Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 37)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 37

Title: Chapter 35: Run Becky, Run! It's Your Birthday!

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


The next morning....

Sashi is the first to wake up, snorting, "H-Huh?" She lifts her head
and looks around at Becky.

She finds her standing near a window, looking out from it and smiling.
Not aware of Sashi awake.

Sashi stands up, stretching. Then, she moves to Becky's side and asks,
"Mistress... are you feeling better this morning?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I feel much better, thanks to all of you guys."

Sashi's stomach growls as she asks, "Then, should we go and get
something to eat, Mistress? You must be as hungry as I am..."

"Yeah, I'm starving."

Sashi smiles and holds Becky's shoulders, "Then let us go downstairs,

"Ok." the two then leave the room.

Outside the room, the two run into Suki, who's trying to be really
quiet as she makes her way downstairs. She is carrying a couple of
oranges in her hands.

"Hey, Suki, where's Kimmie?"

Suki gasps, "Ahhh!" and throws her hands up in shock, the oranges
flying up and landing on Sashi's head. "Ow..." is her only response.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Suki clutches her chest, "O-Oh... th-that scared me to death!" Sashi
hands her sister the oranges as Suki replies, "Kimmie? She's in Nanyo's

"and where is that?"

Suki points over her shoulder to the room where she, Kim, and Nanyo had
their fun the previous night. "In there, Becky... and Becky?"

"What is it?"

Suki leans close to her, kisses her and whispers, "I'm sorry about the
whole Hon'tyl mess..."

"I am too, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused."

Suki shakes her head, "Don't ever be sorry, Becky... It was never your
fault..." She turns away and start heading downstairs as Nanyo moans
from her room.

"Let's hurry Sashi, before Kimmie wakes up."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky.

Becky quickly makes her way down the stairs, almost

Sashi cautions, "Be careful, Mistress! You do not want to trip and
fall!" She follows Becky down the stairs.

"I wanna be as far from Kimmie as possible."

Sashi questions, "Why, Mistress?

Becky blushes as she 'ums' then a door could be heard opening and Kim's
voice. "Oh, BB! Where are you?" states Kim sing-songingly. "Sh*t! come
on Sashi, hurry."

Sashi doesn't understand, but follows quickly after her Mistress. She
asks, "What did you do to her, Mistress?"

"Nothing! She does this every year! And she always manages to find me."

"Every year?" questions Sashi, suddenly picking up Becky and
running faster with her in her arms.


"What is she planning, Mistress?" inquires Sashi.

"She going to punch me 18 times."

"A birthday thing, then?" asks Sashi, suddenly stopping.

"What are you stopping for!?"

Sashi grins, "If it is your birthday, Mistress... I must pay my
respects as well..." She flips Becky over, tugging down her pants and
panties to reveal her buttocks.

Becky goes wide-eyed in shock. "What!? What are you doing?!"

"I am giving you your birthday spanking, Mistress..." states Sashi,
bringing her hand back and swatting Becky's behind. "One."

"Ah! you can't be serious!?"

A second swat, harder than the first. "Two." states Sashi.

"No, Kimmie's going to find me. Stop!"

A third swat, hardest yet, followed by a quick grip of her labia.
"Three." states Sashi.

"Ah! Come on Sashi, quit it."

A fourth swat, followed by a light tug of her clit. "Four."

Becky gives up and tenses as she takes the hits.

A Fifth Swat, followed by another tug on her clit. "Five."

Becky continues to 'Ah!' at every hit but a small twinge of pleasure
starts to make itself known to her.

Another swat, followed by a tug and a gentle rub of her tender labia.

"T-This is embarrassing..."

Yet another swat, harder this time and quickly followed by more
tuggings and more rubbings. "Seven."

"Ah!" Becky tenses particularly hard this time.

Sashi continues on, "Eight.'

"Ah!" Becky now starts to shake.

Sashi shows no sign of letting up. "Nine."

Sudden, a drop of liquid falls from Becky's labia as she groans.

"Ten." is the hardest smack yet.

Becky "Ah!'s" loudly as a stream of yellow fluid falls from the folds
of her labia.

Sashi shows no emotion other than a smile as she continues to spank
Becky. "Eleven."

Becky shakes a bit as she continues to urinate, which ends shortly

Sashi thrusts a free finger up Becky's vagina as she swats again.

"Ah! D-don't stop." states Becky pleasantly.

Sashi pushes her finger further and faster up into Becky's vagina, as
she hits almost as hard as she's capable of doing. "Thirteen."

"Oh, yes! Keep going!"

Sashi pinches Becky's urethra tenderly as she jams a second finger
inside and swats again. "Fourteen."

"A groan is again heard from Becky as she starts to tense.

Sashi pinches Becky's urethra again, playing with her G-Spot, as she
swats again, just as hard as ever. "Fifteen."

"A-almost there, m-more."

Sashi again pinches Becky's urethra, really working over her G-spot as
another swat comes down. "Sixteen."

"Becky now starts trembling as her labia and vagina becomes very wet.

Again, Sashi pinches areas on Becky's urethra, pushing her pleasure
higher and higher as she hits Becky's buttocks harder.

A quick spurt then leaves Becky's urethra as she gasps and shakes

Sashi pulls Becky up against her own chest, making sure that Becky can
feel her breasts pressing against her back as she hits Becky as hard as
she can, pinching her urethra ONE more time. "Eighteen."

"AH!" exclaims Becky as a 2-second stream of clear fluid leaves her
urethra followed by a second 1-second stream and Becky undergoing
strong involuntary trembling.

Sashi feels her Mistress trembling and spasming and clutches her closer
as she whispers, "Happy Birthday, Mistress..." She kisses Becky on the

"T-Thank-you Sashi."

Sashi looks up, smiling, "Ah... I uh... I think your sister is near..."

"Near indeed!" states Kim behind them. "Aww, crap." states Becky.

Sashi holds Becky still as she states, "Miss Kim... I held her for

"How nice of you Sashi." states Kim walking to the side.
"No! Let me go!" Becky squirms in Sashi's hold trying to get away.

Sashi's hold becomes tighter. "Do not struggle, Mistress...
It will only be worse if you do..."

"but she's actually going to hit me. It's not the kind that I like."
states Becky. "Oh calm down Becky, it'll be over before ya know it."
smiles Kim.

Sashi says nothing, but continues to hold Becky.

