Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 50)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 50

Title: Chapter 44: Asiah meets the others

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Well Asiah, wanna meet everyone?" states Kim.

"Sure... who do we have here in this... weird place... what is this
place?" she asks, looking around the ship.

"It's a ship, you've never seen one have you?"

"A ship? Is that one of those things that cross water? I've heard of
them.... But never seen one..."

"Um, no, this is a spaceship."

"Space... ship?! You mean.... I'm sorry.... I have no idea what you're
talking about...." states Asiah, rubbing the back of her neck in

"Don't worry about, let's go." states Kim heading to the door Nikki
left to.

"Ok..." states Asiah happily, pushing her glasses back up her nose

In the other room, Becky, Sashi and Suki are the only ones there.

Asiah gasps, "Princess Suki! Princess Sashi! So this is where you've

Sashi nods once, saying, "I am no longer a princess.... I am Mem'lo

Suki bobs up and down happily, gasping, "Asiah! It's been forever!" She
hugs the taller near-sighted girl.

"You know each other?" asks Kim.

Asiah gasps, "No Ap Dat would ever forget the princess!" Suki grabs her
around the neck, hugging her and accidentally choking her slightly in
the process.

Becky then taps Sashi on the shoulder. "You were a princess?"

Sashi sighs, "A long time ago... My father was the Elder of this
village.... but when he sold me into slavery, my title went to the Ap
Dat doctor who cared for my sister... Thus I am no longer a

"Oh, i see..."

Asiah then turns to Becky and asks, "And who are you? Are you Sashi's

"Yeah, I'm Becky Starr, I'm- hey, I remember you." states Becky

"Hey... waitaminute.... You were in the Room, weren't you? You know,
with Tasha and Jen...!"

"Yeah, your... Ayisha, right?" asks Becky.

"Um... actually... it is Asiah.... emphasis on Asia....." giggles the
other girl nervously.

"Oh, well it's nice to meet you again!"

"Indeed... the pleasure is ours...." She reaches out to Becky and hugs

"Hey Becky, Nikki and Sara are in the lower level airn't they?" asks
Kim. "Yeah."

Asiah asks, "I saw a cat girl a minute ago.... was that Sara?"

"No, that was Nikki." states Kim.

"Oh I see.... Nikki's a cat girl, then... Must be nice.... I've always
dreamed of being part human-part cat..." She sighs dreamily.

"Well I wouldn't know..." states Kim as she walks to the door in the

"No... I don't suppose you would.... *sigh*...."

Kim then opens up the door. "Let's go"

Asiah nods and follows Kim, her glasses sliding down her nose again.

The two go down to the lower level and the open area is vacant of
anyone there. "They must be in one of the rooms."

"Wow... this ship is so big... don't you ever get lost?"

"No, not really."

"Wow.... some people are so smart...." she states, pushing her glasses
back up.

Kim then walks to one of the doors and opens it, revealing Nikki on the
bed in the room, on her stomach. her tail waving back and forth,
apparently, she hasn't noticed Kim and Asiah.

Asiah coos, "Oh what a lovely tail! Hey, Miss Nikki.... can I touch?"

Nikki's tail suddenly straightens, obviously surprised. She makes some
quick gestures with her hands in front of her as the faint appearance
of smoke can be seen. then quickly stands to face the two. her face
showing that she's obviously trying to hide something.

"Uh-oh...." states Asiah, looking at Kim.

Kim suddenly frowns. "Nikki, open your mouth." states
Kim. Nikki quickly shakes her head no.

Asiah just watches, knowing that Nikki is in big trouble from the tone
of Kim's voice.

"Fine then..." states Kim as she walks to Nikki and pinches her nose

Asiah gasps, "Whoa! Strict...."

Nikki quickly begins to squirm, it's evident she doesn't want to open
her mouth.

"Nikki... you'd better open your mouth... "

Nikki quickly coughs, releasing a large amount of smoke
from her mouth.

"Smoke?!" gasps Asiah, shivering slightly.

"I thought you said you weren't doing that anymore." states Kim. "I'm
sorry... geez." coughs Nikki.

"What was she doing with that smoke?" asks Asiah.

"Give them up..." states Kim holding out her right hand. Nikki frowns
and reaches into her right pocket and hands Kim a pack of cigarettes.

"What are those?" asks Asiah, bewildered.

"You've never seen cigarettes before?" asks Kim.

