Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 39)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 39

Title: SIDE FIC 3: The Sadistic Sister pt 1 - The Return


Becky slowly opened her eyes to darkness. She didn't feel any solid
object on her body, finding herself completely suspended in the air.
Although darkness was surrounding her, Becky looked down at her body to
see that it as visible as if in direct sunlight. The girl could also
see that she didn't have on a single piece of clothing on. Becky was
suspended in the air, arms spread out, naked.

"Where am I?" questioned Becky into the darkness.

She was answered by a familiar voice.

"Your in your mind." replied the female voice.

"My... mind? So, I'm dreaming?" asked Becky.

The sound of footsteps then entered the small girl's ears. Then, a
figure came into Becky's sight in front of her, it was a female, long
black hair of waist length. The girl looked identical to another girl
Becky knew very well.

"Kimmie?" questioned Becky.

"You'd like to think so wouldn't you?" replied the girl as she was
suddenly illuminated similar to Becky.

Except for a long thin scar across the girl's face, she looked exactly
like Kimberly, Becky's adopted older sister. This girl wore the same
vest and shorts Kimberly does but black instead of white, her eyes were
also a red color.

"Your, not Kimmie? You look just like her."

The girl suddenly smiles evilly, a look that fits her perfectly, before
swiftly punching Becky in the side of the face.

"OW! What did you do that for?!" exclaims Becky shocked at the girl's

"Your torment begins now." smiles the girl as she follows with a second
punch to the other side of the girl's face.

"OW! Stop it!"

Blood had now started to trail down the side of the young girl's face.

"No, you're going to suffer. I'm going to bring you to the brink of
death, fix you up and do it again." replies the girl.

"So you invaded my mind just to hurt me?"

"Exactly, your the first victim, then that bit*h."

"Your talking about Kimmie aren't you?"

"Heh, yes." replies the girl as she punches Becky a third time.

"OW! How original..." states Becky.

"What do you mean by that?" asks the girl mildly curious.

"The 'invade someone's mind and torture' thing has been done before.
Jeez, I think 'someone's' seen to many Freddie movies."

The girl smirks before Becky's left arm, just above the elbow, is
suddenly sliced right off by seemingly nothing. Her cut arm falls to
the ground as she screams in pain, blood spurting from the cut. The
other girl places her right hand over Becky's mouth to muffle her

"You'd best hold your tongue girl, I won't tolerate that kind of talk."

The girl turns Becky's head to the serious cut.

"Look at that, see how the blood just spurts out? It's so beautiful..."

The girl simply looks at the blood flowing about for about 3 minutes,
almost entranced by the sight. After that time, the girl then looks
back to Becky's crying face and see her eyes started to droop closed
from the continuing loss of blood she's suffering.

"You feel it don't you? That emptiness, the feeling of everything
around you fading away. You know what comes next don't you?" states the
girl smiling as she still covers Becky's mouth but gently wraps her
right hand around her neck.

Becky was too weak to give even the slightest reply. She did indeed
feel herself fading away...

"Your death is next, and if a kill you in your mind, you'll die
physically too. Now normally, it would take some time before your
feeling like your about to die from a simple chopped off arm, but I can
make your body think that it's lost a tremendous amount of blood when
actually, it's only a small amount. It's so effective that you could
die in a matter of minutes from an injury that you'd take about an hour
to die from."

The girl removed her hand from Becky's mouth, the small girl's breathes
came very slow. The pain of her missing arm still attacking her fading
senses. Becky also was starting to turn pale.

"But don't you worry, I'm not going to let you die. At least, not yet
anyway. Now, I want you to turn your attention to you arm on the floor

Becky does so and sees her arm on the ground, it had stopped bleeding
from the cut but it too was turning pale and dying.

"Would you like it back?" asks the girl.

"... Yes..." replies Becky weakly.

"Ok then..."

A moment later, Becky's arm disappeared and reappeared reattached to
the other end of her arm. She gasped in a deep breath as her life
returned to her body suddenly, the paleness of her skin gone as well.

