Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 46)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 46

Title: SIDE FIC 6: Three on One

[Author's notes:

Two girls are walking down a white hallway in a large spaceship. The
shortest one, Becky, is dressed in a navy blue T-shirt with matching
Blue Jeans. The taller girl, Nikki, was dressed in a pair of very short
jeans that were nearly completely covered by her long white shirt.

But Nikki was no normal girl, you see, she had a pair of cat ears on
her head that came from her dark brown hair. Yep you got it, Nikki's a
Neko (catgirl)! Her tail was wrapped around her waist under her shirt.

"I can't wait 'till I meet your friends, this is gonna be great!"
states Becky excitedly.

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll like ya..." replies Nikki before adding in her
thoughts... '... You little nymphomatic slut.'

After passing a number of doors down both sides of the hall, Nikki
stops at a door on her right that reads: RI-923.

"This is the place..." announces Nikki.

The neko then knocks on the knob-less door. After a moment, the door
slides up, the two walk in and it slides back down. In the room, the
two see three men. A shorthaired, young blonde man laid across a couch
watching a TV that was extremely thin. The two others were keeping
themselves busy with a card game as they sat at a square table.

The man on the left side of the table looked around the age of the
blonde one on the couch, except he, along with the other man had black

The other man was obviously the oldest of the three, evident by the
trimmed hair over his face.

The blonde man on the couch was wearing only a pair of worn, but
comfortable blue jeans, revealing his nicely toned upper body. The two
at the table were just dressed in a white shirt and jeans.

"Heya guys!" greeted Nikki.

The blonde guy raised his left hand boredly in attempt at a wave as a
'Hey...' left his mouth. He was lying away from the two girls. The card
player's only reply was a quick wave of the hand.

"Hey! What're you guys just sit'n on your arses for?" asks Nikki.

"We're bored as hell, that why." replied the blonde guy.

Becky giggled at the man's reply.

"Well don't you guys remember what I told you about, that girl I
mentioned." asked Nikki.

At this, the two at the table looked to Nikki while the blonde one
turned around onto his stomach to look at Nikki.

"Oh, yeah, when are you going to bring that girl over?" replied the
blonde one.

Nikki then placed her left hand on Becky's right shoulder.

"Heh, you look'n right at her." smiles Nikki.

At this point, the young man at the table speaks up.

"Are you serious? Sorry, but she's a bit too young, don't you think?"

The blonde guy then adds...

Yeah, as much as I'm into lolicon, I prefer to stick to the relatively
legal, fictional versions of it. You know, the internet, heh, or those
personal VR sims, those things kick as*."

"Hey, don't worry, Becky here is totally legal for fu*king. She had her
18th birthday about a month ago." replies Nikki.

"Hmm, but she only looks like, 15, maybe 16..." states the young man at
the table.

Becky was about to say something at this point but the older man beat
her to it as he stood up from his chair.

"Hey, you guys wanna fu*k the girl or not, quit ya bit*h'in an make up
your mind."

The blonde guy then speaks as her gets off the couch.

"Ah screw it, pussy is pussy. As long as she's 18 and willing, I'd be
glad to fu*k her."

"Great..." replies Nikki. "Well, that's two-a-ya, Jack, you in on
this?" asks Nikki to the young man still sitting at the table.

"Ok fine, I need something to do anyway." replies Jack getting out of
the chair.

"Great, I got some stuff to take care of, so I'll see you guys later.
And Becky, I'll let them introduce themselves to you." states Nikki.

"Wait..." replies the small girl. "You're not going to stay?"

"Nah, I got to get going, heh, don't worry, these guys are totally
cool. They won't hurt you or anything."

"Cool then! More dick for me!" replies Becky happily as she starts
pushing Nikki towards the door.

"H-Hey! You don't have to rush me out, I was leaving anyway!" replies

"I know, but the faster you leave, the faster I can get to being
fu*ked, now git!" states Becky before pushing the Neko out the open
door before it closes.


"Jeez! Horny little nympho." states Nikki to herself after she's pushed
out, then walks off.


Becky then turns around and walks to the three men, nearly twice her

"Well, you certainly have an adult mouth for your small size." states
the older of the three.

"Heh, the name is Becky." smiles the girl.

"Yeah, the intro's..." replies the blonde guy. "My name is Ricky, 25."

"I'm jack, I'm 25 too." states the young man walking to Becky from the

"And my name is Tony, 31." replies the oldest one.

