Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 40)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 40

Title: SIDE FIC 4: The Sadistic Sister pt 2 - The Reunion

[Author's notes: WARNING: VIOLENCE]

Becky once again awakens surrounded in darkness, but instead of being
supended in the air, she's laying on her side on her side on the floor.
She's also fully clothed as well. In a camo colored jeans, a white
sleeveless top, and brown boots.

"Where am I?"

Becky slowly gets to her feet.


"Welcome Back." states a familiar voice behind her.

Becky gasps in surprise and quickly turns around to see Sara. Who

"Well, did you tell her?"

"Fu*k you!" replies Becky.

"Well, I'll take that as a no then. I'll just go introduce myself,
bai..." smiles Sara before disappearing.

"No! Wait, come back!" states Becky quickly.


Becky suddenly wakes up in her bed.

"Sh*t!" curses Becky as she quickly gets out of bed, still nude, and
rushes to the door of her room.



Kim is dreaming of walking through a large field of flowers with a
very-short black-haired girl when suddenly, everything disappears into
blackness, leaving Kim alone and confused. Kim is dressed in a white
vest with matching small shorts, revealing much of the dark-skinned
girl's legs. Kim also wore white boots that reached halfway to her

"What's going on?" calls Kim.

Do you remember what you did 12 years ago?" questions a voice.

"12 years ago?"

"Yes, 12 long years ago, you killed me. You killed me in cold blood. I
have yet to have forgiven you for that, and I never will."

"I don't know what your talking about." replies Kim.

"Looks like they wiped your memory of the event..." states the voice.

"They? Who are 'They'? And who are you!? I want answers!"

"Easy there, my dear sister..."

"S-Sister!?" states Kim shocked. "12 years ago... No, it can't be."

"Oh what's this? So you DO remember after all." states Sara as she
appears behind Kim.

Who quickly turns around.

"Sara..." states Kim firmly.

"And you remembered my name, how sweet. Heh, you don't know how long
I've waited for this moment. But first, I want to know why, why did you
kill me? That fight was our first ever meeting of each other, and yet
you kill me like some total stranger!? I'm your fu*king sister! A twin
at that, so what's the reason?"

"You want to know why?" asked Kim.

"Ya got that right, let's hear it, the reason that this second meeting
is taking place under these circumstances."

"It's a simple answer, the reason for my act of killing you was, pity."

Sara blinks in surprise at her answer, pity was definitely not the word
she expected to hear.

"What? Would you care to run that by me again, 'cause I think I heard
you say that you killed me out of pity." replies Sara.

"You heard right Sara. I assume you want an explanation?" states Kim.

"Ya got that right!" replies Sara angrily.

You were weak, for what we were both subjected to for our training, if
you were to go out on an order like I did, you would not have lasted
long. So I figured it would be best if I, your sister, took your life
instead of someone else." explains Kim.

"Figured? You figured!? You had no right to kill me! You can't play God
with my life!" screams Sara as a black aura surrounds her.

"Sara-" begins Kim before being hit by a mysterious force, sending her
bulleting away from Sara.

Gravity quickly takes affect and Kim falls back to the floor, rolls a
number of times before stopping.

"Da*n..." groans Kim as she lies on the floor, on her stomach.

"Now I will get my revenge." states Sara who suddenly appears at Kim's
head. "Goodbye sister..."

Sara raises her right hand, emitting an evil energy, she sends her fist
downward and right before it connects to Kim's head. She quickly rolls
to her right side, avoiding the deathblow.

"So, you have some fight in you after all." states Sara as she sees Kim
getting to her feet. "Let's see how long you last."

The dark area the two are in suddenly changes to an outdoor
environment, completely with large rocks, grass plains and the like.

"What the? How did you do that?" asks Kim confused.

"This is my world sister, I can do what I want. Now, show me that power
that you had when you killed me." states Sara before rushing Kim.

"Sara, wait a minute!" exclaims Kim backing away, dodging each of her
sister's punches, only barley though. "Let's try and talk about this!"
adds Kim before suddenly finding her back to a rock wall.

Kim quickly ducks as Sara throws a right punch, right into the wall.

"Talk!?" replies Sara as she removes her arm from the wall and looks
down at Kim. "We're way past talking bit*h, now defend yourself or

Sara grabs Kim's left foot with her right hand and pulled her up from
the ground, over her head and down back to the hard rock, ground, and
face first. Kim's body also dents the ground as dust flies into the

After a moment, Kim lifts herself off the ground a bit by her arms. Her
face now mildly scared and a little blood is trailing the side of her

'Dang-it, I need to fight back or Sara's gonna k- huh!?' thought Kim
before she felt her left leg raising and her body going airborne again
before Sara slammed her back to the ground, her back meeting the hard
ground this time.

