Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 36)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 36

Title: Chapter 34: Kim and Suki

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Nanyo then takes off with the speed of a jet and, as Suki clings for
dear life to her neck, zooms back to the hut at nearly 400-MPH.

They quickly land outside the hut, where a beer bottle comes flying out
the door, crashing to the ground, followed by a loud belch and, "Damn
little b*tch of a daughter! Still ain't brought no damn groceries!"

Nanyo frowns, "SH*T! Um, I'll be back in a few... you go on up to my
room... It's at the top of the stairs to the right... Becky should be
in the room to the left... At least, that's where Sashi is..."

"Ok, you wanna come Suki?"

Suki trembles, but has a defiant look on her face as she whispers
softly, "I hate him.... Nan'chi's father.... I really hate him..."

"Hey, do want to come with me Suki?" repeats Kim.

Suki nods, "O-Okay... b-but... I... I don't want... t-to g-get close t-
to him.." She shivers and clutches herself close to Kim's body.

"Ok." Kim and Suki go up the stairs and Kim knocks on the door across
from Nanyo's room.

Sashi quickly comes to the door and opens it, whispering, "Ssh!
Mistress is still asleep... What do you wish from her?"

"I just want to see if she's ok."

Sashi nods and opens the door all the way, waving them in with a
whispered, "Be considerate of her sleeping nature, Miss Kim, Sis..."

"Ok." Kim walks in to see Becky sleeping peacefully on a nearby bed.
She's lying on her left side.

Suki follows Kim, but remains well back, afraid to introduce upon a
family moment. Sashi closes the door softly and returns to her
position, sitting on the floor next to Becky's bed with her head bent
forward on her legs.

"Sashi? What are you doing?"

Sashi looks up, blinking, "I would think it is apparent... I am waiting
for my Mistress to wake up... Until then, I have no other

She returns to her position, putting her head on her OWN legs, and
closing her eyes.

"It kinda looks like your praying." smiles Kim.

Sashi shrugs her shoulders, "I do not believe I have ever prayed... I
am just attempting to rest..."

"Ok then, to each there own... Well, It looks like Becky is doing fine.
Let's go downstairs and Meet Nanyo."

Suki sighs, "Um, K-Kimmie... I... I think Nan'chi's going to be a
while... She went to the store... a-and if I know her, she's going to
be there for a while..." Again she presses her thighs together.

"Ok, where's the nearest bathroom?"

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I... I dunno... I... I've never been here
before... Nanyo was the only one who was here before..." Again she
squeezes her thighs.

"Hmmm, that's to bad..." states Kim rubbing her chin for a moment.

Suki whimpers, "What are you th-thinking, K-Kimmie?! I... I d-don't
think... I... I like... th-that look in your eyes..."

"Let's try to find a bathroom." States Kim as she takes Suki's hand and
leaves the room.

Sashi mutters, half-asleep, "Close the door, Miss Kim..." as Suki
whimpers, "I.. I really gotta go, Kimmie... H-How are w-we going to
find a bathroom?"

Kim closes the door. "Yeah, I'm gonna help you find one."

Suki moans softly as she pinches her thighs together again, dropping
her left hand down to her skirt, and pressing in on her crotch.

"Ok, let's look into the rooms behind the doors in the hall ok?"

Suki's eyes begin to show fear as she gulps and nods, "O-Ok, K-

"You get the left side and I'll get the right ok?" states
Kim as she starts walking.

Suki gulps, "O-Okay..." and presses on her crotch again, rubbing her
thighs together.

The two check about two rooms when Kim opens a door to the bathroom,
she smiles and closes the door. "This one isn't the bathroom ether."

Suki whimpers and whines as she begins bouncing on the balls of her
feet, "O-ooh, ooh!"

"Well, just have to keep looking... Let's go to the next floor."

Suki whines, "B-But K-Kimmie... I... I really gotta go!" She feels her
bladder begin to spasm and bounces harder, rubbing her labia to prevent
an explosion of pee from escaping.

"But there's no bathroom on this floor. You don't want to pee on
yourself in the hallway do you?"

Suki whines, "I... I don't... know if I can... h-hold it m-much longer!
It really hurts!" A second spasm overrides the first and she can feel
her urethra start to sting. Her empathic ability and her mental link to
Kim's mind, broadcasts every sensation directly to Kim's thoughts.

"So I guess your just going to give up huh?"

Suki whimpers in fear that she's going to wet herself and starts
dancing on the spot.

"Ohh, the Pee Dance! I haven't seen that in a while." states Kim

Suki whines, "K-Kimmie! D-Don't just st-stand there! G-Get s-something!
I... I'm about to burst!"

"Get something? Something like what?"

"A... A bucket o-or something! P-Please, K-Kimmie! I-It's almost coming
out!" She stiffens slightly as a single drop makes a tiny stain on her

"Where can I get one?"

Suki whines, "I... DON'T.... KNOW!" A short spurt breaks free of her
control, making a small wet spot on her panties.

Kim steps toward Suki and places a hand firmly on her crotch. "There,
is that better?"

The spurts stop, though Suki blushes and her body quivers slightly from
being touched "down there". She whispers, "I... I don't... know... I-It
does.. t-turn... me on... tho..."

"How about this?" Kim starts massaging the area with her hand

Suki moans in pleasure, her urges starting to fade at first, "I... I
think... i-it's helping... I... I d-don't... "

"You don't what?"

Suddenly, a huge urge hits her, cutting off her words as she tenses,
moaning and whining weakly before she loses all control, flooding her
panties and Kim's hand and her skirt.

