Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 30)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 30

Title: Chapter 28: Proposal

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


"Mmm, well, what's next?" asks Kim.

Suki leans over Kim's lips, whispering, "Kimmie... will you do me a big
favor?" Her violet eyes shine with nervousness, but mostly love. Tisha
frowns, "What's the matter? Ya nervous or something?"

"Sure, What is it?" asks Kim.

Suki reaches down and holds her "Spirit Crystal" which Kim now wears
around her neck as she whispers, "Will you join me in the Fa'lin
ritual, Kimmie?" Tisha scratches her head and questions, "Fa'lin? The
heck kinda language izzat?!"

"What is that? A type of, uh, On'tyl?" asks Kim hoping she pronounced
the word right.

"You mean, Oln'tyl?" Suki questions, smiling shyly. Tisha scowls, "Aw,
come on! What the Flip Wilson are you two talking about?! Tell me!" She
tugs on Kim's right leg.

"We'll know when Suki-chan tells me." states Kim as she then smiles at

"A Fa'lin ritual means that we'd be like a married couple... If
something should happen to me, you'd get ownership of this house and my
title... as a princess of the Ap Dat village of Lo'Lop..."

"A princess!? ..." Kim looks to be worried all of a sudden and looks

Suki senses Kim's worry and takes her hand gently, asking, "Kimmie?
What's wrong? Y-You don't want to?" She looks sad and concerned.

"No, it's not that... Can I think about this for a while before I give
you an answer?"

"Okay... I... I will..." Suki states, looking hurt as she gets to her
feet and walks over toward the door. Tisha comments, "Whoa... keyripes,
that's subzero..."

"I'm sorry if it hurt you. But, for me, this is a very serious desion,
I need time to think this over."

Suki sniffs, "I know... I know... b-but.. I.. I need to be alone..."
She unlocks the door and steps outside into the hallway. Tisha
scratches her head, "Ouch... ya don't need to be telepathic to tell
she's hurtin'!"

"Well, what now?"

Tisha shrugs her shoulders, "I unno... maybe we should go to

"I can't sleep knowing Becky is still out there somewhere."

Tisha yawns, "Whatever... I'm gonna grab some shut-eye..." She walks
downstairs and no more sound is heard from her, though some sort of
soft sniffling is heard through the closed door of the bedroom
next to Kim's.

"Huh? who is that?" Kim starts to the direction of the

The sound is apparently a young girl in Suki's bedroom and as she
sniffles, the "Spirit Crystal" on Kim's neck glows bright blue for a
few seconds, growing colder.

Kim notices the crystal. "Huh? Is that Suki?" Kim opens the door to the
other room.

There is a small lump on the bed under the covers, which is shaped like
Suki's body and which is quivering and sniffling. The crystal glows
blue again, getting colder against Kim's neck.

"Suki, why are you crying?" asks Kim worried.

There is no response, except for Suki rolling over, turning away from

"Suki, what's wrong?" asks Kim as walks to the side of
the bed.

Suki says nothing, burying herself deeper into her covers.

"Suki, what is it?" Kim places a hand on Suki's shoulder.

Suki shrugs off Kim's hand, saying softly one phrase, "Leave me


Suki shakes her head, "J-Just do it, K-Kimmie... J-Just... leave me
alone..." She sniffs again.

"But why?"

Suki says nothing, but scrunches up into a fetal position, trying to
stay away from Kim's touch.

"Well fine then, I'll leave." Kim starts to walk toward the door.

Suki sniffs and whispers, "Kimmie... have you ever loved someone... and
placed your heart on the line... created a plan to romance your love...
then get an "I'll think about it" in response? It.. It hurts, Kimmie...
It really does...."

Kim stops. "I'm sorry."

"Th-That's why... I... I need to be alone.. K-Kimmie... I... I just
feel so cold... r-right now..." The crystal then turns a dark blue
color and grows colder, almost to the point of freezing.

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I'll have an answer after we save
Becky, ok?"

Another sniffle, "O-Okay... b-but.. I... I still f-feel so c-cold...
I... I... ah.... ah... ah-choo!" The small girl sneezes, causing the
lump that is her body to shudder violently.

"Are you ok?"

There is renewed sniffling, then suddenly, Suki whispers, "K-Kimmie? A-
Are you still there? I... I can't hear so well... ah... ah... ah-choo!"
Again, the lump quivers.

"Can't hear? Are you not telling me something? If something's wrong,
tell me."

Suki sniffs harder, beginning to cough as she whispers, "Kimmie... I...
I think... I'm sick... I... prolly shouldn't have... ah-choo! ...
walked through the rain..." She sniffs again.

"Oh, you just have a cold."

Suki shivers under her blanket, "I-It would appear.... s-s-ah-choo!...
so... " She sniffles, "... ugh... K-Kimmie... I... I don't want you t-
to... ah-choo!... worry about me... Go with Nan'chi... a-and save your

"Leave you? Don't you want to save Becky too?

Suki nods, the top of the lump shaking with her movements, "O-Of course
I do... b-but... ah-choo! ... I... I don't know h-how m-much help I
could be like this..."

"I see, well, I love you." states Kim before leaving.

Suki sniffs, and thinks, "I... I hope you r-really do, K-Kimmie... a-
and I... ah-choo!... h-hope y-your answer is..." Then, she falls

To Be Continued in...
Nanyo vs. Becky

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