Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 31)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 31

Title: Chapter 29: Nanyo vs. Becky

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Next morning...

Nanyo screams, "FUCK YOU! GET THE FUCK OFFA ME!"

Kim groans in the bed. "Looks like she's awake."

Sashi gags, "Nan'chi... I am not your father... please release me!"
Nanyo screams, "Fucktard! Asshole! Pervert! Child-Molester! Quit
rubbing my pussy, you fucking old geezer!"

Kim gets this look O_o before laughing hard.

Sashi gags again, clearly running out of oxygen, "Nan'chi... please
stop..." Nanyo screams, "DAMN it, ASSHOLE!"

The door next to Kim's opens and a drowsy, stopped up Suki mumbles,
"Hunnh? Wh-what's g-gonna n...?"

"Huh? I don't know but it's frickin hilarious!" states Kim.

Suki groans, weakly, wrapped up in a thick robe, "I-Is Nan'chi having
dose dreams again?" She looks awful for a prim and proper girl like

"Yeah I guess. Do you know why she's having those dreams?"

Suki nods, "Yeah... I do... her father'd adused her when she was
little... abn every dight, she has horridle visions of him..." She
sniffs again, making a nasty mucus-filled sound.

Kim cringes at the sound. "Really? So she was raped when she was

Suki nods, "Yeah... rebeatedly... dat's why she'd always spenmd da
night at my house..." She sneezes again, her head jerking back and
forward rapidly as Sashi makes her way up the stairs, rubbing her raw
throat. She sees Suki and Kim and asks,
"Miss Kim... I believe Nan'chi wishes to see you..."

"Ok." Kim gets up and goes down the stairs.

Downstairs, she sees Nanyo sitting up, rubbing her head and grimacing,
"Damn it... I must've had one too many last night... God, I've got a
bad hangover..."

"That's what ya get, It's a good thing I've never drunk anything.
Hangovers don't seem very good." states Kim upon seeing Nanyo.

Nanyo looks up at Kim, scowling, "Well, obviously... Starki... but it's
not the hangover I drink for..." She grins and stands up stretching out
her arms and legs. "So, Starki... where the hell are we, and what's
gonna on? I only have vague glimpses of what happened yesterday after I
left you..." She looks around the house.

"It's Suki's place."

Nanyo smiles, "Ah! So this is Nisu's place... Heh, that bastard Jakashi
must've given it to her... I didn't he really cared about his
daughters... So... Starki... Is Nisu here?" She eyes Kim intently.

Yeah, but she's sick.

"Sick? Whaddaya mean sick?! Where is she?!" Nanyo grabs Kim by the
collar, looking furious and angry, "Where the hell is she, Starki?!"
Just then, Sashi and Suki appear at the top of the stairs, Suki
sniffling as she speaks softly, "N-Nan'chi... I... I'm up here... ah-

"What's with you being quick to anger huh?'

Nanyo shakes her head and lets go of Kim, sighing, "I'm sorry,
Starki... It's just that... when it comes to Nisu... I... I guess I get
jealous... I love her so much... I don't want anything to happen to
her..." Suki sneezes again and asks, "Starki? You have gibben her an Ap
Dat name, Nan'chi? Den, does dat mean... you two are...?" She looks
even more hurt now than she did last night.

"I'm sorry Suki, I forgot to tell you."

Suki sniffles once, then turns around and moves toward her bedroom.
Nanyo rubs the back of her head, "Aw, damn... I never expected this to
happen... Poor girl..."

"Nanyo, Suki basically asked me to marry her."

Nanyo anime-falls, gasping, "WHAT?! She asked you to perform the Fa'lin
ritual?! B-But what about us?! I asked you too!"

"You did?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah.. I'm the one who told you about the Fa'lin ceremony,

"No, sorry."

Nanyo sighs, "Aw crap... Heh... looks like I fell in love at the WRONG
time... just like before..." She turns away from Kim and starts off for
the kitchen, thinking vaguely of getting something to eat, but her
telepathic mind clearly broadcasts her own sense of rejection.

"Hey, I didn't give her an answer yet."

Nanyo sighs, "It doesn't really matter... I mean, really... which one
of us would you choose? I mean, honest answer, Starki?"

"I don't know..." again, a worried expression crosses
Kim's face.

