Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 38)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 38

Title: Chapter 36: Pioneer 2, Suki's exam... and Sara...

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I Don't own PSO, Sonic Team does.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch... (I MEAN, Nanyo's house...)

Suki is standing on the roof again, staring out over the horizon. She
sighs heavily, thinking, "Why? Why did Hon'tyl show up now and not

Kim comes through a door and sees Suki. "Hey, what are you doing up

Suki looks behind her at Kim and sighs, "Nothing important, really... I
was just thinkin'...."

"What about?" states Kim as she joins Suki where she stands.

"Hon'tyl... and how she keeps ruining our special moments..."
replies the small girl.

"Oh, her." replies Kim.

"I don't know what to do any more...." admits Suki.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean.... I can't stand how she always tries to tear us apart,
Kimmie..." She starts sniffling and brings her small delicate hands up
to wipe her eyes free of tears that have suddenly appeared there.

"But we keep coming back to each other." smiles Kim.

"But... what if... the next time, one of us... dies?! I... I don't
think I would be able to take it if you or Nan'chi died!" She sniffs
louder and starts crying full force now.

"I wouldn't like to die again ether." replies Kim.

"T-That's why.... I... I think w-we need to end this... W-We need to
confront Hon'tyl... a-and kill her..... s-so that... w-we won't....
lose each other..."

She collapses into Kim's arms, wanting only to feel her warm embrace.

"I won't let anything happen to you Suki-chan, I promise." states Kim
as she places a hand on Suki's head.

"C-Can you? W-Will you be able to?" sobs the smaller girl.

"Yes, I will."

Suki whispers, "Then... will you hold me, just a little longer? Please,

"I'll hold you as long as you want." replies Kim lovingly.

As Suki remains in Kim's warm embrace, Sashi comes upstairs, telling
Kim, "Miss Kim, Mistress is on her way back... and I believe she is

At that moment, a pair of pants floats down into Kim's arms as a very
familiar laugh echoes above her.

"Huh? This are Becky's..." states Kim as she looks at the pants.

Sashi winces, "Uh-oh..." as Suki looks confused. At that moment,

Becky's angered voice could be heard nearing the exit to the roof.
"Nanyo, give me back my pants!"

Suki gasps, looking up at Nanyo. She admonishes, "Nan'chi! Quit playin'

"I'll give Becky's pants back to her." states Kim.

Nanyo laughs, "Sorry, Nisu... I just couldn't resist..." Suki puts her
head in her hands, groaning, "Oh, Nan'chi..."

Becky comes running up to the roof and Kim quickly throws her pants to
her. Becky quickly stops as she realizes she now has her pants. "Uh,
thanks Kimmie."

Nanyo lands in the middle of the other girls, scowling good-naturedly,
"Aw, Starki... Ya ruined the fun..."

"Hey, you guys want to become members of the Federation I work for
now?" suggests Kim. "Yeah, that would be great." states Becky putting
on her pandts.

Suki nods slowly as Sashi shrugs her shoulders and Nanyo punches the
air, "Hot damn, yes!"

"What about that kid? Is she coming with us?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, "I will go and collect her... If we leave her
here, she will get into trouble..." She left the roof.

"Ok, I'll call my ship." states Kim as she materializes her
telecommunicator and presses a button.

Suki asks, "What is that thing, Kimmie? It looks
computery..." Nanyo laughs, "Technology... Ya gotta love it..."

"Huh? Oh yeah, you weren't with us when we went to Pioneer 2." states

"Pioneer 2? What is that?" asks Suki, looking nervous and anxious.

"It's a spaceship." replies Kim.

"A... Space.... Ship? B-But there's no water up there....? How does it
sail?" asks Suki, becoming even more confused.

"Oh my goodness. You don't know anything do you?" states Kim .

Suki looks around at Nanyo and Becky, before blushing shyly and looking
hurt, "I... I guess not..." she stammers.

a humming is then heard above them. "There's my ship." states Kim as
she looks up.

Suki looks up and sees Kim's ship, gasping, "I-It flies?! I-Is it like
an aeroplane?"

Becky sweatdrops and states. "You mean 'airplane'?"

Suki gasps, "Is that what they are called? I... I'm sorry..." She
blushes, looking embarrassed as Sashi returns, dragging Tisha, with a
disgruntled look on the time mage's face, behind her.

"Well, you guys ready?" asks Kim.

Sashi nods, as Nanyo gives a thumbs-up sign as Suki speaks softly, "O-

"I'll get Suki and Nanyo, you get Sashi and the girl Becky. Ok?" states
Kim. "Ok, Kimmie." replies Becky.

Nanyo wraps her arms around Kim's neck, grinning, "Can't bear to be
apart from me'n Nisu, eh?" She cops a quick feel of Kim's breasts as
she says this.

Kim just smiles at Nanyo. "Suki, you may feel disoriented at first
since this is your first time."

"D-Disoriented?!" questions Suki, looking nervous and anxious again.

"We're going to teleport into the ship."

"T-Teleport? W-What does that mean, K-Kimmie?"

"It's hard to explain. just hold on." states Kim as she
presses a button on her device and the three disappear inside the ship,
leaving Becky, Sashi and Tisha

Suki literally screams during the whole transport, then when she
reappears on Kim's ship, she drops to her knees, feeling dizzy and
panting heavily.

"The feeling will pass shortly." states Kim.

Suki gasps, "D-Does it always feel like that?" Nanyo sighs and helps
Suki back to her feet.