"Ok, 6 to each shoulder and the last six to the back, what do you think
BB?" states Kim. "Come on Kimmie, don't."

Sashi whispers, "After it is over, Mistress... I will take care of
you... I promise..."

"Your no help Sashi." groans Becky. Kim grabs Becky's right arm with
her left hand, about halfway to her elbow. "Here we go..."

"1,2,3..." starts Kim as she begin punching Becky's arm hard, causing
the 18year-old groan in pain.

Sashi holds Becky tight, squeezing her after every blow to reassure

"4,5,6. There, 1/3 of the way done." states Kim as she switches sides.
"Your lucky Sashi's holding me, you know I could beat
you in a fight."

Sashi says nothing, but quietly remembers everything Kim is saying.

"and you can't do that if Sashi's holing you like that, so na na nana
na!" teases Kim as she grabs Becky's left arm in the same manner as her
right and lays a series of 6 hits into her arm. Becky grits her teeth
and takes the hits.

Sashi asks Becky: (MP): Which is it, Mistress? Can you beat her or

"Of course I can?" states Becky. "Huh?" replies Kim.

Sashi nods, "I see..." but doesn't say any more.

"Now Sashi, could you turn her around for me?" asks Kim. "Sashi don't,
come on."

Sashi whispers to Becky, "After she hits you, I am going to let you go
and hold her... Just be patient..."

Sashi turns Becky around.

A smile quickly come to Becky's face. "Great..." states Kim as she puts
her fist up. and punches Becky's back hard. "Ah! Sh*t! that fu*king
hurt!" exclaims Becky.

Sashi whispers, "Be patient, Mistress... Be patient..."

"I know smirks Kim." before delivering another hit to
Becky back. "Ah!

Sashi holds Becky tenderly, reaching up to Becky's eyes to wipe away
any tears that might come out.

"4 more..." states Kim as she sends two punches in succession to the
girls back.

Sashi whispers, "Just two more, Mistress... two more..."

"17, 18. "states Kim as she repeats her action. then
moves her head to the side of Becky's face and kisses her on the cheek.
"And a kiss for luck." states Kim smiling.

Sashi nods at Becky, then lets go of her, kissing her and whispering,
"Go to it..."

Becky smiles and quickly sends her right fist behind her, but Kim
quickly dodges it. "What the hell?! Why'd you let her go?!"
exclaims Kim.

Sashi smirks, "Turnabout is fair play, Miss Kim." Suddenly, she flashes
and reappears behind Kim, grabbing her arms and holding
them to her sides.

"Oh sh*t...." states Kim sweatdropping. "Becky, it's your birthday, I'm
supposed to hit you." states Kim in defense. "Oh really? what book says
that?" stepping to Kim.

Sashi grins, "Get your revenge, Mistress... Then we can go and have

"I'll just need one hit." smiles Becky. "Huh? just one? aw no problem
then." states Kim as her worry disappears.

Sashi holds Kim's arms, beginning to look bored at the situation.

suddenly a glove materializes in Becky's right hand. and Kim upon
seeing it, squirms frantically in Sashi's hold. "Oh fu*k no! Let me go!
Let me go!"

Sashi doesn't let go. She states, "Miss Kim, after all that you put
Mistress through, one punch is only fair..."

"No, you don't understand! that's a weapon she has! She could shatter a
boulder with that! Let me go!" exclaims Kim. "Scared aren't ya." teases

Sashi whispers, "Miss Kim... you have the Spirit Crystal of Suki, do
you not?"

"Uh, y-yeah."

"Then hold it up. It should cast a minor shield spell to protect you
from permanent damage... You will still feel pain, but you will not be
as badly damaged."

Kim isn't able to do so as Becky quickly delivers a punch into Kim's
stomach, and Kim is lifted from her feet as Becky lifts her slightly on
her fist. Kim coughs up a good deal of blood that falls to
the floor as she doesn't even make a sound other than a few gasps of

Sashi blinks and immediately lets go of Kim, saying, "That is enough,

however, Kim continues to be suspended by Becky how promptly drops her
to the floor. Kim huddles up, holding her stomach as she coughs up more

Sashi moves to Kim's side, asking Becky, "Mistress... that was a bit
much... do you not think so?"

"It was just one punch Sashi, chill out." states Becky non-chalontly.

"But you drew blood... and you used a weapon... Miss Kim did not use a
weapon... Is that not fair, Mistress?"

"I guess not..." states Becky sighing.

Sashi sighs, "Shall we go and get some breakfast, then, Mistress?"

"I think we need to take Kimmie back to the room. She won't be able to
move for awhile..."

Sashi replies, "I will have Suki come for her... I think it best if we
leave for the moment..." She puts her arm on Becky's shoulders and
steers her toward the hut.

"Ok, seeya Kimmiiiiiie." teases Becky before she leave. Kim just groans
in pain.

Sashi and Becky disappear into the hut. A few minutes pass, then Suki
comes out to see Kim on the ground. She sighs, "Maybe you shouldn't
have picked on her, Kimmie..." She chants in Ap Dat for a few minutes,
before screaming, "CURA!" All of Kim's wounds are healed almost

Kim gets to her feet. "The little brat, she cheated!"

Suki's eyes widen. "Um... what?" she questions.

"Becky used a weapon on me."

Suki sighs, "Do you really hate your own sister that much,
Kimmie?" She looks sad.

"Hate? I don't hate her. You would you say that?"

"W-Well... you seem determined to hurt her... a-and she seems
determined to hurt you..." She looks away from Kim.

"It's her birthday."

"So you two try to kill each other on your birthdays?" asks Suki giving
Kim this look: o_O

Kim sweatdrops. "Is that what it looks like from the outside?"

Bringing up a finger with some of Kim's remaining blood, Suki sighs,
"It is what it looks like, Kimmie..."

"Heh, I never really thought about what it would look like from another
persons point of view."

Suki sighs, "It sounds horrible... to be a HUnewearl... She starts back
for the hut, looking sad and depressed.

"hey, what's wrong?"

Suki says nothing as she enters the hut and moves back over to the
stove, trying to look busy at frying eggs.

"Come on, what's bothering you?"

Again, Suki says nothing as she turns the burner up, using some of her
fire magic to adjust the heat. Meanwhile, Nanyo staggers into the room,
looking disheveled, her hair all messed up and her eyes blurry as she
yawns, "Yo... what's
for breakfast, Nisu?"

