Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 45)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 45

Title: Chapter 40: Visiting Nikki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Kim then returns to her to where Suki is...

The HUnewearl quickly finds that her smaller lover is on her stomach,
her eyelids closed and her breathing even. She seems to be almost
asleep, caught in the middle of consciousness and subconsciousness.

"Ooh, She asleep..." smiles Kim as she walks over to the bed Suki's on
and rubs her back gently.

Suki mmm's softly and whispers, "Kimmie... my love...."

"A sleeping little girl I can do what ever I want to..." states Kim as
she carefully rolls Suki onto her back.

Suki grunts slightly, but otherwise makes no sound or movement.

Kim then places her right hand around Suki's left breast and rubs and
squeezes it a bit.

Suki mumbles, "Mmm... Kimmie.... do it again......." Then she sighs
gently and yawns softly.

Kim smiles and lifts Suki's dress up to see that she's not wearing her
panties. "Ooh, no panties..." states Kim smiling as she drops her right
to the tender folds of skin and places her left hand on Suki's right

Suki immediately tenses and shudders slightly, mumbling, "Kimmie..."

"I wanna lick your pussy Suki, I want to taste you sweet juices."
states Kim lustfully as she very slowly inserts two fingers into Suki.

Suki gasps in her sleep, "AHhhhhhh!" and immediately brings her thighs

"Hmm, either you have to pee or my fingers feel good. Which is it
Suki?" whispers Kim as she moves her left hand to Suki's stomach and
begins to rub the area.

Suki whimpers in her sleep, "Mmmm... K-Kimmie...." Then, she yawns and
mumbles something incoherently as her thighs fall open, giving Kim a
great view of what's under her dress.

"That's it, go deeper into sleep, if you have to pee, your going to do
it in your sleep. If you don't though, hehe..." states Kim as she
slowly begins to pump her fingers into Suki.

"Mmm... Hmmmph!" moans Suki, shaking slightly in her sleep, bringing
her thighs together as her vagina begins to moisten slightly.

"Ah, ah, ahhh..." states Kim as she rubs Suki's stomach again, and
continues to.

Suki mumbles, "Ooommm...." as her thighs fall open again, a yawn
escaping her lips again.

Kim then drops her left hand lower to Suki's abdomen to see if there's
a budge there...

There isn't a bulge there. It seems as though Suki's labia and vagina
are really sensitive rather than the fact that she needs to pee.

"Hmm, no bulge, well then, let's see you come." states Kim as she
removes her finger's from Suki and sucks them of Suki's vaginal juices.
"Mmm, good..."

There is little response from Suki, other than her breathing and a
slight trickle of vaginal fluid still dribbling out of her labia.

Kim then positions herself face first to Suki's labia and blows lightly
on her southern lips.

"Ah... Hah...." mumbles Suki, trembling again as she brings her thighs
together yet again, beginning to wake up for like the 4th time in a

"Oh, yeah, I forgot." states Kim before placing her left hand back to
Suki's stomach and rubbing.

Suki yawns heavily now and her thighs fall back apart, allowing Kim to
do what she wishes as the small girl falls back asleep.

Kim then places her mouth to Suki's crotch as she licks the fluffy-like
flesh, all the while, continuing to rub her stomach.

Suki's labia clench slightly from time to time but the amount of fluid
increases as it flows from her vagina.

Kim then begins probing Suki's hole with her tongue.

"Mmmph... Mmmph..." begins Suki, now panting as her labia are spread by
Kim's tongue, encouraging more and more fluid to flow from her.

Kim takes a moment to stop her action to tease her clit with her

"Ahhhh... hahhh... hahhh...." pants Suki, her back beginning to arch
slightly, pushing her stomach forward as more fluid now begins to come
from the depths of her vagina.

Kim's lips then encase the small nub and she starts to suck on it

"AHHHHH.... Ahhhhh!" continues Suki as she bridges up higher and
higher, her thighs beginning to tense as her eyes squeeze shut tightly,
no longer in a sleep mode.

Kim returns to licking the nub while she inserts two fingers of her
right hand into Suki.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" moans Suki, her back arching to an almost painful
bridge as her vagina tightens and squeezes around Kim's fingers as
though orgasm is moments, if not seconds, away.

As Kim quickly finds Suki's G-spot, she begins quick flicking actions
with her tongue on Suki's clit.

And almost immediately, a hard spurt of fluid escapes Suki's urethra,
almost hitting Kim directly in the eye as the smaller girl begins to

"Hehe, Bukkake!" states Kim giggling.

Still panting, the small girl opens her eyes as a shorter spurt escapes
and she whines, "Kimmie... is that you?"

"Yepper!" smiles Kim.

"Why did you wake me up?" whines the smaller girl, though she smiles
weakly and goofily.

"Now I see why BB did this to me all the time, it's so

"BB? Oh... Your sister?" breathes Suki, still a little weak from her

"Yeah, Becky used to wake me up like I did to you all the

"Kinda annoying... wouldn't you say, Kimmie?" smiles Suki as she starts
trying to sit up and hold her dress away from her messy crotch.

"Yeah, It was annoying, but now that she doesn't do it anymore, I kinda
miss it."

"So you thought you'd try it out on me?" questions the smaller girl,
sitting up and leaning toward Kim, her small bodice especially
prominent from this angle.

