Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 54)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 54

Title: Chapter 48: Kim and Suki have their fun

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



Suki looks into Kim's eyes and smiles, "Can we get started, Kimmie?"

"What are we doing? Pee or orgasm?" asks Kim.

Suki blushes, "How about both, Kimmie?"


"Do you want to do me first or me to you?"

"I'll do you first, oh, and btw, have you only did pee desperation?"

"Um... what other kind of desperation is there, Kimmie?" asks Suki

"Um, scat..." tries Kim nervously.

"What's scat?" asks Suki innocently.

"Defecation..." again tries Kim.

"Oh that.... you... wanna do that?" asks Suki.

"We don't have to if you don't want too."

"If you want to, I suppose I could... but.... do you want to do it
before or after my "waters" come out?"

"Well do you actually have to do no.2?"

"Um...." Suki blushes.

"Well do you?"

Suki blushes again and nods.

"When were you planning on going?"

"Umm... after I peed and you peed?" tries Suki.

"How bad do you have to go?"

"Umn.... not too bad ATM..."

"Well, let's deal with that afterwards, since doing that can be messy."


"Let's go to your bed." states Kim walking to her bed.

"Ok..." smiles Suki as she steps to the right side of her bed and lays
down on it.

Kim smiles and slowly kisses Suki, trailing her left hand down to
Suki's stomach.

Suki whispers, "Don't rub me there.... remember.. I'll fall asleep if
you do..."

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that..." replies Kim as she quickly lifts her
hand. "I'll just put my hand... here." states Ki as she lowers her hand
to her crotch over the white dress Suki wears.

Suki trembles shyly as she gasps, "Ooh... that... that feels good,

"I know, tell me Suki, is there anything specific you want me to do?"

Suki whispers softly, smiling, "Make me beg for it?"

"Beg for what exactly?"

"For you to let me go pee...." she whispers blushing hard.

"Oh, I was going to do that anyway, come on, think of something else."
states Kim as she begins to rub Suki's labia through her dress.

A cute blush and a smile from the small girl, "Um, ok... how about
feeling how full my bladder is from inside me?"

"Ok." Kim pulls up Suki's skirt and moves her hand into her panties and
inserts her middle and ring finger into Suki.

Immediately, the small girl tenses as she feels Kim's fingers intrude
into her body and she stiffens slightly, panting softly.

"Let's see here..." states Kim lowly as she feels for Suki's bladder
and soon finds it as she presses her middle finger into it.

Suki tenses and gasps, "Oh...." as she pulls her thighs together,
feeling a short stab of the need to pee.

"Hehe, I like this." smiles Kim as she pokes Suki's bladder again.

Suki stiffens again, moving her thighs up and down against each other
as she asks, "S-So, how full do you think I.. I am...?"

"Um, I'd guess... 4/5ths?" tries Kim before jabbing Suki bladder again.

"Ooh.... that makes me really have to go..." gasps Suki, beginning to
shiver slightly.

Kim then pushes her two fingers into her bladder and keeps them there.

"Kimmie... I.... I'm not gonna be able to hold it for long if you keep
doing that..." moans Suki softly, trembling.

"That's the whole point Suki."

"I know... but I thought you wanted to play around a bit before I lost
it.... oooh, oooh..."

"Hehe, I can't decide which I want to do, make you pee or play for a
bit." states Kim sweatdropping but still pressing into Suki's bladder.

"OOh... you won't have to make the decision for long.... I... I'm
almost about to lose it..." She squeezes her eyes shut, trembling

Kim quickly makes up her mind and quickly pushes into Suki's bladder
hard quickly before promptly pinching her urethra closed.

Suki cries out in pain, "Kimmie! Wh-what are you doing?! It's got to
come out!" Her body begins to shake and shudder harder than before.

"Don't worry, I have to compensates somehow for not teasing you."
states kim as she moves her fingers up her urethra toward her bladder,
pushing any urine that's in the tube back into her bladder.

"Ug-huh?!" questions Suki, looking positively bewildered.

"What?" asks Kim, all of her urine now back in her bladder

"You are... compensating me?" asks Suki, her shaking slowing down. She
looks totally puzzled.

"Yeah, since your bladder wasn't bursting, I should be able to push
your pee back into you, allowing you to retain the urge you get right
before you pee. Without causing perminate damage."

"Wow... you... really put a lot of thought into this, haven't you,

"It's not that much thought." Kim then un-pinches Suki's urethra and
pokes at her bladder again.

"OOH!" gasps Suki as she tenses again.

"Just tell me when your about to lose it."

"O-Ok!" stiffens Suki, squirming slightly on the bed.

Kim then prods her bladder hard.

"Ah-aHHHH! I'm gonna l-lose it!" gasps Suki, squirming harder on the

Kim stops her action to her bladder and pinches her urethra again.

Suki pants heavily, sweat beginning to form on her forehead, again
feeling her urethra filled with her fluid that is pushed back into her
swollen bladder.

"You like this?" asks Kim smiling.

"It... it does feel good.... but I... I'm scared something will go
wrong, Kimmie..."

"Don't worry, as long as I don't keep doing this over and over, you
should be fine. so just to be sure, I'll do it one more time."

"O... Okay...." states Suki, already beginning to tense slightly.

Kim then begins to prod her bladder again.

"Ough!" groans Suki, tensing and shaking slightly.

"Just say when." smiles Kim.

"O-ok..." replies the smaller girl, clenching her thighs.

Kim then begins to tap Suki's bladder.

"O-ooh! I... I'm coming so close...." whines the tender summoner as she
wiggles her hips and rubs her thighs together again.

Kim stops her action and pinches off Suki's urethra near the exit, a
longer distance that she pinched off before.