"I can't stand it when you keep something from me when it's bothering
you Suki."

Still, Suki says nothing as Nanyo gulps, "Uh-oh... Starki... what did
Nisu see? She's really pissed off..."

"Me on the floor in pain." states Kim sweatdropping.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... I don't think Nisu likes that scene...
You'd better apologize..."

"Apologize for what?"

Nanyo explains, "You and your sister... Ya gotta explain to her in the
only way she knows how...." Suki slams the pan down, spraying grease on
the floor as she stomps off toward the stairs, shouting, "SHUT UP,

"Uh, and what way would that be"

As Suki passes Nanyo, she hits Nanyo on the shoulder, almost knocking
the taller girl off her feet, before stalking up the stairs. Nanyo
sighs, (TBC)

"You gotta explain to her that you really do love your sister and that
she really loves you... Ya gotta get Becky to help you..."

"She really thinks we hate each other?!"

Nanyo nods, "After seeing all the blood, yeah... I would too, except I
can read your mind...."

"Becky cheated. She used Godhand on me." complains Kim.

"I know, I know! But Suki doesn't understand! You have to explain it to
her and you have to get Becky to help you convince her! It's the only

"Ok, how should I go about doing it then?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Hell if I know! All I know is that ya
gotta get Becky and go see Nisu... 'cause if you don't, Nisu prolly
won't let you near her or even speak to you for a long time..."

"OK, OK, where's Sashi? I'm sure Becky's with her."

Nanyo closes her eyes, asking, "Sash... where are you? You're where?
Ok, got it..." She opens her eyes and states, "Becky is in her room...

"Ok, thanks." Kim leaves to meet Becky.

Nanyo's stomach growls, "Um, what about breakfast?" She states as Kim

Kim gets to Sashi's room and knocks on the door. "uh, Becky, I need you
for a sec."

"What? one punch wasn't enough for you?" states Becky on the otherside
of the door.

Sashi sighs, "Mistress, Please...."

"Ok, ok..." states Becky as she opens the door. "what is
it?" "Suki thinks we hate each other, I need you to prove that isn't

Sashi sighs, "Just like always..."

"What was that Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi sighs and explains, "Suki has always had a hard time
understanding things that she cannot visibly see..."

"Oh, well, I can't have my sister's future wife to think we hate each
other. I'll come." "Great! Thanks."

Sashi sighs, "Poor Suki.... Why she has such a problem I will never
know..." She follows Becky and Kim.

Kim goes and knocks on Suki's door. "Suki, can I come i?"

There is no response. Sashi clears her throat. "Um, Miss Kim... She is
not in there..."

"Are you sure?"

Sashi nods, "Positive... I would be able to sense her presence... Much
like Nan'chi can...."

"well do you know were see is/"

Sashi nods, "I do, indeed..."

"can you tell me?

Sashi nods, "Yes... I believe she is upstairs two floors on
the roof..."

"What could she be doing up there?"

Sashi sighs, "She is hurting, Miss Kim... She clearly feels like she
wants to be alone... and... she is crying..."

"this bad, I have to clear this up."

Sashi sighs, "It does seem to require your attention, Miss Kim..."

"Well lets go then..."

Sashi nods and follows Kim and Becky.

the three reach the roof...

Up there, they see Suki staring silently out at the rising
sun which can be seen through the Tower's upper windows.

"Suki." states Kim.

The girl stiffens slightly, but says nothing.

"Becky's with me."

Again, no response.

Becky then speaks up. "Suki, it's alright, I love Kimmie, you know

There is a sniffle, then a quiet, "Then how could you draw your own
sister's blood? How could you do that? I... I would never do that to

"Heh, I'm ruff, it wasn't my intention."

Suki quivers, "And that makes it all right? That makes it acceptable?"

"Yeah, I think it does..."

Suki sighs, "Then I'm sorry... I can't see it as acceptable..."

Becky then turns to Kim. "I don't think she's believing us." "Suki,
what do I need to do to prove to you the both of us love each other?"

Suki sighs but doesn't say anything. Sashi explains, "I am no expert of
the topic of sisterly love, Suki... but..." She turns to Becky and
whispers, "Show her how you used to wake up Miss Kim every morning...
That might do it..."

"to her or Suki? I'm confused."

Sashi explains, "I suppose it could work either way... like I
said, I am not an expert on sisterly love..."

"Ok, Suki, look over here for a minute." states Becky.

Suki asks, "Why should I? I'm only gonna see two sisters who
don't mind beating the mess out of each other... and I don't want to
see that..."

"No, that's not what I wanna show you."

Suki sighs and turns around. There is an angry look in her eyes and Kim
can't hear the Hymn from her at the moment, though there are twin
trails of tears down either of her cheeks.

"Thank you." Becky now turns around to Kim. "huh? What are you planni-"
Kim is cut off as Becky quickly begins to kiss her as she pulls Kim
down to her level.

Suki's eyes bug out, "Wh-what the?!"

"Like I said Suki, I love Kimmie..." states Becky as she breaks the
kiss momentary. "And i love Becky too Suki." states Kim.

Suki gasps, "But... I... I saw you... the-the blood.... a-and you said
Becky.... Becky caused it... "

"There's times when Kimmie makes me bleed too, but that won't stop me
from loving her." Becky then Kisses Kim again.(TBC)

But this time jumps up onto Kim and wraps her legs around her waist,
and her arms are around Kim's neck. Kim also wraps her arms
around Becky's body as she kiss clearly deepens.

Suki's eyes bug out even more, but she whines, "I... I..." Then she
shouts, " I WANNA JOIN!" and dashes over to them, leaping on top of

the three promptly fall to the floor at Suki's added surprise weight.

Suki closes her eyes and plants a big one on Becky's lips as Sashi
sighs, thinking, "I think she is feeling better..."

"Feel better now Suki-chan?" asks Kim.

Suki nods, "Yea... I think I am... but... I have a question..." She
grins at Becky.

"What it is?" asks Becky smiling

Suki whispers to Becky, "Don't tell Kimmie, but I was wondering if you
could help me put her in some interesting situations where she'd get so
desperate to pee that she couldn't hold it... Could you help me,

"Sure." "What are you two talking about?" asks Kim.

Suki grins and kisses Becky on the lips, "Arigato, Becky-san..."

"No problem. I'd be glad to help."