"No, the thought just occurred to me."

"You know, Kimmie... I've never been the one to just accept anything
without giving back... I think it's time you wet yourself... what do
you think, Kimmie?"

"U-Uh, but I didn't make you wet yourself self though." replies Kim

"You did earlier... and I never got the chance to 'thank' you
properly..." She floats up over Kim and stands in front of the door,
blocking her escape route.

"Aww crap..." states Kim looking nervous.

Suki giggles, "Oh... this'll be lots of fun..." She moves close to Kim
and asks, "Would you lie down on the bed, Kimmie? I wanna take my

"heh, ok..." states Kim as she lies on the bed.

Suki asks, "Now then, Kimmie... Can you tell me how full it is?" She
crawls up onto the bed and straddles Kim's body, without putting
pressure on her abdomen.

"I'd say about 3/4ths."

"Hmmm.... not full enough.... Kimmie... do you have something to drink
in here?" asks the tender girl, shyly.

"It's not in this room."

"Where is it, Kimmie?"

"In the kitchen."

"I see... Give me just a second...." She closes her eyes and
enters a trance-like state.

In the living room, Sashi nods, "I see..." Then she turns to Becky and
asks, "Mistress, my sister requests something to drink... it appears as
though she is trying to get Miss Kim to wet herself..."

"Oh really?" states Becky smiling.

"Yes... Where can I find something to drink for Miss Kim?" questions
Sashi, looking almost bored.

"I know the perfect thing..." states Becky as she quickly goes to the
kitchen and returns shortly afterwards with a medium sized cup. "Here,
it's not water but Kimmie will never know." smiles the girl.

"Thank you, Mistress..." replies Sashi, moving toward the bedroom with
the cup. She meets Suki at the entranceway and the two whisper to each
other before Sashi hands Suki the cup and Suki closes the door to Kim's
bedroom, grinning.

"What did you get?" asks Kim.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I don't know... Sashi gave it to me... She
said she got it from Becky..." She walks back over to the bed and hands
Kim the cup.

"From Becky huh? Hmm..." states Kim looking at the cup.

"Drink it, Kimmie.... It's gotta be good...."

"Ok fine...." states Kim as she downs the cup. "Hmm, tastes funny..."

"Heee... Now we can begin..." grins Suki as she straddles Kim's body
again. She leans over to Kim's lips and gently kisses her tenderly.

Kim of course returns the kiss fully.

As Suki continues to kiss Kim, her hands move down to Kim's vest and
begins to undo it, rubbing her palm against Kim's left breast.

All of a sudden, Kim tenses hard. "Ah!" exclaims Kim wraping her arms
around her stomach.

"Hmmm?! What's wrong, Kimmie?" asks Suki, concerned.

"Stupid Becky, I knew I shouldn't have drunk what was in that cup!"

"Why? What's wrong, Kimmie?!"

"Ah! T-The stuff i d-drunk, shrinks a p-persons b-bladder."

"Oh really?" grins Suki, sliding down Kim's body to her abdomen, which
she rubs gently.

"T-This i-isn't f-fair." whines Kim.

"Why?" giggles Suki. "Did you really think you were gonna get outta
here without peeing yourself?" She places her lips on Kim's abdomen and
begins licking gently.

"Mybladderislike 1 1/2 fullnow!" quickly states Kim.

"Heehee...." giggles Suki as she drops one hand between Kim's thighs
and starts rubbing her shorts against her labia while still licking at
Kim's abdomen.

"Ah! Ican'tholditmuchlongher!" states Kim as her body is stiff.

Suki now spreads Kim's thighs further as she starts rubbing Kim's labia
a little harder, sucking now on Kim's abdomen.

Kim quickly groans from her legs being spread.

Suki mumbles, "I like how you try to hold on... It makes the final
outcome so much sweeter..." She slides her body between Kim's
thighs using her left hand to push down on Kim's abdomen as her free
hand tries to poke through Kim's shorts to her panties.

Kim hold is suddenly stripped from her and she begins peeing
unstoppered into her panties and shorts, staining them a yellow color.

Suki giggles, "There you go.... You like peeing yourself, doncha,
Kimmie? That's ok... Let it all go..." She rubs Kim's abdomen gently
and tenderly pressing harder on it, trying to achieve a hard spurt of

A quick 'Ah' leaves Kim's lips as a hard spurt does leave and she lies
limply on the bed.

As Kim finishes peeing, Suki slides up the taller HUnewearl's body to
her lips and kisses her gently, whispering, "That was so much fun,

"Mmm, yeah, it was."

"Mmmm.... so what now, Kimmie?" asks the smaller girl, who suddenly
looks a lot more tired than Kim had noticed before.

"I don't know but I'm soaking wet now.

"You wanna go back to Lo'lop and finalize our wedding, honey?"
questions Suki, smiling as she plops down next to Kim on the bed.

"Sure, why not."

"Great!" smiles Suki as she rolls over onto her side and hugs Kim in
her arms, whispering, "You go and tell Nan'chi... Maybe you could have
some fun with her too..."

"Ok..." states Kim as she gets up and not bothering to remove or change
her shorts, leaves the room.