"There ya go, good as new."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why? I'm simply testing what I can do in this world. And since your
the closet people, emotionally and physically, to my sister, I choose
you." replies the girl as an average length sword suddenly appears in
her right hand.

"Sister!? Your Kimmie's sister?!" asked Becky shocked.

"That's right, actually were twins. A long time ago, my sister killed
me in a sparring match that had weapons involved. That bit*h said it
was an accident, but the look on her face said other words." explains
the girl.

"No, I don't believe you! Kimmie would never kill her own sister."
replies Becky shaking her head.

"Believe what you want, but who do you think gave me this scare on my

Becky couldn't think of an answer.

"You've never seen my sister the way she was when we were little. She's
a killer, a cold-blooded one at that."

"I don't believe you."

"Fine, don't believe me. Hmm, I just remembered, I haven't told you my
name yet, would you like to know your tormenter's name?" asks the girl
as she lightly grips the smaller girl's neck with her free left hand.

"Yes." replied Becky fearing what's going to come next as she started
to close her eyes.

"My name is Sara. Tell me, slow or fast?" asks the girl smiling.


"Choose, slow or fast."

"...Both." replied Becky.

"Heh, you want to lose another limb from that mouth of yours?"

Becky didn't reply but her eyes widened slightly at Sara's statement.
Who then smiles as she placed he sharp tip of the sword she was holding
to the left side of Becky's stomach.

"But I can easily grant you both..." states Sara as she then began to
very slowly push the sword into Becky, not yet breaking the skin but
none-the-less painful.

"Ah! Stop! That hurts!" exclaims Becky.

She was unable to move any part of her body but her head. Becky could
do nothing to stop Sara.

"Pain is the whole point."

Becky screamed in pain as she felt the blade penetrate her skin and
begin to enter her body. This was made more horrible simply because
Sara pushed the blade in so slowly.

"IT HURTS! PLEASE STOP!" screamed the girl in pain as the blade
traveled deeper into her, cutting at her inner organs.

"Look, look as it cuts deeper into you, your blood flowing out from
your body." states Sara smiling as she herself looks at the blade she's
pushing deeper into the girl.

Becky cried and screamed from the searing pain, feeling her blood trail
down her left leg. She then felt the point of the blade again on her
back from inside her.

"Heh, from the slight resistance I feel, I'd say it's time for my sword
to complete the journey..."

"NO MORE! PLEASE!" begs Becky's crying.

"No more? Oh come now, I've only just begun." replies Sara as she
slowly pushes the point of the blade through the skin of her back.

Becky screamed in pain as she felt the blade finally go completely
through her and Sara continued to push until the hilt of the sword
touched the skin of her stomach. Becky was happy that it was finally
stopped, or so she thought as through her tear-filled vision, saw
another sword appear in Sara's hands.

"P-Please, don't..." pleaded Becky.

"The first one was slow..." began Sara smiling sadistically as she ran
her left hand along the side of the blade. "... This next one is going
to be quick."

Becky closed her eyes and started to cry.

"Oh don't worry thought, this one won't hurt as bad as the other one
did." states Sara as she places the point of the second blade to the
skin of Becky's stomach off to the right, similar to the first blade.

Sara then placed her left hand on Becky's right shoulder.

"You ready, to be penetrated again?" asked Sara softly.

"Y-Yes..." cried Becky.

Without any other warning, Sara quickly shoved the sword right through
Becky up to the hilt. The girl's eyes widened in pain and gasped before
cringing and groaning lowly as she lowered her head and closed her eyes
tightly. Sara released her hand from the sword and lifted Becky's head
by her chin, a new flow of tears trailed down her cheeks.

"Now, now, it's okay, you can scream if you want. Actually, I encourage
it, I want to hear your best scream of pain."

The pain was so unbearable, a scream was forced from Becky's lungs.


It was one loud, long, agonizing scream of pain.

"Oh that was wonderful Becky. Like music to my ears." replied Sara.

"... Y-your a sadistic freak." states Becky in pain.

At this, Sara smirks and uses her left hand to caress the skin of
Becky's left breast.