Suki blushes as she gets back to her feet. She asks, "Kimmie... Becky-
san... Breakfast will be ready in about 15 mins..."

"Great, let's eat!" choruses Kim and Becky at the same time.

Suki giggles and trots off to the kitchen. Sashi blinks and states
dully, "Well, that was certainly anti-climatic... What a boring
sheltered life she has lived..."

"What that supposed to mean Sashi?" asks Becky.

Sashi shakes her head, "Nothing... I was just feeling a little bored,
Mistress..." Her stomach growls again and she looks down.

"Let's go get something to eat."

Sashi nods, "As you wish, Mistress..." She follows Becky to the kitchen
where Suki is berating a sheepish Nanyo and there is the remnants of
smoke in the room. Suki scolds, "Nan'chi! How many times do I have to
tell you?! Don't mess with my cookin' or you'll burn the house down!"
Nanyo gives Suki a sheepish look, "How the hell was I suppose to know
that HI meant HOT?! I thought it meant, Hi as in Hello!"

"Ha! Your so stupid Nanyo!" giggles Becky upon hearing Nanyo's reply.

Nanyo growls, but says nothing at first. Then, she calmly walks over to
Becky, calmly pats her still sore behind causing her to flinch and
calmly says, "Bad girl, huh? That sucks... wanna join me in

"No, I'm hungry."

Nanyo grins, "Ok, then... AFTER breakfast then, you and me... I hear
you like it rough..."

Becky simply smiles at Nanyo.

Nanyo grins, then turns to Kim and nods. (MP): You get Sashi and Suki
out of the way after breakfast, k?

"Uh, sure..." think Kim.

Suki suddenly asks, "Kimmie.... what happened to my dad? And Tisha?"

"I don't know, I forgot all about them."

Nanyo scratches her head, "I did too... Where TF are they?" Just then,
Tisha comes down the stairs, yawning, "What time izzit?"

"there she is." states Kim.

Tisha yawns, "Oh great... the Einstein of the group..."

"huh? Who are you?" asks Becky upon seeing Tisha.

Tisha yawns, "I'm Tisha... Who's this old slut?"

"What the fu*k is your problem?! I'm neither old or a slut!" exclaims

Tisha sniffs, "Yeah, right... and that's not cum I smell on you, then,
is it?" She smirks at the older girl.

"So what if it is? That doesn't mean I'm a slut." replies Becky.

"Yeah, right... you just believe whatever you wanna believe, slut..."
yawns Tisha, giving Kim the "She's crazy" hand gesture.

"That's my sister little girl." states Kim.

"Oh.... uh.... uh-oh..." whimpers Tisha, looking back at Becky and next
to her, Sashi, who is cracking her knuckles. Sashi asks, "May I hurt
her, Mistress?"

Becky smiles and whispers into Sashi's ear... "Just scare her a

Sashi grins, "As you wish, Mistress..." She approaches the loli girl
and smirks, "I am really going to enjoy this..."

Tisha suddenly grins, "Screw you, turdmeister!" She vanishes and a few
seconds later, Sashi is all tied up with a whip, grunting and
struggling to get free and Tisha is standing next to Becky, smirking.

"Whoa, that was nice. Your pretty fast." states Becky.

Tisha smirks again, "That ain't nothing... I didn't even break a sweat
with her... Now it's your turn!" She suddenly disappears
and Becky winds up on the ground, panting heavily and clutching her
stomach before Tisha reappears.

"Ah! you little girl, what did you do that for?" replies Becky.

Tisha stands over Becky, grinning, "Just wanted to show you what I'm
capable of when I get mad..." She offers a hand out to Becky, to help
her up.

Becky smirks and quickly disappears and reappears behind Tisha and
promptly performs a sleeperhold on her.

Tisha gasps, "A-Ack! L-Lemme go!" She squirms and struggles in her
effort to get free.

"I think you need some more sleep..."

Tisha's eyelids droop as her squirms start to grow feeble. "N-No...! D-
Don't..." she gasps, bringing one hand down to her crotch and pressing
in slightly. She whispers, "D-Don't..."

Becky notices her hand and smiles. "What's wrong? gotta go?"

Tisha yawns, "Y-Yeah.... b-but... d-don't.... p-please..." Her eyes
slowly begin to close from Becky's stranglehold.

"Just because your sleeping doesn't mean you'll wet yourself."

Tisha yawns again, then begins to slump down in Becky's grip.

"That's it, just go to sleep..." states Becky as she lowers herself and
Tisha to the floor.

Tisha yawns again, mumbling, "M-Mommie... I... I'll avenge you.... o-
one day...." Then, she passes out completely in Becky's arms.

"There we go." states Becky has she lays the girls head to the floor
and stands up.

Sashi squirms, still tied up, and asks, "Mistress... I could use some
help over here..."

"Oh yeah, sorry about that." states Becky as she goes over to Sashi and
unties her.

As soon as she's freed, Sashi makes for Tisha, muttering, "Stupid
little bitch... I am going to make her pay for that!"

"Hey, Sashi stop!" quickly states Becky.

Sashi groans, but doesn't say anything, though she stops a foot before
reaching Tisha. She mutters, "Lucky little b*tch..." She turns away as
Suki sighs, "Kimmie... here are your eggs and toast..."

"Oh, thanks Suki." replies Kim as she takes the food.

Nanyo asks, "Yo, Becks... should we just leave Tisha there or what?"

"I frankly don't give a da*n."

Nanyo chuckles, "Hehe... Guess I'll put her somewhere safe, then..."
She moves over to Tisha and picks her up, sitting her in one of the
chairs with her head on the table.

"Hey, Nanyo, can I take you up on that offer from earlier?"

"What... the rough sex?" teases Nanyo, poking Becky's side in a
ticklish manner.

"Yeah, exactly." smiles Becky.

"Sure.... what's say we do it after breakfast, eh? Sound good?"

"Yep, I can't wait."

Nanyo grins as Suki passes a plate of eggs and toast to Becky.

"Thank-you Suki." states Becky as she takes the food and starts eating
the toast.

Nanyo smirks, leaning back in her chair, cupping Suki's behind for a
brief moment, causing the small girl to gasp in surprise. Nanyo winks
at Becky as she does this.

"Hey Sashi, you want some?" asks Becky as she offers her food to her.

Sashi, sitting at Becky's feet, takes one tiny piece of toast and one
tiny scoop of egg and eats it, replying, "Thank you, Mistress..."

