then suddenly looks exhausted as she falls and tiredly states, "I
feel, funny..."

Nanyo then easily catches her, asking, "Ya ok? You didn't even try to
fly... Yer never gonna be a proper young lady like Nisu is...."

"Put me down, I feel strange."

"Uh... ok.... yer not airsick, are ya?" asks Nanyo, looking concerned.

Sara's body then glows white for about 5 seconds before fading. "Huh?
What's going on?"

"Yer askin' me?! How the hell am I supposed to know?!"

"And I feel fine now..." Sara then looks at her right hand and a black
ball of energy forms. "My powers are back!"

"Aw, sh*t! Don't tell me yer still gonna go and kill Starki now!"
states Nanyo, sweatdropping.

"No, but I wish I'd return to normal though..." after Sara says this,
she glows bright white and her whitened silhouette grows into her
normal form

and the glow fades again, revealing Sara back to normal and completely

"Whoah, sh*t! Yer like, really hot and some sh*t.... Hey, ya wanna
f*ck? I could use a good orgasm... "

"Wow! Hold on, I wanna try something..." states Sara before closing her

Sara glows again and returns to her loli form. "Holy crap! This is
awesome! I can be a kid whenever I want!"

"Dayum! That's some nice shtuff ya got there... How didja do that?"
asks Nanyo.

Sara closes her eyes again and returns to her normal form. "All I have
to do think it and I can change."

"That's f*cking awesome! Reminds me of my shota potion..."

"I can finally put on some clothes..." states Sara before waving a hand
over her body and her black outfit returns to her body.

"You even have the ability to make clothes! Wish I could do that..."
states Nanyo wistfully.

"Yeah, I always had that." Sara then places her right hand into her
pocket and removes her communicator. "Hmm, it looks like sister got
mail. hehe, I stole this from my sisters room."

"Mail, huh? what's it like, email?"

"It's electronic Mail, Let's see what we got here..." replies Sara
before touching the screen of the device.

Nanyo moves close to Sara and stares over her shoulder at the device.

A screen pops up with the text message of 'I've finally managed to
contact you. I wanna fight you, 1-on-1 ASAP! Please reply as soon as
you get this.' -Your daughter. "WTF!?" exclaims Sara.

"F*ck! The hell was that, Sara?!" gasped Nanyo.

"How the hell should I know!?"

"Think we oughta tell Starki?"

"Do you think I should?"

"Yeah.... but let's wait until Nisu falls asleep.... I'd hate to
disturb the two love birds private time..."

"But I've declared myself as my sisters bodyguard. So I think I meet
this person in my sisters place."

"Ok... but don'cha get killed.... Starki won't like that..."

"Your not going to come with me?"

"Someone's gotta tell her.... and besides, I don't think I really
belong up there.... people are so tight and tense.... and I can't use
my God-given talent at all up there..."

I'll just tell the person to met us down here. It sounds like she
really want's to meet my sister."

"Oh... well that works too, I guess.... but let's step outside the
village.... the Ap Dat don't tolerate fighting inside the town..."

"K." Sara then takes flight and looks for a clear empty area of land.
"Think here is good."

"Yeah... long as we don't get too close to the town..."

"Ok.." states Sara as she whips out the device replies to the message.
"I just told her to meet me at this exact spot. It shouldn't take too

"Yeah.... those ships are fast...." states Nanyo, looking up at the

The two only wait 5 minutes before a ship a bit smaller than Kim's
apears above them. A Small figure jumps from the top of the ship and
down to the sandy ground, drawing up a large cloud of dust in front of
the two about 10 yrds away.

"Hmmm.... " states Nanyo, unable to think of anything else to say.

Sara suddenly gasps and quickly pushes Nanyo away from her as she jumps
the other way as a force quickly ruins the ground as a deep line
craters the ground.

"Whoah sh*t!" gasps Nanyo, quickly taking flight and surveying the
ground beneath her.

Sara quickly smiles. "Getting right to it huh?" She quickly dashes into
the dust cloud and about 3 seconds later, Sara comes bulleting out of
the dust, not by her own power...

"Ah, dayum.... whoever's doing this is strong..." comments Nanyo,
glancing around for Sara's attacker.

As soon as Sara hits the ground she flips back to her feet smiling as
she slides on the ground a few yards. "This is gonna be a good fight."

the Dust cloud suddenly goes away as it circles away from a figure
completely covered in dark blue cloak.

"Ya ok, Sara? Who the hell is he/she?!"

"You idiot Nanyo! Don't yell out my name!" exclaims Sara. The figure,
hearing Nanyo, stands upright and removes her hood to reveal, because
of her distance, just her short blue hair. "Your name isn't Kimberly!"

"F*ck!" exclaims Nanyo, seriously pissed with herself.

"I am Kimberly." yells Sara to the unknown girl. "Fine, If your my mom
then you have the power to beat me!" exclaims the girl as she charges

The girl runs in a way that suggests she's using a two-handed sword,
but nothing seems to be in her hand.

"Damn.... is she carryin' an invisible weapon?" thinks Nanyo to

"Bring it girly..." states Sara to herself. The other girl suddenly
jumps shockingly high in the air for her small size (TBC)

and brings the 'invisible weapon' over her head. Bt since the girl
telegraphs the attack so much, Sara easily dodges the attack as the
girl strikes the ground, creating a huge lined crater in the ground,
about 7 YARDS long. Sara promptly kicks the girl hard. But she recovers
much like Sara did. "Nice, But lets see this weapon you have..." states
Sara kneeling next to the crater.

"Sh*t... I can't even see it.... this is NOT good..." thinks Nanyo.

Sara seems to place her right hand on nothing and her hand glows black.
Soon a HUGE 7 yard long, thick Great Sword is revealed. "holy crap,
this is a custom made weapon!" states Sara wide-eyed.

