Story: RP 2 Fic: The Beginning (chapter 29)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 29

Title: Chapter 27: Tisha's wetting

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the characters Suki, Sashi, Nanyo or Tisha.
they belong to Huehue.


Kim shakes her head. "She's just a kid..."

Suki smiles wider, "Kimmie, when you met me, I was but 16.. remember?
She's only two years younger..."

Tisha's eyes shift back and forth rapidly, saying, "Come on, you two!
Tell me where the blasted door is! I gotta go!"

"Hmm, that's true, and she is young..." states Kim smiling.

Suki grins, "So what are you waiting for, Kimmie?"

Tisha gulps, not liking where this is going for her.

"Ok, so what are you plan we do?" asks Kim.

Suki grins, "Oh come on, Kimmie... after all the time we've
known each other, you hafta ask?" She points to Tisha and whispers,
"Teach her... EVERYTHING..."

"I think I'd like to force her to lose it." states Kim.

Suki whispers, "Then do it... There's really no where for her to
run..." She winks at Kim as Sashi sits on the floor next to Nanyo's
sleeping form, looking bored. Tisha gulps, looking nervously around for
some sort of exit to get her out of this mess.

"Ok.." states Kim as she walks to Tisha. "Hey, I'll take you to the
bathroom ok?" states Kim.

Tisha gulps, "Y-You will?" She glances nervously from side to side,
looking at Suki, who is unreadable, then at Sashi, who, frankly,
doesn't care.

"You want to go don't you?"

Tisha nods, "Yeah... I already told you I do..."

Kim the smiles. "Great." She then lifts the girl onto her shoulder,
which presses into the girl's abdomen.

Tisha cries, "Ah-AHH!" as she squirms and wriggles on Kim's shoulder.
"L-Lemme go!" she states loudly.

"What? I thought you want to go to the bathroom."

Tisha complains in her whiney voice, "I didn't want to go HERE! Lemme
go!" She squirms again, almost throwing Kim off balance.

"Hey, hey, I'm going to carry you to the bathroom."

Tisha squirms again, "Then get your blasted shoulder off my abdomen
before I pee on you! Geesh! It's not as though I couldn't walk on my
own power, y'know!"

"But I can't keep you on me if I do that."

"Then let me walk, stupid old hag!" cries the young girl, still

"old hag!? I'm 19 years old for your information." states Kim as she
quickly thrusts her shoulder into the girls abdomen once.

"Uh-UHHH!" shrieks the girl as her bladder starts to spasm and she
squirms harder. "Lemme go, you old goof! I'm gonna pee all over you if
you don't!"

Kim then places her other hand on the girl's butt, over the clothes she
wears and rubs the area.

Tisha cries, "AH! Lemme go you perv! LET ME GO!" She kicks out with her
feet, trying frantically to free herself from what she feels is going
to be rape.

"Shhh, just calm down. It's going to feel good." states Kim as she then
reaches under the girl clothes to the backside of the girls panties.

Tisha whines, struggling even harder, "But I gotta PEE-PEE! I can't
hold it long! Let me go pee!" Her defiance is weakening in the face of
conserving her energy to fight her bladder.

"Don't worry little girl, you'll keep your innocence." states Kim as
she move her hand to the front of the girls panties and caresses her
young labia.

Tisha squirms harder, trying now, to bring her hands down to hold
herself, "It.. It's not that..." she whines, her bladder again
beginning to spasm as her body shakes slightly from the simple touch on
her labia.

"What is it then?"

Tisha blushes as she admits, "I... I've never wet myself before... It..
It's humiliating... t-to just... l-lose control like that... I.. I
can't bear it... a-and, p-plus... I didn't bring an-any other clothes..
I.. I'll have nothing to wear!"

"That's ok." states Kim as she pushes the girl's panties aside and
touches the girl uncovered labia under her clothes.

Tisha immediately stiffens up, her body overcome by quivers at the feel
of someone strange touching her labia. She blushes heavily and squirms,
asking, "Please... don't... Please... let me go...!"

"But doesn't my touch make you feel good?"

Tisha whines, "Y-Yes... b-but..." She blushes hard again.

"But what?"

"I... I've never done this before! I... I really gotta pee... a-and
you're not letting meeeeee!" she whines.

"But doesn't that feel good?"

"T-The touch or the need?" asks Tisha, her voice trembling.


Tisha whines again as she squirms again, "Th-The touch does feel
nice... b-but... I really hafta pee-pee! I... I don't wanna wet
myself!" She whimpers.

"But it will feel so good, just let it go."