Becky smiles and immediately after the intro's, strips herself of her
clothes. Bringing a grin to the three men as Becky allows them free,
unrestricted viewing of her small nude body.

"So your not a brunette after all..." states Ricky smiling as he sees
Becky's small patch of black pubic hair.

Jack then walks behind Becky, who is now surrounded.

"You got such a cute little body, tell us something, are you a virgin?"
asks Jack.

Becky smiles and replies proudly.


"So you've been fu*ked before?" asks Tony.

"Enough with the talking already, come screw me!" pouts Becky.

"Well, your an eager one, aren't you?" smiles Ricky.

"Well I've never really been done with a real cock before." replies

"Oh? So your a young lesbian then?" asks Jack from behind.

"Yeah, now come on, enough with the talking."

"Ok, ok, we just wanted to know some stuff about you." states Ricky.
"That'll just have to wait then. Turn around and bend over, let's see
that as*."

Becky gladly does so, turning around and bending over far enough to
almost touch her toes, showing off her round, blemish-free rump. The
three closed in on her and began rubbing their hands over her rear
cheeks, up her back and down legs.

Becky 'Ooohhhh's' at the hands rubbing on her body. A few moments of
this begin to cause Becky's labia to visibly moisten as small, short
trails of her body's lubrication fluid makes its way out of her vagina.

"Hey, Becky..." begins Ricky. "Have you ever taken it up the as*?" His
right index finger begins to circle her anus.

"Mmm, no..."

"Would you like to?"


Tony then speaks up.

"You don't mind if I sit out and watch for a while do you?"

"Nope, but can you go get that tube of lube from my room? It's on the
dresser by the door." replies Ricky.


Tony goes and returns, tossing the small tube of lube to Ricky, who
catches it in his right hand as Tony returns to the chair beside the

Ricky then leads Becky to the back-end of the couch and has her put her
hands on the edge to support herself while Jack stood to the right of

"Since your still a virgin by the as*, I'm going to go nice and slow.
Be sure to tell me if it hurts." states Ricky as he applies the lube to
Becky's backdoor then unbuttons and unzips his pants.

"Ok, if it starts hurting I'll tell you."

"Good..." replies Ricky as he pulls down his jeans, then his boxer's,
allowing his 3/4th's erect manhood freedom. "Oh yeah..." adds Ricky
applying the lube to his now fully erect member, then places the head
to Becky's lubed anus. "Here it comes, you ready?"

"Ooh, yeah, stick it in."

"Ok, here goes..." replies Ricky as he begins to press into the small
girl's tightest hole.

Becky gasps at the feeling of Ricky's member pushing into her,
surprisingly smoothly because of the lubrication. The guy manages to
get the head and about half an inch in before hearing another gasp from
Becky and his dick being squeezed hard.

"Hey, just relax, don't tense up."

"S-Sorry, I can't h-help it, it feels good. But I'll try."


Ricky feels Becky stop tensing and continues forward, hearing Becky's
pleasant moaning as he's now three inches in and continuing. He makes
it another inch before feeling Becky tense again and gasping an 'Ow'.

"Sorry, I guess that's as far in as I'm going." states Ricky.

"Yeah, I think so... but you dick still feels incredible as far as you
are." replies Becky.

"Well let me start pump-fu*king your tight as* then, whaddya say?"

"Go for it."

Ricky placed his right hand around his cock, to use as a marker to
where to stop his pumps into Becky to prevent hurting her. As he pulls
out slowly, he hears a gasp from Becky.

"Oooohhh, it feels weird, but so good..." moans Becky.

A smiles was Ricky's silent reply as he pulled out until the head of
his member was still in. Then he slowly continued forward, hearing a
moan of pleasure from Becky. Soon, he was pumping his cock in the
girl's tight as* with moderate fluidity.

"Ooooohhhhhh... I'm being fu*ked in the as*, and it feels so good!"
moans Becky.

Sitting at the table, Tony smiles as an idea comes to him. He stands
and walks to the front of the couch, in front of Becky. Who opens her
eyes for a moment to see Tony drop his pants and underwear to reveal
his seven-inches of man-meat in front of the little girl.

"Would that little mouth like my cock?" asked Tony as he stroked his
member with his right hand.

Becky soundlessly opened her mouth, waiting for the cock, which she
didn't have to wait long as Tony placed his left knee on the cock,
grabbed the back of Becky's head with his left hand and pushed his
manhood past her lips and into Becky's mouth.