"Whoah.... How did you do that Sar- *ahem* I mean, Kimberly?!" gasps
out loud Nanyo.

"I-" begins Sara as she looks to the direction the other was but isn't
there anymore. "uh oh..."

Suddenly, the girl appears to the left of Sara a punches her so hard
that she slides on the ground about 15 yards before stopping.

"Hey stop that!" exclaims Nanyo, flying down in front of the other
girl. "If you wanna hurt her, you'll hafta go through me!"

"Your no of my concern..." mearly states the girl as Nanyo isn't
allowed a good look at her face as she picks up her weapon and charges
Sara again.

Nanyo then flies in front of Sara and reveals her huge arse sword. She
grims up and states, "Try me... You'll be surprised..."

"Stay outta this..." states Sara as she quickly gets up and pushes
Nanyo away.

As the other girl is nearly in attacking distance thanks to her swords
range, she surprisingly throws the huge sword into the air, drawing
Sara's puzzled stare. in this moment of diversion, the other girl glows
white and transforms into a form VERY similar to Kim's, complete with
wings as she clutches Sara by her throat as her sword impales the
ground behind Sara.

"Your not my mother..."

"YO! I said, stop it, b*tch!" cries Nanyo.

"Fine, i'm not. So what?" replies Sara. "But you know her, correct?"
asks the girl. her face now clearly visable to the two, in addition to
her short blue hair, she has blue and red eyes and looks about 6 years
younger than Kim, although she misses the trademark pointed ears...

"Who the f*ck are you?!" demands Nanyo.

"My name is Alice."

"Alice?!" Nanyo furrows her brow in concentration. "Oh! I know! You
must be Starki's other sister! I remember Nisu hearing about you..."

"I'm not Kimberly's sister! I'm her daughter!" exclaims Alice,
releasing Sara.

"Oh really? well how come you're so old then? Starki is only 19...


"That's none of your concern."

"Ok... then tell me why you want to kill her then?"

"I'm not trying to kill my own mother, that's crazy."

"Then why do you want to fight her?"

I was told my mom's name was Kimberly Ann Starr, and she's stronger
than me. So if I can find her and if she beats me in a fight, I'll know
that she's my real mother."

"Why do you seek her and how come you can transform like that? It makes
no sense!"

"Like I said, I'm her daughter, are you stupid or something?"

Nanyo states, "Stupid is as stupid does.... but anyway...." she shakes
her head, "Can this fight wait? Starki's a bit occupied right now..."

"No! I have to find my mother! I'm so close to finding her!"

"But she's OCCUPIED! She's with Nisu right now... you wouldn't want to
stumble into your mother's sex life, now wouldja?"

Alice quickly blushes. "I-I guess not..."

"Yeah, that's what I thought.... just give her about an
hour or so, then I'll check in on them.... she'll be free, I hope..."

"Ok fine, can you take me there?"

"In an hour, yeah... Why don't we step into Starki's ship and you can
tell me all about yourself..."

"Ok..." replies Alice as she pulls out her sword from the ground.
"Say..." begins Sara. Trying to compensate for something?" she then
begins to laugh.

"What the... are you suffering from penis envy, Sara-chan?" laughs

"Hell no! It's just, she's short." replies Sara. Alice simply walks
toward her ship.

"Well, she's like 13 or something, right, Alice?"

Alice simply groans in reply before flying to her ship. "I'll be back."

Nanyo grinned at Sara, asking, "Too short for ya, eh? What about Nisu?
Would you do her?"

"How did this get into a sex talk?" asks Sara.

"Heh, sorry about that... must be my Nymphomania showing itself...
heheh..." she rubs the back of her red head.

Alice then returns, still in her transformed state and the cloak around

"What 'choo do?"

That's not of your da*n business..." states Alice as she walks passt
Nanyo. "Hehe, i like her." states Sara smiling.

"You would..." sulks Nanyo. "Damn.. I was jes' curious...:

"Let's go idiots." states Alice. Sara's smiles quickly turns to a

"Idiots?" mouths Nanyo at Sara.

"She's calling us stupid, geez, I think you might be."

"F*ck, I know that! Geez, you people ain't got no respect for your

"Maybe a*sholes suits you two better, hurry up and lead me to where my
mother is." states Alice

"Damn.. didn't I tell you we needed to wait an hour?! Sh*t, and you're
calling me an idiot and @$$hole..."

"That doesn't mean I can't wait in the same place she's at, you tard!"
exclaims Alice. "Geez, your worse than that Tisha girl." replies Sara.

"Verily.'" states Nanyo, looking nonplussed. "We can't let someone with
as foul a mouth as yours into the Ap Dat village... You need... er...
'Special Permission'."

"Permission my a*s! Now that I know my mother is near here, nothings
going to stop me!"

"So you want to walk in on your Mom having mad wild wet sexxors?" She

"I don't care, I just want to see her!"

"Boy, Starki's not gonna like that..."

"I've been trying to get to my mom for nearly 3 years, but I never had
enough money, but I did awhile ago and I used it to buy my ship, I'm
completely broke. Please, I NEED to see my mother." replies Alice
pleading and nearly crying.

"I'll take you to her, doncha worry... Just give her a few minute
private time.... then she'll be glad to see you... and real happy, too,
I expect."

"Can you take me to the building she's at?"

"Yeah... but only if you promise not to rush in there..."

"Ok, I promise."

"Alrighty then... here we go.... Let's take our time, ok?" She starts
off walking toward the village.

"So what's my mom like?"

"She's nice and kind, but don't tick her off... heh... she can get
really mean when she wants too..."

To Be Continued In...
Interrupted Fun

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