Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 3: The Ap-Dat Village- Sashi's Return

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli, Violence]

Suki screams, "AHH! N-Nan'chi! D-Don't d-do that!" Suddenly, the image
on screen fizzles out and fades to black as the light overhead flickers
and dies. Shortly thereafter the ground begins to tremble rapidly and
part of the roof begins to collapse onto Kim's head.

Over at the "Room of Attraction" the four girls feel the trembling and
Asiah, Tima and Joni panic, fleeing out of the room, leaving Becky
sitting stunned on the bed. Outside, Jakashi swears, "FUCK!" He rushes
inside and tells Becky, "Damn... Miss Starr... come with me... we got
BIG trouble!

"What the hell." Kim makes this look O_o as she looks up at the
ceiling. "Sh*t!"

"What's wrong?" asks Becky quickly getting off the bed.

Just as the ceiling is about to make contact with the top of Kim's
head, a cloaked figure slips in, grabs Kim around her stomach and hauls
her out of the house, just as it collapses into a heap. Then, before
Kim can question the cloaked figure, she disappears again, seemingly
into thin air.

Jakashi looks really panicked, "It's Sashi... she's just arrived and
she's tearing SHIT up... She must be more sensitive to your scent than
I thought... We gotta go and get Kim and Suki... We'll need them to
help fight off the giant worms that followed her, looking for fresh
meat, I expect..."

"Who the hell was that?!" states Kim to herself before she realizes
that she's still nude from the waist down and makes no attempt to stand
as she blushes in embarrassment.

"But what about my pants? Their all wet." replies Becky.

Just then, Suki comes running up the street to where Kim is, a long
gash along her shoulder, says that she too has felt the tremors. She
pants, "K-Kimmie! A-Are you okay?!"

Jakashi grabs Becky's hand and pulls her out into the street,
exclaiming, "Shit! There's no time to worry about that kinda crap! If
we don't stop Sashi NOW, she'll kill everyone in the village! Look! You
can see the gap in the town wall from here!" He points out a huge pile
of crumbling rock and stone that used to be part of the wall. Several
Ap-Dat people are darting here and there around it, many dropping like
flies, blood flowing freely.

"Except for my lack of pants, yeah, I'm fine." replies Kim.

"Ok, ok. Let's hurry and find my sister and Suki." replies Becky.

Suki blushes and glances around, spotting a nearby clothesline. She
tugs a pair of jeans off of it and hands it to Kim, saying, "Here, use
these... I'll pay back Mrs. Lop'yul later... Come on... we gotta go
find my dad and Becky.."

As Jakashi and Becky hurry toward Suki's house, which has collapsed
now, Sashi pauses in her annihilation of the Ap-Dat villagers attacking
her. She senses Jakashi and smirks, thinking, "Oh, you can run, you
bastard... run straight back to Suki... My dear sister... you will pay
the ultimate price for your father's treatment of me!" She starts after
Jakashi, carelessly slaying Ap-Dat men and women along the way. The
giant worm beasts now reach the inside of the city and begin to munch
down on any survivors they can find and behind them is...

"Ok, let's go." replies Kim after she puts on the pants.

Suki runs forward, then stops and holds out a hand to stop Kim. She
frowns, "Kimmie... get any and all weapons ready... we're in BIG
trouble..." Jakashi pants, "Dammnit... We should have been there by
now... What the fuck is going on?!" He skids to a stop right in front
of his destroyed two story 'hut'. Sashi, about 1000 feet behind
Jakashi, grins, thinking, "At last... after all these years... You will
pay for my suffering with your 'little princess's' sanity... then, I'll
kill you personally..."

"Yeah, I can see." replies Kim. She then puts her hands in the air,
looking to be gripping a sword. then a huge sword (think cloud's sword)
materializes in Kim's hands.

It's made of an unknown, but shiny metal. Kim then props the weapon on
her right shoulder. "Its been awhile since I used this thing." states
Kim smiling.

"Where are we headed?" asks Becky.

Suki nods, obviously impressed with Kim's weapon, then turns to her
right to see Jakashi and Becky running up to them. She questions
grimly, "It's bad, isn't it, Dad?" Jakashi nods, "Hell, yeah, Suki...
your damned sister has a very keen awareness of Miss Starr, here... the
only thing I can figure is that something must have been done to
increase Becky's arousal... that's the only thing that would draw Sashi
here faster... Bloody inconvenient timing if you ask me..." Sashi
continues chasing Jakashi and when she sees Suki, she smirks, "Ah...
there you are, sweet perfect sister of mine... Now it's time for your
torture..." She flashes out of sight and a few seconds later, there is
a small explosion and weird powder sprays over the group.

"Hey, What's this weird powder?" asks Kim as she notices the powder. "I
have now Idea." replies Becky.