"Ooh yeah, your mouth feels great..." moaned Tony.

Becky simply moaned in reply at the dick that was now attacking her as*
with faster speed. Tony also began to pump his member in and out of the
young girl's mouth.

This continued for about five minutes before Becky's began to tremble
and she emitted a muffled groan.

"Hey, I think she's about to come already..." announces Ricky
continuing his thrusting.

At this point, Jack speaks up, who now is sitting on a nearby chair
next to the couch.

"...Going to come from being fu*ked in the as* huh? Your such a naughty
little girl." smiles Jack.

Becky, who was already blushing from arousal, now blushed deeper from
embarrassment. It was only two pleasure filled minutes until Becky's
climax broke free. A loud, but muffled scream as her mouth pressed
around Tony's dick hard (Not with the teeth BTW) came from her. A
sudden splash of Becky's cum left her urethra moments after her release
hit, causing her body to tremble vigorously.

Ricky and Tony quickly stopped what they were doing as they and Jack
looked at Becky n surprise.

"Holy sh*t!" exclaims Ricky.

"She's a squirter!" adds Jack who quickly stands.

Although Becky understood their excitement, it still embarrassed her.
Her legs began to feel shaky from the momentary drain from her orgasm.

Ricky noticed Becky's unsteady legs and wrapped his left arm around her
stomach to keep her up.

"Get ready for round two Becky." smiled Ricky as he restarted his
pumping, causing her to moan again.

"Round 2? Not to sound impatient but, can I get a turn? I sit'n here
stiff as a da*n board." states Jack.

"Just hold ya horses will ya?" begins Tony. "Let me finish and you'll
get your turn."

"Ok, just make it quick." replies Jack.

Tony then begins pumping his member into Becky's mouth again.

"Now, I have a choice, should I come in your mouth or on that cute
face?" smiles Tony.

Becky then raises her right hand from the couch to grip Tony's member
and pulls it out as she smiles.

"I want you, ah, to blow your load in my mouth."

"Sure thing, little girl." replied Tony returning the smile as he
pushed the back of Becky's head forward, inserting his cock back into
her mouth.

As Ricky continued to fu*k the girl's as*, Tony pumped his member into
Becky's mouth until he groaned and stiffened as thick shots of his cum
spurted into her mouth. He slowly withdrew his cock partially and
thrust back into her mouth, shooting even more thick, white, globs of
cum into Becky's mouth.

"Oooohhhhh, sh*t!" moaned Tony as he continued to cum in the girl's
mouth for close to 15 seconds before tiredly pulling out his cock from
Becky's mouth, his erection fading quickly.

"Oooohhh, I shot a sh*tload of cum in that cute mouth of yours girl."

Becky's mouth also looked as though she had a lot of fluid in her mouth
as her cheeks bulged slightly and looked at Tony.

"Well, you wanna spit it out or you gonna swallow."

Tony saw Becky close her eyes and swallow the mouthful of cum in a
single, but large gulp. She then opened her mouth and stuck out her
tongue, a thin lining of the cum still coated her tongue and the inside
of her mouth.

"Wow, first time and she swallowed." states Jack sitting in the chair.

"I've swallowed plenty of girl-cum before. A guy's cum is so much
thicker, it was a bit hard to swallow it in one gulp." replies Becky

All the guys share a chuckle at Becky's response as Tony pulled up his
pants and returned to the chair by the table, then Jack stands up, the
bulge of his erect dick evident in his pants.

"Anyway, it's my turn. Hey Ricky, you wanna double fu*k her?"


"Double fu*k me?" questions Becky.

"Yeah, we both do you, one in the as* and one in your pussy." answers

"Oh, ok, that sounds great."

"Ok, I'm gonna need you to push yourself up off the couch."

Becky does so, straightening her arms. Ricky then grabs her legs and
pulls her up off the couch, her back against his chest. With gravity
now effecting her, she's pushed down to take the entirety of Ricky's
cock in her as*. Which causes her to quickly gasp at the depth of

"Hey, it looks like you just needed to be positioned differently for me
to get it all in." states Ricky smiling.

"Ooohhh, your so deep in my as*, it feels, incredible." moans Becky as
her body starts to tremble.

Are you going to come again?" asks Ricky teasingly.

"Y-Yes...." groans Becky trying to push back her impending climax to
make it more intense.

Jack smiles as he walks to the right of the two.

"You Really like it up the as* don't ya?"

