Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 44)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 44

Title: Chapter 39: Suki's Lesson and Becky's wetting

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Kim follows Suki into her room. "So, Suki what do you want to do now?"
outside, Becky mumbles gibberish (LOL) as she shifts her body onto her
back on the couch.

Suki sighs as she asks, "Kimmie... is there a window or something
around here? I... I guess I'd kinda like to see what's outside..." She
seems a little tense.

"No, I sorry."

"Sorry? For what, Kimmie? You didn't do anything...." says Suki,
puzzled, and strangely, seeming tense for some reason.

"I'm sorry that I don't have a window for you to look out of. Is
something wrong though? You look tense."

Suki blushes, "Uhm... N-No... I... I'm fine... I... I was just thinking
about you... and me... and Nan'chi...." She starts moving toward the

Kim quickly moves infront of Suki. "Where are you going?"

Suki gasps, "Kimmie... What are you doing? I... I wanna go and see
Nan'chi.... a-and my sister...." She blushes as she starts to fidget
slightly, looking like a hyperactive little kid.

Kim starts to eye Suki smiling. "Are you lying Suki?"

Suki asks, putting on a sweet smile, "Should I be, Kimmie? Is there any
reason I should lie to you?"

"Well, maybe you have to go to the bathroom..."

"And if I did? You aren't going to stop a sweet little girl from going,
are you, Kimmie?" asks Suki, swishing her new white dress slightly.

"If I know that sweat little girl is going to like it I will..."

"Have you made preparations for what to do about that 'Sweet Little
Girl's' wet clothes?" asks Suki.

"I'll wash them of course."

Suki sighs, "I see... then... may I ask a request of you, Kimmie?" Her
violet eyes look worried as though she's afraid of rejection.

"What is it?"

"C-Can you... m-make... m-me... u-uhm... s-spurt that... c-clearish
fluid again?" asks the timid little girl, her thighs beginning to rub
together, causing her to bounce slightly.

"You mean you want a squirting orgasm?" smiles Kim.

Suki blushes and looks down at her feet as she mumbles, "Y-Yes... I...
I do.... K-Kimmie..."

"I'd be happy to Suki-chan. you want your clothes on or off?"

Suki blushes harder and whispers, "I like wet clothes.... b-but.. this
is a new dress... s-so.... can I do it in my panties...?"

"Ok course you can."

Suki smiles widely and almost leaps into Kim's arms, crying, "I love
you, Kimmie! All I want to be with you!"

"Ok, I know that. You want to squirt now or later?"

"Surprise me, Kimmie... Surprise me..." smiles the little girl,
wrapping her arms around Kim's neck, trying to kiss the taller girl.

"Well I can't really do anything to you holding you in my arms..."

"You wanna lift me up, like a n-newly wed couple?" asks Suki, blushing

Kim smiles and picks Suki up in her arms. "Like this?"

The smaller girl giggles and hugs Kim close to her body, whispering,
"Yes... This is what I wanted, Kimmie... I love you so much; I feel as
though I will burst if I don't show you how much..."

"That would be ok." smiles Kim.

"You want to play around some before I go, Kimmie?" whispers Suki,
leaning up to Kim's lips and kissing her gently.

"I thought you wanted to squirt." replies Kim.

"I do... but don't you want to play with my body while you do that?"
asks Suki, her bottom lip trembling in fear that she has said or done
something wrong.

"I plan to do just that."

Suki smiles, leaning up to kiss Kim's cheek, whispering, "I... I'd like
that... very much, Kimmie... Find all my sensitive spots... make me
feel good... because when it's over... I want to make YOU feel good

Kim lowers Suki back to her feet. "Well, you get'n out of that dress
yourself or you want me to do it for you?"

Suki winks, "It'd be more fun if you did it, Kimmie... and really..."
She whispers the last word softly, blushing, "... erotic..."

"Ok then..." replies Kim as she slips the right strap of Suki's dress
off, along with her bra strap, reveling her bear

Suki blushes, "I feel so uncovered all of a sudden..." Then she giggles
and folds herself closer to Kim's body, placing one hand on Kim's left
breast, squeezing gently.

Kim smiles as she repeats the action on Suki's left shoulder, and
pulling the top half of the dress down Suki's body to the belt around
her waist, Suki's entire chest is exposed to the air now.

