Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 2: The Ap-Dat Village

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Jakashi.
they belong to Huehue.

Warning: Loli, Watersports]

"Uh, is that him." whispers Kim.

Suki smiles and runs up to him, hugging him and calling, "Daddy! How
have you been?" The man hugs Suki back, looking slightly relieved, "Oh,
thank God, you're still safe, little Princess... When you told me about
Sashi, I feared the worst..."

"Uh, Hi." states Kim and Becky.

The man eyes them suspiciously, but chooses not to say anything
offensive. He holds out his hand and greets, "Hello and welcome to
No'tyl... My name is Jakashi... You are Suki's friends, I presume? What
are your full names?" He seems completely distrustful.

"Yes, were Suki's friends, I'm Kimberly Ann Starr and this is Becky
Starr, my sister." replies Kim as she shakes the man's hand.

"I see... and where are you from?" asks the man.

"From a city south of here." answers Kim.

The man's eyes go like this:o_0: but he sighs, "Oooook... Anyway, I
suppose I should let you inside the town... It's not safe out here if
Sashi is loose..."

"Ok, thanks." replies Kim.

Jakashi hands Kim and Becky some heavy thick cloaks and robes. He says,
"Put this on... If anyone in the village sees that you aren't Ap-Dat,
they will go ballistic..."

"I see, ok." replies Kim as she then puts on the rob and Becky does the

Suki blushes and whispers, "I'm sorry, Kimmie... the Ap-Dat are VERY
suspicious of people outside of their race... and not without good

"Its ok, I understand." replies Kim.

Jakashi waits until Kim and Becky have the cloaks and robes on, then
opens the gate and says, "Follow me..." He leads the three girls into
the town and quickly ushers them into his house, a two-story square
building. Once they're in the structure, Jakashi closes the door and
locks it behind them. He points to the kitchen table and says, "Have a
seat... we have a long story ahead of us.." He sighs heavily.

"Is it that bad?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "It is very bad, Miss Starr... and it's ALL my fault..."

"What's wrong? What happened?" asks Becky.

Jakashi sighs, handing Kim and Becky two plates of pancakes as Suki
moves to the kitchen to start cooking her own version of Ap-Dat
pancakes. He starts, "Well, I suppose it all begins with Susashi..."

"Susashi? Who is that?" asks Kim.

Jakashi replies, "She was Suki and Sashi's mother... A really pretty
young Mem'lo slave..." He says the word slave as though it is something
vile and disgusting.

"Wait a minute, did I hear you say Susashi was Suki AND Sashi's
mother?" asks Kim. "Doesn't that mean..." adds Becky.

Suki sniffs, "And I didn't even know..." Jakashi sighs, "Yeah.. Susashi
was the mother to both Suki and Sashi... They're sisters... full
blooded Ap-Dat sisters... though they're both part Mem'lo as well..."

"Wow, that's certainly a surprise." states Kim. "Oh but think about it
Kimmie, your in love with Suki, and I'm in love with Sashi, Suki's
sister. Its great." states Becky.

Jakashi suddenly stares at Suki with a hard look. "Suki, is this true?
You have feelings for this young woman?" He asks, softly and
dangerously. Suki blushes, "U-Um, I... uh..." It is clear that she's
afraid of her father's disapproval and can't find the words to say yes.

"Is something wrong with that?" asks Kim.

Suki stammers, "Uh... Uh.... Uh..." Jakashi rises to his feet and
stalks over to Suki, who turns her eyes down to stare at her feet,
blushing shyly. Jakashi gives his daughter a stern look, then demands,
"Have you forgotten your promise to me, Suki?" Suki shakes her head,
"N-No, Daddy... I... I haven't! I.. I will still find someone to
impregnate me s-so I.. I can bear a child a-and keep the family line
going! I.. I promise!"

"What?!" exclaims Kim. Becky's eyes just go wide.

Suki flushes harder, clearly embarrassed to the depths of her short
black hair. Jakashi clears his throat, "Then I approve... as long as
you bear a child, I can rest in peace..." He pats Suki on the head,
then walks back over to the table and sighs, "Now.. where were we?" It
is clear, though, that he now eyes Kim with a different facial
expression though he says nothing about her at this point. It is almost
as though he is sizing her up as a potential mate for Suki. Suki,
herself, sighs and continues cooking up her own pancakes.

Deciding to leave the subject alone for another time, Kim just returns
Suki's father's look with a nervous look of her own.

Jakashi gasps, "Ah yes... any-who... Sashi's story begins with
Susashi... I... I don't know if Suki's ever told you... but we Ap-
Dat... are not very well liked outside these mountains..."

"Why?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs and reaches up to a manuscript on a nearby table. He
plops it down onto the table and pushes it toward Kim, sighing again,
"Here... read this... Some jerk made our race's history into a
movie..." He groans.

"Uh, how about later?" asks Kim.

Jakashi sighs, "Ok... but I warn you.. I know very little about our
race's history... all I can tell you is that a failed summon of our
ancestors, named, Hon'tyl, forced our people to conquer and completely
subjugate a race of people known as the Mem'lo... wait... this is
taking too long, " he admits. "Here... this'll be quicker..."Jakashi
closes his eyes and suddenly a stream of images from the past enters
Kim's mind. She watches the whole sad story of Suki and Sashi's past
evolve in her mind.

Kim quickly realizes what Jakashi is doing and closes her eyes after a
few seconds. after a moment, tears begin to brim her eyes and fall down
her cheeks. but she continues to watch the images. "Kimmie, what's
wrong? Why are you crying?" Becky looks at Jakashi. "What are you doing
to Kimmie?"

Jakashi reaches out and puts a hand on Becky's shoulder, "It's
alright... It's ok... I'm simply showing her Suki and Sashi's past...
She'll be fine... she just needs to get accustomed to the

"S-Sashi, she's been through so much... Isn't they're a way to save
her?" asks Kim

Jakashi sighs, "I can only think of one thing... The Al'Tyl spell...
but it's incredibly difficult and will require a lot of spiritual

"What will it do to her?" asks Becky.

"If it works, it will submerge her aggressiveness permanently... She
will return to being a calm gently sensitive slave.... If it doesn't
work... then... " Jakashi made an explosion sound with his voice and

"She blows up?" asks Becky.

Jakashi shakes his head, "No.. I mean, we all die..."

"What?! How?!" exclaims Becky.

Jakashi replies, "With the amount of spiritual energy we are going to
use, if the slightest error is made, then all that energy will flood
into my body, Sashi's body, Suki's body and whoever chooses to be the
reservoir... It will crush our minds like pancakes..."

