Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 48)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 48

Title: Chapter 42: Loli Sara

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Suki sighs, "So Kimmie... How long will it be until we land?"

"A few hours."

"S-So... what should we do in the meantime?" asks Suki as Nanyo grins,
"Let's make out!"

"Hey, Nanyo, have you seen my sister yet?"

"Who, Sara? Naw, I ain't seen her... Why? Somethin' happen to her?"

"Yep, somethin did happen to her." smiles Kim.

"Geez... she ok?" asks Nanyo, looking concerned.

"Let's go see her."

"Aight... let's go then..." smiles Nanyo, taking Kim's hand in hers and
grinning wider.

Kim leads Nanyo down into the lower level of the ship and into The room
where Sara still sleeps.

"What the... @#$#@?!" gasps Nanyo. "She shrunk?!"

"Wow, you noticed pretty quick." replies Kim.

"Hehe... any reason I shouldn't, Starki?"

"Just thought you might-a-took some time to figure it out."

"Nah... I'm a bit quick at stuff like this..." grins Nanyo, tapping her
forehead and letting Kim know she read Suki's mind and already knew
about Sara.

Sara soundlessly begins to wake up 'Mmm'ing...'

"Heh... I think we woke her up, Starki-chan..."

Sara sits up and looks at Nanyo. "Huh, your that Nanyo girl." states

"Y halo thar, Sara.... 'swhat's new?" grins Nanyo.

"Isn't it obvious?" replies Sara looking annoyed at the question.

"Heh, yeah... but I wanna know how you're takin' to it... how d'ya
feel, Sara-CHAN...?!"

"Well, I guess I have to adjust to this. Besides, I can relive my
childhood. So from now on....... I'm going to act the way I look!
replies Sara happily.

"Hehe... better make sure you go the bathroom more often... otherwise
yer smaller bladder might overflow...."

"Yeah, I have to adjust my food intake, I forgot about that."

"Hehe..." laughs Nanyo as Suki now appears, holding Kim from behind.

"Hey, it's Suki-san!" she then notices Kim. "Sister! I'm so sorry for
the way I treated you all these years!" exclaims the smalll girl as she
hugs Kim's leg's, too short to reach her waist.

Suki frowns, looking a bit jealous and sighs, "Kimmie... is she going
to be like, your baby sister, now?"

"Well she IS 19 though." states Kim. "Hey! I told you, I'm going to act
the way i look from now on, so yeah, I'm her baby sister." replies

Suki smiles a bit in relief as she whispers, "Kimmie... she's so

"Yeah, she is..." replies Kim. Sara then smiles. "Ya got that fu*king

"She reminds of my father's last wish.... for me to bear him a
child..." states Suki, sadly.

"Sara, little girls don't talk like that." states Kim kneeling down and
placing a hand on her head. "Awww, why not?" whines Sara.

"Because it's rude... and you wanna be a proper lady, don't you, Sara-
chan?" states Suki.

"But Suki-san, that's going to hard to do."

"Look at me, Sara-chan... If I can do it, you most certainly can! All
it'll take is practice.... Trust me!"

"YOU used to swear a lot?" asks Sara totally shocked.

Suki sighs, looking away and blushing, "When I was younger.... yes...."

"Holy sh*t! OOPS!" gasps Sara covering her mouth.

Suki blushes harder and continues looking away.

"I need some new clothes now, my other clothes don't fit."

Suki asks Kim, "Kimmie... do you think you or Becky have something for
Sara-chan to wear?"

"Hmm, She's pretty small now, smaller than suki or Becky. I don't think
I have anything for her."

"Oh... maybe we can visit a tailor when we get back to Cyclias...."

"Ok, that would work." states Sara.

"Ok then..." smiles Suki.

"Hey, I wanna see what reaction that Sashi girl will have seeing me
now." smiles Sara.

"Oh wait... you prolly won't get much of a reaction from her..." states

"Why?" asks the small girl.

"She keeps things bottled up, for one..."

"Even to seeing a cute girl like me?"

"I don't think she's into lolitas, Sara-chan..." laughs Nanyo.

Kim then blushes deeply as Sara replies with an 'Oh.'

"Now, Starki-chan here... man, she loves 'em..." states Nanyo as Suki

"Really? Sister likes little girls?" asks Sara. "U-Uh, y-yeah,
kinda..." replies Kim embarrassed.

"Why else do you think she'd fall for Nisu here?" laughs Nanyo as Suki
blushes, "S-Stop, Nan'chi..."