Tisha shakes her head. "No!" she says defiantly, "I don't
wanna just let go! I want to go to the bathroom! Please, lemme go!"
Another spasm attacks her bladder and she tenses in Kim's arms.

Kim then has her middle finger rub the inner lips of the girl's labia.

Tisha squirms harder and whines, "St-stop it! That's just making me
hafta to go WORSE! I don't WANT to wet my panties! Please HELP ME!"

"But I am helping you." replies Kim smiling.

Tisha squirms again, retorting, "You're NOT helping me! You're gonna
make me wet myself! Freakin' LET ME GO!" She turns to Suki and begs,
"Help me!", but Suki turns her back on Tisha, moving toward the

"It's not so bad, you wanna see me pee on myself in return?" asks Kim.

Tisha's eyes bug out wildly and she halts, thinking that one
over, dropping her hands to her crotch, trying to hold out. She gasps,
"Um, excuse me?!"

"I have an urge to go to. If you agree to wet yourself, I'll let you
watch me wet myself." states Kim.

"B-But... I... I can't..." Tisha whines. "I... can't wet myself! I...
don't have anything else to wear!" She tries to use that argument

"I don't ether." replies Kim.

"Th-Then why are y-you willing to wet yourself if you have nothing to
wear?" Tisha asks, her bladder still in the throes of a spasm.

"Because I like the feeling." states Kim as she caresses the girls
Labia again.

"B-But.... N-Not everyone l-likes... Ah!... th-the feeling... s-some c-
consider it... Ooh!... h-humiliating!" Tisha closes her eyes in

"But you might like it, You'll never know if you don't try it."

"B-But... I-It's too embarrassing..." whines the little girl
as she tenses again, adding, "I.. I can't pee here... all over you...
I... I just can't..."

"I won't mind." states Kim.

"B-But I would... I... I think it's bad enough I... I'm gonna pee-pee
my panties... I... I can't do it all over someone!" The small
loli whines as a single drop runs down her labia.

"Just let it go." states Kim as she probes her index finger into the
girl's vagina.

Tisha begins to stiffen up, still whining loudly, "Oh, noooooo! I gotta
pee-pee! I... I can't stop it!" A single 1-second spurt now comes out
onto Kim's fingers.

"That's it, let the rest come." states Kim as she feels the wetness
trail her hand.

Tisha's green eyes tear up rapidly as she starts to lose total control,
three big spurts coming out onto her panties as she cries, "NoNO! I'm

"Doesn't it feel good though?" asks Kim.

Tisha's face turns red as she pees freely now, her breathing the only
sound coming from her body.

"Ohh, it's so warm. Come on, tell me if feels good, you know you want
too." states Kim smiling.

Tisha blushes again and the slightest hint of a smile crosses her lips
as she relaxes her muscles, peeing harder through her panties.

"You must've drunk a lot of fluid." states Kim as she feels the girl
continuing to pee.

Tisha blushes. "I... I like my juice..." she admits, her flow beginning
to slow down.

"Juice huh? Then that's why your urine has such a strong smell then. I
bet it's really yellow huh?" states Kim.

Tisha's face still stays red as she nods slowly, her stream finally
stopping. When it stops completely, she begins to squirm again,
whining, "Let me down, now, please?"

"Ok..." states Kim as she lowers the girl to her feet, revealing Kim
urine soaked shoulder.

Tisha pulls her thighs together, her drenched panties making an audible
squishing sound as she seems to become really shy, whispering, "I'm all

"Yes you are, and it's cute too." states Kim smiling.

Tisha blushes again, saying, "You know... you're not the first to tell
me that... um... whoever you are..." She flashes a dirty glance at
Sashi, but the taller slave girl is fast asleep now, and Tisha
continues, ".. Some people, though, don't care about others...

"Well, I said I'd let you see me wet myself..." states Kim.

At these words, Suki reenters the living room, carrying a tray with
several glasses of drinks and sets them down on the coffee table,
sitting down on the couch next to it, sipping from her glass slowly as
Tisha starts to get excited and asks, "Ooh, ooh! Can I see your pussy

"Show me yours and I'll show you mine." giggles Kim.

Tisha blushes, "Um, okay.. but not here... I-Is they're a private room
we could go to?" Suki raises a eyebrow at Kim, but keeps quiet, her
empathic abilities impaired because of the death of her lover.

"I don't know, hold on." Kim turns to Suki. "Is there a room we can go

Suki nods, "Yes... I have a guest room here..." Then, she smirks and
stands up, whispering something to Tisha, causing the young girl to
giggle madly before the summoner turns to Kim and waggles her finger,
"If you'll follow me, Kimmie..."

