Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 35)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 35

Title: Chapter 33: Nanyo Rapes Kim... ;)

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo scowls, "Aight... but in exchange..." She turns to Kim with a
sneaky grin on her face. Suki gulps, "U-Uh-oh..." and looks slightly

Kim raises a brow in puzzuledness. "What?"

Suki whispers, "She's horny..." then blushes as Nanyo grins, "Ya got
that right, Nisu... It's been two days since I had some FUN and I can't
stand it no more..." She starts to approach Kim.

Kim begins to sweatdrop as she starts backing away. "Hold on, we can do
it out here."

Nanyo grins, "And why not?"

"um..." is all Kim can reply with.

Suki blushes, "B-Because we a-are n-not e-exbishists? " she
tries timidly.

"Uh, y-yeah, that's it." states Kim agreeing with Suki.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, come on, Starki-chan... Ain't nobody gonna see us
through these trees..." She indicates the thick orchard around the
three girls.

Kim begins looking around. "But, uh... Bugs! Yeah, what about the
bugs?" states Kim.

Nanyo looks down, putting her hand up to her forehead as though to
shield her eyes, "What bugs? I un't see no bugs!"

"This is an orchid right? there HAS to be bugs."

Nanyo folds her arms, scowling, "Fine, Starki-chan... If you don't
wanna, I won't force myself on you... Now, Nisu... you're a different
matter altogether... I KNOW you love being submissive..." She winks at
Suki, who blushes shyly.

"I'll watch if that's ok with you."

Suki suddenly speaks up, "K-Kimmie! I... I don't wanna do it here,
either!" She moves to Kim's side, then ducks behind her as Nanyo

Kim begins to blush as Nanyo nears. "Can we just go back?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "Nah-uh, Starki... I want some lovin'... and I
aim to get it..." She steps slowly closer and closer as Suki hides
behind her.

"Come on Nanyo, not here."

Nanyo grins, "Nope.. Ain't gonna back off now..." She flips over Kim,
and pushes Suki aside, gently, as she grabs Kim around the chest,
squeezing her left breast tenderly. "Ooh.. so full n' firm already..."

"Hey, I said I didn't want to do this. Stop."

Nanyo smirks, "Feh... I KNOW you love this... I know your secret,
HUnewearl..." Suki gasps, "N-Nan'chi! Wh-What are you doing?! She said

"I don't know what your talking about, stop Nanyo."

Nanyo grins, "Hoookay... Lemme see if I can jog your memory... OR...
bring it up for you..." She puts her hands on Kim's temples and starts
rubbing as Kim's mind starts flashing images of her memory and her
dreams in front of her eyes.

"I said stop Nanyo, don't do this."

The images flash faster and faster, eventually focusing on
Kim's "rape" of Becky. Nanyo's voice enters her mind, saying,
hypnotically, "You want this done to you... You know it as well as I

"No, that's not true."

Nanyo smiles, "It isn't? Then tell me... Does this feel good?" She
squeezes Kim's breast a little harder as she rubs her stomach with her
other hand.

"Stop it Nanyo!" states Kim as she tries to free herself.

Nanyo smiles, "Oh yes, Starki... You like this... I KNOW you do...
Why... just feel this..." She pinches Kim's nipple through her bra,
causing it to grow and stiffen. Suki cries, "Stop it, Nan'chi! She
already said she didn't want to!"

Kim gasps as she feels the action of Nanyo's hand. "Ah! N-No, stop."

Nanyo grins again, "Look at that! Look at how erect that is! Wow... Ya
must really like this..." She pins Kim's left arm to her side as she
uses her own left hand to squeeze the breast against Kim's chest.

"Nanyo, I said stop!"

Nanyo laughs, "I ain't stopping... and if ya know what's good for ya,
you ain't gonna stop neither..." She picks Kim up and roughly slams her
against a tall pine tree, locking lips with the HUnewearl.

Kim tries to push Nanyo off her and a muffled 'stop' manages to leave
her lips.