"Sister, your a pedophile!" exclaims Sara good-naturedly. "W-Wait! No
I'm not!" quickly replies Kim.

"Yeah... there are other reasons why Kimmie loves me!" exclaims Suki

"So your attracted to me sister?" smiles Sara. "Uh..... um...."
stutters Kim blushing profusely.

Suki cries, "NO!" as Nanyo nods, "Yes, she does..."

"Heh, you really are a pedophile sister, I have the body of a 12 year
old. Yet I bet your thinking of me coming arn't you?" smiles Sara
blushing herself.

"Kimmie, that can't be true, can it?!" gasps Suki, looking
really hurt.

"Hey, why are you getting upset about this?" asks Kim.

"Because the only reason you 'shacked up' with me is because I look
small!" retorts Suki, looking angry.

"That's not true! I love you! I really do!" replies Kim.


"Suki, I love you, I do." interrupts Kim.

"But why are you attracted to so many others?!"

"Others like who?"

"Sara, Becky, and even Tisha...."

"I don't like Tisha, and you knew about Becky for the longest time, and
Sara just became like this."

"But that's the point! if you really loved me, you wouldn't be
attracted to others!" Tears now start to roll down her cheeks.

Kim then sweatdrops. "I can't control who I'm ATTRACTED too, no one
can. the actions you do yes, but not the attraction."

"But you made Tisha wet! And even Becky! And now.. I'm sure that's what
your thinking of with Sara!"

"B-But..." begins Kim but she can't think of anything to say.

"SEE?! I knew it!" cries Suki, tears rolling down her cheeks with more
force. Then, she abruptly turns away and runs from the room.

"Suki!" calls Kim as she starts to run but stops, figuring Suki needs
to be by herself.

Nanyo sighs, "Dayum... She's pissed... what does her Spirit Crystal
feel like, Starki? Is it cold and black again?"

"Yeah, I feel it." replies Kim. "Good, I can have sister all to
myself." states Sara happily as she wraps herself around Kim's left

"OHkay... Guess I'll leave now... by the way, Starki... you'll need to
see Nisu soon about all this..." Nanyo starts to leave.

"Wait a minute, do leave me alone with her." states Kim following
Nanyo, carrying Sara on her leg.

Nanyo glances back, "I think you and yer sister need a little "quality
time" hehe..."

"Wait, I don't trust myself alone with her."

There is no response. Nanyo is long gone.

Kim sweatdrops as she looks down to Sara. "Let's get
reaqainted sister!"

back in the ships upper level...

Sashi sighs as Suki rushes past. She states to Becky, "It would seem as
though my sister is upset..."

"Yep, it seems that way." states Becky. "I wonder why she's all upset
for." adds Nikki leaning on a wall.

"If you two do not mind, I could sense her thoughts and tell you why
she is so upset..." sighs Sashi.

"We ain't own pioneer 2 anay more. I dun see why not." states Nikki.

"If you wish..." Sashi closes her eyes and tenses briefly before
opening her eyes. "She is upset because Miss Kim has 'thoughts' about
her own sister, Sara..."

"She's upset about that? I'm not even Kimmie's real sister and I'm sure
Suki knew Kimmie must''ve thought about me."

"She seems to okay you... but not so with Tisha... and with Sara... I
think she is thinking unpleasant thoughts about Miss Kim's parentage."


"I believe her exact thoughts were "What a bitch..." Does that not
infer something about Miss Kim's parentage?"

"I don't understand the word, parentage. what does it mean?"

"Oh... Parentage means Parents."

"What does Kimmie's parents have to do with this?"

"Is that not what a bitch is? Does not a bitch mean something is wrong
with the mother, Mistress?"

"I have no idea, I think she was referring to Kimmie with that word."

"Oh... I see...."

"Suki's got some nerve to be mad though, I mean she left Kimmie with no
warning for that Miho." states Becky.

"Indeed... I guess she is a very jealous little girl...."

Becky then gets off the bed. "I'm going to give her a
piece of my mind." Becky then leaves the room in the direction Suki
left in.

Sashi gets to her feet and follows her.

Becky meets Suki outside. "Hey, what the hell is wrong with you!?" asks

Suki turns, tears in her eyes, "H-Hmmm?! O-Oh... it's you, Becky...
What are you talking about?"

"You've got some nerve being made at Kimmie!"

"Why do you say that?"

"I know why your mad, and who your mad at."

"Why? Who told you?!"