"N-Now I do..." replies Becky feeling her climax breaking through her

Within moments, her second orgasm arrived, causing her to scream in
pleasure as a large gush of cum left her urethra, wetting the floor and
drenching her pussy. Becky's body shook vigorously in Ricky's arm's as
some of her cum streamed lightly out of her to the floor.

Jack took Becky's time of bliss to drop his pants, allowing his stiff
manhood the cool touch of the air. Jack waited about a minute after
Becky's orgasm passed and her shaking died down before walking in front
of her and slowly inserting his cock into her thouroly lubricated hole
of her vagina all the way in.

Becky quickly tensed at the second penetration. A dual insertion was
something that was entirely new to her.

Jack then placed his hand under the bend of Becky's right knee. Ricky
got the hint and removed his right hand from Becky's right thigh and
placed his left hand under Becky's left knee, similar to the way Jack
does. Ricky and Jack then places their other hand under Becky's
underarms. Becky's weight was now evenly dividend between the two.

Jack then moans slightly.

"Ooohhh, to not be a virgin, your nice and tight"

"Mmmmm, the feeling of two cocks in me feels incredible!" moans Becky
resting her hands on Jack's shoulders.

"Let's make her cry." states Ricky smiling.

Jack smiles back.

"I'll fallow your lead."

"Ok, let's start at the same time..."

Jack nods and they both begin to withdraw their cocks from Becky,
causing her to gasp and moan in pleasure. Then they make the return
into Becky, making her moan again.

"F-Fu*k, this is amazing!" states Becky as the two slowly increase the
speed of there actions.

As their trusts increase in tempo, so did Becky's panting and moaning.
Each trust was two different, yet pleasurable sensations. On one end,
she had the gliding-like pumping of Jacks cock in her pussy, attacking
the walls of her vagina pleasurably as her body's lubrication fluid
aided Jack's action. On the other end, she had Ricky's hard cock
pumping the tightness of her rectal cavity deeply. The depth at which
his member reached within her alone was enough to make her come over
and over again if Ricky were to continue.

Within only a few minutes, Becky's third orgasm struck her. Splashing
Jack's cock, as well as his white shirt with her cum as she moaned
loudly in pleasurable bliss.

"Oohh, I don't think I'm going to last much longer." states Ricky as he
continues to thrust his cock into Becky's as* through her climax and
feeling the intense squeezing of his member.

"Me too." replies Jack also continues his pumping.

The two now began to alternate thrusts, as one would pull out, the
other would pump into her.

It didn't take long for Becky to begin crying from pleasure, she was in
total ecasity and didn't hear a word the two men said. She soon felt
like her body was continuously climaxing, which she wasn't too far off
as a nice stream of cum had begun to flow from her pussy. She was
cumming without yet hitting that explosion of pleasure moment.

This ongoing orgasm bliss continued for Becky for about one and a half
minutes before she felt something shoot into her as* while she heard
Ricky moaning. The feeling of Ricky in her caused her fourth climax to
explode within her as she again splashed her cum on Jack.

She then heard Jack groan and felt something shoot deep within her
vagina. Instead of screaming or moaning in pleasure though, Becky cried
hard from the incredible pleasure.

After a few minutes, the intensity of her orgasm died down and she felt
the two dicks completely leave her body. Then her legs were released,
Becky didn't have the ability to stand yet and dropped to her knees

She sat there for a moment, feeling the cum leave her body slowly.
Becky got an odd look on her face as she felt some cum leave her
vagina, then looked down to see the cum ooze out of her pussy.

"What the hell!? I didn't say you could come in my pussy!"

"Well sorry, I got lost in the moment." replies Jack.

"That's no excuse!" exclaims Becky.

"Geez, relax-"

Becky quickly cut jack off as she stood up, still a bit unsteady.

"Relax!? I'm not trying to get pregnant!" exclaims Becky before quickly
kicking Jack in the 'you know where'.

Jack quickly gasped and groaned in pain as he dropped to he's knee's
holding his crotch.

Ricky had zipped his pants back up during this then grabs Becky's

"Hey, it's not 100% you're going to get pregnant."

"How the fu*k do you know that!?" asks Becky turning around.

"Well, is it 'that time of the month'?"

"What the hell is that suppose to-" Becky stops herself as she realizes
what Ricky is talking about and she blushes deeply. "Oh yeah..." she
then turns around and squats down in front of Jack, whose still
clutching himself on his knee's. "I'm SO sorry, I kinda lost it."

