Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 34)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 34

Title: Chapter 32: Solution

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo leans back in her chair, her left hand unconsciously sliding up
to her own right breast and squeezing gently as she calls after Kim,
"Good luck, Starki!" Tisha frowns, still sitting in the living room
area, "Man, this sucks... When am I gonna get my revenge on Sashi?!"
Jakashi sighs, "Let her deal with Becky first, young'un..."

Kim reaches the outside area and looks around for Suki.

There is no sign of the smallish girl, beyond a faint sniffling which
sounds like someone crying. The sound appears to be coming from
somewhere above Kim.

Kim looks up to the nearby tree above her. "Suki? Are you up there?"

There is no response, but the sniffling increases in
intensity and a few leaves rustle and fall from somewhere REALLY high.

"Aw don't make me have to climb up there to you."

Again, there is no response other that the sniffling and the rustling.

"... Crap." states Kim to herself. She then jumps and grabs branch and
pulls herself up on it until she's standing. "Suki."

Again, there is no response but more sniffling and rustling.

"I gotta speed this up..." states Kim as somewhat large metallic
bracelets form on her wrists, and a pair of green photon claws appear
out passed the reach of her hands. Kim then starts to impale the trunk
of the tree as she ascends.

The tree shakes ever so slightly but there is still no response from
the little girl at the top.

"Dang it Suki, how high are you?" asks Kim as she makes her way up.

Even now, there is no response from Suki.

Kim continues to climb...

At the top of the tree, she finds a small clump of branches full of
leaves that surround a small quivering lump within their clutches.

"Finally, Suki, what are you doing here?" asks Kim as she reaches Suki.

There is STILL no response, though the lump quivers again, sniffles
still heard.

"Suki, I know that's you."

Finally, there is a response from the lump, but not the one Kim was
expecting. Her voice soft, Suki whispers, "Go away... please... I... I
can't take it anymore..."

"W-What? why?" asks Kim surprised.

Suki sniffs, "A-All I... do is cause you pain... I.. I can't do it
anymore..." She quivers and turns away from Kim, sniffling and with
tears running down her cheeks. A few more leaves fall to the ground.

"Pain? you don't cause me pain Suki."

Suki suddenly stiffens up and cries, "I DO cause you pain! First
Hon'tyl... then Becky... and now this... I... I can't stand it
anymore...." She scrunches up tighter, sobbing.

"It's ok Suki, You didn't know any of this was going to happen."

Suki sobs, "I should've! I should've known this all along! I'm just not
meant to be here!" She squeezes herself as tightly into a ball as she
can, still sobbing.

"Not meant to be here? Suki, what are you saying?"

Suki just sobs, "It's always been this way! First, Sashi... then
Nanyo... then Miho... and now you... I just wasn't meant to be with
someone!" She leans close to the edge of the branch she's sitting on.

"Don't say that Suki. Everyone needs someone."

Suki cries and shuffles closer to the edge, trying to pull back from
Kim and not realizing that she's about to fall, "I need you... I REALLY
need you... But I can't... I just can't... I'll... only hurt you..."

Kim looks down for a moment to see a branch she can stand on, which she
does. and removes the left claw from the tree and it disappears, then
she places her right hand on Suki's shoulder. "Suki's it's ok."

Suki wrenches her shoulder from Kim's hand and pulls back further,
clearly still upset and hurting. She pulls back so far, though, she
topples backward and off the tree, plunging downward at a really fast

"Crap!" exclaims Kim as she quickly teleports to the ground too catch

Suki screams as she falls, but when she lands in Kim's arms, she
grunts, "Oof!"

"Are you ok?"

Suki glances at Kim, but then turns away, still looking sad. She says
nothing, but a small blush crosses her cheeks.

"Suki, I said it was ok."

Suki still says nothing at first, but the blush rides further up her
cheeks as her thighs start to pull together. She turns her head toward
Kim and says softly, "How can I expect you to give up life up there
just for me?" She points up at the stars.

"Well, If that's what your worried about, I have another option that
you would probably like."

Suki gasps, "R-Really? Y-You mean it, K-Kimmie?! A-A-Are you serious?!"
She begins to squirm ever so slightly in Kim's arms, turning her head
to look at the HUnewearl.