"That doesn't matter, what matter's is, how dare you! Kimmie loves you!
Don't you know that!?"

"If she loves me, why does she go around making everyone she knows wet
themselves?! Why does she love everyone near her?!" retorts Suki.

"Did you hear your last line!? Why does Kimmie love everyone near her!?
Why the fu*k shouldn't she!? Love owns!"

"But.... Becky... I.. I wanted to be her only love... and now that's
not possible!"

Becky promptly slaps Suki's left cheek hard. "Love deserves to be
spread, Kimmie's not the bit*h here..." states Becky firmly.

Shocked into silence, Suki can only stare up into Becky's eyes.

"I think you know who it is..."

Tears fall from Suki's eyes as she looks away, sniffling.

"Look at me!" states Becky.

"I... I c-can't... " whines Suki, though it's extremely clear
she understands Becky's meaning.

"Yes you can, stop running and face it. look at me."

Suki turns toward Becky, her tears still flowing. "Oh, Becky... I.. I'm
so sorry!"

"Don't tell me that, say it to Kimmie."

"O-Okay... I.. I will...." She slowly gets up to her feet and makes her
way down to where Kim is located.

Suki can hear heavy panting from the room where she left earlier.

She thinks, "Oh... sounds like Kimmie's busy... I'd better knock..."
She raises her hand to do so, calling out, "K-Kimmie... are you there?"

"Ah! Y-Yeah!" replies Kim.

"C-Can I come in? I.. I wanna apologize..."

"I-If... y-you... AH!" states Kim before screaming as her
orgasm seems to have hit.

Suki blushes on the other side of the door. "Maybe I should come back
later...?" she asks, timidly.

"You can come in if you want." comes Sara's young voice.

"I-If you two are too busy, I can come back later..." offers the small

"It's up to you." states Sara.

"What are you doing in there?" asks Suki. Deciding to open the door,
she sees....

Kim on her back on the bed and Sara between her legs with BOTH of her
hands in Kim, all the way up to her elbows. Sara's also
quite wet, nude, smiling.

"O-oh! E-Excuse me...! I.. I didn't mean t-to interrupt..." blushes
Suki harder.

"Don't worry, Sister just finished coming." Sara removes her hands,
totally soaked with Kim moans in pleasure from this.

"S-So I.. I see..." blushes Suki.

"I love my sister so much!" states Sara gleefully as she
lays on top of Kim's also nude body.

"As do I... Sara-chan... I loves Kimmie so much!" She moves close to
Kim and whispers, "I.. I'm sorry... for before..."

"It's ok Suki." replies Kim.

"Can you ever forgive me?"

"of course, I love you remember?"

"I love you, too, Kimmie... Thanks for understanding..." She leans over
and kisses Kim on the lips.

"I guess the alone time helped huh?"

"Actually..." Suki rubs her sore cheek, "... I can thank Becky for

"Really? what did she say to you?"

Suki winces, "It's not so much what she said as it was how hard she

"She hit you!?" asks Kim shocked.

"That is... an understatement..."

"What do you mean by that?"

Suki removes her hand from her cheek, showing a red palm print on her
tender skin.

"She slapped you!? Suki I so sorry, I'll talk to her."

Suki shakes her head, "No.. It's okay.. This time... I deserved it..."

"You sure?"

"Yes, Kimmie..."

"Awww, that's sweat." states Sara.

Suki blushes.

"Well you wanna join us Suki-san?" asks Sara smiling. "What!? Your not
done?" asks Kim.

"Um, that's okay.... I doubt whether or not Kim could take more...
hehe..." sweatdrops Suki.

"Ok, guess we'll see you later?"

Suki smiles and nods, "Sure.. no problem..." She starts to leave.

Suki returns to the ships upper level.

Where she meets Becky. "Well, how'd it go?"

Suki nods, "I think she understands... Thank you, Becky... I... I
really appreciate what you did for me..." She hugs Becky.

"It was my pleasure." giggles Becky.

"So... how much longer until we land, Becky?" asks Suki, seemingly out
of topics to discuss.

"I'd say about an hour."

"Okay... so what do you wanna do now...?"

"Well Imma just chill till we get back home."

"Ok... then I'll rest until the journey's end... By the way, Becky...
how is Sashi doing?"

"Just fine, why?"

"Ok... I ... I was just curious..."

"Oh, ok."

Suki sighs and asks, "Is there a place where I could take a nap? I..
I'm feeling a little drained..." She yawns softly.

