Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 42)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 42

Title: Chapter 38: Suu's Boyfriend is WHO!?

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Suki asks, smiling, "Tell me if you like the eggs. I... I'm still
learning how to cook them..."

Kim tries the eggs and smiles. "There pretty good."

Suki blushes and smiles, "Th-Thank you, Kimmie... I... I'm not used to
cooking without my magic... By the way, Kimmie... What does Med. High

Just then, a thin waft of smoke starts to enter the room, followed by
Nanyo's yell, "YO! NISU! It's on fire!"

"Uh, something with fire maybe."

Suki gasps, "OH NOES! I... I must've burned something!" She rushes out
of the room and shortly thereafter, the smoke stops entering the

Kim leaves her bed and follows Suki out, where Becky is still sleeping
on the couch, drooling.

Suki has tears in her eyes as Nanyo is leaning against the fridge door,
laughing her ascot off as Suki uses her newly found apron to smother
something on the ground.

there's then a beeping coming from the watch on Becky's left wrist.

Nanyo asks, "What the hell is that, Starki-chan?" Suki continues to put
out the small fire, sniffling, "Oh, I can't BELIEVE I burned WATER!"

"uh, it's BB's alarm on her watch."

Nanyo nods, "Ah..." Then she yawns and says, "I'm gonna go lay down and
take a nap... I'm not a morning person..." She leaves the room.

A few moments later, Becky starts to moan in her sleep and fidget in
the couch.

Sashi snorts and mumbles softly as she starts to stir as an irritated
voice grumbles, "Turn that fool thing off! It's giving me a headache!"

"Becky just has to use the bathroom, that's what the beeping is. Becky
kinda has her body set for when she needs to go to the bathroom."
explains Kim.

"I don't care! Stop it, please!" calls the little girl from
under the couch.

"Ok, ok." states Kim as she walks over to Becky and presses a button on
the watch to stop the beeping.

"Thanks, elderly non-wench...." mutters the small girl, falling back
asleep. Suki sighs, commenting, "Is she always like this, Kimmie?"

"Who?" asks Kim.

"That little girl... which reminds me... Why is she hanging around us?
I don't remember her...." asks Suki, using a minor water spell to douse
the remains of the fire in the sink.

"Yeah, she does, I don't know why she's here." Becky now starts to
groan in her sleep.

"Kim? Do you know?" prods Suki, looking interested to know.

"Do i know? of course not."

At that point, Sashi stands up and explains, "She has a grudge against
me.... That is all... nothing more...."

Becky groans once more then sighs in her sleep.

Sashi questions, "Mistress? Do you not have to go to the bathroom?
Should you not go?" Suki sighs heavily, indicating something about her
feelings, and returns to the kitchen almost melancholy.

"i think she's still sleep Sashi."

Sashi sniffs and mentions, almost conversationally, "Oh wait...." She
puts her hand on the couch and sighs, "It would seem as though she has
already peed herself... Should I clean her up, Miss Kim?"

"Aw crap, sure go clean her up."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Miss Kim..." She gently wraps her arms around
Becky's body, supporting her neck and with an arm under her legs. She
carries Becky into the nearest restroom as Nanyo hops onto the couch,
grinning, "Aw, YEAH! Freshly peed furniture!" She puts her nose against
the wet spot and coos contently, "Oh, yeah.... That's the stuff!"

Kim simply makes this look O_o

Nanyo simply grins, "What? Ya don't like the smell of pee, Starki-chan?
I love it!" Tisha moans, coughing slightly, "Ewww... you're gross!" She
rolls out from under the couch looking disheveled as she moves to a
dryer couch, laying upon it.

"I just do rush over to a a pee spot too sniff it."

Nanyo laughs as Suki reenters the room, looking preoccupied. She
touches her chest gently, tenderly, and a look of pain comes to her
face briefly, before she hides it, walking back toward the bedroom.

Sara suddenly enters the room from a black cloud of smoke and wraps her
left arm around the back of Kim's neck. "Where's the food!" exclaims
the twin.

Nanyo laughs, "Ya know... ya remind me of me..." She gets up and looks
at Kim. (Telepathically) "Ya need any help, Starki-chan?"

"with what?" questions Kim telepathically.

"Her..." replies Nanyo, telepathically.