"Reservoir? What do you mean? asks Becky

"Someone will need to act as a ... a 'holder' of sorts... to hold the
power we need until we can unleash the spell... It is a very dangerous
spell and hasn't been attempted in many generations... I only hope I
can remember how it goes..."

"Oh, well, I'll be the reservoir. Is that ok?" asks Becky.

Jakashi puts his hand on Becky's shoulder, "I can't ask you to do
this... but if you are ready, then we need to begin the preparations

"I love Sashi, If I can do something to help her I'll gladly do it,
even if it means risking my life." states Becky.

Jakashi suddenly eyes Becky in the same manner as Kim, "You too? You
also love a daughter of mine?" He seems really confused now.

"Yes, I love her greatly." replies Becky.

Jakashi sighs and puts his head in his hands, muttering, "Why me... Why
is it that BOTH my daughters love girls..?"

Then he straightens up and says, "Ok, then, Becky... You will have to
come with me, now... The rest of you... will have to wait here... and
Suki?" Suki looked up. "Try not to get any cum on the couch... It is
most difficult to clean up... Just remember what I said when you had
Nanyo over for the night... " He takes Becky by the hand and leads her
out of kitchen, almost dragging the loli. Suki blushes and scowls,

"Oh, what happened with Nanyo?" asks Kim looked to Suki wipping the
tears from her eyes.

"Where are we going?" asks Becky.

Suki blushes, "Oh.. um... well... we... uh.... uh.. let's just say...
that one night when we had a sleepover, we... uh... got... a little
.... frisky..." She giggles nervously.

Jakashi replies, "We must go to the Inner Sanctum, where we can gather
the most spiritual power..." He takes Becky to a tall temple in the
center of the town and covers her eyes and whole head with the hood on
her robe. He whispers, "Now keep your head down and do exactly what I
say; otherwise, you will be thrown out of town and I.. well, I will be

"You care to explain?" asks Kim.

Becky replies with a quite "OK"

Suki blushes, "Uh... well, you could say... that was the day I first
learned about female ejaculation... and also.. the day that I learned
how much I liked to 'fool' around with a girl's full bladder... Hee,
poor Nanyo..." She gets all dreamy-eyed as though she's recalling a
fond memory.

Jakashi pulls Becky behind him. He stops and starts speaking in an
ancient language to a person who Becky can't see, but can sense is near
her. The person speaks back to Jakashi and he flinches. He hisses in
Becky's ear, "I'm really sorry about this, Ms. Starr, but whatever you
do, don't move or else they will surely kill you..."

"Looks like you got a pretty good story to tell." states Kim.

Becky gets a fearful for a moment but thinks of Sashi and the fear
fades. She says "Ok" very low.

Suki blushes, "Ok... well, it happened one night that Nanyo had decided
to sleep over... we were always the best of friends, you see... so this
was no big thing... we decided to lay down on the couch and watch a
movie together..."

Jakashi sighs and moves away from Becky, his absence immediately felt
by the young loli. A hand reaches out to Becky's hand and pulls her
along, gently lining her up along a wall, pushing her back against it
and forcing her to stand up. Something straight-edged was pressed
against her head while someone else lifted her right arm, and wrapped
something leathery around her upper arm.

"What happened next?" asked Kim eagerly wanting to hear more.

Becky continues to think of Sashi to decrease the fear she's feeling.

Suki giggles nervously, "Well um... you see, Nanyo was... how shall I
put this... quite.. um... horny... this particular night... so.. she
decided to slip in a porno movie into the VCR..." She groans slightly
and giggles again.

Just then, a sharp amount of pressure is placed through the leathery
object, pinching Becky's skin and clamping down on her blood vessels.
At the same time, something soft and long is wrapped around her bosom
at its furthest length, right over her nipples. Another long soft
object is then wrapped around her waist and her hips.

"Really? Do you remember what kind of porno it was?" asks Kim.

Becky grits her teeth in attempt at preventing a groan come from her.

Suki shrugs her shoulders, "Um... I think it was something
lesbianish... but other than that I can't really remember.. anyway... I
was so absorbed in the film, (that being the first time I had ever seen
a naked person before), that I wasn't watching what Nanyo was doing..
She left the couch for a little while, I know, and then returned, only
wearing her panties and a smile..." Suki blushes.

As Becky's measurements and blood pressure are taken, someone lifts up
the bottom of her robe, pulling it up and over her chest, then
unbuttons her outfit and pulls her bra aside to place a cold metal
object over her heart.

"Panties and a smile huh?" states Kim.

Becky can't help it as a quick low gasp leaves her lips at the cold
object on her.

Suki giggles, "Yeah... she'd thought she'd surprise me and such... so
anyway.. she came to the couch and got under the covers with me... and
she started, you know..." she blushes again.

The cold metal object doesn't stay there long; within a minute it is
removed and replaced by two relatively big hands that grip Becky's
breasts, not tightly, but firmly enough to measure their size. There is
suddenly a lot of talking in that weird language and another set of
hands suddenly replace the first pair, gently gripping Becky's breasts.

"No, I don't know, inform me." giggles Kim.

Becky blushes as she feels the strangers touch her small breasts.

Suki blushes and whines, "Aw, come on, Kimmie.. don't make me say it..
you know what goes on in our 'sessions' don't you? Except this time,
(and I didn't know it then) but Nanyo had a full bladder... that's why
she had been gone earlier; she had been filling her bladder..."

Once again, another set of hands takes hold of Becky's breasts,
followed by more words from, apparently, other Ap-Dat. This time,
Jakashi's voice is heard speaking along with them. Then, suddenly, the
hands are removed and a cool breeze suddenly wafts over Becky's nipple.

Kim simply looks at Suki, expected to hear more.

Becky sighs lightly as she feels the cool breeze hit her nipples,
making them stiffen.

Suki blushes, "Well, anyway.. she didn't tell me what she was doing, so
when she touched my... my special place... for the first time, I was
shocked, but incredibly turned on..."

A small rubbery object is placed around Becky's nipple and someone, a
man, judging by his grip, gently squeezes her nipple, apparently trying
to draw some secretion from it.

"Your first time huh?" asks Kim.

A quick and particularly audible "Ah" comes from the small girl upon
feeling the squeeze of her nipple.

Suki nods, "Yeah... but when I told her I didn't understand, she didn't
stop... Rather, she continued on and on, rubbing and tugging and
stroking and all... until..." She blushes.

The man removes his hand from Becky's nipple and shortly thereafter,
the rubbery object is removed. Then, a few short seconds later, two
hands are placed on Becky's hips and they grab her underwear and
anything covering them and pull them away, exposing Becky's labia. One
hand reaches down and spreads the loli's labia as the other hand gently
inserts a finger inside, feeling around, apparently searching for her

Kim listens intently.