"Your disappointing me sister, show me that power you have." stated

'It looks like I don't have a choice...' thinks Kim, her body throbbing
with pain.

Kim then felt Sara pulling her legs, thus her body, to the left. Sara
quickly begun spinning her, she did about 7 spins before releasing
Kim's foot and sending her right into the same large rock Kim was
sitting against. Kim didn't just hit it and fall to the ground, she
went INTO the rock structure, causing a good deal of the rock to
crumble as Kim was launched deeply into it.

"This is pathetic sister, I expected more from you, and to think master
Faultz feared you..." states Sara as she holds the palm of her right
hand to the crumbled rock. A black ball of energy then appeared in
front of her hand. "I'll just put you out of your misery and be on my

Sara then began to feel the ground shaking at her feet. She dissipated
the ball of energy and returned her hand to her side and smirked.

"Yes, that's it sister. Show me your full power. States Sara as she
gets into a ready stance.

The large rock structure Kim was sent into suddenly explodes, sending
various sized rocks flying in all directions. Sara shattered any that
neared her by punching them. As the dust cleared, Kim was visible,
standing and looking directly at Sara. Her eyes red like Sara's but a
red aura now emanated from her body.

"You want a fight, you got one..." states Kim, her voice had a slight
deepness to it.

"Bring it..." replied Sara smiling.

Kim immediately charged Sara, Kim was actually flying a few feet off
the ground as well. Her action is so fast that normally, she can't be
seen during this, but Sara is able to. As Kim nears Sara, she pulls her
right fist back and as she attempts to hit her sister, Sara dodges by

'Impossible!' thinks Kim as her eyes widen in shock that Sara dodged
her strike.

"I saw that from a mile away, you're going to have to do a better job
than that." taunts Sara reappearing behind Kim.

Sara gives Kim just enough time to turn and face her before quickly
delivering a roundhouse kick to the side of Kim's head. Sending her
reeling away from her, sliding on the ground a short distance before
flipping to her feet and dashes towards Sara again.

'I'm gonna make you pay for rushing me again...' thought Sara before
she did a sudden charge of her own, disappearing again before
reappearing and clothes-lining Kim mid-dash with her right arm.

Kim flipped backwards in the air at least 30 times because of the speed
at witch she charged before halting her flipping flight right before
she went into a wall about a foot away. Kim placed a hand on her neck
as she turned around to see Sara. Kim was now flying about two feet
from the ground while Sara still stood on her feet.

"I must say sister, your quite entertaining now at least." calls Sara.

"Well your entertainment ends now!" replied Kim before she quickly flew
high into the sky.

"Heh, well, this should be interesting..." states Sara to herself as
she watches Kim.

After reaching a decent altitude, Kim stands in the air and points her
right palm down at Sara.

"There's no way she can survive my ultimate attack. My Piercing
Darkness Gun will end her worthless life permanently..." state Kim to
herself as her red aura begins to pulse.

After each pulse of her aura, a red energy travels down her right arm
to her hand before a small ball of red energy appears in front of her
hand. The ball grows bigger and bigger as more and more energy flows
through her arm until the ball is about two feet in diameter.

Back on the ground, Sara sits down and yawns.

"I wish she would hurry up, but this proves how weak she is, that she
has to charge up an attack for so long."

Meanwhile, the red ball of energy went into Kim's arm, causing her
entire arm to glow red. This also caused Kim to places her left hand
around her upper arm and wince slightly.

"Ah, this is enough energy for three shots. Heh, 3 should be more than
enough..." states Kim as she changes the position of her right hand to
her index finger pointing down at Sara, like aiming a gun while her
left hand holds her right one to steady it.

At seeing this, Sara gets back to her feet.

"Looks like she's ready, let's see what she's got..." state Sara
spreading out her arms, intending not to guard the attack.

"I'm going to give you once last chance Sara, let's stop this." calls

She got no reply.

"Fine, here it comes!"

Suddenly a super large beam comes from Kim's index finger.

Sara simply smirks at the size of the beam.

"Like size really matters..."

When the attack did hit shortly afterwards, Sara was utterly shocked at
the amount of pain it caused to her body as it knocked her flat on her
back and cratered her into the ground.

"Son-of-a-Bit*h!" groaned Sara in pain as she tried in vain to sit up,
lifting her back off the ground about a foot before being slammed back
to the ground.

After a long painful minute of this, the attack ended from Kim's
finger, witch was smoking from the tip.

"Two shots left..." states Kim to herself. "Hey Sara, you still
breathing down there?" calls Kim.

Sara was still laid out in the large crater from the attack. Her
clothing nearly burned completely off save for small parts of it and
her partially burned, exposed pink underwear. Sara basically looked
worse than Kim did in only a minute.

"Fu*k, that's the last fu*king time I let myself be hit with the full
force of an attack I know nothing about..." groaned Sara as she slowly
got to her feet.