"What about her?"

"Nevermind... Imma gonna take a nap... If ya need me... just holler..."
states Nanyo, curling up on the couch with her nose next to the wet

"Hey, where's that girl of yours Kimberly?" asks Sara.

"Um, i think she's in the kitchen." replies Kim.

"Alrighty then..." replies Sara as she heads to the kitchen.

Tisha grumbles, "Can't a girl even get her beauty sleep around here?!
Harumph!" She gets up and leaves the living area for who knows where,

Kim then sighs. "It's a good thing I don't need to be scared of my
sister anymore..."

"Hey, cook girl, where are you?" asks Sara in the kitchen.

There's nobody there, though there is a frying pan on the stove, but
it's empty.

"Da*nit man, where is she? Maybe she's in my sisters room..." states

Sara then disappears, heading to Kim's room.

There is the sound of a girl wincing in pain and whining softly,
"Ouchie.... It still hurts... even today... It's been a long time...
but it still hurts..."

"Hey girlie." states Sara as she appears in the room.

Suki quickly pulls down her blouse, gasping, "S-Sara! Wh-What are you
doing here?!" She looks very startled and seems to be trying to hide

"I'm hungry."

"O-Oh... s-so you want some food then? O-Okay... I... I'll go make some
eggs and toast for you too..." She gets to her feet, expertly hiding a
wince from Sara as she makes her way to the kitchen.

"Hey, you ok? you don't seem too well." states Sara.

Suki shakes her head, muttering, "I.. I'm fine... D-Don't worry about
me... How many eggs do you want, Sara?" She tries to change the

"Hold on, I like food to much for someone to cook for me if there not
well. what's wrong?"

Suki repeats, "I'm fine... Don't worry about me... Now, how many eggs
do you want?"

"No, what's wrong with you? If you don't tell me, I'm
gonna tell my sister, and I'll bet she'll nag it outta you."

Suki slams down the pan, yelling, "I SAID I'M FINE! NOW JUST DROP IT!"

"You obviously don't know me very well..."

Suki stares defiantly up at Sara, and states, "Oh?! And what does that

"I have ways of getting people to tell." smirks Sara.

"I kept a secret from Kimmie once... and I can do the same with you!"
replies Suki, staring at Sara.

"Fine, you asked for it..." states Sara as she returns the stare. A
moment later, Sara turns chibi and whacking Suki's head with her hands
whining. "Tell me, Tell me, Tell me, Tell me, Tell me!"

Suki moans, "Ow... Ow.... ow...! N-No! I... I won't tell! N-Never!"

Sara turns back to normal frowning, standing like Usagi would when
she's frustrated. "You little meanie!"

Suki sighs, breathing harder, "Well... th-that's... what you get when
you try to force me to spill secrets!"

Sara pouts and leaves the kitchen. "I'm telling my sister!"

Suki sighs, calling after her, "She can't help you! I... I won't...

"Sister, sister!" whines Sara as she returns to the room. "What is it?"
asks Kim still standing. "Your bit*h is being mean to me!"

"Don't call her that." replies Kim.

Suki sighs, walking back from the kitchen toward the bedroom, now
looking confused at Sara's actions.

"you can't tell me what to do." states Sara. Kim eyes suddenly turns
white and for the first time since she's been here, Sara
backs away, looking scared. "Oh I think i can..." replies Kim.

Suki reenters the bedroom, not noticing a thing, but Sashi, standing at
the bathroom door, takes notice of what is transpiring.

"Fu*k, how are you able to do that? i thought you couldn't anymore."
states Sara. Kim now smiles at Sara. "I no longer need to fear you, I'm
back at full power now."

Sashi mmm's, somehow sensing Kim's power. She telepathically tells
Becky what she is seeing.

"I'll still kill you no matter how powerful you are!" screams Sara as
she attempts a right hook but it suddenly stops short of Kim's face,
although Sara appears to still be trying to send her hand forward. "You
can't kill me Sara."

Kim smiles at Sara as she states the phrase "Divine Sword of Power!"
Sara's eyes suddenly widen in fear. "Fu*k, this isn't over sister." she
suddenly disappears from the room.

Sashi gasps, "Incredible power.... I... I have not seen the like...."