Becky gasps and tenses from this, squeezing the finger in her vagina.

Suki continues, "Well... you know what happens when a girl is stroked
long enough... I... well... I literally came.. all over the couch... My
fluids seeped deep down into the fabric and caused the smell that my
Dad was talking about... but that was only the first part... "

There is some more talking in the foreign language, then Jakashi's
voice is heard, whispering very softly to Becky, "Ms. Starr... you must
tell me... the other Ap-Dat can't seem to decide... Do you have a
hymen? If so, are you a virgin?"

"Oh there are parts? Do tell!" states Kim.

Becky blushes deeply. "N-No." whispers back Becky.

Suki sighs, "Well... after I came and all... my Dad... probably because
he heard the noise I was making, came downstairs to see if I was
alright... so Nanyo quickly covered up, hiding under the blanket and I
called out that I was fine... Once he left, though, we both were too
scared to continue for fear that he would catch us, so we decided to
just go on to sleep... Boy, was that a bad decision for Nanyo!" She

Jakashi whispers, "If you are not a virgin, then we will not be allowed
proceed... You must tell them that you are a virgin... Can you say that
lie?" He looks over her, knowing that she can't see him because of the
hood over her face, which keeps her features and identity a secret from
the other Ap-Dat.

"Did she wet the couch?" giggles Kim.

"Would it be alright if I did?" whispers Becky.

Suki puts her hands on her hips and scowls, "Hey... don't start jumping
ahead now, Kimmie!" She winks, and teases Kim by delaying the
conversation by starting to eat her pancakes.

Jakashi replies, "They can't tell just from your bodily responses.. If
you say that you are a virgin, they will believe you... but can you go
through with that lie?"

"Aww, come on, continue." whines Kim.

"I'm fine with it, after all, I'm doing this to help Sashi." whispers

Suki giggles, "You are so cyute when you're whining, Kimmie... but
ok... so anyway, there we were, Nanyo having just drifted off to sleep,
but me... well, I couldn't sleep too well.. I had, after all, just had
an orgasm and I was still a little hyper, if you know what I mean...
so, I thought I'd play around a little with Nanyo... maybe explore her
body a little... you know, get some experience and stuff..."

Jakashi whispers, "Fine... then say in a loud clear voice: Yont Tibil
Rival... and we'll see what happens... if they accept you, then you'll
feel something being inserted within you... Don't be alarmed... they
are merely testing to see how full your bladder is..." He mutters to
himself, "Damn old Hon'tyl traditions. He scowls.

Kim giggles. "Yea, I know."

"Ok." replies Becky to Jakashi before she states the phase in a loud
clear voice.

Suki blushes and continues, "So yeah.. anyway... I gently rolled Nanyo
over onto her back... trying my best not to wake her up, because I was
afraid that she'd get mad at me for 'disturbing her beauty rest' (which
between you and me, she didn't really need because she was so
beautiful). Nanyo had long blond hair and was wearing these lovely pink
panties. I gently slid my fingers across her tummy and down into her
panties, playing with her smooth mound and such..."

A few tense moments went by as the Ap-Dat conversed amongst themselves.
Jakashi even seemed to grow worried. Then all over a sudden, he
groaned, "Oh, no.." He winced softly.

"Did you ever play with yourself before this night with Nanyo?" asks

"What's wrong?" whispered Becky nervously.

Suki looks puzzled, "Don't you remember the morning after our first
night together, Kimmie? Remember how I was confused as to what
masturbation was?"

Jakashi whispers, "You, uh... didn't happen to bring a spare pair of
underwear with you, did you?" He seems embarrassed to have to mention

"Whoa, You never masturbated?!" Kim looks shocked.

"N-No, why?" whispers Becky.

Suki sighs, "Before I met you, Kimmie... there were a lot of things I
never did... I never even thought of them..." Jakashi replies, wincing
with each and every word, "Because I forgot part of the ritual
testing... They, *ahem* gonna... make... you wet yourself... "

"What Kind of things?" asks Kim.

"What!" exclaims Becky before quickly shutting up, fearful that she
raised her voice.

Suki shrugged her shoulders, "Pretty much all the desperation stuff...
the lesbian stuff... really, everything that I've done with you in bed,
Kimmie... I never really felt like I needed or wanted that stuff except
for three people... who just wouldn't let me live, " she teases.

Jakashi pats Becky's head, "I'm sorry, Ms. Starr.. I don't like the
ancient rituals of Hon'tyl either, but I am contractually bound to
follow her commands... or should I say, her directions... Stupid
magically-binding pieces of sh@t..." He shakes his head as someone
takes a pair of panties and begins to slide them up Becky's thighs.

"Heheh, You wouldn't let me leave ether." replies Kim.

'Not in front of complete strangers...' thinks Becky.

Suki giggles, "I don't have the power of Sashi or my father, but I can
sense certain emotions... and I know for a fact that you were turned on
when I wouldn't let you leave..."

Jakashi, reading Becky's mind, replies, again, "I am so sorry, Ms.
Starr... If you want to save Sashi, then there is no other
alternative... The decision is yours, though.. only you can make the
choice..." The hands put Becky's panties back on, then disappear from
her body. She is free to move if she so desires.

"It sure did turn me on. I love to wet myself, I think I told you that
one time before." replies Kim.

Becky doesn't move. 'I'll stay.' thinks the small girl to Jakashi.

Suki giggles, "See? Remember when I said that 'having a good sense can
come in handy? It certainly has!" She giggles again and hugs Kim.

Jakashi replies, "Ok... then lift up your arms and oh.. I must impress
upon you... if you do not try to hold it, these Ap-Dat will NOT accept
you and you will be cast out and we will lose our only chance to save
Sashi. Understand, Ms. Starr?!" He gently pats her head to encourage

"Well, what do you sense now then?" asks Kim.

"I understand, I have to hold it in as long as I possibly can." states
Becky as she lifts her arms.

Suki smiles and closes her eyes, whispering, "Gimmie a second to attune
my thoughts to yours, Kimmie..." She begins to concentrate, slight
trails of sweat starting to run down her back.

Jakashi sighs, "Ok, Miss Starr... here they go..." Two people, that
Becky can't see, take hold of her arms and pull them up above her head.
Some sort of rope is then tied around her wrists, fastening her hands
to some metallic object that is just above her head.

Kim simply looks at Suki concentrating, smiling.

Becky's heart begins to race, but not from nervousness, but from
anticipation. but then a thought comes to her. 'Wait a minute, there's
more than one of them...' thinks Becky.