Nanyo is too much for Kim to just push off as she forces herself closer
to Kim, kissing her roughly as her hands reach down to her belt and
take it slowly out of her pants. Her mind broadcasts, "Time for some
bondage, methinks..."

Kim begins to hit on Nanyo's shoulders.

Nanyo doesn't even notice as she quickly lets go of Kim's body, only to
seize her arms out of thin air. She hastily wraps her belt around and
around them, tying it off in a tight knot. Then she moves her hands
down to Kim's belt and does the same thing with it, taking it off and
wrapping it around her legs to keep Kim from kicking her as she lays
Kim flat on the ground, with her head propped on the tree trunk.

"Nanyo STOP! don't do this!" exclaims Kim.

Nanyo falls silent now, only smiling as she moves up to Kim's vest,
beginning to undo it. Suki runs behind Nanyo and attempts to wrestle
her off of Kim.

"Why are you doing this Nanyo?"

Nanyo says nothing and easily throws Suki off her, making sure she
lands on her feet. Then she stands over the smaller girl and grabs her
temples, doing the same thing to her, to the point that she passes out,
falling asleep in the process. Then, she turns back to Kim and grins,
"Now then... Let's push on, shall we?"


Nanyo only grins and returns to removing Kim's vest, finally exposing
her bra. She licks her lips, as though hungry for more of Kim's skin.

"Nanyo, please stop, why are you doing this to me?"

Nanyo simply states, "'Cause you're so damn sexy..." She now opens
Kim's bra, exposing her breasts to the fresh air. She sucks in a deep
breath, muttering, "Oh yeah... that's NICE..."

"No, don't." states Kim as a darker blush claims her face.

Nanyo says nothing to that, but merely bends her head over Kim's chest
and licks the channel between Kim's breasts as she straddles the
hunter, pushing her own pubic area onto Kim's.

"Ah!" gasps Kim in pleasure as she feels the materiel of
her short rubbing her labia.

Nanyo grins wider, "I knew it, Starki-chan... I knew it..." She brings
her tongue up along the top half of Kim's breast, without touching the
nipple as one of her hands moves down to Kim's ribs, stroking gently.

"Ah, s-stop, I, ah." states Kim feeling the pleasure flooding her body.

Nanyo only smiles as she lowers her lips to the bottom half of Kim's
breast, again avoiding the nipple as she licks the flesh. Her left hand
trails it's index finger down to Kim's navel, playing inside for a few

"I... I can't believe it..." states Kim lowly.

Nanyo raises an eyebrow, still grinning, "What was that?" She now
begins to lick Kim's nipple directly as her left hand starts to move
toward her waistline.

"It's my deep dark embarrassing secret...." states Kim.

Nanyo grins, "I know, Starki... I could sense it... Why else would you
have let me go this far with you?" She attaches her lips around Kim's
nipple and tugs on it lightly as her hand reaches Kim's waistline.

"But It's embarrassing..."

"It's okay, Starki... Only Sashi and I know of it... and we aren't
gonna tell nobody anytime soon..." She begins to suck gently on Kim's
nipple as her left hand now begins to undo Kim's shorts' buttons.

Kim now starts to smile.

Nanyo grins, "See? See how easy it is to just embrace the pleasure? And
you really like this, don't you?" She trails her licks now, down to
Kim's upper stomach area, licking at her ribs as her hand slides in
between the opening of Kim's shorts, lightly touching her abdomen on
her way down to Kim's pubic mound.

At the touch of Kim's abdomen, Kim closes her legs quickly

Nanyo whispers, "Don't worry, Starki... I ain't in that much of a
rush... I wanna try to make ya cum first... I want to see you wet your
panties and shorts with your cum before your pee..." (TBC)

She quickly moves her fingertips down to Kim's panty line, and gently
caresses the flesh that is Kim's pubic mound. She whispers, "You want a
kiss, Starki?"