"O-Ough... that makes me feel so bloated, Kimmie..." whimpers the tiny

Kim simply waits for Suki to lose control again.

"I... I can't.... can't hold it, Kim-MIE!" cries Suki as she feels her
control fading.


"Kimmie.... please..... I.... I really need to go.... "
whimpers Suki, shaking almost uncontrollably.

"Just one more time..."

"Oh, Kimmie.... It's starting to hurt slightly...." whines the other
girl, shaking as hard as she can.

"OK, ok, just let go and I'll let go shortly after you do."

"Ok, Kimmie.... AHHHHHHHH!" she lets out as she stiffens hard like a
board, her control vaporizing.


"Kimmie! Let go... please! It's.... it's hurting!" tears come to Suki's

"OKok..." replies Kim as she releases Suki's urethra and removes her
fingers from her vagina.

Almost instantly, a hard spurt of fluid leaps from Suki's burning
urethra, hitting Kim's fingers before the older girl pulls away.

Kim simply smiles as she sees Suki peeing.

Suki pants heavily, peeing freely, "Hah.... hah..... hah... thank you,
Kimmie... thank you.."

"Didn't it feel much better?"

"O... Oh yeah.... I.... I like being teased..." She giggles cutely.

"Sorry I didn't let go that quick though."

"That.... that's ok.... just remember it.... for next time...." she
continues to pant.

"What do you mean?"

"When you didn't let go, it made me sore.... "

"Well what do you want to do now?"

"Kimmie... can... can I do you before we do that scat
thing?" Her lovely eyes look eager and happy.

"Sure, should I lay down?"


"Ok." Kim does so, on her back

"I'm gonna take my time with you, Kimmie..." grins Suki, crawling over
Kim's prone body.

"What are you gonna do?" asks Kim smiling.

"You're gonna love it, I hope..." smiles Suki as she reaches up to
Kim's vest and presses Kim's breasts inward.

"What are you doing?" asks Kim about Suki's odd action.

"I'm gonna play with you some...." giggles Suki as she lifts up Kim's
left breast and squeezes it gently.

"Well, it feels good."

"And this...?" Suki asks, as she runs one finger under Kim's breast,
tickling the area usually covered by Kim's breast.

"Hehe, that tickles." smiles Kim

"And you like it..." laughs Suki, as she slides her left hand across to
Kim's button up vest and starts unbuttoning it.

"I sure do."

"Hehe... Now, then... how do undo this..." She lifts Kim's vest up and
exposes her bra to sunlight.

*and exposes her breasts to moonlight.

"Hope you don't mind I didn't wear a bra."

"It's ok... Kimmie... some girls don't like to wear 'em..." smiling
Suki, understanding. She traces a finger up around Kim's left
breast again.


Suki leans over Kim's left breast and brushes her lips against Kim's
nipple, kissing gently as she whispers, "This feel good too, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, very much."

"If you want to move your arms, go ahead... hold me, if you want to.."
Suki trails her lips down along Kim's whole breast.

Kim places her hands on Suki's Sides. "How long are you going to be
playing with by breasts? There not one of the high pleasure points on
my body."

"Aw... that's a shame... they're so soft and tender..." replies Suki,
as she moves one hand down along Kim's stomach to her bellybutton.

At this point, Kim tenses slightly.

"Feeling an urge, Kimmie? I haven't even touched you yet..."

"Well I don't have the best control, don't you remember why?"

"Is it because of that machine in your abdomen?" asks Suki as she
quickly abandons Kim's breast, moving down to her abdomen and her


"How bad is it, Kimmie?" asks Suki, lightly prodding the older girl's
abdomen, looking for the machine.

"Not too bad. You trying to find it?" asks Kim at feeling Suki's

"Yeah... I don't wanna make you lose control for a while yet... I wanna
have some fun..."

"Well let me help you..." states Kim as she takes Suki's hand in her
right and places it just below her waistband and presses her fingers
into her about an inch. Kim groan audibly.

"Is that it, Kimmie?"


"It feels hard.... what is it made of, Kimmie?" asks Suki as she moves
down to Kim's crotch, looking at the center of her shorts up close.

"A type of metal."

"Hmmm... must be uncomfortable...'" mumbles Suki as she cups Kim's
crotch through her shorts.

"It's not uncomfortable at all, I forget it's there sometimes."

"Wow... if it were me, I'd prolly never forget it..." She presses her
palm over Kim's labia through her shorts.

Kim then tenses slightly from the touch.

"Are they soft, Kimmie?" teases Suki as she starts to rub gently with
her palm over the area.

"Of course they are." smiles Kim.

"And how long do you think you can hold it?" asks Suki as she moves up
to Kim's waist.

"Once I get desperate, about 10-15 minutes."

"And are you desperate, now, Kimmie?" grins Suki as she locates the
zipper on Kim's shorts.

"Not yet."

Suki leans over Kim's stomach and plants a tender kiss on her navel as
she slides Kim's shorts down a little, exposing her panties.

"Hehe, that feels good."

"Kimmie... you have nice soft panties..." giggles Suki as she doesn't
remove Kim's shorts, but merely moves them aside to see the top of
Kim's panties. "They're gonna change color when you pee, you know,

"Yep, I know. They're gonna be nice and yellow." smiles Kim.

"But how long can you make sure they stay white? That's the real
question, Kimmie..." giggles Suki as she slides her palm down inside
Kim's panties, rubbing her pubic mound with teasing gentle strokes.

"We'll just have to see won't we?"

"That we will, Kimmie...." states Suki, leaning over Kim's belly and
licking at her navel while her hand caresses Kim's tender girlhood.

To Be Continued In...
Kimberly's... Daughter? O_o

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