Suki breathes in harder and harder and begins to talk in a rather
strained voice, "I sense... I sense... intense horniness... a powerful
will... nervousness... and..." She opens her eyes and winks, sticking
her tongue out playfully, added, "... a huge amount of love towards
someone in this room!"

Jakashi steps back as one man finally lifts Becky's hood. A bright
light covers Becky's field of vision, as Jakashi uses his telepathy to
warn Becky to keep her eyes downcast and to act submission lest she be

Kim blushes. "heh, your good."

Becky looks down to the ground as Jakashi telepathically tells her to
do. Becky then starts to think of something else. 'I think there all
guys too... and I'm here naked. What if they try to do something other
than make me pee?'

Suki giggles, "I told you, Kimmie... I have a very good sense..." Then
she sighs and looks slightly sad. "I'm nothing to my dad, though... or
Sashi, who I didn't even know was my sister... Why? Why did I forget
about her? I... I don't understand... and Nanyo... " She looks back up
to Kim and asks, "Dang it... I forgot all about Nanyo until you
mentioned her... Why am I forgetting all the important things of my
childhood?" She looks confused and concerned.

Jakashi thinks, "It's okay, Miss Starr... These guys may still follow
the teachings of Hon'tyl, but they do NOT rape people... Not unless you
give them reason to..." Just then, a white strip of cloth is placed
over Becky's eyes, and tied in the back.
There is a very faint smell in the air; that of incense and something

"I wish I knew the answer to that." replies Kim. (TBC)

'But I'm young, soft, and all that good stuff. :-) Do they have wives?'
thinks Becky

Suki sighs, falling silent and thinking about Nanyo with a smile barely
restrained within her. She finishes cooking her pancakes and sits down
at the table, using the nearby knife and fork and starts to eat.

Jakashi replies, in thought, "Some do... some don't... I can't tell you
which ones do and which ones don't... That's pretty much up to them,
but except for the Hymn-Singer, they don't talk much..." Just then, a
faint musical tone can be heard and the smell of incense disappears as
the other smell increases in strongness. A few seconds later, something
cold and fluidly is rubbed all along Becky's stomach, tummy, and

"What happened between Nanyo and you?" asks Kim.

Becky flinches as she feels the substance on her skin. 'What's that
there putting on me?' thinks Becky.

Suki sighs, "Many things... some good, some... not-so good... I will
always remember her... Just like the night she came over and spent the
night with me on the couch... you know... the time I was talking about

Jakashi answers her, "It's a save, a special ointment that is
considered holy in our culture... It's suppose to increase virility and
make the person more... uh... horny... " He winces as one hand spreads
the goo up to Becky's small breasts, taking particular care to rub it
onto her nipple. The music in the background grows and someone, with a
beautiful operatic voice, begins singing some song in Ap-Dat. The song
has a calming effect on everyone there, except Becky. The young loli
instead is filled with slight heat in her body, caused by a slight
increase in drowsiness.

"Mind telling me some of the good things?" states Kim.

'Ooh, what's up with the slight sudden sleepiness I'm having?' thinks

Suki blushes and asks, "Are you feeling THAT horny, Kimmie?" She
giggles and darn near chokes on her pancake.

Jakashi replies, "It's probably the incense... It does have a dullness-
inflicting effect... It probably also has a drowsiness effect to it...
don't worry... if you should fall asleep, it's okay.. they won't kill
you... they'll simply wake you up..." Here he falls silent, but not
before adding, "I must go now, Miss Starr... I shall return for you
when the ceremony is complete..."

"Is there something wrong with that?" giggles Kim.

'Your leaving? Why?' thinks Becky.

After recovering, Suki seizes a cup of brown colored fluid and downs
it, before suddenly spitting it out all over Kim, gasping, "Bleagh!
Coffee!" She looks up at a drenched Kim and blushes, "Ooops..."

Jakashi answers, "The ceremony is forbidden for an Unintiate such as
myself... Don't worry.. I shall keep my mind focused on you and at the
first sign of trouble, I will be back... Don't fear... Just try to keep

"I'm all wet." giggles Kim.

'Ok, see you later.' thinks Becky.

Suki blushes again, "Sorry, Kimmie... this cup must've been my Dad's...
Um, do you want a towel or something?" She looks apologetic.

The sound of heavy footfalls is heard fading rapidly, then the squeak
of a door followed by the slam of a door. A strange chanting begins,
which almost immediately starts to fill the young girl's body with
stronger waves of drowsiness, though it doesn't allow her to sleep.

Kim stands up. "Maybe you didn't quite hear me. I said, I'm all 'wet'."
states Kim smiling.

Becky simply stands there, waiting.

Suki's eyes widen, "Oh... I see... well... do you want an erotic story,
a few 'choice' pictures, or some music to... increase the mood while I
get ready?" She winks and adds, "The pics are of two people... One,
you'll know.. the other, I want YOU to learn about..."

A strange voice is heard, speaking the Ap-Dat language. The voice is
directed to Becky, though there is no way for the little girl to
understand what he's saying. The voice repeats itself, trying to get
Becky to answer.

"Surprise me." replies Kim.

'I don't understand, what should I say?' thinks Becky.

Suki replies, standing up and finishing the last bite of her pancakes,
"Ok... but do you want to see the pics and hear my story about Nanyo
and the couch?"

There is no response for Becky; not from Jakashi nor anyone else. The
man repeats the question, as a second Ap-Dat man reaches up to her left
nipple and gives it a gentle tug, apparently testing something.

"Sure." states Kim.

Becky tenses slightly at the gentle tug. "I don't understand." states
Becky nervously.

Suki gulps down a glassful of water, then motions for Kim to follow
her. She moves to the stairs and floats up them, going to a room on the
right side of the structure. Suki blushes as she opens the door, "This
is my old room, Kimmie..." There is a bed in the middle made of straw,
and... really nothing else. Suki moves to the straw and shifts some of
it around, groaning slightly as the old scar on her chest flares up
briefly as she locates an old smallish photo album.

Again, there is no response to Becky's thoughts. Something long and
cold is now pressed up against her stomach, pushing slightly into her
belly-button/navel and gently scraping something from inside the

"Your lucky." states Kim.

'What are they doing now' thinks Becky.

Suki asks, scratching at her short black hair, "Lucky? What do you
mean?" She begins thumbing through the old-style photo album.

"I don't have the luxury of saying the phrase, 'This is my old room'"
states Kim.