Suki blushes and brings her left hand over her chest, hiding her
breasts seductively from Kim's eyes. "I feel so shy at times like
this," she explains.

"And that's what I like..." grins Kim as a blush now starts to appear
on her face before undoing the belt around Suki's waist.

Suki blushes harder as she feel her dress grow loose on her body, "It
feels like I'm wearing nothing at all... How... weird..."

Kim then pulls the rest of the dress down to Suki's feet.

Suki blushes harder as her panties are revealed to Kim, a delicate
white silk pair this time. She whispers, "Do you like what you see,

"Very much..." replies Kim as she cups her right hand over Suki's
panty-covered crotch.

Suki tenses, "Ah... Ahhh..." as she flinches shyly, blushing harder,
dropping her hand from her breasts.

"Like that huh?" states Kim as she caresses Suki's right side with her
left hand.

Suki trembles, again flinching, as she blushes and coos in pleasure,
"Y-Yes... I.. I do, Kimmie...."

"You want my fingers in you Suki?"

"Yesssssss...." breathes Suki, almost whining, "I... I think I
would.... But... aren't you even gonna look at my b-breasts...?"

"I have been looking at them, you want me to lick them?" asks Kim as
she moves her right hand into Suki's panties and touches the smoothness
on her labia.

Suki gasps, "AHHHH!" and quivers harder, closing her eyes in pleasure
as she manages to get out, "You'd do that for me, Kimmie?"

"Of course, I would. Why wouldn't it?"

"I... I dunno... I... I guess... I... I'm too shy...." Suki frowns,
slightly fearful of hurting Kim.

Kim smiles b4 licking Suki right nipple while at the same time, inserts
her middle and ring finger into Suki.

Suki gasps, "Ah-ow!" as her tiny vagina is stretched and her nipple
begins to harden and stiffen.

"Ow? I'm not hurting you am I Suki?" asks Kim quickly.

Suki whimpers, "Just a bit, Kimmie... I... I think... I'm still really

"Oh, I see. Well once your loosened up a bit it won't hurt." states Kim
before licking her right nipple again before slowing pumping her
fingers into Suki.

Suki groans in pleasure as the pain starts to fade and she whispers,
"Should I lie down, Kimmie? I.. I'm feeling my legs a bit weak..." And
indeed, her legs are wobbling slightly.

"Stay standing." states Kim starting to pump deeper into Suki.

Suki whines, "I... I'm trying... ooh... but I feel so good...." Her
nipple grows hard and stiff as her vagina begins to moisten, causing
her aroma to waft around Kim's nose and Suki to blush shyly.

"I think I'm starting to smell you now Suki...."

"You what?!" gasps Suki, blushing as hard as she can as a bit fluid
starts to trickle down her thigh.

"I can smell your 'pussy juice'." smiles Kim.

"N-Nani?!" blushes Suki, looking even more embarrassed than before as
she dribbles a little more "juice" out of her vagina.

"Can't you smell it too?"

"Y-Yes.. b-but.. I.. I'm embarrassed that you smell it too..." blushes
the other girl.

"Well I like your smell." smiles Kim as while her fingers are pumping
her vagina, the palm of Kim's hand starts to rub Suki's clit

Suki suddenly stiffens from the touch of her clit and she gasps, "K-
Kimmie! Wh-What di-did you just touch?!"

O_o "Oh come on, you don't know about your clit?" asks Kim surprised.

"N-No... what is that...?" asks Suki, slightly breathless as a trickle
more of her "pussy juice" runs down her right thigh.

"Have you EVER masturbated Suki?"

"No... I... huh?" asks Suki. "That word... you mentioned it before...
what does it mean?"

"It means to pleasure yourself."

"How?" questions Suki, her eyes showing interest.

Kim then removes her hand from Suki's panties. "I'll show you how to
masturbate." replies Kim as she begins to remove her clothes.

"You will?" asks Suki, her face lighting up as the Hymn begins to play
in Kim's mind again.

"Heh, I never thought I'd actually be showing someone how to
masturbate." smiles Kim as she removes the last of her clothes and sits
on the floor.

Suki blushes upon seeing Kim's naked body and quickly looks down,

"Sit in front of me."

"O-Ok..." replies Suki as she does so, looking up into Kim's eyes as
the Hymn swells slightly in Kim's mind.