"What did you say to her?"

Suki shakes her head, sticking her tongue, "Not telling... Not a
word..." She starts up the stairs, beginning to giggle as Tisha giggles
behind Kim.

Kim gets worried as she follows Suki.

At the top of the stairs, Suki leads the two girls into the guestroom,
which is decorated in much the same fashion as her own, except this one
has a TV and a couple video-gaming consoles. Suki grins as she closes
the door behind her, locking it and trapping all three girls inside.

"Hey, I though you were just going to lead us up here." states Kim.

Suki grins, "I haven't been able to tell you yet, Kimmie... I was gonna
tell you before I met Miho... but..." A pained look crosses her face,
followed by tears, but she adds, "I owe you much, Kimmie... You have
always protected me... and I haven't been able to give you anything
back... So this time, I thought I'd give you something of myself... My
'Spirit' Crystal..." She reaches into the top of her outfit and pulls
something from her bra. It is a violet crystal.

"Your what?" asks Kim.

Tisha gasps, "A 'Spirit" Crystal?! They really exist?!"

Suki nods, "They do, indeed, Tisha... Kim, a 'Spirit' Crystal is a
container of sorts of an Ap Dat's personality... Here... I want you to
hold this and stroke it... You'll see that there is a link between me
and the crystal..." She pulls the necklace off her neck and hands the
crystal to Kim.

"Uh, ok." Kim does as Suki suggests

At the slightest touch from Kim's hands, the crystal glows brightly for
a long few minutes and Suki begins panting heavily, her small breasts
beginning to swell and her vagina beginning to secrete it's fluid a
little, causing her unique aroma to waft up around the other two girls.

"What the..." Kim is totally confused as to what's going on.

Suki's eyes glow slightly as Tisha backs up against the wall in fear.
Suki replies, her voice growing lighter and more melodic, "There is
nothing to fear, Tisha... and to answer your question, Kimmie... what
you hold in your hand, is more or less, my soul... or at least, a
crystalline copy of it... It responds in the same way as I do, and if
something should happen to it, I would die... You can just imagine how
personal something like that can be, can't you, Kimmie? When an Ap Dat
hands over their "Spirit" Crystal, it means that they trust that person
more than any other.. and that they want the other person to have a
small part of themselves... Kimmie, I can think of no other who
deserves this than you... Please take care of it..."

"B-But, You shouldn't give something so important away, especially if
it risks your life." states Kim.

"Kimmie... I'm giving it to you, BECAUSE it is important to me... I
wanted you to have something close to my heart... because you are so
dear to me... Please don't refuse, Kimmie... Would you really break a
lonely girl's heart?" Suki asks, her violet eyes beginning to tear up

"But I don't have anything to give you though." states Kim.

Suki shakes her head, "You don't have to give me anything, Kimmie...
You have already given me far more than I deserve..."

"Ok then, I will cherish this and protect it." states Kim.

Suki smiles, "Please do... And now, Kimmie... doncha have something to
show to Tisha?" She grins as Tisha hops up and down, squealing, "Yeah!
Show me! I wanna see! I wanna see your pussy!"

"Like I said little girl, show me yours and I'll show you
mine." replies Kim.

Tisha whines, "Aw, that's not fair! I wanna see yours first! You
already made me pee-pee my panties!"

Suki asks, "Kimmie... would it help if I showed mine first?"

"Nah, it's ok, I did make her wet herself, so......" states Kim as she
starts to remove her shorts.

Tisha giggles and hops down closer to Kim, carrying on like a little
girl, "Ooh! Are those cotton or silk?"

"There cotton." states Kim as she starts with her panties.

Tisha sticks her tongue out, drooling, "Ooh! It's so pink!"

"Pink? where do you see pink at? I haven't spread myself." states Kim.

Tisha lays a finger along Kim's topmost part of her labia. She giggles,
"Right... HERE!" She starts rubbing the soft flesh until it turns pink
which takes only a minute or two.

"Ah! H-Hey! Don't go touching me yet. I still gotta pee." states Kim
jerking back quickly.

Suki giggles as Tisha winks at her, saying, "Thanks for the advice,
Miss Suki... It worked like a charm!"

"W-What?!" states Kim surprised.

Suki laughs, "Now, see, Tisha... she's not so brave... she wouldn't
even try that with me... You are much braver than she is..." She winks
at Kim as Tisha giggles.

"What are you talking about?" asks Kim.

Tisha groans, "Oh, for the love of... Dag, you're so STUPID! Can't you
tell she wants you?!"

"What are you talking about, I know see loves me."

