Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 5)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 4: The Ap-Dat Village- Aftermath

[Author's notes:
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli]

"I'm sorry." replies Becky as she wraps her arms around Sashi.

Kim also walks up the Nanyo. "So your Nanyo?"

Sashi just cries in Becky's arms, unable to think or do anything else.

Nanyo pats Suki on the head, "Nice to see you as always, Nisu, but I
think I'd better introduce myself to your friend, first..." She turns
to Kim and holds out a greasy hand, "Yep, I'm Nanyo... and you must be
Kim Starr... It's nice to... oh crap..." She sees the grease on her
hand and tries to wipe it off on her green sweater before putting it
out again, finishing, ".. meet you..."

Kim cocks a grin at Nanyo as she uses her left hand to shake her hand.
"Same here. Wait a minute, how do you know my name?" asks Kim.

Nanyo laughs her loud laugh again, "Oh please... Give me some credit,
Kim... After all, Nisu ALWAYS thinks about you and how could I not know
what's she's feeling? I can't wait to meet this Miho, though..." Suki
blushes, "Nan'chi... you promised me that you didn't have that
power..." Nanyo grins, shrugging her shoulders, "So I lied... big

"Really? You're always thinking of me? How sweet!" states Kim as she

Kim's blush is NOTHING compared to Suki's blush as Nanyo laughs harder,
"Ha ha... she's always thinking about you... you and Miho, of course...
though.. some of her 'more erotic' dreams do seem to include Miho..."

"Oh really?" Kim now sticks her weapon into the ground again and leans
on the right side of the hilt. "Do tell!"

Suki gasps, "Nan'chi! D-Don't tell her!" Nanyo laughs again, then
sobers up, "But, Nisu... I'm rather disappointed in you... You've had
all these dreams and experiences with all these women and you've
forgotten all about me! Don't you even recall the bed-wetting
incident?" She grins at Suki and winks at Kim.

Jakashi gets to his feet and walks over to Becky and Sashi. He reaches
into his pocket and pulls out a necklace. He kneels down in front of
Sashi and puts his hand on her head. Sashi looks up, sniffling and
tears running down her cheeks, "Wh-Why Father?! Wh-why did you treat me
that way?! W-Was not I a good girl? W-Was I not your daughter?!"
Jakashi sighs, tousling her short black hair, "Oh, Sashi... I am so
sorry for all I put you through... Hon'tyl.. the ancient curse of our
people... Must it always tear families apart?! First the Onl'tyl, and
now this... I know this won't make up for all those years, but I hope
you'll accept this trinket... as way of apology... It was your
mother's, Sashi... It was her most prized possession.. and her wish
that you would have it..." He hands the necklace to Becky and says,
"Put it around her neck, Miss Starr... You, who love her most..."

Kim blushes beeper a bit. "W-What are you winking at me for? I didn't
watch that vid-" states Kim before quickly stopping herself.

"O-Ok, here Sashi." states Becky as she takes the necklace and places
it around Sashi's neck.

Nanyo laughs harder, a big belly laugh this time as Suki looks puzzled.
Nanyo puts her hand to the side of her mouth and stage-whispers, "Yeah,
right...!" Then she straightens up and says to Suki, "Nisu... I've
brought you something to bring back your memory of the promise we made
so long ago..." She reaches in a pouch on her belt and bring out...
Sashi sniffles, "M-Mistress... I... I am so sorry..." Jakashi sighs and
pats his daughter lovingly for the first time in her life, "As am I,
Sashi... As am I..." He gets to his feet and calls out to Suki, Nanyo,
and Kim, "I think it is time for us to get inside... the sun is
starting to go down and it gets really cold up here in the mountains...
If you'll all follow me, I'll take you girls to the hidden bunker where
we can continue our conversations." He starts to walk away.

"Ok." calls Kim as she removes the big sword from the ground and hoists
it in the air with one hand, and a moment later, it de-materializes
into thin air.

"Sashi, can you stand?" asks Becky.

Sashi replies, "I... I am not sure, Mistress... I... I do feel somewhat
weak... a-and my stomach... hurts again..." It growls showing off her
hunger, even though Sashi is trying as hard as possible to ignore it.