"Just the first few times, then you get used to it." at this time,
Becky, Sashi and Tisha appear in the ship.

Tisha sheirks, "Ayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! What the flipping ding-dong
was that?!" She, too, falls to her knees like Suki did a moment ago.

"its called teleportation." states Becky.

Tisha mutters, "Dah, flip wilson! Can't ya give a girl some warning
before you pull that mess?! GAWD!"

Let's just go back home, huh Kimmie?" states Becky. "Ok, let's leave."
states Kim as she walks to the cockpit.

Nanyo and Sashi both make for the cockpit, wanting to help Kim pilot
the ship. Suki gets to her feet as Tisha does the same, neither one
knowing quite what to do at this point in time.

Kim sits in the sent and presses a few buttons causing the ship to move
towards the sky.

Sashi asks, "Miss Kim, Might I try a hand at piloting? I am...
intrigued after working on it..." Nanyo moves behind Kim's pilot seat,
wrapping her arms around Kim's neck, just wanting to be close to her

"Sashi, I'm going to be honest with you, no one besides Becky is
allowed to pilot my ship. As a matter of fact, If for some reason I'm
not in this ship and Becky is, she's in command." states Kim.

Sashi nods, "I see.... Then, should you need me, I will be with
Mistress..." She leaves the cockpit, moving to Becky's side and
standing there.

"Sashi, let's go to the back room." states Becky.

Sashi nods, "As you wish..." She follows Becky, leaving Suki and Tisha
standing out in the hallway.

"We'll be there shortly you two." states Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay, Kimmie..." She sits down on the floor, twiddling
her thumbs for lack of anything else to do as Tisha begins to a do a
little pee-dance.

The ship then enters space shortly afterwards.

Nanyo hugs Kim's neck gently as she asks, "So how fast is this baby,

Tisha begins to moan softly and wince as she continues her pee-dance.

"It can reach warp speed." states Kim smiling.

"Warp speed? The hell is that, some kinda disease?" questions Nanyo,
copping another feel of Kim's breasts.

Meanwhile, Sashi whispers to Becky, "Mistress... The brat has to go
potty... I can read her mind easily..."

"It's uber fast, I don't know the actual speed." replies
Kim. Becky grins. "If she hasn't said anything then it must not be too

Sashi explains, "But it is bad, Mistress... Otherwise, she would not
show it in her actions and in her mind... It must be bad for her..."

Nanyo grins, "Cool... wanna punch it up to warp speed sometimes, babe?"
She pinches Kim's right nipple teasingly.

I can't do that, the Pioneer 2 is right in front of us." states Kim.
"Let the girl suffer." laughs Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Somethin' wrong with enjoying pleasure, Starki-chan?"
Sashi blinks, "You want her to pee herself, Mistress?" Outside the
room, Tisha moans and groans as she clenches her thighs together.

"Huh? Oh sorry..." states Kim as she blushes slightly as she realizes
want Nanyo's hand is doing. "Heh, exactly." states Becky.

Nanyo slides her hand down across Kim's tummy, asking, "Ya ticklish,

Tisha continues her pee-dance as Sashi questions, "Would it not be more
fun to bring her in here and play with her body, Mistress?"

"Yeah, but not on my stomach." states Kim. "Nah, I want her to wet
herself like she is, just have the urge be too much for her and just
can't hold it anymore. 100% embarrassment."

Nanyo grins, "Then what about here, Starki-chan?" She starts rubbing
Kim's abdomen gently, tenderly. Sashi nods, "I see... do you wish to
watch her, Mistress?" Outside, Tisha is beginning to bounce up and
down, holding herself tightly.

"Doesn't tickle, but if does feel good." states Kim. "Yeah, lets watch

Nanyo smiles, "And how about now?" She pushes in slightly. Sashi moves
aside so that Becky can lead the way as, outside, Tisha begins to

"I don't have to pee if that's what your trying Nanyo." replies Kim
smiling. Becky goes to the door of the room and presses a button off to
the side causing the door to raise up slowly and quietly

Nanyo laughs, "That's okay... But just to be certain..." She crouches
down behind Kim and slides one hand up between Kim's thighs, tenderly
rubbing the left one.

Sashi peeks outside, seeing Tisha talking with Suki. The young time
mage asks, "Suki... is it? Where the ergotboguasdf is the
fasdofduawstdsal bathroom on this ship?!"

Suki simply shakes her head and blushes shyly as she crosses her own

"What are you doing that for?" asks Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Just checkin'... I wouldn't want you to pee yourself,
now, would I?" She slips a finger up to Kim's shorts and slides it
inside, rubbing the crotch of her panties.

"I doubt you'd be disappointed if I did." smiles Kim.

"True... but you'd prolly be embarrassed to be walking around with wet
panties and wet shorts, ne?" Nanyo slides her finger inside of Kim's
panties, gently stroking her pubic mound.

"It's not like I have more in the back room yanno."

Nanyo grins, "So you WANT to wet yourself, then, Starki-

"NO, I'm just saying if I did, I got clean clothes."

Nanyo grins, "Gotcha..." She pushes her finger down Kim's body to the
sensitive folds below and starts stroking tenderly.

"Hey, were almost there, can't you wait?"

Nanyo pouts, "Awwww...." as Tisha calls, "H-Hey, Where's the
werenasdf;l BATHROOM on this stupid ship?! I GOTTA PEE-PEE!"

"Just hold it in. we're there." states Kim.

Tisha moans, "Awh! B-But... I... I can't! I... It hurts!"

Kim then sighs. "I really don't feel like cleaning the floor ether
though..." states Kim to herself.