"No. What are they?"

"Um, there sticks that you light up one end and inhale from the other."
states Kim. "I could show..." begins Nikki before Kim quickly glares at
her. "Heh, nevermind..."

"For what purpose? I don't understand..."

"There is none." states Kim.

"Then... why do it?" asks Asiah, confused.

"It's the taste." smiles Nikki.

"The taste?! I don't understand...."

"Let's just drop the subject." states Kim flatly.

"Um... ok...." states Asiah, still looking confused.

"Ok... Nikki, Asiah; Asiah, Nikki." states Kim.

"Hello, Nikki!" cheerfully greets Asiah.

"Hello." greets Nikki reaching out a hand.

Asiah shakes Nikki's hand, asking, "So what's it like having a tail?"

"Huh? My tail?" Nikki bring it around to in front of her.

"Ooh... it looks so lovely.... can I touch it?" breathes Asiah.

"Um, no, it's kinda sensitive..." states Nikki blushing.

"Awwwww....." whines Asiah.

"What are you looking like that for?" asks Nikki

"I've always wanted a tail..."

"Be careful what ya wish for, having a tail isn't all it's cracked up
to be."

"Why not?" asks Asiah.

"Well, for one, it's easy to close the door on it." states Nikki
looking worried as she holds her tail in her hands.

"Hehe.... Yes... I would imagine...." giggles Asiah.

"Hey, that not funny, it hurts."

"I'm sorry... b-but it just sounds like when my brother zips up his
pants too fast... " laughs Asiah.

"Y'ouch..." states Nikki.

"Yes, indeed... Yefreakin' OW.... " laughs Asiah.

"But the ears arn't too bad." states Nikki

"Mmhmm... They looks so kawaii!"

"Thanks, it's good to know I can still be called cute at
my age." smiles Nikki.

"I've never seen anyone cuter..." She winks at Nikki.

"So how old are you?"

"18... just turned 18 last February... and you?"

"Hehe, wouldn't you like to know." smilies Nikki.

"You cheat! Come on... tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Kim smiles and suddenly states. "Twenty-Five." "HEY!" exclaims Nikki.

Asiah laughs at Kim's statement.

"Ki Ki, that's so mean!" pouts Nikki.

"But it's true, isn't it, Nikki?"

Nikki sighs. "Yeah, it's true, I'm twenty-five years old. Don't look it
do I?"

"No... actually you don't look a day over 17...."


"No problem... but you really don't look it... hehe..."

"Hey, if you two are going to see Sara, I think she's
sleeping." states Nikki. "Oh, ok." states Kim.

"Who's Sara?" asks Asiah.

"My twin." states Kim. "Twin?" questions Nikki. "U-Uh, I mean, my
little sister." states Kim quickly.

"Little sister, eh? How old is she?"

Kim takes a quick moment to think. "twelve."

"Oh... she must be really cute then... if she's so young...."

"Yeah... she's cute." states Kim blushing.

"So... that's everyone then?"

"Let's go check on Sara and see if she is sleeping."


"Seeya Nikki." states Kim as she leaves. "Seeya Ki KI." as the two
leave, Nikki reaches into her left pocket and removes a spare
cigarette, smiling.

"Why does she call you Ki Ki?" asks Asiah.

"It's her nickname for me, Becky and Suki call me Kimmie, Nanyo calls
me Starki, and Sara seems to prefer calling me 'sister'."

"Oh... a nickname then?"

"Yeah." the two then reach the door across from Nikki's and Kim opens
the door, revealing a small girl in just her pink panties on the bed,
her back facing the two girls.

"Whoah... nice view...." blushes Asiah peering through her glasses.

"you like little girls?" asks Kim.

"Um.... uh....." Asiah hems and haws.

"It's ok, I do too."

"O-oh... so is that why you love Princess Suki?" blushes Asiah.

"Well, that's one reason..." states Kim.

Sara then moans and rolls over, showing the front of her body and her

Asiah blushes and whispers, "Back then... I used to help Nan'chi get
Nisu really desperate...."

Kim blushes as she sees Sara. "Um, I need to go, I can't stay down here
with her." states Kim beginning to leave the room.

"Um... me too..." blushes Asiah, following Kim.

After Kim and Asiah leave, Sara calmly opens her eyes. "Sister, I want
you..." outside, "So you wanna go back up?"

"Um... ok.... this is your ship... I'm the visitor here..."

the Two return to the upper level of the ship.

