Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 41)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 41

Title: Chapter 37: Sara's Strangeness, From One Extreme to Another

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


"Kimmie?" are you here?" asks a familiar voice.

Suki straightens up, calling, "Becky? Is that you?"

"Huh? Suki? What are you doing here?" asks Becky spotting Suki.

Suki explains, "After I finished my test, the Principle said Kimmie
wanted to meet with me... then I was teleported here and Kim and Sara
had some choice words and Kim went to have her arm replaced..."

"S-Sara?!" asks Becky suddenly fearful.

Suki nods, "Yeah... she came here... and damaged Kim's arm...
That's why she went to have it replaced..."

"b-but Sara's g-gone r-right?" asks Becky trembling.

Suki nods, "Yes... At least, I can't detect her presence anymore..."

"Oh." Becky then sits in the couch Suki in sitting in. "So you know?
Kimmie actually does have a blood relative..."

"Sara's... her sister... right?" asks Suki, sitting down the couch next
to Becky.

"Yeah, but there more than just sisters."

"They're... more?" questions Suki, not understanding Becky's words.

"There the same, Kim is Sara's light and Sara is Kim's darkness."

"Ah... I see... so they're kinda like twins then?"

"Yes, they used to be one person."

"So Sara split from Kim like Piccolo did with Kami in Dragon Ball?"
asks Suki, showing that she knows a few things about manga in her

Becky sweatdrops at this. "um, I don't think it was quite like that. i
don't know the details, it's been awhile. Try asking Kimmie when she
comes back."

Suki sighs, "Maybe I better not... I don't think Kimmie really wants to
tell me..." She gives this look: :-

"Yeah, It is, and to think Kim loves a sister that wants to kill

"I'd feel the same way about Sashi even if she was ordered to kill
me... Heck... she did nearly kill me during the avalanche... but... she
didn't mean too...."

"But it's like Kimmie wants to die. Sara's room is right across the
hall from this room."

Suki gasps, "NANI?! W-Why?!"

"That, I have no clue."

Suki suddenly stands up and starts pacing, "I want to know why... but I
don't want to force Kim to tell me... What should I do, Becky?"

"You could always try and ask Sara, she might know."

Suki anime-falls, "Are you kidding, Becky?! She just tried to kill me!"

"Well, Kimmie really doesn't like talking about Sara. Whose much more
open to talk about this..."

Suki grabs Becky's shoulders, shaking her on every syllable, "She...
Tried.... To... Kill... ME..... Becky!"

"no offence but, all I see is a swollen mark on your face. If She TRIED
to kill you, you'd have a MUCH more profound mark on your body."

"But... she... I... Oh, forget it!" She flings Becky back against the
couch and sighs, sitting down.

"Kimmie is probably gonna be gone for a while, so if you want to know
something, Sara's your best bet."

Suki shakes her head, sighing heavily, "It's okay... I get the feeling
it's better if I don't know..." She leans back against the couch,
closing her eyes and letting out a deep breath.

"Suit yourself." Becky then lays her body across the couch. "I doubt
Kimmie will want to talk about this."

Suki nods, "Yeah... I got that feeling... By the way, what time is it?
I'm... feeling... a little hungry..."

"About 8:40 p.m."

Suki gasps, "R-Really? Geesh! No wonder I'm so tired and hungry! Um,
Wh-Where does Kimmie keep her food? I... I'd like to make her something
for when she gets back..."

Becky yawns before replies. "The kitchen is down the hall, ya can't
miss it."

Suki nods, unable to restrain a yawn of her own, "O-Okay... Thanks..."

"Oh yeah, Sashi and the others should be coming here shortly." states

Just then, the sound of Nanyo laughing is heard as the three others
enter the room. Nanyo grins upon seeing Suki in the kitchen and takes
off for her. Sashi meanwhile sees Becky and sits down at her side,
asking, "Are we members, yet, Mistress?"

"If you've had the exam and past the test then yeah."

Sashi nods, flashing her ID card as she asks, "So what is next,

"Mmm, sleep, I'm tirrrred." groans Becky laying on the couch.

Sashi sighs, and sits down on the floor in front of Becky as Tisha
complains, "This is so boring...!"

A quick grin crosses Becky's face at hearing Tisha. "Go visit the
person across the hall, you won't be bored then."