Tisha nearly screams, "Come ON! I... I GOTTA PEE-PEE SO BADLY NOW!"
There is the hint of pain and tears in her voice.

"Ok, ok, the bathroom is behind you to your left." states Kim.

Tisha cries, "THANKS!" and quickly dives in there as Suki half-
walks/half-hobbles up to Kim. "Um... There wouldn't be a second
bathroom on this ship, would there, K-Kimmie?"

"Nope, sorry, you'll just have to wait."

"O-Okay..." replies Suki, beginning to do a little pee-pee dance of her

Sashi turns to Becky and states, "My sister needs to pee too... Should
we watch or interfere?"

"Hmm, I just thought of something. all of you guys need to wearing
clean clothes. Kimmie is most likely going to take you to the principal
to get started on you guys membership."

Sashi protests, "But my contract clearly states I must be wearing the
same panties... How can we remedy the situation?"

"I forgot all about that. Hmm, how much of your panties are yellow?"

Sashi holds up her skirt, revealing that the crotch is yellowed, but
the majority is still kinda whitish.

"Hmm, this presents a problem..." states Becky appearing to think.

Sashi asks, "Does this mean I cannot join the Federation, Mistress?"

"No, you can still join, but they'll think you have weak bladder

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not care what they think so long as
they allow me to become a member, Mistress..."

"Ok." replies Becky. Kim then calls out. "We're here, let's get out and
I'll take you guys to meet my boss."

Suki, still crossing her thighs, whimpers softly, but follows Kim as
Nanyo falls into step behind her. Tisha and Sashi follow Becky as well.

The group teleports out into the hanger. "We just go to the teleporter
over there about 5 yards away." states Kim as she points to her left.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... didn't we take that one before, Starki-chan?"

"Yeah, it's the way out of the hanger." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Let's go!" as Suki taps Kim on the back, "Um, is there a
restroom nearby, Kimmie... I really gotta go..."

"Just hold it a little longer, ok Suki?" replies Kim.

Suki whines, "I.. I'll try... b-but I don't know... how much longer I
can hold it..."

"Good, it won't take that long. Let's go." The group then stands in the
teleporter and disappears into a large room standing in a much larger

Nanyo gasps, "Geezus... this a big room, ya?" Tisha also remarks,
"Gawd... What'd they keep in here, King Kong?"

"It's one of the main teleporters. it can take you to just about
anywhere and transport a large amount of people or things." explains
Becky. Kim then states "Principal's office." and a computerized voice
answers... "CONFIRMED." the group once again teleports into a smaller
room with a long white walkway ending near the center of the room. The
room is sphere shaped and the ceiling appears to be glass as the
vastness of space can be seen. At the middle of the room, three desks
sit in the circled area, all three sits at the edge of the floor. with
a female at the right desk, a male at the left one and a nicely dressed
man sits at the center desk. All three turn their attention to the
group that's just appeared.

"You guys wait here. OK?" states Kim.

Nanyo nods, "Okay..." as Suki squirms and bounces. Tisha frowns, "More
waiting?! Man, this sucks..."

"Just bear with me Suki, I'll make it quick." Kim then teleport to the
middle of the room and starts to converse with the man at the middle

Nanyo turns to Becky and asks, "So who are those people, Becks?"

Sashi sighs, "Seems like a lot of red tape if you ask me..."

"The one in the middle is the one me and Kimmie work for, the other guy
is our boss' assistant, the girl is his secretary." explains Becky.

Nanyo asks, "And what do you do, persay? I mean, I know Starki's a
hunter... but what do you do?"

"I'm a hunter too." smiles Becky.

"Really? What is it that you hunt?"

Becky begins to open her mouth but Kim teleports back to
the group. "Ok, come on its ok now." states Kim.

Suki whines, "K-Kimmie... I.... I can't hold it... I... I'm starting to
lose it!"

"Suki come on, not now. Just a little longer, please." states Kim.

Suki whines and squirms harder, clutching herself tightly as she tries
to follow Kim.

"Thank you Suki." The group then walks to the middle of the room. Kim
steps forward and specks to the man. "Sir, these are the four I
mentioned to you."

The man walks in front of his desk. "Hmm, I see. The four of you, stand
in front of me in a line so i can get a good look at you." states the

Nanyo winks and gives a lusty look as Tisha and Sashi stand really
stiff, like at attention, as Suki squirms and presses her thighs
together, blushing darkly.

The man steps in front of Nanyo. "What is your full name?"

Nanyo replies, "Nanyo Chiamaki... and doncha dare call me Chi-Chi-

"I see, and how do you defend yourself? What can you do?"

Nanyo grins, "Wanna see my big ass sword?"

"That won't be necessary, thank you." the man then walks to Tisha,
looking down to her. "What is your full name?"

Tisha replies, "Tisha...." She looks from side to side, then whispers,
".... Fomhot..." Then she blushes, clearly showing that she doesn't
want anyone to know her last name.

"And what can you do little one?"

"I... I can control time for as long as my chi holds out..." replies

"Hmm, interesting." replies the man before walking to Sashi. "And your
full Name?"

"Sashi Lee Nihon...." answers the taller slave girl.

"and your abilities?"

"Strong mental telepathy and telekinesis and super speed..."

The man suddenly frowns. "Telepathy huh? I'm going to make this very
clear to you. you are not permitted to ever, I repeat, EVER use that
power in public or you will be killed on sight. Do you understand?"

"Understood." replies Sashi dully.

"Good." the man then walks to Suki. "And your full name is?