In the living room, Sashi looks up from her sitting position to see Kim
entering the room.

"Hey, where's Nanyo?" asks Kim.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "Last time I saw her, she went into the
bathroom, Miss Kim..."

"Ok, I'll try there..." states Kim heading to the

In there, Kim can see that Nanyo is still in the shower, singing the
hymn, but VERY badly. It sounds like two cats fighting over the same
piece of fish.

"OMFG! Stop!" states Kim covering her ears.

Nanyo gasps, "Starki-chan? That you?" She pulls the curtain aside,
exposing her naked and wet, but very attractive body to Kim.

"Yeah, we're going to head back to the planet."

"Cool! These people up... too stiff... I'm lookin' forward to bein'
able to read ya mind, Starki..." She steps out of the shower, heading
for her clothes.

Kim then gasps. "OMG! I completely forgot!"

"Forgot what, Starki?" questions Nanyo, looking confused.

"Nikki! She's here!"

"What? That Neko is here?"

"Yeah, I don't know if you know, but Becky nearly killed her."

"Why? Why would Becks try to kill a friend of yours?"

"Hon'tyl corrupted her and she turned on all of us."

"D*mn... and she paid the price for our curse?! F*ck! Starki... I'm
really sorry..." She leans over to Kim and hugs her gently.

"Hey, hey, Nikki's alive."

"She may be alive... but that doesn't erase the shame of having Hon'tyl
as a curse...."

"I guess, anyway, I haven't seen her yet."

"Let's go and see her, then!" smiles Nanyo as she starts to leave the
room without her clothes on.

Kim follows Nanyo out and states to Becky and Sashi... "Hey you two,
we're going to see Nikki."

"What? But I..." states Becky before stopping herself. "Becky, it's
alright, she's alive." states Kim.

Sashi clears her throat and Nanyo frowns, "What?" She does not
recognize that she's not wearing anything.

"Nanyo, put some clothes on."

"Aw... can't I just go out au natural" she laughs.

"No." states Kim.

"Phooey..." She sighs, going back into the bathroom as Sashi asks,
"What about my sister? Should we alert her?"

"of course, your going to all see Nikki."

Sashi asks, "Do you wish for me to get her?"

"I'll do it, I got to change clothes anyway..." states Kim as she leave
for her room.

Sashi then enters the bathroom to "do her business" as Nanyo
comes back out.

In Kim's room, Suki is reclining on her back, looking greatly relaxed.

"Suki, we're going to see Nikki." states Kim as she removes her shorts
and panties and put on a clean pair of undies and gets a matching pair
of shorts from her dresser.

"Ni-chan?! She's here?!" asks Suki, looking shocked.

"Yeah, she is." states Kim as she puts on her shorts.

"That's great!" smiles Suki, rolling over her side of the bed and
getting up. "Um.. does Becky have any underwear I could fit? She's
smaller than you..."

"i'm sure she does. ask her when we get out there."

"Ok... thank you, Kimmie..." She leaves the room and calls out, "Becky?
Could I borrow a pair of your underwear?"

"Ok." comes Becky's voice in the room beside Suki.

Suki follows the sound of Becky's voice and disappears inside her
bedroom as Nanyo and Sashi leave the bathroom together, Nanyo fully
dressed now.

Kim also leaves her room.

A few minutes later, all the girls are ready to go. Suki is all dressed
in her white dress with the belt around her stomach and Sashi is back
to standing by Becky's side.

"Great, lets go see Nikki." states Kim as she heads for the door to
leave, but when it opens, Sara is on the other side. she doesn't look
too happy either.

"Uh-oh..." mumbles Suki as Nanyo and Sashi move to protect their loved
ones, just in case.

"What do you want Sara?" asks Kim. "Your life belongs to me, no one
else." states Sara. "Anything I don't know?" replies Kim.

"I have dicided, I'm going to be your bodyguard." states Sara. "WHAT?!"
exclaims Kim.

Suki gasps, "NANI?!" as Nanyo scoffs, "You can't do that... that's
like, my job, or some sh*t..."

Sara glares at Nanyo. "Can it redhead, I'm not going to let anyone kill
my sister, that right is mine and only mine."

"Heh... ya gotta mouth, doncha... well, whatever.... Less work for
me..." laughs Nanyo, stepping back.

"What's with you wanting to be my bodyguard so suddenly for?" asks Kim.
Don't you fu*king worry about that, be glad you have someone so strong
as your bodyguard bit*h." replies Sara.

Suki then steps forward, asking, "Miss Sara... I-If you promise n-not
to hurt her... I... I'll make you something delicious for supper...."

"Food won't settle this, one day, my sister will die by my hand,

"Please?" begs Suki tearfully.

"No! I killed her once and I'll do it again." states Sara

"Nani?! H-How did you do that?!" questions Suki, looking crestfallen.

"Sara please..." states Kim. "If your bit*h wants to
know I'm gonna tell her."

"It's okay, Kimmie... I want to know... and regardless, it won't change
the way I feel about you..." comforts Suki.

"But that doesn't mean I want you to know." states Kim.

"What happened, Kimmie? Please tell me..." replies Suki, her eyes
tearing up.

"I killed her, plane and simple." states Sara.

"Why? How? How did you kill her? Please somebody tell me!"