The metallic object is quickly withdrawn as the Ap-Dat man asks again
his question. The singing in the background grows louder as another
piece of cloth is placed on Becky's chin, and held there,
threateningly, as thought the Ap-Dat are warning her to answer them or

"I don't understand you." states Becky out loud.

Suki questions, "Didn't you ever have any parents, Kimmie?" She looks

The Ap-Dat man nods, but the cloth is still wrapped around Becky's
mouth, as a gag. Some words begin to appear in Becky's mind; one phrase
in English in particular; "Donut struggle..."

"Technically, yeah, I did. You want to know a secret?" states Kim.

"Ok." states Becky.

Suki nods, "Sure.. if you're willing to tell me, Kimmie?" She looks
interested as she continues thumbing through the album.

The Ap-Dat man backs off and something metallic is inserted into
Becky's ears, as the gag is removed temporarily and a hose inserted
into her mouth. Shortly, a sweet-tasting wonderful drink flows through
the tube and into Becky's mouth. At the same time, some weird cream is
rubbed onto her thighs and her feet, her shoes having been taken off by

"Becky's not my sister by blood." states Kim.

loving the taste, Becky eagerly drinks the liquid.

Suki gasps, "Really?! That's... surprising... I... I would never have
guessed... So... Does that Smith and Rick aren't your real brothers,

The cream seeps into Becky's thighs, causing her skin to tighten
slightly and smooth out, becoming even softer and silkier. The metallic
rod is removed from her ears, with a small amount of wax on them. Then,
suddenly, Becky is pulled away from the wall, her hands held out in
front of her, the tube still in her mouth. She is led by the hands down
a series of steps and pushed down into a huge round container of sorts.
It is almost like a hot tub by touch.

"Yep, there not my blood ether." states Kim.

'Where am I?' thinks Becky.

Suki sits down hard on her bed of straw, "Wow... That's a shocker...
Then, where are your parents?"

The cloth on Becky's mouth is removed and she is tugged up to a
standing position where her panties are quickly removed, exposing her
delicate folds once again. The chanting and song have faded to a faint
decibel level and a softer, higher pitched voice speaks, saying
something in Ap-Dat as Becky's blindfold is removed to reveal a
voluptuous, young woman, wearing only panties, that have a yellowish
stain on them, similar to Sashi's. She has long blond hair and dark
brown eyes, though, and she gestured to Becky to sit down, since she
determines Becky can't understand Ap-Dat.

Kim looks to the floor as a sad-like look crosses her face.

Becky does as the woman suggests and sits.

Suki senses Kim's sadness and lays the album aside, moving over to Kim
and placing one hand on Kim's back, patting her. She replies, "It's
okay.. It's okay... I... I don't really remember my mother either...
Dad... he never talks about her and I... I can't remember her..."

The woman takes the hose out of Becky's mouth and flips a nearby
spigot, stepping out of the hot tub-like container, and produces a
washrag from somewhere. She soaps it up as the warm water washes over
Becky. She tries to speak again, this time using a distinctly different
language, but nothing that Becky can understand.

"It's not that, I remember them. All of them..." states Kim smiling

"I don't understand." replies Becky.

Suki questions, not understanding, "All? All of them?"

The young woman sighs, obviously unable to communicate with Becky.
Instead, she pours what looks like bubble bath into the warm water and
swirls it around, until there are bubbles everywhere. She takes the rag
and runs it over Becky's back, scrubbing gently as she uses her free
hand to wrap a small towel around Becky's head, holding her hair inside
it. She flicks a small radio-like device nearby and a song of
indeterminate origin plays. It sounds like an old disco tune, and the
woman starts moving in time to the beat.

"There's a huge secret I've been keeping from you. I want to tell you,
but I'm afraid of your reaction." states Kim.

Becky looks at her puzzled.

Suki starts tearing up, "Kimmie... after all we've been through, how
could you even think that I'd think anything of you, except love?!
Especially, after the whole... Hon'tyl incident and all... You don't
have to hide anything from me! I will NOT abandon you or think less of
you, you have my word!"

The woman finishes washing Becky's back, then she moves up to the young
girl's hair and begins to wash it with some strange-smelling shampoo,
that makes her hair tingle ticklishly. The woman mumbles something in
her own tongue, a language, the identity of which the young girl is
about to realize.

"Ok, Well, you can obviously look at me and tell I'm not human right?"
asks Kim.

Becky simply stands there.

Suki nods, "Yeah, the ears are a dead giveaway... but... what's so
frightening about that?"

The woman gently pushes Becky down into a sitting position, saying
something to her in her native tongue of Mem'lo. She finishes washing
Becky's hair, then she soaps up the rag again, and begins to wash
Becky's chest, paying close attention to her breasts, nipples, and the
channel between her breasts. She then, washes Becky's stomach, tummy,
abdomen, and the sensitive area between her legs. She basically gives
Becky a head-to-toe scrub-down, cleaning each and every area. When that
is done, she towels Becky back off, drying her and putting her panties
back on.

Kim sighs deeply. "Ok, here goes... Suki, I... I was created. My
parents are 4 scientists that are now dead.

"Thanks" states Becky.

Suki gasps, falling off her bed, "What?! You... were created? H-How?!"
She seems baffled beyond all reasonable speech.

The Mem'lo slave says nothing as two big muscle-bound Ap-Dat men enter
the dark room. One of them wraps a cloth around Becky's eyes,
blindfolding her again. The second pulls her to her feet and tugs her
forward by her bound hands. He leans close to her left ear and
whispers, "So... tell me, young girl... do our village's secrets scare
you?" He doesn't seem mad or angry or anything other than informative.

"That's just it, my 'parents' never told me how they did it. But they
said I was the 'best one'" states Kim.

"No, not really." replies Becky.

Suki questions, showing off her intelligent which seems mostly
submerged within her, "Best one? You mean, you were genetically

The Ap-Dat man replies, "Hmmm... You're a tough one to scare... That's
good... We don't really mean to scare you... It's just that certain...
'traditions'... are hard to break and leave behind... and many of us
can't speak English which can be frightening for some people..."

"Yeah, there were others to though." states Kim.

"I don't see how not being able to speak English would scare people."
states Becky.

"Others... Why were you guys created? What purpose could there be in
genetically engineering a child? Do you.... have certain powers or
something?" Suki looks really confused.

The man replies, "It's not so much the fact that no one can speak our
language, it's the fact that they can't understand what's going on and
as such fear what they can't understand... It's a human and Ap-Dat
trait, sad to say..." The men lead Becky back upstairs to where the
wall was and gently force her against it, without using too much force.
They put her in the same position as she was in before, then leave. The
chanting and singing resumes and a hard, rough hand is placed on her
right nipple as something cold, thin, and metallic is eased gently
inside her panties and between her labia, moving up towards her

"Some were simply mindless dolls used for 'amusement'. Some were to
become fighter's, or 'Hunter's' which were highly skilled in fighting.
Then there's me..." states Kim.