"How would you like to be a member of the Federation?" asks Kim

"A... A what?!" asks Suki, clearly puzzled.

"A member of the Federation. You would have the title of a Hunter, just
like me, Becky, and N-Nikki."

"Huh?" asks Suki, still confused as heck.

"What aren't you getting?"

"How could I become a member of th-the Federation? A-Aren't I p-part of
an.." here she struggles, trying to remember what Nanyo had heard about
UDPs, "... an UED?"

"Heh, that's UDP. Actually, It's quite easy."

"H-How?!" questions Suki, beginning to squirm slightly, wanting to get
to her feet for some reason.

"you just take a physical exam and if everything clears, you'll be
approved to join."

"R-Really?! I-It's that easy?!" Suki's face brightens and the tears
start to stop. She still squirms, trying to get out of Kim's arms and
get to her feet.

Kim lowers Suki to her feet. "Yep, it's that easy, we're always looking
for more people to join."

Suki smiles for the first time in a short while, then asks, "A-And what
about Nan'chi? S-She's always wanted to travel.. C-Can she go too?"
Almost immediately, she pulls her thighs together.

"The more the better."

Suki grins now and throws her arms around Kim's neck again, hugging
her, as she cries, "YAY!"

"Let's go tell every1 the good news."

Suki nods, "Yes... Especially Nan'chi! She'll love it!" She starts to
walk towards the hut, though every so often she presses her thighs

The two return to the building. "Hey everybody, I got good news."

Tisha looks up, stupidly, "Wha..? What the freak's going on?" Jakashi
sighs and stands up, starting to leave the room, stopping only to
whisper to Kim, "Take care of her up there, please, Kim..."

Nanyo then jumps into the room from the kitchen, her sweater caught on
her bra, which is now visible and her jeans unbuttoned, though still
hanging onto her hips. She states, "Ya got Nisu's ok, then, Starki?"

"Yep, where's Becky?"

Tisha looks around, shrugging her shoulders as Nanyo does the same,
only she says, "I unno... I was back there... mast-"

She cuts off when she sees Suki's questioning glance and clears her
throat, finishing, "Um, I mean... I was mastTERing... how to cut up an

"Where's Sashi then?"

Again Tisha shrugs, but Nanyo closes her eyes, searching for Sashi's
telepathic mind. She exclaims, "Ah! There she is... They're in the
orchard about 500 meters to the west of us... Ya wanna go after them?"


Nanyo sighs and quickly tugs her sweater down, buttoning up her pants
at the same time. Then, she vaults over the table and Tisha's head,
causing the young girl to scream out, "Ah!" and duck.

"Lead the way."

Nanyo nods, picking up Suki, who's thighs are still pressing together
every so often, then she grabs Kim's arm and pulls her into the air
outside the hut. She states, "This'll be faster, I hope..."


Suki screams, "Ahhhhhh! N-Nan'chi! N-Not so f-fast!" as Nanyo flies at
nearly 300 MPH, brushing Suki's feet across the treetops.

"Yeah, slow down Nanyo."

Nanyo laughs, "Aw, come on, guys... This's the best part about flying!"

"But do you want Suki watering the trees?" replies Kim smiling.

Nanyo grins, "Maybe.." to which Suki looks horrified and shakes her
head, "N-Nan'chi, D-don't!" Nanyo moans, "Aw... ok..." She lifts Suki
and Kim higher, but then lands outside a big clump of trees.

"So there in there huh?"

Nanyo nods, "Yea... about 20 meters to the south..." She points in that
direction as Suki shudders from the flight and mutters, "Nan-chi.. d-
don't... g-go that fast again..."

"Ok, you lead then."

Nanyo nods, "Fine..." She enters the orchard and not maybe five minutes
later, they come upon Sashi, trying to rub Becky's back, and trying
even harder to hold her.

"Kimmie's leaving me for good! What could I have done? Doesn't she love
me anymore?" states Becky through her crying on her knees.

Sashi tries to hold on to the little girl, "Mistress, Miss Kim still
loves you, I am sure of it! Do not think of it as Kim leaving you, but
you gaining Suki and Nan'chi as love partners."

