Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 51)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 51

Title: Chapter 45: Life and Death

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



Sashi lets out a big yawn as she stretches out on Becky's bed.

Becky walks into the room after visiting the bathroom to find Sashi
sleeping on the bed. She notices part of Sashi's panties from her skirt
riding up from her unconscious movements and stands there for a moment,
apparently thinking about something, shortly afterwards, she walks to
the bed and positions herself to Sashi's left as she sleeps on her

Sashi shuffles slightly from the movement, but otherwise doesn't make
any response.

Becky carefully removes Sashi's skirt and then begins to remove her
panties slowing, watching Sashi closely as the clothing passes her

"Ergmmmmmh...." moans Sashi softly, beginning to squirm slightly as
sweat begins to bead on her brow.

Becky continues to pull the panties down to her knee's...

More sweat begins to appear in certain areas on Sashi's body, and her
breathing starts to become hard and rough.

Although curious about Sashi's response thus far, Becky continues and
pulls the clothing down to her ankles.

The contract that Sashi keeps with her suddenly flutters out of her
panties and lands on the floor as Sashi's breathing becomes labored.

Becky then removes Sashi's legs from the leg-holes of the panties but
continues to have the fabric contact the skin of her left foot.

The writing on the contract flashes a brilliant red color and Sashi
seems to enter a deep sleep, her chest and stomach no longer moving,
making it seem like she is no longer breathing.

Becky gasps in shock at what she may have just done to Sashi and
notices the contract on the floor a begins to read it, then goes wide-
eyed at reading...

If the panties of said slave are ever removed from their proper
position, great pains will the slave suffer.

Becky quickly looks at the panties before starting to put them back on
Sashi, but stops suddenly before the panties reach Sashi's ankles.

Again, there is little response from Sashi, who seems to be slowly

Becky quickly gets off the bed and removes her jeans, then her own
panties, which are a nice bright white. She then places them on Sashi
completely, hoping Sashi doesn't need her same underwear to cure her.

The moment the panties are slid over Sashi's labia, the younger slave
starts breathing again, gasping softly as she tries to recover.

Becky sighs in relief then looks at Sashi's old panties before smiling.

Sashi breathes heavily, before yawning again and returning to her

Becky then place Sashi's panties on herself and puts on her jeans again
before trying to nug Sashi awake.

Sashi moans and slowly starts to open her eyes, yawning heavily again.

"Are you feeling ok?" asks Becky.

"Hummm...? I... I think so... Why should I not be feeling ok?" asks
Sashi, looking disheveled and slightly disoriented.

"What would happen if I were to completely remove your panties?"

"What? Remove my panties?! Why would you cause me that much pain?" asks
Sashi, looking frightened.

"No, I was just asking. That's all."

Sashi then looks down and sees that her skirt is missing. She asks,
"Mistress... you did not try to remove them, did you? My skirt is

Becky then becomes very apologetic, like Sashi might be if she made
Becky angry. "Sashi I'm sorry! It was just for a second!"

Sashi gasps, "Mistress... Did you not read the contract?! 'Great pains
will the slave suffer!"

"I didn't read it until after I did it. I replaced your panties when I
read that part of it. I'm really sorry!"

Sashi sighs, "Oh... well, as long as you understand what can happen, I
suppose it is all right.... just be careful... I mean, I do not mind
dying, but if you want me alive and in good health..."

"Don't mind dying!? Why are you saying that!?"

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Death is but the next great adventure....
and as I have suffered greatly over my lifetime, the peacefulness of
death will always be welcome..."

Tears quickly flood Becky's eyes. "Are you saying that the longer you
live, the more you continue to suffer?"

"From the future looking back, my only conclusion is that the longer I
live as a slave, the more I shall suffer...."

"Is there a way to free you from being a slave?"

"There are only two ways as far as I know, Mistress.... 1. my own
death... and 2. Defeat Hon'tyl..."

"Good, then we'll beat Hon'tyl. I was afraid I'd have no choice..."

"Indeed... but Hon'tyl is no normal enemy.... She is most fierce...."

"Sashi, do you... want to die?"

"As I said earlier, Death will be a sweet peace.... The only way I
would want to die would be if there was no way to become free... It is
my hope for freedom that drives me onward."

"Wait a second!" exclaims Becky. "I got a great Idea!"

"Hmmm?" asks Sashi.

"Sashi, your not afraid of death are you?"

"No... Death does not scare me..."

"And you said if you die, you won't be a slave anymore right? voiding
your contract.

"Indeed... that is true.... with my death, the contract would

"Great! I have a plan that will free you of your contract without
beating Hon'tyl and you can live."

"Indeed?! Are you serious, Mistress?!" gasps Sashi, looking stunned.

"Yes, all I need is Kimmie and my brother Smith."

"Why do you need your sister and brother's assistance?"

"Ok, listen, Kimmie can kill a person without them suffering any pain,
and my brother can revive a person whose been dead for up to 5 hours.

"Indeed?! Wow... your family is certainly powerful..." gasps Sashi,
looking happy for once.

"So you see? If I can convince Kimmie to kill you, nulling the
contract, I can get my bro to revive you and you'll be free!"