Kim smiled as she saw Sara stand.

Kim then shot a second beam, identical to the first, directly at Sara.

"Not this time!" states Sara before firing her own energy beam in Kim's
direction from her right hand.

Sara's beam however, was black. The two energies meet in the air in a
bright flash of light that caused Kim to immediately begin to smile.

"Heh, the fool, she's in for a surprise..." states Kim.

Sara herself smiles as well.

"Well this is interesting, I'm using only half of my power and yet-
huh?" states Sara to herself before stopping as she sees a weird light
coming from where the two beams are meeting.

"What... the..." begins Sara as she sees her attack appear to 'engulf'
the other. "... That's not supposed to be happening..."

What was actually happening was that Kim's attack was piercing through
Sara's. Who realized this in the nick of time to stop her attack and
jump, or rather fly, high in the air as Kim's beam hit the ground,
deepening the already deep crater in the ground.

"Fu*k, I'm actually going to have to take this seriously..." states
Sara as she looks down at what would have most likely finished her off.
"I need to kill her now before I make any more mistakes."

Kim then smirks at seeing her in the air.

"What's wrong Sara?" calls Kim smiling.

Kim then saw Sara charge her, for some reason, Kim couldn't move. Be it
shock or fear, she found herself frozen. Kim managed to utter the word
'Crap' before Sara knocked her out of the sky by a hard right punch.

As she was hurtling towards the ground, Sara followed her punch with an
energy beam. A few seconds after Kim's body cratered the ground deeply,
the follow-up attack hit. The punch and hitting the ground was painful
enough but when Sara's energy attack hit her, sending her further into
the ground, she screamed in pain.

When the attack ended, black smoke rose up from Kim's body and as you
may know, black smoke appears when something's burning or burned. In
this case, except for Kim's boots, her clothes were completely burned

Sara then floated down into the crater to see what condition Kim was
in, she smiled when she saw her as she touched the ground.

"Well now, isn't this embarrassing. What happened to your clothes
sister?" asks Sara grinning at Kim's exposure.

At the moment, Kim was too concerned with the pain coursing through her
body to be embarrassed by her nudity.

"But don't you think for a second that I'm going to get easier on you
just because you're naked. Huh?" states Sara before seeing Kim slowly
lean to her right side. "Don't you dare try it." commanded Sara.

Kim then raised herself to her hands and knees, then placed her left
foot on the ground and with a quite a bit of shaking, stood up straight
and turned to face Sara, whom clapped her hands smiling.

"Well congratulations, you actually stood up. What do you say to a
fair, hand-to-hand fistfight? No special moves or anything." asked

"S-Sorry, I'm gonna decline the offer..." replied Kim smiling despite
her condition.

"Ok then, I gave you a choice, remember that..." states Sara before
charging Kim once again and threw a right punch aimed at Kim's head,
but she just barely dodges it by quickly back-stepping. Kim struggled
to stay on her feet because of how weak she was, but that small space
of time where Kim staggered, Sara followed her missed punched with a
left. Kim caught this second punch fully to the right side of her face,
sending her reeling away from Sara and sliding on the cratered ground
until she came to a stop about 30 yards away, on her back.

"Just give up, you can't beat me. I'm stronger and faster than you, you
have no chance to beat me in the state your in." states Sara walking to
where Kim now laid.

Once she was near Kim, Sara saw the red energy that was coming from
Kim's right arm fade and disappear as well as from her body.

"Your done, accept it."

Sara then saw Kim began to slowly get to her feet again.

"Sister, what aren't you getting!? Why do you continue to stand, you
must realize it by now. I'm GOING to kill you. You can't stop me with
how weak you are."

"... I know..." replied Kim, her eyes now there normal brown color.

"What? You know?" asks Sara puzzled.

"You are right Sara, I had no right to kill you. I now realize this and
I'm truly sorry, but I know a simple 'sorry' won't satisfy you, so..."
states Kim before slowly making her way to Sara until she's about a
foot away and drops to her knees. "... My life will be my apology."

"Heh, I'll gladly accept you apology..." states Sara as she begins to
float into the air.

After reaching a very high altitude, Sara raises her right arm above
her and a HUGE ball of darkness appears above her.

"She may have given up, but that doesn't mean she won't suffer before
she dies. She shall experience the fires of Hell with my final attack,
my Hand of Hell."

On the ground, Kim looked up at what was to be her end as she saw the
giant black ball descending toward her.

"Sara... I love you..." stated Kim as a few tears fell from her eyes.


"Kimmie!" exclaimed Becky as she burst into her sister's room.

Becky saw Kim lying in her bed and immediately rushed over to her and
began trying to shake her awake.

"Kimmie! Wake up! Kimmie!"

But it was no use, Kim's body was literally lifeless. Becky started to
cry as realization sunk in.

"Kimmie, please, don't die."