"There's plenty of room in the lower level of the ship."

"Ok... Thanks, Becky..." replies the other girl, heading toward the
lower level. Just then, Nanyo enters, sighing, "Sup, Becks?"

"Nothing, about to just sit and wait till your back home.

"O I C... wanna have some more fun?" winks Nanyo.

"Sure, it'll pass the time. ^_^"

"Here... I brought along some "tools"... " She shows Becky a length of
rope and a gag.

"Ooh, nice, I like bondage."

"Hehe.. I know you do... I've sensed it from the first day I saw ya..."

"This would be the first, no, second time me and you been
togeather huh?"

"Heh... I don't count, do ya?"


"I haven't counted the number of times I been with someone... Do you?"
clarifies Nanyo.

"Well no, but we haven't been together too much."

"So what? That a no?"

"yeah, it's a no."

"Ok... I'll just put these up then..." She takes the rope and the gag

"Hey, I meant no I don't count the people who fu*k me.

"LALALA! I can't hear you!" laughs Nanyo.

"Come on, let get busy!" whines Becky.

"I can't hear you!" replies Nanyo.

"Fine, fu*k it, I'll just take a nap." replies Becky heading to the bed
where Sashi's already sleeping.

"D*mn... pushed too hard... Oh well... I'll try again laterz..." thinks

The ship then reaches the roof of Nanyo's parents home, the original
lift off point long ago.

Suki shifts in her sleep, mumbling, "Hunh? whozzits.... what the..."

Suki's greeted by Sara. "Hey, we're back at you guys home."

"Oh-oh.. yeah? We're back at Lo'lop?" she mumbles, thoroughly


"Wait a minute..." begins Sara looking to be in thought before Kim
walks in. "We're back in Nanyo's hometown, above her house from where
we left last time."

"Where are we?" Suki asks again, seemingly even more confused. She
looks disheveled and confused.

"Nanyo's hometown." repeats Kim.

"R-Reun? Why are we b-b-back here?" she yawns.

"We wern't supposed to come back here?" questions Kim.

"It's not that... It's just that... -"

Suddenly a loud growl comes from downstairs in Nanyo's house. "Where's
that DAMN B*TCH with my BOOZE?!"

"Fu*k, what a loud mouth." states Sara.

"Sara-chan... please don't swear..." sighs Suki.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, sorry." apologizes Sara blushing.

Nanyo then stumbles into the room, cursing like a sailor as she
grumbles, "That sonofabitch.... I'll see you girls later...." She
leaves the ship.

"Maybe I should just fly the ship away from here, I'm sure Nanyo
doesn't want to be here." states Kim.

"I'd agree, Kimmie... even I don't want to be here..." shudders Suki.

"Kim quickly leave to try and catch Nanyo before she leaves.

Suki asks Sara, "S-So... How long was I asleep? It feels like
forever..." She yawns and stretches.

"Like a hour or so."

"Ouchie... I'm a bit stiff... and I have to use the facilities..." she
states, getting to her feet.

"There's a bathroom on this level, is a door down from this room."
states Sara.

"Ok.. thanks, Sara...." yawns Suki heading off for it.

Sara then follows.

On the next floor up, Sashi sighs, "Nan'chi's father is most
disagreeable... do you not think so, Mistress?"

"Yeah, If my dad ever talked to me like that, sh*******t, wooo, it
wouldn't be pretty."

"It probably explains things about Nanyo's character... would you not
agree, Mistress?"

"Yeah." then the two feel the thrust of the ships engines. "Looks like
were leaving."

"I suppose we should just rest then?"


"As you wish..."

Just then, Tisha makes her way up to them, her face green and a hand
over her stomach. "When will this stupid ship stop?!" she moans,

"Kimmie's going back to the other village, it won't take long."

"Ough... I'm not feelin' sho hot...." the little girl moans.

Nikki suddenly yawns loudly as she stretches out her arms, then gets to
her hands and knees and stretches much like a cat would as she tail
also straightens for a moment. "Ooh, yeah! That felt good."

"Please make it stop!" whines the smaller girl, quickly covering her
mouth and running from the room. The sound of retching can be heard.

"Looks a like Ki Ki is a'gonna have a mess to clean." giggles Nikki.

Sashi nods, "Indeed... though I must admit, it gives me a perverse
pleasure to see her suffering..."

"That's a bit cold Sashi." states Becky.

"For someone who has tried to kill me... I think it normal... Would you
not agree, Nikki?"