"That... is a most welcome surprise...."

"you have any objections?"

"Why should I? It is what I have always wanted..."

"Great, let's go get Kimmie!"

"Indeed!" Sashi sits up, quickly getting to her feet. She then asks,
"Where is my skirt, Mistress?"

Uh, it's right here." states Becky walking to the side of the bed and
picking up Sashi's skirt.

"Ok... may I have it back, Mistress?"

"sure." she hands Sashi back her skirt.

"Thank you, Mistress..." She slides her skirt on and makes for the
door, holding it open for Becky to follow through.

the two then reach the lower level and, hearing some commotion from one
of the rooms, opens it to find...

Suki gasping in pleasure as she wets herself with Asiah's hands on her

With Kim behind her cupping her breasts while sits on the bed, still
wearing her wet pink panties. "Kimmie! Kimmie!" exclaims Becky happily.
"Huh? What is it?" replies Kim.

Asiah starts, "Whoah... you guys startled me!" Suki blushes, "Um....

"Kimmie, Kill Sashi." states Becky. "WHAT!?" exclaims Kim.

Suki gasps, "NO! Don't kill my sister!"

Sashi waves her hands, "It is ok... Mistress Becky has an idea!"

"I'll do it." states Sara happily. "No you won't!" exclaims Kim. "Hey,
it's ok, I have a plan to free Sashi of being a slave." states Becky.

Suki gasps, "H-How?!"

"It's like this, If Sashi dies, it voids the slave contract, then we
have our brother revive her. We have nothing to lose. worst case
scenario, Sashi stays a slave."

Suki looks puzzled, "Huh?"

"Come on Kimmie, do it, kill Sashi." requests Becky. "Now way, I'm not
going to kill her. What if something goes wrong?" replies Kim.

Suki pipes up, "Yeah! What if something goes wrong and Sashi dies?!
She's my only sister!"

"but my brother can revive her, there's nothing to worry about." states

Asiah gasps, "Your brother can revive people?"

"Yeah, I stated that."

Asiah gasps, "Whoah..."

"Hey, I said I'd do it." states Sara. "Sorry Sara but Kim can kill her
with no pain." states Becky. "Darn-it." replies Sara snapping her

Suki looks unconvinced, "But this is DEATH we're talking about! D-E-A-

"Come on, what's the problem? It's a full-proof plan."

Suki asks, "Kimmie... what do you think?"

"I don't like it but it sounds so do-able..." states Kim.

Suki sighs, "Ok, then.... but we'd have to go back to the ship.... what
about the Fa'lin ceremony?"

"Marriage can wait, We're talking about a new lease on life!" states


"........... OK fine." states Kim. "Yay! Someone's gonna die!" states
Sara happily. "Thanks Kimmie, I'll go call our brother, he'll be here
in a sec." replies Becky as she leaves the room.

Suki sighs, "I hope nothing goes wrong..."

"Sashi, are you sure you want to do this?" asks Kim.

"To me, one way is as good as another.... "

"Ok, let's get this over with..." states Kim as she walks behind Sashi.

"Indeed...." she states as Suki brings her fingers up to her mouth and
starts biting her fingernails.

"First, your body is going to go nub, then everything around you is
going to disappear. Are you ready?"

"I am..." states Sashi.

"Ok, see you in a few minutes..." states Kim as she places her right
hand around Sashi's neck from behind and glows white as her eyes also

Suki trembles, "I sense incredible power....."

Sashi mutters, "I... I feel numb.... I cannot even move my hands...."

The glow then fades from Kim's body then Sashi promptly falls to her
knees then to the floor, dead, eyes closed as well.

Suki gasps, "Oh!" in shock, then she states, "I... I can't feel her
anymore.... she's gone...." Tears start to form in her eyes.

"That was such a boring death." states Sara.

Suki sniffles as Asiah sighs, "Shut up, Sara..."

"Take that back Sara." states Kim. "Make me." replies Sara. Kim walks
to her and pulls her off the bed while Sara visibly
tries to take back her hand but failing at it.

"What the, let me go!" states Sara. "Looks like just looking like a
little girl wasn't the only side effect huh?" states Kim.

Sara then punches Kim in the stomach but it hardly hurts Kim. "NO, My
powers are gone!"

Suki asks, "So does that mean she can't hurt us then?" She smiles at
this statement.

"Looks like it. now say your sorry." states Kim. "NO!" replies Sara.
Kim then sits on the bed and puts Sara over her lap, holding both of
her hands. "You wouldn't!" states Sara in shock.

"Oh yes... she would..." states Suki as Asiah looks on.

Kim then begins the spanking with her free right hand. "Ow, Ow, Ow!"
cries Sara as Kim spanks her rear.

Suki sighs, turning to her dead sister's body, "I hope Mr. Smith comes
soon... I... I can't stand not feeling her presence..."

Sara starts crying in earnest, like a little child as Kim continues to
spank her.

"Like, geez, Kim... does she really deserve all that?" exclaims Asiah.

