Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 49)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 49

Title: Chapter 43: Asiah, the wood nymph

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.



"Where is Asiah again?" asks Kim while she and Nanyo fly.

"Asiah's a... wegre.... so she's in the forest 90% of the time..."
states Nanyo, landing on the outskirts of the wooded area.

"A nature lover huh?"

"Oh, more than that... she's kinda like a wood nymph.... totally
immortal... and she plays the most beautiful flute-like thing.... but..
.it's really hard to find her..." Nanyo sighs.

Kim then giggles and places a hand to her head.

"What's so funny, Starki?"

"Nothing your last thing you said just sounded very
familiar to something."

"Familiar? Ok, now you're creeping me out... what's so familiar about
what I said?"

"Have you ever played a game called, Zelda: Ocarina of Time?"

"No... how do you play that?"

"It's a video game."

"What's a video game?" asks Nanyo, looking confused.

Kim then sweatdrops. "Uh, nothing, nevermind."

"Oooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..." states Nanyo, looking even more
confused, but she turns toward the trees and starts pushing a couple of
branches aside, motioning for Kim to follow her.

Kim does so.

Nanyo whispers, "No talking.... I'mma gonna try to contact her,

Kim nods

Nanyo closes her eyes, looking as though she's in a trance, then all of
a sudden, there is a loud squeal of, "Nan'chi! Kim! You're back! YAY!"

Kim quickly looks around, trying to see were the voice came from.

Suddenly, a 17-year-old girl with red hair and glasses comes out a tree
behind Kim and hugs the taller HUnewearl around the stomach. "You're

"Ah!" screams Kim in surprise.

Nanyo laughs, "Took you long enough, Asiah.... Where you been?"

Asiah replies, "I was in the hidden tree.... but I'm so glad you guys
are back... Can we have some fun now?"

"What kind of fun?"

"You know... like what we did last time.... That was so much fun and
you guys left me in the middle... Shame on you!"

"Oh, sure. Sorry we left you."

The slightly smaller girl grins, "No problem.... I had Tasha and Jen...
But.. I like you better!" She points a finger into Kim's right breast,

"I'm honored, i think..." states Kim sweatdropping.

"Hehe... we're to be involved in the Fa'lin ceremony..." states Nanyo
happily, wrapping an arm around Kim's shoulders. "But we'd love to have
some fun, wouldn't you say so, Starki?"


"So... where d'you wanna do it, Kim?" grins Asiah, looking eager as her
short red hair blows in the gentle breeze.

"Anywhere is fine with me since where in the forest."

"Hey, Kim... ya ever gone nakes'es?" smirks Asiah.

"Not really, why?"

"'Cause it's like, so much fun.... Here... why don't you strip me and
I'll show you!" She smiles.

"Uh, ok." replies Kim as she starts undressing Asiah.

Asiah lets out a soft gentle sigh as her B-cup breasts are revealed to
Kim. Her nipples tighten slightly in the breeze and she smiles,
goofily, "Oh yeah..."

Kim then finishes undressing her.

Gooseflesh now rises on Asiah's skin and she quivers, "Ooh... that
feels so good...."

"Does it really?"

"Ooh, yes, Kim.... Very much so.... Why don't you try it?"

"Ok, I'll do it." states Kim as she then begins to undress.

Nanyo grins, "Oh, yes... do it, Starki.... do it.... It's been a while
since I've seen your boobs..."

that remark make Kim blush lightly as she removes her vest, then bra.

"Ooh la la... la boobsa!" laughs Nanyo as Asiah smiles, "Do it... all
the way...."

Kim smiles as she then removes her shorts.

"Pantsu!" giggles Nanyo as Asiah nods, "One more.... one more..."

Kim nervously removes her panties, embarrassed at the stares from both

"Oh, dat's the shweet shtuff..." grins Nanyo, reaching over to stroke a
fingertip across Kim's labia.

"What now?" questions Kim.