Tisha nods, "Whatever, grannie..." and she takes off for the room next
door. Sashi sighs, "Even though I know that is wrong, I cannot help but
feel a certain twinge of happiness at that, Mistress..."

"How would you know it was wrong Sashi?" smiles Becky.

Sashi replies, "Oh... I... I am sorry, Mistress.... I... I could not
help but read your thoughts... It... It is hard to repress something
that comes so natural...."

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you can read minds."

"But the Principal said I should not... So I am trying -"

Suddenly a scream from Tisha cuts off Sashi's words as the small girl
runs back into the room and ducks under the couch,
whispering to Becky, "Vairy funni, you old goat!"

Sara suddenly a walks into the, not mad but aggravated, which isn't
much better... "Where is that little girl!? I know she came in here!"

Tisha whispers frantically, "Don't tell her where I am! Please!"

"She's under the couch." smiles Becky. "Thanks Becky." replies Sara.
"Whatever, just let me out of this." states Becky.

Tisha squeals and suddenly screams out, "TIME STOP!" Immediately
everything in the room stops, allowing Tisha a few seconds to bolt out
of the room.

Sara lowers herself to look under the couch and sees nothing. "Hey!
there's no one here!"

Sashi sighs, "If you are looking for Tisha, I do believe she has
left... Maybe she returned to the entrance area?" she offers.

"And who the hell are you?" asks Sara as she stands up.

Sashi blinks and responds, "I am Sashi Nihon.... and you?"

"Heh, the name is Sara, I'm a certain bit*hes evil twin." smirks Sara.

Sashi nods, "I can see the resemblance... You are Miss Kim's twin,

"Yep, that's right." replies Sara as Becky's low snoring can be heard.

"Ah..." states Sashi, nodding once before leaning up against Becky in a
gesture of tiredness.

"Hey, you wouldn't happen to know were a small redheaded girl would be
would you?" asks Sara.

"No wait a minute... it was black hair, the girl had black hair."
states Sara correcting herself.

Sashi replies, "My sister has black hair... Is she the one you want?"

"Maybe, were is she?"

Sashi points to the kitchen, stating simply, "She is currently cooking
dinner in the kitchen."

Sara smiles. "Oh so she cooks too huh? I hope she better at that than
she is at fighting..." Sara the slowly walks down the hall to the
kitchen. By her movement, Sara seems to trying to sneak up on Suki.

Suki, now holding an onion as Nanyo watches, gleefully, sighs,
"Nan'chi... aren't you ever gonna grow up?" Nanyo sticks out her
tongue, licking Suki's ear and causing the smaller girl to shudder. She
replies, happily, "Nope!"

Sara nears Suki, Nanyo clearly able to see her. Sara places a finger to
her lips in a 'Shhh' action.

Nanyo nods and slowly backs away from Suki.

Sara walks a mere foot from behind Suki.

Suki starts to hum slightly as she peels an onion, stopping only to
ask, "Nan'chi... Do you still hate tomatoes?"

Sara calmly places her hands over Suki's eyes but remains silent, only

Suki gasps, "AHHHHHHHHH! Wh-Who...? Is that you, Nan'chi?!"

Sara looks over to Nanyo and raises an eyebrow quickly gesturing her to
play along.

Nanyo grins, "Yeah, It's me... Like my surprise, Nisu?" Suki shakes her
head, "Y-You are too... horny for me... I... I can't cook like this!"

Sara then lowers her right hand while still covering Suki's eyes with
her left. Sara's hand reaches Suki's right breast and squeezes the
small mound.

Suki gasps, "Ah... Ahhhhh! N-Nan'chi.... D-Don't....! I... I can't ...
n-not right now!" She starts trying to squirm away from who she thinks
is Nanyo.

Sara then locates her nipple through her shirt and pinches it between
her fingers.

Suki gasps, "N-Nan'chi! D-Don't!" She stiffens slightly as the nipple,
beyond her control, begins to tighten and grow stiff, causing her
squirms to increases, then sharply decrease as she gets used to the

Nanyo coos, "Aw, come on, Nisu... You can't tell me you don't like it,
now, can you?" A blush starts to rise up on Suki's cheeks.

Sara's hand then drops to Suki stomach and starts to rub the area
there. Sara obviously holds back giggling.

Suki yawns, "N-Nan'chi... Y-You know h-how that affects me... P-Please
d-don't..." Her knees begin to wobble and grow weak under her body.