"Ooohhh..." groans Jack "You've played a lot of kicking games, haven't

"Uh, no, I'm just really strong for my size."

"Oohh, you certainly strong as hell, that kick fu*king hurt!"

"We, do you think you can continue?" asks Becky.

"Continue? You're not exhausted?"

"Nope!" smiles Becky.

"Well I'm done, my nuts hurt to much."

"Oh, well what about you Tony?" asks Becky to the older man still
sitting at the table.

"Nah, I'm good. I'm gonna sit on the couch and watch TV." replies Tony.

"Oh..." states Becky looking disappointed.

"Hey, don't worry." begins Ricky. "I'm up for another round. It'll take
longer for me to come but I'm sure you wouldn't mind."

"Of course not." replies Becky. "That means the more times I can come."

"Well let's get some privacy, my room is down the hall, go there and
wait for me." states Rick.


Becky then leaves for the room.

Ricky then laughs at Jack who slowly gets to his feet.

"Man, she field-goaleded your balls."

"Shut the fu*k up." came his reply.


Becky arrived in Ricky's room and saw that it looked like a typical
guy's room.

She jumped on the large and found it quite soft. Becky then laid out on
her back and waited, which she didn't need to do for long as five
minutes later, Ricky came into the room. He was of course, still
shirtless with his pants on.

"Hey, ready for me to fu*k that pussy?" asks Ricky smiling.

"Hehe, ready and waiting." replies Becky returning the smile as Ricky
walks to the bed.

"Wanna be on top or the bottom?" asks Ricky.

"I'd like to be on top." answers Becky.

"OK then..." replies Ricky as he strips out of his pants and underwear,
revealing his partially erect cock.

"Hey, your not all the way hard yet, let me help you." states Becky as
Ricky gets onto the bed with her.


Ricky then lays flat on his back while Becky sits between his legs. She
grips his cock with her right hand and lowers her mouth to it before
suddenly stopping.

"Hey, did you wash it off? Cause you did stick this in my a*s."

"Heh, of course, don't worry, I'm not stupid." replies Ricky resting
his hands behind his head.

"OK, just mak'in sure." states Becky before encasing her mouth around
Ricky's cock.

Ricky 'Mmm's' as Becky began her up and down menstruations with her
mouth and hand. Within only a minute Ricky had once again become hard.

Becky stopped her action and crawled over Ricky's body, stood up on her
knees and slowly eased herself down into Ricky's cock. The small girl
'Ooohhh'ed' at the feeling of the cock sliding into her until she had
taken it all in.

Ricky then removed his hands from behind his head and placed his hands
up slightly toward Becky, who saw his hands and placed her fingers
between his to lock there hands together.

Becky then began to push herself up using her thighs and pushing on
Ricky's hands against her's. It wasn't long before Becky gained a
rhythm in pumping herself into Ricky's dick. Which causes her to moan
and pant from the pleasure.

5 minutes later...

"Oooohhhh fuuuuu*k, I'm... going to come..." pants Becky as she pumps
herself into Ricky.

"Anytime your ready..." urges Ricky.

After a few more pumps, Becky froze up and groaned as she squeezed
Ricky's hands hard as her climax hit, splashing her water-like cum all
over Ricky's midsection as she trembled in utter pleasure as her
ejaculation caused her to find her voice and moan loudly in pleasure.
After the peak of her climax passed, she tiredly fell forward onto
Ricky's chest as he spread out his arms.

While Becky laid on Ricky, she still felt her orgasm working within her
body as she continued to tremble and moaned.

"I like the feeling of you soft breasts against my chest." states

Becky simply smiles at the statement, before rested on him for about a
minute before pushing herself back up to how she was before climax and

"Again huh?" asked Ricky.

Becky nodded and resumed her up and down actions with her body.

"Hehe, you certainly have a lot of energy Becky."

Becky smiled and soon had resumed her previous fast tempo of her
pumping, causing her to moan and groan.

About 3 minutes later, Ricky felt Becky tightly squeeze his hands again
as he saw her freeze up again as another climax struck her, Causing her
to groan loudly as a gush of her cum drenched there crotch again. This
time though, instead of falling onto Ricky, Becky continued to pump
herself into his cock as her orgasm continued to work her small body.

She couldn't keep it up for long though as her climax soon robbed her
of her energy and she again, fell on top of Ricky panting hard.

"Tried to sneak another in there huh? Asks Ricky smiling.