"Now Becky, what did I say about that mouth? It seems you want another
part of your body cut off..."

A worried look quickly crosses Becky's face.

"N-No, I'm sorry! Please don't!" pleads Becky.

"It's too late to say your sorry now." Sara steps back from Becky,
inspecting her body. "Let's see.... what needs to go?"

"I'm really sorry! I am, really!" cries Becky.

"Hmm, maybe one of your legs... nah, and I already did an arm... Oh! I
got it!" states Sara as she steps back to Becky and places her left
hand around the back of the girls neck while a small knife appears in
her right and presses the flat edge of the blade in the space between
Becky's small breasts.

"One of them is going bye-bye." states Sara sing-songly as she rubs the
blade over the skin between her breasts.

"Please, don't." begs Becky.

"But first, let's get those swords outta ya." states Sara as she lowers
her left hand to the handle of the sword in Becky's right side.

Becky cringed in pain as Sara withdrew the weapon out of her, but she
couldn't stop herself from screaming again when the second sword was
removed. Now, two bleeding slits were the evidence of the blades in her
sides. Sara simply dropped the bloody swords to the floor.

"Now, which do you want? Left or right?" asked Sara.

Becky replied with a pleading look on her face.

"Choose, or they both go." states Sara running the side of the blade in
her right hand across Becky's neck.

"T-The right one..." replies Becky slowly.

"Alrighty then, the right one goes."

Sara placed the sharp edge of the knife at the bottom of the girl's
right breast. However, the moment she began to break the skin, causing
Becky to cringe in pain, Sara stops.

"Hey, I got a better idea. Rather than just cut your breast off, we're
going to have a little snack."

"Huh?" What are you talking about?" asked Becky scared.

Sara placed the tip of the knife at the top of Becky's breast and
sliced it down the middle, splitting it right open in two halves. Becky
screamed in agony from this. Blood had quickly begun trailing down her
body from the cut.

Becky then felt the knife again as Sara cut the left side of the girls
split breast horizontally, forming two 'triangles' of flesh. Sara then
cut out the bottom section, Becky screamed though this whole ordeal.

"Becky, open your eye's."

"The small girl did as requested and through her tear-filled vision,
saw between Sara's finger's of her left hand, the small bloody
triangle-shaped mound of flesh of her breast. What Becky saw next
shocked her greatly. Sara placed the flesh directly into her mouth and
began chewing.

"Mmm, your good."

Becky scream in pain again as the other piece was cut out.

"You have to try it, come on." states Sara as she holds the flesh at
Becky's mouth.

Becky turned her head away from the flesh. Sara quickly pressed it to
her mouth and Becky moved her head against it, in turn, causing the
blood to spread across her mouth. Sara had quickly become frustrated at

"Eat it or I'll kill you right now!"

Becky promptly stopped her fighting, closed her eyes as tears fell and
opened her mouth, allowing Sara to put the flesh in her mouth.

"Now, start chewing..."

Becky slowly did so, cringing at the taste.

"How does it taste?"

"Horrible..." replied Becky.

"Well, swallow that and we'll get to your last act of torture before I
let you go."

"Y-your gonna let me go?" asked Becky relieved.

Sara then walks to Becky's left side, places the knife in her left hand
and used her right hand to hit Becky in the back particularly hard,
causing her to swallow what was in her mouth. The girl coughed in
surprise at what she just did.

"Yes, I never had any intention on killing you in the first place. If I
did that, how would you tell that bit*h of a sister that I'm back?"

Sara then tossed the knife back to her right hand.

"Tell me Becky, do you know what disembowelment is?"

Becky's eyes quickly widened in shock.

"You can't be serious?!"

"Oh yeah, I'm serious. The pain you've felt so far will be nothing
compared to this."

"Don't do it! Please! I'll do whatever you want! Just don't please!"
begs Becky.

"Hmm, that's quite a tempting offer Becky, but I'll have to decline."
replies Sara as she places the point of the knife just below the middle
of Becky's ribcage.

"I'm begging you! Please don't do this!"

Becky then felt the small blade penetrate her skin.