"Now, let's start with rubbing, begin rubbing your pussylips." states
Kim as she herself does this with her right hand. blushing deeper being
her only reaction to her action.

"Pussylips? Is that what they are called?" asks Suki, following Kim's
lead and touching herself, gasping in pleasure as more
fluid begins to trickle down.

"The technical term is Labia."

"Lab-i-a?" questions Suki, moaning ever so softly in pleasure.

Kim then spreads her Labia, exposing the pinkness of her vagina clearly
to Suki. "Now, you see that little nub at the top of my labia that was

"Yeah... what is that?" asks Suki.

"That's my clit, on a normal girl, it's the most pleasure sensitive
spot on there body."

"That is a clit? Can I touch it, Kimmie?" breathes the smaller girl.

"You can touch yours." smiles Kim.

"Where is it?" asks the younger girl, spreading her lips apart,
exposing her own clit which is slightly engorged with arousal.

She gasps, "Mine's bigger than yours... why?" She looks worried that
she might be different.

"There not all the same size yanno, but it does swell when your turned

Suki asks, "So... that's why it's so big?"

"Yeah, now touch it."

"O-ok..." replies the other girl, brushing a finger across it. Suddenly
she tenses as more fluid starts to flow from her vagina. She gasps, "O-
Ooh... that feels so good..."

"I'm sure it does." replies Kim as she begins to stroke her own clit
with her left index finger. Causing her to gasp in pleasure as she
quickly begins to get wet.

As she starts thrusting her hips, Suki pants, "S-So.. this is
masturbation? It feels really good... but yet... not as satisfying as
what we did last time, Kimmie..."

"But when your alone, it feels great." moans Kim in pleasure.

"Kimmie... do you want me to... touch you...?" asks Suki, timidly.

"Ah, There's one more thing I want to show..." replies Kim before
stopping her action.

"And what's that, Kimmie?" asks Suki innocently.

"You know what 'this' is right?" asks Kim pointing to her vaginal

"Your vagina?"

"Yes, I want you to insert your finger's into yourself."

"Will it hurt, Kimmie?"

"No." replies Kim as she does it herself. her middle and ring finger
slide into her easily as Kim moans in delight.

Suki does the same thing as Kim, only sliding in two of her small
fingers. She feels herself being filled up and groans, "This feels like
what you were doing before, Kimmie..."

"Exactly, now start pumping your fingers in and out." replies Kim as
she does so herself and moans.

Suki does so, then start quivering slightly, as she pants, "Oh,
Kimmie... this feels so good... I... I feel so happy..."

"I'm glad, you feel good Suki. I-I hope you don't mind if I make myself
come do you?" asks Kim as she increases her pumping. and pinches her
left breast. Causing her to moan.

"N-No... g-go right ahead... but you will make me spurt later, right?"
asks Suki.

"Sure t-thing." replies Kim moaning as she lowers herself to her back
and continues to masturbate.

Suki pulls her fingers out and decides to watch Kim masturbate, her
face glowing with excitement.

Kim continues for a few minutes until she starts to groan and she
visibly starts to tense.

Suki whispers, "Are you coming, Kimmie?"

"I'm... Almost there..." pants Kim.

Suki whispers, "And after you cum, you can help me cum too... then I'll
pee for you... and only you... You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Ooohhhh, y-yes, I'd like that."

"You like to see me wet, don't you? It'll be all nice and squishy and
I'll feel so good..."

"Ah! S-Suki, I'm about to come!"

Suki leans over and kisses Kim, whispering, "You have me, Kimmie... you
can do what you want... I love you so much..."

Kim suddenly arch her body up off the floor as she quickly pulls her
fingers out as she comes, squirting her clear cum from her urethra with
about a five foot range.

Suki reaches out and rubs Kim's stomach as she mumbles, "Beautiful,
Kimmie... It looks so beautiful... I can't wait for my

Then she squeezes her eyes shut and moans as her full bladder starts to
spasm lightly and she adds, "If I can hold it in, that is..."

Kim's body returns to the flood a moment later where she shudders for a
moment from the climax coursing through her body.

Suki mumbles, "Does it feel good, Kimmie?" She continues rubbing Kim's

"Ohhh, so good..." moans Kim.

Suki grins, beginning to rub her thighs together again as her bladder
tries to take her attention away. She whispers, "That was so beautiful,
Kimmie... Can I have a turn?"