"Aww, that no good. I barley started."

Suki whines softly, tears flooding down her cheeks, "I.. I told you...
b-before w-we landed.. th-that I w-would have to g-go soon... Y-You
didn't b-believe me..."

"Well, you sure weren't lying."

Suki gives Kim a dirty look, then demands, "You didn't believe me...
you forced me to go... I rather think you OWE me now..."

"Really? And what do i owe you?"

Suki smirks evilly, "Come here, Kimmie..." She waggles her finger,
trying to get the taller girl to bring her face closer.

Kim does so and nears her face to Suki.

Suki whispers, "You know what they say about turnabout is fair play,
Kimmie?" She has a slightly sadistic look about her, this time around.

"Um, no."

Suki grins, "Good... then you won't mind what I've got in store for
you..." She reaches into a pocket of her wet skirt and pulls out a
small book. She turns to page 100 and chants in an ancient Ap Dat

"What are you doing?"

Suddenly, Kim's arms and legs spring to her sides, almost as though
she's been put under the full body-bind curse from Harry Potter. Suki
grins and catches her, lifting off the ground and floating back to
Nanyo's room with her.

"What the hell! What are you doing?"

Suki giggles, "Oh, you know... this and that..."


Suki asks, "Kimmie... do you want some Altaiarean Beverage?" She drops
the HUnewearl on Nanyo's bed, still grinning.

"No, not that stuff again."

Suki grins, "Too baaaaaaaaaaad! You're gonna love it!" She fumbles
around in Nanyo's fridge, which is marked with a sign stating: WARNING!

"That has a warning on it Suki. I don't think you should go in it."

Suki grins, "It's okay... Nanyo had this thing over at her house in
Lo'lop... she used to always pull out Altaiarean Beverage and stuff
from it... She always marked everything with labels so that she
wouldn't forget... Ewww... Look it this, Kimmie!" She holds up a bottle
with some sort of white fluid in it. It's marked, "YUMMY!"

"UH, I think I might know what that is."

"Really? What is it?" asks Suki innocently. She bends back over, still
looking for Altaiarean Beverage.

"I don't think you wanna know."

"But you know what it is, Kimmie?" asks Suki, puzzled as to why Kim
would keep it a secret.

"I have a pretty good idea of what it is."

"Really? Then what is it?" asks Suki, straightening up with a bottle of
what is obviously Altaiarean Beverage in her hands.

"Cum." states Kim flatly.

Suki animefalls, almost breaking the bottle of Altaiarean Beverage. "W-
Why would Nan'chi have something like that?! And a whole bottle too!"

"Well, It's marked, 'Yummy', think about it."

Suki winces, "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

Kim lol's

Suki shakes her head, "Anyway... I wanna play, Kimmie!"

"But I don't." whines Kim.

Suki grins, "Well, screw you, Kimmie... you already made ME wet
myself... Now it's your turn!" She crawls up onto the bed and
brings the bottle with her up to Kim's lips.

Kim clamps her mouth closed.

Suki smiles, "Oh, no you don't! I know JUST how to fix THAT!" She
lowers her head over Kim's left ear and begins to lick it.

"Ah!" states Kim in pleasure, opening her mouth particularly wide.

Suki grins and jams the mouth of the bottle into Kim's mouth, upending
it and making sure she drinks it all.

"Kim unwillingly drinks the drink to prevent drowning.

After she finishes the drink, Suki places the bottle carefully on
Nanyo's night table, then quickly and clumsily drops it on the floor
when it doesn't sit just right. Suki doesn't notice, though, as she
grins, "I'm gonna do to you what I did to Nan'chi years and years

"And what's that?"

Suki smirks and whispers, "I'm going to tickle you until you pee AND
cum all over your panties and shorts, Kimmie..."

"tickle me until I pee AND cum? the pee one's a doer but cumming from
being tickled, I don't think so."

Suki grins, "That's what Nan'chi thought... but still, it happened...
because you see..." She runs the tips of her fingers along Kim's right
forearm and whispers, "... I'm VERY good at this..."

"I'd like to see it happen."

Suki continues grinning, "Oh, you will... you will... Let's start with
some basic desperation, shall we?" She starts by sliding open Kim's
vest, gently easing it off Kim's now paralyzed arms, and exposes her

"I can't move my arms, this isn't fair."

Suki whispers, "You'll be able to move them when I finish taking off
the clothes I want... The spell I used is something that my father just
taught me... I can't will it to exist for long..."

She undoes Kim's bra and opens it, again sliding it off her arms,
exposing her breasts again to the smaller girl.

A blush appears across Kim's face, or better known to some as, the sex
flush ^_^.

Suki whispers, "Wow... Have they grown since we did this last, Kimmie?
They seem to be, what... C+ cup, now?"

"Really? You think there bigger?" replies Kim.

Suki wraps one hand around Kim's left breast, her small fingers too
short to make it all around it. She nods, "Yeah, Kimmie... They do seem
a little bigger..."

"I never really noticed them getting bigger."

Suki frowns and starts undoing her top, sighing, "You're a lot bigger
than me... That's for sure...." Her bra is now exposed as she pulls her
top aside.

Kim's lower body now starts to squirm slightly.

Suki undoes her bra, pulling it aside and exposing her smallish rounded
breasts to Kim. She takes her left hand and easily fits her fingers
around her breast. She sighs, "See?"

"Y-Yeah, I see..." Kim then presses her legs together.

Suki whispers, "Kimmie... can I see your hand for a second?" She
blushes shyly, obviously planning something.