"no problem, you still need to gain some weight."

Sashi blushes, "I... I am okay, Mistress..."

"Ok Sashi, ok..." replies Becky before putting some of the eggs in her

Sashi's eyes widen in surprise, but she doesn't fight her
Mistress. Nanyo, then, takes a full plate from Suki and the small girl
comes to the table with her own plate. Suki states, "Let's dig in!"

"Your pretty good at cooking Suki." complements Becky joined by
Kim's... "Yeah, this is good."

Suki blushes, "A-Arigato.... I... I love to cook.... I-It's one thing I
really love to do..."

Some time later...

Suki pats her stomach, feeling full. She gets to her feet and begins
collecting the dirty dishes.

"Mmm, that was great! Kimmie could take some lessons from you Suki."
states Becky. "B-Becky!" quickly replies Kim shocked.

Suki giggles slightly.

Nanyo leans back in her chair, grinning, "If there's anything Suki does
good, it's cooking.... she's a genius there..."

"I can cook just fine." states Kim. "Yeah, if your trying to kill a
Booma." replies Becky giggling. Kim frowns in aggravation.

Suki blushes as Nanyo asks, "So what's a Booma?"

"It's a small monster that looks kinda like a mole that stands on two
legs and attacks with it's claws. There pretty easy to kill, so there
like fodder. but they can be a problem if they attack in-groups, which
they do." explains Becky.

Nanyo winces, "Ouch... so... where do they live?"

"On a planet called Ragol." states Kim.

Nanyo leans forward, looking interested, "Ooh... where is it?"

"It's about 2 light-years away from this planet."

states Kim.

"Ah-huh... and how far away is a light year?" asks Nanyo puzzled.

"Huh, Like a hundred trillion miles or something? I don't really know,
but it's pretty da*n far." replies Kim.

Nanyo anime-falls off her chair, gasping, "WHOAH SHIT! That's pretty
damn far is right, Starki... GAH DAMN...." Her eyes look like this: O_O

"Anyway, Nanyo, what about your offer?" states Becky smiling.

Nanyo grins as she hops up, "Sure thing, Becks... Now come here and
give me a smooch..."

Becky does so. "Are you going upstairs?"


Nanyo grins, "Why? Do you wanna do it up there or do you wanna give
your onei-chan some fan service?"

"I want it to be just us."

Nanyo grins, "N'alrighty then... here we go..." She grabs
Becky in her arms and dashes outside, taking flight.

"No! Stop! I don't like flying!" exclaims Becky as tears quickly brim
her eyes and she clings onto Nanyo tightly.

Nanyo grins, "Hold on, Becks... I'm just takin' ya to a special place
o'mine... Just hang on..."

"No! Take me down, please!" begs Becky as she starts crying.

Nanyo then lands in a special area where no one is around for miles. It
appears to be in a small grove of trees next to a sparkling pond. Nanyo
sets Becky down and asks, "Look around, Becks... tell me what you

Becky falls to her knees visibly shaking from the flight.

Nanyo sighs, "Sorry... I had almost forgotten you didn't like
heights... Ya gonna be ok, Becks?" She rubs the younger girl's back

"I-I t-think s-so." stutters out Becky still shaking.

Nanyo grins, "So tell me.... what d'ya think of this grove? Pretty,
ain't it?"

"Y-Yeah, it... it is."

Nanyo grins, "Now how do you want to do this, Becks?" She cracks her
knuckles enthusiastically.

"W-Wait, I c-can't stop s-shaking..." replies Becky
holding herself.

Nanyo asks, "Ya okay, Becks?"

"I... d-don't know."

"Why are ya shaking so much?"

Nanyo holds the smaller girl in her arms, whispers, "It's
okay... It's okay.... Just calm down and relax..."

Becky shaking begins to die down. "T-thank you Nanyo."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "No problem, Becks... It was my fault to
begin with..."

"It sure the hell was." replies Becky as her shaking dies to light

"Aw, Becks... I'm sorry.... I forgot.... Can you ever forgive widdle
me?" Nanyo looks apologetic.

"Hurt me and i might." replies Becky as she smiles, her shaking gone.

Nanyo grins, "Cool... now then, ya little b*tch... let's get to the
fun..." She reaches out and grips Becky's breast HARD, squeezing the
lump tightly in her fist.

"Ah!" gasps Becky tensing momentarily.

Nanyo grins, "And that's not all, Becks... Try this..." She swings her
arm back, then forward, roughing pushing Becky up against a tree,
locking her lips with Becky's.

Becky's face scrunches up for a moment as she kisses Nanyo. A blush now
appearing over her cheeks and nose.

Nanyo smirks, "Turned on, are ya?" She grabs Becky's right arm and
bends it, almost painfully behind her back, spinning her around
and making her push her breasts against the tree as she licks Becky's

"Ah, ow." groans Becky.

"Like it, now, Becks?" Nanyo keeps Becky turned toward the tree as she
begins to undo Becky's clothing.

"Yeah, I like." smiles Becky.

Nanyo continues to smirk as she undoes Becky's lower half of clothing,
exposing her panties. Then, she suddenly jams something hard between
Becky's thighs, spreading them gently.

"Ah, what's that?"

Nanyo giggles, "Guess." She wraps one arm around Becky's chest,
squeezing the smaller girl's breasts tightly as the hard object
pressing against Becky's rear entrance.

"A-A dildo?"

Nanyo grins, whispering, "Close... but have you ever felt a dildo
do.... this!" Suddenly, the hard thing quivers as it reaches under
Becky's panties, caressing her cheeks.

"Ah! what is that!" asks Becky surprised.

Nanyo laughs, "Stupid little girl... It's a cock, DUH!"

"How? I thought we were alone."

"We are alone...." states Nanyo, the hard object now pushing into
Becky's anus.

"Well how is a cock here? I don't understand."

"I have a transformation within me... I was mixin' some chemicals one
day and poof! I transformed into a guy... That explain it, Becks?" She
now pins Becky's arms together behind her back with her body, freeing
up her hands. One reaching around Becky's stomach, the other around her
neck, pulling the girl's head back slightly.

"You can turn into a guy!?" asks Becky shocked.

"Yeah... It's really easy, yanno... I could give you some of it if ya
like..." She pats Becky's abdomen gently as she forces her penis into
Becky's anus deeper.