Sara smiles and turns Suki's head around a bit and kisses her on the
lips. Still covering her eyes.

Suki whimpers weakly, her voice coming through the kiss, "Mmmm....
Nan'chi... I-It's been only a day... but it feels like 4 years...."

Sara then removes her hand from Suki's face, allowing her to see who's
really kissing her.

Suki opens her eyes, then pushes Sara away, gasping, "Wh-What the?!
First you try to kill me, now you're trying to rape me?! What is the
deal here?!"

"Aw, come on, you were enjoying that until you saw me." teases Sara.

Suki retorts, "Only because I thought you were Nan'chi!"

"So that kiss felt like her's then?" replies Sara.

Suki blushes, "D-Don't all kisses feel that way? I... I wouldn't
know..." She looks down at her feet, away from Sara's eyes.

"If anything, my lips It should feel like that bi*ches." replies Sara
suddenly frowning.

Suki blushes harder, clearly stating that she knows how it felt and
that it did feel like Kim's lips.

"Heh, so as long as you don't see me, I could pretend I'm her and have
my way with you." smiles Sara.

Suki gasps, looking horrified, "Y-You wouldn't!"

"Is there any reason do doubt me? after seeing what I did to my own

"B-But... you would go that far just to hurt her?" Tears appear in her
eyes as Nanyo demands, "And just why the hell should I allow that,

"I'll do anything I can think of to hurt her, simply killing you
wouldn't have as much impact as raping you."

Nanyo now moves between Sara and Suki, jabbing her finger against
Sara's bosom and demanding, "And again, I ask you... Why would I allow
you to rape her?"

"Allow?" laughs Sara. "I'd rape you too."

Nanyo smirks, "Just try it, b*tch... Just try it..." She slides one
hand along her back to one of her pouches.

"I don't feel like it right now. So, Suki, what are you cook'in?"

Suki gulps, "S-Some dinner f-for us..."

"How about Making me something to, I'm hungry."

Suki gulps, "I-If I give you something, w-will you promise not to rape

"Yeah, I guess. Hope your a good cook!" smiles Sara happily, a look
that seems VERY out of place for her.

Suki sighs, "O-Okay, then.. I-It'd be ready in about an hour..." She
turns back to her cooking.

"Yay! Home cooked food!" states Sara before happily running back down
the hall.

Nanyo gets this look on her face: O_o "From one extreme to the other,
ne, Nisu?" she states, moving into the living quarters of Kim's home.

Nanyo returns to the living room in time to see Sara sitting cross-
legged next to Sashi, conversing with the girl.

Nanyo asks, grinning, "So whacha girls talk'in 'bout eh? Juicy gossip?"

"I was just asking her what kind of stuff she does all day." replies
Sara cheerfully.

"What about you? What do you do all day long?" questions Nanyo.

"Nothing really, i just sit in my room thinking of ways I can torture
my sister." states Sara calmly like it's normal.

"Hmmm... interesting...." states Nanyo, for once, at a loss for words.
Sashi asks, "How old are you, Sara?"

"I'm a twin, duh, Kimberly's 19 so that would make me..." states Sara.

Sashi bumps her forehead with her hand, stating, "I should have known
that... I am sorry, Miss Sara...."

Sara places a hand on one of Sashi's shoulders and laughs. "That's ok."

"If you say so, Miss Sara... If you say so..." Nanyo pipes up asking,
"So, Sara... Ya into rough stuff?"

at this, Sara smiles somewhat evilly. "You have no idea."

Nanyo laughs, "I bet you are... Heh... I bet you're an exhibitionist

"Exhibitionist? What's that?" Sara looks genuinely clueless at what the
word means.

Nanyo laughs and whispers, "It means you like to go around naked all
the time..."

Sara goes wide-eyed for a moment. "I don't do that!"

Nanyo grins, "Ok.... how about a private showing then? C'mon, what d'ya
say? Just for me'n Sash?"

"What? you want me to get naked in front of you?!" surprisingly, Sara
starts to blush.

Nanyo pouts, "Oh come on... It's not like we haven't seen a naked girl
before... C'mon!"

"But I've never been naked in front of people before."

"Well, then, consider this your first time, then!"

"N-No, I'm not doing that!"

"Here... let me show you how fun it is... ^^" winks Nanyo, pulling off
her sweater to expose her bra. "Now you try..."