Becky tenses slightly at the object entering her.

Suki sighs, "Mindless dolls for 'amusement' sounds like the Mem'lo
slaves the Ap-Dat have... Fighter and Hunters sounds like something
genetic e is good for... but... what about you? Is there something
special about you, Kimmie?"

The metallic object locates Becky's urethra and slowly begins to open
the tube, sliding a small, thin extension inside and up to Becky's
bladder, which is about 3/4 full. An Ap-Dat voice says something loudly
to someone else and a few others talk excitedly amongst themselves.

"I... I'm a combination of the two, however, I surpass the fighting
capability of the Hunter's greatly. And I'm the only one with the
ability to bear a child. " states Kim as she puts her right hand over
her stomach. "But I don't have to worry about that with you." states

'I wish I knew what they were saying.' thinks Becky.

Suki thinks, "Hmmm... the 'Best of Both Worlds' thing, then, Kimmie?"
She smiles, "Kimmie, there was no reason to hide this from me... I
still love you the same..." She wraps her arms around Kim and hugs her.

Just then, a small warm fluid begins to spurt up into Becky's bladder
from the tube. It has a gentle, calming feel to it, though it causes
her bladder to swell further, even though Becky's mind is unaware of an
urge as of just yet.

"Thanks, It feels great to finally gets it off my chest. It feels like
a weight has been lifted from my shoulders." states Kim.

"Ooh, that feels nice." states Becky.

Suki smiles, "Now then... do you want to see the photos?" She indicates
the photo album.

The metallic rod spurts a little more fluid into Becky's bladder, then
is slowly withdrawn from her urethra. The fluid in her bladder begins
to flow up through the top of Becky's bladder and into her uterus. From
there, the fluid makes its way into her kidneys and from there,
diffuses into her bloodstream. It begins to bond with her natural
estrogen and interact with her hormones. A pleasurable sensation comes
over Becky as her small breasts begin to swell, not totally from
arousal but from something else, though all she can feel is pleasure
and calmness.

"Sure, let's see them." states Kim.

Becky gets a relaxed look on her face and a smile.

Suki giggles and blushes, "Now don't hold it against me if they aren't
good enough..." She slips one photo out of the album and hands it to
Kim. It is a picture of a young 13 year old Suki, fast asleep on the
downstairs couch, only wearing panties. Her breasts, even then, were
well-rounded for her age.

The metallic object, now, pushes in-between Becky's labia again,
sliding down to her vagina's opening and inside the birth canal. It is
pushed up inside her all the way to her cervix and gently eased inside
to her uterus. Again, the warm soothing fluid is spurted inside,
filling up her uterus and making her stomach bulge out slightly as it
begins to interact with her ovaries, causing them to produce chemicals
and such that make her natural beauty be drawn out and made even more
beautiful. Her breasts have now reached C-cup and feel full and firm as
a strong horniness rises within her.

Kim attempts but fails to stop a smile from appearing on her face at
seeing the young Suki in the pic. "I wasn't aware that I'd be seeing a
pic of you as a child." states Kim.

Becky simply moans as she feels a unfelt degree of arousal within her.

Suki frowns, hiding her face behind the album so that Kim can't see the
smile she's really wearing, "That isn't a problem, is it, Kimmie?" She,
then, flips the album's page and pulls out a second photo. She hands it
to Kim and states, "That first one was taken by Nanyo... great
practical joker, she was... I... I left home two years ago, so it's
been a while since I've seen these... Here's one of me in our back
yard... which, at the time, was fenced up, though it doesn't matter...
Around here, everyone is able to go naked if they want to... The
Onl'Tyl has ensured that all of us, at one time or another, has seen
the others naked, so we're not so concerned about modesty up here
secluded in the mountains like we are..." She shows Kim a picture of
herself as a 15 year old, a pool in the background, and a bikini bottom
on, though her breasts were still visible.

The metallic rod is withdrawn and one of the Ap-Dat men frees Becky's
left hand. He whispers, "Now... touch your stomach... feel the warmth
and the bulge inside of you... Nourish it... don't let it go... It may
only be fluid, but think of it as an extension of yourself... Keep your
eyes closed and focus on it... try to draw out the fluid without
moving, using only your thoughts..."

"No, I love it. I really love it. I really like young g-" Kim suddenly
stops herself, blushing deeply in embarrassment.

Becky places her left hand over her stomach, feeling the size of the
bulge there and the warmth. She then attempts to think about the fluid
leaving her body.

Suki nods, "I know, Kimmie... I know.. one of your fetishes is Lolicon,
isn't it? That may be one reason you liked me... because, you know...
I'm rather short, and small... and such..."

The Ap-Dat man nearest to her takes Becky's hand and gently sweeps it
over her stomach, feeling the bulge. He chants in Ap-Dat and images
start to appear in Becky's mind of what exactly she has to do.

Kim looks at Suki and unconvincingly tries to deny her question. "N-No,
It's, uh, um..."

Suki gives Kim this look: o_0 and laughs, "Oh, come on, Kimmie... you
can't hide it from me... I've sensed it all along... I know what first
drew you to me... and believe me, I've never regretted it for a

The Ap-Dat man whispers, "Now look down, young one... Look down and
observe the results of your mind..." He pulls back and reveals that the
fluid in Becky's uterus is somehow disappearing, because her stomach is
falling back to its normal state and there is nothing on the ground
under her. The metallic object is also not within her vagina because
she can't feel it, so it can't be drawing the fluid out either.

Kim can't think of anything to say but just blushes deeply.

"What's happening? Where did it go?" asks Becky puzzled

Suki then pulls out another photo, saying, "Here's a good one..." It
shows Suki laying naked on the couch, her legs draped over one end and
spread, exposing her labia, and her eyes open in curious-ness.

The man replies, "You made it disappear, young one... Your mental
training is complete... You are ready to begin the ceremony..." The
blindfold is shifted slightly so that she can't see anything once again
and a hand is placed on her left breast, rubbing the fullness there.

"Oh wow, this is good. You're so cute with your legs spread out like
that. Showing your pretty hairless pussy. Ooh, I'm getting so turned on
looking at you as a child..." states Kim as she places her right hand
on her crotch as she closes her legs around it and moans.

"What about my breasts? They seem bigger." states Becky.

Suki teases, "Can't wait can you? I'm so hot, aren't I?" She giggles
and winks, slipping out another photo of her, this time from behind,
bent over so that her labia are clearly seen.