Suki trembles, both from her urges and her timidness, "S-Suki.. N-

"Is something wrong? Your shaking." states the man. Kim, who's standing
behind the four, pleads in her head. 'Come on Suki, just a little
longer, just a little longer...'

Suki blushes, "I... I'm embarrassed... b-but.. I... I godda PEE!" she
wails, a short burst escaping her lips, causing her panties to receive
a one inch circular wet spot on them.

A quick laugh leaves the mans lips. "I see, well we're nearly done
here. Just one more question, What powers or abilities do you have?"

Suki clenches up, still fighting her bladder as she replies, "I... I
have red magic.. a-and summons.... OOH-OOH!"

"Good..." the man then walks in front of the four. "Miss Chaimaki,
Fomhot, and both Nihon's, you will now take a physical examination." he
then looks at Suki. "You will be able to use a restroom."

Suki blushes, looking shyly down at her feet, mumbling, "O..Okay..."
Nanyo grins, "Lead the way!"

"The teleporter behind me, each of you enter it one at a time. you will
be taken to an exam room. I look forward to each of you passing."

Nanyo nods, "ME FIRST!" and enters the teleporter.

"Let, Miss Suki enter the teleporter next so she can use the bathroom."
states the man.

Nanyo frowns, "Awww.... ok... but I'm NEXT! ^^"

Suki walks forward and enters the teleporter, asking meekly, "Where are
you going to send me?"

"To the examination room, there's a rest room there. just ask the
person you meet there." states the man.

Suki nods, "O-Okay... T-Thank you..." She bows respectfully.

the scene now changes to show Suki appearing in an exam room, complete
with everything a person would need in a physical exam, including the
'infamous bed' lol

Suki speaks up, "Um, is anyone there? I... I need to use the
restroom..." She looks around, trying to find someone to help her.

A lady dressed in a white coat, blue hair and small glasses comes
around a corner. "Hello, and your name is?" asks the lady nicely.

"IgoddapeesobadI'mwettingmypanties!" cries the small girl.

"My, that's a mouthful. Do you have anything shorter?"

"SorryI'mSukiwhere'sthebathroomIgoddapeebeforeIwetmypanties! " replies
the (poor?) girl thrashing about frantically as another short spurt
escapes her numb urethra.

"Can you talk slower? i can't understand you. I want to help."

"AHHHHHHHHH!" screams the little girl, suddenly peeing hard into her
panties and all over the floor, her bladder emptying itself in droves
for nearly 1 minute.

"Oh my, that's why you were so tense. I'm so sorry."

Tears appear in Suki's eyes as she whines, "Oh no...! I'.... I've done
it... I've wet myself... I... I'm so sorry! I... I just couldn't hold
it anymore! G-Gomen nasai!"

"Hey, it's ok. It's my fault. I'll go get you something to clean
yourself ok?" states the lady.

Suki sniffs, "O... Okay...."

"I'll be back shortly." states the lady as she leaves the area and out
of sight.

Suki pulls her drenched panties off, pulling her skirt down slightly to
make sure no one can see under it and deposits her panties on the
floor, hoping no one can see them.

The lady returns holding a small towel. "Here."

Suki replies, "Th-Thank you.... I... mean.... Arigato!" She bows
respectfully and turns around, drying herself off.

"After your dry, I'll need you to remove your clothes."

Suki gasps, "NANI?!"

"This is a complete physical, don't worry, only for the exam, nothing

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Al-Alright then..." She blushes heavily as she
begins to remove her top.

The lady waits patiently

After Suki removes her top, her fingers tremble as she removes her bra,
showing off her 32-A breasts to this stranger.

"The skirt too."

Again, Suki blushes as her fingers tremble, but she does as ordered,
revealing her tender labia to the woman.

"Good, we can begin..." states the lady as she removes a thin glove
from her coat pocket and puts it on her right hand.

Suki asks, her voice trembling worse than her body, "Wh-What are y-you
g-going to do?"

the lady smiles, "Don't worry, if anything, you'll enjoy it." states
the woman as she places her left hand on Suki's right

Suki looks unconvinced, but decides not to ask questions.

"If it makes it easier for you, my name it Si (pronounced 'Sigh')."

"O-Ok... M-Mine name is Suki... S-Suki Nihon..."

"That's a pretty name." states Si as she places her gloved hand on
Suki's right breast, and kneads the flesh there.

Suki sucks in a deep breath, letting it out in a low hiss, "Y-You r-
really think so?"

"That ones fine..." states Si to herself before replying to Suki.
"Yeah, it really is. I never heard that name before." Si now switches
breasts and repeats the kneading of Suki's left breast.

Her breast swelling slightly with arousal that makes Suki blush, she
asks, "And why have you never heard that one, before, Miss Si?"

Si smiles, "No ones had the name." she removes her hand from her
breasts. "Well your breasts are fine."

Suki asks, "Is there any reason they shouldn't be?"

"No, just making sure. Does this hurt?" states Si as she prods Suki's
stomach with her fingers.

Suki suddenly yawns, "No... but it does make me feel sleepy every time
someone touches me there... I've been told it's something about my mana
or something..."

"Oh, well i can't have you sleeping on me. Go lay on the bed over
there." states Si referring to the bed to Suki's right.

Suki nods, "Ok..." and moves to the bed, hopping up on it, then leaning
back as per the order.

"Great." states Si as she walks around the bed to Suki's right side.
"I'm going to need you to spread your legs."

Suki blushes, but remembers that this is for Kim and does so.