"Well can we talk about this later?" states Kim. "Tch, whatever, I'll
be waiting in the hanger." states Sara before disappearing.

Suki sighs, "I... I get scared every-time she comes around... the hate
I sense... It's... terrible..."

"Well, let's go meet Nikki." states Kim.

"O-Okay..." replies the smaller girl, wanting so much to hold Kim's
hand that she reaches out and takes hold of it. Nanyo and Sashi follow

After about 10 minutes of travel, the group arrives at a hospital-like
area. Which Kim walks up to the front desk. "Where's the room Nikki Ni
is in?" asks Kim to a female attendant behind the desk.

Suki looks shy as she moves close to Kim's body, using the warmth of
the taller HUnewearl to calm her slightly shaking which is
due to both nerves and slight coldness.

"Miss Ni is in room HY-219/F, the nearby teleporter will take you
directly there." replies the girl. "Thank-you" states Kim.

Suki and the rest fall into line behind Kim.

the group enters the transporter and teleport into Nikki's room. a
large white, thin sheet blocks the view of the bed behind it.

"Is she really here, Kimmie?" asks Suki as Sashi sighs, "Typical

"The attendant said she's here, she must be in bed." states Kim as she
walks to the white sheet.

"I hope so..." states Suki, looking worried again.

"I'll just stay out of view." states Becky looking sad.

Sashi states, "I will as well... she probably does not require too many

"Ok." states Kim before pulling back the sheet, revealing Nikki laying
in bed, her body except for her head is under a white bed cover. Nikki
appears to be sleeping but has a large bandage wrapped around her head
and over her right eye.

Nanyo sighs, "Geez... poor thing... Hon'tyl really did a number on
her...." as Suki gasps and puts a hand over her mouth in horror.

Kim quickly rushes next to the bed and places her right hand on the
side of Nikki's face lightly as she starts to tear up. "Nikki..."

Suki bows her head in silent shame as Nanyo gulps and stands back,
allowing the three to have their time in peace.

Surprisingly, Nikki slowly opens her left good eye and looks at Kim.
"Ki... Ki?" states Nikki weakly. "your awake!" states Kim happily.

Suki, tears in her eyes, asks, "Ni-chan... do you remember me?"

Nikki turns her head to see Suki. "" states Nikki.

"Yes... it's me... Suki... how are you feeling, Ni-chan?"

"So... tired." states Nikki looking as tired as her speech.

"Ni-chan... I'm so sorry... This is all my fault.... I... I'm so
SORRY!" cries Suki, leaning over to hug Nikki.

"I... can't.... feel... you..." replies Nikki.

"Oh... no... are you paralyzed, Ni-chan? Oh.. this is terrible!"

"I... don't know..."

"Kimmie... what are we to do about this?"

"Well, all we can do is wait."

"I... I can't stand to see her like this... and it's all my fault! All
of it!" She suddenly tears away from Kim and runs to the teleporter.

"Ki, Ki... where's... the brat?" asks Nikki smiling weakly. Kim also
smiles. "She's here."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... and I think she's really sorry about what

"I know... it wasn't... her fault..." states Nikki.

"You do? that's good... one less thing to explain..." Nanyo breathes a
sigh of relief.

Kim then calls to Becky. "Becky, Nikki wants to see you." "i can't, not
after what I did to her." replies Becky's voice.

Nanyo calls, "Oh come on and git out here... She understands... ya
little brat!"

Becky slowly gets into view and walks next to the bed. "Hey Nikki."
"Hey Becky." states Nikki.

Nanyo watches the exchange as Sashi stands beside Becky, ready to
defend her Mistress if need be.

"Ki Ki, can you, move the cover, down a bit?" requests Nikki. "Sure"
states Kim as she moves the cover to Nikki's waist, Revealing her bare
chest, except for about 5 small patches of bandages on her chest and

Nanyo winced, "Ouch... that's gotta hurt..."

"Well, I can't feel, I thing."

Sashi asks, "Could it be some sort of tranquilizer effect?"

"Maybe..." Nikki then, surprisingly, lifts her left arm.
"Whoa, I can move." states Nikki surprised.

Sashi states, "Then perhaps the person who operated on you, used that
to keep you from feeling the pain of surgery..."

"Well, the last thing I remember is Becky..."

Nanyo prods, "Becky hurt you, didn't she? It was because of Hon'tyl....
D*mned witch...."

"Like me see if I can stand..." states Nikki. after a moment, Nikki
sits up, there's even more bandages on her back, and upon further
looking, its obvious Nikki is nude by her exposed rear.

Nanyo sighs, "Take it easy, there... You're not in top form..."

Nikki then moves her legs off the side of the bed before
slowly dropping to her feet. She's a bit unsteady, but standing. "I can
stand." states Nikki happily.

"Ok... take it easy... you don't want to aggravate any injuries you may
still have..." states Nanyo.

Nikki then places a hand to one of her breasts. "I really
can't feel anything..."

"But you can move your arms and legs? That does not make any sense..."
Sashi states.

"I wonder if they put any water in my body, If I can't
feel anything, I could start peeing or worse without knowing it."

Nanyo grins, "Gee... that'd be such a shame, wouldn't it?"

"Yea it would, there's no point in peeing on yourself if you can't even
feeling leaving."