The man replies, "Your breasts have been filled for a purpose... In
order to save your friend, you are going to have to give her some of
that which fills your breasts, but only under certain conditions... "
The hand reaches her nipple and gently pinches it, drawing a small
spurt of fluid from it that sends a shockwave of pleasure through
Becky's body.

"Ooh, all these pictures are great!" replies Kim as she starts rubbing
herself between the legs with her right hand, moaning.

Becky tenses up quickly. "Ooh! that feels wonderful! Do it again,
please." states Becky

Suki suddenly reaches out and grabs Kim's hand, whining, "Hey, Lover,
wait for me... I wanna have a chance... but... I wanna show you one
more picture first..." She fumbles through the photo album, finally
pulling out the last picture. She hands it to Kim. It shows a young 14
year old girl with bright red hair sleeping on a couch, her legs
spread, her breasts a good size B+, with only a pair of pink panties
covering her labia. What was remarkable about this photo was that the
panties had a huge wet spot on them, and a
puddle of fluid under the girl's body and a wet area on the couch
itself. Suki explained, "Remember that story I was telling you about
Nanyo and the couch? Well, I... took this picture the morning after,
before she woke up... It... It was my most prized possession..."

The man replies, "No, young one... You must have your friend do it...
he/she must squeeze all the fluid out of your breasts, put it into a
glass and drink it all... That will help keep your friend under

"So, this is Nanyo. She's cute too." replies Kim smiling.

"Aww, but I'm so horny right now, you shouldn't tease people like
that." pouts Becky.

Suki sighs sweetly and crush-like, "She sure was... She was the
best..." She gets all anime-eyed, stars everywhere in her eyes.

The man replies, "We are sorry, young one... We only meant to
demonstrate what needed to be done..." The hand now moves down from
Becky's breasts to her tummy and begins to rub, bringing back her urge
to pee.

Becky tenses slightly as she feels an urge to pee.

Suki sighs, "But anyway..." She takes the photo and puts it back. She
looks back at Kim and takes her arms and spins her down onto the bed,
pinning her under her body. "So... you wanted to hear the whole story
behind that pic, Kimmie?" she teases lightly.

The Ap-Dat man states, "Now remember, young one... in order for the
breast fluid to work, you must attempt to hold your filop in as best
you can..." The hand now begins smearing the ointment on her tummy

"Yeah, I'd love to hear it." replies Kim.

"O-Ok, I'll try my best." replies Becky.

Suki begins, "Well... I forget where I was exactly, but I think I told
you up to the point where my Dad almost caught us... so Nanyo and I
decided to try to go on to sleep so that we wouldn't risk getting
caught a second time... and of course, Nanyo had fallen asleep with a
full bladder and I was still horny after my orgasm... so... "

The man replies, "As long as you try, the additive will work... I
assure you, young one..." The hand now began to rub Becky's tummy
gently, probing the outer fringes of her swollen bladder.

"So did you start mess'in with her while she was sleep?" asks Kim.

The man's action makes Becky coo in both pleasure and desperation.

Suki nods, "Oh yes... I couldn't really help myself... I was too
horny... I started like this..." She takes Kim's breast in her hand and
gently squeezes it.

The hand now floats down to Becky's abdomen and gently presses in on
it, judging for her reaction.

Kim 'Mmm's' at the squeeze.

Becky tenses for a moment before relaxing.

Suki then reaches up to Kim's vest and slowly takes it off, exposing
her bra. She removes the bra in a similar fashion, then says, "And
after that, I did this..." She starts moving her fingers around Kim's
breast in a wide circle, slowly moving inward, but never touching the

A voice states, "Remember, young one, when the urge gets high enough,
your legs are free and your left hand is there for your aid..." The
hand now begins to lightly massage the area between Becky's tummy and
her waistband.

Kim moans from this as she closes her eyes.

Becky starts to bring her legs together but chooses not to, trying to
see hold long see can hold it before needing aid from her legs and/or

Suki smiles and lets her finger gently brush across Kim's nipple,
saying, "Then I teased her a little bit, making sure not to go so far
as to wake her up... which was very tricky.."

The hand is now joined by a second hand which begins to run up and down
Becky's left side from her hip to her underarm, a third hand which does
the same to Becky's other side, a fourth hand that strokes her upper
stomach almost touching her breasts, but shying away at the last
minute, a fifth and sixth hand that begins to massage her thighs and a
seventh hand that is now pushing into her panties, touching her pubic

"I don't need to be teased, I wet enough as it is." states Kim.

From so many hands on her, Becky is forced to close her legs as the
urge to pee gets stronger. and she begins to groan a bit through her

Suki grins, "Hey, do you want to hear the story or not?"

The man asks, "Young one... if you feel like describing your need, you
may do so... It may make the fluid now in your bosom work better for
your friend..." Most of the hands continue their work; one now moves
down to her labia and produces a feather out of nowhere, which it uses
to tickle her sensitive folds.

"I'm sorry, It's going to have to wait. I'm way to wet to be teased
anymore." states Kim.

The feather sends a shot of pleasure through Becky's small body.
Causing her to tense and moan as she presses her legs harder together.

Suki frowns, "Ok... then... I'll just tell you... After I played with
her breasts for a while, I lowered my hands like so..." She slides her
hands down to Kim's stomach, rubbing gently. She mumbles, "Kimmie? Do
you... Do you have a full bladder right now?"

The man sighs, "It is time, young one..." A few seconds pass, then
images begin to enter Becky's mind. Most of them involve the sound and
sight of water. Some even include a feeling of fullness. The hands
continue their work and the last hand now spreads Becky's labia
slightly, locating her urethra and gently inserting something cold
inside again.

"Aww, not now..." whines Kim.

Becky jumps slightly at the cold object entering her urethra. groaning

Suki asks, "Does that mean you DO have a full bladder, Kimmie? If so,
do you want to go to the bathroom?" She looks intently at Kim.

The man states, "It is all right, young one... it is nothing more than
a little rod... you will not be harmed." The cold metallic object is
inserted further up Becky's urethra, then there is a slight jab, then
all feeling in Becky's urethra is lost as her bladder swells almost
beyond itself.

"Yes, but not right now, I want to come." states Kim.

"Ah! H-Hey! What did you do that for!? Now I can't stop it, I'm going
to pee!" replies Becky as she feels the warm fluid quickly travel down
her urethra and out of her body. she pees for about 1 1/2 minutes
before stopping.

Suki replies, "Then why don't you go to the bathroom, then come right
back and we can continue..." She winks at her and gets up, pointing to
the door.