"I know this must be embarrassing but just bear with me." Si then
inserts her index and middle finger into Suki's vagina.

Suki feels her tight vagina spread apart and sweat appears on her
forehead as she moans, "Ooh... that's... really... tight..." She
squeezes her eyes shut, trying to block out the pleasure.

Si then runs her fingers over the walls of Suki's vagina slowly.

Suki moans louder and louder in pleasure as she begins to secrete her
girlish fluids.

Si then giggles. "I didn't I say you might like it?"

Suki blushes and whines, "I... I can't help it.... I... I can't control
it..." Her unique scent now begins to fill the room.

"Well it's too bad I need to continue the exam." states Si as she
removes her fingers.

Suki gasps, "Oh... awh.... It was f-feeling... r-really good... t-
too..." Then she blushes at what she just said.

"Ok, this part every one hates, turn over to your hands and knees and
stick out your rear end." states Si.

Suki gasps, "Y-You're not gonna stick anything in there, are you? I-It
is supposed to be a sacred place for the Ap Dat..."

"Sacred or not, if must be done..." states Si as she removes a very
thin silver rod from her coat pocket.

Suki whines, "It has to be done to be a member?"

"yes, I don't nessacarly enjoy this part ether."

Suki sighs and gets into position, bracing herself for the penetration
she KNOWS is coming.

Si then placed her left hand on Suki's left cheek of her butt. "Here it
comes..." she then inserts the thin rod into Suki anal opening, slowly
going deeper and deeper.

Suki grits her teeth, biting on her tongue as she tenses hard, trying
her hardest to not jump up and fight back.

After the rod enters two inches, Si pats Suki's left cheek. "Your doing
really good. I'm proud of you for easily cooperating."

Suki whines, "I... I'm trying... but.. it's so cold... a-and that was
supposed to be my last area of virginity..." She squirms slightly,
though it is apparent that she is trying to control herself.

"Well, as a compliment, you seem to keep yourself clean down here."

Suki blushes, "I-Isn't everyone that clean?"

"I wish they were..." states Si trailing off.

Suki chooses not to question that, not really wanting to know why.

"Ok, this is done." states Si as she pulls the rod out.

Suki relaxes, sighing in relief. Then she asks, "What is all this for,
anyway, Miss Si?"

"It's for your membership silly. This is almost done anyway, you can
stand back up now."

A while later, Suki appears back in the Principals office, her friends
gone except for Kim, who greets her upon reappearing in the room.
"Heya, How'd it go?"

Suki blushes and replies softly, "I peed myself... then I had a breast
exam and something metal inserted into my... my.... you know... " Here
she pats her rear end.

"Oh, well now it's time for your physical test."

"T-Test?!" exclaims Suki.

"Correct." states Kim's boss to Suki's left. "You must prove that you
are able to defend yourself when under attack."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay...."

"Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you use magic right?"
states the man.

"Y-Yes sir.. I.. I do...".

The man holds his left hand out and a long staff with a small curved
photon blade. "This is yours. While nearly useless for
close range combat, it will amplify your magic power."

Suki asks, "It's cool-looking... how do I use it?"

"Simply holding it will amplify your power. Of yeah, Starr there will
not be going with you."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... Wh-Where will I be defending myself?"

"Heh, don't worry, you will meet someone and the start of
the area. Your going to be going to the planet Ragol."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..."

"Seeya Suki, come back alive ok?" states Kim.

Suki gasps, "What do you mean, come back alive?!"

"Good luck miss Nihon." states Kim's boss before Suki suddenly
disappears and reappears in a big clearing with a few streams running
through the ground.

Suki looks around, looking timid but alert as she mutters, "Now WHAT?
Who am I suppose to meet here?"

in the distance Suki suddenly spots a female figure standing, appearing
to be waited.

Suki sees her and begins to walk toward, calling out, "Hey... Are you
who I'm supposed to meet?!"

The person doesn't respond for some reason but as Suki gets closer and
closer, she can notice dozens of birds laying on the ground on there
back, obviously dead. from behind, this person looks eerily close to
the way Kim looks. Long hair and all, however, she wears a totally
version of what Kim wears.

Suki calls out, "Kimmie?! Is that you?"

The girl disappears in a black aura Suki is suddenly floored as she
feels a force punch her. the girl stands to the side of Suki, her face
hidden by her hair. "Don't you ever call me that again."

Suki cries out, "OW! That really hurt!" Tears of pain come to her eyes
as she calls, "K-Kimmie? Wh-Why did you hit me?!"

The girl reaches down to Suki and picks her up by her neck and off the
ground. The girls face now visible to Suki.

It looks to be Kim except a long thin scare goes across the girls face
and her eyes red. "I said don't call me that!"

Suki gulps and gags, "O-Ok... I... I'm sorry! I... I mistook you for my
friend! P-Please let me go!"

"A friend? you call that bit*h your friend?" states the girl.

Suki looks afraid now, "I-Is there a reason I shouldn't?"

The girl suddenly smiles evilly, a look that fits her
perfectly. "I could kill you and she'd never know..."

Suki gasps, "No!" and immediately swings the rod like object into the
other girl's head.

The girl suddenly laughs and drops Suki to the ground. "Pathetic, a
weakling like you wouldn't even be worth killing."

Suki flushes, "I... I'll show you how weak I am!" She closes her eyes
and begins chanting in Ap Dat. A few seconds later, she thrusts out her
free hand, screaming, "FIRA!"

A small blaze of fire shoots from her hand and surrounds the other

The girl laughs. "you can't hurt me."