"Aw, hell...." mutters Nanyo, looking disappointed.

"Well I better get back into bed." states Nikki turning around. As she
lifts her right leg onto the bed, a faint stream of liquid begins
trailing down her left leg.

Nanyo laughs, "Whoops... looks like ya lost it!"

"Huh?" replies Nikki puzzled as she removes her leg from the bed and
turns to Nanyo.

"Look under ya... There's some fluid coming out..."

Nikki looks down and gasps. "Fu*k!"

Nanyo laughs harder and harder.

"This isn't funny!" replies Nikki. Kim and Becky fail to repress

Nanyo laughs, "Mebbe you'd better get a bedpan or something..."

"But why is it coming out in such a little stream though?" complains

Nanyo scratches her hair, "Now that, I couldn't tell you..."

Nikki presses into her abdomen and the stream increases in speed and

"Oh, I see... your body was still trying to hold it... ya gotta give it
a little help now and then..." laughs Nanyo.

Nikki then turns around to the bed and sees a huge wet stain on it.
"I'v been pissing in my sleep!"

Nanyo laughs harder again.

"I'm going to go get you a towel Nikki." states Kim. before leaving.
"K, thx."

Nanyo says, "I'm gonna go with her.... Let you two make your apologies
to each other... hehe..." She leaves, following Kim.

"You don't know how sorry I am for what I did to you Nikki, I'm so
sorry." states Becky. "Don't worry about it, I know you wern't
yourself." replies Nikki.

Sashi sighs, "Hon'tyl was after me and Nanyo... she hates us all..."

"Who is this Hon'tyl anyway?" asks Nikki.

"An evil failed Summon... her power is tremendous... even my telepathic
nature is nothing next to hers..."

"Oh." replie Nikki.

"She is an ancient curse upon the Ap Dat.... She desires nothing but
ultimate death for all Ap Dat..."

"Ok." Kim and Nanyo then return, Kim holding a white bath towel and
hands it to Nikki, who promptly places it to her crotch and dries
herself off.

"Better keep that bedpan handy... if you still can't feel anything, you
might need it..."

"I think the bed did a good job." states Nikki sarcastically.

Nanyo laughs.

"I wonder though, what would it be like to orgasm and not feel a

Nanyo gasps, "Geez... wouldn't that really suck? I mean... Orgasms are
better when you feel 'em..."

"I know, heh, i'd be like I'd just pee thick white fluid from my

Nanyo giggles, "Heehee... that'd feel weird, I'd think..."

"But I couldn't feel it."

"True... that's why it'd be so weird... "

"I wanna do it." smiles Nikki.

"That's up to you... but, uh, Kimmie... Don't you want to check on

"Yeah, I'll go check on her." states Kim before she leaves.

Nanyo grins, seductively. "Hehe.... anyone wanna help?" she asks,
glancing at Becky and Sashi.

"Sure, weather Nikki feels it or not, I'll still be able to taste her
cum." smiles Becky. "Hehe, you dirty little girl." replies Nikki.

"Alrighty then... Ya wanna do it standing up or lyin' down, neko
Nikki?" Nanyo smirks, cracking her knuckles slightly.

"Heh, I should probably be lying down, just because I won't feel it
doesn't mean my body still won't react." replies Nikki
getting onto the bed again and sitting down, her tail waving back and

"Hey... your tail... is it sensitive, young neko?" giggles Nanyo,
leaning over the catgirl.

"Yep, it sure is!" smilies Nikki.

"Becky, ya wanna get her crotch or should I?"

"I'll get the pussy's pussy." giggles Becky as she walks around the bed
to the right side. "Real funny brat." replis Nikki.

Nanyo laughs, "That's so shweeeeeeeeeeeet.... " Then she grabs Nikki's
tail and wraps her left hand around it, slowly sliding up and down like
a penis.

Becky then inserts two fingers into Nikki's vagina. "Hey, your already
wet." "Really?" Becky then removes her finger's and shows Nikki. "Yea,
see?" Nikki grabs Becky's hand and sucks her fingers. Becky replaces
her fingers into Nikki after the girl sucks them clean.

"Hehe... this won't take so long if she's already wet...." states
Nanyo, bending her mouth over Nikki's tail and slowly licking it.

As this continues, Nikki begins to giggle.

"Heh... what's so funny, Niks? Ya ticklish or somethin'?"

"No, it's just funny watching you guys do this to me. Since I'm not
reacting to it, I notice how silly you guys look doing this to me."

"Silly?! Ow... that hurts my pride... heheh..." sniggers Nanyo as she
starts licking down toward Nikki's backside where her tail protrudes
from her body.

"Hey, I think she's coming already, I can feel her cum on my hand."
states Becky.

"Hah...! Guess she does like it... Wonder if she'd like this?" Nanyo
now parts Nikki's butt cheeks and starts licking around the neko's

As Nanyo lifts Nikki's rear end, causing her to sit up on her hands and
knees, it also causes Becky finger's to slide out of her vagina,
revealing Nikki's thick white cum oozing from her vaginal opening.

"Whoah... she IS already cumming.... and ya still can't feel anythin',

"Nope, not a thing." replies Nikki, however, a moment later, there's
now a hint of sadness in her face.