Asiah asks, "Do you want some Altaiarean Beverage before we start?"
Nanyo laughs and quickly strips out of her clothes in 2.2 seconds,
saying, "I do! I want some!"

"Oh, we're doing 'pee fun' then?" asks Kim.

Asiah grins, "That's what we were doin' last time... and you DO wanna
do it, doncha?!" Nanyo begs, "Aw, come on, Starki...."

"Relax, of course I'll do it."

"YES!" laughs Nanyo, punching the air triumphantly as Asiah smiles,
"Ok... Lemme get some..." She disappears behind a tree.

"At lest I won't wet my panties." smiles Kim.

"Heheh.... too bad.... I love your wet panties, Starki...." She leans
over and kisses Kim on the cheek.

Kim then begins to stroke her labia with her right hand as she and
Nanyo wait for Asiah.

"Hey hey hey hey... stop that! Jeez, can't you even wait for Asiah?"
laughs Nanyo.

"What" smiles Kim. "I can't rub myself while we wait?"

"No... 'cause like, I wanna rub!" smiles Nanyo, reaching down and
pushing Kim's hand away from her labia, gently opening up Kim's flower.

"Hey, I though you said rub." smiles Kim.

"Oh... you mean like this?" She places her palm on Kim's tender folds
and starts stroking them gently.

"Yeah, like that."

Just then, Asiah returns, holding three bottles. Upon seeing Nanyo and
Kim, she whines, "Aw, come on you girls! Can't you even wait a second?"

"We're waiting for you." giggles Kim.

"Well.... I brought the drinks... who wants to drink first?"

"I will."

"Ok... here you go, Kim.... drink it all up!" grins Asiah as Nanyo

Kim does so and downs the entire bottle.

"Now then.... lay down on the grass... feel how soft it is?"

"Yeah, it's soft..." states Kim laying on the ground.

"See.... didn't I tell you, bein' nake'es is fun?" grins Asiah as she
sits down next to Kim, her hands taking hold of Kim's arms and gently
rubbing them.

"Well just about anything feels good when your naked." smiles Kim.

"YEAHHHHHHHH!" shouts Nanyo, leaning over Kim's head and giving Kim an
upside down kiss, reminiscent of Spiderman kissing Mary Jane.

Kim gladly returns the kiss.

Asiah's hands now move over to Kim's stomach, gently sweeping across
her navel as Nanyo places her hands on Kim's collar, pulling her up
slightly so that she can slip behind Kim.

"So I'm going to be the focus first then?" asks Kim.

"Would you like it any other way, Kim?" asks Asiah.

"No no, I'm fine." smiles Kim.

"Good... 'cause like, I wanna f*ck ya so bad!" exclaims Nanyo as she
forces her lips harder upon Kim's mouth, her tongue expertly weaving in
and out of her lover's.

Kim giggles lightly into the kiss, obviously enjoying this.

Nanyo pulls back slightly, breathing hard and stating, "D*mn it... I'm
still not used to lovin' you... the passion is incredible...."

Then she continues to kiss Kim as her arms wrap around Kim's chest,
squeezing her breasts gently.

Kim 'Mmm's into the kiss as her breasts swell with arousal.

Nanyo's fingertips now surround Kim's nipples, pinching and lightly
tugging on them as Asiah moves down to Kim's abdomen, rubbing her palm
across that area.

Kim then begins to squirm from the pleasure.

Nanyo moans, "Oh d*mn, I LOVE THAT squirm! Do it again, Asiah..." She
licks the inside of Kim's mouth, still pinching her nipples as Asiah
slides her left hand down to Kim's pubic mound, running a palm across

Kim squirms again in pleasure but now her bladder ever so slightly
urges her to find a bathroom.

"Starki... has anyone ever told you how cute that squirm of yours is?"
asks Nanyo as she licks the back of Kim's neck.

"Suki may have, I think."

"Well... it's just about the most erotic thing you do, Starki..."

"How so?"