Suki appears and asks, "Kimmie... which room can I use to change? I got
some of my clothes..."

"Pick one of the rooms in the lower level." replies Kim.

"Ok.... thank you, Kimmie..." She leaves.

"I wonder how long Nanyo is going to be." states Kim.

Asiah sighs, "Prolly be a couple of hours more.... It's not easy to
make up potions and cure-alls and all..."

"Well, what do you want to do now?"

"Can we have some fun with Princess Suki? It's been so long since I've
seen her..."

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

Asiah leans close to Kim and whispers, "Know why she wanted
a room?"

"Um, no, I don't."

"Follow me then..." She leads Kim down to the room Suki picked out and
whispers, "This'll be funny..."

"ok." states Kim as she follows Asiah

She suddenly swings the door open revealing Suki clad only in her
panties and bra, obviously in the middle of changing.

Kim then giggles happily at Suki's exposure.

Suki gasps, "AHH! What are you doing?!" and immediately tries to cover
up, blushing furiously.

"We're here to have some fun." states Kim.

"Suki gasps, "Wh-What kind of fun?" Asiah whispers to Kim, slipping a
small vial into Kim's hand, "Give her this orally..."

"Ok." states Kim before pouring the fluid in her own mouth then grabs
Suki and kisses her, transferring the liquid into her mouth.

Suki pulls back, almost gagging and questions, "What are you doing?!"

"Don't you want to play Suki?"

"Uh... Um.... I... I don't know...." blushes Suki, looking embarrassed
as Asiah whispers to Kim, "It shouldn't take long before she feels

Kim then places a hand on Suki's left shoulder and begins to slid the
strap of her bra off.

Suki blushes, "Um, Kimmie... I... I don't know how to tell you this...
b-but.. I kinda.. um.. hafta go...."

"And how is that a problem?" smiles Kim.

"Um... it's embarrassing, mebbe?" she tries feebly.

"Now you know I wanna see you wet yourself."

"I know... but... do I get the return treatment?" she asks, hopefully.

"I don't have to go."

"Aw.... well.. can we get Becky to join us, then?"

"I don't know... Hey, what about Sara? With her smaller bladder she
wouldn't last long, plus, she's never wet herself, to my knowledge at

"Ooooh.. cool....! I'd love to see her wet!" smiles Suki, pleasantly.
"Can you go get her?"

"Sure, hold on..." states Kim before leaving.

Asiah sniggers, "Never did grow out of that, did you, Princess?" Suki
blushes, "Why would I? You like it too, you know..."

A few moment's later, Kim walks back in, with Sara once again, latched
on to one of her legs.

Asiah stares, "What... she doesn't want to let you go?"

"Let's just say, Sara's very much attracted to me." states Kim

"So I see...." laughs Asiah as Suki blushes and brings her thighs

Sara then removes herself from Kim's legs. "Sister, what was that

"Surprise?" asks Suki and Asiah at the same time.

"I had to tell her something." replies Kim. "Huh? What's going on?"
asks Sara puzzled.

Asiah states, "Better tell her...."

"Tell Me what? Sister, tell what's going on, I have to go to the
bathroom too so be quick about." states Sara.

Asiah sniggers as Suki blushes.

"Um, Sara, have you ever wet yourselves before?" asks Kim. "What the
hell kind of question is that?! I'm not a little kid." replies Sara.

"But you so look it..." states Asiah.

Sara quickly blushes. "Oh yeah, I AM a little kid..."

Asiah laughs as Suki moans, "Kimmie... can we get started soon? I
really hafta go..."

"OK." replies Kim. "Ok what? Sister, where's my surprise?" states Sara.

Asiah asks, "How should we start, Kim?"

"Let's do Sara first, she has the smaller bladder." states Kim.
"Smaller bladder!? You can't be serious!" replies Sara beginning to
realize what's going on.

"Ok...." She steps close to Sara and kneels down in front of her.

"W-What are you doing?" asks Sara getting into a defensive posture.

Asiah places her palm on Sara's abdomen, rubbing gently as she states,
"You'll love this..."

"Wait a minute, your going to try and make me wet myself!?"

"Indeed.... now then.... do you like this?" she leans close to Sara and
licks at her navel.

"Ah, n-no, stop, only Sister is allowed to do things to me." states
Sara flinching from a sudden rush of pleasure, She's also blushing

"Kim... you wanna hold her still for me?" asks Asiah, licking at Sara's
upper ribs.

