Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 47)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 47

Title: Chapter 41: Dark Faultz, Sara's breakdown and transformation

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"It would seem as though it is my turn, eh, Mistress?" states Sashi.

"I'm who ever wants me."

"Indeed.... Where shall we do it, Mistress?"

"I don't care! I just want to be fu*ked!"

"I see..." She slips behind Becky and pins her arms down by her sides
as she licks at Becky's ear.

"Ooh, yeah, take me!"

"I shall try, Mistress..." states Sashi as she slides one hand down to
Becky's hips, searching for her shorts.

"Come on, fu*k meeeeee!" whines Becky.

"Be patient, Mistress.... I will get to you in time... Suki... will you
please take Tisha away?" Suki nods, "Ok..." and does
what Sashi asked.

"Ooh, I so horny..."

Once Suki and Tisha are gone, Sashi flips Becky over her shoulder and
gently swings her down to the ground, using the rope that Sara had used
for Tisha to bind Becky's arms much like Tisha's were.

"Oh, bondage, what are you gonna do to me?" smiles Becky.

"I believe I have something in mind that you will like, Mistress..."
states Sashi as she reaches up under Becky's shirt and tugs it up to
her chin to reveal Becky's bra.

"Ooh, the suspense is making me so horny..." giggles Becky

"I am glad you approve, Mistress.... Because I have something I am sure
you will like in mind..." She tenderly slips her fingers in-between
Becky's soft mounds, reaching out for the clasps on Becky's bra.

Then, as she starts to undo them, she gives Becky a lustful stare and
leans over the smaller girl to give her a lustful, tasty kiss of heated

Becky 'Mmm's' into the kiss as she returns it full of desire.

Sashi pulls back slightly, trailing a drop of spit, as she unfastens
the last of the clips on Becky's bra, gently sliding it open and
causing the young girl's breasts to be exposed to the fresh air.

She whispers, "Mistress... you are so beautiful when you are bound..."
She, then, slides down to Becky's thighs, pushing them apart and taking
hold of Becky's left leg.

"Heh, really? Being bound makes me horny, but then again, just about
anything makes me horny." smiles Becky.

"Including this, Mistress?" asks Sashi as she lifts Becky's back up
slightly, sliding her legs under her body and spreading them slightly
to expose her crotch through her shorts.

"Ooh yes, Spreading my legs like this is so erotic." replies Becky.

Once Becky's legs are spread and placed under her back, Sashi uses some
more of the rope that Sara used to bind Becky's legs together, then she
sits down next to Becky and runs a hand along
Becky's stomach, gently.

Becky then starts to giggle a little. "H-Hey, that t-tickles."

"Does it, Mistress?" states Sashi, dubiously and barely repressing a
smile of her own. She leans over Becky again, and gives her a gentle
kiss as she tweaks her left nipple erotically.

Becky then begins to squirm slightly in pleasure. "Ooh..."

Sashi then trails several kisses down Becky's neck, licking at every
part of her Mistress's body as she starts rubbing Becky's sides with
her fingertips.

"Ooh, your touch feels so good..." moans Becky.

"It does, does it not? That makes me happy...." smiles Sashi as she
licks at Becky's collar now, her hands slowly moving down towards
Becky's abdomen.

"A-Ah!" pants Becky quickly at the lick to her collar bone, causing her
to tense for a moment.

Sashi smiles, "Did you like that, Mistress?" She slides her left hand
across Becky's bellybutton as she licks at Becky's upper chest.

Becky 'Ah's!' again as her legs try to close quickly.

She has no success though as her legs are firmly tied. Her action, does
not go unnoticed by Sashi who pulls her hand away from Becky's
bellybutton, asking, "Mistress, do you have to pee?"

"U-Uh..." replies Becky now blushing.

"Mistress... you do realize that you cannot hide anything from me
because of our link, do you not?" asks Sashi.

"Heh, I keep forgetting that."

"So tell me, Mistress... do you wish to lose control here or should I
continue dealing with your horniness?"