"SO! You don't like not having any feelings, do you, Niks?"

"Well, i was curious as to what it would be like, now I see myself
cumming and I can't feel anything." Nikki looks like she's about to

"It's okay... It's okay..." Nanyo states, thinking, "Damn it... Nisu's
better at this than I did... where is she?"

"Hey, what's your name?" Asks Nikki.

Nanyo straightens up and strikes a seductive pose, stating, "You can
call me, Nanyo... Niks..."

"Ok, Nanyo, do you like my pussy?"

Nanyo gives Nikki this look: _ and says, "That has GOT to be the
dumbest question I ever heard..."

"I mean, do you like the way it looks?"

"Oh YEAH...." grins Nanyo, absently stroking Nikki's tail again.

"Would you like to fu*k my pussy when I can feel again?"

"Heheh... sure... if ya really want it.... But it'll cost ya..." grins

"Cost me?" replies Nikki looking surprised.

"Yeah... Ya gotta lemme play with yer bladder before I fuck ya..."
smirks Nanyo, almost laughing.

"Oh, I thought you mon- huh?! my bladder!?" asks Nikki shocked.

"Yeah... yer bladder's a tender area, innet?" smirks Nanyo, talking
with a heavy accent now.

"Yeah it it!"

"And, I suppose Nisu showed you how much fun it was to be desperate,
didn't she?"

"Yeah, I remember that."

"Heh.. do you even know who Nisu is?"

"Um, Suki right?"

"That's right... but how did you know? Did I ever tell you that?"

"heh, I just assumed that's who you were talking about."

"Ok... speaking of Nisu... I hope she's feelin' alright... Seeing you
in those bandages really hurt her..."

"Yeah, I look pretty messed up, like Rei was in the first episode of
Eva series." smiles Nikki.

"Yeah... I'm sure... I sure hope Kim can find her and calm her down..."

Away from the others, Kim finds Suki in an empty, but large room full
of seats. It's obvious it's a type of waiting room but it's empty.
"There you are, why did you leave?"

"Kimmie... she was hurting... she was hurting... and it was ALL MY
FAULT! All of it!" Her tears flow freely down her cheeks.

"Suki, it wasn't your fault, you didn't know something like that was
going to happen."

"But as an Ap Dat... I should have KNOWN! I should have!" She falls
into Kim's arms, sobbing.

"It's ok Suki, it really is. Nikki is going to be ok."

"I hate her...." whispers Suki, her Spirit Crystal around Kim's neck
growing black and cold against her skin.

"Who?" questions Kim.

"Hon'tyl... I hate her..." states Suki, the crystal growing colder and
colder against Kim's skin. The smaller summoner pulls back, her violet
eyes looking cold and angry.

"Suki, calm down."

"I can't calm down! I hate her! I REALLY HATE HER!" Her eyes freeze
with cold fury and even without chanting, a small Thunder spell escapes
her lips, frying the seat she was sitting on.

"Suki! Calm down right now!" orders Kim.

Suki, looking really pissed off as another thunder spell is quickly
followed by a fire spell.

Suddenly, without Kim realizing it before she can stop herself, she
slaps Suki. "Suki get a hold of yourself!"

"OWIE!" gasps Suki as she falls on her butt, looking shocked. "K-
Kimmie.... thank you..." she whimpers, rubbing her sore cheek.

"i'm sorry I had to do that Suki, but a girl like you shouldn't talk
like that."

"Kimmie... don't apologize... I-It's my fault... I... I shouldn't have
gotten so mad... But... I still hate her... I want to kill her..."

"Just remember Suki, your no fighter, don't go running into a fight

"I... I know... Kimmie... I.. I'm sorry...."

"Heh, Ok, let's go back to Nikki, whaddya say?"

"Ok..." replies Suki, reaching out to hold Kim's hand.

Kim takes her hand and they both return to the room.

In there, Suki walks over to Nikki and with tears still rolling down
her cheeks, she whispers, "Ni-chan... I'm so sorry..."

"Huh? for what?" asks Nikki puzzled as she's still on her hands and
knees, and her pussy has yet to be cleaned.

Suki's eyes bug out as she gasps, "Nan'chi! Did you do this?!"

"Uh, do what?" asks Nikki sweatdropping.

Nanyo laughs, "Course I did... I fucked her good..."

"I can explain..." states Nikki.

Suki twirls around, saying, "It's okay... I'm used to it... But
Nan'chi... did you at least make sure she liked it?"

"..." replies Nikki blushing.

Nanyo looks to Nikki and whispers, "Don't say anything..." Then she
straightens up and grinned, "Starchild don't disappoint no one!"

Kim immediately animefalls hard at Nanyo's reply

Suki looks confused, "Starchild? I thought you were Nanyo?! What's
going on here?!"

Nanyo winks at Kim, saying, "I'm both... you know me as Nan'chi... but
millions more know me as Starchild..."

Kim then gets to her feet. "Nanyo WAS a call girl." states Kim.

"A.... A what?!" gasps Suki, looking floored.

"Men can call a certain number and get a girl to have there way with."
states Kim.

"N-Nan'chi was.... a hooker?!"

"Yes." states Kim flatly. "Really!?" asks Becky strangely happy. "Kim
then glares at her. "Ok, ok, jeez." states Becky as she returns to her
spot by Sashi.