"Huh, Oh!" states Kim as she promptly stops in mid swing and placing
Sara to her feet, rubbing her throbbing rear with tears streaming down
her face.

Asiah grins, "Geez... I'm glad you're not MY mom... Hehehe...."

Sara replies, through her sniffling, "I... c-can't believe... you d-did

Asiah grins, "Strict, isn't she? You'd better behave next time...,
Right, Kim?"

"Yep, little girl's need to behave." states Kim. "Just you wait sister,
when I get my powers back, I'll really give you a spanking." replies

Suki then breaks the dialogue between Kim and Sara, to ask, "How long
will it be until Smith gets here, Kimmie?"

"It shouldn't be too long if Becky called him right away.

"I hope he comes soon.... wait.. what's that?" She points out the
ancient contract that lies near Sashi.

"It looks like a piece of paper."

"No.... look closer... It seems to be disappearing... Can't you see
that, Kimmie?"

"Hey, your right, it is."

"Becky! Come here... I think you'd want to see this!" calls Suki.

"Here I come!" calls Becky as her running footsteps can be heard the
loud bang of something hitting the door. "Ow...."

"Becky! Are you ok?!" calls Suki.

"I forgot your supposed to stop infront of the door before it slides
up." groans Becky.

Suki covers her mouth, trying to suppress a slight giggle, then she
states, "I found a piece of paper near Sashi... it's disappearing... do
you know why?"

"That's her slave contract!" exclaims Becky.

"It is?!" gasps Suki. "Where has she been hiding it?!"

"I her panties." states Becky as the door slides up to reveal Becky
with her right hand on her head.

"Why would she keep something like that there?" asks Suki.

"i don't know."

Suki looks back to see the paper gone. "Hey... it's gone... does that
mean she's no longer a slave?"

"I hope." states Becky.

"Oh... by the way, have you called Smith yet?"

"Yeah, he should be here any second now.

"I hate not being able to sense my sister... it's very unnerving..."
states Suki.

"Well, she's is dead." replies Becky.

"I know... but even so.... It hurts to think of her as dead..."
sniffles Suki, looking sad.

Suddenly, Smith teleports into the room. dressed in a dark blue robe.
"Have no fear, Smith is here!" states Smith proudly yet jokingly.

Suki only then remembers about her wet panties and dives into another
room, embarrassed.

Sara also quickly follows her out of the room. "Becky informed me of
what was going on and I'll gladly help." states Smith.

Asiah asks, "So you are Smith, eh? Nice to meecha... I'm Asiah..." She
bows much like Suki does.

"Nice to meet you. Let's get this girl living." states Smith as he
walks to Sashi's dead body.

"Ok..." states Asiah as Suki reappears, wearing her white dress and new
panties. "Um, Hi, Mr. Smith..." she bows.

"hi there, I'm going to revive her and be on my way, ok?"

"Thank you, Mr. Smith..." states Suki, bowing.

"Ok." states Smith as he turns Sashi over and places his right hand on
her forehead and his left hand between her breasts as his
hands glow a bright white.

"It's interesting... that the sister can kill and the brother can
heal..." states Asiah.

"you try'in to imply something?" states Kim.

"Like what?" asks Asiah.

Smith then removes his hands, "good as new. She's now living again."

states Smith

Suki gasps, "I... I do sense her.... she's back!" She leans over
Sashi's body, hugging her as Sashi begins breathing again.

"Well, my job is done here. I'll be going now, k?"

Suki doesn't even notice, too busy hugging her sister but Asiah bows,
"Thanks a lot!"

"Seeya." He then turns to Kim. "Kimberly..." states Smith smiling
before teleporting out, leaving Kim blushing.

Sashi opens her eyes weakly and gasps, "N-Nisu...? Where is Mistress?"

"I'm right here." states Becky behind Sashi.

Sashi asks, "Did it work? Where is the slave contract?"

"It's gone Sashi."

"It is? Then I am no longer a slave.... Becky..." she states.

"And I can no longer order you to do anything. I'm so happily."

"Indeed... Now if I want, I could do this to you!" She turns around and
kisses Becky French style.

Becky gladly returns the kiss in the same fashion

Suki sighs, "That's good... she's happy.... for once in her life..."

the door then slides up to reveal Nikki, looking unusually calm and
relaxed. "Hey... What's going on over here?" asks Nikki.

"Life and Death...." giggles Suki.

"Riiiiiiiight..... Life and deeeeeeath........." replies Nikki dragging
her speech.

"What?" asks Suki, teasing Nikki. "You don't believe me, Ni-chan?"

Kim then frowns. and walks to Nikki. "Nikki, how many finger's am I
holding up?" states Kim as she holds up one finger. ".....Five." states
Nikki smiling.

"What's going on?" asks Suki, pleasantly.

"I'll tell you wants going on...." begins Nikki. "I just smoked some
fu*king nice sh*t. I am so fu*king stoned man." states
Nikki giggling.

"What... is... stoned?" asks Suki.

"Nothing you need to know." states Kim as she takes Nikki by the arm
and remove her from the room.

"Oh.... uhm... ok...." states Suki, dubiously.

To Be continued in...
Worse than rape?

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