"My hornyness comes first." smiles Becky.

"As you wish, Mistress.... I shall endeavor to not touch your DP until
after you have cum." She puts her mouth on Becky's right breast,
licking the soft flesh without touching the nipple as her left hand
begins to cup Becky's crotch, feeling for her labia.

"Mmm, that feels good..." moans Becky.

Sashi mmm's as well as she slips her hands under Becky's shorts,
tenderly rubbing her palm on Becky's soft pubic mound.

"Ah, your hands on my pussy..." coos Becky.

"And you like it, do you not, Mistress?" asks Sashi, now beginning to
lick Becky's nipple with the tip of her tongue as her hand slips into
Becky's panties, moving down toward Becky's most tender

Becky quickly tenses for a moment at the naked touch of Sashi's hand on
her hairless garden.

"Feels so delicate... and you would not let anyone else touch you
there, would you, Mistress?" She slides one finger along Becky's
bottom lips, gently caressing her lover/Mistress's delicate place.

"Mmm, Why would I not?"

"Because, Mistress... as much as I am yours, you are mine... and I
would be most aggrieved if you loved someone else..." states Sashi,
taking Becky's nipple deeper into her mouth while dancing her
fingertips across her labia.

"Well, I still love Kimmie..."

"I believe Miss Kim and all those in our group are ok.... I just do not
want you to go to some strange man or woman without me..."

Becky's blissful expression quickly fades into a nervous one. "Uh,

"Because they might seek to hurt you... and I could not stand it if
someone hurt you, Mistress..."

"That's the only reason?"

"Should there be a different reason, Mistress? Are you planning
something?" Sashi backs off, staring her mistress in the eye.

"N-No..... not really..." replies Becky nervously.

"Mistress, are you trying to hide something from me?" Sashi's thoughts
begin to blend in with Becky's, their mental link stronger than ever
and Becky can sense Sashi's jealousy come to the forefront.

"Don't worry, it's nothing bad. You don't need to be jealous."

"Who said I was jealous? I simply do not think you should be sleeping
around with every person that comes along...!"

Becky quickly sweatdrops. "You make it sound so bad."

Sashi sighs, "You could get pregnant... you could get an STD! Anything
can happen! I.... I do not wish to see you get hurt!"

"But what if It was assured that nothing bad would happen?"

"How so, Mistress? How could you prevent such an action?"

"Um, I'm not the person that's going to take care of that."

"Then who is?"

"Uh, Nikki."

"What does Miss Nikki have to do with you sleeping around?"

"It's just going to be a one-time thing."

Sashi sighs, "Only one time could get you pregnant... but.... if you
want to do it, I suppose I will have to get used to it..."

"Thank you Sashi."

"...." states Sashi with a great sigh.

"Hey, don't be that way, Nikki promised me it will be

"If you trust her, then so do I..."

"Great, now can you continue with the pleasure please?"
smiles Becky.

Sashi smiles, "Ok... Where were we..." She starts sucking now on
Becky's nipple, brushing one finger between Becky's labia, touching her
urethra's exit before pulling back.

"Ooh, yes, that feels good."

"And this too?" asks Sashi as she slides one finger inside Becky's
body, wanting to feel the other girl buck her hips while she sucks
harder on Becky's nipple, almost as though she wants to drink in milk
or something.

"Ooh!" moans Becky quickly as she indeed does buck against Sashi's

"Mistress... I want to ask you.... Do you remember our 'adventure' in
Lo'lop? I want some more of that fluid from your nipple... I want it so

"Is there still some there?"

"You have not been taking your medicine, have you? It was supposed to
replenish your supply..."

"What medicine?" Becky looks confused.

Sashi sighs, "So you do not have any left.... That really sucks..." She
backs off, looking disappointed.

"I'm sorry Sashi."

"You do not need to be sorry, Mistress... It was not your fault...
Still I miss that fluid... It made you so much more sexy..."