"Now, Starki.... I can't tell ya that... Just accept that it is and
leave it there... I'll just say it REALLY turns me on... hehe..."
states Nanyo, licking at Kim's neck again.

Kim smiles and starts to squirm for a different reason slightly.

"Oh yeah.... that's the shtuff... " smiles Nanyo as Asiah presses her
palm against Kim's abdomen, asking, "How does this feel, Kim?"

"Alright..." replies Kim simply. but it causes her to squirm a bit

Nanyo laughs, "Should we tell her about your DP, Starki?" Asiah gasps,
"She has one too?!"

"I don't really care." states Kim.

"Ok... Hey Asiah... trying rubbing her left leg's inner

"Ok..." states Asiah, placing her hand there and stroking gently.

Kim quickly tenses and closes her legs, trapping Asiah's hand.

Asiah gasps, "Wow... she really does have one.... Cool!"

"Doesn't everyone?"

"I'd never heard of girls outside of Ap Dat having one... Does this
cause a need to pee, Kim?" asks Asiah, rubbing at Kim's thigh.

"Y-yeah , it does." states Kim tensing.

"How bad does it make it feel, Kim? No one ever found my DP so I
wouldn't know..."

"It makes it pretty hard to hold."

"Hehe..." giggles Asiah as she rubs harder.

Kim continues to tense as she fights her body.

Nanyo smirks, "You like that, Starki? Should I tell Nisu about your DP

"Sure, it'll make our time funner." smiles Kim.

"Heh... do you know Nisu's DP?"

"I don't think i do."

"Heh... when we get together in an Oln'tyl, I'll show ya..."


Asiah giggles, leaning over Kim's crotch and running one hand along
Kim's delicate folds as her other hand continues rubbing Kim's

"Ah..." groans Kim. "it's getting pretty hard to hold now."

"Yeah... mebbe I better stop... I wanna enjoy this..." giggles Asiah,
moving her hand away from Kim's thigh.

Kim then begins to relax. "yeah, I want to too."

Nanyo grins, "Yeah... taking time will help make your urination even
more special... hehe..." She kisses Kim again as Asiah reaches down to
Kim's labia, gently rubbing her palm there.

"Mmm, you gonna make me come first?"

"Mebbe... mebbe not... I just wanna wait and see... hehe..." giggles
Asiah as she tenderly separates Kim's labia.

Kim moans in reply at the feeling of her vagina being exposed to the

"Like that, do you, Kim?" grins Asiah.

"Yeah, I like being spread." smiles Kim.

"Heh... and do you like this too?" She blew gently into Kim's vagina as
Nanyo licked Kim's neck again, moving the other girl's breasts up and
down gently.

"Ooh, yeah, i like that.

"I know you do... look... you're already beginning to get wet..." She
puts her palm on Kim's labia, feeling the wet area gently.

"Yeah, that happen for me quite easily."

"Heehee... and remember what Nisu did to you once?" Nanyo slips her
fingertips under Kim's arms, tickling her.

"N-No, what?"

"Look... your nips are so hard after only a sec of tickling..."

Asiah gasps, "She's even wetter now... Does she lick tickling?"

"There's something I like even better than tickling."
smiles Kim.

"And what's that, Starki?"

"My ears." smiles Kim.

"Oh yeah... how could I be so stupid?!" teases Nanyo, quoting Hermione
from Harry Potter. She leans over Kim's shoulder and licks at Kim's
right ear.

"Ah!" gasps Kim as she tenses up suddenly, lubrication fluid slowly
streaming from her vagina.

Asiah gasps, "Whoah.... i-incredible... she's like, 10 times wetter
now! Is that like her PP?"

"Y-Yeah, it... they both are." moans Kim.

"Wow... I never knew of anyone who had more than one... That's, like,
superhuman, ya?"

Nanyo giggles, "Yeah... and it's all mine, Asiah.. ALL MINE!" She licks
at Kim's other ear now.

Kim moans pleasantly in pleasure at the stimulus to her ear.