"Then sit up.... and I'll give you one..." She keeps her hand on Kim's
pubic mound as she helps Kim reach a sitting position, though her arms
and legs remain bound.

Kim reaches her face forward trying to kiss Nanyo.

Nanyo's lips reach hers easily, and she wastes no time in trying to
push apart the lovely HUnewearl's lip to allow her tongue access. At
the same time, she slides her finger tips across Kim's panties,
reaching her leg holes right away. From there, she slides her fingers
inside the left leg hole, where Kim's left leg is, and lightly brushes
a fingertip across Kim's folds.

Kim tenses a moment at the touch of her labia.

Nanyo pulls back from the kiss, still smiling as she whispers, "Did you
like that, Starki? There's more in store..." She uses two of her
fingers to gently spread the tender folds and insert one more into
Kim's vagina.

Kim gasps as she tenses again in pleasure at Nanyo's finger.

Nanyo grins, whispering, "It's all wet, Starki... Doesn't that seem
lovely?" She starts to push the finger in deeper as a second finger
enters inside Kim, joining the first, with Nanyo's thumb positioned at
her urethral opening, totally unconsciously.

"Ah, I feels good." moans Kim.

"Tell me, Starki... how deeply have you been penetrated before?" asks
Nanyo as she moves one of her fingers from spreading Kim's labia to
inside, making it now three fingers inside of the other girl.

"Heh, I don't think your fingers would reach that far." smiles Kim.

Nanyo grins, "A challenge? Then, enlighten me... Is this far enough?"
She jams two of her fingers up to the midpoint of Kim's vagina.


Nanyo continues smiling as she takes Kim's hip in her right hand and
pulls it forward, driving her fingers 3/4 of the way to her uterus.

"you getting close..."

Nanyo laughs, "I ain't been serious until now... Looks like I'm gonna
hafta to go all the way..." She angles her arm slightly, then thrust
her middle finger all the way to Kim's uterus, touching her tiny
cervical opening.

"Mmm, keep going..."

Nanyo groans, "Ok... if you insist... Ugh..." She grunts slightly and
pushes her middle finger inside Kim's cervix, and into her uterus,
running her fingertip along the inner wall of the organ.

"Ah!" Kim then groans as she feels the depth of Nanyo's hand.

Still Nanyo's finger penetrates deeper and deeper, touching, now the
middle portion of Kim's uterus as she groans, "Is this it, Starki-

"Y-yea, that's it."

Nanyo grins and curls her finger, making it seem bigger and wider as
she pushes Kim's uterus and makes it spread. She grunts, "Starki...
look at your stomach... It's gotta be bulging a little... hehe..."

"Ah." Kim groans now at how much her cervix is being spread.

Nanyo grunts slightly and manages to push her ring finger
into Kim's uterus as well. She teases, "Well... how about that...?"

"G-Go d-deeper."

Nanyo gives Kim this look: o_0, but grins as she now has her
elbow up against Kim's panties' crotch, her middle finger now
stretching for the top of Kim's uterus.

"AH! Wonderful, this feels amazing!" states Kim happily.

Nanyo groans, "Ow... damn, Starki... your uterus is friggin' TIGHT! We
really need to knock you up..." Still, she manages to get her finger
all the way up to the top of Kim's uterus, though her elbow now slips
inside of Kim's vagina.

"Don't joke like that!"

Nanyo laughs, "Yeah... you're right... besides... Nisu'd prolly be
better to get pregnant... she's always wanted a child... prolly because
of her idiot father..."

"She want's a child?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... but don't tell her I said so... That's HER deep
dark secret..." She winks and starts doing a thrusting motion with her
fingers as her thumb presses slightly on Kim's urethral opening to help
Nanyo balance herself.

"Ohhh, that feels so good!" moans Kim.

Nanyo smirks, "It should, Starki... I mean, after all... ya got my
whole arm in ya..." She starts going faster and faster as she leans
over Kim's stomach and starts kissing and licking her ribs.

"Ohh, your so deep inside me..." states Kim closing her eyes.