Then the knife was pulled down, cutting the girl's belly right down the
middle. Becky screamed in the blinding pain at being cut open. The
blade stopped just below her panty-line and was pulled out.

"Look at that, only one perfect cut. I don't need to do another one."

Becky just cried uncontrollably at the agonizing pain.

"Now, let's dive on in and see what we find..." states Sara as she
plunges her left hand into Becky from the cut.

The small girl screams and cries from this action.

"Hmmm, your intestines are in the way of everything..."

Sara looks up from Becky's stomach to her face, her eye's tight closed,
tears rapidly falling from her eyes and her teeth clenching together.

"Looks like those will just have to go first..?" states Sara as she
pulls her hand out, covered in blood.

Sara's hand had also held Becky's small intestines, which was pulled
from her body. Sara cuts out both her large and small intestine, quite
a painful action for Becky. The older girl simply dropped the organs
to the floor and reinserted her hand into Becky.

"Yeah, that's much better. So much more room now. Let's see now..."

Sara's hand moved around feeling various other organs, her hand came
across a relatively large organ south in Becky's body.

"Is that what I think it is? I feel two branch-like things from
something that feels somewhat triangle-shaped."

Becky continued to cry but the pain had somewhat dulled, enough for her
to open her eyes.

Sara put her other hand into Becky, with the knife she used to start
this. She found what felt like the base of the organ and cut it.

Becky gasped in pain as blood began coming from her vagina and Sara
pulled her hands out.

"Well lookie here, I'd say this is your uterus. Well, you didn't want
kids anyway did you?" states Sara as she holds the organ in her left

Becky couldn't reply from pain, but it was obvious by her facial
expression that she didn't like the fact that her uterus was removed.

"Oh well, it's useless now..." states Sara as she drops the organ to
the floor.

She puts her hand into Becky once again and goes south. Her fingers
touch a small smooth organ and Becky suddenly tenses as her legs twitch

"Ohh, looks like I found your bladder. Let's give it a little

Sara does so and Becky gasped as a short spurt of yellow fluid is
forced through and out her urethra.

"Hehe, I can make you piss when ever I want." states Sara as she then
squeezes the containment organ.

Becky gasped once again as the rest of her urine was forced out onto
the floor. Becky then felt her bladder getting warm.

"From now on, your bladder control is my control."

Sara then sighs and removes her hand.

"Well I'm bored now, I'll let you be on your way..." states Sara as she
walks behind Becky.

Sara then places the knife at Becky's left shoulder from behind.

"But let me give you a little going-away-present..." smiles Sara.


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Becky as she suddenly woke up and
sat up in the bed in her room.

She was breathing hard and looked very disturbed. Her room was well
illuminated by the raising sun through the blinds of her windows. Becky
looked at her left arm and saw a darkened ring where Sara had cut her
arm off in her dream. Her belly also had a similar mark. Becky also
felt a stinging on her back and placed her right hand over her left
shoulder, when she removed it, blood was on her hand. She quickly
looked to the bedsheet and saw that a diagonal line of her blood was on
the bed.

Kim, Becky's sister suddenly came through her door. Becky quickly
looked at her and Kim saw the bed, then her back.

"Becky what happened?! You're bleeding!" exclaims Kim as she rushed
beside Becky and knelt down on her knees.

"I-I, had a bad dream..." replies the small girl.

"A dream did that to you?! And what about those marks on your arm,
stomach and chest. Becky, I know you like cutting yourself, but don't
you think you went to far." states Kim.

'She doesn't believe me...' thinks Becky.

"I don't know how you managed to cut your back like that but come on,
let's get you cleaned up."

Kim then extends her right hand to Becky as she stands up.

'Maybe it's better like that...' thinks Becky as she continues to look
at Kim but not exactly paying attention to her, like daydreaming.


The girl blinks quickly and shakes her head.


Let's get you cleaned up." repeats Kim.

"Oh, ok..." states Becky reaching out her right hand before stopping a
moment later upon seeing the blood on her hand from touching her

Kim sees the blood but still grabs Becky's hand and helps her out of
the bed.

To Be Continued...

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