"Why are you running Sara? Come back and fight." taunts Kim. there's no

Suki peeks her head out of the bedroom, sighing and calling out to Kim,
"Kimmie? Could I talk to you for a minute, please?" She sounds timid
and as though she's hurting.

Kim's eyes return to their normal color. "Ok." she heads to Suki.

After Kim enters the room, Suki makes sure the door is locked before
she states, "Kimmie... I... I... oh boy this is difficult... I... I'm
in pain...." She finishes sadly.

"What kind of pain?"

"P-Physical... M-My scar... i-it keeps throbbing..."

"Do you know what it means?"

"It means... that... that I... will have a hard time fighting a-and
defending myself..." the small girl whines. Tears appear in her eyes as
she clutches protectively at her chest.

"You can stay here then and rest."

"B-But... Kimmie... I... I want to be with you always! I... Ooh, I knew
you'd react this way!" She collapses on the floor, sobbing.

"But Suki, you'd be a liability, I don't want you to get hurt."

Suki says nothing, at least nothing intelligible, as she sits on the
floor, crying and sobbing.

"Is there any way we could stop the pain?"

Suki whines, "I... I don't know.... S-Some kinda pain reliever I... I
think... m-might help... B-But Kimmie... I... I don't wanna bother
you... I... I love you too much..."

"Pain reliever huh? Hmmm..." states Kim thinking.

Suki remains on the floor, hiccuping and sniffling.

"Suki, I have something that will cure you indefinitely, and remove the

Suki gulps and looks up, "W-What? R-Really, K-Kimmie?"

"Yes." Kim closes her eyes as her body begins to glow white.

Suki trembles, "Wh-what are you doing, K-Kimmie?" Her eyes show fear
and terror.

Kim doesn't reply as her blue wings appear from her back.

Suki gasps, "AHHH! Wh-what are those?!" She starts fumbling, backing up
against the bed in pure terror.

Kim opens her eyes now, completely white. "Suki, It's ok."

"K-Kimmie... wh-what happened to your eyes? Th-They're white! Wh-What
is all this?!"

I'm sorry from keeping this from you, I'll explain later. uncover your

Suki hesitantly drops her arms to her side, her bottom lip trembling in
slight fear.

"No, i mean, lift up your shirt."

Suki whimpers, "A-Are you sure you know what you're doing?" as she
unbuttons her blouse, lifting it up slowly.

"Honestly, I've never done what I'm about to do, but I can feel like my
body is telling it's ok. So try not to worry."

Suki gives this look to Kim, O_O, and whimpers as she trembles on the
floor, her blouse lifted up, exposing her bra and the hideous scar on
her chest.

Kim extends her right wing outwards and, surprisingly, removes a blue
translucent feather and holds it in her right hand.

Suki whimpers, biting her bottom lip, trying to understand how Kim is
going to heal her.

"Undo you bra for a sec, it's in the way." requests Kim.

Suki blushes and whimpers, "B-But... I.. I can't.. b-be naked... n-not
like this..." She seems really shy and timid.

"What's wrong? We're alone."

Suki whimpers, but gives in, doing what Kim asked. She undoes her bra,
which falls open to expose her tender small breasts and the top of the
scar, which lies just above her right breast.

Kim then places the feather on the middle of Suki's chest, after a
moment, the feather glows a warms blue.

Suki shudders slightly, asking, "Wh-what i-is that, K-Kimmie?"

"I think your pain and scar is going to go away in a moment." states
Kim as she starts to rub her hand, and thus the feather, over the scar,
leaving trails of a glowing blue substance on Suki's chest as she
feather seems to shrink.

Suki winces, gasping as she flinches slightly, "O-Ooh.. i-it feels...
w-warm a-and tingly..."

Kim lifts her hand, the feather gone, leaving Suki's scar glowing blue.

Suki looks down and gasps, "I-It's BLUE! Wh-what the...?!"

"Maybe I did it wrong..."

Suki whines, "I... I can't go through life lookin' like THIS!" More
tears appear in her eyes.

Suddenly, the glow starts to fade, but as it fades, so does Suki's pain
and scar.

Suki trembles and shudders, feeling all tingly inside as she gasps,
"I...It's disappearing... I... I think.... y-you did it, Kimmie!"