Suki smiles, "Then... how do you want to do ... me?" She blushes
slightly again.

"i think I want to make you pee first before I make you squirt."

Suki smiles, "O-Ok... and how are you going to do that, Kimmie?"

"A forced wetting." replies Kim as she sits up.

Suki smirks, teasing, "You can't force someone, you know..." Then she

Kim smiles back. "Oh yeah?" Kim then pokes Suki in the abdomen wih her
right index finger.

Suki giggles and tenses briefly before responding, "Nyah! I didn't lose
control!" However, she has brought her thighs together to aid her hold.

Kim suddenly takes the small girl in her arms and pins her to the
ground. "Your GOING to lose it Suki-chan."

"Nyahhh! you can't make me!" giggles Suki as she reaches up to hold Kim
in her arms.

Kim then places her right hand on Suki's abdomen and begins to press

Suki can't help herself as she begins to squirm, "That all you going to
do, Kimmie? Kinda boring, doncha think?" She presses her thighs closer
together, tensing briefly.

"No, 'this' is what I'm going to do." states Kim as she
presses into Suki's Bladder really hard.

"Ugh... Ugh....!" groans Suki as she begins to arch her back up, trying
to hold it in.

"What's wrong Suki-chan?" grins Kim.

"I gotta pee, and you know it..." giggles Suki as a small drop of urine
hits the crotch of her panties.

Kim then presses even harder.

"Agh... AHHHHHHH!" cries Suki loudly as her bladder starts to give way,
allowing three short spurts to come out.

She arches her back higher up, bridging much like her sister, Sashi, as
she tries so hard to hold the rest in.

"Your losing it Su-chan."

"I... I know... but I.. I'm trying so hard..." she whines.

Kim smiles as she promptly lifts her had, from Suki's abdomen.

Suki pants heavily as she starts to relax. She blinks, "Kimmie...?"

Kim then presses her hand into Suki's abdomen once more.

"AHHHHHHH!" exclaims Suki as the dam breaks and she starts peeing,
first in short spurts, then a full on gush.

"Nice Suki, you drenched your panties." smiles Kim.

"I.. I know... and... I... I wan... want... REVENGE!" Suki laughs as
she finishes her urination.

"Well, that's to bad, cause I'm going to make you squirt now." states
Kim before moving her right hand into Suki's wet panties and starting
to pump her finger's into her vagina.

Suki gasps, "Ahhhh! Wh-What are you doing in there?! I... I feel.... so
horny...." She blushes at her own statement.

"You want to squirt don't you?"

"Yes..." blushes Suki, as her hips begin to pulsate back and forth,
pushing Kim's fingers into her harder.

"Kim then starts to lick and suck on Suki's right nipple

Suki moans, "Oooh.... oooh.... that... that... feels wonderful, K-
Kimmie..." Her nipple retightens as her small breasts swell slightly in
pleasure while her vagina begins to moisten again.

Kim then smiles and kisses Suki.

The cute blush on Suki's cheeks now turns into the sex flush as she
whispers, "Kimmie.... I love you so much.... I... I can't... control
myself..." She starts to arch her back again, this time in pleasure.

"I want you to come for me Suki."

"Then... will you hold me, Kimmie? Hold me from now until the end of
time?" whispers the younger girl, arching her back again as she feels
her urethra tingling and tensing.

"Yes." replies Kim as she wraps her free arm around Suki's body as she
continues the pumping of her hand.

Suki pants harder and harder, squeezing her eyes shut tightly,
whimpering, "K-Kimmie... I.... I'm about to burst... It feels like I'm
gonna pee again... just like it did last time... Oh... I... I'm...

She arches her back to the point where it might hurt a lesser-aroused
girl and stiffens up every muscle of her body.

Kim simply holds the small girl with her left arm as she pumps her
finger faster into Suki.

Suki holds her breath as, at last, her moment comes. She starts out
with a long stream of cum, her whole pubic area vibrating, then a
second spurt comes out and she ends that spurt with a hard pant, before
her body starts quivering and shaking for nearly 1 and half minutes.

"That was wonderful Su-chan!" states Kim as she then kisses her.

Suki whines, "It was sooooo good.... K-Kimmie.... I want more... next

"Well, you want to squirt again?

"Right now?!" the shocked girl responds in awe.

"The great thing about being a girl is you don't have to wait between
orgasms to come again."