Suki coughs violently and drops to her knees, gasping, "U-Ugh!" Jakashi
swears, "FUCK! It's para-powder! DAMNIT! I didn't think she had any! M-
Miss Starr... get out of here before you get paralyzed!"

Kim and Becky quickly run out of the range of the powder. "What can we
do to help you?" asks Kim.

Just then, Becky steps on a bomb which explodes and covers both her and
Kim with para-powder. Jakashi yells, "FUCK! GODDAMNIT! She laid a trap!
Suki, can you move?!" He turns his head as his last action before he
becomes paralyzed and his voice catches in his throat, "Goddamn..."
Sashi is behind Suki, holding a dagger at her throat, bending Suki's
arms painfully behind her back, and her face contorted with dual
ecstasy and vengefulness. "Why, hello there, father... How nice to see
you again..." she begins, her voice dripping with hate.

"Da*mmnit! Becky, I know you have something for this paralyze." calls
Kim. "Yeah, it's in my pocket, but I can't seem to move my arms much."
replies Becky.

Suki is frozen, unable to move in fear and because of the paralysis.
Jakashi, though, speaks calmly, though his eyes show great fear for
Suki, "What do you hope to accomplish, Sashi? Do you wish to kill me?
Do you wish to hurt me?" Sashi grins, "Oh, father, don't be so silly...
I don't want to hurt or kill you... I forgive you... You were, after
all, a weak and helpless pathetic little man... but, Suki..." Here, she
twists Suki's left wrist painfully, causing her older, smaller sister
to cry out in pain as she continues, "... is your 'little princess',
isn't she?"

"What are you going to do to her?" asks Kim.

"Sashi, why are you doing this?" asks Becky.

Jakashi says nothing, frozen with paralysis and apparently trying to
hide his true feelings for Suki from Sashi. Sashi glances briefly at
Kim, then decides her question is stupid and irrelevant. Then, she
looks at Becky and only says, "Because, this worm deserves it..." She
smirks again and closes her eyes. She starts to chuckle madly and
states, "Aha... there it is..." She concentrates heavily and a few
seconds later, Suki starts writhing and screaming, "No! Stop! A-
AGGGGHHHH!" Tears roll down her cheeks as she shrieks and howls in
misery. Jakashi frantically starts trying to move, though the paralysis
holds him still as he exclaims, "Goddamnit! Fuckin' stop it, Sashi!
She's not like you and me! She can't take it! Damnit all to fuckin'

Kim's sword suddenly stabs the ground as the paralysis threatens her
ability to stand and uses her weapon to help her stand. "Stop it! Don't
hurt her!" states Kim.

"Sashi! what are you doing this for?" exclaims Becky feeling her legs

Suki shrieks louder and high-pitched as her body starts to shake
spasmodically, her physical pain reaching new heights before Sashi
opens her eyes and the pain stops, though Suki's head lolls onto her
shoulder and she whimpers softly, "M-Miho.. wh-where are you... I...
I'm so sorry... Miho..."

Sashi grins at the expression of rage on Jakashi's face, "Was that good
for you, father, or shall I do more to your sweet little princess?!"
She completely ignores Becky's question and uses her dagger to lightly
scratch Suki's neck, drawing a little of her blood. Jakashi growls,
"Damn it, Sashi... if you don't stop, I swear to God, that I'll kill
you! You stupid little bitch!"

"Stop!" exclaims Kim. Kim then feels a familiar energy within her.
"Please!" "Sashi, stop this please." states Becky.

Sashi smirks as Suki screams louder in pure mental and physical
torment, "Kill me, dear father? Why, you CREATED me! This is all your
fault! All those years you wasted... and because of them, your precious
little girl is DEAD!" Jakashi growls, "Fuck you, you little bitch! I
should have gotten rid of you long before I did! I always knew your
mind was warped even back then!"

"What are you talking about Jakashi? Get rid of her?" questions Becky
as she then falls to one knee from the paralysis

Sashi laughs as Suki screams in pain. She shows no remorse at seeing
her sister suffer and her father suffering as well. She says nothing
more but as she torments Suki, a faint shadow falls over Kim as a
black-cloaked person, female from the sizable breasts bulging against
her outfit, appears in front of Kim, studying her eyes.

"Wha? Who are you?" states Kim to the cloaked person.

The cloaked girl reaches out and touches Kim's neck, feeling for her
pulse. Then, she reaches under her cloak and pulls out a small vial,
which she pours into Kim's mouth.

"What is that? What did you just give me?" asks Kim.

The potion spreads throughout Kim's body, neutralizing the paralysis.
The figure then sneaks over to Becky and gives her the same potion in
the same amounts.