"Ok." states Kim as she kneels down and holds Sara's arms. "S-Sister!
What are you doing!?"

"Heh... isn't it obvious, Sara-chan?" giggles Asiah as she places her
hand on Sara's sides, rubbing gently.

"No, s-stop, theses are the only pair of underwear I have."

"And won't they feel so nice and wet when you let go?" Asiah places her
palm over Sara's abdomen, pushing in ever so gently.

"But I don't have anymore."

"Aww... doncha worry... It feels REALLY good...." states Asiah,
slipping her left hand up along Sara's right thigh to her leg hole.

"N-No, s-stop!" states Sara. Kim then moves her mouth to Sara's left
ear. "Sara, it feels so good to wet yourself, just let it go." No, it's
childish, I can't replies Sara.

Asiah slips her fingers through the leg hole and lightly feels Sara's
labia as she starts rubbing Sara's abdomen, with gentle teasing

"Ah! No, don't touch me there, that's private." states Sara.

"It's so soft... and tender... Wonder what would happen if I did
this..." She uses her thumb and forefinger to spread Sara's labia.

Sara then shudders cutely. "Ah, n-no, don't..."

"I wonder if your hymen is intact...." states Asiah next, sliding one
finger inside to see.

She indeed does feel the wall of Sara hymen.

"Heh... I won't break it.... I'll leave that for someone else... But
it's nice to know it's there..." She runs her right hand across Sara's
abdomen again.

Sara quickly brings her thighs together as she feels her urge getting

"Feels full.. .doesn't it, Kim?"

"Well, I don't know, I'm holding her hands." replies Kim.

"But can't you feel her trembling?" asks Asiah, as she leans close to
Sara's nipple, licking it too as she continues to rub her abdomen.

"Yeah, her small body trembles so cutely." smiles Kim.

Asian straightens up and pushes her face close to Sara's, licking
Sara's lips as she pushes slightly on Sara's abdomen, wanting to see
her squirm.

"Ahh, s-stop!" groans Sara as she does start to squirm.

"Ahhhh... squirms are fun... aren't they, Kim?" grins Asiah as Suki
suddenly whines, "Oooooh... I really gotta go...!"

"Hold on Suki, Sara shouldn't be too much longer..." states Kim as she
moves Sara's hands above her head and hold her hands there with her
left hand, freeing her right hand to caress the little girl's right

"Ahhh, s-stop please! I can't hold it much longer." groans Sara.

Asiah presses a little harder on Sara's abdomen as her left hand now
starts stroking Sara's labia tenderly and with the tips of her fingers,
causing it to feel ticklish to the smaller girl.

"Stop!" states Sara as tenses her body, groaning and trembling.

"No!" teases Asiah as she leans close to Sara and kisses her gently,
taking her attention away from her bladder as she squeezes the smaller
girl gently.

"Asiah, it's almost time, spread her legs." states Kim.

"Ok..." Asiah pulls her left hand out of Sara's panties and, stroking
her thighs, she pulls them apart.

"No! don't do that!" states Sara desperately

"Yes.. I love to do that...." Keeping Sara's legs spread, Asiah uses
her right hand to press down harder on Sara's bulging abdomen,
grinning, "Let it go, Sara-chan..."

"Come on, Sara, wet yourself, wet yourself like the little girl you
are." states Kim lovingly into Sara left ear. Sara just continues
tensing her muscles...

"Yeah... we want to see.... come on, little girl.... prove how weak you
are!" giggles Asiah as she pulls Sara's hips forward, weakening her

"N-Noooooooo......." moans Sara as she goes totally limp and pees her
pink panties for the first time, darking them with her urine as she
urinates freely.

"Ahhhh.... that's looks so much better.... Now, doesn't it feel so nice
to be so wet...?"

"This is so embarrassing..." moans Sara.

"Not really... everyone of us here has done it... and no one's
embarrassed anymore... are we?" she looks up at Kim.

"Uh, for the most part..." states Kim blushing.

Suki whines, "I... I can't hold it much longer.... Kimmie...!"

Sara then finishes peeing and Kim lowers her to the floor. "Why don't
you just let it go?" suggests Kim.

"I... I can't!" whines Suki, though her eyes twinkle as though she's
asking Kim to help her.

To Be continued in...
Life and Death.

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