"Wow... she's like so wet.... is she gonna cum soon?"

"Ooohhh, if Nanyo k-keep doing that, y-yeah." moans Kim.

"Yeah.... I think I'm a bit tired... I wanna see you cum!" She licks
again at Kim's earlobe as Asiah sticks a finger into Kim's vagina,
rubbing gently.

Kim tenses pleasurably and moans n bliss.

Nanyo grins, "Cum you... I won't accept anything less now..." She licks
again at Kim's ear as her free hands now tweak Kim's nipples a little.

"Kim then begins to groan as her body starts to stiffen up, preparing
for her orgasm.

"Ooh... I think she's gonna cum soon.... Ooh... I can't wait...."
states Asiah happily, rubbing up against Kim's G-spot.

Kim then begins to arch her body up off Nanyo, lubrication fluid
streaming from her vaginal opening.

"Oh... I feel her pleasure... can't you feel it, Nan'chi?" Nanyo nods,
"Yes... she's just about to lose it... oh yeah...." She licks at Kim's
ear again, squeezing Kim's breasts gently as Asiah pumps Kim's vagina
with her index finger.

The wall finally breaks, allowing Kim's climax through as she screams
in pleasure as a stream of ejaculate forcefully jets from her urethra
in a 3 second spurt, then a 2 second one before Kim's body falls back
onto Nanyo shaking uncontrollably.

Asiah, her face splattered in cum, blinks, "Whoah... that was, like,
really cool..."

"Kim simply pants as currents of her orgasm still fun through her body.

Nanyo reaches her arms around Kim's body, hugging her tightly,
whispering, "Yes, Starki... that feels so damn good..."

"Oooooohhhhhh, yeah, does..." moans Kim.

"Now... how's that bladder feeling, Kim?" asks Asiah, wiping the cum
off her face and sucking on her fingers.

"I don't feel anything right now."

"I see... then ya wanna do me next?" asks Asiah.

"I wanna come again." smiles Kim.

"But... it'll take time... and I wanna cum, too!" whines Asiah.

"Ok fine."

"Come on then... and do me...." states Asiah, popping the top off her
bottle and downing it, belching once or twice afterward.

"Ok." states Kim as she gets off Nanyo and nears Asiah.

Nanyo grins, "I'll sit this one out... I wanna watch..."

"Ok, Hey Asiah, you wanna do a 69?"

"What's a 69?" asks Asiah, not understanding the numerical reference.

"We both lick each others pussy."

"Nah... I don't wanna lick ya... I just wanna CUM!" she whines.

"Fine, I'll lick you then, k?"

"Ok.... but remember... I'm gonna have a full bladder soon... so if I
lose control... be prepared... ok?

"K, I drinking pee isn't my thing." replies Kim.

"Ok... be gentle now... I'm sin-sa-tive..." she laughs nervously.

"Ok." states Kim as she then positions her face in between Asiah's legs
and quickly begins to lick at the girl's labia.

"Ah... ahhhhh...." moans the smaller girl, almost immediately beginning
to secrete her fluid, her glasses beginning to fog up slightly.

"Like that don't you?" smiles Kim stopping for a moment.

"Ooh yes... I likes... I likes...."

Kim resumes her licking, occasionally flicking the tip of her tongue
over her clit.

"Aaaaahhh.... aaaaahhhh...." pants the slightly smaller girl, her hips
beginning to wiggle. "You wanna see how full her bladder is after she
cums, Starki?" asks Nanyo.

Kim doesn't stop her licking but she gives a thumbs up gesture with her
left hand.

"Haaahhhh... ahhhhhh...." moans Asiah, her hips now beginning to thrust
forward, urging Kim's tongue in further.

Kim teasingly licks the girl's labia, not penetrating her with her

Asiah whines, "Aw, come on! Go in there! Please?" She thrusts her hips
harder, trying desperately to get Kim's tongue inside of her as Nanyo
laughs, "Hehe... better beg, Asiah..."