"I think you confusing me with my sister, I don't..." states Sara
before stopping herself and her blush becoming more visible.

Nanyo pouts, putting her hands on Sara's breasts and starting to rub
them, "Aw, but they feel so SQUISHY! C'mon, PLEASE!"

"Ah! What are you doing?!" states Sara quickly covering her breasts
with her arms.

Nanyo whispers softly as she bends her head over to Sara's shoulders,
"You're so FREAKING HOT, I could just melt into your arms...." Then,
she kisses Sara on the lips.

Sara makes this expression O_O before quickly backing away. "What the
hell are you trying to do!? Don't you know I could kill you at

Nanyo smiles goofily, "But what a way to go, wouldn't you agree?" She
rests a hand on Sara's stomach, rubbing gently up and down.

"Your suicidal, ya know that?"

Nanyo finally starts to pull back. In a huff, she crosses her arms over
her shoulders and sticks her nose up in the air. "Hmph!" is all she

"Now what's wrong?"

Nanyo puts her sweater back on, mumbling some dirty words, but not
saying anything else. Suki then enters the room with the food she has

Sara spots the food and quickly gets up and runs towards Suki. "Yay,

Almost bowled over by the hyper girl, Suki manages to retain her
balance as she hands Sara a plate of what appears to be spaghetti, then
she proceeds to pass on to Nanyo. She asks Sashi, "Sash... is Becky

Sara sits on one of the empty couches and starts eating, "mmm'ing,

Sashi looks at Becky who is/isn't sleeping and prods her gently,
asking, "Mistress? Are you hungry?"

Becky just snores in reply.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "It appears as though she is still
sleeping..." Suki sighs, "Okay... then.. here's a plate for you and one
for Nan'chi... " Then she returns to the kitchen.

"Mmm, this girl's cooking is great! I'll definitely make sure not to
kill her when I kill my sister." states Sara.

Nanyo mmhmm's but doesn't say anything else as Sashi puts her plate
aside, not feeling too hungry and not wanting to have something when
her Mistress doesn't have it.

"Hey girl, why aren't you eating?" Asks Sara eyeing Sashi.

Sashi blinks and replies, "As a slave, I am not allowed to have
something that my Mistress has not approved of... Thus, I must wait
until she wakes up and gives her approval before I can eat."

"Slave? Are you serious?! Becky's your master?!" asks Sara shocked.

Sashi blinks, "Is there any reason I should not be serious?"

"Well, how does she treat you?"

Sashi blinks, "As well as can be expected, I would presume."

"She doesn't hurt you or anything?"

"Not usually." states Sashi, in an almost bored fashion.

"So she has then?"

"Once, I believe.... She was really rough with me..." replies Sashi,

"Oh, do tell! Becky knows how to treat a slave then..."

Sashi shrugs her shoulders and tells about the one time that Becky
*turned into a Dominatrix* on her.

"interesting..." replies Sara.

".... And that is what happened", finishes Sashi.

Sara finishes her food and places the plate on the floor next to the
couch. She then lays out on her back on the couch. "Ahhh, I think I'll
just crash here for tonight."

Sashi asks, "Is that ok, Miss Sara? I do not believe Miss Kim would
like that..."

Ta hell if she likes it or not, its not she can do anything to me."

Nanyo sniggers at that remark as Suki returns to collect the now empty

"You find that funny?" states Sara to Nanyo.

"I like you... You're a cussin' up a storm... you're so friggin'
badass, it's cool! Hehe..."

"Heh, yeah, I am ain't I?" smiles Sara.

Nanyo laughs, "You're a f*ckin' little b*tch, ain't ya? That's why I
like you!"

"Wait a minute, you like me?"

"Tch, yeah... why else would I say it if I didn't mean it, yo?"

"But I'm evil, don't you know that? I plan to kill my sister."

"Yes, that is a problem... if only you could see the brilliance that
you are without havin' to kill your sister... you'n
me... we'd OWN the Federation... hehe..."

"My only reason here is to kill my sister, once that's done, I'm going
to kill myself."

"Aw, that's too bad.... 'cause I'd love to sex you up in more ways that
one..." states Nanyo, leaning over and kissing Sara again.

"What's with you sex?!" asks Sara as she quickly gets off
the couch.

"Sorry... I can't help you... You look so much like your sister that I
just gotta have you..." She follows Sara with a love-struck gesture on
her face.