Nanyo shakes her head, "It doesn't really matter, though... If I had
the choice between me and Suki... I'd take Suki every time... she's a
lot more caring... and has a lot more to offer than I do..."

"You'd just give her up to me?" asks Kim.

Nanyo sighs, "Yeah... Because she needs you more than I do..." She
mutters, pouring herself a coffee mug full of, orange juice, "... even
if I do love you, Starki-chan..."

"Well, at least I know your ok with it."

Nanyo nods slowly, "Yeah..." but she thinks, "Damn it, Nisu... once
again, you've won... you always had the better family... the most money
of anyone in the village... all the boys liked you... and now... you've
stolen the one girl I loved as much as you..."

"I told her I'll give her an answer when we save Becky."

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever..." Then she realizes what Kim's
just said and she jerks her head up, "Waitaminute... What'd you just
say?! Something's happened to Becks? Where is she?"

"We don't know."

"Damn... are there any clues?" asks Nanyo, beginning to rub her temples
again as Sashi joins them.

"WE have to go to your hometown."

Nanyo looks really nervous now, sweatdropping, "Uh... what? I... I
don't have a hometown..." Her eyes dart from side to side, showing that
she's trying really hard, and failing, to look nonchalant.

Yes you do, I know it.

Nanyo sighs, "Ok, fine... I do have a hometown... but why the hell do
we hafta go there?" She looks angry to even be reminded of that place.

We have to go there to save Becky.

"Why?" questions Nanyo, wanting Kim to tell her the whole story.

Kim tells her everything

Nanyo groans, "Ah, crap... Ok, ok... fine... we'll go... Get
dressed and I'll meet you outside in ten minutes. Sash, you coming
too?" Sashi nods, "Yes... and I have..." She pulls a chain forward,
showing that she's attached it to a collar around Tisha's neck to
prevent her from using her time-magic to escape. "... an ally..." Sashi
finishes. Tisha grumbles, "Stupid old perv... If I could get free, I'd

Kim goes outside and waits for Nanyo.

Sashi stands outside, leaning up against a tall oak tree to which she
has tied Tisha's chain to, preventing the younger girl from escaping.
Nanyo steps inside and a few minutes pass, before Suki, attired back in
her school uniform outfit, though she is now wrapped a heavy coat
around her small body and a scarf around her neck, steps outside her

"Suki? What are you doing out here? You should go back in the house."
states Kim upon seeing Suki.

Suki shakes her head, replying in a muffled voice, "I want to go with
you, Kimmie... I really do..." She sniffles and clutches her scarf

"But you're sick."

Suki replies, "I know I am... but Kimmie... if you do choose Nanyo,
then this could be the last time you and I would be lovers... if that
is so, then... I want to spend the last days as lovers with you... I
don't want to be separated from you as long as we're lovers..."

"Oh, I see then."

Suki coughs hard and slowly staggers close to Kim, wanting to hold her
hand, "Kimmie... if we are fated to be apart, then... please... give me
this time to be near you... Don't leave me here alone..."

"Ok, you can come."

Suki smiles, through her scarf, and coughs again, "Ok, Kimmie... J-
Just... hold me... hold me tightly... D-Don't let me go..."

Kim then embraces Suki in a tight hug.

When she hugs Suki, the smaller girl's forehead touches her skin,
revealing that Suki has a decent fever.

"Suki, are you sure you want come?" asks Kim as she feels Suki's fever.

Suki nods, "Y-Yes... I do... want to come... ah-choo!... *sniff* ugh...
I.. I'll be okay..."

"Ok then."

Just then, the door slams on the front of Suki's house, causing the
whole thing to sink back under the ground, hiding it once more from
outside influences.

The girls all look up to see Nanyo standing there, looking disgusted,
but otherwise unaffected, "Starki, ya ready?"

"One sec, can I ask you a favor Nanyo?"

Nanyo nods, "Sure, Starki... what's on your mind?"

"Do you own a sword?"

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... why?"

"Can I see it?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "Sure, I guess..." She reaches into a pouch
on her back, held in place by her belt, and pulls out a tiny dagger.
"That's it..." she states.

"Now it's not." states Kim flatly.

Nanyo nods, "Yeah it is.. It's just shrunk... Here... Lemme show ya..."
She pushes a small indentation on the hilt of the dagger, causing a
huge-wide blade to shoot out of it.