"Nah, I like the softness of your pussy." giggles Kim before resuming
her teasing.

Asiah now begins to beg, "Aw, come on, Kim! Pwease? Pwretty pwease with
sugar on top?"

Kim then licks the slit between the girl's labia teasingly.

"Ahhhhhh... hahhhhhhh! It's not enough!" whimpers Asiah, her hips
wiggling first one way then another, trying desperately to get Kim's
tongue inside her body.

"What about this?" Kim then spreads her labia with her right hand and
licks at Asiah's throbbing clit.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" cries out Asiah, immediately tensing up. "Th-that's
good... b-but... I want it HARDER and Wetter! Please!"

"Hmm..." thinks Kim before very lightly, biting Asiah's clit.

"Ahhhhhh... hahhhhhh! I... I'm.... almost there.... come on... d-don't
stop!" cries and whines Asiah, pushing her stomach forward, arching her

Kim begins to bite her clit harder, careful to not to bite too hard.

"AH!" screams Asiah loudly in pleasure as her orgasm hits with a power
that can defeat a freight training carrying huge earthworms the size of
a train itself.

At this point, Kim then quickly inserts her tongue into Asiah.

Asiah's vagina clutches Kim's tongue as the shaking and shuddering that
accompanies and defines orgasm now sweeps through Asiah's body.

Kim then pinches her clit with the fingers of her right hand.

Asiah pants heavily as a second orgasm begins to build within her and
she whines, "I... I can't take it anymore... I.. I'm gonna cum again!"

Kim then twists her clit 1/4 of a circle, slowly.

Asiah cries out again in ecstasy as her second orgasm hits and a short
spurt of fluid leaves her urethra as she whimpers weakly, curling up
into a ball.

"Um, something wrong?" asks Kim.

Asiah whimpers, "N-Not really... I-It's just.... I'm not used to
cumming more than once... I... I'm really sensitive.... a-and I need
time to recover..."


Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... that brings back memories... I remember when I
first touched you... Man, you almost came right away..."

Kim then suddenly tenses as she clutches her crotch with her hands.

"Heh... I almost forgot... gotta pee, Starki-chan?" grins Nanyo.

"Sh*t, I had forgot all about that, I really gotta go now!"

"Heehee...." grins Nanyo as she winks as Asiah, who nods, "I see..."

"I'm not going to last much longer..."

"I know.... and that's why I decided to do... this!" She grabs Kim from
behind as Asiah brings over one of the girls' panties and starts trying
to put them on Kim.

"Hey! I don't want to wet my panties."

"Heheh... Who said you were gonna wet YOUR panties? Those are mine..."
laughs Nanyo, holding Kim still.

"W-Well that now better..." replies Kim sweatdropping.

"Sure it is... I don't mind wearing wet panties.... and I KNOW you
don't mind wetting mine... " She laughs as Asiah finishes putting them
on Kim's body.

"Ah!" groans Kim as she grasps her crotch.

Nanyo laughs, "Now for some fun... hehe..." She slides her hands over
Kim's stomach and begins to tickle her.

Kim vainly tries to fight back laughing.

Nanyo grins as she continues tickling Kim. Asiah uses this opportunity
to spread Kim's thighs, rubbing at her crotch tenderly.

Kim quickly loses it and begins urination, wetting Nanyo's panties with
her golden fluid.

"Haha.... I knew she couldn't hold it.... Now doesn't that feel better,

"Yes, much better..." moans Kim.

"And doesn't that feel nice and wet?" Asiah laughs, holding her own


"Hehe... you two had fun... you wanna go back and marry Suki now?"


"Ok then... gimmie back my panties, will ya?" Nanyo laughs.

"Ok." replies Kim taking off the soiled panties and hands them to

Nanyo sniffs them once, moaning, "Oh yeah... that's the shtuff... Then
she slides them on, putting her pants on top of them, creating a wet
spot on her jeans.

Kim then gets dressed as well.

Asiah also gets dressed and sighs, "Well... good luck to both of
you.... is anyone else I know gonna be in the ceremony?"