Nanyo continues her thrusting with more and more intensity, almost
reaching Kim's tubes on several occasions and while all that was going
on, her thumb pressed against Kim's urethra AND she managed to lick
Kim's other breast.

"Your cock feels incredible!" states Kim suddenly.

Nanyo grins and leans close to Kim's stomach looking up at her face as
she whispers, "You might not want to go screaming that and this out to
Nisu... but if you want to feel a cock, I can oblige..."

"Huh? What?" states Kim.

Nanyo grins and begins to pull back, making sure to tease Kim by
rubbing various parts of her uterus, her cervix and her vagina as she
states, "I prolly shouldn't tell ya this... but, heh... I know how to
turn a girl into a guy, if ya know what I mean..." She winks.

"What are you talking about, who said I wanted a guy?" asks Kim.

Nanyo pulls her hand totally out of Kim's vagina now and replies,
smirking, "Ki Ki, Queen of Dick wants one... and I'd be damned before I
let a request go without fulfilling it..."

Numerous beads of sweat form on Kim's head. "W-What?! How
do you know my... title?" Kim says 'title' very low.

Nanyo taps her forehead, "Telepathy, Starki... how many times do I have
to tell ya... And since Ki Ki's back and wants a cock, I'll do it..."
She gets up off of Kim and goes to her pouches, which she had taken off
her belt before binding Kim's hand. She pulls out two small vials and
frowns, "Almost out... I'll have to get more soon..."

"What's that?"

Nanyo winks, "You'll see..." She mixes the two vials of fluid together,
then downs both, coughing heavily as her body is engulfed in a cloud of

"Uh, what's going on?"

When the smoke clears, Nanyo's body is revealed to have shrunk and
changed to fit that of a 13-14 year old boy. Her red hair has shortened
and a penis now hangs down between her legs as she/he grins at Kim.
"Like it, Starki?" comes a slightly higher pitched voice.

Kim's right eye twitches in surprise. "What, the hell! Y-Your, a g-

Nanyo shakes her head, "No.. I'm a girl... but I know how to trigger
a... 'transformation'... with certain chemicals... Heh.. Don't tell
Nisu I can do this, though... she'd go nuts... hehe..."

Kim's eyes then drop to Nanyo's penis and a deep blush claims her face.

Nanyo grins, "Wanna see it outside of my pants, Starki-chan?" She
unzips her pants, dropping them and her panties down to the ground,
exposing her penis to Kim's eyes.

"I, I shouldn't. It's been years since the last time I even seen a

"Aw come on, Starki-chan... You know you wanna touch it... Come on..."
Nanyo's eyes thin and she whimpers softly as she steps back over to

"Well, My hands are kinda tied."

Nanyo giggles, "Oh, sorry... I forgot..." She quickly undoes Kim's
hands, but leaves her legs tied for the "Rape" effect.

Kim looks at Nanyo's member nervously as she nears her face toward it.

Nanyo frowns, "Aw, come on, Ki Ki... quit bein' so shy with it! After
all, you ARE the Queen of Dick, ain't ya?"

"W-Well, yea but-"

Nanyo grins, not letting Kim finish, "Then hop to it, your Majesty!"
She bows with a flourish.

Kim blushes deeply and reaches out with her right hand and grasps
Nanyo's cock in her hand.

Nanyo shudders, "O-Ooh... It's been so long... I'd forgotten what that
feels like..." Her penis doesn't immediately harden, but it twitches
and begins to grow wider.

Kim then starts to slowly lick the head of Nanyo's penis with her

Nanyo gets a goofy smile on her lips as she puts her hands on Kim's
head, running her fingers through her hair as her member hardens and
stiffens in Kim's mouth.

"I may be a little rusty, Nanyo." states Kim looking up at her.

Nanyo rubs Kim's shoulders as she whispers, a look of love in her ruby
eyes, "You'll do fine, Starki... I know it... I really know it..."

"OK..." Kim lowers her gaze back to the rod she still holds in her hand
and wraps her lips around the head.