Becky looked at Kim for a moment then kissed her on the lips fully,
which were still warm.


Becky then saw Kim's body began to glow a bright white, bright enough
to make Becky shield her eyes with a hand.



Sara was now standing over Kim's body, laid out on her back in the same

"I finally did it, she's dead."

Sara then looks around at the sky and it looked normal.

"Hmm, that's strange, the environment is supposed to be disappearing.
The Bit*h is dead, so why isn't anything disappearing? ... Something's
not right here..."

Sara then kneels down beside Kim's body, placed two fingers on her neck
then the same hand on the middle of her chest.

"No heartbeat or pulse, she's dead so why... huh?" states Sara before
seeing Kim's body grow white faintly.

Sara quickly gasped in shock as the glow suddenly grew blindingly
bright and backed away covering her eyes. The light was too bright to
even slightly open her eyes.

"What the hell is going on?!"

About one minute later, the light faded enough for Sara to open her
eyes and look in her sister's direction. She was shocked to see Kim now
standing, however, instead of being nude, she was dressed in something
that appeared to be a one-piece swimsuit. Not a scar was visible on her
body either, and the color of her hair had changed from black to pure
white, her eyes were completely white as well. But the one thing that
stood out from everything else was the beautiful blue spectral wings
Kim suddenly had that came from he back, they were folded in at the
time being.

"Your supposed to be fu*king dead!" exclaims Sara angrily.

Kim simply smiled back at Sara as she began to walk toward her.

Sara formed a small ball of energy in her hand at seeing Kim walking to

"Tell me what the hell is going on before I kill you a second time."

"Sara..." began Kim, her voice in a low but loving tone. "Do you love

"What kind of question is that!? Do I love you." replied Sara angrily.
"You fu*king killed me! "I'll NEVER forgive you for that!"

Sara's eyes surprisingly began to tear up.

"I died hating you, my last thought was getting my revenge. Do you know
what that rewarded me with? I'll tell you what, a free trip to Hell
were I experienced pain that you wouldn't believe. I suffered in ways
too unimaginable for words, and I've seen things words haven't even
been thought of too described." explains Sara as tears trailed her

"But you haven't answered the question, do you still love me?" states

"... I don't have to answer that..."

Kim then smiled and spread out her arms.

"Ok then, if you truly do hate me with all your heart, kill me where I
stand, I won't fight you. BUT, if even one cell of your body still
holds some love for me, you won't do it."

Sara promptly raises the energy ball point-blank to Kim's chest. A long
period of time passes as Sara looks into her sister's eyes, her
expression wavering between anger and crying. After a total of five
minutes, Sara dissipates the ball of energy and returns her hand to her
side as she looks away from Kim.

Kim smiled and wrapped her arms around Sara in a light hug.

"Sara, I'm going to give you a second chance." stated Kim as her wings
unfolded and wrapped around Sara and Kim's body began to glow white.

"W-What are you about to do to me?" asked Sara vulnerably.

"This might hurt Sara..." states Kim as she glow brightens, encasing
Sara in the light.

Sara suddenly felt a shot of pain lay across her spine.

"Ah! What the hell are you doing to me!?"

"It's almost over Sara..."

Sara then felt the pain swiftly spread throughout her entire body
before becoming completely numb.

"This is my gift to you Sara, treat it well..."


As quick as Becky saw Kim's body glow brightly, it faded to nothing and
a bright flash of light appeared behind her and Becky heard a big thud
behind her and as she turned to look behind her, Kim, who was still
lying on the bed, suddenly arched her body off the bed as she inhaled a
deep breath of air. Becky ignored what happened behind her at hearing
Kim's breath of air.

"Kimmie!" exclaims Becky happily as she immediately began to hug her

"B-Becky?" stated Kim as she looked down to Becky hugging her.

"Kimmie, I thought I lost you." cried Becky.

"Well, you don't have to worry, I'm back. Where's Sara?" asks Kim.

"What? Sara?"

Kim looks away from Becky to her left and on the floor she sees Sara,
unconscious. Kim removes Becky's arms from around her and quickly gets
off the bed to her sister.

"W-What the fu*k is she doing here!?" exclaims Becky upon turning
around and seeing Sara.

"I brought her back, she needs a second chance." replied Kim as she
picks her twin up in her arms and lays her on her bed.

"Second chance my AS*! She needs to die!" states Becky angrily.

"Becky, she's my sister. Please don't say that."

Becky looked at Kim angrily then simply left the room. Kim then looked
back to Sara and placed her right hand on the left side of Sara's face

"Sara, my other half... I hope you will find happiness this time."

Kim then stands and leaves her room.

A moment later, Sara opens her eyes and places her right hand in front
of her face as a black energy surrounds it.

'So, I'm back in the world of the living... this isn't over sister, not
by a long shot...'



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