Nanyo grins, "What was that, Becks?" as Suki sighs, "Well... I suppose
that's one way to achieve satisfaction... but Nan'chi... why?"

Nikki then gestures Becky over to her, which she then says something in
her ear and Becky's face lights up in excitedness. "Really?" asks
Becky. Nikki winks at her and places a finger infront of her mouth.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Hey, the pay was good and you know how my
libido is so high..."

Kim then notices Nikki and Becky. "Hey, what did you tell Becky?"
"Hehe, that a secret Ki Ki." replies Nikki smiling.

Suki sighs, "Nan'chi.... I... I understand low money... and high
libido... but how could you do something so.... dirty..." She shudders
just thinking about it.

Kim eyes Nikki. "Hey, don't worry, I'll make sure lil Becky is treated
real nice like." smiles Nikki. "Huh!? WTH is that supposed to mean!?"
replies Kim.

Nanyo and Suki turn to the others, looking confused. "What's going on,
Starki-chan?" asks Nanyo as Suki nods.

"Nikki's planning something with Becky and she won't tell me what it
is." states Kim.

"Ooh, really? Is it sexual related, Niks?" asks Nanyo, her face
lighting up in eagerness. Suki groans and puts her hand on her forehead
much like Squall (FFVIII) does.

Nikki winks at Nanyo. "You'd love it."

"Cool! Whisper it to me..." she states, leaning in close to Nikki.

"ok." Nikki then moves her mouth to Nanyo's ear. "I know some guys that
can really give Becky a 'workout', if ya know what I

"Bladder or vagina?" replies Nanyo.

"A*s, pussy, bladder, whatever..." smiles Nikki.

"Hehehe... Sounds good..."

"Heh, Becky's a slut in the making, I just know it..."

"I know... heheh... She's so tender..." grins Nanyo.

"Hey! What are you two talking about!?" states Kim.

"Um... nothing.... Nikki was just telling me how good her orgasm was...
" states Nanyo sweatdropping.

"But she said she can't feel anything..." replies Kim eyeing Nanyo.

"That just shows you how good I am..." she laughs.

"Hmm, something isn't right..."

"Hey come on... ya don't trust me? That kinda hurts, yanno, Starki-

"I just don't want anything bad to happen to Becky. Nikki's past has
been less than sweet..." Nikki suddenly blushes and sweatdrops.

"I see.... but don't worry... I wasn't even talkin' about Becky... By
the way, Kimmie... How's Nisu doing?"

"She's doing fine."

"That's good... 'cause I sensed her pain a few minutes ago... you still
have her Spirit Crystal right?"


"Good... that thing can tell ya how she's feeling any time of the
day... if it turns black and cold, then be careful because that means
Nisu's hurting..."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Good..." states Nanyo looking over at Suki, who is still staring off
into the distance, wondering what to do next.

"Well, I guess we should be heading back huh?" states Kim.

Suki nods, "Yes... I think we should..."

"Well, Nikki, we'll be see'in ya." states Kim walking out through the
teleporter. "...Ok, see you later." replies Nikki.

"Bye, Ni-chan!" calls Suki as Nanyo leans forwards, showing off her
cleavage to Nikki as they leave.

"See you later Nikki." states Becky before winking at her. "Heh, catch
ya later brat." replies Nikki.

Sashi nods once as she walks through the teleporter behind Becky.

Awhile later, the group reaches the hanger and get into Kim's ship.
"It's about fu*king time." states Sara leaning on a wall inside the

Suki groans, "Oh yeah... I forgot about her... "

"Fu*k you!" exclaims Sara to Suki before walking into the back room.
"Man, what's with her?" asks Becky. "I dunno..." replies Kim.

Tears appear in Suki's eyes as she has the same questions on her mind
as Becky.

"Hey Suki, don't cry, don't mind her." states Kim.

"O-Okay..." the small girl responds.

"Hey, arn't we forgetting someone?" questions Becky.

Sashi spoke up, "Yes... Miss Tisha is missing... She must be back at
Miss Kim's place of residence."

"i didn't see her there." states Kim

"Then what happened to her?" asks Nanyo, scratching her head.

"Hey, I think I hear something..." states Becky places her right hand
over her right ear in the direction to the back room where Sara is.

"Yeah... what is that?" asks Nanyo.

"i think there's someone other than Sara in the room back there."
states Becky.

"Let's go investigate..."

the group goes to the door of the back room and the door
slides up, revealing Tisha, tied the fu*k up. Hog-tied to be specific,
dressed in only her panties and socks on the bed while Sara stands
beside her with a long black wipe. Tisha also has what appears to be
duct-tape on her mouth, with tears coming from her eyes.

"WTF are you doing?!" yells Nanyo. "HIT ME, damnit!"

"Huh? Oh I managed to find this little bit*h and tied her up." states
Sara turning around and seeing the others.

"Oh, that's so horrible!" gasps Suki, covering her mouth with her hand
as Sashi chuckles, "I always wanted to do that to her..."

"This qirl needs to learn some manners. She doesn't know when to shut
the fu*k up." states Sara before hitting her with the whip on a random
spot on her body, causing a muffled scream from her from the tape on
her mouth.