Nanyo begins to giggle, as she lifts one hand up to Kim's left ear,
tracing it gently, her boy(girl?)hood rising up higher and higher.

Kim then takes the length of Nanyo's member in her mouth
as her tongue licks around it.

Nanyo groans, "O-Ooh... yeah... That's the stuff... That's
what I needed..." Her hips twitch slightly as a small trickle of pre-
cum starts to roll down the side of her member.

She continues tracing her finger along Kim's ear, to encourage her.

Kim removes the penis from her mouth and licks the head once before
smiling at Nanyo.

Nanyo's penis quivers once, then falls still as she glances at Kim, a
whimpering expression on her face. "Wh-What?" she asks.

"Nothing." replies Kim as she takes the member within her mouth again
and begins and in and out action.

Nanyo groans, beginning to move her hips in perfect rhythm to Kim's
actions, "Oh yeah... keep going, Starki..." Her eyes close and she
presses down slightly on Kim's head, trying to get her to faster.

Kim then starts doing a sucking action with when she withdraws Nanyo's
penis before taking it back in her mouth completely.

Nanyo groans, "Oh, F*ck, YEAH.... oh, F*uck me harder!" as she begins
to thrust her hips forward, trying to drive her hard cock further into
Kim's mouth.

Kim continues this for several minutes

Nanyo groans and moans louder, her penis twitching in Kim's mouth as
she begins to pant and heave. She opens her eyes and looks lovingly
down at her lover, only now noticing that Kim isn't taking a minute to

She pants, "S-Starki-ch-chan... y-ya okay?"

Kim doesn't respond and continues her action and increases the tempo as

Nanyo groans louder and louder, her panting growing faster
and faster, her breathing harder and harder, as her penis twitches
rapidly in Kim's mouth.

Kim steadily continues with break, intent on making Nanyo cum.

Nanyo's whole body starts tensing up as her penis stretches
out toward the back of Kim's throat, quivering harder and harder as she
gasps out, "S-Star-Starki! I... I... I'm... g-gonn-na.... b-burst....!"

All that's heard from Kim is a muffled "Mmm..."

Nanyo then squeezes her eyes shut, her left hand clenched into a fist
on Kim's left ear as her hips shoot forward, thrusting her hard penis
as deeply into Kim's mouth as she can as the first shot of her cum
explodes from deep within her penis. It coats the back of Kim's throat,
barely sliding out of the way before a second burst hits.

Nanyo can feel Kim's mouth begin to suck on her member, as if trying to
suck all the cum out.

Nanyo groans as her whole body shakes rapidly, her member shooting out
more and more of her cum, before falling empty, still quivering as she
breathes hard.

Kim finally releases Nanyo's penis from her hand and mouth and swallows
the cum in her mouth. "Mmmm, now that's tasty." states Kim smiling.

Nanyo laughs, but it is a somewhat weaker laugh than normal as she's
still panting. Her penis is now mostly flaccid again, still dribbling
out what's left of her cum.

"i want more, gimme more of your cum." states Kim

Nanyo giggles weakly, "Ya'll have to wait a while, I'm afraid...
Refractory period and whatnot..."

"Screw that, I want more!" states Kim as she puts Nanyo's member back
into her mouth.

Nanyo's eyes widen in shock as she tries to squirm away, "H-Hey, lemme
go! I told you... you can't get no more right now!"

Kim puts a hand on Nanyo's right thigh. "No, I want more!"

Nanyo tries to explain, "Starki... I... I can't make no more right now!
You done drank all of it! I need time to rest, SERIOUSLY!"

"Ok fine, have it your way!" whines Kim as she sits on her tied legs,
crosses her arms and pouts.

Nanyo gasps and pulls her penis out of Kim's mouth, "It's okies,
Starki-chan... I'll make a WHOLE lot more of this stuff and you can
have every drop of cum I make... Promise!" She smiles at Kim.