"B-But, I've never..." states Sara before again, stopping herself as a
blush claims her cheeks again.

"Then you have no clue what you're missing, Sara-chan..." declares
Nanyo, grabbing Sara's arm and forcing her into another passionate

Sara tries to break the kiss but finds it a difficult task as her lips
continue to press on Nanyo's

As the kiss turns into a wild French-style kiss, Nanyo uses her death-
grip on Sara's hand to pull the younger girl closer into a hug. She,
then, uses her free hand to locate one of Sara's nipples, tugging on it

Sara then tenses suddenly in Nanyo's hold.

Nanyo pulls back, slightly without letting Sara go as she asks, "So,
how was that, Sara-chan? Didja like it?"

"I...I..." Sara seems to be at a loss of words at the moment.

"Do ya need another demo, Sara-chan?" She drops her free hand back to
Sara's nipple and tugs on it gently again as she crushes her lips
against Sara's in another passionate French kiss.

Sara nervously moves her own tongue past her lips into Nanyo's mouth.

Nanyo thinks to herself, "Cool.. she's starting to take initiative... I
like that..." She wraps her tongue around Sara's as she pinches Sara's
nipple gently, rolling it between her fingers.

Sara then places her right hand on Nanyo's left side, her nervousness
follows her every move.

Nanyo pulls back, slightly breathless as she whispers, smiling, "So do
you like it, Sara-chan?"

"Y-Yes, I did..."

"And do you want more?", presses Nanyo.

"I don't know, I've never done this with another person."

"Oh come on... do you really need another demo?" questions Nanyo,
locking her lips with Sara's and squeezing her left breast gently in
her hand.

Sara pulls back. "Ok, I do. But..." Sara blushes deeply at this point.

"But what, Sara-chan? What is holding you back?"

Sara lowers her head, breaking eye contact with Nanyo. "Be... g-gentle,

Nanyo nods, smiling, "Of course, Sara-chan.. Of course... Now, why
don't you lay down on the couch there and we'll get started,

Sara does as Nanyo instructs and lays down on the couch.

Nanyo follows her over to the couch and starts out by resting a hand on
Sara's abdomen, asking, "Before we start, do you have to go to the
restroom, 'cause if you do, you'd better do it now..."

She gives this expression to Sara ;-)

"No, I don't have to go."

Nanyo laughs, "Are you sure, Sara?" She gives the younger girl's
abdomen a soft squeeze just to test her.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Aight." states Nanyo as she reaches up and begins to undo Sara's belt,
rubbing her stomach the whole time as she whispers, "Ya want it slow
and hard or fast and soft?"

"Shouldn't it be ' slow and soft or fast and hard'?"

Nanyo laughs, "Ok ok, ya caught me... I just thought I'd see if you
know anything about it, and obviously you do.. So which way you want
it?" She starts sliding the belt out of the hoops on Sara's shorts.

"The slow one." blushes Sara.

"N'alrighty then..." replies Nanyo, sliding a hand against Sara's
crotch through her shorts and rubbing the material over her labia.
"How's that?"

Sara tenses lightly at the touch. "G-good, it feels good."

Nanyo's smile grows wider as she slowly, seductively starts to slide
the zipper down Sara's shorts, using her free hand to gently rub and
stroke her stomach.

Sara calming moans from the gently rubbing of her stomach.

Nanyo now slips her thumbs inside Sara's shorts and slowly begins
sliding them down her hips, exposing her panties which are a lovely
shade of pink ^_^. Sara also blushes at her exposed panties.

Nanyo grins, "Never woulda figure you for the pink type, Sara-chan...
but ah, who cares? It'll come off all the same..." She drags Sara's
shorts to her ankles, then lifts Sara's feet to remove them completely.

"Well, I like pink." states Sara.

"I ain't complainin', Sara-chan..." assures Nanyo as she leans over
Sara's slightly wet panties and breathes heavily over them, grinning,
"You're already a little wet, I see..."

"Well wouldn't you be?"

"Not especially... 'cause I ain't a virgin... but you... just look..."
She pokes a finger into the soft flesh of Sara's mound, increasing the
pleasure slightly in the younger girl.

"Ah! J-just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I don't -" sara suddenly
cuts herself off.

"You don't, what? Tell me, Sara... What don't you do?" asks Nanyo,
poking again at Sara's tender flesh.

