Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 53)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 53

Title: Chapter 47: Sara wets... Again :p

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Well, I guess I better go see Suki now." states Kim as she heads out
of the ship to Suki's home.

Asiah calls after Kim, "I'll look for Nan'chi.... She's got to be done
with that potion by now..." She leaves for the village.

Kim heads for the kitchen of Suki's home, and sees...

Suki, with her back to Kim, standing over a hot stove, with something
boiling in a small pan.

Kim also spots Sara, in her black and pink dress sitting at a nearby
table, not looking to happy though. "Hey you two." greets Kim.

Suki looks up from her cooking and smiles, "Hey, Kimmie.... are you
hungry too?"

"yeah, a little. Sara, how are you doing?" states Kim sitting at the
table her small sister sits. "I really am sorry for what I did to
Becky-san Sister! Really, I am!" quickly states Sara.

"I know you are, Becky's calmed down now. Just make sure you apologize
to her again when you see her." states Kim. "Ok, thank you for helping
me sister." replies Sara.

Suki asks, "Kimmie... do you want to try some of this boiled string
bean soup?"

"Ok, sure."

"Well, come get some, then..." Suki giggles, stepping back from the
stove and pointing to a nearby bowl.

"Kim stands and walks to the bowl, taking a spoon from the counter by
Suki and using it to taste the soup. "Mmm, that's good."

Suki smiles, "I'm glad you like it.... Sara, do you want some?"

"I'm fine, me and soup don't go well together." replies the small girl.

"Oh.... ok... then do you want these fried potatoes?" tries Suki again.

"Sorry, but i have a very delicate stomach. I'll have to pass."

"Huh... well, ok.... if you're really sure..." Suki scoops some
potatoes and puts them on a plate for Kim.

"Heh, Sara's always had like a paper-thin stomach. It's amazing she can
keep anything down when she does eat." replies Kim smiling. Sara simply
blushes from Kim's teasing.

"But didn't she always want to eat plenty before? This is really

"Yeah... that..." states Sara blushing redder. "Let's just say, I paid
for that later..."

"Paid for it later? You mean... you had stomach problems?"


"Oh wow...." gasps Suki in surprise.

Kim then appears to just look at Sara, smiling.

"I guess I'll have to find something else for you to eat... what can
you normally tolerate?"

"Um, a few fruits, like apples, grapes, oranges, and just
about any kind of juice. I'm sorry if I'm being a hassle."

"It's no problem.... Here.. I just found some orange juice... you want

"Yes please." replies Sara getting up.

"Here..." she brings the small container over to Sara, smiling gently
at her. "Here's a small juice box for you."

"Thank you Suki-san!" states Sara happily before bowing.

"Heehee... you are so cyute! Aah, I just wanna hold you close and
tight!" She reaches down and hugs Sara tenderly.

"Thank you for the compliment Suki-san."

"Now let Aunt Suki know when you're finished, ok? It'll be time for bed


"Good... Now then, Kimmie...." Suki turns to her and takes her by the
arm, pulling her into a corner and asking, "Since we are going to do
the Fa'lin ceremony, do you... want to sleep in my bed with me, t-
tonight?" she blushes.

"OK, I don't see why we shouldn't" replies Kim.

Suki beams, "Yay! and are you going to... you know..." she blushes


"You know.... f-fool around..." she blushes as hard as she can.

"Oh, oh course." smiles Kim.

"Yay!" cheers Suki softly.

"So when are you gonna do the ceremony?"

"WE... WE are going to do it soon, Kimmie... maybe tomorrow?"

"Sure, anytime your ready."

"And once we do, you will become a Princess too... you will share my

"Two princess'?"

Suki giggles, "Well, I don't think you want to be called Prince, do

Kim immediately giggles.

"So... how's the food, Kimmie?" smiles Suki as they move back to the

"It's really good."

"I'm glad you like it... Oh, and don't forget to drink plenty,
Kimmie..." she giggles, poking at Kim's stomach.

"Heh, yeah, I need a nice full bladder for you don't I?" smiles Kim.

Suki blushes, "Yeah... otherwise it won't be much fun..."

Sara then pipes up. "I'm done Suki-san!"

"Ah.... ok... do you want some more juice or are you full, Sara-chan?"

"More please!" replies Sara cutely.

Suki giggles, "Ok... here you go!" She hands Sara an apple juice box
this time.

"Thx." Sara then begins drinking the juice.

Suki whispers to Kim, "She's gonna need to go before bed too, otherwise
she might have a bedwetting accident."

"Heh, are you thinking what I think you are?" smiles Kim.

"Oh boy... hehe.... are you thinking that too, Kimmie?" smiles Suki,

"It just came to mind."

"So how do you want to do it, Kimmie?"

"Let's wait till she gets up to go."

"Ok... So Kimmie... what do you think of this village?"

"It's pretty quite."

"Yeah.... it normally is unless those giant worms are attacking.... but
they don't attack that often..."

"Oh." Then Sara walks up to Suki. "Suki-san, where's the bathroom."

Suki glances at Kim and asks, "Now?"

"Yeah." replies Kim.

"Ok... Um... f-follow me, Sara-chan..." states Suki, nervously.

Kim follows the two and asks Suki. "Why you look so nervous?"

"Um... I'm not used to being on this side of a forced wetting... "
giggles Suki shortly as she leads Sara up to the second floor.