"Uh, ok..."

Suki takes Kim's hand in her own and brings it up to her breast,
letting Kim feel the small mound of flesh. "What size do you think I
am, Kimmie?" she asks softly.

"Uh... a B cup?"

Suki giggles, her breasts moving as her diaphragm vibrates up and down.
She then leans over Kim and hugs her, "That's why I love you, Kimmie...
You always lie to make me feel better..." She whispers in Kim's ear,
"Actually, I'm only 32-A..."

"Oh." replies Kim simply as her legs begin to rub together slowly...

Suki feels Kim's body moving slightly and she asks, smiling shyly, "Do
you have to go, Kimmie?"


Suki whispers, "How bad is it, Kimmie?" She begins to nuzzle Kim's neck
tenderly, lovingly.

"Not too bad, I'd still be able to make it to the bathroom, if you let
me that is..."

Suki pulls back, leaning over Kim's eyes, whispering, "Do you want me
to keep you here or let you go, Kimmie?" She reaches out and traces a
fingertip along Kim's left ear.

Kim closes her eyes as she shudders strongly from the touch, and
presses her thighs together harder.

Suki whispers, "Well, Kimmie? What's your answer?"

"I'd like t-to go to the bathroom, but I know that won't happen..."

"I see... and what would be the worst thing to happen if you didn't
make it, Kimmie?" She reaches out to Kim's hands and brings them over
Kim's chest, squeezing Kim's breasts with her own hands.

"I'd wet myself."

"And would that really be a bad thing, Kimmie?" replies Suki, leaning
over Kim's face and kissing her gently on the lips.

Kim smiles slightly as replies... "No, it wouldn't..."

Suki smiles, "Then, can I ask you for a favor, Kimmie?"


Suki whispers, putting her hands on Kim's temples and rubbing gently,
sending soothing feelings down Kim's body, "You wouldn't mind not
taking off your shorts, would you? I.. I'd like it if I could see you
lose control like that... and can you try to hold it for me? I want to
see how big your bladder gets, because... well..." She blushes and
turns away as she adds, "My bladder.... is so small..."

"But you can hold it longer than me." states Kim as she does slid her
shorts down her legs.

Suki gasps, "No, no, K-Kimmie! I... I was asking if you wouldn't remove
your shorts!"

"Oh! Heh, sorry." replies Kim as she pulls her shorts back up.

"Now belt them, please, Kimmie..." reminds Suki as she asks further,
"How long can you hold it, Kimmie, after you get the first urge?"

"Um, well on average, I'd say... about 15 minutes."

"Really?" asks Suki, looking worried. "Why is that? It doesn't seem as
though you'd be able to hold much, then..."

"Um... so, you don't know? you didn't find out from

Suki questions, "Find out what? Nan'chi never tells me anything..." She
looks a little sad as she unconsciously starts rubbing Kim's upper
stomach, well away from Kim's bladder.

"Ok... put you're had down to my abdomen..." states Kim.

Suki nods, "Okay..." She lowers her left hand down along Kim's stomach
to where her abdomen bulges slightly out away from her skin. "Is this
the place, Kimmie?"

"Move to the right abit, about one inch."

Suki nods, "Ok.." and slides her hand slightly to the right. "Is this
the place, Kimmie? It still feels hard and full here..."

"Ok, now slowly push your finger's there."

Suki nods, "Ok..." and does so, wondering what Kim's trying to show

There is the feel of something hard and metel-like in Kim as she
cringes in attempt to hold herself.

Suki gasps in shock, "K-Kimmie! Wh-What is this?!" She backs up in
surprise and falls off the bed, landing on her drenched panties and
making a squishing noise.

"I-it... It's a machine."

Suki, still sitting on the floor in her wet panties, asks, totally
shocked, "W-What's it for?"

"Can I explain after I wet myself?"

Suki blinks, gasping, "Oh! Oh, yeah... u-um, o-ok..." She gets back up
to her feet and crawls over Kim, straddling her now as she
asks, "Kimmie... what is the most erotic thing you can think of?"

Kim blushes a deep red. "W-Why?"

"Come on, Kimmie... tell meeeeeeeeee!" whines Suki.

"Uh... Wild wet sex with Becky." states Kim.

"I see... and what things would you do with Becky that you
wouldn't do with me?" asks Suki, looking slightly put out. She also
appears to be a little jealous.

"Well, she likes pain for one."

"Yeah... you told me that before... but... why is that more erotic than
wet sex with me?" asks Suki, still looking hurt.

"It's just the fact that she's my sister."

"So... I would have to be your sister to be the most erotic thought you
have?!" complains Suki, making to get up.

"What, you asked me the question first. You just assumed you would be
involved in it?"

"......" states the smaller girl, turning away, and getting off of Kim.
She still looks greatly hurt and embarrassed.

"Come on Suki, don't act this way." Kim now sits up on the bed.

Suki starts sniffling, "Kimmie... you... don't ever fantasize about me?
Like I do about you?"

"Oh course I have, you just kinda put me on the spot with that

"Then tell me, Kimmie... tell me what you dream about when you dream
about me?" Suki turns to face Kim, still looking sad.

"I dream that were expressing our love in physical form. Becky loves
me, I know this, but if you ever were to watch us, you could tell the
difference between when I express myself to her physically and when I
do it to you."

Suki shakes her head, "I don't wanna hear that.... I wanna hear
details.... Come on, Kimmie! Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee?"

Kim then places her hands to her crotch. "Well, I won't be able to
concentrate with this urge."