Tisha shakes her head, "No.. I mean.. she WANTS you... she
wants YOU to have her virginity... no one else..." Suki blushes and
gasps, "Tisha! You weren't supposed to tell her THAT!"

"Virginity?! Suki's not a virgin."

Suki nods, "Yes I am... I... I've never been penetrated before... if
you want proof, here..." She pulls her skirt up, tugging her panties
down, adding, "There... put your finger in there... You'll find my
hymen in there..."

Kim does so. "Holy ****! you ARE a virgin!" states Kim.

Suki blushes, "You don't have to say it THAT loudly, Kimmie!" She
further explains, "Not even Nanyo had the will to penetrate me... not
even after all we did to each other..."

"If I had known I would Have been happy to make you a woman." states
Kim smiling.

Suki blushes harder as Tisha grins, "Hey, Kimmie... didn't ya promise
me you'd pee-pee yourself?"

"Didn't I say not to call me that?" states Kim.

Tisha frowns, looking sad, "Well, what the heck am I supposed to call
you?! I don't even know your name!"

"My name is Kimberly." states Kim.

"Okay.. didn't you promise me some wetting, Kimberly?" tries Tisha

"Yes I did. You want me to do it now?" states Kim.

Suki frowns, "That's a bit boring, isn't it, Kimmie?"

"Well what do you suggest I do then? I can't hold it for long."

Suki grins widely, "Then, lay on this bed here and put on your
panties... and... " She fishes in one of the closets, pulling out a
pair of jeans, adding, "Nanyo left these with me more than 4 years ago,
but I think they should fit you..."

"OK" states Kim as she does as instructed and puts on the pants.

Then, Suki turns to Tisha and whispers a few words to her, before
joining Kim on the bed. She crawls around to Kim's head and leans over
her, kissing her gently as Tisha lies down around Kim's stomach,
putting her hand out and gently rubbing her skin.

"What did you tell her now?" asks Kim worried.

Suki whispers, "Nothin' you don't already know... " She spreads her
thighs slightly around Kim's head, putting her virgin vagina close to
Kim's hair as she leans over to kiss Kim on the lips.

Tisha says, grinning, "It'd be a lot of fun for me, Kimberly, if you'd
at least try to hold it..." She slides one hand across Kim's

"I'll try, but I won't be able to hold it for long."

Suki pulls back from the kiss, one hand on Kim's left breast, as she
whispers, "Kimmie... all you have to do is try..." She leans over Kim's
ear and blows gently, the crystal that Kim has now glowing again.

Kim shudders as Suki blows on her ear and a low moan leaves her lips.

As Suki smiles, the crystal grows warm against Kim's neck, showing to
Kim how much Suki loves her. At the same time, Tisha runs her index
finger across Kim's abdomen, noticing the firmness that is the machine
within her.

"Hey Tisha that tickles..." states Kim as she represses
a giggle.

Tisha grins, her panties still squishing as she moves, "Oh, it does,
does it?" She begins to rub against the machine, commenting, "If this's
your bladder, it's really hard... Kinda reminds me of a cock..."

"Uh, that's not my bladder..." states Kim blushing.

"Really? Then what the fudge is it?!" Questions Tisha, pushing in on

"Don't worry about what it is, just know that that's not my bladder."

"Ok." replies Tisha, sliding her hand down across the bulge that IS
Kim's bladder, rubbing gently as Suki whispers, "You can feel
it, can't you, Kimmie? My... 'essence'... feels warm, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it does." states Kim.

Tisha doesn't let her hand stay there. Instead, she pushes it further
down Kim's body, asking, "I know Suki's a virgin... but are you,
Kimberly?" She rests her fingers along Kim's
tender folds as Suki groans, "Touch it, Kimmie..."

"No, I'm not." states Kim to the girl. "Ok." replies Kim to Suki as she
touches the crystal.

Tisha grins, "Coolie... Then I won't hafta worry about blood... even
though its soooooo naughty... heh...

"What?" asks Kim puzzled.

Tisha winks, "I ain't sayin' no more... Not yet, anyway..." She pokes a
finger between Kim's labia, trying to spread them.

Kim tenses slightly at Tisha's finger.

Suki asks, almost beggingly, "Kimmie... stroke it... please... feel
it's hardness... and it's warmth... Please, Kimmie..."
She bends over Kim and kisses her with passion again, but also with a
hint of loneliness in her soul. Tisha pushes her index finger further
and further, finally reaching Kim's vaginal open. She traces around the
opening, grinning, "So tell me, Kimberly... do ya like it DEEP and

Since Kim is unable to talk for the moment gives Tisha a thumbs up
gesture, and uses the other hand to stroke the crystal.