O_O "Whoa! Nice." states Kim shocked

Nanyo nods, flipping the heavy-looking sword up into the air and
catching it with ease, "Yeah... Yeah, it is... So, we ready, Starki,
Nisu, Sash?" She looks around at all the girls.

"Hey, can I hold it?"

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "If ya think ya can handle it... Here!" she
tosses it at Kim like it was a feather.

Kim reaches out her right hand and catches the handle of the blade and
it carries her to the ground as it arcs in the air as though nothing
touched it. Kim quite shocked and embarrassed.

Nanyo laughs, "Bit too heavy for ya, Starki?" Suki can't help a little
titter and a cough as Tisha giggles and Sashi blinks.

"Man, even my Great Sword isn't this heavy. What is this thing made of
anyway?" asks Kim as tries vainly to lift the sword up.

Nanyo shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... somethin' heavy?" Suki giggles
harder, coughing violently at the end of her giggles as Tisha falls to
her knees, consumed with giggles.

Sashi blinks and examines the sword, "It appears to be Hunlo metal...
That is really rare... and really powerful stuff..." Nanyo blinks, "Uh,
yeah... riiiiight, Sash..."

She turns to Kim and gives the "She's crazy" sign.

Kim then groans as she lifts the sword over her head. "Hah! I did it!
I- huh?" states Kim as she then starts leaning backwards and fall hard
on the ground.

Nanyo's laughter is heard loudly as Suki holds her sides and giggles
and coughs and Tisha rolls on the ground, pounding it. Sashi blinks,
but a faint smile curls the corners of her lips.

"This isn't funny!"

Nanyo laughs and walks over to Kim, taking the sword with one hand and
lifting it up easily, grinning, "Yes it is, Starki... Yes it is..."

Kim then gets up, her face a bit red from exertion. "Well at least I
don't have to use it."

Nanyo nods, "Yeah... Let me handle it... Okay.. everybody ready?"

"Yeah, I ready."

Nanyo turns to Suki, asking her the same thing, "Ya ready, Nisu?" At
Suki's nod, Sashi, dragging Tisha behind her, steps forward and asks,
"How are we to get there, Nan'chi?"

Nanyo rubs her chin, "That... is a problem... the town lies the desert
of Yuno... about 1,000 miles that-a-away..." She points to the east
past a mountain range.

Suki pipes up asking, "Then, how are *cough* we gonna get there?"

"Yeah, how are we?" asks Kim.

Nanyo scratches her red hair, "Um, I unno... fly? Though, it'd be hard
for me to carry y'all and Nisu's mana is really low right now 'cause of
her cold and all..."

"Don't you have any other mode of transportation?"

Nanyo shakes her head, "No... Flyin' usually the best way to go..." She
looks stumped but then Sashi asks, "Miss Kim... You have a little ship,
do you not? Cannot we use that?"

"Ok, but we should walk the rest of the way to the town once we get
close. I don't want to freak out the people."

Nanyo nods, "Agreed... the Ap Dat of Reun are VERY Homophobic... they
don't let ANYONE near their town..."

"So how do we get in then?"

"That'd be my problem once we get there..." states Nanyo, looking grim.

Suddenly, a loud boom is heard in the distance and a pum
of smoke raises a good distance away in the woods.

Suki gasps, "Ah-Ah!" and jumps back against Kim, looking terrified as
she coughs again.

"It's Becky, she getting closer, we need to hurry."

Suki trembles, "O-Oh... Becky-chan..." Nanyo grumbles, "Damn... C'mon
Starki...Let's get outta here..."

"Wait, she'll see my ship."

Nanyo pulls out a smoke bomb from one of her pouches, "No she won't...
Get the ship and fly off to the west... I'll distract Becky, then catch
up to you..."

"She's a tough fighter, are you sure you'll be ok?"

Nanyo winks, "Hey, you just saw how strong I am.. ya think I can't
handle a little girl like her? Heh... Don't worry about me... Just get
Nisu and Tisha to the ship..." She leaps into the air, taking flight.

"Ok." Kim summons her ship above them and she teleports into the ship
and the side door opens for the others.

Suki sniffs and coughs again, as Sashi grabs her arm and pulls she and
Tisha to the ship door, pulling them inside.