Suki giggles, "Then get back on the bed and we'll finish... But.. you
will tell me, won't you? Later?"

"Yes, I will."

Suki grins, "OK, then... Let's have fun, shall we? And Kimmie... can
you... you know... play with my body while you're holding
it? I... I want my first orgasm to be with you..."

"I'll try.."

Suki smiles, "Yay!" She waits for Kim to get back on the bed like she
was before and crawls back on top of her like she was before.
She states, "Now then, Kimmie... I believe I promised you that I'd
tickle you until you came, right?" Her violet eyes twinkle.

"Yeah, I'd like to see this."

Suki giggles as a loud slap echoes below them, followed by Nanyo's
grunt of pain and retort, "Yeah, nice gratitude, asshole... Here... I
brought you your beers..."

"Well? start already."

Suki grins, "Ok... you asked for it..." She leans over Kim's head and
starts to lick at her forehead as her left hand slides up under Kim's
arm, gently running only her fingertip across Kim's skin.

Kim promptly traps Suki's hand under her arm as she fails to fight back
a smile.

Suki grins, "Ticklish, are you? Ok... how about this...?" She yanks her
hand free and trails only her fingertip down along Kim's side as she
trails her tongue across Kim's nose.

Kim squirms Suki's finger from her side as a laugh escapes her lips,
then she tenses her legs.

Suki sighs in pleasure as she whispers, "Ooh... that squirm... that
lovely squirm..." She runs her fingertip again down Kim's side as her
tongue crosses Kim's lips and moves down her chin.

"*giggling* S-Stop! I'm g-gonna wet m-myself!."

Suki smirks, "And this is a bad thing, Kimmie?" She trails her tongue
down to Kim's neck, using her fingertip to lightly tread across Kim's

Kim continues to giggle uncontrollably but then tenses hard and a groan
is heard from her.

Suki feels Kim tensing and whispers, "It's coming, isn't it? I wanna
see it... I wanna feel it..." She gets off Kim and puts her left hand
over Kim's crotch as her right hand gently massages Kim's swollen
abdomen as she tries to coax out the filling inside.

Kim's groan quickly changes to an "Ahh!" as she laxes up and her shorts
begin to get wetter and wetter in the crotch.

Suki smiles as she whispers, "Let it go, Kimmie... It feels so nice and
wet... Oh yeah..." She presses her palm over the wet spot on Kim's
shorts and gently presses in on Kim's labia.

"Ohh...." moans Kim as she urinates, soaking her panties and white
shorts with her yellow fluid.

Suki giggles, "It feels good to let go, doesn't it, Kimmie?" She raises
one of her hands up to Kim's abdomen, pushing gently on it, trying to
make sure it's completely empty and also hoping to cause a few HARD
squirts to come out.

Which does happen with an "Ah" from Kim.

Suki giggles, "Ooh! I saw a hard squirt come out! Can you do it again,
Kimmie?" She presses down hard again on Kim's abdomen, trying to
reproduce the same result.

"No, I don't think anymore is left."

Suki pouts, "Awwwwww.... Oh well... guess it's time for the cum, eh,
Kimmie?" She smiles up at Kim, her eyes shining and a very faint
buzzing sound in the room.

"Now this I got to experience. Orgasm by tickling, I still don't
believe it can be done."

Suki giggles, "It will happen... Just be patient, Kimmie..." As she
bends over Kim's stomach and starts licking at her navel, Nanyo appears
at the doorway, her lip bleeding slightly and a bruise forming under
her right eye, but there is a smile on her face as she puts a finger up
to her lips in the Sssh, manner.

"That tickles." giggles Kim.

Suki continues to smile as she whispers, "I know, Kimmie... and it's
only the beginning..." She continues to lick at Kim's navel as her left
hand starts to rub Kim's abdomen, moving slowly down to her mound.
Nanyo asks, telepathically so that Suki can't hear her, "Is she gonna
try the ticklin' thing with you?"

"Yeah," thinks Kim.

Suki continues her licking as her left hand begins to glow slightly,
the buzzing from before growing louder at a very slow rate.
Nanyo grins, "Hope you brought a change of clothes, Starki... Heh, heh,

"Huh?!" asks Kim as a VERY puzzled look crosses her face.

Suki looks up at Kim, asking, "Did you say something, Kimmie?" Nanyo
groans, and states telepathically, "You dummy! Keep quiet! I don't want
Nisu to know I'm here!"

"Uh, n-no."

Suki smiles, and states happily, "OK then...." She returns to licking
Kim's navel as her left hand glows again and the buzzing grows loud
enough for Kim to make out someone's voice singing. Nanyo groans, and
tell Kim, "Nice cover, genius... You're really lucky that Nisu's a bit

"Would you mind telling me what she's planning on doing, and why do I
hear singing?" thinks Kim.

Nanyo frowns. Ignoring Kim's question about what Suki is planning, she
asks: (MP): Does it sound like a little girl singing, Starki-chan?"

"Yeah, it does." replies Kim to Nanyo.

Nanyo's eyes widen, "OSHIT... Starki-chan... You can hear the HYMN!
Damn... I had no idea you two were so close... " Suki licks Kim's navel
more insistently and her glowing left hand suddenly sends pleasurably
feelings up from Kim's mound to her brain.

"Hy-AH!" states Kim as she cut off by the sudden pleasure and tenses.

Nanyo grins. (MP): Told ya, didn't I? Heh... It's starting... better
make preparations for some new clothing, Starki..." Suki pulls back
from Kim, asking, "Kim... are you sure you're not talking to me?" She
turns toward the doorway, about two seconds AFTER Nanyo'd ducked around
the corner and out of sight.