"I don't?" asks Suki, looking shocked but amazed.

"Nope, girls can come as many times we want. but if you squirt, you
need to keep yourself hydrated though."

"Hydrated? What's that mean, Kimmie?"

"Keeping water in your body."

"Oh... I see... is that what comes out of me when I spurt?" asks Suki.

"Not really, I don't know exactly what it is but if you don't keep
water in your don't and you keep squirting, you'd end up sick."

"Oh... I see.... Then... should I get some water?" asks Suki,
starting to get up.

"Not right now, you haven't climaxed enough to need some water."

"Oh..." replies Suki, looking confused as to what to do next.

Just then, Nanyo enters the room, exclaiming, "Hey... what's goin' on?
Ya'll f*ckin' without me? How rude!"

"Yeah, I was telling Suki that girl's that squirt when they come,
should keep themselves hydrated."

"Um... hi... Nan'chi..." states Suki, blushing. Nanyo grins, "Well
D'uh! Didn' you know that, Nisu?"

"She didn't even know what masturbation was."

"Why, Nisu... I'm surprised at you... Ya never even knew, Nisu?"

Suki blushes and shakes her head, "No... I didn't..."

just then, a faint beeping came be heard again from outside of the

Nanyo asks, "That Becks' watch again?" as Suki simply rests in Kim's

"Yeah, it is."

"Ain't she got up, yet?"

"No, all she does is sleep when she's here. She so lazy."

"Think we oughta wake her up, Starki-chan?" grins Nanyo, moistening her
lips with her tongue.

"She's just going to go back to sleep, you can if you wait to though."

"Aw, poopy... Well... Guess I'll go tease Tisha for awhile..." She
leaves the room.

"Your just going too give up Nanyo? That's not like you."

Nanyo winks as she leaves the room. A few seconds later...

Becky's "Ah!" could be heard.

Nanyo's voice is then heard, "Sensitive, ain't ya? How about this?"

"Hey! I'm try'n to sleep!"

In the living room, Nanyo spreads Becky's thighs and starts gently
rubbing her labia, grinning, "Aw, come on, Becks... let's have some
fun, eh?"

Becky gasps again as she covers her crotch with her hands. "W-Wait a
minute, I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom soon."

"Cool! A golden shower, then, Becks?" grins Nanyo as she starts rubbing
Becky's lower abdomen gently.

Becky then feels her urge strike and she quickly tries to close her

Nanyo laughs, "Now don't think you can just go and do that, Becks... "
She slides her body in between Becky's legs, wrapping them around her
as she begins to massage Becky's abdomen.

"Ah! S-Stop, Your making it worse."

"That's, like, the general idea, Becks... Now come on, little girl...
Let me see that gorgeous golden fluid..." She starts pushing down on
Becky's abdomen.

"Ah!" gasps Becky as she tenses up to prevent her urination.

Nanyo continues pressing down a little harder with each minute,
smirking, "Come honey... pee yourself..."

"N-No." groans Becky holding strong atm

Nanyo nods once up at Sashi, who moves in and slides her hands inside
Becky's panties, rubbing at her mound, then at her labia.

"Ah! S-Sashi?!" gasps Becky.

Sashi nods, "Yes, Mistress... Please let it go... otherwise, Nan'chi
will not let you go..." She spreads Becky's labia as Nanyo pushes
harder on Becky's abdomen.

"I have b-better control of m-my bladder than you t-think." replies
Becky before groaning.

"Oh? You do?" grins Nanyo as she nods at Sashi who reaches down and
takes hold of Becky's hands, massaging them gently, seductively as
Nanyo bends over Becky's swollen abdomen, licking at it.

"Y-Yeah, I do..." replies Becky.

"Then how about this?" Nanyo begins sucking on Becky's abdomen as Sashi
reaches up under Becky's arms, tickling her.

Becky groans back laughing but still her panties are dry.

Nanyo presses harder with her lips as Sashi continues her actions.
Suddenly, after two quick flashes of light, Becky's abdomen grows to
twice as big.

Nanyo grumbles, "What the hell?!" As Sashi stops immediately, Tisha
reappears, out of breath, but smiling. "I sped up time for her... and
look at the results!"

"AH! T-That's not fair! T-Three on o-one!" complains Becky from the
increased urge.