Kim's wings disappear and her eyes return to normal. "I'm glad it

Suki suddenly leans forward, tugging Kim down to her knees so that she
can hug her. She cries, happily, "Arigato, Kimmie! Thank you so much!"

"I'm happy I could help."

"Kimmie... I.. I love you so much!" The smaller girl hugs Kim hard
around her waist, sniffling and crying softly in happiness.

"I love you too Suki." Kim also wraps her arms around Suki.

Suki mumbles into Kim's arm, her voice muffled, "So what are we going
to do today, Kimmie?"

"I dunno, you wanna met my brother?"

Suki pulls back, looking happy, "Yes! I sure do! But..." She frowns
slightly, "I don't have a thing to wear... These clothes are dirty.."
She indicates her outfit.

"Well, I don't have anything you could fit."

"Is there a tailor around here I could visit?" tries Suki, looking

"There's shops wear you can buy clothes at."

Suki smiles, "Then.. can we stop there first? I... I need some new


Suki smiles, getting to her feet and starting for the door, "Let's go
then, Kimmie!"

"Ok, but you should cover yourself back up." states Kim as she stands.

Suki looks down and gasps, "AH! Gomen nasai! I.. I'm sorry!" She
blushes cutely as she fastens her bra back up and buttons her blouse
back the way it was before.

Kim then heads out of the room.

Suki follows, looking happier than Kim has seen in many days.

Outside, they see Becky now awake, sitting on one of the couches
watching tv. "Hey, Kimmie! Why did you wake me up when my watch went
off?" states Becky as she spots Kim.

"Uh, you looked like you were sleeping good." replies Kim.

Suki asks, "Sashi... how are you doing?" Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I
am ok... you seem well as well..."

"That's no excuse not to wake me up, I ended up wetting the couch
because you didn't wake me up. You know I can' hold it in when I'm
asleep." Kim just gives this look ^_^;

Suki giggles and stuffs her fist in her mouth, trying to keep the
volume down as Sashi just sighs and shakes her head.

"Uh, me and Suki are gonna go shopping." states Kim. "Ok fine, I'll
stay here."

Just then Nanyo appears from the bathroom, the sound of a toilet
flushing behind her. She asks, "EY! You plannin' on leaving me behind?
I wanna come too!" She is now attired in the black leather she had
bought last time.

"Ok, were going to visit my brother when we're done getting Suki some

Nanyo gives a thumbs-up gesture and grins, "Cool! I missed 'em last
time... I wanna meet him this time!"

The three leave to go shopping and returns to the area where Smiths
room resides.

Suki lifts her arm, feeling the nice silk sleeve of the white dress she
is wearing rub on her tender skin. She grins, "This fabric is so nice,
Kimmie... What did you say it was again?"

Kim repeats to Suki what the fabric is as they head down the hall

Suki grins, "Oh.. It's really nice... and this belt..." She indicates
the belt around her waist that holds the dress in place, "It really
fits me nicely..."

"Well, this is his room." states Kim as she stops at a door on her
left. Kim knocks a few times but there is no response.

Suki offers, "Maybe he's out?"

"He should be here." Kim knocks again. after a moment,
Smiths voice comes through the door. "I'm kinda buzy, can you come back

Suki frowns, "I don't think he wants to be bothered..."

"Come on let us in." states Kim. "Us? who's else is with you?" replies

Nanyo calls out, "Hey, old-timer... I'm Nanyo... the future "husband"
of your sister!" She grins at Kim.

the door slides up, revealing Smith, covered in only a towel over his
waist, his body covered in a light sheen of sweat. "This better be
quick." states Smith.

Nanyo grins, "Sup?" as Suki blushes and looks down at her feet,
mumbling, "G-Gomen Nasai..."

"What are you doing?" asks Kim. As Smith was about to reply a familiar
female voice comes from one of the doors in Smith living room. "Baby,
who is it?"

Nanyo laughs, "He's getting his freak on!" as Suki blushes harder and
keeps looking at her feet in embarrassment.

Smith blushes from Nanyo's statement before replying to the unseen
girl. "I'll be right there, it's just my sister and a few of her
friends." Kim then smiles. "Have I met this one brother?"

Nanyo asks, smirking, "She into threesomes?" Suki blushes all that much
harder as she whispers, "Cut it OUT, Nan'chi!"

