Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 52)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 52

Title: Chapter 46: Worse than rape?

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Becky ends Sashi and her's kiss to look at Suki. "Jeez, you don't know
anything do you?"

Suki scratches her head, "Why do you say that?"

Sashi looks at Becky and replies, "She is a small town girl, Becky...
She does not know a lot about the world..."

"Oh, well, she's gonna find out sooner or later. You wanna know what
was up with Nikki Suki?" asks Becky. "Yeah, I'd like to know too." adds
Sara. Becky gives Sara a somewhat surprised look.

"Hey, I was kil- uh, just freak'in tell me." replies Sara.

Suki asks, "What does stoned mean, Becky?"

"Stoned basically means high, which means she was smoking some drugs...
Um, I don't think I'm explaining it right..." answers Becky.

Suki sighs, "Um, I think I'm lost..."

Becky then sighs "Well screw it then, just don't do what Nikki does. It
could seriously fu*k you up."

"Oh... ok...."

A few seconds pass, then Suki looks at Sara, smiling, "And how's cyute
widdle Sara now?"

"Why?" replies Sara looking at Suki strangely.

"Why? Why not? You look just like the little child I always wanted...
Ah, come here and give Auntie a hug!" She lunges for Sara.

"What? You want a kid?" asks Becky surprised as Sara's attempt at
running away fails.

Suki nods, "Yeah... I've wanted one because of my Dad..." She grabs
Sara and begins to squeeze her from behind in a big hug.

"I want a child too when I get older, I'd love the job of taking care
of another life." replies Becky. Sara, who's squirming in Suki's hug,
suddenly stops. "Y-you do?" asks Sara.

Suki grins, "You wanna help me take care of Sara-chan? We could be
like, Mothers..."

"B-Becky-san, what if you couldn't have a child?" asks Sara. "That
would hurt me so bad, but I as healthy as a horse, I don't have to
worry about that." answers Becky.

"That's good to know... I want a child, but because I love Kim and
all..." Suki breaks off, looking a little sad.

"I'm sorry to tell you this Becky-san but, you can't have kids." states
Sara. "What are you taking about? Of course I can have a kid." replies

"What are you saying, Sara-chan? Do you know something we don't?" asks

"Becky-san, do you remember the time I tortured you?" asks Sara.
"Vividly, why?" replies Becky casting a mean glare at Sara.

Suki gasps, "That wasn't very nice, Sara-chan!"

"You remember when I disemboweled you?" asks Sara. "Just get to the
fu*king point!" states Becky getting to her feet.

Suki grips Sara a little harder, ready to protect, or punish her should
the need arise.

"When you woke up, you had marks and scares on you right?" asks Sara.
"Yeah, why- you little bit*h!!" exclaims Becky as realization seems to
dawn on her.

Suki gasps, "What?! What did she do to you?!"

"When she cut me open, she removed my uterus. You bit*h, no wonder I
haven't had a period sense then!" states Becky.

Suki gasps, letting go of Sara in her shock, "She did WHAT to your

Becky quickly rushes to the small girl and promptly begins to choke the
life out of her. "Imma kill you!" exclaims Becky. "I'm... s-sorry!"
chokes out Sara trying to pull Becky's hands off her.

Suki just stands there in shock as Sashi dives between the two and
separates them, saying, "Becky, STOP! This will not replace your

Sara falls to the ground desperately gasping for breath. "I can't have
a child because of you! I'll never forgive you for that! I hate you!"
exclaims Becky quickly beginning to cry.

Sashi tugs Becky away from Sara, trying her best to comfort the girl.
She glances back at Suki and says, "You might wanna get Sara out of

Suki, still stunned, looks at her sister and nods numbly, "Oh... Um,
okay..." She grabs Sara and takes her back downstairs.

Suki carries Sara out of the ship and back to her house, saying,
"Sara.... why did you do it?"

Back to Sashi and Becky, the older girl falls to her knee's crying. "I
can't believe this..."

"Neither can I... I am sorry.... I... I do not know what to say....
Having something like that done to a girl is the most severe of

"I hope Sara goes straight to Hell." states Becky lowly.

"She does seem to be most evil, Becky..." states Sashi, hugging Becky
in her arms.

Just then, Kim walks in. "Hey, what happened?" asks Kim. "I'm gonna
kill your sister!" replies Becky. Kim then sighs. "What did she do

Sashi holds Becky tighter, anticipating trouble.

"She removed my uterus!" states Becky. "Um, you look fine to me. I
don't see any blood." replies Kim.

Sashi continues to hold Becky.

"No, she did it when she invaded my mind a few years ago." states
Becky. "Oh, that." replies Kim.

Sashi asks, "Is that all you are going to say, Kim? That seems most
cold of you..."

"What am I supposed to say? I don't know how to reply to that." replies

"Then I guess we both are in the same boat...." states Sashi, sadly.

"Becky, I know your made, so don't say or do anything your going to
regret." states Kim. "I'm going to kill her." replies

Sashi holds Becky tighter, saying, "You are not going to do anything
right now... You are too upset by this news...."

Kim then states firmly. "Becky, you will not do that, she's my sister,
if you want to kill her then you want to kill me."

"I don't want to kill you Kimmie." replies Becky. "Sara's my sister,
that makes her your sister too. If you try and kill her, I will be
forced to defend her." Becky simply doesn't reply to this.

"Listen to your sister, Becky.... She knows what is best.... She is the
elder sister after all..." Sashi holds Becky tenderly.

Becky then places a hand on her abdomen, where her now useless uterus
lays. "This is worse than rape..." states Becky lowly.

"But do you really think that her death will bring it back, Becky?"

"No..." admits Becky.

"Then let it go, Becky... let all your anger go for it will accomplish

"Let it go..." states Becky. A moment later, a small dagger appears in
Becky's right hand.

Sashi gasps, "Becky... what are you doing? Do not do that!" She grabs
Becky's wrist and tries to force the dagger out.

"Sashi..." begins Kim. "Let her do what she's about to do."

"But... if she is thinking about hurting someone... I cannot just..."

"please Sashi, it may be odd, but Becky has her own way of dealing with
this kind of pain."

"Well... ok... but if she seeks to hurt herself, I will interfere.... I
love her too much to see her hurt...."

"Kimmie..." states Becky. "Ok Becky." nods Kim as she lowers herself to
Sashi and pulls her off Becky and holds her away from

Sashi stiffens and clutches Kim's arm as she watches what Becky will

Becky then moves the small dagger in front of her, hiding what ever
she's going to do with it from Kim and Sashi. But it's evident by a
sudden jerk and Becky quickly leaning forward that she stabs herself,
only making a low, pained groan.

Sashi grips Kim's arm tightly as she states, "Will she survive this,

"Oh course she will Sashi." replies Kim. A moment later,
Becky pulls the blade out of her and back to the floor where Sashi and
Kim can see 3/4ths of the blade covered in blood as Becky continues to
lean forward to the floor.

"Becky.... why does she do this?"

"For Becky, physical pain does more than give her pleasure. She
believes pain can cleanse her soul of hate or malice. Don't worry, she
only does this as a last resort." replies Kim.

"I... I see..." stammers Sashi, looking puzzled, but understanding.

Becky then slowly gets to her feet, turns around, revealing her left
hand over her stomach as blood freely flows out, covering her hand,
clothes, and the floor as she walks past Sashi and Kim. "I need, to be
alone for a little." states Becky

"As you wish, Becky... I suppose I will find something else to occupy
my time..." She leaves the ship.

To Be Continued In...
Sara wets... Again :p

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