"Heh, really? It felt good when you sucked it out too." smiles Becky.

"I wish we could get some more.... Perhaps when we return to Lo'lop for
Nisu's marriage, we can get some?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind."

"It would make your breasts bigger, though... Are you sure that will
not be a problem, Mistress?"

"Oh, I forgot about that. I like my small chest..."

Sashi's face looks crestfallen, "Oh... so that is a problem for you,
Mistress? I... I am sorry..."

"Well, as long as I take the medicine right before we 'do it', it
shouldn't be a problem."

Sashi smiles, "Alrighty...!" Then, she leans back over Becky's nipple
and starts sucking again.

"I'd like it if we didn't stop this time."

Sashi states, "I will not... unless you like being teased, Mistress..."
She continues sucking on Becky's nipple as she thrusts two fingers now
into Becky, hoping to cause the other girl to buck again.

Becky indeed does buck, particularly hard as she gasps loudly.

Sashi grins as she feels the smaller girl move, "Like that, do you?"
She rotates her fingers up inside Becky, feeling the top wall near her
bladder, trying to feel how full it is while she f*cks her with her

"Ah, y-yes, I do."

Sashi asks, "Is it full, Mistress? I cannot quite tell..." She pumps
her fingers in harder and faster while still licking at Becky's nipple.

"I-Is what full?"

"This... Is THIS full...?" She presses ever so slightly on Becky's
bladder from inside her vagina.

Becky flinches slightly. "O-Oh, that, no it's not."

"Good.... You would have a hard time cumming otherwise...." Sashi then
switches positions, moving her head down to Becky's crotch as she
slides the shorts aside to reveal Becky's panties.

Sashi can see that the crotch of Becky's panties is quite wet.

"Hehe...." chuckles Sashi as she slides her tongue across Becky's lower
abdomen, licking gently and tenderly at Becky's tender skin.

"Ooh, that feels good Sashi."

"You like it, Mistress?" asks Sashi as she starts to lick down toward
Becky's labia.

"Oh yes, I like it so fu*king much."

"Hehe..." Sashi tugs Becky's panties down to her knees, exposing her
labia to the bright lights of the ship.

"Ooh, the air on my pussy feels so good." moans Becky.

"Indeed? Then how does this feel, Mistress?" Sashi blows gently on
Becky's labia.

Becky 'Ooh's' as she quivers in pleasure.

"You like me.... That makes me feel happy...." She leans closer to
Becky's labia and sticks out her tongue, licking gently on the tender

"Oh yeah, lick my pussy." coos Becky.

"I shall... It tastes wonderful, Mistress..." She licks again, causing
a shot of pleasure to shoot through Becky's body.

"F-Fu*k yes! That feels great." states Becky in complete bliss

"Hehe... you are great, Mistress..." Sashi's tongue now separates
Becky's labia, quickly locating her clit, licking tenderly at Becky's

"Oh Sashi, your tongue feels so good."

Sashi continues to lick up and down along Becky's most tender of spots
as her right hand now joins her tongue in spreading her flesh, exposing
the opening to her vagina again.

"S-Sashi..." states Becky shaking slightly in pleasure.

"Mmm?" asks Sashi, her voice muffled as her tongue continues its work
and her fingers penetrate Becky's womanhood again, sliding in and out
with ease.

"I can't hold it back much l-longer..."

"Do not try... Let it go, Mistress... You will feel so much better
afterwards..." Sashi wraps her mouth around Becky's delicate clit,
sucking on it as her fingers continue their actions, going faster and
harder as the fluid lubricates her digits.

Becky immediately stiffens up and a clear stream of fluid jets from her
urethra and Becky screams in pleasure from her orgasm.

Sashi drinks in Becky's cum, 'mmmm'ing at its taste as she pulls back
slightly to let Becky enjoy her orgasm.

Becky then relaxes as her orgasm passes and her breathing has

"Mistress... I hope you enjoyed that... It looked like fun..." Sashi

"Yeah, I really enjoyed that."