"But what about me?! When she marries Suki, she'll be stuck here and
when P2 leaves, I may never see her again."

Sashi sighs and holds Becky's shoulders harder, "Mistress, do not ever
say that you will never see her again! She loves you so much that she
would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize her relationship with you!"

"Sashi's right Becky." states Kim. "Huh? K-Kimmie?" states Becky
turning around.

Sashi looks up, the only sign of surprise she makes is the raising of
her eyebrows. Nanyo moves forward to Becky's side, and puts a hand on
her shoulder, saying with a grin, "She's right, yanno... I'd love
to..." she whispers, "... make you bleed... I've heard you like guro...
and pain..." She gives Becky a "thumbs-up".

"your the last person I want to talk to, Nanyo." states Becky looking
away from Nanyo. "Becky..." sighs Kim.

Nanyo grins, "Oh? Then let's forget the talk..." She moves forward and
plants a big kiss on Becky's lips, surprising the young loli with her
passion and lust.

Becky quickly breaks the kiss and stands quickly, away from the group.
"What the hell are you doing!?" "Becky, It's ok." states Kim. "Like
hell it is!" spits Becky.

Suki trembles as she steps forward and asks, "M-Miss Becky... Th-This
is all my fault... P-Please... d-don't take it out on Kimmie or
Nan'chi... P-Please let me take the blame..."

"What? You think your going to be the brave one?" states Becky angrily.
"Becky, calm down." states Kim.

Suki trembles, but holds her ground, saying, "B-Becky... I'm sorry t-to
have caused you all this trouble... H-Hon'tyl i-is after me... a-and
Nan'chi... a-and Sashi... Y-You sh-should never h-have b-been
involved... I-It's all my fault... I-It's the c-curse o-of being A-Ap
Dat... o-of being who we are..." She sniffles as tears start to run
down her cheeks.

"Well let me end your suffering." states Becky coldly as she quickly
pulls out her gun and aims it at Suki. "Becky no! Don't do this!"
states Kim as she rushes infront of Suki, guarding her.

Nanyo also dodges in front of Kim, to protect her too as
Sashi grips Becky's shoulders even harder, spinning her into a tight
embrace and knocking the gun away. "Mistress... you love me, do you

"Yes, I do Sashi, but I also love Kimmie."

"Then... if you love us both, do you not trust us as well? Do you not
trust that what we say is the truth?" Sashi squeezes Becky harder in a
powerful hug.

"But, Kimmie's going to leave me." states Becky as tears form in her
eyes again.

Sashi shakes her head, "No, Mistress... She is not... she will still
love you as much as you do her... She loves you above all else... that
is why you two are sisters... that is why you are related and we are

"Becky, about me leaving you. Don't you remember the other option?"
asks Kim as she steps from behind Nanyo. "Other option?" questions
Becky puzzled.

Nanyo then takes a step back to prevent any access to Suki as Sashi
holds Becky tighter, saying, "See, Mistress? Your sister DOES love

"Yes Becky, Suki has agreed to become a member of the Federation."
states Kim Becky looks surprised at Kim's statement. "What? Really?"

Nanyo grins, "Yeah... and me too... and Sashi as well..." Suki nods as
Sashi whispers, running a hand through Becky's hair, "See, Mistress? As
long as you do not give up, there is always a solution... Your sister
loves you so much that she was able to find an answer..."

"You guys are really joining?!" asks Becky, her happy expression
finally returns to her face.

Sashi nods as Nanyo steps forward, grinning, "So how 'bout that kiss,
cutie?" Suki blushes, but also nods.

"I..." begins Becky before passing out in Sashi's hold.

Sashi shakes Becky, asking frantically, "Mistress?!

"I think she just passed out from all the emotion. She should be ok."
states Kim.

Sashi sighs, picking up Becky and stating, "I will take her back to the
hut to rest..." Nanyo frowns, "Aw, hell... I wanted to have some FUN!"

"Becky's been through a lot, just let her rest for now Nanyo."

To Be Continued In...
Nanyo rapes Kim... ;)

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