"I'm not get'n involved in this, leave me outta it." replies Nikki.

At that moment, Suki reappears, yawning. She gets a whiff of "you know"
and winces, "UGH! Who threw up in here?!"

"That there little girl came in her sick, she must've threw up just
outside the door."

replies Nikki

Suki clutches her nose, moaning, "Ewww... it's so gross... Does anyone
mind if I clean it up?"

"Well I won't stop ya." states Nikki. "Go ahead." states Becky.

Sashi nods once as Suki begins the cleanup.

At this time, Sara comes up, dressed in just her pink underwear. who is
noticed by Nikki. "Heeey, who are you cutie?" asks Nikki kneeling
infront of the girl.

"I'm Sara, Kimberly's little sister." replies Sara. "What!? Ki Ki has a
real sister!?" asks Nikki shocked. "Yep, she sure does." smiles Sara.

Sashi raises a single eyebrow and asks, "Is it true? You are Sara?"

"Yeah, like the look?"

"I am no judge of beauty, Miss Sara..."

"Come on, don't you like it Sashi-san?"

"What I like is irrelevant... I am a slave.... Likes are forbidden..."

"Oh yeah, your a slave bit*h, dam*mit! argh, fu*k!" states Sara before
just stop talking altogether.

Suki calls, "Don't swear, Sara... "

"I'm trying, it's hard." calls Sara.

"Practice by saying, Oh shoot... or O fudge... "

"Ok, I'll try next time."

"Keep practicing, Sara..." calls Suki.

"Ok." replies Sara. "You so cute! How old are you?" asks Nikki. "12."
answers Sara.

Sashi blinks, "12? You are the youngest member of our group, then..."

"Really? great." smiles Sara.

Sashi blinks, "If you say so, Miss Sara..."

Kim then returns to the room. "Hey Ki Ki, why didn't you tell me you
had such a cute little sister!?" quickly states Nikki. "H-Huh?" replies
Kim surprised at Nikki's sudden question.

Suki then returns, saying, "Kimmie, someone threw up in the hallway so
I mopped it up... You'll need to be careful going down the hallway...
it's wet..."

"OK." replies Kim.

"I think Miss Tisha suffers from motion sickness..." states Sashi.

"Well I see."

Suki sighs, "But I cleaned it up... though if she loses it again, I
suppose I'll hafta clean that up too... You might want to set down
somewhere and let her out..."

"we're nearly at you hometown."

"Ok... let us down near the outskirts... The Ap Dat prolly won't take
to flying ships all that well..."

"K, brb." Kim leaves for a moment then returns. "We'll be sitting down
in afew minutes, just outside the town."

"Sounds good, Kimmie... Oh.. you might wanna let Nanyo in now... She's
right outside the cockpit..."

"*sigh* ok, brb, again." Kim leaves, then returns with nanyo.

"Geez, Starki... When I said lemme fly a while, I didn't meant
FOREVER!" spouts Nanyo.


"Aw, it's okies, hunny!" She hugs Kim gently, quickly licking at Kim's
left ear, before pulling back.

"You tease." smiles Kim.

"Hey, after we're married, I'll do it all the time, Starki..."

"I can't wait..." replies Kim.

"What about me, Kimmie?" whines Suki. "Don't I get some love too?!"

"Of course you do." then the ship could be felt settling down.

Sashi asks, "You have automatic landings, too, Miss Kim?"

"Yeah, i do."


Nanyo states, "Oh by the way, Starki... Ya think we should apologize to
Asiah? We did kinda leave her hanging last time..."


"That girl who flew up to meet us in midair, remember, Starki?"

"oh yeah, after Suki left us."

Suki looks down, in sadness as Nanyo states, "We did kinda leave her
hanging... ya wanna apologize to her now?"

"Exactly WHERE did we leave her?"

"At that hot spring in the mountains... we were gonna play with each
other... but... Anyway, she's prolly home by now..."

"Oh yeah."

"Well... do you wanna?"


"Ok... Nisu, you coming too?"

Suki shakes her head, "Nah... this is for you two to do.... I'll head
on home and get some clothes for the Fa'lin ceremony..."

"What about me? can you get me some clothes too?" asks Sara.

Suki nods, "Sure... but you need something to cover up with... Kimmie,
do you have a blanket or something?"

"Hmm..." states Kim as she opens a nearby drawer and removes a XL white

"That would do... until we get to the town tailor.... Are you ready,
Sara-chan?" asks Suki.