"Not that I know of?"

Nanyo reminds, "Yes... Nisu is, remember?"

"Oh, yeah." giggles Kim.

"Jeez... I can't believe you forgot about her.... I should tell her..."
teases Nanyo.

"Well I though she meant someone other than her and you."

"Oh.. so you're inviting Asiah into the Oln'tyl, then, Starki? Boy...
I'd sure hate to be you when Nisu finds out... hahe..."

"i don't care."

"Ooh... so you'd rather Nisu be mad at you? Jeez... you're like, super
brave or super stupid... hehe..."

"What are you referring to again?"

"The Oln'tyl.... what we're gonna become when the Fa'lin ceremony is
over... Jeez, what's the matter with you, Starki... ? You
seem out of it today...."

"Nothings wrong with me, I just wasn't following you."

"Oh... are you following' me now?"


"So... how could you forget about Nisu? I thought you loved her..."

"For fu*k sake, I said I though she was talking about
someone else other than you or Suki."

"Oh... jeez, don't get so mad.... I was just askin'"

"well you seem to be the one that's not following..."

"Would you ever forget her?"

"Of course not."

"Good... cause I could never forget her, either..."

"well Let's go."

"Ok... you girls ready?"


Asiah puts back on her clothes, pushing her glasses back up her nose,
sighing, "I can't believe you guys are going to be a Oln'tyl... It's so

"Is it really?" asks Kim.

"Oh yes! The Fa'lin ceremony is one of the most beautiful
ceremonies of the Ap Dat..."

"Oh." Kim forms her wings. "Let's get going."

Asiah nods, "Ok..." and jumps into the air with Nanyo
following her, smiling as she gets an upskirt view of Asiah's panties.

Kim brings up the rear as she takes flight after Nanyo.

Nanyo grins, "So, Starki.... have you decided what to get
Nisu for a wedding present? I'mma gonna give her an orgasm..."

"Uh, I haven't even thought of what to give her." replies Kim blushing.

"Geez, Starki.... ya wanna stop by a shop and see what's on sale? Ya
can't go through with the ceremony without a gift, yanno..."

"That won't be necessary, I have some time."

"Aight... if you say so...." states Nanyo, dubiously. Asiah giggles,
"You two are so funny... no wonder you're a couple...."

"We're funny?" questions Kim.

"Well, at least Nan'chi is.... I'm still not sure about you..." states

"Well I don't consider myself to be all that funny."

"Oh... so you're the serious type then?" asks Asiah as the three girls
arrive back at the ship.

before the three walk into the ship, Kim pulls on Asiah's right arm.
"Hey, are you allergic to cats?"

Asiah shakes her head, "No... As a wegma I'm used to furry animals...
Why do you ask?"

"Um, no reason...." Kim then walks into the ship.

"Um... ok...." states Asiah, looking confused. Suddenly, Nanyo lets out
a loud sneeze, "AH, CHOOOOOOOO!"

Kim sighs. "Looks like that pill finally wore off huh Nanyo?"

"Y-Yeah... AHCHOOOO!" sneezes Nanyo as Suki steps in, asking, "Nan'chi!
Do you have a cold?"

"She allergic to cats." states Kim.

Suki sniggers, quickly covering her mouth with her hand. Nanyo sneezes
again and grumbles, "Nikki! Where are ya?!"

Nikki quickly comes from the back room. her eye patch still on. "Yeah?"

"Get out of here! AHCHOO!" replies Nanyo. "I... I... AHCHOO! I can't
stand the fur! AHCHOO!"

Nikki quickly frowns. "Well thanks for being nice about it geez." She
then returns to the back room.

"AHCHOO! Damn it... I need some medicine.... AHCHOO!"
I don't have any here." states Kim.

"I... I ACHOO! I know.... I'm gonna hafta make some... AHCHOO! Excuse
me...." She leaves the ship.

To Be Continued in...
Asiah meets the others

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