"Thanks, who are you?" asks Becky as she feels her body free of the

The figure doesn't say anything to Becky. Rather, she turns toward
Sashi and her hostage, Suki. She puts her hand inside her cloak and
flings something at the two girls, causing both to cough on the dust
that springs up. Sashi lets Suki go as she covers her mouth and gasps,
"W-What the fuck?!" Suki falls to her knees, coughing heavily as the
figure jumps in and scoops her up like she's a light-weight and
deposits her into Kim's arms, whispering, "Give her one of these..."
She hands Kim a purple pill. Sashi looks around and screams, "WHAT THE
FUCK?! NOO!" She, then, sees the cloaked girl standing in front of her,
laughing hard. She growls, "Damn it! Who the fuck are you, wench?!"

Kim does as the girl says and gives Suki the purple pill.

Suki coughs and splutters, "Th-That laugh.. I-It can't be..." The girl
laughs harder and bends low in a bow, saying, "Oh, my apologies... I
forget-eth to introduce-eth, myself-eth... I am..." Here she flings off
her cloak and winks, her hair as red as ever, though somewhat longer,
"... your worst nightmare... 'Peanut Butter and Jelly!" She laughs
harder. Sashi suddenly cries, "NOOOOOOOOO!" Then, she straightens up
and scowls, "Hey... waitaminute... I LIKE peanut butter and jelly! Are
you screwing around with me?! Cause if you are, you'll regret it,

"I like peanut butter and jelly too!" states Becky happily as she gets
to her feet.

"I don't really care for it." states Kim as she pulls her sword out of
the ground and props it back on her shoulder. It doesn't look like it,
but Kim does have the sword in a ready stance.

The girl smirks, "Aw, is Widdle Sashi upset? Gee, " she mock-scratches
at her violently red bangs, "... maybe she needs a nap?!" Sashi
growled, "Oh, you are SOOOO DEAD, you slimy FROG! Nobody, but NOBODY
tells ME when to go to bed!" The girl teased, "Aw, you're no fun!
Doncha know that for every hour you sleep, you get an hour's worth of
beauty? And, from the looks of it, you really need it!" Sashi screamed,
"SHUT THE HELL UP, BAKA!" She seems really ticked off now and charges
the girl with her full speed, vanishing in to thin air. The girl's eyes
widen and she exclaims, "Whoa shit... " Just then, Sashi's fist comes
out of nowhere and slams into the girl's chin, knocking her off her
feet, into the air and through two buildings. Jakashi, newly freed due
to the 'wearing-off' of the para-powder screams, "Miss Starr! Now's our
chance! Expose yourself and draw her in!" He closes his eyes and
prepares to chant his spell.

"Huh? Oh! ok!" replies Becky as she quickly lifts her shirt, exposing
her breasts. "Sashi, over here!"

"What the?! Becky, what are you doing?! This is not the time nor the
place!" exclaims Kim.

The red haired girl gets to her feet, bringing a sword out of nowhere
and putting it in front of her, just as Sashi charges again, banging
her fist on the metal. Sashi takes in a deep breath, preparing to
attack the girl again, but then she sniffs and halts in midpunch, "Wh-
what the.." She gasps. The red haired girl sees the change and quickly
slips a hand into a pouch, pulling out a small 'bomb' of sorts. She
yells at Becky, "Come closer, Becky! Draw her off and we can get her!"

Becky completely removes her shirt as she runs closer to Sashi. "What
the hell is going on?!" states Kim quite puzzled at the events taking

Sashi sniffs again and suddenly turns away from the red haired girl,
and back to Becky. She whispers, "M-Mistress?! I-Is that you?!" Her
voice is weak and vulnerable, showing off her formerly submerged
submissive side. The red haired girl lets her sword drop as she
explodes the 'bomb' at Sashi's feet, which immediately causes her to
freeze in place, unable to move. Jakashi shouts, "Got her! Now..
then..." He grunts hard, then he collapses in a heap. Sashi moans once
or twice, "M-Mistress... I... I'm sorry..." as tears roll down her
cheeks, then she, too, topples forward, unconscious.

"Huh? What happened?" Becky drops to her knees in front of Sashi.
"Sashi, wake up."

Sashi moans softly, then starts to move slightly, only able to raise
her head up slightly to look at Becky. Her tears flowing down her
cheeks, she whispers, "I... I am sorry, Mistress... I ... I just could
not hold it in... M-My father... t-the treatment... It was all too
much..." The red haired girl, bleeding slightly from a gash on her
shoulder walks over to Jakashi and pulls him to his feet, saying, "I
always knew you were scum, old man, for keeping Sashi chained up like
that... If you weren't my Nisu's father, I would kill you myself..."
Jakashi looks away and explains, "And I wouldn't blame you if you
did... but that honor belongs to Sashi, and Sashi alone..." Suki, still
in shock at what's going on, runs up to the red haired girl and asks,
"N-Nan'chi?! I-Is that you?" The red haired girl drops Jakashi and
turns to Suki, grinning, "And just who the hell else could I be, Nisu?"

To Be Continued in...
Ap-Dat Village- Aftermath

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