Becky tenses as she feels the cock go into her deeper, but forces
herself to relax, so it would be easier for Nanyo to enter

Nanyo asks, "Ya want some or not, Becks?" She rubs Becky's abdomen as
she bends Becky's head back, kissing her lips roughly.

"N-No thanks, I like my pussy." smiles Becky.

Nanyo smirks, "Oh yes... I almost forgot... you wanna your little pussy
penetrated, doncha? Well, you'll have to earn it..." She then jams her
penis harder into Becky's anus as she rubs Becky's abdomen harder.

Becky can't help it and tenses tightly, squeezing Nanyo's cock hard
within her anus as she groans in pleasure.

Nanyo whispers, "Ya like watersports, Becks? I might just be convinced
to let ya play with me after I'm finished here..." She thrusts her
penis harder and deeper into Becky's anus as she rubs Becky's abdomen

"Ah! Fu*k my a*s , fu*k it good." moans Becky as her body starts to
sweat slightly.

Nanyo suddenly pulls out, smirking, "Not yet, Becks... I haven't even
started yet..." She undoes Becky's top, pulling aside her bra and
pinching her nipples tenderly.

"No, don't stop." whines Becky.

Nanyo grins, "But I'm going to give you so much more..." She pulls a
small knife out of her pouch and rests the cold steel against
Becky's nipple, grinning.

"do it, please."

Nanyo smirks, teasing Becky, "Do what?" She licks Becky's neck as her
penis grows hard against Becky's back.

"Cut me."

Nanyo laughs, "Yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu asked for it!" She gently drives the
knife into Becky's breast, waiting to hear Becky's voice.

Becky gasps at the cut and shakes ever so slightly.

Nanyo then pulls Becky's head back, bending her back into an arch.
Then, she bends her head over to Becky's blood and starts licking
it, grinning at Becky.

"Mmm, cut me again."

Nanyo obliges the smaller girl, jamming the knife a little more deeply
into Becky's breast, using her free hand to rub the smaller girl's
pubic mound tenderly.

Becky gasps and tenses at the touch to her pubic mound, but also feels
the sting of her skin being cut.

Nanyo now begins to smear Becky's blood across her chest, licking
gently. She moans, "Mmmm... tastes sweet..." She then runs her fingers
across Becky's labia, feeling them gently.

"Ohh, fu*k me please."

Nanyo laughs, "I've never been one to refuse a request..." She pushes
her penis back into Becky's anus, as she touches Becky's clitoris

"Ohh, yes, that feels great." moans Becky.

Nanyo continues her actions, going faster and deeper, as she delicately
tugs on Becky's clit and rubs the blood into Becky's skin.

"Ah, keep going, don't stop." moans Becky.

Nanyo doesn't stop this time, using her lips to suck on Becky's neck as
she goes faster and faster, beginning to breathe harder and harder.

"I want you to come in me, come in my a*s."

Nanyo groans, "Oh, yes.... HOT DAMN YES! QUIVER! Quiver little girl and
feel my cum in your tiniest hole!" She begins to quiver and shake
slightly, her penis mimicking her body actions.

"I want your hot cum in me." pants Becky.

Nanyo clutches Becky's clit as she trembles hard, then begins to cum
inside of Becky's anus. She pants harder and heavily, groaning, "AH,

Becky gasps in pleasure as she feels Nanyo cum shoot into her rectum.

Nanyo falls to her knees, panting heavily, muttering, "Damn... I'm not
used... to losing... control.... that quickly... That's the big
drawback to this transformation.... Heh, must suck to be a guy..."

Becky places a finger over her anus moaning. "Ohh, your cum feels great
in me."

Nanyo grins, "Ya like it? Gee, that's kinda nice to know... hehe..."

"Why do you say that?"

"Hehe... nevermind... " Nanyo laughs.

"I wonder how long I can keep your cum in me."

"Good luck..." laughs Nanyo as she stands back up, holding Becky still
in her arms as she reaches a hand down to her pouch,
pulling out a vial of Altaiarean Beverage.

"What that?"

"Something to restore your stamina..." replies Nanyo smirking. "Here...
try it..." She opens it and puts it up to Becky's mouth.

"But I haven't come yet, I don't need that."

Nanyo grins, "You'll come soon enough... Trust me, little girl..."

"Ok fine, I'll drink it."

Nanyo grins, "Good girl... try it..."

Becky drinks it and looks at Nanyo surprised. "It's just water."

Nanyo laughs and rubs Becky's abdomen gently for about 5 mins
before she adds, "There... that should do it..."

"What are you talking about?"

Nanyo lightly presses in slightly, asking, "Oh, does widdle Becky have
somethin' to tell me?"

"I don't think so." replies Becky puzzled.

"Hmmm... not lyin' are ya, Becks?" asks Nanyo, rubbing a slight bulge
in Becky's abdomen.

Becky suddenly gasps and closes her legs tightly.

Nanyo smiles, "Now do you have something to tell me, Becks?"

"I gotta pee."

"And?" asks Nanyo.

"stop for a sec so i can go."

"Mmmmm.... no... I don't think I will, Becks..." Nanyo
continues to hold the girl in her arms.

"What? Why? i gotta go."

"Remember how I said you gotta earn me cumming in your pussy?"

"I never said I wanted you to come in my pussy, I'm not trying to get

Nanyo laughs, "Who said I was gonna use my cock? I've got plenty of
'tools' I could use..."

"Like what?"

Nanyo waggles her finger, "Nah-uh... first you hold it, then I'll tell

"Or better yet, I'll show ya!"

"Show me?" questioned Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Yeah... I'll show you... but first... I want to see you
squirm... I want to see you whine and tremble at my very touch... Do
you think you can keep me entertained, Becks?"

"I don't know." replied Becky.

"You wanna find out, Sweetie?" smirks Nanyo. "You wanna see how long
you can hold it?"

"Come on, let me go pee real quick." pleads Becky starting to squirm

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... You're gonna wet yourself, little
girl... AND, what's more... You're gonna enjoy it..." She leans her
body against Becky's, holding her against the tree as she bends down
and picks up Becky's panties, lifting Becky's feet up so that she could
slide them over her labia.

"No, I can't wet my panties, I don't have another pair."

Nanyo grins and leans over Becky's shoulder, whispering, "Don't
worry... You're at my house... I can give you an old pair of mine to
wear... doncha worry, none..."

