Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 33)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 33

Title: Chapter 31: Becky

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue. I don't own the character Farla, Sonic Team


Nanyo animefalls as Sashi blinks, "......!" Nanyo fumbles, sweating
profusely, "A.... A su-summoner?!"

"No, not really. Any one with a certain device can do this. I'll
explain later."

Sashi asks, "What do we do, Miss Kim?" The quaking grows louder.

"i honestly don't know." replies Kim. The shaking suddenly stops.

Sashi sweats, "This does not bode well..." Nanyo casts her a dirty
look, "Oh yeah, YA THINK?!"

A moment later Becky comes in riding on the Serpent's head. And looks
down at the three as it towers over them. "We meet again. Thanks so
much for the invite Nanyo." calls Becky to Nanyo.

Nanyo sweatdrops, "Uh, yeah... Nice to see ya, too, Becks... Now, I
believe ya wanted ta see me...?" She brings her sword up in a defensive
position, quickly thinking about what she needs to do.

"That was a cheap move you pulled earlier Nanyo."

Nanyo grins, "Hey, it was your stupid fault for tryin' it... Heh...
mebbe you are as stupid as your sis, here..." Her telepathic mind tells
Kim, "Don't rise... I'm tryin' something here..."

"You bi*ch! Because of that, I woke up with wet pants!" Becky then
jumps of the serpent's head in front of the three. Farla then

Nanyo smirks, "Oh, really? That's a shame... If I'd've known that...
I'd've stayed around for the show... Gee, I didn't think ya had such
weak bladder muscles, Becks..."

She nods once to Kim and Sashi, telling both to surround Becky without
letting the other girl know.

"You've got some nerve, I'd like to see you hold it after being
eletricutied." Kim does as Nanyo suggests.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, poor baby couldn't hold it.. now she's whining! Gee,
she must be a baby, right, Starki?" She winks at Kim, trying to tell
her to follow her lead as Sashi moves to Becky's left side.

Becky then aims a pistol at Nanyo. "I'm not going to even bother
playing with you."

Nanyo grins, sticking her tongue out, "Nyahh! So, you're a coward, too,
eh? Waz a matter, too afraid to use your "Insta-Dash" on me? Buk-Buk-
Bacaw!" She clucks like a chicken as Sashi leans slightly to her left,
motioning for Kim to do the same, but to her right.

I'm not going to repeat my mistake by trying to hit you." states Becky.
Kim does as Sashi wants.

Nanyo grins, "Aw, that's ok... You're worried about THIS, aren't you?"
She undoes a small skin colored patch wrapped around her back and drops
it to the ground.

"i still don't trust you."

Nanyo grins, "Hokay... Then... how about this?" She lifts her sweater
above her head, exposing her bra. "Does this make you trust me?" Sashi,
raises two fingers, indicating to Kim that they will go on

"Hmm, take off all your clothes. then I'll believe you."

Nanyo grins, "Saucy little tart, ain't ya? Well, okay... I'm in an
exhibitionist kinda mood..." She flings her sweater around and around
her head as Sashi lowers one of her fingers.

"Hurry it up."

Nanyo scowls, "That's the way it ALWAYS is, with you pervs... Never can
appreciate a good strip-tease... Very well... Oh, by the way, Becks...
Catch!" She flings her sweater at Becky, covering her head with it at
the same time that Sashi lowers her other finger and charges Becky,
grabbing her around the neck and tightening the sweater over her eyes
so that she can't see.

Nanyo screams, "NOW STARKI! Give her the Crystal!"

Kim rushes over and grabs Becky's free hand and places the crystal in
her hand and forces her hand closed. "What the hell are you doing?! Let
me go!" screams Becky trying to squirm free.

Nanyo grins, punching the air, "GOTCHA!"

Sashi closes her eyes and begins saying, directly into Becky's mind,
"Mistress... help me... Help me... help me to help you..." She removes
the sweater from Becky's eyes and begins massaging her temples as
Hon'tyl grunts, "F*CK YOU, Sashi... Next time we meet, YOU WILL NOT
SURVIVE... I PROMISE YOU!" Then, her voice fades from Becky's mind once
and all, causing the young girl to collapse into Sashi's arms, still
clutching Sashi's Spirit Crystal.

The group returns to town and lays Becky down on a bed in a room.
"Well, that's over with." states Kim.

Sashi is draped over Becky's body, still sobbing as Nanyo sighs, "Now,
I'm more concerned with Nisu... I can't believe we just left her with
that bastard Jakashi..."