"What did you do to me?"

Suki grins, "Did you like it, Kimmie?" She smiles as the girl's voice
grows to the point where Kim can start to make out the words, but can't
understand them as they're a mixture of Ap Dat and Mem'lo.

"Yeah I liked it, do it again."

Suki smiles, "Sure, Kimmie..." She runs her left hand over Kim's mound
again, it beginning to glow again, causing Kim to feel not only
pleasure but a ticklish sensation under her arms.

Kim starts squirming for two reasons now.

Suki whispers, "Kimmie... did you like that? And... did anyone ever
tell you.... you have the cutest squirm?" She leans over and kisses
Kim's stomach gently, tenderly.

"Y-Yes and no..."

Suki whispers, "Do you want more?"

"Of course."

Suki smirks, "Then you gotta beg for it... and you gotta please me..."
She grins and stares down at Kim. Nanyo peeks back into the room,
grinning as she thinks, "You go, Nisu... Close the trap..."

"Please, do it again."

Suki mock-frowns, "You gotta do better than that, Kimmie..." She
crosses her arms and looks like she's in a huff. Nanyo grins, "Hey...
now she's actin' like me... Heh... she's quite a good actress...

"Come on, Pleeeeease!"

Suki shakes her head, "Uh-Uh... not until you give me some of what I
gave you..." She keeps her arms folded and closes her eyes, thrusting
her nose up into the air. Nanyo stuffs her fist in her mouth, trying so
hard to suppress her laughing. Her eyes bug out and Kim can clearly
hear, "OMG! She's copying me better'n anyone I ever saw..."

"Ok, that's only fair..." Kim sits up and places a hand on Suki's

Suki tenses, feeling her wet panties press against her labia. She
gasps, "O-Ooh... I'm all wet from before...." She blushes.

"You like me rubbing your wet panties on you?" smiles Kim.

Suki gulps, "Uh... yeah...." She suddenly looks nervous and really shy
as she blushes and looks down at her lap.

Kim then kisses her passionately on the lips.

Suki is at first surprised, then back off slightly, blushing,
"Kimmie... I... I love.... you...." Then she moves back in and kisses
Kim back.

Kim then repositions her hand into Suki's panties and dances her
fingers over Suki's labia

Suki tenses and the lower half of her body spasms slightly as she tries
to squirm back shyly, whispering, "K-Kimmie... that's.... r-really...
s-sin-sa-tive.. f-for me..."

"I'd assume so..."

Suki blushes and still looks extremely shy.

"What's with the shyness Suki-chan?"

Suki gasps, "Ch-Chan?!"

"It's my nickname for you."

Suki blushes and looks shy again.

"What? You don't like it?"

Suki's voice is low and timid, "N-No... I.. I didn't say that... I-It's
just... I... I've never been called that before..."

"Good, I'll be the first, Suki-chan." smiles Kim.

Suki blushes and smiles shyly, "O-Ok...."

Kim begins to rub her fingers over Suki's labia with her hand inside
her panties.

Suki again quivers spasmodically and blushes even redder as she
whispers, "K-Kimmie... th-that... f-feels.... g-good..."

Kim then places her other hand on Suki's right breast and squeezes a

Suki tenses, her face seemingly glowing with pleasure as the hymn
continues on in Kim's mind as the smaller girl begins to breath harder,
her hands coming down to rub Kim's stomach gently, her left one glowing
as pleasure starts to filter into Kim's body again.

Kim shudders slightly from the stimlus as her right hand, which on
Suki's labia, begins to rub the area faster.

Suki tenses again, quivering, the blush on her cheeks changing from
being shyness-related to that of arousal-related and almost
immediately, her vagina's lubrication fluid begins to form inside her
vagina. Nanyo grins. (MP - to Kim): Is she liking it? I always wanted
to give her one, but I was afraid.... Afraid of taking her virginity
from her... It was something she prided herself on..."

Kim chooses to ignore Nanyo so she can focus on Suki as she lowers her
mouth to her nipple and like it.

Suki gasps and shyly, timidly tries to pull back, whining, "K-Kimmie?
Wh-What are you doing? Th-That feels.... s-so w-wet..." Nanyo sighs
heavily. (MP): Come on, Starki... Tell meeeeeeeeee! I wanna know!"

"I'm trying to give Suki my undivided attention, just keep yourself
busy until I'm done alright?" thinks Kim.

Nanyo grins. (MP): Roger that!: She runs her left hand down to her
crotch and gives herself a gentle squeeze.

Kim's middle finger of her right hand then invades the area between
Suki's labia, meeting her clit first...

Suki suddenly stiffens up and lets out a quivering groan, indicating
how much pleasure she felt from that action. She cries, "K-Kimmie! W-
What was that?! I.. It's felt.... i-incredible!" She blushes shyly

"Huh?! Are you kidding me? You're a virgin AND you've never

Suki asks, blushing now in embarrassment, "Wh-what's masturbated mean?"

"Touching yourself to Make yourself feel good without the aid of
someone else."

Suki gasps, "O-Oh... Is that what they call it? I... I never... never
really did it myself.... N-Nan'chi... s-she would always touch me....
b-but she never did anything like this.." She blushes and looks a
little sad.

"So you've never pleasured yourself, alone?"

Suki looks sad, "N-No... A-After Nan'chi left... I.. I kinda... got...
depressed.... when I was alone...." Tears start to form in her eyes as
she remembers this.

"So you have then?" states Kim as she rubs her clit again.