"I've... pleased myself before." replies Sara.

"Hmmm.. so you've masturbated before, eh? But you've never actually had
sex before.... so you wouldn't get wet just by what I've done so far,

"I am wet."

"Yes... Indeed you are.. and how would you like this?" asks Nanyo,
putting her lips on Sara's abdomen and licking gently down towards her

the girl tenses again. "Ah, that feels good."

"And doesn't it make you wetter, Sara-chan?" Nanyo slides down Sara's
panties enough so that she could lick at her tender mound.

"Ah!" Sara suddenly pushes Nanyo's head away from her with her hands.

"W-what's wrong?!" gasps Nanyo, nearly falling on her arse.

"T-That... felt, incredible." replies Sara as she covers her crotch
with her hands, and for the moment, achieves an incredible look of

Nanyo laughs, quickly getting up, "It's supposed to, Sara-chan... And I
know something that'll feel even better..."

She moves back over Sara's crotch and slides her panties AND her hands
aside, licking at her delicate labia.

Sara gasps and tenses a again before once again pushing Nanyo away from

Nanyo replies, "You know... You ain't never gonna cum if you keep
pushing me away..."

"Sorry, but it feels so good, and I'm pretty sensitive down there. I'll
try not to push you off next time."

"Hehe... I hope not... " smiles Nanyo as she bends back over and
thrusts her tongue between Sara's lips, searching for her clitoris.

Sara previous actions are repeated but right before her hands reach
Nanyo's head again, she stops herself, and simply rests them on Nanyo's

Nanyo grins, "Getting used to it, aren't ya? Then, how about this?" She
brings her hands down and spreads Sara's labia, licking up and down
along the length of the *sin-sa-tive* folds.

Sara gasps and tenses again as this new pleasure attacks her body.

Nanyo now places her lips on Sara's labia, sucking gently as her tongue
continues probing for the sensitive nub.

"Ah! It feels so good!"

"Is this it?" asks Nanyo, finally finding the throbbing organ of
immense pleasure and licking it.

"AH!" replies Sara loudly as she quickly raises her legs onto Nanyo's
back and tensing in pleasure.

"Like that, doncha? Then how about this?" She puts her lips on Sara's
clitoris as one of her hands parts the tender labia, looking for her
vaginal entrance.

"Ah! This is amazing! It feels so good!" moans Sara.

Nanyo nods as she slowly starts to insert her index finger inside of
Sara, still sucking on her clitoris.

"Ah, I'm not going to take much more of this..."

Nanyo mmms at the taste of Sara's fluids and sucks ever harder as she
thrust a second finger into Sara's feminine depths, pumping gently.

Sara starts to squirm under the pleasurable stimulus.

At that point, Nanyo's fingers come into contact with Sara's Hymen.
Nanyo mutters to herself, but decides not to break it just yet. She
continues sucking on Sara's clit and uses her fingers to probe the
outer section of Sara's vagina.

"T-This is too m-much, I can't take it anymore." moans out Sara.

Nanyo now begins to speed up her actions, using her lips to tug
slightly on Sara's clitoris as one hand touches and strokes Sara's
outer vagina and her other hand rubs Sara's mound of flesh gently.

Sara lets out a loud moan as her climax arrives, her vaginal muscles
spasming through the pleasure of her orgasm.

After Sara's orgasm, Nanyo leans back, then moves over Sara's body to
her lips and kisses her, whispering, "Bet ya loved that, ne?"

"Yes, very much."

"I bet you're thirsty now, ain't ya?"

"Not really, why?"

"Ya wanna try something delicious? I bet you 100 credits, you'll like
it! C'mon, whaddaya got to lose?"

"I'm fine, I'm sleepy anyway."

"Aw, poopie... ah well... maybe tomorrow then..." sighs Nanyo, leaving
the room, heading for the kitchen.

Sara lays across the couch and quickly goes to sleep.

Nanyo enters the kitchen, seeing Suki washing the dishes. Suki asks,
"So how was she?" Nanyo grins, "Tasty.. "

Suki sighs, "You are so horny all the time... You haven't changed..."

Nanyo holds Suki around the waist from behind, whispering into her ear,
"You wouldn't want me to be any other way, wouldja, Nisu?" She licks
Suki's ear.

A low humming could be heard as Kim's door opens and closes in the
living room.