(She has replaced her sweater and is looking around the room.)

"But he's at the temple isn't he?" states Kim.

Nanyo frowns, "Oh yeah... Well, then... who did we leave Suki and Tisha
with then?" She looks puzzled.

"Umm..." replies Kim puzzled

Just then, Jakashi DOES walk in with Tisha in tow. He seems exhausted
and collapses into the nearest chair as the other Ap Dat man enters,
sighing, "Ok, fine, Jakashi... I was wrong and you were right, are you
happy, now?!"

"Uh, what going on?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "Huh?! O-Oh, Kim... I'm sorry about what I put you
through... It's just... We REALLY needed Sashi's Spirit Crystal... Can
you forgive me?"

"For that particular event, I will." states Kim.

The Ap Dat man sighs heavily, "Kimberly, if you have any other issues
to resolve with Jakashi, you may do them now.... I do not believe he
will object..."

Jakashi sighs, spreading his arms as though expecting he is going to be
hit. He says, "Kim, if you want to hit me, go ahead... All that I
request is that you let Sashi kill me... She has more reason than
anyone to seek my death."

"Gladly." Kim draws back and motions to punch Jakashi in the face but
stops her fist mer centimeters away from his face. Kim gives him a
dirty look as she lowers her hand. "Fu*k it."

Jakashi blinks as Nanyo steps close to Kim, whispering, "What's wrong,
Starki? Why didn't you hit him?"

"No matter what I do to him, it won't change what he did. I'd be just a
waste of energy." Kim then walks away from Jakashi.

Nanyo sighs, "I suppose that's true... but still..." She walks up to
Jakashi and smacks him good in the face, muttering, "That's for hurting
Nisu, you bastard..."

"Where's Suki by the way?" asks Kim.

Nanyo turns around, looking around the hut. She shrugs, "I dunno...
Where is she, you bastard?" Jakashi wipes his bloody bottom lip and
states, "She's in the kitchen, back there, cooking as usual..." He
indicates the back room.

"Cooking? but she's sick. She shouldn't be cooking."

Jakashi smiles as the Ap Dat man explains, "Kimberly, though Jakashi
has committed many crimes, his knowledge is quite extensive... He used
this knowledge to concoct an "Esuna" potion which rid Princess Suki of
her head cold."

"Oh. well that makes since."

Jakashi's face then turns sad, as he states, "I think she is still
crying, though... Just great... First I fail at raising them... Now I
fail at keeping them happy..." He sighs and motions for Kim to go see

Kim then walks in the direction Jakashi signals Suki is at.

In the kitchen, Suki stands over the skin, facing away from Kim,
sniffling, a knife in her hand. She mumbles to no one in particular,
"How...? How could I ever think I could compare to Nan'chi?! She's got
it all..."

"Hey Suki." states Kim behind Suki.

Suki starts and whirls around, the onion in her hand flying up in her
surprise and the knife slipping free down to the chopping board,
miraculously not cutting her. She gasps, "K-Kimmie...?! I.. I didn't
know... y-you were back..." There are tears rolling down her cheeks and
her lovely violet-tinted eyes are slightly twinges with a red color and

"Why are you crying?"

Suki clams up, looking to the side sadly. Her small delicate hands
tremble and her shoulders slump, but she says nothing.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Kim starts walking closer to Suki.

Suki still doesn't say anything, though her eyes brim with fresh tears
and the onion in her right hand begins to crackle as she squeezes it in
her clenching fist.

"Are you feeling ok?" I was old Jakashi healed you."

Suki STILL doesn't say anything, but her body begins to quiver and a
small hiccup escapes her lips as she continues to look away from Kim,
obviously unable to look directly at her. Just then, Nanyo enters,
bellowing, "Yo, I'm half starved out here! When're we gonna git some
food out here?!"

"Suki isn't talking, Something may still be wrong with her."

Nanyo looks at Suki, her eyes widening, "Ah... I see.... Well, damn,
Nisu... Why didn't you tell me?!" Suki glances once at Nanyo, but still
doesn't say anything.

Nanyo nods, "I know... I know, Nisu... but you can't let that stop you
from trying..." Suki then fixes a hard stare upon Nanyo, who then sighs
and grabs Kim by the arm, whispering, "She wants your decision but
she's afraid that you'll choose me over her or her over me..."

"Oh, that. Well I did tell here I'd have an answer when we save
Becky..." states Kim nervously. Back in the other room Becky's voice
can be heard.