Suki shakes her head, "I... I haven't - AHHHH!" she gasps suddenly as
her whole body spasms slightly from the touch. Immediately, she blushes
shyly as more of her fluid begins to build up in her vagina and her
aroma begins to filter up around her crotch, quickly reaching Kim's

Kim looks slightly frustrated. "Have you or haven't you?" she continues
her action to Suki's clit.

Suki tenses up, beginning to shake slightly as she gasps out, "N-No!
I... I ha-have n-never m-masturbated! A-Ahhhhh!" Already, it seems, her
orgasm is building within her.

"Finally, an answer..." Kim then encases her mouth around Suki's right

Suki whimpers in pleasure, with a slightly higher pitched voice, as her
nipple quickly grows stiff and hard inside Kim's lips. Suki asks, "K-
Kimmie... wh-what.... I.. I m-mean... h-how d-do you d-do this?"

"Do what? Masturbate?"

Suki shakes her head, "N-No... I... I m-mean... wh-what you're doing
right now..."

"Oh, you mean this?" asks Kim as she pinches Suki's clit
lightly between her fingers.

Suki cries out loudly in pleasure, "A-Ahhhhhh!" Her voice tender and
sweet like honey, almost instantly causes Nanyo to smile as she slips a
finger inside of her jeans and, eventually, inside of her vagina. Suki
pants, trying to nod as her whole body quivers with pleasurable spasms,
"Y-Yeah, K-Kimmie... a-and wh-what you're doing t-to my breast..."

"There just simple actions, anyone could do them." Kim then carefully
twists Suki's clit gently.

Suki cries out again in pleasure as her body spasms again, sweat
beginning to drop down her forehead as her arousal continues to grow.
Her vaginal fluid now begins to drip down onto Kim's hand, causing her
to blush harder as she whispers, "K-Kimmie.... I... I'm so
embarrassed.... Th-There is s-something coming out of me... I... I
can't control it... I... I'm sorry!"

"It's ok, that's supposed to happen. It's a good thing actually."

Suki whimpers, "B-But... I... I can't control it... I.. I'm getting all
wet again...."

"It's a good thing, don't worry about it. Now..." Kim then releases her
clit and moves her index and middle finger to Suki's vaginal opening.

Suki whimpers, "K-Kimmie... a-are you going.... i-inside?" She blushes

"Yes, I am."

Suki replies, "B-But... n-no one's e-ever b-been in there b-before...."
She still sounds shy and timid.

"Of course, you're virgin..."

"W-Will it hurt, K-Kimmie?" asks Suki, her bottom lip trembling.

"Yes, it will, but only for a few seconds..."

Suki's bottom lip trembles as she whispers, "O-Ok...." She squeezes her
eyes shut, bracing for the pain.

Kim enters her fingers into Suki and feels her hymn. "Ready?"

Suki gulps, "Y-Yes... P-Please... b-be g-gentle...."

"Ok" Kim lowers her other hand and rubs her clit as she then breaks her
hymn with her fingers.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as she stiffens up, falling on top of
Kim, a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face as Nanyo stiffens up,
thinking to Kim, "Hold her, Starki... Please... for both of us... hold
her.... Oh, Nisu... I'm so sorry it hurts so much.... I'm so sorry!"

Kim quickly removes her hands and hugs Suki tightly. Sorry, It'll be
gone in a few moments."

Suki cries softly in Kim's arms, whining, "O-Owwww... I-It really
hurt...." Her tears roll down her cheeks as a slow trickle of blood
runs down between her labia.

"We can stop if you want."

Suki pants, "N-No.... I... I think.... I-It's easing up.... B-But...
th-that really hurt... W-Why did it hurt so much, K-Kimmie?"

"Your hymn is basically a thin fleshy wall inside you."

Suki asks, "A-And that... i-is inside o-of me?"

"Was inside of you."

Suki nods, "Y-Yeah... s-so that thing.... w-was inside of me?"


"Why? Why was it in there?"

"How should I know?"

Suki sighs, "O-Ok.... th-the pain... i-is gone.... I... I think I...
I'm calming down too.... Th-That big rush of pleasure i-is gone...."

"is there a paper towel in her?"


Suki shrugs her shoulders, "I... I don't know... I... I'm not familiar
with this room...." She looks around as Nanyo says to Kim, (MP): Look
in the top drawer over to the right - under my panties."

I'll try here." states Kim as she looks where Nanyo says and Finds a
roll of paper towel. Kim tares some off and puts it on Suki's labia.
"We need to get the blood off."

Suki nods, blushing at Kim looking at her labia and seeing the blood

moment later...

"There, good as new." smiles Kim. "Now, since your Hymen is gone,
you'll be able to be penetrated MUCH further."

Suki blushes and trembles shyly, "A-And that w-will be more
pleasurable, K-Kimmie?"

"Yes, very much so."

Suki sighs, "Then I suppose it will be worth it..." She rolls over onto
her back, wanting Kim to get on top of her, though she asks her not to
remove her still pee-drenched shorts.

"You'll be abit tender, so I won't go to deep." states Kim as she
places her hand on Suki's labia.

Suki nods and gulps, "O-Okay...." She brings her left hand up and
presses against Kim's mound through her wet shorts and panties.

Since you've never had an orgasm, don't feel bad if you come really
quick ok?"