Suki asks, "Nanyo... could that be Kimmie that just came in?" Nanyo
shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... They don't really like it when I read
minds up here..."

Kim then walks to the kitchen were she sees Suki and Nanyo. "Hey, you
two." Kim also has her arm replaced.

Suki bows, "H-Hello, Kimmie... are you fully r-repaired now?" Nanyo
pipes up, "Sara's in the livin' room, just F.Y.I."

"Yeah, I saw her. and yeah, I'm better." Kim raises her right hand and
a ball of energy forms and Kim smiles. "I'm much better."

Suki then hands Kim a plate of food, asking, "Are you hungry, Kimmie? I
made some for you and me if you'd like some..."

"I'm alright, I'm going to go to bed soon.

Suki asks, slightly disappointed, "Can I sleep with you, Kimmie?" Nanyo
asks, as well, "Yeah, can WE?"

"Yeah, sure."

Suki beams, "Yay!" and hugs Kim as Nanyo pats Kim's back.

Kim then returns to the living room.

Suki and Nanyo trailing behind her. Sashi seems to be the only one
still awake as Becky and Sara have both fallen asleep.

"I'm going to get some covers for them, I'll be right back." states Kim
as she heads into one of the rooms.

Around that time, Tisha comes in. She yawns and asks, "Where the ding-
dong am I supposed to sleep, neway?"

Kim returns to the room and places a cover on Becky, hands one to
Sashi, and covers Sara in a cover as well. who mumbles in her sleep...
"Ima gonna kill you..." Kim simply smiles at this.

Sashi throws the cover over herself and leans against the couch holding
Becky, quickly slipping into slumber. Tisha frowns, "Now's my

"Tisha, where are you going to sleep?" ass Kim.

"Heck if I know!" complains the little girl.

"You wanna sleep next to Sara?" smiles Kim.

"You've GOT to be yankin' my chain!" gasps the little girl in shock.

"Why not? She's always alone. Sara could use a little company."

Nanyo grins, "Ooh, ooh! I'll do it!"

"Huh? Why are you suddenly volunteering Nanyo?"

"'Cause I just f*cked her silly, Starki-chan... An' for the same
reason, ya?"

"You what?!" asks Kim shocked.

"I f-u-c-k-e-d her," explains Nanyo, grinning.

Kim looks at Sara for a moment then back to Nanyo. "Fine, sleep next to
her then."

Suki closes her eyes and winces, "I do not know her any more, Kimmie...
5 years is a long time..." Nanyo moves to Sara's side and lies down on
the floor next to her.

"Let's just get some sleep Suki."

"Yes..." She follows Kim.

Kim then walks to her room, followed by Suki. Kim room looks like any
other room with a bed, dresser, a few articles of clothing on the
floor, and other misc. things.

Suki comments, "You don't clean up that often, do you, Kimmie?"

"No, not really. Sorry."

"That's ok... If you'd like, I could help you..."

"I like it the way it is. Heh, the last time I cleaned my room, I
forgot were stuff was."

Suki giggles, then yawns sharply, asking, "I.. I'm tired... L-Let's
just go to bed..."

"Ok." replies Kim as she lays on the bed.

Suki, then crawls in after her, laying on her right side.

a few minutes later, Kim falls asleep

Suki rolls into Kim's embrace and shortly falls asleep afterward.

the next morning...

Kim wakes up on her back to feeling something heavy on her and someone
grasping her neck. She opens her eyes to she that Sara is on top of her
with her hand around her neck and a dagger at her throat.

"I could kill you right now, and no one could stop me sister. I could
slice your neck and watch as that crimson fluid flow out and see you
die before my eyes." states Sara.

Suki enters the room, an apron around her neck and down to her thighs.
She is carrying what appears to be some sort of melon on a tray. Upon
seeing Sara, she sighs, "Can't you at least wait until after breakfast,

"Tch, fine, I'm hungry anyway." replies Sara as she then removes
herself from on top of Kim and leaves the room. Kim sits up rubbing her

Suki asks, "Does she do that EVERY morning, Kimmie?"

"Sometimes, she does it trying to scare me into fighting back, at which
time, she'll kill me."

"I see... Well... here is your breakfast, Kimmie..."

"Thank you Suki." replies Kim as she takes to the food.

To Be Continued In...
Suu's Boyfriend is WHO!?

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