Becky simply giggled weakly.

"I... I want, one more... but... I'm too, tired..." breathes Becky

"I'll give you one more then..." replies Ricky as he rolls Becky onto
her back while still keeping his dick in her and there hands locked.

"Fu*k me..." pants Becky.

Ricky promptly begins doing so, thrusting herself in and out of her
rapidly, not bothering to start slow.

"Oooohhhh, yes! Fu*k me! Fu*k me!! Fu*k me!!!" screams Becky in

Within moments, Becky's clearish cum begins sputtering out of her
through the rapid thrusts of Ricky's cock.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*k!!!!!! "I'm comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!"
screams Becky in pure ecasity.

Ricky didn't stop his thrusting until he felt and saw Becky stop
cumming. Which actually took a bit of time, almost 1 and a half
minutes. After which, Becky was vigorously shaking as Ricky now also
laying on her, panting from his rapid action.

"H-Have you... c-come yet..." pants Becky tiredly as the aftershocks of
her climax still hit her.

"Don't worry about me, I'm not selfish like other guys." replies Ricky

"But... I'd feel bad... if you didn't come... After I have so many
times..." pants Becky.

"Like I said, don't worry about it."

"No, I want you... to fu*k me till you come."

"Um, do you think you can really take another orgasm or two? You look
pretty worn out." asks Ricky concerned.

"Of course I can take more." replies Becky smiling feelin her energy
slowly returning.

"OK then, wanna stay on your back?"

"No, I wanna be back on top."


The two then resume their previous position.

"Ooohhh, I can feel you dick twitching inside me. Your close aren't

"Maybe." smiles Ricky.

Becky then slowly began the up and down movement again.

"Mmmm... I wonder, which of us will come first..." moans Becky.

"There's only one way to find out." replies Ricky.

For the next few minutes Becky continued her moderate pace, then began
to groan.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry, I'm going to come again." states Becky groaning as
she feels her body beginning to lock-up.

"Heh, that's ok."

Becky's body then completely stiffened as her climax hit her again,
causing her to moan in pleasure as she once again drenched her and
Ricky's crotch in her cum. But through her climax, Becky resumed
pumping herself into Ricky's cock.

"I'm... not... going to... s-stop... until... you come." groans out
Becky slowly increasing her speed.

"I like your determination." replies Ricky smiling.

About two minutes later, Ricky begins to 'Oohhh' and groan, which
caused a smile to appear on Becky's face as she herself felt another
climax coming.

"Oh yeah... I'm almost there, just a bit more..." states Ricky
squeezing Becky's hands to encourage her.

"... I'm... so happy..." pants Becky returning the squeeze as her
climax comes closer and closer.

About 30 seconds later, Becky heard Ricky groan loudly then felt him
coming within her. The feeling of Ricky shooting his thick cum deep
within her brought on her final orgasm. She screamed in pleasure once
again as she covered his cock in her cum. By now, the bed cover under
them was totally soaked in her cum.

After the initial strike of her orgasm, Becky promptly fell onto Ricky
once again, crying from the pleasure as she felt her orgasm continuing
to work her body as she shook uncontrollably.

As they both came down from their orgasmic high, Becky and Ricky simply
stayed where they were. Both of them sweaty and tired, Becky being the
more tired of the two obviously. After Ricky relatively quickly
regained his energy, he positioned Becky onto her back and pulled his
now rapidly fading erection out of her.

There was a tired moan from Becky as the thick white cum oozed out of
her vagina.

"Ooohhh, I don't believe I'm saying this... but, I'm done, I can't take
another orgasm." pants Becky.

"We you did come a lot of times." replies Ricky.

"I know... Oohhh, I had a great time here." moans Becky.


Sometime later, Nikki returns to get Becky, who she spots on the couch
in the main room watching TV, now dressed in her clothes.

"Hey Becky, have fun?"

Becky stands and walks to Nikki.

"Yeah, I had a great time."

At this time, Ricky comes into the room from the hallway. He now wears
a black shirt with his blue jeans.

"Hey Nikki."

"Hey Ricky, Where's the other guys?"

"They left, had stuff to do."

"Oh, well Becky, ready to sneak back?" asks Nikki.

"Yep, let's go."

"Sneak back?" questions Ricky.

"Yeah, we had to get away from my sister without her knowing where I
was going." replies Becky.

"Heh, sneaking out for sex huh?" asks Ricky smiling.

"Yep!" replies Becky smiling.


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