Suki and Nanyo nod, "Ok..." they chorus at the same time. Then Suki
looks at Nanyo and Nanyo grins. Then both laugh out loud as Nanyo adds,
"Jinx! You owe me a soda now, Nisu!"

"Ok..." states Becky as she then lifts the thin girl up in her arms and
begins to walk in the direction Jakashi went.

Jakashi leads them to a small hut, wherein there is a set of stairs
which they descend, into a huge underground shelter filled with all
sorts of rooms and such. Jakashi tells Becky, "Take Sashi to the dining
area and give her something to eat; Suki, come with me... Nanyo, you
and Miss Starr can check out the supplies in the back rooms." He takes
Suki by the hand and leads her off into a side room and closes the

"Ok" replies Becky as she leaves.

"Ok." states Kim.

Sashi follows Becky, the young loli having to hold up the young slave
on more than one occasion from her hunger. She asks, "M-Mistress... wh-
what will happen to me? I... I hurt you.. I killed all those people...
Am... Am I going to be executed?" She seems fearful.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Oh, great... We get to do 'Inventory'.. What

Jakashi and Suki converse privately in their room.

"Executed? No ones going to hurt you. If they do, they'll have to go
through me first." replies Becky smiling at the last part of her
statement as they walk.

"Maybe It won't be THAT boring." states Kim.

Sashi sighs, "I.. I do not know if everyone will feel the same as you,
Mistress..." She looks down at her hands which are stained in blood and
she looks away, in disgust.

Nanyo grins, "And how would YOU know that, Kim Starr?" She looks as Kim
as though she knows what Kim's thinking as she moves over to the
supplies and begins shifting through them.

"Yeah.... that's true." states Becky grimly.

"Just call me Kim." states Kim as helps Nanyo with some of the

Sashi sighs and looks down, as the two approach the dining area. "I...
I do not know if you should be so at ease with me... I mean.. I killed
so many people... for no reason..."

Nanyo grins, holding up a really wasted pair of someone's panties that
she's just fished out of one of the boxes, "Ok, Kim... Do you suppose
Nisu'd like it if I 'borrow'ed her panties and gave her these?" The
panties have a huge hole in them that stretches from the waistband to
the thigh.

"I know in my heart that you would never hurt me. Besides, I have
something that should help you." states Becky.

Kim gives Nanyo this look O_o. "Uh, I don't think so."

Sashi then falls to her knees, mumbling, "Ow... My stomach... I.. I
feel weak, Mistress..." Her stomach growls again.

Nanyo laughs, "Ok.. ok... maybe I'll use it as a handkerchief..." She
turns and starts digging in the boxes again.

Becky kneels down in front of Sashi. "Suck on my nipples, It'll make
you feel better."

"Hey, Nanyo, Why did you wink at me earlier?" asks Kim blushing.

Sashi scratches her short black hair, "U-Um.. i-if Mistress wants me
to..." She leans over to Becky and places her lips on Becky's nipples,
sucking hungrily.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... what do you think I meant?" She
winks again.

Becky moans in pleasure as she feels some of the fluid in her breast
being sucked out by Sashi's mouth.

"Uh, n-nothing, just wanted to know." replies Kim.

Sashi moans, as though she's eating or drinking something delicious and
sucks harder, drawing more and more fluid out of Becky's left breast,
slowly causing it to shrink.

Nanyo walks over to Kim and puts her arm around Kim's shoulder. She
leans on Kim and says, still grinning, "Oh come on... After watching
that video, you honestly have to ask?"

"Ooh, that feels good." moans Becky.

"H-How did you know!?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, pulling her mouth back for just a second, "It does,
Mistress... a-and I feel my stomach filling... Th-there is something in
there, I think..." She squeezes Becky's breast tenderly, causing some
of the fluid to trickle out and making Becky's pleasure level shoot

Nanyo laughs, "Come on, Kim... Think about it.. who do you think gave
you the chamber pot?"

Becky gasps as she feels a high amount of pleasure shoot through her
body and shacks slightly.