Sashi then steps in, tears still running down her cheeks, though her
green eyes are mostly expressionless again. She states, "Miss Kim, your
sister, and my Mistress, has woken up..."

"One sec Suki." states Kim sweatdropping before leaving the room.

Suki frowns and turns away, back to the chopping board, fresh tears
running down her cheeks. The knife slices the onion harder and harder,
as though Suki is angry. Nanyo whistles, "Aiya... Sure glad I'm not a
onion..." She ducks out and follows Kim to Becky's bed.

Becky's confused expression at were she is takes a turn for the worst
as she sees Nanyo. "You..." she says coldly.

Nanyo gulps, "Uh... yea?" She sweatdrops as Sashi stands over Becky,
ready to restrain her if she shows the slightest sign of aggression
toward Nanyo.

"I'll kill you!" exclaims Becky as she attempts to rush off the bed to

Sashi quickly leans over and grabs her from behind holding her as she
begs, "Mistress! Please.. do not! Nan'chi was not responsible! It was

"Let me go! She stole Kimmie away from me! I'm kill her for that!"
exclaims Becky trying to free herself. However, Becky's left hand is
still clutching something.

Sashi begs, tears flowing down her cheeks, "No... No! Mistress, your
sister still loves you! Nan'chi... only wanted all of you to be
together... as lovers!" Nanyo raises an eyebrow at that one
and glances at Kim.

Kim sees Nanyo eye her. "What?"

"I don't believe you! Let me go!"

Sashi holds her tighter, tears flooding down on Becky's head,
"Mistress... I cannot... because, you see... I... I... I love you too
much! I... I do not ever want to let you go...." Nanyo gives this look:
o_0 and states, sweatdropping, "Um, yeah... I... I'll just wait
outside..." She makes a QUICK departure.

"Don't lie to me! You said you hated me!" screams Becky with the
faintest hint of tears in her angry eyes./

Sashi squeezes Becky harder, stating softly, "Would I be hugging you if
I truly hated you, Mistress? Would I still be here if I hated you? That
was not me you heard, Mistress... It was Hon'tyl..."

"Prove it!" replies Becky.

Sashi whispers, "Look down at your hand, Mistress... Inside, you hold
my Spirit Crystal... Essentially, everything I am is in there... If it
glows pink when you look at it, that means I love

Becky does so and sees that the crystal is indeed pink. Her mean
expression disappears in favor of a sad one as tears fall from her
eyes. "You... love me?"

Sashi, tears still flowing from her eyes, nods slowly and pulls Becky's
head closer to her bosom, whispering, "Feel my heart, Mistress... It
beats to the same rhythm as yours... We are soul mates, destined to be
together forever..."

"Sashi, I'm sorry."

Sashi whispers, still holding Becky, "It was not your fault,
Mistress... I do not blame you... the reach of Hon'tyl is vast and only
the most powerful of telepaths can resist her..."

"Oh no! Nikki! I.. I..." Becky starts to cry now at the

Sashi can think of nothing to say to this. All she can do is hold Becky
tightly as she looks up at Kim, sighing sadly.

"We can change what happened, but It wasn't your fault Becky."

"But she was your friend for so long." replies Becky.

Sashi only holds Becky in her arms, her own tears still
coming as Nanyo telepathically states, "Hey, um... Starki? I... think
you'd better come in here and give Nisu an answer... she's chopping
this onion to shreds and if she isn't careful, she might cut

'Ok.' thinks Kim. as she returns to the kitchen.

Suki is now violently chopping what is left of the onion, her tears
flowing as freely as ever and the knife coming closer and closer to
cutting her index fingers.

Kim quickly rushes behind Suki and grabs her hand she's using to cut.
the whispers a 'Yes' in her ear.

Suki squirms free, trying to grab the knife at first. Then, she blinks
and turns back to Kim, her expression showing confusion. She still
doesn't say anything, though, obviously thinking she's going crazy or
deaf or something.

"The answer Suki, Is yes."

Nanyo, almost hidden in the corner leaning up against the counter,
smiles faintly as Suki blushes and whispers her first words since Kim
returned, "Y-You m-mean it, K-Kimmie?"

"yes, I do. I'll marry you."

Suki's eyes brim with tears again, but this time she smiles and throws
her arms around Kim, hugging her tightly as she sobs in happiness.
Nanyo sighs, muttering, "Well, as I'm a 5th wheel here, I'll just being
going..." She starts to leave the room, her telepathic mind
broadcasting her sadness and disappointment to Kim.