"I am glad.... That was what I was hoping for...." She moves to untie
Becky's arms.

"So what do you wanna do now?"

"I think I should visit the restroom... It has been almost two days

"Ok, I'll wait here."

"Ok..." Sashi leaves.

Becky smiles and turns around and notices the door in the floor of the
room is raised slightly. "Huh?" Becky then see's the door drop closed
quickly, this causes Becky to smile.

Just then Suki enters the room, looking extremely bored. "Becky? Did
you have fun with my sister?"

"Huh?" replies Becky turning around. "Oh, yeah, I sure did."

"I wonder how long Kimmie is going to be gone.... I'm... well, I don't
know what to do with myself without her... :-"

"Why don't you go talk to Sara?"

Suki tenses, "Um... no thanks..." She immediately turns to leave,
looking frightened.

"Suki wait."

"Hmmm? What do you want, Becky?" asks the small girl.

"Just, talk to her. I know Sara gets lonely."

"But she wants to kill Kimmie! I... I can't get along with someone like
that! I love Kimmie too much!" gasps the smaller girl.

"But Sara's part of Kimmie. Besides, you have a much better chance of
getting any info you want to know about them from her."

"I don't think Kimmie wants me to know.... The pain in her eyes is

"Well, if you won't talk to her on your own, do it for Sara's sake, at

She sighs, "And what will you do if she kills me?"

"i don't believe she will."

"Oh.... ok.... Um, where is she?" asks Suki.

"She's in the lower level of the ship. the door in the floor over there
is the way down." states Becky pointing to the courner of the room she
was looking at earlier.

Suki nods, "Okay..." and makes the trip. She calls out, "Sara... are
you down here?"

there's no reply.

"Hmmm.... she doesn't appear to be here... I guess I'll go back up
now..." She starts to leave.

"She's there Suki, just go down." states Becky.

Suki gulps and descends into the bowels of the ship, looking tense and

when she desends, the lower deck looks just like a living room, a big
one at that with a few doors to other rooms. but Sara doesn't seem to
be in this 'living room'

Suki gulps again and timidly calls out, "Sara? Are you down here?"

again, there's no reply but there's the faint sound of someone crying

"Sara? Is that you?" calls out Suki, sensing the prescence of someone
near and following the sound.

there's no reply, but the sounds gets louder as Suki nears a door on
her right side.

Suki opens the door slowly, peering inside and asking, "Sara? Are you
crying? Where are you?"

Suki sees Sara laying on a bed, her back to her as she's only clothed
in her pink bra and panties. She suddenly gasps and turns to face Suki,
her faced trailed with her tears. "What the hell are you doing here!?"

"Sara... I... I sense you wanted to tell me how Kim killed you...
and... I want to know... Can you tell me, please, why and how she
killed you?"

"She stabbed me with a sword." replies Sara as she stands. "...She said
it was out of pity." Sara then begins to whip the tears from her face.

"Pity?! What kind of pity is that?! Killing your own twin is NO kinda

"I asked her that too when she told me that, the bit*h."

"I need to corner her and force her to tell me, then... Why would she
do such a horrible thing....?!"

"You want me to help with that?" asks Sara smiling

"Huh? O-Oh... N-No... it's okay... I... I know how to get her to tell

"Well, is there anything else, or do you enjoy looking at me in my

Suki blushes, "Um... I... I'd better go... yeah, that's the ticket..."
she sweatdrops, turning to go.

"Oh..." replies Sara, surprisingly, sounding sad.

"What... you wanted me to stay?" asks Suki, blushing harder as she
notices Sara's curves.

"You don't have to if you don't want to..." replies Sara sitting on the

"I... uh... I dunno... Y-You d-do like a lot like K-my lover... a-and I
can't help b-but be... t-turned on..." She blushes harder.

"You know... I'm always alone..." states Sara looking sad.

