Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 43)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 43

Title: SIDE FIC 5: Sara's Upset Stomach



Sara exclaimed as she appeared in her room across from her sister's.
Since their rooms were right next to each other, their rooms mirrored
each other but Sara surprisingly kept things much cleaner in her room.

"I can't believe this! ...And it's my fault too... FU*K!"

Complained Sara as began to get angry at herself.


Sara quickly got an odd look on her anger-laced face as she felt a
grumbling in her stomach.

"Sh*t! I forgot! My sisters bit*h and that great food!"

Sara quickly gasped in discomfort as her stomach cramped painfully and
Sara wrapped her arms around her stomach as she fell to her knees.

"AH! Da*nmit, I knew I shouldn't have eaten that food... but it was so

Sara then felt the pain in her stomach quickly growing.

"I need to get to the bathroom before I sh*t myself."

Sara forced herself to her feet, feeling the churning of her stomach as
she pressed her arms around her.

As Sara neared her restroom, her urge to go increased dramatically, to
the point Sara had to stop and drop to her knees again groaning.

"AH! I don't think I'm going to make it!" groaned Sara as she felt a
high amount of pressure at her anal exit.

Then, much to Sara's misfortune, a young girl's voice was heard.

"Sara? Your back?"

"Don't bother me right now Kya." replies Sara.

"Oh I don't think soooo..." replies the girls voice sing-songly as her
foot steps could be heard on the carpeted floor.

Soon, Kya appeared in front of Sara who was next to a hallway. Kya has
the body of 8 year old, long red hair that reaches the floor - almost
to the point of being dragged along the floor - She had bright red eyes
too to match her hair, wearing nothing but a smile.

"Come on Kya, not now." replied Sara groaning.

"But this is what you bought me for isn't it?" asks the small girl as
she steps towards Sara smiling.

"AH, I said not now, so leave before I turn you off!" replies Sara.

"Ok fine, meenie." pouts the small loli before walking back down the

Sara then slowly gets to her feet groaning, "Stupid android..."

Sara then proceeded to walk stiff-legged to the bathroom down the hall
Kya walked and stopped at the first door to her right. But Sara's
stomach again cramped painfully and she tensed strongly, already red in
the face from her effort of holding it in.

"M-Maybe it's gas..."

Sara cautiously, and slowly started to relax her anal muscles to allow
any gas to escape.

Unfortunate, it was anything but gas that left her a*s. To Sara's
shock, liquid sh*t immediately flowed out of her a*s at and incredible
pace, ruining her pink panties under her black short shorts and flowing
down her legs.

"AH! No!"

Sara quickly clenched up, but it was short lived as her rectal muscles
relaxed a second time and even more fowl smelling fluid left her a*s.

"This can't be happening!"

Sara then heard, "Wow..." from behind her and quickly looked behind her
as her flow clenched up to a stop.


"I just can't stand it, I wanted to play." replies Kya as she pulls
Sara's shorts down to her ankles, leaving her brown-in-the-crotch pink
panties on.

"Fine, fine..." states Sara.

"Push it all out, come on." urged Kya as she looked at Sara's a*s.

Sara then proceeded to push, beginning a long series of soft brown
fecal matter that packed into Sara panties that began to bulge
incredibly far out until it was too much even for the fabric and her
sh*t fell out of her panties to her shorts on the floor while even more
filled her panties. This serving of sh*t didn't completely fill her
panties but a loud series of rectal gas left her a*s.

"Is that all?" asked Kya.

"No, there's more, I can feel it." replies Sara.

Kya then moved Sara's panties down to her ankles, her scat pile neatly
contained in the crotch.

"Come on, push it all out..." urges Kya.

Sara then groaned as she pushed and Kya saw her anal opening begin to
slowly open and the head of what was going to be a large turd snail
out. The width was enormous as even Kya gasps at the size as with a
groan from Sara, her opening was stretched out to close to 2 inches.

Kya was in awe at the size as it slowly began to slowly exit. Kya
quickly placed her small hands to the monster and held it as it
retreated from Sara's body, trying to keep it in one piece as it slowly
neared the floor.

"Oh SH*T! Where was I keeping this!?" groaned Sara as she continued to
push the monster turd out of her body.

After a long 10 seconds, the thick cable completed it's long journey
and completely left Sara's body.

"Oh yes, I feel so much better!" exclaims Sara before looking behind
her to she the damage.

Kya managed to stretch Sara's long piece of sh*t out to reveal to both
the girls shock, it's 5-foot length.

"Wow! Where in the world did you keep that!" exclaims Kya.

"I don't know, but now..." replies Sara carefully stepping out of her
soiled clothing and in front of Kya, who was currently kneeling. "...
You disobeyed me, so now you must be punished." adds Sara smiling.

"Oh! Is it a golden shower Master?" asks Kya happily.

"Yes, dirty girl's need to be cleaned..."

Kya then closed her eyes and smiled, Sara then spread her labia apart
and let go, spraying her little loli android's hair, face and body with
her warm, yellow urine. Kya also giggled during her shower,
occasionally taking some urine into her mouth and gladly swallowing it.

Sara soon stopped peeing only 10 seconds after she started.

"Now, clean this place up while I go clean myself and join me in my
room when your done." states Sara before she goes into the bathroom.

"Ok." replies Kya smiling.


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