"Are you sure I can fit them?"

Nanyo whispers, "I may not look it, Becks, but I was kinda small once
too...." She leans over Becky's shoulder, licking at her cheek as her
hand gently rubs Becky's abdomen, not pushing in atm,

Becky doesn't verbally respond but begins st squirm a bit more.

Nanyo smirks, "Do you like not having control, Becks? Didn't you say
that you got turned on by having your control taking from you?" She
brings her hand up to Becky's stomach, feeling the smaller girl breath
in and out.

"I... never told you that." replies Becky blushing.

"Oh, sorry... Must be my stupid telepathic mind, then..." laughs Nanyo,
holding Becky around her stomach. For some reason, she seems reluctant
to move her hands elsewhere.

"C-Can't you move your hands somewhere else?" asks Becky.

Nanyo asks, her voice growing husky and sexy, "Why? Don't you like how
I can feel you breathing?"

"I don't mind but..." trails Becky blushing.

Nanyo's mind penetrates into Becky's, asking, "Why are you so tense,
Becks?" She moves her hands up to Becky's breasts, squeezing her top
around them.

"I just don't want to wet my panties."

"Why not, Becks? I mean, after all... Starki made you pee your panties
before? Why should I let you go?" She begins undoing Becky's top.

Becky can't find an answer to leave her mouth.

"And didn't you secretly like it, Becks?" goads Nanyo. She folds
Becky's top over her shoulders, exposing her bra to a gentle breeze.

"Y-Yes, I did..."

"Then... isn't it the proper thing that I should make you feel good,
Becks?" She reaches down to unclasp Becky's bra, exposing her breasts
to the gentle breezes now blowing by.

Becky quickly shudders as she feels the wind on her breasts, causing
her nipples to stiffen.

Nanyo laughs, "Now then... Don't you feel free? Here... Lemme show you
something..." She now completely removes Becky's shirt and bra,
whirling the other girl around to expose her breasts to the pond next
to the two.

"What are you going to do?"

Nanyo grins, "Show 'em off, what else? I mean, really... why else do we
have 'em for?" She lets Becky go for a brief (FTBC)

second, to pull her sweater off, taking her bra with it, allowing Becky
to see her C+ cup breasts for the first time.

"Wow, your pretty big." states Becky.

Nanyo smiles, "Wanna touch 'em?"

"N-No..." replies Becky continuing to blush.

Nanyo laughs, "You don't sound very sure of that, Becks... Come on...
Put your hand right.... there..." She indicates her left breast.

Becky then places a hand to her crotch and starts to fidget as she
shakes her head no.

Nanyo sighs, "Ah well... mebbe later..."

"What now then?" asks Becky.

Nanyo grins, "Now we make you pee your panties..." She flips over
Becky's body, grabbing her arms and bending them behind the small girl.
She forces Becky down to her knees, then tugs her over onto her back.

"Ah! Come on, don't make me wet my panties." whines Becky.

Nanyo asks, "Why? Does wetting your panties make you feel embarrassed?"

"Of course."

"No matter how many times you do it?"

"Uh..." trails Becky blushing.

Nanyo smirks, "Now then, little girl... you can use your legs to help
you, but you can't use your hands... We're gonna play a little game...
A hold-it game... hehe..."

"But I need my hands."

"Nuh-uh... I got something special planned for them..." She
brings Becky's hands up and starts to kiss them and lick and suck on
the fingers.

Becky's legs start to move, rubbing her thighs together.

Nanyo whispers, "Your skin... It's so soft... and delicate... You
remind me a lot of Nisu..." She locks her lips with Becky's, kissing
the smaller girl kinda roughly as her hands slide down her shoulders.

Becky moans into the kiss as her body starts to squirm.

Nanyo pulls back, slightly, trailing her tongue over Becky's chin,
whispering, "How's the urge, Becks?" Her hands now reach Becky's arms,
gently stroking the skin there.

"N-Not that bad but I still don't what to wet my panties."

Nanyo sighs, "I see you still need some motivation... How about this?"
She moves her head down and starts licking Becky's breasts, though not
touching the nipples yet.

Becky gasps quickly as she tenses for a moment.

Nanyo whispers, still smiling, "Did you like that, Becks?" Her hands
now come down to Becky's sides, rubbing gently.

"Y-Yes, very much."

"And do you want more?" prods Nanyo, licking at Becky's right breast.
Her hands slide up and down Becky's sides, giving the other girl a
sense of rising desperation, though it is still within her control.

Within her control indeed as Becky shudder from the touch of Nanyo's

Nanyo smiles, "Well? Do you want more or not?"


Nanyo teases, "You don't sound very sure... Maybe I should

"No, don't stop."

Nanyo pulls back, still teasingly as her hands move down to Becky's
hips, rubbing gently, trying to get the girl to feel desperate enough
to clench her thighs or cross them. "I ain't gonna do it if ya don't
want me too..."

Becky absentmindedly clenches her thighs and pleads with Nanyo. "No,
don't stop, please."

Nanyo puts a hand up to her ear and calls out, "What? I can't hear you!
Speak up!" Her hands now move toward the crotch of Becky's panties.

Becky repeats louder... "I said don't stop."

"Don't stop what?" teases Nanyo, as her hands start to move Becky's
panties over her tender labia and pubic mound.

Becky suddenly tenses hard at the touch to her pubic mound. "Ah! n-not

Nanyo laughs, and quickly moves her hand up to Becky's abdomen, asking,
"That felt good, didn't it, Becks?


"Yes, very, very good."

"And how does your bladder feel, Becks?" asks Nanyo, bending over to
kiss Becky's nipple now.

"Still tolerable..."

Nanyo grins, "Good... Cause I want you to hold it in as long as you
can..." She presses in slightly on Becky's abdomen as she adds, in a
whisper, "Try mine... see if you can make me pee before you..."

"Really? you have to go too?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.... so how about it? Ya up for a challenge?" She
winks seductively at Becky, kissing her nipple again.

"Sure." replies Becky as she smiles.

Nanyo grins, "Well then... you're gonna hafta touch me then..." She
reaches down and presses again on Becky's abdomen, though she doesn't
push nearly hard enough to force any out.

"I n-need my hands.." replies Becky.

Nanyo lets go of Becky's hands, "There... that better, sweetheart?"