"Nanyo, don't leave. I don't think Suki would mind one of
those group things. I forgot what you guys called them."

Nanyo looks back, frowning, "I dunno... That ok with you, Nisu?" Suki
almost bubbles out of her outfit, "Are you kidding, Nan'chi?! I'd LOVE
IT! MY Two favorite girlfriends, MINE!" She floats over Kim and grabs
Nanyo, kissing her deeply, causing Nanyo's eyes to widen in shock at
her boldness.

"But, there's a problem." states Kim.

Suki halts in mid-kiss and pulls back, leaving Nanyo slightly shaken.
She asks, "What is it, Kimmie? Wh-what's the problem?"

"We have to tell Becky."

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah, geez... that'd be a problem... She already thinks I
stole you from her..."

"That's not particularly the problem..."

Nanyo asks, "What is, then?" Suki looks fearful that something might
spoil her happiness.

"Let's just tell her first and see how she handles it."

Nanyo sighs, "Ok... Come on, Nisu..." She takes Suki by the arm, almost
protectively and follows Kim to see Becky.

The three enter the room were Becky is now standing by one of the
windows of the room.

Nanyo holds onto Suki's shoulders as Sashi sees them first. She taps
Becky on the shoulder and whispers, "Mistress... Your sister, Nan'chi,
and Suki have arrived... I think they have something to tell you..."

"Huh? What is it?" asks Becky.

Nanyo blushes and sweatdrops as Suki does the same, leaving the
explanation up to Kim.

Kim walks to Becky and places a hand on the small girl's head. "Becky,
there's something important you need to know." "And that
would be?"

Nanyo unconsciously fiddles with a small drawstring on the hood of her
sweater as Suki blushes and keeps her gaze downcast, her hands twisting
themselves in her skirt.

"Suki asked me to marry her." states Kim.

"Seriously?" asks Becky.

"Yeah." replies Kim.

"You said no right?" states Becky.

Nanyo gulps and clenches, "Here it comes..." Suki huddles down,
becoming very afraid.

"Um..." trails Kim.

"Hey, you said no right?!" repeats Becky again appearing to be worried

Nanyo takes Suki by the shoulders and gently starts to ease back
towards the door, concerned that Becky is about to go ballistic.

"No, I sad yes." states Kim.

Becky looks shocked and hurt as she backs away slowly from Kim. "No,
your lying. You have to be!"

Sashi moves to Becky's side, holding her shoulders in a manner
indicating her love for the smaller girl as Nanyo pushes Suki into a
nearby closet, putting herself between Becky and Suki.

"Don't you know what this means Kimmie!? Don't you
remember!" ask Becky.

"yes I do." replies Kim.

"And your still doing it!?" exclaims Becky as tears flow down her face.

Sashi holds Becky's quivering form from behind as Nanyo watches what is
happened, ready to protect Suki if need be.

Becky shakes off Sashi's hold and bolts out the door crying. and Kim

Sashi immediately tears after her, calling, "Mistress!" Nanyo blinks,
"Well... I think she took it rather well, don't you?"

"Well, she has good reason to have that reaction." states Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "She loved you, didn't she?"

"Yes, but that's not the only reason..."

Nanyo questions, "There's another reason?" Suki trembles as she begins
to fear greatly afraid that something will mess up the proposed

"Yes, as you know, I'm not from this planet..."

"Yeah... so?" Nanyo asks.

"So... there is a rule that, if someone form the Federation becomes
'involved' with someone on UDP, that person must
remain on the planet."

Nanyo breathes a sigh of relief grinning, "Oh, is THAT all? Heh, I
thought it was something MAJOR..." Suki looks up at Kim and asks, "S-
So... if you marry me, you can't ever go back to that ship?"

She looks hurt and pained.

"Yes, that's right."

Suki sighs, then states, "Then I can't allow you to marry me... I-It
wouldn't be right..." She turns away from both Kim and Nanyo and starts
for the door, sniffling heavily.

"But I said i would."

There is no response from Suki; she is long gone. Nanyo sighs, "Ouch...
she's really hurt... I don't think she likes the idea of confining you
to this planet just to satisfy her own needs..."

"But, there is another way. but it's almost the same as me staying

Nanyo sighs, "I, uh... I don't think she can hear you... She's... um...

"I know."

"You, uh.. should go after her..." states Nanyo, sitting down at a
dining table.

"I should shouldn't I?" states Kim leaving.

To Be Continued In...

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