"Maybe, maybe not." replies Smith. "Let's see who it is this time..."
states Kim as she walks passed Smith. "H-Hey, wait a minute!" replies

Nanyo elbows her way past Smith too, leaving Suki as the only one with
manners. She asks, "C-Can I... come in... Mr. Smith?"

As Smith is distracted by Suki's question, Kim makes her way to the
other room and gasps in shock as she sees the other girl. who also
gasps and Kim and the girl both state "You?!"

Nanyo enters the room and sees....

the red haired HUnewearl from awhile back on a bed on her back nude.

"Hey... Ya wanna threesome?" grin Nanyo, floating over the bed, fully
intending to give the girl a glomp.

"What are you doing here?!" exclaims Suu as she quickly tries to cover
herself with the covers. "My brother is your boyfriend?" asks Kim

Nanyo laughs, "I dunt care who you are... but yer turnin' me on!" She
leans over Suu and gives her a big kiss on the cheek.

Smith suddenly comes into the room. "Suu I'm sorry, my sister and her
friends were just leaving, right?" states Smith as he eyes his sister.

"Like hell I am, does she know about the others?" asks Kim grinning.
"Ah!" gasps Suu as she quickly moves away from Nanyo.

"What are you doing?!" Meanwhile, Smith quickly grabs Kim and quickly
leaves the room.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, hell... If you ain't into it, I ain't gonna stay..."
She turns away, looking disappointed.

"It, uh, um..." stutters Suu lowly.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS?" asks Nanyo, still turned away, but
grinning to herself.

"Why did you just kiss me? You don't even know me." Smith then comes
back in the room. "Well, I got my sister to leave."

Nanyo grins, shruging her shoulders, "I kiss those I like... and I like
you... for taking care of Nisu... I owed ya that much..."

"I hate to interrupt, but me and my girl were busy, and my sister's
gone." states Smith.

Nanyo salutes Suu, saying, "If ya wanna look me up, I'll be with
Starki... I mean, Kim Starr..." Then, she flips over Smith's shoulders
and leaves the room with a grin.

"W-Wait, don't go." quickly replies Suu.

Nanyo turns to face the two in the doorway, "Ya got more for me?" she

Suu turns her attention to Smith. "Uh, baby, you wouldn't mind if your
sister's friend joined us would you?"

Nanyo looks toward Smith, grinning, "Yeah, whaddaya say, huh, Smithy-

Smith smiles. "Now what red-blooded guy would turn down a threesome?"

Nanyo smirks, "Heh... worked like a charm... So how d'ya wanna do this,

"Heh, how about, my girl lays on her back while I fu*k her and you get
on top of her while I lick your pussy?" suggests Smith.

Nanyo laughs, "Sounds promising... but let me ask you this..." She
leans over to Smith and whispers, "Ya like FD, Smithy-old boy? Cause we
could keep her nice and squirmy if ya do..."

"What's FD?" asks Smith. "I'd like to know too." adds Suu.

Nanyo whispers the definition to Smith, purposely hiding it from Suu.

"Oh, that stuff my two sisters are into.." replies Smith.

Nanyo nods, "And me as well... I love to have a squirmier under me...
Don't you?"

"Well yeah, not because of the reason you like though." replies Smith.
"Hey, what are you guys taking about? There's a horny
girl here." states Suu.

Nanyo asks, "So... you wanna make her squirm then? That's one way to do
it... OR... we could make her cum... but, sometimes, when the bladder
is full, the girl feels more pleasure..."

"Well, I'm not into FD, I'm pretty sure Suu wouldn't like it ether."
replies Smith.

"Aight... whatever..." sighs Nanyo, looking slightly hurt. "I'll just
have to make her cum normally..." she states somewhat sadly.

"Well strip and get on top of Suu so we can start."

"No problem!" replies Nanyo, disrobing in about 5.3 seconds. Then, she
crawls on top of Suu, placing her mouth on Suu's left breast and
licking gently.

Smith removes the towel around his waist and rubs his member erect as
he positions himself at below the two girls. With his left hand, he
places it under Nanyo's upper left leg and lifts her but high enough to
his face. He then positions his hardened cock at Suu's entrance and
thrusts into her, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Smith then begins to
lick Nanyo's pussy as her starts pumping in and out of Suu.