"Oh." replies Kim smiling

Suki giggles softly as she leads Kim and Sara to her bedroom, saying,
"Here we are, Sara-chan..."

"Huh? But this is a bedroom, I asked for the bathroom." states Sara

"But this is a bathroom, Sara-chan... Here is where you'll pee..."
grins Suki as she looks over at Kim, winking.

"What!? Not again!" whines Sara before trying to run out of the room.

Suki states, "Cover the door, Kimmie!"

"Roger." states Kim before teleporting to the door and closing it,
trapping Sara in the room. "Awww come on, don't make me pee myself, I
just got this dress." whines Sara.

"Hee... It'll be alright... I've wet my dress many times before... I'll
just wash it when we're through... " smirks Suki.

"But it was specially made for me, It's special to me." states Sara.

Suki grins, "The tailor that made it always makes things like that
waterproof... that's the kind of person he is..."

"Suki let her take it off, it's seems to really be special to her." Kim
then speaks to Suki's mind. "This is important for Sara."

"Um... ok.... Sara... you can take it off... but I think I've got
something better for you to wear anyway..." She goes to a dresser door
and fumbles with something.

Kim the adds to her thoughts. "Let her be nude this time, we're always
having everyone wet there panties, let's change for once." Sara then
begins to remove her dress, blushing hard.

"Um... ok...." states Suki, standing back up, blushing as she can see
Sara's naked chest for the first time.

*for the second time.

Sara tosses the dress to Suki's bed. "Ok... let's get this over with."
replies Sara nervously as she covers her young crotch with her hands in

Suki grins, "Now now... we can't have that.... Kim, you wanna take her
hands while I 'play' with her?"

Kim smiles and does so, grabbing the small girl's hands and pulls her
hands away, revealing the girl's tender pink labia.

Suki admires, "Wow... it's so pink and tender looking... I wanna
touch!" She steps close to Sara and rests a finger along Sara's nether

"No, stop, that's a private area!" states Sara.

"How sweet! She's so tender and soft... Here... feel Kimmie.." She
takes Sara's right hand away from Kim.

Kim lowers her left hand and dances her fingers over the girls tender
young labia. "Oh yeah, there so soft, it's a good thing your my sister.
Or I could be in a lot of trouble for touching you like this." states

"S-Sister..." states Sara lowly.

"Huh... you like that, Sara-chan?" grins Suki as she rests her free
hand over Sara's abdomen.

"Y-Yes..." admits Sara.

"And how's this?" she asks, lightly tracing her fingertip across the

"It tickles a little." replies Sara.

"Hmmm.... maybe I should do to her what I did to you, Kimmie.... tickle
her until she pees..."

"Yeah, tickle her." smiles Kim.

"Heehee... you're gonna love this, Sara-chan..." She reaches up to
Sara's navel and starts ticking her.

"Ah, s-stop!" states Sara squirming.

Suki drops her lips over Sara's navel and blows gently, tickling her
more intensely than before.

"Cut it out, I can't hold it in if you do that." whines Sara.

"That's the idea, right, Kimmie?" Suki opens her mouth and drops her
tongue over Sara's bellybutton, licking gently.

"But I'm serious, I'm about to pee!"

Suki lowers her tongue down along Sara's body, licking and sucking on
her abdomen.

"Come on Sara-chan, pee for your seniors." states Kim as she then runs
her left hand across her left breast. "N-No, it's
embarrassing." complains Sara.

Suki continues moving down, licking at the top of Sara's labia, near
her clitoris.

"No, not there!" states Sara at Suki's movement

Suki asks, smiling, "Tender, are you?" She licks at Sara's clitoris

Sara lets out a loud, quick 'Ah!' as her body trembles for a moment
then her golden yellow urine flows freely from between her labia

Suki backs off, grinning, "See? You can't hold it... Isn't this so much

Kim releases Sara's arms and She quickly places her hands over her
urine-flowing crotch and drops to her knee's and her urine quickly
puddles under her.

"Hehe.... you like this, doncha, Kimmie?" giggles Suki.

"Yeah, the sight of a little girl peeing is such a turn on."

"Not just little girls.... right, Kimmie?"

"Yeah, but little girl's are best."

"Oh... little girls, huh? Like me?" she blushes.


"Wow... ok... let's have some fun, Kimmie... "

"What kind of fun are you talking about?"

Suki blushes and pats Sara on the behind, whispering to her, "Put your
clothes on and leave Sister and Auntie alone for a while..."

Sara gets to her feet with her legs dripping with her urine. "So that's
it huh? just use me and throw me away?"

"It's foreplay... get used to it, kid..." laughs a very familiar voice.

"Who is that?" asks the girl

"Tis me... Nanyo..." grins Nanyo from the window.

"Well I'm gonna get cleaned off and go back to the ship, and leave
these vultures to be alone." states Sara as she picks up her dress and
leaves the room.

Nanyo asks, "Want a lift? I think I'll leave Nisu and Starki to
themselves tonight..."

"Ok, at least you wont use someone and throw them away when your done."
replies Sara.

"I won't, eh?' grins Nanyo as she picks up Sara and starts to fly back
to the ship.

"You haven't shown me any reason you would give me to believe you

"Heh, heh, heh..." chuckles Nanyo with an evil look on her face.

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki have their fun

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