"She has a point." states Sashi causing Suki to gasp in shock at her

Sara then smiles sadistically. "I love hearing people scream in pain."
Sara then strikes Tisha again, making her scream again. Becky flinches
at each of Tisha's screams and quickly leaves the room.

"You will not find any argument from me..." states Sashi as Suki cries,
"Stop it, Sara!"

"Why the fu*k should it bit*h!?" exclaims Sara before striking the tied
up girl yet again.

Suki screams, "STOP IT, SARA! PLEASE!"

"Is this hurting you just watching me do this?" asks Sara smiling.

"Yes! Please stop it! She doesn't deserve this! Please stop!"

"Reeeeally..." smiles Sara sadistically. Tisha is suddenly lifted into
the air, facing the others. Sara then quickly strikes the girl's
exposed stomach hard with the whip.

The small youngster flinches and tries to cry out in pain, though it
only comes out as a muffled groan. Suki senses Tisha's pain and cries,
"STOP it, SARA!" Again, the crystal on Kim's chest grows black and

"Sara, stop, please." states Kim. Sara glares at her sister before
striking the small girl one last time over her chest, braking her bra
open from the strike before Tisha falls to the bed. Sara then goes to a
corner of the room and lifts a section and walks down the stairs that's
under the floor.

Tisha squirms and tries to whine loudly, but, again, it comes out only
as a muffled whimper.

Kim goes over to Tisha and begins to untie her.

The Spirit Crystal glows harder, slowly changing back to its normal
purple color as Suki slowly calms down.

"I wonder what's gotten into Sara..." states Kim lowly as she undoes
the rope that holds Tisha's hands and legs together, but there's
separate ropes holding her hands and feet together.

Tisha continues to whimper and whine through the duck tape as she
squirms, trying to get free.

Kim then smiles though as she looks at the tape over Tisha's mouth. "I
think I like her that way."

Tisha mumbles and squirms harder as Nanyo laughs, saying, "Boy! I
didn't think she knew words like that!"

Kim grips the tape with her right hand. "Heh, I'm gonna enjoy this..."

Sashi nods, "I believe I will too..."

without warning, Kim quickly rips the tape from Tisha's mouth.

Tisha cries, "Ow! That freakin' hurts, you old bat-wrench-head!"

"You want me to call my sister up here?" asks Kim smiling.

A horrified look crosses Tisha's face, gasping, "N-No! Y-You wouldn't!
For the love of God, don't!"

"Well plz, shut the hell up!" states Kim almost pleading.

"Um... O-okay..." states Tisha, trying to get free, a blush crossing
her cheeks as she realizes she's not wearing much.

Kim unties her legs then hands.

"Um.. Where are my clothes, Kim?" asks the teenager, looking
embarrassed to not have them on her body.

"I think Sara might have took them."

"W-What?! Wh-What am I supposed to wear?!" gasps the shocked little

"I don't know, i don't have anything here you could fit."

"W-What am I gonna do?!"

"I wouldn't mind a half naked little girl in here." smiles Kim.

"B-But.... I-I can't go around like this!" exclaims the small girl as
Suki whispers to Kim, "Do you think she'd fit my old school uniform?"

"I don't know, are you two similar in size?"

Suki stands next to Tisha and it turns out that both are about the same

"Looks like you are, where are your other clothes Suki?"

"They're in your residence, Kimmie... Should I go back for them?"

"I'll go ask Sara if she'll go get them, I'll brb." states Kim as she
goes to the lower level of the ship.

"Uhm... I don't think that's a good idea, Kimmie... She wants to kill
you..." states Suki, concerned.

Nanyo sighs, "If there's anyone who can defend herself, she can..."

"DO I LOOK LIKE A FU*KING MAID TO YOU!?" comes Sara voice. a moment
later, Kim returns, with a blackened right eye. "Um, I think I'll just
go get your clothes."

Nanyo sniggers, "I knew that was gonna happen... Can I come with ya,
Starki? I wanna get a quick look outside Pioneer II... I love seeing

"Sure, let's go."

"Ok... we'll see ya soon, Nisu...!" calls Nanyo as she follows Kim.

Becky then reenters the room. "What happened to Kimmie? She had a

Sashi states, "It would seem as though Sara hit her, Mistress... That
would be my guess..."

"Oh, I see, is Tisha ok?"

"WTF do you think, you spaz?! exclaims Tisha from behind Sashi.

"Hmm, it seemed you needed to stay tied up a bit longer..."

"Oh come on! This is ridiculous!" exclaims Tisha.

"Has anyone ever taught you any manners?"

"Noooo.... because this witch killed my parents, DUH!"

"you don't need parents to teach you things yanno."

"Feh... no one cares around here..." states the small girl sitting on
the floor, and pouting.

"People care." replies Becky

"Don't tell me lies... I know how they are... I been on my own since I
was 10 years old... No one cares!"

"Maybe you never gave them a chance to care, did you ever think of it
that way?"

"Hmmm.... I never thought about it like that... but I'm not used to do

"Well give people a chance then."

"I... I guess I could...." sighs the small girl.

"Great, now is anyone willing to satisfy my hornyness?!" exclaims Becky

To Be Continued in...
Dark Faultz, Sara's breakdown and transformation

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