Meanwhile, Nanyo has flown directly above the source of the smoke and

A hurt deer on the ground and Becky standing over it with
her huge Photon Launcher in her right hand.

"Whoa, shit..." Thinks Nanyo as she lands in front of Becky. "Ya pissed
off or something?", she states, smirking at the smaller girl.

Becky looks at Nanyo. "You..." she the steps directly on the deer neck,
killing it as she steps to Nanyo.

Nanyo winces at seeing the deer's life snuffed out, but she remains
calm as she demands, "What's the haps, Becks? Ya gotta problem with

"I have orders to bring you to Hon'tyl, alive. Make it easy for
yourself and give up."

"Hon'tyl, huh? Geez, I'm honored... Tell me, why does the great Hon'tyl
wish to see little ol' me, anyway?" states Nanyo, sliding her right
hand down along her stomach, keeping her left hand, wrapped around her
smoke bomb, hidden from Becky's sight.

"That's none of your business." Becky then aims the cannon at Nanyo.
"Don't you try anything, or I will not hesitated to
kill you."

Nanyo suddenly grins, "If ya want me, come 'n get me... I won't
resist!" She throws her hands up in the air, looking like a criminal
cornered by policemen.

"Do you think I'm a fool?! I'm not falling for that."

"Ok, then... ya want me to come there? 'Cause I can guarantee that ya
won't like it, if I come over there!" Nanyo smirks.

"Try me." states Becky coldly.

"So... that your final answer?" taunts Nanyo, slowly stepping closer to

"Don't toy with me." states Becky still aim the large Launcher at

"Ooh, look who's getting too big for her britches! Hah! Don't
get your panties in a twist, Becks... If ya kill me, Hon'tyl'll be
really pissed with ya..."

"That will be my problem, I'll deal with her later."

"Oh really? I don't think Hon'tyl'll like you sayin' that stuff about
her..." She took another step toward Becky.

Becky then smirks. "I plan on Killing her after a complete my job."

Nanyo grins, "I see... So you wanna kill me eh? This is all because I
stole your big sis's heart, isn't it?" She took another step toward

Becky then frowns. "Shut up!"

"But it's true, isn't it, Becks? You want your sister all to yourself,
don't you? You don't want her to be kissin' on anybody else, do ya?"
Another step.

"Shut UP!!" exclaims Becky.

"Aw, poor girl... can't sexxors her sister 'cause someone else's taken
her heart away! Aw, boo-hoo-hoo! Ya gonna cry now, little girl?"
Another step.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Stop it or I WILL kill you."

Nanyo mocks Becky crying, "Boo-hoo-hoo! Wahhhhhhhh!" She
takes one last step, then suddenly, her left hand flashes out to
Becky's hand and knocks the gun up so that it's pointing toward the sky
as her right hand flings the smoke bomb hidden in her sweater at
Becky's face, hoping to temporarily blind the young girl.

"Nice, but you obviously don't know about a certain skill I have."
states Becky smiling evilly.

Nanyo scowls, "What the...?!"

Becky then lowers her gun and aims it directly at Nanyo once again.

"Oh, shit..." mutters Nanyo as she flings herself backward as hard as
she can, hoping to hit the ground so she can push off toward the sky.

Becky then fire a large ball of photon energy from the

"AW... SNAP!" screams Nanyo as she flips in midair,
frantically tapping with her foot, trying to get any kinda of traction;
finally, she hits the ground and not a moment too soon; she makes it
into the air, just as Becky's blast goes under her, singing her sweater
and her jeans.

"Haha, good dodge." states Becky in the cloud of smoke.

"Crap... I ain't fast enough on the ground for this fight..." mutters
Nanyo, floating in the air. "Alright then... I'll try this..." She
surges around and around Becky, swirling the
smoke around Becky's body, making it thicker and harder to see through.

Laughter is heard in the cloud of smoke.

"F*ck!" thinks Nanyo, "Ok... I can't stay here any longer... I'd better
get up higher... where she can't follow me..." She surges up higher and
higher into the air.

A moment later a rumbling comes from the ground below Nanyo.

Nanyo looks down in confusion, "What the hell?!"

Suddenly a huge multi-colored serpent rises from the smoke and faces

Nanyo mutters, "This won't end well..."

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo's Hometown.

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