Suki gasps, "No way... resistant to fire...? How about..." She chants
softly then screams, "Blizzara!"

"What do you do all day? sit around and fu*k yourself? I'm not even
feeling anything. Maybe I should just put you out of your misery."

Suki cries, "OH YEAH! Try this!" She chants her spell one more time,
only this time she ends with, "FENRIR!" A wolfish creature barrels out
from behind her and Suki hops onto it's back as she charges toward the

The girl suddenly grabs the neck of the wolf-like creature and it
immediately disintegrates. and Suki drops to the ground. "You won't
run, at least your brave."

Suki gasps, "Fe-Fenrir! No!"

"Heh, I'm not going to teach test someone who knows that bit*h. Tell
them to get some else." states the girl as she walks back to the
teleport back in the clearing and teleports. leaving Suki.

Suki, stunned, walks back to the teleporter and disappears
from the planet.

Suki reappears in the principals office and Kim has also left. "I'm
sorry Miss Nihon, I should not have giving that job to that girl. are
you ok?" asks Kim's boss.

Suki gasps, "She really was gonna kill me...."

"I've assigned a better teacher for you. Would you be so kind as to
return to Ragol?"

Suki gulps, "Do-Do I have to?"

"I assure you, your event Sara will not be repeated."

Suki sighs, "O-Okay...." She steps back on the platform.

Suki teleports again, returning to the area. a redheaded girl now
greets her." Hello there!" states the girl cheerfully.

Suki asks, "I... I'm trying to become a member of the Federation... My
name is Suki Nihon... What is yours?"

"It's Suu, Nice to meet ya." Suu extends her right hand.

Suki reaches out her hand and shakes Suu's. Then she asks, "So what do
we have to do out here?" She indicates the planet.

"I just have to test you on a few things. follow me." states Suu as she
runs off away from Suki.

Suki follows Suu, asking, "Is it okay if I fly? I'm so terri-AH!" Suki
cries out as she trips and falls down.

"No, no flying. you see that monster in the distance about 7 yards

Suki looks and nods, "Yeah... I see it... Are those claws sharp?" She
trembles slightly.

"Yeah, very. I want you to go kill it."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..." She moves to within 1 yard of the monster and
begins chanting a fire spell.

The Booma sees Suki and growls.

Suki then casts her "Fira" spell on it and watches as the fire
surrounds the creature.

The creature wails in pain a moment before slowly stepping towards

Suki backs away slowly, chanting another spell.

The creature continues its slow advancement.

Suki screams, "Thundara!" and three small bolts of Lightning hit the

the Booma screams in pain as it falls over dead. Suu runs up behind
Suki excited. "Good, good! that was perfect!" states Suu.

Suki smiles, "S-So that... monster... was weak against Thunder?"

"Weak against fire actually, you must've weakened it
enough to the point one more spell killed it. but don't get to cocky,
fighting one is easy, it's when there in groups that make them deadly."

Suki gulps, "O-Okay... What's next?"

"A group of course."

Suki looks around, "Ok... where do we start looking?"

"let's go to the middle of the area..."

Suki nods and follows Suu.

once in the middle. Suu brandishes two swords, similar to
Kim's except icy blue in color. "Get ready."

Suki twirls her rod like a cheerleader and a grim look comes to her
face. "I'm ready..."

All of a sudden, 6 Booma's come up from the ground and growl at the two

Suki immediately closes her eyes and begins chanting.

"Let the fun begin!" states Suu happily as she charges the three
creatures in front of her.

Suki nods and screams, "Fira!", casting a fire spell on the three
behind her and immediately diving into another spell chant.

Suu immediately kills the three Booma's in one fluid motion, while
Suki's fire hurts one of the three but the two unhurt ones continue
there advancement. "You better get the other ones too." states Suu.

Suki nods and screams, "FIRA!" causing flames to rise up around the
other two at the same time.

"Nice, watch that middle one." warns Suu as the middle Booma is
suddenly a yard from Suki and closing.

Suki then spins her rod and jams it right between the Booma's eyes,
hitting it for all she's worth, and fortunately, knocking it out
without killing it.

"Good, but you should distance yourself from them since you use
spells." states Suu.

Suki nods, breathless, "Yeah... I'm more a back row fighter... but
there was no where to run this time..." She looks slightly drained.

"Hey, you knocked down one but there's two more about too hit you!"
states Suu quickly as the two other creatures are a half a yard from
her almost in striking distance.

Suki screams and a sudden burst of light covers her as she screams,
"Firaga!" A big pillar of flame rises up and incinerates the Booma duo.
When the monsters are dead, Suki slumps down, exhausted.

"Nice, so you see. even though there easy to kill, when there in groups
they can be trouble."

Suki whines weakly, "Y-yeah... can we go back now? I... I'm
exhausted... th-that last Fira really took it out of me..."

"Ok we can-" Suu stops as she suddenly hears a wolf like growl. "Uh
oh... We got company."

Suki looks up, "Hmmm? Wh-What was that, Suu?"

Suddenly three big blue and white wolfs jump from the bushes and circle
the two girls. "Crap, Suki, what ever you do, don't let them see your
back. they attack the moment they side your back."

Suki trembles, "O-Okay..." She puts her back to Suu so that both girls
are standing back to back.

"There weak to thunder, so once I give the signal we both attack the
same one, ok?"

Suki pants, "O... Okay..." She closes her eyes and prepares her chant.

"One... two... three, NOW!" exclaims Suu as she slices the air with her
right sword and a 3 simotanious bolts of lightning its a wolf.