Suki breathes harder, her vagina moistening again, dampening her
panties, her smell again spreading. She closes her eyes, pulling back
from the kiss as she whispers, softly, "Oh, Kimmie..."

Kim smiles at the reaction she gets from Suki.

Suki whimpers, "Kimmie... this feels so good... please don't stop...
I... I love you so much...." The crystal glows brighter as Tisha
thrusts a finger into Kim's vagina, through the zipper opening of her
jeans and through the leg hole of her panties.

"Ahh!" gasps Kim feeling Tisha's action, causing her hand to quickly
rub the crystal particularly hard.

Suki's mouth hangs open in a hard gasp as she shudders slightly from
the pleasure, the look on her vastly increases her beauty as a few
drops of her vagina's fluid drop to her panties, making a small wet
spot on them and causing her to blush a cherry red.

Kim suddenly tenses as her need to pee quickly makes itself visible.

Tisha grins, "Ya ever peed with someone's finger shoved up your cunt,
Kimberly?" She pushes her finger deeper into Kim's vagina as Suki
whimpers softly, "Oh, Kimmie.. I... I want you in me... I'm trying to
wait... but it hurts..."

"N-No, I haven't ." states Kim tensing.

Tisha grins, "Coolie... that means, I'll be your first..." She rotates
her finger in Kim's vagina, turning it up against her bladder, lightly
feeling the plump storage organ as Suki whines, kissing Kim again.

Kim tenses further and starts to squirm from the pressure
on her bladder.

Suki whispers in Kim's ear, "Touch yourself... pleasure yourself... it
helps..." She blows again in Kim's ear, waiting impatiently for her
turn as Tisha rests her free hand by Kim's anus, asking, "Ever been
fucked up the ass, Kimberly?"

"A long time ago when I was the Qu- uh...yes." states Kim before
stopping herself and simply giving an answer.

Suki snickers suddenly, holding her sides as Tisha grins, "Ok, then..."
She jams a finger up Kim's anus as she pumps her vagina harder,
squeezing her bladder from the inside.

"Ahh! S-Stop!" states Kim feeling her urge incredibly strong.

Tisha smirks, "Why should I? You didn't stop for me, now didcha?" She
presses harder against Kim's bladder, before backing off, replacing the
zipper's position and sealing her body within her pants.

"Kim relaxes a bit as Tisha's hands leaves her body and she gives the
girl a puzzled look.

Tisha grins, "It wouldn't be any fun, now, unless you wet something
other than me, would it?" She pries apart Kim's thighs and begins to
rub her abdomen again, this time using more of her body weight.

Kim gasps again and tenses in the strong urge attacking her body.

Suki whines, "Hold it, Kimmie... Hold the crystal... Please! M-My
pleasure's dropping..!" Tisha grins, "Now, you old hag, pee-pee
yourself like ya made ME do!" She presses hard with her thumb.

Kim grips the crystal tightly as she fights her body to hold her urine.

Suki lowers her head to Kim's neck and licks it with her tongue,
moaning softly as Tisha holds Kim's thighs as far apart as she can and
pushes down harder with her thumb as her robe brushes across Kim's DP.

Kim gasps loudly as she starts to shake vigorously.

Suki slides one hand up under Kim's arm, running her index finger
across her armpit, whispering, "You are ticklish, Kimmie.. do you deny
it?" Tisha runs her free hand along Kim's left thigh as she presses her
palm hard against Kim's abdomen,
grinning, "Come on, oldie... pee-pee your pants! You know you want to!"

Kim groans as a slow trickle starts to leave her urethra.

Suki tickles Kim harder, wanting to see her squirm as Tisha rubs Kim's
abdomen, pushing ever harder on it, giggling, "Ya starting
ta lose it, Kimberly... Ya know ya can't hold on forever!"

"Stop! Please!" begs Kim squirming.

Suki grins, "What's the matter, Kimmie? Didn't you want to
show her you'd pee yourself?" She kisses Kim again as Tisha gives Kim's
bladder another pinch.

Kim's hold is ripped from her as she moans loudly as begins to pee hard
and freely.

Tisha grins, watching the wet spot grow on Kim's jeans. She comments,
"Heh, you were right, Kimberly... it IS fun to watch someone pee-pee
themselves!" Suki now begins to squirm upon seeing Kim's accident,
whimpering in pleasure.

"Kim moans in pleasure as a smile appears on her face as she urinates.

Tisha leans back, thinking her job is over as Suki reaches down and
holds Kim's breasts in her hands, just wanting to feel Kim's warmth.

To Be Continued In...

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