"Yeah, Suki-san." smiles Sara before taking the shirt and putting it

"Ok... let's go..." She picks up Sara and hovers out of the ship,
landing in front of her house.

Nanyo says, "Let's go and visit Asiah, Starki..."

"Ok." replies Kim.

"Follow me, Starki.... I know where we can find Asiah.... Come on..."
She grabs Kim's hand and takes flight toward the west, where there is a
slight forest on the mountain.

Suki states, "Wait here a second, Sara.... I need to get some clothes
before we go to the tailor..." She enters her house, and returns a
moment later with a suitcase.

"What do you need a suitcase for?" asks Sara.

"My clothes are packed in here...." Suki explains. "... As well as a
few other things....." she blushes.

"You need all that? Were just going to get me some clothes..."

"I know.... but since Kimmie and I are to bound in the Fa'lin ceremony,
I am thinking I will move in with her.... This place is full of bad
memories as of late..." She sighs sadly.

"Move in? That's all your stuff in that one suitcase?"

"No... That's not all of it.... I have another 'house' which I want to
stop by and pick up some more stuff.... This is just all that I want to
take from here...."

She takes Sara's hand and adds, "Let's go and see the tailor..." She
walks with Sara down the main street of the town.

"How far of a walk is it?"

She points to a small hut nearby on the right. "This is the place...."

"Oh, it wasn't very far then." replies Sara.

A smile. "That's because I'm the princess here... An advantage of being
royalty... hehe..."

"Really? Your a princess?" asks Sara surprised.

Suki nods, "Of this town, yes..." She enters the hut, calling out, "Mr.
Stunl? Are you here?"

"Where's the queen?"

A sad look crosses Suki's face as she mutters, "She's not with us

Just then, an middle-age man walks in through the back door. He sees
Suki and smiles, "Heyo, Princess.... What can I do fer ya?"

"I need some new clothes." announces Sara.

"I see.... " says the man, rubbing his stubble on his chin. "Well, git
back here and lemme measure you up..."

"Ok." replies Sara walking to the man.

"Mmmkay.. now take that shirt off... It's too bulky... I can't git a
good measurement with it..." He states, pulling out a measuring tape.

Sara does so, revealing her pink underwear.

"So ya like pink, do you, little girl?" asks the tailor, wrapping the
tape around her waist.

Sara blushes slightly. "Yeah, it's my favorite color."

"I see... so do you want a pink dress? It'll have a nice bow on the
back...." The tape is now wrapped around Sara's chest.

"Nah, but do you have anything black? That's my second fav.."

"You wanna a black dress with a pink bow?" tries the tailor again.

"Hmm, black and pink? Sure, ok."

"Alrighty... Just have a seat in the back and it'll be ready in about
30 minutes."

"Ok." Sara goes to the back and waits.

Suki asks, "Mr. Stunl, have you seen my father lately?"

The tailor shakes his head, "Nope... he hasn't come back from Reun

Sara finds the chair in the back room and sits down, and quickly looks

The tailor goes off to sew the dress as Suki sighs and sits next to
Sara, asking, "Do you think it is a good idea for me to join with
Kimmie, Sara?"

"Why are you asking me? It's sister's decision."

"I know... I know.... but... *sigh*... I guess I'm just looking for....
some support... someone to tell me that what I'm doing is right..."

"Well, as long as I can still be by my sister, I don't care."

Suki sighs and looks away, muttering to herself, "That's what I

About 30 minutes later, the tailor returns, carrying the new dress. He
grins, "So tell me, little one.... D'ya like it?"

"Wow, it looks great." states Sara standing and seeing the dress.

"Here... try it on..." He hands the dress to Sara.

Sara does so. "It fits pretty good. comfortable."

"Great... now twirl around and let's see the back...."

Sara smiles and does so, spinning around.

Suki smiles, "Oh, it's so beautiful! How much do I owe you, Mr. Stunl?"

The man smiles and shakes his head, "It's on me, Princess.... "

"So it's free then?" asks Sara.

"Yes... you are too cute wearing it... I just couldn't charge you..."

"Yep, I'm just a ball of cuteness!" smiles Sara.

"This is true.... wanna lollipop, cutie?"


"Here you go!" he hands over a lollipop.

"Thanx!" replies Sara quickly taking the candy,
unwrapping it a sucking on it.

"Hehee.... you're so kawaii...."

Suki sighs, "Let's go back to the ship, Sara-chan..."

"Ok." replies Sara.

To Be Continued in...
Asiah, the wood nymph

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