The man says, "Congratulations, young one... You have passed the
ceremony... Now you are ready to perform the task ahead of you...
There is one thing I would caution you: You must make sure to have your
friend 'milk' you and drink it at least ONCE a day... otherwise, the
fluid will build up within you and cause your breasts to swell at least
one cup size per week... Do not forget this, young one..." The hands
all disappear, then Becky's wet panties are removed and replaced with a
dry pair, then her clothes are put back on her. The hood and cloak is
replaced, then her blindfold removed and her hand is untied. The Ap-Dat
men, which Becky can now see, are all hooded and cloaked as well. One
of them points to a nearby door, telling her where to go without saying
anything. "Outside..." one man telepathically states, "... Jakashi is
waiting for you..."

"Really? you'll let me go to the bathroom?" asks Kim.

Meanwhile, Becky goes to the door and opens it.

Suki nods, "Yeah... I'll let you go this time... because YOU don't
wanna wet yourself... but... I'm afraid we don't have a 'bathroom'
here... all we have is chamber pots... I'll go get you one..." She
leaves the room.

Jakashi is standing there, nervously tapping his foot and looking
distinctly uncomfortable. He looks down and sees Becky exiting the door
and moves over to her. "Miss Starr? Is the ceremony over?" He asked.

"Thanks." calls out Kim.

"Yeah, the ceremony is over. I actually enjoyed it." replies Becky

A few minutes pass while Suki is gone. There does seem to be some sort
of squeaking coming from Suki's bed as Kim sits there.

Jakashi sighs, "Then, you know what you must do?"

Kim smiles like a little child as she hears the squeaks of the bed and
starts to light bounce on it, causing more sounds to be heard.

"Yeah, I know." Becky stretches the rope on her, making her breasts
more visibly defiant. "I got bigger." giggles Becky.

Just then, there is a surprisingly loud creak and something heavy falls
free from the far end of the straw bed, landing with a soft thud.

Jakashi frowns and looks away, saying, "I know... now I must take you
to the 'Room of Attraction'... There, you must expose your breasts to
the air and... wait..." He really looks uncomfortable now.

"Huh?" Kim gets on all fours and moves to the end of the bed to see
what fell.

"Wait? Wait for what?" asks Becky.

It appears a be a fairly sizable box with a white label on it. The
label states: Suki's private collection - DO NOT TOUCH!"

Jakashi replies, "In order to draw Sashi here as soon as possible and
prevent the deaths of countless people, we must give her something she
wants... As you are her lover and mistress, she will be attracted to

Kim grins like a kid whose just found a jar of cookies and quickly
looks at the door Suki left from and back to the box and picks it up
and onto the bed with her legs spread out around it and opens the box.

"Oh, I see. Let's go then gramps!" replies Becky happily as she puts
her left hand on Jakashi's back.

Inside the box are several video tapes, each one marked with labels.
They range from, "Nanyo's birthday" to "Nanyo's first time" and "Me and
Nanyo's panties."

Jakashi sighs, "Gramps, yet..." He groans and leads Becky down the
street toward a big house, marked with a big sign in the Ap-Dat

"Oohhh! video's!" Kim takes the one labeled 'Nanyo's first time' and
starts to look around the room for a place to play it.

Becky looks around particularly fast and can't seem to stand still for
the moment.

There is no TV or VCR in Suki's room. However, there is a very faint
electrical hum coming from a room downstairs, indicating some sort of
electronic device down there.

Jakashi escorts Becky into the building and leads her upstairs to a big
room at the far end of the building. Inside the room, there are at
least 7 beds, one of which is occupied by three girls in the midst of a

Kim hears this and smiles. She quickly gets off the bed and goes to the
door and peaks her head out and looks to the right and left.

A lustful look immediately claims Becky's face as she sees the
threesome. She quickly tries to dart over to the action.

Suki is nowhere to be seen, though there is a rustling sound coming
from a back room and a muttering, "Shoot... where is the thing?"

Jakashi grabs Becky's hand and shakes his head, replying, "No, Miss
Starr... You cannot interfere in an Onl'tyl's activities... It is
sacred... Follow me..." He moves over to the window and beckons Becky

Kim grins and starts to tip-toe out of the room down the steps. hoping
not to hit a weak part of the stairs.

Becky looks slightly angry and stays were she stands looking at

There is no weak spots on the stairs and Kim makes it safetly down the
stairs without drawing any attention, though there appears to be a
shadow cast into the living room by... no one it appears as the shadow
suddenly disappears upon second glance.

Jakashi sighs, "I am sorry, Miss Starr... You are obviously horny... I
will go and see if I can find someone to 'attend' to your needs...
until I get back, though, it would be helpful to do this..." He opens
Becky's robe and opens her bra, exposing her breasts. He, then, opens
the window and has Becky stand right by the window, adding, "Now, your
scent will draw Sashi... It is only a matter of time.. and when she
gets here, you must distract her by any means necessary until I get

Kim walks around looking for a device to play the tape on.

Becky lowers her right hand to the crotch of her pants and begins to
rub the area there, making her moan. She then lightly pinches her left
nipple, making her small body tense in pleasure.

Downstairs in Suki's house, there are three rooms; one bedroom which is
dark, a laundry room complete with ancient washer board and
clothesline; and the kitchen/dining room where the girls had eaten
their pancakes. The electrical hum seems to be coming from the dark
bedroom which seems to be the only room housing an electrical

In the "Room of Attraction", the pink haired girl with glasses who is
lying on her back on the bed, moans and whimpers softly with rising
arousal as the blue haired girl spreads her legs and licks at her labia
and the blond haired girl uses her left arm to reach around the pink
haired girl's head to hold her right hand as she licks her nipple.

'Hmm, looks like the humming is coming from that room over there.'
thinks Kim. She then begins to make her way to the room

Becky looks to her left and sees the action happening there and grows
even more turned on and horny. Her breathing has quickened and her hand
between her legs has quickened in its tempo. She then drops her left
hand just below the waistband of her pants and caress the area there.
this action seems to make her weak in the knees as she almost drops to
her knees. And she begins to bite her lower lip in pleasure.

When Kim reaches the room, a light flickers on immediately, revealing
that there is a bed, a TV - VCR combo, a dresser which is open,
revealing an old porno mag and a small fan which is turned on and is
the humming sound she detected.

The blue haired girl slurped slightly at the pink haired girl's wet
labia and dripping vagina, commenting, "Oh, Asiah.. you're so wet...
how much more can you take?"

"Huh? What a minute, I don't remember hearing a humming noise when I
was down her last. And Becky and Jakashi are gone..."

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