"Awwww.... that's sad... Maybe all you need is a hug, ne?"
states Suki moving close to Sara, intending to hug her.

"A hug won't do a thing, I've been alone my entire life."

"I don't know what else I could do..." states Suki sadly as she tries
to hug Sara.

Suddenly, from nowhere, Sara wraps her arms around Suki
and cry's hard on her shoulder

Suki nearly loses her balance at the bigger girl's actions, but quickly
recovers, rubbing her back, comforting, "It's okay... It's okay.. You
will find someone... I know it..."

"N-No, I-I won't... I can't do it! I-I, I can't kill her." states Sara
through her crying.

"I see... you love her too much, don't you? I can feel it..."

"But s-she killed me, I'm s-supposed t-to h-hate her."

"Death breeds hate.... and family is stronger than hate.... that is the
way it's supposed to be... Your sister... my lover.... is a wonderful
woman... and deserves love.... but you need it far more..."

"But, m-my p-promise..."

"It's okay.... It's okay to break promises for love... Love conquers

"N-No, it's not l-like that..."

"Then what is it about, Sara?"

"M-My master..."

"Your master? Who is that?"

"M-Master Faultz."

"Who is that?"

"The Ultimate being, he's the one how released me from
the torment of Hell. He told me that I would not return to Hell if I
promised him one thing..."

"Oh no! He sounds as bad as Hon'tyl...!"


"An evil Failed Summon who hates all Ap Dat people... She wants to kill
us all and has tremendous power to do it with..."

"A summon huh? Man you guys are like the 18th centery, let me guess,
you still use mana too huh?"

"Yes... how did you know?" gasps Suki, looking shocked.

"A summon? Come on, those things are SO out of date."

"Oh yeah...? That kinda attitude isn't going to win you friends,

"Oh, I'm sorry. Anyway, this, 'Hon'tyl', or whatever it's called, is
nothing compared to my master, Dark Faultz."

"I wonder..." states Suki sadly.

"What is it?"

"I wonder who is more powerful..."

"Unfortunately, with my failure, It won't be long before my master
finds out."

"Come with me... We will protect you.... We will find a way to defeat
him and Hon'tyl... Come..." She extends a hand to Sara.

"No, this is my problem, I must suffer the conciquinces alone."

"But you'll die! Doncha wanna live?!"

"Yes, of course, but I don't want to get you guys
involved in this.... not yet..."

"Not... yet?" questions Suki.

"Eventually, Master Faultz will be calling Kim. It's his back-up plan
in the case that I fail..."


"Yes, he will call Kim to meet her in a battle to the death, only the
superior Ultimate being will survive..."

"But she doesn't hafta to answer! and he'll hafta come after us... and
we'll be ready for him then!"

"She won't be able to resist it, just promise me one thing, please?"

"Anything, Sara...."

"Stay alongside my sister, please, for me."

"Always, Sara... I will always be by her side... I promise you..."

"Thank-you, It's good to know Kimberly is so loved before I go..."

"She is loved... by both me and Nan'chi... She will never do without
either one of us..."

"Well, it looks like he's found me..."

"Sara?! H-He's here?!" gasps Suki, glancing around quickly.

Sara quickly hugs Suki. "Don't let him take me! Please!"

Suki gasps, "Where is he?! Where?!" as she holds tightly onto Sara's

The room suddenly goes dark and a black energy surrounds Sara. "Sara,
you have failed me." states and evil voice. "NO! I don't wanna go back!
Suki, hold me!" states Sara.

Suki screams, "I.. I'm tryin'! I'm trying! What is this black energy?!"

Suddenly, the large head of a demonic being appears behind Sara. and
Sara's body begins to pull away from Suki. "No! stop! please!" screams
Sara crying.

"STOP! Don't take her! She doesn't deserve this!" screams Suki, holding
on for dear life.

Sara is suddenly ripped from Suki's hold and is suspended in the air.
"You made a promise, and you failed." states the demonic voice. "Stop,
I don't want to be your slave anymore!" screams Sara.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screams Suki, jumping up and trying to take
hold of Sara.