"So, you saw me?" asks Kim embarrassed.

Sashi gasps, "T-This fluid... what is it, Mistress? I.. I have never
seen anything like it..."

Nanyo nods, "Tch, yeah... gee, you act as though you couldn't tell...
Surely you can't be as dense as Nisu...?"

"I don't know, It's something that was put in me to give to you. Make
sure you drink the same amount from the other one, I don't want two
different sized breasts." replies Becky smiling.

"No, I'm not. How much did you see?" states Kim.

Sashi asks, confused, "Why?"

Nanyo laughs, "The whole thing.. I must admit, Kim, you sure are
freakin' sexy when you gotta go!"

"It was to help you." replies Becky.

Kim blushes a deep red. "W-Well, what about you? In the video you
didn't last 10 minutes before wetting yourself."

Sashi's eyes fill with tears, "You would do that for me, Mistress?" She
seems overcome with emotion and sniffs.

Nanyo laughs, "In case you didn't notice, Nisu first put me to sleep
then pressed on my DP... That doesn't mean I have a weak bladder...
more like I had a weak heart and felt love for my Nisu... I let her do
it to me because I loved her so much... But you, Kim.. you truly DO
have a weak bladder... or so Nisu thinks..."

"I would do anything for you. I love you Sashi." states Becky.

"Why would Suki think that?" states Kim.

Sashi sniffles and says, "I... I do not deserve your love, Mistress...
I.. Just... Don't..." She starts crying and sobbing again.

Nanyo rolls her eyes, "Um, maybe because every time she sees you, you
wind up wetting yourself?"

"Don't say that." states Becky lovingly.

"Suki's the same way." states Kim in defense.

Sashi sobs, "But I... I..."

Nanyo nods, "I know... she always had a problem holding it in for more
than 5 hours... She barely got through the night without wetting
herself and usually, I'd have to make sure she didn't..."

"No buts, I love you, and that's it." states Becky.

"What's a DP?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, her eyes still filled with tears, and hugs Becky, shaking
softly with soft sobs. Nanyo replies, "It's what we Ap-Dat call the
Desperation Point... it's a spot on a girl's body that when rubbed or
stroked causes that girl to feel intense waves of pee-desperation that
most girls can't hold in more than 10 minutes."

Becky places a hand on Sashi's head and rubs.

"Oh, I see. I wonder if I have one." states Kim.

Sashi just whimpers and rests in Becky's arms. Nanyo shrugs her
shoulders and grins, "I dunno... you want me to find it for you?"

"Sure, why not." replies Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Ok.. when do you want to do it?"

"How about now?" replies Kim.

Just then, Jakashi calls, "Nanyo, Miss Starr... It's time for supper...
Other Miss Starr, Sashi... come on to the second dining area.

Nanyo laughs slightly at Jakashi's words and says, "We'd better go
before the old man gets upset... But, we'll find your DP after
supper... so make sure you drink a lot!" She winks at Kim.

Kim sweatdrops. "Heh, Ok, sure thing." replies Kim.

Nanyo leads the way to the second dining area, where Suki is standing
over a stove, her face flushed and her eyes red as though from crying.
Jakashi, sitting at a table, Sashi, wobbling slightly, moving to the
same table with Becky at her heels.

"Hey, you guys. What's to eat?" asks Kim.

Suki points to the table where there is a spectacular assortment of
vegetables in unique dishes, but she says nothing, preferring to keep
quiet. Sashi looks up at Nanyo and states, "I.. I am sorry, Nanyo, old
friend... P-Please forgive me.." Nanyo waves it aside, answering, "Ah,
forget about it, Sash... I don't blame you..." She casts Jakashi a
dirty look though and senses Suki's upsetness.

"What are you two talking about?" asks Kim puzzled.

Suddenly a knock comes from the front door. Jakashi opens the door, It
turns out to be a female that wants to fight Nanyo after secretly
seeing her display earlier.

The two ends up fighting which ends in Nanyo losing, her opponent
heals her and heals her to her feet. The girl also happens to be one of
Suki's best friends and rushes outside to talk to her.

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- The DP

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