Suki responds, "Ok... U-Uh... H-how will I kn-know if I come, K-

"You'll know, believe me." smiles Kim as she inserts two fingers into

Suki stiffens up, gasping, "O-Ooh! I... I feel it.... A-Are those your
f-fingers, K-Kimmie? Th-They f-feel r-really wide... I... I don't know
if th-they'll fit...." Her left hand now squishes Kim's shorts against
her mound again, a smile coming to her lips at the squishing sound

"Kim smiles as she inserts her fingers in Suki completely. "This is as
deep as I go for now Suki, but doesn't it feel good?"

Suki pants heavily, sweat dripping down her face again as she nods
vigorously, "Y-yeah... I... I feel so full.... It's like nothing I've
ever felt before...."

(MP): Starki, tell me... Is she really tight? I gotta know!" Nanyo gets
a thoughtful look on her face as she privately debates whether or not
she should join in.

Kim smiles and thinks. "Na na nana na! I know and you don't!"

Nanyo scowls to herself and sighs, "(MP) Fine... I'll join ya'll..."
She tiptoes into the room and hides behind Kim's back, before suddenly
wrapping her arms around Kim's waist and squeezing her breasts,
yelling, "OOH! SQUISHY!"

"Ah! Hey!"

Suki gasps, totally in shock, "N-Nan'chi?!" She blushes heavily as
Nanyo grins, "I gotcha Starki! Now tell me about Nisu... Is she tight
or what?" Suki blushes.

"She was a virgin, what do you think?"

Nanyo grumbles, "Feh... move outta the way, amateur...." She gently
pushes Kim aside, away from Suki, and gently eases one finger inside of

"Hey, what's your problem?"

Nanyo grins, "Wooo, Nisu! You are incredibly tight... I'm glad I waited
all these years..." She calls Kim over to the corner and asks, "So how
were you planning to screw her, Starki? Can I be part of those plans?"
Suki blushes and looks over at them, asking, "Um... wh-what's going

"Well I as just going to use my hands..." replies Kim.

Nanyo nods, "I see.. and what do you want me to do? I wanna help f*ck
Nisu too... I wanna see her first orgasm...."

"Well, you can get her upper body then. I'll get her lower body."
smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "OH YEAHHHHHHHH!" and quickly flips over Kim, returning to
Suki, leaning over and kissing her with great passion. Suki is, at
first, surprised, then elated at Nanyo's familiar lips on her own.

"excited, aren't you?" states Kim as she returns to the bed.

Nanyo pulls back from Suki's lips, grinning as she looks deeply into
Suki's violet eyes. She replies, "Starki, you have no idea how much I
love this girl.... I love her almost as much as you..." Suki blushes at
that statement.

"That's good to hear." replies Kim as she grips Suki's clit between her
fingers of her left hand and reinserts her fingers into her vagina.

Suki cries out in pleasure as she unconsciously arches her back up off
the bed, squeezing her eyes shut as Nanyo locks her lips on Suki's
again, driving her tongue deeply inside as her left hand pinches Suki's
right breast gently.

Kim gently pulls on her clit as she starts to pump her fingers.

Suki breaks the kiss with Nanyo to whine, "A-Ahhhh! K-Kimmie... I... I
can't... I... I can't... control myself....!" A slightly harder flow of
fluid now begins to wash down from her vagina as she blushes as hard as
she can. Nanyo runs her fingertip across the heated skin of Suki's
blush, whispering, "Nisu... you are so damn beautiful... Sometimes, I
just wanna f*ck you all night long..." She lowers her lips down to
Suki's left nipple, sucking hungrily on it.

"It's your first time, don't fight it." Kim now starts to twist her
fingers as she pumps them into her vagina.

Suki whines, "B-But I -

Kim then gently twists Suki's clit nearly a full 180 degrees.

Suki screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as her vagina begins almost gushing her
fluid. Her lower half begins to vibrate and Suki whines, "K-Kimmie...
N-Nan'chi... s-something's h-happening....!"

She starts to bridge up, arching her back again, blushing heavily, as
Nanyo grins and locks lips with Suki again, rubbing her full firm
breasts with everything she's got.

Kim smiles and starts rubbing her thumb against Suki's clit while
angling her fingers to hit Suki's G-spot with each pump.

Suki feels her urethra tensing and suddenly cries, "K-Kimmie! I... I
gotta pee! I... I'm gonna lose it! I... I can't control it!" She arches
her back higher and higher almost like her sister, Sashi, her thighs
trying to clench together, tightening her vagina moreso and bringing
herself closer to orgasm. Nanyo smiles, "Come on, Nisu... Come on...."
She locks her lips harder on Suki's, kissing her harder and playing
with Suki's tongue, keeping the smaller girl from talking as she
squeezes her small breasts over and over again.

"Gotta pee huh? looks like you're a squirter. This is you first orgasm
too? I wanna see how much you squirt."

Nanyo grins as she keeps Suki from responding by continuing the kiss.
(MP): A squirter, huh? Guess that means you've had plenty of
experience, then, Starki?"

Kim suddenly blushes and is silent as she continues her actions on

Suki moans through Nanyo's deep kiss and starts squirming as she tries
frantically to prevent, what she perceives, is her impending urination.
Nanyo smirks, (MP): We'll discuss this later..."

Kim sweatdrops in response.

Nanyo grins in her mind as she kisses Suki harder, rougher, and with
more passion than before, still squeezing her breasts harder and more
forcefully as Suki bridges up again, tears appearing in her eyes.

"Come on Suki, come for us." states Kim.

Suki whimpers through Nanyo's mouth as she feels her urethra start to
spasm, then she squeezes her eyes shut tightly, pushing her crotch
forward as far as possible as Nanyo thinks, "She's losing it!"