Becky quickly places her left hand on her crotch and leans over to

Nanyo looks deeply into Becky's eyes, grinning, as she whispers,
"You're a lot like your sister inside, you know... and
together, the two of you make me wanna sex you both up so bad...

"Like Kimmie?" questions Becky.

"Yeah... you two are both SO DAMN FINE, it's hard to resist either of
your charms..." She cups Becky's labia, slightly rubbing the panties
against her tender folds.

Becky rolls herself onto Nanyo and sits on her upper thighs with her
hands lightly pressing on Nanyo's stomach. "What do you like about me
and Kimmie then?"

Nanyo grins, "I like the way you two act when near each other....
There's just something so special about sisters who really love each
other..." She reaches up and starts rubbing Becky's abdomen again.

Becky smiles, I do love Kimmie."

Nanyo grins, "And I bet you like to f*ck her, doncha? And make her wet
herself like I'm about to do to you?" She starts pressing in again on
Becky's abdomen.

Becky tenses for a quick moment. "Oh yes, I love it when Kimmie fu*ks

Nanyo laughs, "I know you do... and I know you like it when Starki does
this to you..." She pushes in a little harder on Becky's abdomen,
rubbing it gently with her other hand.

Becky groans for a moment before relaxing. "BTW, what does Starki mean?
It sounds nothing like Kimmie's name."

Nanyo explains, "It's a combination of Starr, her last name and Kim,
her first name... It's an old Ap Dat tradition..."

"Oh, so I'd be Starbe or something like that?" asks Becky giggling some
before groaning slightly and tensing.

Nanyo laughs, "I guess... or maybe, Starbeck... ya like that?"

"Heh, that's a funny name." smiles Becky.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... I think it best to call ya Becks... It sounds
better..." She starts massaging Becky's swollen abdomen now, leaning up
to kiss Becky's nipples again.

Becky tenses as she thrusts her chest into Nanyo's mouth, pushing her
stomach out a bit also.

Nanyo moans, "Oh yeah... Your nips are so delicious!" She begins to
suck hard on them, her hands coming down to Becky's abdomen and pushing
ever harder on it.

"your mouth feels good." moans Becky.

Nanyo groans through the sucking as she pushes her own stomach forward
slightly, dropping one hand into Becky's panties and caressing her
labia gently as her other hand pushes even harder on Becky's bladder.

Becky's body begins to shake slightly as she feels a strong urge to

Nanyo breathes harder and harder, her stomach now pushing and rubbing
slightly on Becky's navel as she slips a finger between Becky's labia,
lightly touching her urethral exit as she rubs the smaller
girl's bladder tenderly.

Becky suddenly backs off, both of her hands covering her navel, and her
groaning loudly.

Nanyo raises her eyebrows, asking, "What? What's wrong, Becks?"

"Ah, N-N-Nothing..." replies Becky blushing deeply.

Nanyo smirks, "BTW, Becks... is that your DP?" She touches Becky's
navel gently with her forefinger.

Becky tenses more and grips her crotch hard as she groans. "D-DP? W-
What's that?"

"Your Desperation Point.... Every girl I know has one... It's a place
that, when rubbed when the girl has a bladder 50% or more full, causes
that girl to pee regardless of whether or not she wants to pee..."

explains Nanyo.

"Ah!" Becky quickly tries to get to her feet, off of Nanyo.

Nanyo takes full advantage of Becky's haste and starts rubbing her
belly-button, using her legs to trip Becky up and rolling on top of the
smaller girl.

"No! S-Stop it! I gotta pee so fu*king bad!" Exclaim Becky trembling in
the effort to hold the urine back.

Nanyo keeps rubbing Becky's belly button, using her legs now to force
Becky's apart and prevent her from using them to aid in her control.
She grins, "Come on, now... Pee your panties! I want to see it SO BAD!"

Amazingly Becky holds on, but it's clear she won't last much longer.

Nanyo slides down to Becky's crotch, putting her mouth on Becky's mound
through her panties, licking the soft fabric of Becky's clothing as she
continuos to rub Becky's navel faster and harder.

Tears start to fall from Becky's eyes at the strain she putting her
body through to prevent her impending urination. Her body shaking so
hard it nearly feels like she's vibrating.

Nanyo whispers gently, her breath falling on Becky's tender folds,
"Come on, honey... let me see that gorgeous fluid of yours..." (TBC)

She rubs Becky's navel with more intensity as she rests her free hand
on Becky's labia inside her panties, spreading her clenched folds.

Becky suddenly screams loudly as she felt her hold flat out disappear,
and force her yellow fluid from her urethra in a high-pressured stream.
Becky screamed in relief as her panties were thoroughly drenched.

Nanyo clamps her lips on Becky's drenched panties, sucking up as much
of her fluid as she could, before pulling back, sighing, "Oh, HELL
YEAH! that's da good shtuff!"

Becky continued to pee as Breathed in relief.

Nanyo grins, "Guess I win, eh?"

"Huh?" replied Becky as her stream stared to die, her
panties with a yellow stain nearly reaching her waistband of her

"The Hold it Contest I mentioned... I held it longer... so,
naturally... I win..." laughs Nanyo.

"Dang, I forgot all about that."

Nanyo just laughs as she pulls the other girl into a big hug.

"Man, I totally drenched my panties."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.... they're so wet.... " Then she gets a sneaky look
on her face as she whispers, "Hey, Becks... Dare ya to wear them back
to my hut!"

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

Nanyo teases, "What's a matter? Chicken?" She flaps her arms and makes
the sound of a chicken.

"Tch, fu*k yea I am." retorts Becky.

Nanyo frowns, getting to her feet, "Feh... damn cowards..." She starts
to walk away.

Becky removes her soiled panties, revealing her urine covered crotch.
"Looks like I'll just have to go without underwear
under my pants." states Becky as she gets to her feet.

Nanyo asks, "What pants?" She turns around, revealing that she is
holding Becky's pants and smirking.

"Hey, give those back."

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nuh-uh... If you want them..." She starts
floating just out of Becky's reach, "... You'll have to come and get
em... "

"I can't fly! this isn't fair, giv'em back!"

Nanyo laughs and starts to fly back to her home, calling and
taunting Becky by lowering the pants so that she can just barely brush
her fingertips on them before pulling back.

"Come on, don't do this!" pleads Becky as she chases her pants.

Nanyo just laughs.

To Be Continued In...
Pioneer 2, Suki's exam... and Sara...

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