"Your alive because of me. A slave does not fight there master." states
the voice. "I'm not going back!" screams Sara, the energy around her

Suki floats up off the ground, screaming,

"You dare fight me slave! This is unforgivable!" exclaims the voice.

"I'm not your slave anymore! I'm not alone anymore! I have a sister who
loves me! "I'm NOT going back to Hell!" screams Sara as she energy
seems to explode.

"Impossible!" exclaims the voice as everything turns black.

The two then reappear in the room in the lower levels of Kim's ship.
Suki and Sara on the floor.

Suki pants, "Wh... what happened?"

There's no response from Sara, she's motionless on the floor.

"Sara?! Are you okay?! Sara!"

still no reply.

"No..... he didn't..." whines Suki as she starts to sniffle in sadness,
hugging Sara's body.

Suki sniffles as she picks up Sara's body and places her on the bed,
whimpering, "It's so unfair...."

Becky is then heard coming down. calling... "Hey, Suki, you still down

"Becky?! Come down here!"

Becky rushes into the room Suki's in. "What's wrong?"

"It's Sara... Someone called Faultz killed... her...."

Suki looks at Becky.

"Huh, Sara? The only person I see here is a little girl on that bed
there." states Becky pointing to the little girl where Suki layed Sara.
the girl appears to be around the age of 12.

"H-Huh?! W-What the?! Wh-Who is that?!" gasps Suki, surprised.

"She kinda looks like Sara..."

"That she does... but she's too young... what on Cyclias?!"

"Where is Sara anyway?"

"I.... I dunno.... I... I mean... Faultz tried to kill her... then
there was this ... explosion... then... I found this girl by my

"Faultz!? You met him?!" asks Becky. at this time, the little girl
starts to wake up.

Suki shudders, "I... I have... and I don't want to again...."

"Ooh, what happened?" asks the little girl as she comes

"Who are you?" asks Suki, pleasantly.

"Huh? What do you mean who am I? You have a fu*king memory lapse or
something?" replies the small girl sitting on the bed. "Son-of-a-
Bit*h..." states Becky lowly going wide-eyed.

"Uhm... Sara?" tries Suki.

"um, DUH!" replies the girl.

"You... um.... you look different.... smaller... younger... what

"What do you mean I look different? What about you? You've gotten
bigger." states Sara as she gets off the bed on her feet.

"Uhm.... Becky... do you have a mirror or something?"

"Y-Yeah, hold on..." states Becky leaving the room
slowly, apparently in disbelief at what she sees.

Suki has a similar expression on her face.

"What are you all looking at me like that for?" asks Sara before Becky
comes back with a large tall mirror.

Suki says, "Sara... look into this mirror and tell me what you see..."

Sara walks in front of the mirror and at first looks puzzled, then it
hits... "WHAT THE FU*K!!!!!!!!!?????????" exclaims Sara falling to her

Suki covers her mouth as she tries to repress a giggle, "You didn't

"W-Why!? H-How!? I'm a little kid!!!!!!" exclaims Sara.

"I have no idea, Sara.... hehe.. guess I'll hafta call you Sara-chan,
now... hehe..."

Sara then promptly faints on the spot. "Hmm, I guess it was too much of
a shock to her." states Becky.

"It seems so... What should we do with her, Becky?"

"Put her back on the bed so she can rest." states Becky as she picks up
the child Sara and places her on the bed. "BTW, you guys must've had a
good talk, you were down here for about 2 hours."

"2... 2 hours?! It only felt like a few minutes.... Is Kimmie back?"
asks Suki.

"Yeah, Nikki's here too."

"Ni-chan is here too? Is she well enough to travel?"

Becky quickly gets an annoyed look on her face. "Too well if you ask
me, She's bounc'in all over the place. It's like she's hooped up on

Suki giggles, "Heehee... I take it you don't like it when she's like

"pretty much."