Kim then pinches Suki's clit, not painfully hard, but hard none the

Suki's whole body now begins to spasm harder and harder as her urethra
starts spurting out her cum, followed immediately by one of the most
intense orgasms Kim has ever witnessed. Nanyo pulls back from Suki's
lips, causing the small girl to cry out louder and louder with each
tender spasm. She, instead, holds the smaller girl's upper torso
against her own, feeling the spasms shake her as she whispers, "Oh,
Nisu... It's wonderful... It's more than I ever imagined... I love you
so much!"

"Wow! You go girl!" smiles Kim as she pulls her fingers from Suki
vagina but starts rolling her clit in her fingers and watching her

Suki's already exhausted body still continues to squirt two or three
more times, each squirt accompanied by a powerful spasm of her whole
body, before she falls lax, her head falling back over Nanyo's arm as
she holds the tired girl


"How'd you like your first orgasm Suki?"

Suki weakly moans, "Uhhhhh... w-was that.... a-an orgasm?" She seems
too tired to even lift her head up and Nanyo nuzzles her breasts again
before gently laying her down.

"Yep, that was an orgasm."

Suki whimpers softly, "O-Oh... I-it was... w-wonner-ful.... I... I
can't... b-believe I... I peed i-in the m-middle..... o-of... i-it tho-
though..." Nanyo sniggers and brushes Suki's hair aside, showing
remarkable tenderness and fondness for the cute girl.

Kim smiles knowingly at Suki. "Don't worry about it, it happens."

"S-So... a-all girls p-pee l-like that d-during o-orgasm?" Suki
sleepily asks as Nanyo drops one hand to her own crotch and starts
rubbing almost absently.

"Suki, that wasn't pee, it was you're cum."

Suki questions, "C-Come where?"

Kim giggles. "No, not come, cum. You can ejaculated like a guy. Don't
ask me what the fluid is, 'cause I don't know."

Suki gasps, "I... I ... what?!" She looks shocked as Nanyo scoops up
some of the cum and swallows it, Mmmming.

"Ejaculated, every girl has the ability to do it. some just take more
effort than others."

Suki's eyes grow wider and wider as she grows even more shocked. "N-No
way.... D-Did I really? H-How... W-Why? Am... Am I... a... a....

a number of sweatdrops appear on Kim head. "No, your not."

"Th-Then h-how....?" Suki starts before Nanyo pipes up, "Hey, Starki...
Ya GOTTA try this!" She jams her finger, full of Suki's cum, into Kim's

Kim's eyes widen suddenly at Nanyo's sudden action and she swallows.
"Mmm, it's goo."

Suki looks perplexed, "What is it, Kimmie?"

"your cum, it's delicious." smiles Kim.

Suki's eyes bug out, "Y-You actually EAT it?!"

"Of course, you taste good, you want a taste?"

Suki glances over at Nanyo, who nods, and sighs, "O-Ok... I.. I've
never done this before, though...."

Kim smiles at a sudden idea she gets. She licks some of Suki's cum
still on her labia and quickly begins to french kiss Suki.

Suki's eyes bug out wildly as Nanyo rubs her throat, causing her to
swallow the cum. Then, she Mmm's from the kiss and the sweet taste of
the cum.

"Well, now that you've had your orgasm, you want me to explain that
machine in me I told you about?"

Suki nods, still breathing hard and looking tired, "Y-Yeah..." Nanyo
asks, "Ya mind if I hold ya, Nisu?" Suki nods, "G-Go ahead... I... I
can't get the strength to sit up on my own..."

Kim then sighs. "Ok, when I was younger, I died."

Suki gasps, "NO! H-How...? Wh-Why?"

"I was constantly raped when I was young, along with a
very close friend... anyway, one day I just couldn't take it anymore
and snapped. I killed them all..." Kim looks saddened at the memory.

Suki gasps, "NO! That's... That's the pain... I... I sensed it so long
ago... but... I didn't know.... That's what attracted that Rage Demon
to you... I'm sure of it!"

"Anyway, because of all the energy I released at one time, it was truly
murder on my body. And I lost my arms and legs..."

Suki gasps, "WHAT?! But... but... what about these?!" She points to
Kim's arms.

"There artificial."

"But they look so real!"

"That's the whole point."

Suki shakes her head, "No! I can't believe those aren't real! I can't!"

"Looks like I'll have to prove it to you..."

Nanyo asks, "Are you sure she can handle it, Starki?"

"There's only one way to find out..."

Nanyo sighs, "Ooooook...." She holds Suki tightly, prepared to hug her
if she can't take what she's about to see.

Kim reaches over to her left arm about two inches below her armpit and
presses something which a click can be heard.

Suki gasps, "Wh-What are you doing, Kimmie?!"

Suddenly, a ring of Kim's skin appears to melt away
reveling some metalworking. "Do you believe me now?"

Suki glances at it, then, her eyes roll back into her head and she
passed out, fainting into Nanyo's arms. Nanyo winces, "I, uh, don't
think she was able to handle it..."

"I'm glad I didn't remove my arm..."

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah... I think that would've been worse... So,
Starki... wanna f*ck?" She grins and moves toward Kim.

"I don't feel like it right now, sorry."

"Ok... then... why don't you sleep with her and I'll take a nap on the
floor... I gotta get this blood offa my lip anyway..." She makes as if
to go, laying Suki down gently on her bed.


Nanyo leaves and Suki moans softly as she rolls over onto her side,
muttering, "Kimmie... you're all wet.... please pee for me..."

Kim giggles as she lays down on the bed next to Suki.

To Be Continued In...
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