"Come on, old hag... even YOU can't hold it much longer!" grins Tisha
reaching out to Becky's feet, sliding her shoes off and tickling her as
Nanyo pushes harder on Becky's abdomen and Sashi tickles Becky's
underarm areas.

"This isn't FAIR!" exclaims Becky from the unbelievable urge pressing
on her body.

Nanyo laughs, "It never is... now come on and wet yerself!" She presses
INCREDIBLY hard on Becky's abdomen as Sashi and Tisha continue their

incredibly, Becky continues to keep herself from wetting her panties,
but she's thrashing about trying to get away.

Again, the girls continue to pressure her as Sashi also uses her mental
powers to make Becky think the urge is fading away, trying to coax her
to relax so that she'll pee.

Becky suddenly goes rigid as a board and groans loudly.

Nanyo pushes a little hard and rests her chin on the sofa, next to
Becky's labia. She opens her mouth as she licks Becky's panties,
grinning, "Here we go!"

Still, Becky doesn't lose control, not even a drop of pee has stained
her panties, yet...

Sashi opens her mindlink with Becky and coaxes: (Mentally): Come on,
Mistress... You are only going to make it worse when you do pee...
Nan'chi isn't one to give up... Look at how hard it is to maintain
control... Do you not wish to have the pressure removed?"

Becky doesn't respond to Sashi's request, fearing that doing so will
take the concentration she has away from her bladder.

Sashi: (Mentally): Mistress.... hear that running water?" *the sound
appears in Becky's mind* Surely, you must want to pee?"

"STOP TRYING TO DISTRACT ME!" suddenly calls out Becky.

As Sashi continues her actions, Nanyo slides her fingers between
Becky's labia, pushing them into the smaller girl's vagina and pinching
her urethra between her thumb and forefinger.

"AHHH! I CAN'T TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER!" Becky's body shakes so
vigorously, she almost vibrates.

Nanyo pushes her middle finger deeper into Becky's vagina, pushing up
against her bladder as she releases her urethra, hoping that that is
enough as Sashi presses down on the other side of Becky's bladder.

"AH!" screams Becky as a small trinkle of pee makes it through her
urethra, finally, wetting them slightly.

Nanyo pulls her fingers out, instead, latching her lips onto Becky's
labia, sucking on anything that comes out.

Tears now start to trail Becky's face. "I CAN'T HOLD IT ANYMORE!"
screams Becky as a another small amount of urine makes it's freedom.

Nanyo continues sucking, giving Becky a shot of pleasure as Sashi holds
Becky's hands, massaging them as she whispers, "It is okay, Mistress...
It is okay to let go..."

Becky groans as urine now starts to very slowly travel down her urethra
and out without stop

Sashi nods, "Yes, that is the way, Mistress..." as Nanyo drinks in
Becky's urine.

"IT'S BURNING!" complains Becky in bladder torment.

"Then let it go, Mistress... If it hurts to hold it, let it go..."
states Sashi, bluntly, as Nanyo sucks some more out.

Becky's incredible hold finally dies and a powerful TORRENT of urine
jets from her exhausted urethra immediately drenching her panties
before going right through them in a thick stream of urine.

Becky "AHHHHHHH's" in total relief.

Nanyo is literally drenched in Becky's pee, but she doesn't flinch;
rather she continues to drink in what she can, loving the taste as
Sashi asks, "Mistress... does that not feel better?"

"F*******ck yeah..." sighs Becky as she continues the pee the strong
torrent of urine.

Sashi sighs, "Then I am glad... It was all because of Nan'chi... She
wanted to taste your pee..." Nanyo grins, pulling back, "Hell yeah...
this stuff's gold!"

it's after one full minute that Becky's urination finally 'starts' to
die down.

Nanyo continues sucking up as much as she can as Sashi sits back down
next to Becky, well clear from the stream and Tisha mocks, "HAH! Gotcha
old wench!"

Becky finishes after total of 2 minutes.

Sashi sighs as Nanyo grins, pulling back, and patting Becky's abdomen,
"That was lovely, Becks... Thanks a lot!"

Kim now comes into the room. "Well, that sounded fun..." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "It sure was, Starki-chan... Wanna kiss?"

"Um, I pass." states Kim sweatdropping.

"Heh.. next time, Starki-chan..." She gets up and goes to the washroom
to wash up.

To Be Continued In...
Visiting Nikki

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