Suki screams, "Thundara!" and three more bolts strike the other two

"I said attack the same one, but that's ok. I'll finish them off."

Suki gasps, "I... I'm sorry... I.. I didn't hear that part..." She
blushes and begins to prepare another thunder spell.

"fly up into the air, I'll finish this." states Suu as her swords
disappear and a huge two-handed sword (think cloud) appears in her

Suki jumps into the air as per Suu's request and hovers at about 200
feet, watching the action unfold beneath her.

As soon as Suki flies up, exposing Suu's back to one of the wolfs who
immediately growls and jumps toward her. "Heh, dumb animal.." smiles
Suu as she spins around and cleaves the wolf in two in mid jump. the
two others jump and meet the same fate as Suu effortlessly spins the
sword around.

Suki gasps, "Wow! That's amazing! You're really strong, Miss Suu!" She
tries to land carefully, but winds up tripping on a branch behind her
and falls on her butt.

"Yeah, but Kimberly's much stronger than me." replies Suu.

Suki gulps, getting to her feet, "I... I guess I'm lucky that she's
going to enter the Fa'lin ceremony with me instead of fighting me..."

"Huh? You know Kimberly?" asks Suu surprised.

"You weren't referring to Kimmie Starr?" gasps Suki, suddenly flushing
in embarrassment. "I... I'm sorry..."

"No, I was, I mean, she's your friend or something?"

Suki blushes, suddenly staring at her feet as she mumbles, "S-She's my

"Lover? But I saw her with that other girl. Dang, so Kimberly's got
more than one girl? Heh, that lucky girl." states Suu smiling.

"Was the other girl... a red haired girl?" asks Suki, feeling a slight
pang of jealousy.

"Yeah, I think her name was Nanyu or something."

A smile spreads across Suki's face as she replies, "Oh... Nan'chi.. Y-
Yes... She's my other lover... All three of us are going to be together

"A threesome? Kimberly is a little freak huh?" states Suu giggling.

Suki shakes her head, "No... We're an Oln'tyl... We aren't really
freaks... are we?" She looks a little sad.

"Hey, hey, I didn't mean that in a bad way."

"Th-Then... are you saying you understand?" asks Suki.

"Yeah, I understand. anyway, the test is over, lets head back."

Suki nods, "O-Okay..." She follows Suu.

They walk back to the teleporter and return to the
office. Suu walks to the Principal. "The test was a success, Suki even
stayed calm when we were ambushed." states Suu.

"That's good to hear, you are dismissed." states the man. Suu then
leaves. "Miss Nihon..." calls the principal.

Suki replies, "Y-Yes, Mr..." then she falls silent, not knowing what to
call this person.

"From this moment on you are to address me as 'sir', understand?"

Suki nods, "Yes, sir..."

"Now, to give you this..." states the man as he hands Suki a thin ID-
like card.

Suki looks at the card and sees.....

her own reflection, yet its also see-through. "That card is proof of
your membership, and serves as a means for buying things. There are
5000 credits on the card to use as you see fit." states the man.

Suki bows respectfully and replies, "Thank you, sir."

"and one final thing..." states the man as her takes from his desk 1 of
4 PDA-like devices. "This telecommunicator is yours."

Suki questions, "How do I use it, sir?"

"Simply touch the screen and a few windows will pop up from the device.
Then touch a screen that has what you what. It's like a hand-held
computer, except you use your fingers to make the selections."

Suki nods and replies, bowing again, "Thank you, sir."

"Starr has requested meeting with you. we will send you to her room

Suki nods, "O-Okay... Th-Thank you very much, sir."

Suki disappears once again and reappears in a room that looks much like
a living room, complete with couches, a TV set, a lamp here and there
and a few doors leading to other rooms. But Kim doesn't seem to be in
this room.

Suki, timidly, calls out, "K-Kimmie...? Are you in here?" She starts
looking around.

Kim voice can be heard from behind a nearby door. "Suki? your here?
Hold on a sec, I'll be right out."

Suki replies, "O-Ok... C-Can I sit down on one of the couches? I... I
feel a little drained...."

"Sure, Make yourself at home."

Suki then walks to the nearest couch and sits down upon it, resting her
hands in her lap, still looking nervous and timid.

a moment later, Kim comes out of the room and sits next to Suki. "So,
what happened? Tell me how it went!" Kim seems really interested in
hearing how Suki's test went.

Suki describes the test in full detail; she talks about the first girl
Sara, and how she hit her then she goes on to talk about her
experiences with Suu. She ends by saying, "And Miss Suu seemed to know
you, Kimmie."

"Sara? You... met Sara?" asks Kim looking as though she doesn't want to
believe Suki.

Suki nods, "Yeah... she was the one who hit me here.." She indicates
the spot where Sara hit her, where a bruise is starting to form.

"Suki, can you describe what she looks like?" Kim's happy tone has
obviously left her voice.

Suki describes everything she remembers about Sara, which is obviously
a lot.

"So, you really did meet her..." states Kim as she stands up slowly.

Suki asks, "Why does she hate you so much, Kimmie? What could you have
done to incite such hatred?"

"i was the favorite..." states Kim lowly.

"Favorite? You mean.... she's your sister?!" asks Suki, incredulously.

"That's... one way of putting it..." replies Kim.

"Wow... S-So you both.... and you were the favorite.... s-so....
man.... she's not going to try to kill you, is she?"

"Actually, she's vowed to kill me."

"No! That can't be true! .... Can it?" asks Suki, tearfully.