"I'm gonna go see Kimmie.... you gonna come too?" asks Suki moving
toward the steps.


Suki leaves the bowels of the ship, looking for Kim. "Kimmie?" she
calls, looking for Kim.

As soon as Suki comes up, Nikki jumps right on her. her body
surprisingly light for her size. "Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!" exclaims
the hyper girl.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screams Suki falling onto her back in

"How ya been!? Huh, huh, Huh?!" asks the girl quickly.

"I... duah.... I'm fine... I guess you're back to normal, eh, Ni-chan?"
grins Suki, wincing softly as she tries to get back to her feet.

"Yeah, but I got to wear this eye-patch over my right eye for 24

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that... After 24 hours, are you allowed to
take it off?"


"Good! I'm so happy to hear that... By the way, Where's Kimmie?"

"She's at the 'cock'pit." replies Nikki giggling.

Suki gives Nikki this look: ^_^; and makes her way to the cockpit.

Suki sees Kim looking behind her and she sees Suki. "Oh hey there,
Becky told me you were talking to my sister. I'm glad you were able to
talk to her for so long."

"Um... I only spoke to her for a few minutes... Faultz must've knocked
us out for the majority of the time...."


"Yeah... Sara called him the Ultimate Being... and he tried to kill her
for disobeying him...."

"Oh, what happened?"

Suki recounts everything that happened down in the bowels of
the ship to Kimmie.

"Sara's what!?" asks Kim in disbelief.

"You think I would lie to you?"

"I gotta go see this!" states Kim getting up from her

Suki sighs and sits down in the cockpit on one of the chairs waiting
for Kim to return.

Kim returns about 10 minutes later. "Wow, she really is a little kid. I
wonder what caused that."

"Something about that explosion, maybe?" tries Suki.

"Oh, yeah that. Now I get it." states Kim.

"You do? Then... could you explain it to me, Kimmie, cause I'm all

"The explosion you mentioned most likely was Sara expending all the
energy from her body. It causes the body to revert back to a child.
I've only been told about it so I don't know if there's a cure for it."

"O-Oh... so she used all her energy to escape then?" asks Suki.



"Anyway, I'm glad you two talked."

"That reminds me.... Why did you kill her, Kimmie? Why did you say it
was because you felt pity for her?"

"Do I have to talk about this now?"

"Yes... Tell me, Kimmie.... tell me everything...." The smaller girl
advances on Kim and pins her against the side wall.

"Ok fine, I guess I've avoided it for long enough..."

"Yes... you have... and I want to know.... why did you do it?!"

"She was weak... for what we were both subjected to for our training,
if she was to go out on an order like I did, She would not have lasted
long. So I figured it would be best if I, her sister, took her life
instead of someone else."

"That... sounds horrible.... I suppose it was damned if you do, damned
if you don't thing, Kimmie?"

"I guess..."

"That's still unforgivable, Kimmie... it's no wonder Sara hated you...
and wanted you dead..."

"I know, that's why I let her kill me."


"Yeah, she killed me."

"Ooh... this is getting so complicated...." whines Suki, furrowing up
her brow.

"Um, Nanyo's been in the bathroom for quite awhile..." states Kim
trying to change the subject.

"Um... ok... you wanna go get married now?" asks Suki, her mind taken
away from Kim's past.


Suki smiles, "Yay!" and hugs Kim, though when her face is hidden from
Kim's sight, she frowns slightly, thinking of what she's heard.

"We were heading back to the planet anyway."

"Yay..." smiles Suki again. "I can't wait to give your bladder some
stroking after we're married...." She winks at Kim.

"Well just sit tight, the ships on auto."

"Ok..." states Suki sitting down. Nanyo then enters, letting out a soft
sigh, "Hey, Nisu... You finished talkin' to Sara, have you?
By the way, Starki... I wouldn't go into the bathroom for
awhile if I was you..."

"Ah, sure." replies Kim sweatdropping.

To Be Continued In...
Loli Sara

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