"Ok fine..." Kim then puts a hand to her head. "Ohh, suddenly I'm
feeling a little light-headed..." states Kim as she wobbles a bit.

"Ya okay, Starki? Ya not gonna pass out and lose your memory again, are
ya?" Nanyo looks concerned.

"I don't know, Let's just go back."

Nanyo suddenly groans and holds her side, "Uh.. G-Gimmie a sec, St-
Starki-chan..." Almost immediately, the cloud of smoke surrounds her

"Your changing back again?"

When the smoke clears, Nanyo is back to her normal female size and
shape, though her sweater is still on and her pants still off, exposing
her hairless labia again.

She coughs once, saying, "Dang it, that was close... I didn't realize
it would wear off so soon... Oh well... let's get Nisu before she wets
herself in her sleep..."

"what was close?"

"My transformation..." Nanyo explains, quickly gathering up her panties
and her jeans, pulling both back on. "I didn't realize that the small
amount of the chemicals I had wouldn't last all that long..."

Kim unties her legs and puts her clothes back on and stands.

Just then, both girls hear a soft yawn and Nanyo turns immediately to
where she left Suki propped up against a tree. She smiles, saying, "Aw,
look... the widdle princess is waking up!"

"Have a nice Nap Suki?" asks Kim.

Suki yawns, rubbing her eyes as she comes to, ""H-Huh? Wh-
What?" she mumbles as she slowly lifts her head up to see them.

"You fell asleep Suki."

Suki looks disoriented and slightly confused, "I... I did...? Wh-What
happened t-to me...? I... I can't remember..."

"Nanyo?" states Kim smiling at her.

"Yeah, Starki?"

"Mind telling her what happened?"

"What happened about what, Starki?" grins Nanyo, teasing Kim.

"Oh, I don't know... How about raping me huh?" states Kim playfully
accusing Nanyo.

Suki's eyes widen as she gasps, "N-Nan'chi?! Y-You d-didn't, d-did
you?!" She looks terrified. Nanyo grins, and winks non-conspiously at
Kim, "Yeah, Nisu... I raped her... and I enjoyed it... Didn't you,

"Of course not!" states Kim before returning the wink.

Suki trembles and backs away from the pair of them, gasping, "N-
Nan'chi... W-Why did you d-do it?" She looks positively petrified now
as Nanyo states telepathically to Kim, "Ooh... her bladder's nice and
round and full..."

Kim thinks back. "ok, let's make her wet herself real quick before we
go back."

Nanyo frowns. "Real quick? Aw, come on, Starki... surely you know how
much fun it is when you get her nice and desperate, don't ya?" She aims
at Kim, using her telepathic mind to both send the message AND block
Suki out.

"But I wanna check on Becky."

"Then, how about this? We take her back to the hut, check on Becks REAL
quick, then ya can take your time with her, and have her take her time
with you? Ya can also take her virginity if ya like!" states Nanyo,
telepathically, grinning as Suki backs up against the tree, looking
from side to side, thinking about escaping from Nanyo because she's
afraid she'll be raped like Kim.

"OK, lets do that."

Nanyo grins, "OK!" she states aloud and starts to leave Kim
and Suki, patting Kim on the back and sayin', ya might wanna explain to
her before we get there, ya?"

"Ok, I will." Kim walks to Suki and explains everything.

Suki gasps, "Y-You.. wh-what?!" Her violet eyes widen so much, it's
really hard to describe here (hehe).

"Try to keep it a secret, It's embarrassing for me." states Kim

Suki blushes, "I... I won't tell... I... I promise..." She immediately
presses her thighs together, tensing up only briefly as she asks, "C-
Can w-we g-go back now? I... I kinda.." The blush grows up her

"Yeah, were going back now."

"O-Ok..." She gets to her feet and starts trying to walk, though every
few seconds, she squeezes her thighs together. Nanyo looks back at the
two, calling, "You girls ready, yet?"

"Yeah, we're ready."

To Be Continued In...
Kim and Suki

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