"Yes, if it wasn't for her weakness, I'd already be dead."

"A-And what's that, Kimmie? What's her weakness?" asks Suki, trembling
in fear.

"She can't kill someone who doesn't fight back. Heh, as full of hatred
as she is she still has honor." replies Kim smiling.

"S-So... as long as you don't fight back, she won't kill you?"


Sara's voice is then heard in the room. "She's a coward! That's all she

Suki gasps in shock and huddles closer to Kim, feeling really scared

A dark figure appears from a suddenly dark corner of the room. and Sara
walks next to the two. "I have no weakness, I just don't kill a
coward." states Sara.

Suki gasps, "H-How d-did you do that?!" and huddles closer to Kim,
shielding Kim's heart with her own body.

"She's not human Suki." states Kim. "Heh, da*n right I'm not. Why don't
you tell her why?" replies Sara. Kim looks away and remains silent.

Suki asks, "Kim? Please tell me... Please?"

"I'll tell you myself-." states Sara before being cut off by Kim. "No!
Don't tel-" begins Kim before her right arm is suddenly ripped from the
metal base holding it in place. Kim still screams in pain. "Don't
interrupt me bit*h!" states Sara.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHH!" and suddenly she glows bright purple as a
shell forms around Kim and her body, trying to give Kim enough time to
put her arm back on.

"Don't bother trying to put it pack on, I ripped it right out. That
ones not going back on even if you tried. Now, back to my statement,
that bit*h killed me."

Suki cries, "NO! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! GO AWAY!" The shell starts
expanding, pushing Sara further and further away from Kim and Suki.

"More of your weak magic?" laughs Sara as she then places her hand on
the shell and it gains a black coloring. "Suki, don't fight back. As
long as you do she has now problem killing you." states Kim.

Suki's eyes water briefly, then suddenly she passes out in Kim's lap,
breathing heavily.

Sara then walks to Kim. "Please, just leave." states Kim looking to the
floor. Sara then grasps Kim by the neck and lifts her off the floor.

"I'll leave for good when I kill you, just fight back and let me end
your life." states Sara.

Suki falls to the floor, still breathing heavily.

"I may not want to kill a non combative person, but it won't stop me
from hurting them." smiles Sara.

Suki moans weakly and starts to come to.

"Heh, you want the same scare I gave that little
incestuous girl?" asks Sara.

"Please don't." pleads Kim. Sara smiles as she releases Kim leaving her
suspended in the air before turning her around, her back facing Sara.
Kim's top is suddenly ripped from her body, her bare back exposed to

Suki moans, "Owweeeee.... I... I feel so exhausted.... and drained....
and my head hurts.... Oh this ground is nice and cold.... "

Sara's right hand now glows with a dark energy. "Just so ya know, This
is going to hurt like hell." laughs Sara. "Don't do this, please." begs

Suki mumbles, "That's it, Kimmie... just let it go...."

Sara raises her right hand over her left shoulder. "Here it comes..."

Sara sadistically as she then swiftly sends her hand across Kim's back
and a long black cut is made. Causing Kim to scream from the hellish
pain. "A scream of pain, there's nothing like that sweet sound..."
smiles Sara.

Suki mumbles, "Did it hurt that bad, Kimmie? Your bladder is too

"That girl screamed the same way you did when I did that to her. I like
being in the physical world, I must thank you for that... sister." Sara
then laughs as she disappears in a black cloud of smoke. "I'll be back,
and next time, that girl there will give me her best scream..." echoes
Sara's voice.

Kim then drops back to the floor. the cut she has no blood coming from
it but a black 'aura' emits from the wound. despite this, Kim gets to
her feet and kneels next to Suki and places a hand on her shoulder

Suki moans, "Kimmie? Have you lost it yet?" She seems stuck in her

"Suki, wake up." states Kim shaking Suki.

Suki's eyes finally open as she moans, "Owwwiee.... Wh-Where am I?" She
slowly starts to sit up.

"My room, My... sister came."

Suki looks up, declaring, "Oh yeah... Sara... ow... why am I on the
cold floor?"

"you passed out..."

Suki grumbles, blushing, "Ow... I... I'm sorry, Kimmie... I... How

"I need a new arm now..." states Kim as she stands up.

Suki gets up to her feet as well, and asks, "You... have replacement

"No, and Sara damaged the base as well. Oh well, I need a new one
anyway." replies Kim as she turns around, exposing her back to Suki.

Suki murmurs, "There some sort of blackness on your back, too,

"I know..." states Kim.

"Is it painful, Kimmie?" asks Suki, concerned for her lover's health.

"Yes, very, but there's nothing you can do."

Suki pouts, "Awww... If only I knew an Esuna spell... Those heal

"I'm going to go get fix, you stay here, ok?"

Suki nods but asks, "What should I do if Sara comes back?"

"Don't fight her, if you do that, she won't kill you. I'm sorry I
couldn't give you any better advice.""

"O-Okay... Hurry back, Kimmie!" calls Suki as she flops down on one of
the couches and rests.

"K, seeya." replies Kim as she teleports out.

Suki yawns and rests on the couch for a few minutes, before getting up.
She thinks, "This is a nice place... I guess Kimmie wasn't lying when
she said she was rich... I wonder how much money she makes... Must be a

A moment later Suki can hear the door to Kim's room sliding up.

Suki immediately tenses and jumps behind the couch nearest to the door,
prepared to try to hide from Sara if that is her.

To Be Continued In...
Sara's Strangeness, From One Extreme to Another

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