Nanyo smiles, "Ooh, that's nice..." She wraps her free hand around
Suu's right breast and squeezes it gently as she swirls her tongue down
between Suu's left breast and her skin under her breast.

Suu start to moan in pleasure as Smith continues his pumping while he
starts using his tongue to dart in and out of the folds of Nanyo's
labia to her vagina.

Nanyo tenses, cooing in pleasure like a sex-starved Playboy model as
she licks up to Suu's nipple, but doesn't touch it, though she tugs on
the other one gently.

This continues for about 5 minutes until Suu starts to groan from
pleasure and sart to tense up, Smith also begins to grunt as he
continues his action.

Nanyo grins, panting, "You two are too weak... I.. I'm more relaxed at
this... " she laughs out loud as she licks harder, NOW at Suu's nipple.

"You want me to stop then?" asks Smith stopping momentarily at his

Nanyo smiles, "Nah... Ya better please ya woman... Let me handle
myself..." She laughs.

"Ok, Would you mind moving for moment so we can finish?"

Nanyo grins, "Sure..." She floats up and over to the floor, standing up
as she drops a hand to her labia, rubbing herself as she watches.

Smith pulls out of Suu who quickly sits up and wraps her mouth around
Smiths manhood and begins to suck as she drops her right hand to her
pussy and starts to finger herself. Both of them moaning in pleasure.

Nanyo watches Suu's actions and pants harder and harder as she drives
her fingers inside of her body, groaning in great pleasure.

"Oh yeah, your as g-good as ever Suu." compliments Smith. both of them
could be heard moaning. Smith also had his left hand on Suu's head.

Nanyo grins, hovering nearby. She reaches out a hand around Suu's body
and cups her breasts as she thrusts her fingers harder within her.
"OHHHHH, now THIS is better!"

Suu suddenly Moans loudly as she continues sucking Smith member and
tenses up. Smith also groans in pleasure as they both orgasm.

Nanyo laughs as she, too, comes, but she doesn't squirt this time; she
just climaxes one time without all the mess and fuss. (lol)

After Suu and Smith's climax ends, Suu removes her mouth from Smith's
cock and appears to swallow.

"Like that taste, Suu-chan?" grins Nanyo from behind her.

"Mmm, yes, I do." replies Suu.

"Hehe... I really like you..."


"I got some "come" for you to try... hehe..." She leans over Suu's
shoulder and kisses her on the cheek, whispering, "After all... ya
helped Nisu... and all..."

"What are you talking about?" asks Suu puzzled.

"That little girl that you helped on her test? That's who I'm talking
about... I call her Nisu... but her name's Suki..."

"Oh." replies Suu. "Oh man, that was great. I'mma go take a shower ok?"
states Smith. "Ok, see you in a little bit." replies Suu as Smith

Nanyo smiles and licks Suu's cheek, saying, "And I hope to see you
later too, honey..." Then, she laughs and gathers up her clothes.

"Ok. See you later." replies Suu.

Nanyo leaves the room, looking for Kim and Suki.

Once outside, Nanyo meets Kim and Suki. "Well, that didn't take long."
states Kim leaning on the wall.

Suki blushes, "Nan'chi... did you REALLY have to intrude on their time

"Really though Nanyo." adds Kim.

Nanyo just laughs, "I can't help it... I love sex!"

"Well let's go back to my place."

"N'alrighty then... you want some, Starki?" grins Nanyo as Suki sighs

"Some What?"

Nanyo winks, "You know..."

"Unlike you, sex isn't on my mind 24/7."

"Aw... too bad... Maybe I'll get some from Becky..." She starts out for
Becky's location. Suki sighs, "She's always been like this, Kimmie..."

"Well lets get back to my place."

the three make their way back to Kim's place.

Suki sighs and follows Kim and Nanyo.

Kim enters her place and sees Becky sleeping again on of the couches.

Sashi approaches the three, saying, "Please be quiet... Mistress wanted
a nap for some reason..."

Kim then groans, "All she ever does is sleep when she's at my place."

Suki sighs and starts for Kim's bedroom, not knowing what else to do.

To Be Continued In...
Suki's Lesson and Becky's wetting

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